How to learn astrology

If you have not finished so, please learn What’s Actual Astrology? earlier than persevering with right here.

These free astrology classes are written for newbies to learn actual astrology. They’re supposed merely as an introduction, they usually give attention to natal astrology. You’ll quickly see that the information to be gained from astrology has no bounds. Every part is outdated, but there may be all the time a brand new approach of seeing. Be affected person with the teachings, for we consider that this data is of the best worth to all humanity. If you’re affected person, you can find that astrology isn’t as sophisticated because it first appears. We advocate that you simply comply with every lesson so as.

Free Astrology Classes for Novices

Learn the Four primary elements of astrological research.

Learn the symbols utilized in astrology. That is essential even simply to learn your individual chart, since glyphs are all the time utilized in astrological charts.

Learn what a start/natal chart is and the way it’s organized. It is a should for private astrology.

Learn what the 12 Homes of astrology are.

Learn what every planet brings to astrology. These are the star gamers of astrology!

Learn the significance of the Rising Signal which can be known as the Ascendant.

Learn the Four Parts, Three Qualities, and a pair of Polarities that classify the 12 Zodiac indicators of astrology. These outline the zodiac indicators! (A very powerful lesson of the zodiac.)

Learn the 12 zodiac indicators of astrology, and their basic traits.

Study astrology points and orbs. Learn what the 5 main points are.

Find out how to interpret the planets in indicators and homes of your birthcart, incorporate the home rulers and necessary points. This lesson is an introduction to Chart Studying.

The advantage of astrology is that it reveals your distinctive and real love types, love wants, and love preferences. Whenever you awaken your deeply-embedded love fashion, you awaken the love power that may appeal to a naturally appropriate lover.

Learn to verify every start chart individually to decide what their very own wants are.

Learn what astrology compatibility means in a relationship.

Find out how synastry is an artwork and a science. An introduction to synastry.

Deeper Into Synastry: Learn why you see eye-to-eye with some folks, however not others.

Deeper Into Synastry: Home overlays reveal how two folks see one another.

Deeper Into Synastry: The points from one start chart to one other present how the 2 people get alongside.

Learn what transits are in astrology.

*Extra classes could also be added sooner or later.

Useful Sources
  • Chart Interpretations
  • Signal Rulerships Desk
  • Start Chart Worksheet 1
  • Stability of Parts worksheet
  • Stability of Qualities worksheet


ItВ’s enjoyable and straightforward to learn astrology in the event you take it one step at a time.

How to learn astrology

What’s Astrology?

Astrology is the science of discovering connection between these of us on the Earth and the Cosmos. It follows the patterns of motion by the planets and stars and assigns meanings to them that relate to human motivation and consciousness. Astrology isn’t a easy which means like what you learn within the horoscope part of the newspaper. A real astrological report takes under consideration not solely the Solar signal (what you get within the paper), however the placements of all of the planets of our photo voltaic system and typically different celestial our bodies as nicely in relation to your start time. When all these meanings are compiled, it turns into a really complicated and detailed description of a personВ’s profile.

Preliminary Studying:

Earlier than you start studying astrology it’s extremely advisable that you simply learn: The historical past of Astrology

Step 1 – Learn Astrology Symbols

Symbols represent AstrologyВ’s main language. Every Zodiac Signal and Planet is represented by a logo and/or a glyph.

Step 2 – Learn Astrology by Classifying the Zodiac Indicators

Zodiac Indicators fall into a number of classes. These classes are: Duality, Modality and Parts.

Step 3 – Learn Astrology by decoding the Zodiac Indicators

Step 4 – Examination 1

Earlier than taking this examination you need to shortly evaluate the final Three steps. The solutions to this examination will be discovered additional down on this web page. Good Luck!

Step 5 – Learn the Planets in Astrology

Every of the 12 Indicators has a planet(s) related to it. These are known as the Ruling Planets.

Step 6 – Learn the Astrological Homes

The Astrology Chart additionally divides into 12 homes and has a home quantity coinciding with it.

Step 7- Learn the Planetary Facets

One other necessary a part of astrology is the geometric angles the planets make to each other. These angles are referred to as Planetary Facets.

Step 8-Examination 2

Earlier than taking this examination you need to shortly evaluate steps 5, 6, & 7. The solutions will be discovered additional down on this web page. Good Luck!

