How to make a bat costume

How to make a bat costume


How To Build A Better Bat Costume

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You Will Need

How to make a bat costume

Unscrew the top of the umbrella. Pop off the short wires that hold the ribs to the part that slides up and down the stem of the umbrella – they are like staples, and you can use your pliers as a staple remover. Then use the pliers to untwist the two wires holding the ribs to the plastic parts on the stem of the umbrella. Unthread the wires from the ribs, reserving wires for later use.

How to make a bat costume

The cloth part of the umbrella with the ribs attached should be separate from the stem now. Clip off two ribs opposite each other, and save them for ear frames. Split the umbrella in half down the seam previously occupied by those ribs. Using tin snips (or other cutters), cut off extraneous rib parts so that the ribs will be slightly longer than the fabric when they are joined together. If you have pointy bits sticking out, you can tape them down.

How to make a bat costume

Pin the umbrella halves to the sleeves and sides of the sweatshirt, starting at the armpits. Pinning is a good idea since the umbrella nylon is slippery and the sweatshirt stretches. Sew the umbrella on, leaving a gap in the armpit for the rib ends to poke through.
Trim off the extra flaps of material straight across from the bottom of the sweatshirt to just before the point where the bottom rib is attached. You’ll need these triangles of material for the ears.

Here’s the gap where the ribs stick through. This will give you some flexibility of movement when you’re wearing it.

How to make a bat costume

Use the wires that were holding the ribs together (or any other convenient wires, string or thread) to tie the three rib ends together.

How to make a bat costume

Take the two extra ribs and trim extra points off so that you can make a (very uneven) tripod out of them. Stitch the point of the tripod to the point of the triangle. Stitch the long and short ends down as well. Bisect the angle with the middle piece and stitch that end down, too.

How to make a bat costume

You’ll need someone (or a wig frame or mannequin head) to help you with this part. Getting the tripods into just the right triangle for ears may require repeated tries. My personal voodoo doll yelped several times as I adjusted them. The key is that the middle one needs to be set quite far back. The outer two need to be approximately in line.

How to make a bat costume

After getting them nicely lined up, stitch them on and then trim off the excess fabric.

How to make a bat costume

Your top is ready, serve with matching shorts and/or miniskirt (or alternate dress appropriate to your climate) and you are now ready for trick-or-treating.

Holy Batman! Send out the bat signal for this awesome collection of homemade costumes inspired by the Caped Crusader. Find the most epic Batman character costumes here. In addition, check out the amazing DIY costumed Superhero’s good and evil sidekicks. Set on destroying our Superhero, there is no shortage here of incredibly heinous characters here.

No matter which generation you come from, there is a Batman character for you. The masked vigilante has been a dark and brooding presence from comic books, television and movies.

Men and women of all ages are drawn to these complex personalities. Take a look at the fascinating costumes that emerge when people add their own imagination to classic characters. For instance, you will see a Batman LEGO couple costume or amazingly gory two faced Harvey Dents.

So create yourself a Batmobile and hop in this Halloween for the ultimate Batman character costumes!

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How to make a bat costume

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How to make a bat costume

Here is my Homemade Two-Face from The Dark Knight Costume. The suit and make up were both created by me. The suit was purchased at Salvation Army, then I put hours work into it. I first took a knife to various pieces of the left side of the jacket, shirt, tie, and pants. After that … Read more

Sexy DIY Poison Ivy Costume Idea

How to make a bat costume

Last year(2009) I decided to make my own costume for the first time. It took me forever but I finally decided on a Poison Ivy costume, who was my favorite character as a kid. It was super easy and cheap to make. I made the most of what I already had. For the top: I … Read more

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How to make a bat costume

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How to make a bat costume

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Coolest Homemade Poison Ivy Halloween Costume

