How to make a draw my life video

How to make a draw my life video

How to make a draw my life video

How to make a draw my life video How to make a draw my life video


How to make a draw my life video


How to make a draw my life video

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How to make a draw my life video

How to make a draw my life video

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How to make a draw my life video

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With this small webapp you can turn existing photos to SVG. It transfoms pixels to custom shapes. You may also export your work in QueekyPaint’s .qky format.

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How to make a draw my life video

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The Queeky-Player redraws each digital artwork from the beginning to end. Explore how your favourite artworks have been created and get in touch with the process of creativity.

Get inspired and learn how to draw by watching videos, or start to draw and share your skills with the community.

QueekyTube – Your art on YouTubeall projects

Join our new YouTube competition. The best drawings will be converted to a real video and presented in Queekys YouTube-Channel.

Dating sim speedrun, but make it real life

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How to make a draw my life video

It’s been 87 days since Governor Andrew Cuomo issued social-distancing guidelines in New York. Eighty-seven days trying to read the books gathering dust on my shelves instead of staring at the wall. Eighty-seven days mindlessly scrolling through TikTok and dating apps for some form of reprieve from the lonesome dread occupying my daily life. And at least 87 days since I last went on a date. So when I saw a viral TikTok over the weekend from a girl who paid an Etsy psychic to draw her soulmate, I knew I needed to follow suit.

Over the last few weeks, ThePsychicArtist on Etsy has received a lot of attention from TikTok users around the world, myself included — enough attention for the psychic to launch their own account on the platform advertising their work. For around $30, your name, and your birthdate, the psychic will sketch a portrait of your soulmate in 24 hours. This 24-hour reveal is a common TikTok trope. The platform is littered with videos of users making tie-dye shirts or coloring their hair, only to reveal the results the following day. So it makes sense that these psychic drawings have become somewhat of a trend.

In the videos, which are easily found under the #psychicartist hashtag on TikTok, users stand in front of their portraits reading the psychic’s descriptions and asking for their followers to help them find the mysterious person depicted in the sketches. There are a number of Etsy psychics from whom people can commission portraits. Some look like real sketches, while others look like photos grabbed from Google Image search and edited to look like drawings. Still, that didn’t stop me.

“I’m wearing my rose quartz and everything,” one user said in a video before she opened her portrait. “I need love! Oh, my god, I need it!”

Seeing that I’ve been cooped up in my apartment for the last few months, I was eager to know exactly who I’m supposed to spend the rest of my life with. When ordering the portrait, my thinking went as follows: “If I already know what my soulmate looks like, then, in some strange way, I’m capable of speedrunning the dating process. The coronavirus has already set me back a few months, so why not give it a shot.”

So, I navigated to ThePsychicArtist’s Etsy page Friday afternoon and placed an order for a portrait, making sure to fill in all of the correct identifying information about myself. The next morning, I woke up to a long Etsy message describing this unknown man that included a file with his portrait.

How to make a draw my life video

This is an image of my soulmate.

The psychic told me basically everything I wanted to hear! He’s “stylish” and I will “discover the luxurious life” with him. “He is exuberant and will definitely be the change you were looking for,” among other things. But unfortunately, I won’t meet him for another 18 months because our “vibration levels aren’t aligned and calibrated towards each other.”

Please know that by releasing this information, I’m putting myself at risk. “The information you received is confidential and you should not release to any other soul because the consequences could lead to an energy blockage of your aura and it will interfere with the connection between you and him,” the psychic told me. Still, I feel confident in my decision to release this portrait since the TikTok users participating in this trend seem to be doing alright.

Anyways, if you know this person, maybe reach out.

Portrait Drawing Personal Experiences
Drawing portraits has always been, and will continue to be one of the greatest aspects of drawing.

I found my first serious love of drawing when I traveled to Florence, Italy. It was there that I saw the many artists drawing portraits on the street. I would stand and stare at their amazing technique – for me, watching them work was a new experience and one of my most cherished memories from my travels in Europe. I wanted to live the life of a portrait artist! They made face drawing fun, they made it look easy. After seeing these street artists at work, I knew immediately that I wanted to start drawing portraits and become a portrait artist myself.