Step 9- The Start Chart and placing all of it collectively

Uncover what a Start Chart is and the way it may also help you. Understanding the Start chart

Delineating the Start Chart

Placing all of it collectively is as straightforward as A – B – C & D

a) You are taking every planet & level and interpret it in every Zodiac Signal.

b) You are taking every Planet and interpret it in every home.

c) You are taking every planetary side and interpret it.

d) Analyze the information from a-b-c and get an total really feel for the chart as an entire.

And thatВ’s it! By now you need to have an honest working information of how astrology works. YouВ’re now prepared to take that final Step.

Step 10 – The Remaining Examination

This examination will cowl all the fabric introduced in Learn Astrology. Good Luck.

Solutions to the Examinations

Begin decoding your Start Chart. SUN SIGNS – Know Thy Signal – Know Thy Character is the optimum level to start your journey into self discovery.

How to learn astrology

Astrology helps you acquire a deeper understanding of your life paths and experiences. Right here is your newbie’s information to astrology.

It’s useful to perceive what astrology is precisely earlier than we dive into the newbie’s information to astrology. Human beings have been measuring the celebs and planets because the daybreak of civilization. However astrology has advanced over eons.

As astrologer Kevin Burk places it in Astrology: Understanding the Start Chart: “Astrology is the research of cycles. By observing the cyclical actions of the planets, we’re in a position to acquire a larger understanding of the cycles and patterns in our personal lives. Astrology is usually a highly effective software for therapeutic and transformation, and it may be a key that may unlock a larger religious connection to the universe.

“Though astrology isn’t fortune-telling, when skillfully utilized, astrology will be a particularly efficient predictive software. On a private stage, astrology can be utilized to acquire a deeper understanding of our particular person life paths and life experiences. [It] can provide us perception into our private points, our patterns, our fears, and our desires. We will acquire perception into our goal in life and acquire a stronger sense of self. Astrology is a software that may assist us perceive and unlock our highest potentials, and that may train us how to stay in concord with the universe.”

How to learn astrology, for newbies

Free will and astrology

As you learn about astrology, you’ll in all probability begin doing your pals’ charts, or wanting up zodiac indicators of romantic companions and coworkers, household and mates—even “frenemies” and exes (attempt our free chart software). As you hone your new starry superpowers, you’ll need to use them responsibly. Earlier than anybody’s chart or zodiac signal, take a second to remind them (and your self) that human beings have free will, as a result of now we have consciousness. Meaning we are able to all the time make our personal decisions, it doesn’t matter what the celebs are doing. Even when we don’t just like the circumstances that the celebs appear to have triggered, we are able to all the time select how we reply to them. Astrology isn’t meant to be an alternative to private duty or self-awareness, however reasonably, a software to improve it.

Your astrology chart provides you a blueprint—your “manufacturing unit settings,” we like to say. And the paradox is, the extra you perceive the way you’re wired astrologically, the extra free will you acquire. It’s like doing any private development work: you grow to be conscious of your “blind spots,” or the locations the place you have been unaware. The lights go on. You’ll be able to see extra—and that units you free.

We’re not victims of the celebs, however reasonably, co-designers of this superior cosmic canvas known as life. In order you share this data as a therapeutic software, make sure to emphasize that the objective is enlightenment, by no means concern. That’s the crux of your newbie’s information to astrology!

Is astrology a science?

Is astrology a science, a superstition, one thing in between? It relies upon who you ask, after all. Whereas astrology isn’t a science by at the moment’s definition, many astrologers comply with the true scientific methodology of observing first, then drawing conclusions primarily based on the proof they collect. Astrology relies on mathematical rules and measurable planetary actions. But in addition it’s additionally an intuitive artwork, since forecasts and chart readings depend on human interpretation.

Skeptic or cynic? A clarification

Many instances, we’ve heard folks say they’re “skeptical” about astrology, when they’re actually simply dismissing it with none information or expertise. Whereas we’re no astro-pushers, now we have developed an clever response to the naysayers. Our suggestion? Moderately than blindly “consider” in astrology, comply with the trail of a real skeptic: somebody who suspends judgment and observes earlier than drawing conclusions. In any other case, you might be really a cynic. We encourage everybody to take a real skeptical strategy as you learn astrology: check out the system of astrology (maybe with a chart studying) earlier than capturing it down. Johannes Kepler, the good 17th century (Capricorn) mathematician, astronomer and astrologer, put it finest: “[My] perception within the results of constellations derives…from expertise, which is so convincing it may be denied solely by individuals who haven’t examined it.”