How to make a bat costume

Hollywood ain’t got nothing’ on me! Just kidding. I made this Homemade Poison Ivy Halloween Costume because I was sick of the LAME Poison Ivy costumes I’ve seen in the stores and on the web. She’s supposed to be wicked cool, sexy and mysterious. Not, and I repeat NOT just a chick wearing green with … Read more

Riddler Costume

My three year old wanted to be Batman and have his twin brothers who were eight months old to be “the bad guys”. The Batman costume was basically his batman mask (which he uses year round), black sweats black, shirt and black cape. The “Riddler” costume was made by purchasing a white fleece one-piece romper. … Read more

Coolest Evil Joker Costume

How to make a bat costume

I currently am a Substitute Teacher in the Huntington Union Free School District. Teaching is a great profession and I was notified that I would be teaching on October 31st, 2008. Every year the staff at the school where I work dress up as his/her favorite theme or character that he/she adores. This year, I … Read more

Coolest Last-Minute Batgirl Costume

How to make a bat costume

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Coolest Homemade Harvey Dent Two Face Halloween Costume

How to make a bat costume

This is a Homemade Harvey Dent Two Face Halloween Costume that I made for Halloween 2008. It consists of 2 different pin stripe suits that I sewed and tailored myself. In all it had taken me 2 to 3 months to construct. The hardest part for this was finding the actual suits at local Thrift … Read more

Coolest Homemade Classic Batman Costume

How to make a bat costume

I’ve been making homemade Batman costumes for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid I was forever messing up my mother’s washing machine with Rit Dye to see just how perfect I could get a bed sheet to look like a cape. Well, they say that practice makes perfect and I … Read more

Awesome Joker Costume

How to make a bat costume

After watching the Dark Knight in the Summer of 2008 I knew exactly what I wanted to be, The Joker. What I did first for this Homemade Joker Costume was buy the trench coat. Luckily I found it at Hot Topic. It was about $60. Then I bought red, white, and black makeup at party … Read more

How to make a bat costume

Looking for a last minute Halloween costume idea that is quick and easy to make and won’t cost a fortune? I’ve got you covered with my DIY Bat Wings. Suited to both kids and adults, these bat wings can be made to any size with my handy instructions!

Wear them to your next Halloween Party! I’ve got some great Halloween Party Ideas in the video below – Read the blog post Halloween Party Ideas

One Pair of Bat Wings – 3 Halloween Costume Ideas

These bat wings are the cutest and so fun to wear. Best of all they are really versatile too. A regular black pair of bat wings can be used for multiple Halloween costumes.

Here are some ‘how to wear’ ideas from readers that have made my DIY Bat Wings for their own kids over the past few years.

VAMPIRE BAT – Wear black Bat wings over black clothing for an instant Bat costume that the kids will love. Draw on some Vampire teeth like this cute kiddo from Little Hiccups for an instant Vampire Bat upgrade.

How to make a bat costume

Image credit –

BATMAN/BATGIRL – If your kid is more the superhero type, these Bat wings make the perfect addition to a DIY Batman Costume just like Craftsmumship has done here.

How to make a bat costume

Image credit –

DRAGON – Make them in green and add a tail and you’ve got a Dragon costume sorted.

How to make a bat costume

More Halloween Costume Ideas:

Don’t just save these wings for Halloween, these bat wings are fun for imaginative play and are the perfect addition to any dress up box.

Emma had a great time wearing these Bat Wings and got several years use out of them. They are worn like a shrug so there is no dangerous ties or which can get caught and cause a choking hazard.

How to make a bat costume

How to make a bat costume

How to make a bat costume

Only minimal sewing is required, and with a few simple measurements that I’ll explain below, you can make these in around half an hour. The best fabric to use is a stretchy lycra like the style used for dance costumes.

If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can stitch the main seams by hand. Only one seam is required so it’s not too taxing.

How to make a bat costume

These wings can be made for a child or adult if you adjust your measurements accordingly. Only a little math is required to work out how much fabric you will need to start off with.

