How to know if a shy girl likes you at school

How To Know If A Girl Likes You In School

So, by now, if you’ve been following me for this long, you should probably know that eye contact, smiling, jealousy, and getting physical are good indicators that someone likes another person. So, I won’t be reiterating that in this video. I think its overkill by now. But if you’re still in school and curious if a girl likes you in school. I might be able to help you to spot some signs so you can at least gather some confidence to let her know how you feel about her. Remember that if you want to know something, you just gotta ask for it. At the end of the day, it won’t hurt you right? So, here’s 10 signs on how to know if a girl likes you in school.

1. She annoys you

Sometimes when a girl is crushing on you, they could be annoying. But like in a good way, that is if you have some kind of interest towards her too. She could be talking to you in class just to distract you. Purposely sit in front of you so she can flip her long hair in front of you and get it all over your desk. Or even just tease you during lunch and ask you a bunch of random questions. True story. I’ve seen it happen before.

2. She is shy around you

Instead of being annoying, she could totally be shy around you. She blushes when you talk to her. She could be little self-conscious around you. But most importantly if you confess to her that you like her , she’ll be really happy and flattered that you even said that to her. And most likely she’ll let you know her feelings too. Well statistically speaking though… From my experience… with a sample size of 3. She’ll tell you how she feels about you. It’s not much, but hey, I’m just a random guy on YouTube.

3. She asks for your help a lot

Sometimes the only reasonable and logical way to approach someone without being weird is just simply asking for help in class. This way she gets a daily dose of you without worrying about what to talk about or say. If she’s not shy, she’ll make excuses just to talk to you. Now you see where this is going? Okay.

4. She tries to compete with you

Whatever you do, she’ll make everything a competition with you. If you get an A on the test, she’ll pull out an A+. If you’re running for some sort of contest at school, she’ll definitely want to join and see if she can top you. At the same time this might go hand in hand with annoying you because why not. I mean it’s a fun way to get you to notice her.

5. She gives you a long hug

Generally speaking a normal hug or a meet-and-greet hug should be like 2 seconds long. Sometimes if you are feeling it, you’ll give them two pats on the back just to signal that the embrace is about to come to an end. But if she gives you a hug that’s over hmmm let say 7 seconds long. Like you know it’s long when you’re about to depart in 3 seconds but her arms are still wrap around you. It’s a good sign to know especially if she does that often with you. Or maybe you just smell really good and she wants to get a better whiff of you.

6. She sits next to you

Whether it’s in class, at lunch, or even in a bus that’s a huge giveaway that she likes you . You should probably ask yourself, “out of all these seats… why specify that one that’s like only a foot away from me?” If so, then she got some explaining to do.

7. She writes your name on paper a lot

For the younger audiences out there. This might be for you. Doodling hearts or just straight up doodling your portrait is a for sure sign that she likes you. You’ll get bonus points if she starts writing notes and giving them to you in school. That’s definitely a sign of interest.

8. She dresses up more around you

Granted there are girls who just want to dress up for themselves and it’s okay, I have nothing to say about that. But it’s also a hint that she wants to make herself more attractive towards you. I mean who doesn’t want to be more presentable around someone they like. It’s just the nature of things. But if you’re at a school with uniforms, then this sign might not work so well.

9. She tells you things that only you know

Do you have inside jokes with her or secrets that only you two know? If so, it’s no secret that she likes you. Yeah, I can totally picture you two just giggling in the back of the classroom while everyone else is doing his or her work.

10. She talks about you with her friends

If she’s crushing on you really hard, she won’t be able to keep it in all to herself. She’ll eventually tell someone and that someone would be her friends or close friends. And if you catch her friends randomly teasing you out of the blue about you and her, you should probably get the hint that she likes you .

But for some of you, you might not get any signs at all and it’s totally fine. I have times where I really like someone but just to find out that their friend likes me instead. Awkward. I know. Sometimes you just need to be straight forward if you really want answers. But if you’re still single and hoping that someone would like you back, don’t worry. Just know that I like you and thanks for reading. So that’s how to know if a girl likes you in school.