Astrology is…

A worthwhile software for self-awareness
A customized blueprint of primary human urges possessed by all folks of all cultures and all time
A treasure map main its proprietor to the objective of a lifetime: self-actualization
An imprint of the cosmic/common forces working on the time of your start, and an image of the half your soul selected to play within the story
A research of synchronicity
A lifelong research & pursuit
A sensible information to the constructive use, path & improvement of your distinctive energies
A approach of understanding the folks you’re drawn to (or conflict with)— and why
Your individual private fantasy or “hero’s journey”
A scientifically-based philosophy… and a philosophically primarily based science

Astrology is NOT…

An alternative to free will and selection
A software to manipulate others
A fated future (we’re all the time making decisions)
A cosmic mistake
Realized with out effort, research and statement

The Newbie’s Information to Astrology: The three-Half Puzzle

After we put collectively an astrology chart, we give attention to three areas which will make it easier to perceive how astrology works.

1. Planets: The Components of Your Nature/The Actors.

Within the “film of your life,” the planets are the actors: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Every planet governs a selected side of your character or id. For instance, Jupiter reveals the place you’re fortunate, Saturn reveals your challenges, Mercury determines your communication fashion, Venus influences your romantic and aesthetic fashion.

2 . Zodiac Indicators: What Are You Like? The Roles.

The planets have been all visiting particular zodiac indicators while you have been born.

The zodiac indicators decide the roles the actors (planets) play or the costumes they put on.

Zodiac indicators “modify” the planets, including nuance to their characters. The zodiac begins within the spring with Aries, which is the primary signal, and travels via Taurus, Gemini, Most cancers, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capircorn, Aquarius and at last to the final signal, Pisces.

3. Homes: The Areas of Your Life/The “Stage”

The 12 homes of the zodiac all signify totally different components of your life, from work to house to relationships to profession. The homes comply with the development of the zodiac indicators—for instance, the primary home is dominated by Aries, the zodiac’s first signal. The seventh home is dominated by Libra, the zodiac’s seventh signal, and so forth. The planets are the “residents” of those homes, touring via every of their journey across the Solar.
The homes are the “film units” the place the scenes of your life happen.

Concerned about studying astrology on-line? The AstroTwins library of articles in our LEARN part of may also help. Or take our video course on how to learn astrology that we created in partnership with

Picture by Soulful Inventory through Unsplash

So that you need to learn astrology– a symbolic language that describes the subjective human expertise with seemingly miraculous depth and accuracy. Woot woot!! I’m so glad you’re right here– and I’m right here to make it easier to.

Have you ever ever studied a overseas language? Studying the planets, indicators, and homes in astrology is lots like studying a brand new language– a language of symbols reasonably than phrases.

As with all language, you’ll be able to’t begin with Shakespeare. First, you should learn the phrases, then the sample that strings them collectively. Regularly, with observe, you’ll learn and converse extra “fluently” on this new language.

How do I begin studying astrology?

Listed here are a couple of research suggestions that labored for me!

  1. Make flashcards
  2. Evaluation the fundamentals again and again
  3. Follow with many charts
  4. Work with an astrology instructor
  5. Attend astrologers’ group conferences
  6. Comply with the astrological calendar

Listed here are my suggestions in additional depth.

1. Make flashcards

I like to use 3” x 5” or 4” x 6” notice playing cards, lined on one aspect, and clean on the opposite. On the unlined aspect, draw the glyph for the planet or signal, or the variety of the home. On the lined aspect, write down key phrases for that planet, signal, or home. You can begin with the key phrases on this course, and add to them as you learn extra in regards to the symbols of astrology and their meanings.

Making your individual flashcards affords an incredible alternative to learn extra in regards to the planets, indicators, and homes.

You should utilize the playing cards to quiz your self on the meanings and different primary details about every of the planets and indicators. You may also put them collectively to make it easier to interpret a chart.

For instance, say you’ve got your Moon in Taurus. You’d get out your Moon card and your Taurus card, and put them collectively to get an concept of how the signal Taurus influences the expression of your Moon, which symbolizes your feelings and habits.

2. Evaluation the fundamentals again and again

The easiest way to learn astrology is to research your individual start chart, and the start charts of the folks in your life. Many charts, particularly these of the folks closest to you, might not make a number of sense to you at first, and that’s okay. They’ll make extra sense in time. Simply hold studying charts, studying, and observing.