How To make Bat Wings

How to make a bat costume

You will need:

  • Black stretchy fabric (lycra/spandex with 2-way stretch is best for movement and it doesn’t fray)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • needle and black thread for hand sewing
  • sewing machine with ball point needle if machine sewing

Measurements required:

You will need the following measurements to draft your bat wings.

A = the wing span

B = the finished length

C = fabric allowance for sleeve, measure around widest part of arm

D = shoulder allowance for cutting in step 2.

How to make a bat costume

Amount of fabric required:

Width = arm span from wrist to wrist ( A ). If your fabric isn’t very stretchy give it and extra inch or two for added movement.
Length = back of neck to waist (B) + half circumference around widest part of arm (C)

How to make a bat costume

How to:

1. Fold fabric in half, to halve the width (half of A) – The fold will be the center back. Fold over sleeve allowance C and mark the top of centre back.

How to make a bat costume

2. Cut out semicircle from centre back as wide as measurement D. D is the measurement from center back to shoulders. The bottom of the semicircle should be the length B, where you previously placed a mark in step 1.

How to make a bat costume

3. Fold over your sleeve again and cut out scallops for bat wing shape.

How to make a bat costume

4. This is how it should look when the bat wings are unfolded.

How to make a bat costume

5. Fold over the sleeve allowance C and sew where indicated. You can hand stitch or machine sew. If machine sewing I recommend using a zig zag stitch to allow the fabric to stretch.

How to make a bat costume

How to make a bat costume

Wear the wings like a shrug over some black clothing and get ready to scare the neighbours. Boo!

How to make a bat costume

How to make a bat costume

How to make a bat costume

Help keep the Earth healthy by ditching single-use plastic items. Make your own Halloween costume instead of buying a store-bought getup. Plastic packaging can wind up in streams and rivers, where it might entangle animals.


  • Measuring tape
  • A rectangle of black fabric about 6 feet by 3 feet
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Hot-glue gun
  • String or twine
  • About a foot of cardboard
  • Black paint or black felt
  • 2 bobby pins

Step one

Ask a parent or friend to use a measuring tape to find the distance between your fingertips when your arms are outstretched from your sides. Cut a rectangle of fabric that is the length of your wingspan by about 3 feet wide.


Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, then draw three scallops diagonally across the fabric with the marker.


Cut the fabric along the outline, then unfold the fabric and lay it on a flat surface.


Cut 2 3-inch pieces of string or twine. Grab a parent and place a dab of hot glue at the end of one side of the wing.


Twist one of the strings into a loop and secure it to the hot glue. Repeat this step on the other wing with the second string.


Cut 2 triangles from the cardboard, about 2.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall.


Paint the triangles black, or cover them in black felt. Then fold the bottom of the triangles to form a base.


To wear your costume, dress in all black and drape the bat wings against your back, looping the strings around one finger on each hand. Use bobby pins to secure the ears to your hair, or glue them to an old headband.

How to make a bat costume

How to make a bat costume

This year my youngest daughter wants to be a bat for Hallowe’en. Here is how we made her costume.

  • a black top
  • black leggings or trousers
  • black material (we used an old curtain)
  • safety pins
  • a black woolen hat
  • pipe cleaners

How to make a bat costume

How to make the wings

  1. Measure the black material from the centre of the back to the middle of the hand and cut 2 pieces
  2. Draw the wavy pattern with chalk and cut out.
  3. Our material frayed, so we singed the edges with a lighter to seal them, you could also hem them.
  4. Pin the wings to the back of the shirt and along the arms. You could also sew them on but we opted for the temporary option so she could wear the shirt again.

How to make a bat costume
How to make the hat

How to make a bat costume

  1. Make a triangle from a pipecleaner. (my daughter chose the size)
  2. Cover the triangle with material and sew, glue or staple the material together. (We stapled ours so my daughter could do it herself).
  3. Optional step – make a smaller pink triangle to go in the centre. This was at the request of my daughter who cut the shapes from an old t-shirt and glued them onto the ears.
  4. Sew the ears onto the side of the hat.