A Rocky Start and the Need for a Guide

I began to look through catalogues, magazines and newspapers for interesting faces to draw. I thought I was doing great works of art, but in reality, what I was drawing, was not very close to capturing the sense of life that the Italian artists seemed to put to paper so easily. It wasn’t until one of my art teachers asked me to draw a portrait for her that my real journey into drawing portraits and the human face would begin. She was honest and she was brutal. She verbally tore my picture to pieces, but this is exactly what I needed to spur me into action.

What I want to give to you is the same thing that she gave to me – a simple path to follow to really start to bring your portrait drawings to life. Like everyone learning to draw I’m sure that you’re eager to get started so lets get to it.

Portrait Lessons
There is, in my opinion 6 important parts of the face that you must master if you are attempting to become a portrait artist. Master these lessons and I guarantee that you will set a new standard for excellence among your peers and colleagues.

Drawing Faces Video Course Lesson 1 – Front and Profile – Easy
To start off with you will learn to draw the face from the front and side view. Basic human face proportion is what you will learn here. Don’t forget to sign up to get the free course homework and updates!

How to Draw Faces & Portraits Video Course Lesson 2 – Medium
This lesson will cover drawing the head on three-quarter view. You will take the front and side views that you learned in lesson one and match them up so that you can start drawing the face from any angle.

Drawing Faces Video Course Lesson 3 – Facial Proportions – Review
In this lesson you will review what you have learned in the first two lessons and see how the facial proportion guidelines work with real human faces.

How to Draw a Face with Shading – Video Course Lesson 4 – Medium
Now that you know how to draw the face from any angle and you’ve taken time to study photos of real faces, it’s time to learn the last piece of the puzzle and add shadows to your face, giving it the realistic look that every artist strives for.

Ear Drawing – Medium
What a truly bizarre shape the ear is. Where do you start? How can you make sense of these alien shapes and then add shading and lighting information into your drawing?! Seems impossible, but let me assure you it’s easier than you may thing. I’ll show you how to build a simple ‘road-map’ for drawing realistic ears that you can then use and apply to any portrait drawing.

Drawing Hair – Medium
I said there were 6 important steps to drawing portraits, and even though I have listed hair as the last one, bad looking hair will ruin any face you try to draw, unless perhaps you intend to specialize in drawing portraits of bald men and women! Don’t miss out on this last important lesson on your way to becoming a complete portrait artist.

Don’t Miss This – Learn to Draw from Professional Artists

Are you looking to make a breakthrough with your artistic abilities?

Artists from the world’s top studios like Disney, Nickelodeon, Blue Sky, and Pixar are sharing their hard-earned knowledge so you can learn directly from the people who create the amazing comics, movies and cartoons that we all watch and love.

If you’re tired of looking for a good teacher – stop looking right now and click this link.

Do you want to learn how to draw or paint? Are you looking for painting tips and drawing techniques that will help you along your artistic journey? Or perhaps you’d like to deepen your understanding of and appreciation for art?

This website has something for everyone – from the complete beginner to the avid art enthusiast. Basically, this is a website for the creative spirit! explores topics such as:

Learn to create photorealistic paintings:

How to make a draw my life video

Or create cute and colorful drawings:

How to make a draw my life video

How about exploring colored pencils?

How to make a draw my life video

Or perhaps you’re more into groovy abstracts!

How to make a draw my life video

We welcome artists of all skills levels–no experience required!

You’ll find practical hands-on tutorials that cover a wide range of subjects within the world of painting, drawing and adult coloring. also features inspiring and encouraging articles that explain the main facets of art, such as subject matter and style. all of which aim to ignite and rejuvenate your passion for self-expression through art! is the dedicated work of single artist: Thaneeya McArdle (me). That’s my art above, and I’m delighted at the chance to share with you everything I know about art and art-making. You will also often see my artwork on every page of this site, to illustrate the topic at hand.

Learning how to draw and paint is a fun process (hence the name of this site)! These pages provide a wealth of information about how to draw and paint – and also about what to draw and paint. Explore the different subjects in art to get a better grasp of why certain themes have been so popular in art throughout the ages. Click through the various art styles to learn the different forms that art can take. Let these ideas wash over you and seep into your creative soul!

So, pull up an easel, get out your drawing pad, put on your favorite smock! Let’s have fun!