Ultimately, you’ll transfer on to in-depth subjects, like points, transits, progressions and composite charts. You’ll begin evaluating your chart to different folks’s and studying the energetics of relationships. Nonetheless, don’t cease reviewing the fundamentals: planets, indicators, and homes. Each one in every of these symbols has a number of layers of which means. The extra you recognize, the higher chart reader you’ll be.

3. Learn plenty of charts

If you’d like to get good at studying charts, you’ve got to observe. It’s like using a motorcycle– the extra you do it, the extra pure it turns into.

You will get all of the start charts you need at no cost at! You’ll discover a treasure trove of knowledge for public figures within the AstroDatabank wiki.

4. Take my newbie course!

Transcend the horoscopes

5. Discuss store

Most astrology fans love to collect, share, and learn about their craft. Discover somebody to “speak store” with. Attend a lecture at your native NCGR or different astrological group (there are heaps). Should you’re not fortunate sufficient to have an astrology group in your space, be a part of one of many many communities on-line the place folks collect and focus on astrology in any respect ranges.

6. Expertise it firsthand

No matter your stage of experience, you too can research and learn from the planetary patterns swirling round us at the moment and day by day. Regulate the astrological calendar. It is a great approach to learn because you’ll be doing a lot greater than memorize key phrases for the planetary power— you expertise it first hand!

The chart is a map

Each image, signal placement, home placement, side, and whizzbang in astrology represents an archetypal sample that has many potential manifestations.

Newcomers to chart interpretation have a tendency to lookup their symbols and placements in books and on-line. And that’s an incredible factor to do! However you may come throughout a unfavorable sounding interpretation, and suppose, yikes, I should be a horrible individual. (I do know I did.)

However I realized to consider it this manner— troublesome issues in your chart signify challenges or internal conflicts that take some effort to work out.

The unhealthy information is, sure, you could exhibit a few of these unfavorable traits. The excellent news is, being conscious of your patterns and sincere with your self is the primary and most necessary step in the direction of mastering the challenges represented in your chart (or not less than dealing with them).

interpretation of your chart can mild the best way for you to flip your hindrances into stepping stones.

In conclusion…

Astrology is a captivating, complicated, critical and extremely rewarding research. It normally takes not less than a couple of years and an entire lot of observe to get good at studying charts, so the very first thing to bear in mind is to be affected person with your self. I’ve been learning since 1996, and there may be nonetheless a lot to learn.

As you research astrology, learn new strategies and views, and work with the astrological calendar, time will move. Sooner or later you’ll understand, you’re getting fairly good at this. You’ll arrive at your individual distinctive perspective on astrology primarily based in your life expertise and worldly experience.

How to learn astrologyWoot!

Are you prepared to get began? Enroll in Start Charts for Novices to get prompt entry.

Should you’re searching for one thing extra in-depth, please verify this out: Start Chart Readability

The “How To Learn Astrology On-line” Information

This information has every thing you want to know in regards to the fundamentals of studying Astrology.

Should you’re new to Astrology or possibly you’ve obtained some information, then studying this may make it easier to.

This information or walkthrough talks about Astrology typically, however focuses on fashionable Astrology.

Backside line:

If you’d like to perceive and learn Astrology, you’ll love this information.

How to learn astrology

On-line Astrology Studying Hub

You gained’t want astrology books or to obtain a pdf. You don’t want to research an astrology course at College or take on-line programs. You don’t want to enroll to any astrological organizations to consider in Astrology.

Merely prepared although our chapters on-line.

We’ve created probably the greatest astrology tutorials to studying sensible astrology and changing into an astrologer.

Detailed “how to” guides and methods. Tips about how to get began.

So that you need to learn Astrology fundamentals on-line?

You’ve come to the appropriate place.

How this Information Works

We’ve tried to break the next down into straightforward to digest chapters.

When you have no expertise with Astrology, then simply following the chapters 1 at a time will likely be tremendous.

Learn On-line Hub

The listing under are chapters to the fundamentals of astrology which you can learn at the moment

A Temporary Introduction to Astrology

Astrodienst horoscopes are straightforward to perceive, even for many who haven’t handled astrology earlier than – you needn’t know any of the scientific jargon concerned to find a way to revenue from our horoscope readings. If we’re fortunate, although, your curiosity on this fascinating subject material has been woke up by one in every of our brief texts. This brief on-line introduction may also help make you accustomed to a lot of the astrological strategies and provide you with a primary understanding of the way it’s all finished. If you want to learn extra about astrology, we recommend you learn among the commonplace textbooks talked about in our bibliography, or contact an astrology college close to you.