How to make a bat costume

We are always searching for easy anything … recipes, crafts, costumes. You name it and we will find easy. Here is a darling set of bat wings that you can whip up in no time. You can even make these no-sew if you use sticky back velcro. All you really need is some black fabric. Try to choose non-raveling fabric like felt or a jersey. Actually jersey is a nice, soft fabric that will allow a lot of movement. But use what you have.

These Bat Wings can be worn over any shirt but obviously black will be best. Add a black mask or paint face with black face paint and you have a bat ready to roll for Halloween.

What You Need:

  • Black fabric (amount will depend on size of wearer)
  • Needle/Thread or Velcro
  • Scissors
  • White chalk for marking

How to make a bat costume

What to do:

  1. Have child or adult spread their arms out to the sides and measure the distance from thumb to thumb. This will be the width of your wings.
  2. Measure the distance from shoulder to shoulder, then subtract about 4 inches to allow the wings to rest on the edges of the shoulders once arms are inserted. (this measurement will give you a guide when you cut away the neck opening)
  3. Third measurement is an estimate. Measure around the fattest part of the arm, loosely, as you do not want the arm openings too tight.
  4. Measure from the nape of the neck to the waist. (add this to the arm measurement to determine you length of fabric.)
  5. Now, cut a piece of fabric to your length and width measurements. Fold fabric in half (wing tip to wing tip).
  6. Make a mark at point A, which is the nape of the neck (distance down from there to bottom will be one of your measurements). Make a mark at point B, which will be your shoulder measurement (divided in half since the fabric is folded). Now draw and cut an arc to allow for neck and folding over of arm sections, as shown.
  7. Referring to photos, use chalk to draw curved bat edges. (Be sure to note your measurement for arm thickness, as this area from C to D will be folded over in the next step.
  8. Now unfold the bat wings and then fold over the arm sections as shown. Pin in place and then stitch by hand or machine. For no-sew just cut lengths of sticky back velcro and adhere. Your bat is ready to fly!
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How to make a bat costume

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How to make a bat costume

Do you need a bat costume before Halloween but can’t sew? Perhaps you need to dress up as a bat for another occasion? This glorious membranous umbrella bat costume is cheap, looks great and no-sew and they’re perfect for your costume-themed dress up party.

What you will need:

  • Good quality black umbrella
  • Wire/side cutters
  • Black electrical tape
  • 2 metres of 25mm wide black ribbon
  • Scissors

How to make a bat costume

Safety Tip
Umbrellas may differ slightly from store to store. This umbrella has small plastic balls on the ends of the arms (not pointy metal tips) which make the wings much safer.

How to make Umbrella Bat Costume

1. To start, secure the umbrella to a fully open position. Turn it upside down on a work bench and use the scissors to cut two triangles of material out directly opposite each other. Cut one of the triangles slightly smaller than the other by not cutting all the way to the centre. This way it will be easier to distinguish the top and the bottom of the wings.

How to make a bat costume

2. Next, use the wire cutters to cut the metal supports that hold the umbrella up, making sure you cut as much of the metal off as possible to ensure there are no sharp edges.

How to make a bat costume

3. Cut the large metal handle off of the umbrella. First cut it down to the plastic and then cut the plastic off.

How to make a bat costume

How to make a bat costume
4. Please note the umbrella diagram below for the next process. You’re almost there! These umbrella bat wings will be worth it!

How to make a bat costume

5. Cut the joiner from all the arms of the umbrella below. Don’t worry if there are a few sharp edges here. These will be taped up in the next steps.

How to make a bat costume

6. Next, remove support on arms A & B to allow these arms to fold with your child’s arms.How to make a bat costume

7. With electrical tape, secure the remaining loose supports onto arms C, D, E, F, G and H to keep them straight. Ensure you’ve covered any sharp edges very well.