This website is an ever-evolving work-in-progress, because there’s just so much to share about how to make art! I began this website in 2009 and even though my work as a full-time professional artist keeps me very busy, I still add new articles and tutorials to Art is Fun when I have the time.

People are born with innate drawing talent or they are not.

How to make a draw my life video

When I started drawing 12 years ago, it didn’t occur to me that I would or could get better. I didn’t view learning-to-draw in terms of a learning curve . I didn’t start with the intention of building my skills – I started drawing to pass the time when my kids were at swimming lessons and gymnastics classes and dentist appointments. Hand-drawn circles resembling cantaloupes, triangles with wobbly angles, you get the idea.

And what I learned from years and years of drawing is that if you draw a lot, you get better. Your lines will become more varied, more interesting, with subtle variations. The more variety in your practice, the more you’ll build fine motor skills and the more confident you’ll be with a pen in hand.

Use a long time frame and be patient with yourself. If you compare your work today with your work from a month ago, you probably won’t see clear differences. But if you look at a longer time frame – compare the drawings you did 1-2 years ago vs. current — you’ll see a difference! Progress is measured not in hours, but in months and years. The more you draw, the better you will get. As I look back through my journals, I see that every time I challenged myself to try a new idea, I made a leap forward.

How to make a draw my life video

Think of drawing as making a series or collection of lines or marks. The art of drawing is about moving the drawing tool and understanding how to convey/transform what you see into marks on the page. I would first suggest working on refining the fine motor movements involved in drawing, Try to capture the essence of simple subjects.

Any of these types of practice will help improve your line work: mark-making, doodling, sketching, scribbling, automatic drawing, gestural marks, hand-lettering.

Draw patterns, lots of them! As I was in the learning process, I made the decision not to use a ruler — I figured that I wouldn’t learn how to draw if I used a ruler. I also didn’t want to get perfectionistic.

So how to decide what to draw? Look around — ideas are everywhere – I found it engaging to draw stuff I found in my backpack, bubblegum labels, geometric patterns, book covers, and UPC codes. I never considered that my style would evolve — I was found the process intriguing. Waiting time FLEW by. I liked drawing. After spending 20 years in the world of accounting and analysis, it was refreshing to do art! It was like I was in high school again, drawing patterns in my room late at night with Jackson Browne or The Stones playing on the radio.

Fifteen (15) things to draw to improve your line work

Look around your room and focus on one ordinary everyday item. Sketch it. Jot notes about what you drew, the weather, thoughts about the day, like a mini-diary.

How to make a draw my life video

What kinds of shapes do you find most challenging or frustrating? That’s a perfect theme for a sketch page. Study the components that go into the shape. To get more familiar with how to draw vehicles, I drew the taxis swooshing into the taxi stand as I waited for my brother to arrive at the airport.

How to make a draw my life video

Work fast, drawing circles without judging your results. Circles are tricky. This helps improve your dexterity and the precision of your lines while being meditative and calming too. Your circle shapes are going to look wonky, but keep experimenting and practicing! Draw circles on top of each other, draw loose concentric circles by putting circles inside and around other circles.

How to make a draw my life video

Look into your imagination — or around the house/garden – and seek out patterns and collections of like objects. You can take patterns and abstractify the pattern you see into more of the idea or essence. Then add spice/detail to the repeating elements as you wish. Here, I drew a grid on an index card and filled it using a handful of different pens and markers, trying to see what different kinds of lines and marks I could make.

I love using index cards as an art substrate/surface!! Each year, I facilitate the Daisy Yellow Index-Card-a-Day Challenge, and 2020 was our 10th annual challenge. Here are 50 Things You Can Create on an Index Card.

How to make a draw my life video

One of my practices involves creating an entire journal filled with variations on letters of the English alphabet. I also dedicate full pages in my moleskine sketchbook to quickly devising variations on one specific letter. The more letters you draw, the faster the ideas will surface! Try writing the alphabet as many ways as you can. Here’s a process video where I created this page in my alphabet journal brainstorming the letters of the English alphabet.

How to make a draw my life video

Try giving yourself an entire week to let a sketchbook page grow and bloom. You can start anywhere on the page and draw or doodle a little pattern, hand-letter a phrase, just just keep adding details. This gives you practice developing different types of lines and patterns.