Astrology sees mankind as being not solely influenced by hereditary elements and the setting, but additionally by the state of our photo voltaic system for the time being of start. The planets are considered primary life-forces, the instruments we stay by in addition to the premise of our very substance. These planetary forces tackle totally different kinds, relying on their zodiacal place and on the best way they relate to each other.

The points shaped between the planets describe these relationships, the positions of the planets in relation to the native land inform us of their expression within the spheres of life depicted by the astrological homes.

By decoding the roles of those gamers (the planets) and their qualities (the weather, indicators and homes) and making a synthesis, astrology is in a position to current an entire and complete image of the individual and his potential, primarily based on the natal horoscope.

Astrology is the statement of the interaction between the planets and our Earth. (Astrologers name the Solar and the Moon planets for the sake of comfort, though they’re really luminaries. From this level ahead, “planets” refers to the planets and the solar & moon). Via hundreds of years of statement, two issues have been famous:

  1. Every planet represents an lively a part of our being, or a element of life (i.e. feelings, communication fashion, love fashion).
  2. The place of every planet within the heavens signifies the fashion during which the planet’s element is manifested.

Natal astrology observes that the positions of the planets for the time being of your start point out the fashion during which every planet’s element is manifested in your life.

Way back to historical Babylon, astrologers divided the heavens into the 12 sections of various types (or archetypes) that had been famous. These are the 12 indicators of the zodiac.

How to learn astrology

Fundamental astrology takes 4 issues under consideration:

  • The planets (together with the Solar and the Moon)
  • The zodiac indicators which the planets are in
  • The Homes
  • Facets

From our view on Earth, the planets, solar, and moon seem to orbit round us alongside an obvious path close to the ecliptic. (A geocentric view is efficient in astrology as a result of we research the interplay between the remainder of the universe and us right here on Earth.) As they orbit, they journey via the 12 zodiac indicators. Most of you recognize the signal during which the solar is at any given time – Aries from the top of March via most of April, then Taurus, then Gemini, and many others. The solar takes one month to journey via every signal, and circles the complete zodiac in a single yr. As a matter of truth, that’s the place our idea of “yr” comes from. The moon travels the complete zodiac in a single month. The truth is, our phrase “month” comes from “moon.” Our whole idea of time happened due to the photo voltaic and lunar cycles across the zodiac. The primary historical astrologers have been very observant.

As a result of this obvious path alongside the ecliptic is principally flat (most deviation of about Eight levels), we are able to draw a flat, 2-dimensional drawing to signify it. Naturally, we draw a circle. This circle is sliced into the 12 zodiac indicators. The planets, as designated by their precise positions in house, every fall into one of many 12 zodiac indicators. Every planet additionally falls into one of many 12 Homes. The Homes will likely be mentioned later. Facets are sure angles, or levels of separation between planets, or between a planet and a degree. Astrologers divide the heavens right into a 360-degree circle, and the planets are organized upon it. When planets are 0, 60, 90, 120, or 180 levels aside, they’re mentioned to be in main side. Different levels of separation are thought-about minor points. (See detailed data on points.) Planets in side have a dynamic relationship, which astrologers research fastidiously. Facets between planets are, by and enormous, the figuring out issue that determine whether or not a planet’s power is manifested simply or with battle (positively or negatively) in your life. It is because, historically, some points are thought-about unfavorable whereas others are thought-about constructive. Trendy astrologers have advanced and proclaimed that each one points can be utilized constructively. In astrology, points are the place the motion is. With out points, the celestial stage and planetary actors are silent and nonetheless. Facets awaken the planets into the total expression of their energies.

For group, astrologers make charts to embrace every thing talked about above. The astrology chart is a map of the heavens for a selected second in time. The astrology chart is known as a horoscope. In historical days, they weren’t typically drawn up for folks’s start instances. They have been solid for the time of sure occasions, reminiscent of wars, crownings, or festivals. Solely pharaohs and kings would have one solid for his or her start time. These days anybody can get his or her start chart drawn. A start chart is interchangeably known as a natal chart or horoscope. Your start chart is your actual horoscope, however we do not use that phrase a lot anymore as a result of it has been devalued to imply “a false each day prediction primarily based solely in your sun-sign.” Your natal chart can solely be solid with an correct start date, start time, and birthplace. We consider that your start chart is essentially the most worthwhile software you’ll be able to have in your possession.