How to make a bat costume

8. Measure and cut two pieces of the ribbon, enough to tie the bat wings to your child’s wrists.
9. Measure and cut two longer pieces of ribbon to come across your child’s shoulders, cross over the chest and go under their arms and tie together at the back.
10. Attach the ribbon to top of the bat wings like the image below.How to make a bat costume

Finish the umbrella bat costume

Here’s how to put it all together:
• Black t shirt and black pants
• Bat ears: The ears are made using black painted cardboard and were glued on to a black headband.
• Bat nose: The nosed was made using a paper cup that was cut in half, painted black and a pink button glued on to it.

How to make a bat costume

How to make a bat costume

How to make a bat costume

This umbrella bat wing costume is a perfect way to recycle a broken black (or multicoloured) umbrella too!

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  • Bat craft

What are you dressing up as this Halloween?

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How to make a bat costume

My daughter wanted to be a bat and wanted the wings to move. So I came up with the idea of using a black umbrella for the wings.

I just dressed her in a black dress, black tights, black boots. I purchased the black umbrella from the dollar store and then I cut it in half. I hot glued some black feather trim around the umbrella for extra effect. I allowed the silver joints of the umbrella to show b/c it looked like the little bones from a real bat. I sewed the umbrella along the underside of the arms and down the side of the dress.

I painted a black mask onto her face. Hot glued some “ears” on a headband that I made out of foam and painted black. Purchased a pair of inexpensive vampire teeth.

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23 thoughts on “Coolest DIY Bat Costume for a Girl”

What a great idea. I am going to go as bat lady and I love the idea of using an umbrella. Thank you for sharing your brilliant idea. Accolades.

In order to control what the kids wear to school, my son’s school provides categories for the kids to dress up in. My son’s grade was “animals” since this did not coincide with his trick or treat choice we needed a second costume. I replaced the black dress with a black turtleneck and pants and trimmed the umbrella with black felt instead of feathers and it was perfect. Thanks for helping a mom out!

This is the best cheap handmade bat costume I have ever made, also quite easy to do. Thanks for sharing your idea.

Great idea. I was stuck for a Halloween outfit for tomorrow and have been able to make this in under an hour. Great stuff!

I’m a teacher at a school that encourages ‘healthy and active’ costumes – I am going to turn this idea into a ‘fruit bat’. Long sleeved T-Shirt will be adorned with wings on sleeve and fruit on the front:)
Thanks a bunch!

simple and easy and even cooler. I gotta use this idea sometime. thanks for the cool idea!

wow, omg, the best thing that ever happened to me, just a search though Google can make everyone’s life better!

Wonderful costume idea. Hope mine looks as cute!

Love it! Thanks for sharing.

Amazing!! I can’t wait to show my son. I even have an old umbrella that has little pinpoint holes right in the top. PERFECT!

I love your costume idea and am trying to re-create the same for my daughter. I’ve got all the materials, but am wondering if you can advise me on how you cut up the umbrella and what you used (scissors?, metal cutters?) to do it. I’m a little hung up on how to disconnect the shaft from the umbrella portion, and what metal can be “scrapped” (pardon the pun), and what should be kept intact as part of the wing to be sure it stays movable. Can you perhaps offer any advice on that portion of the project? (I even bought an extra umbrella in case I foul up the first one since I’m not so handy…) Any suggestions/tips are welcome! Thank you for your creativity.

did anyone figure out the best way to cut the umbrella and remove the shaft of it? Trying to re-create this and dont’ know where to start

What a great idea, bought an umbrella for $2, so quick, easy and effective, my son is really excited to be wearing this for a dress up as an animal day, thank you

I am so excited to try this for my son! Wonderful idea on using the umbrella.

To cut the umbrella, you use scissors. cut the umbrella in half and throw ouw the inside of it (this includes the shaft, handle, and spokes)