For comfort, astrologers use glyphs (symbols) as a substitute of phrases on charts. This makes it simpler to see all the data organized on the chart. Please take a second to learn the glyphs utilized in astrology (see Lesson 2). After that, you’ll be able to proceed to Lesson 3: “Start Chart Structure.”

How to learn astrology

On this episode astrologer Kelly Surtees joins the present to speak about some suggestions for a way to learn astrology and finally grow to be an astrologer.

The dialogue is partially primarily based on an article I wrote years in the past on my weblog titled 10 suggestions for studying astrology. (Replace 8/18/2018: additionally see my video on 5 fast newbie suggestions for studying astrology) I needed to return to the subject once more so as to delve a bit deeper into among the totally different suggestions, in addition to add a couple of new ones.

In the course of the course of the present Kelly and I take you from the very first steps that you simply want to absorb order to start your research of astrology, assuming you recognize nothing or subsequent to nothing about it, after which we stroll you all over the intermediate and superior phases of studying in regards to the topic.

The tip result’s principally a 3-5 yr define for a way to grow to be an astrologer, and by the top of the present we deliver the listener proper to the purpose the place they need to find a way to transition into training astrology professionally.

Under I’ve a top level view of among the subjects lined within the present, though for a full writeup with all the hyperlinks please see the unique weblog publish linked to on the prime of the web page.

Learning Astrology: Episode Define

Kelly’s three foremost overarching suggestions for studying astrology:

  1. Learn – books/blogs/web sites/journals.
  2. Discuss – to different folks serious about astrology. Meetups/native astrology teams/on-line teams
  3. Examine – undertake formal coaching. Decide somebody you’ll be able to meet with in individual, or discover a course you want on-line.

Particular suggestions for studying astrology:

  1. Get a duplicate of your start chart from
    • Be sure your start time is right, if potential.
  2. Learn the symbols for the indicators of the zodiac, planets, points, and many others.
    • Kelly has a free handout that lists the symbols for the planets and indicators of the zodiac.
    • She additionally has another newbie pleasant astrology handouts right here.
  3. Make use of free sources on-line. Blogs, web sites, podcasts, YouTube, reddit, and many others.
    • The Astrology Dictionary
    • The Astrology web page on Reddit
    • Take a look at Chris’ channel on YouTube for astrology movies
  4. Get some astrology books. Listed here are some good newbie books:
    • The Important Information to Sensible Astrology by April Elliott Kent
    • Parker’s Astrology by Derek and Julia Parker
    • On The Heavenly Spheres by Helena Avelar and Luis Ribeiro
    • Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas.
    • Chart Interpretation Handbook by Stephen Arroyo
    • Kevin Burk’s newest ebook titled Rules of Sensible Natal Astrology
  5. Subscribe to The Mountain Astrologer journal.
    • In addition they have an incredible newbie’s collection on their web site.
  6. Get an ephemeris and learn to learn it.
    • Astrodienst’s free on-line ephemeris.
    • Demetra George has a workshop on how to use an ephemeris to observe transits
  7. Begin following your transits with’s private each day horoscope.
    • Begin by following the Moon via your homes or making points to planets in your natal chart.
  8. Examine the charts of mates, household, and well-known folks.
    • You will get start information for a lot of celebrities from AstroDatabank.
  9. Join with different astrologers on-line via boards.
    • Skyscript, Astrodienst, Fb, and many others.
  10. Meet up with native astrologers. Test, the NCGR, Google search.
    • If there is no such thing as a group then begin your individual meetup.
  11. Take a course on astrology, both on-line or domestically.
    • Kepler Faculty, The Worldwide Academy of Astrology, The School of Astrological Research, American Faculty of Vedic Astrology, or programs taught by people like Chris or Kelly.
    • Kelly teaches Sensible Astrology: A Newbie’s On-line Astrology Course
    • Chris teaches via his on-line course on historical astrology
  12. Be a part of an astrological group.
    • NCGR, ISAR, AFA, AFAN, OPA, AAGB, ACVA, AYA, FAA (in Australlia), and many others.
  13. Attend an astrology convention.
    • NORWAC in Seattle subsequent week.
  14. Get licensed (?)
    • Professionals and cons of certification.


A full transcript of this episode is on the market: Episode 31 transcript

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