How to make catnip filled sock toys

How to make catnip filled sock toys

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Meow and Roar are our buddies. They hang out with us all day and sleep with us at night. When we’re gone, they’re at the door waiting for us to come home and greet us enthusiastically. Even when they do things they shouldn’t (ahem, their new delight in trying to jump onto counters), we still treasure them.

Needless to say, it’s important to me that they are around as long as possible. The wee ones are only 10 and 12, and (don’t tell my kids this) I use the same strategies to keep them all functioning in peak form. That means the best food possible, plenty of exercise, and lots of time to sleep.

With cats, the sleep part is easy. They are the best nappers I know – and I’ll admit to being jealous of them sometimes. The food and the exercise is all up to me, however. Or at least mostly up to me. They are indoor cats, so I am their primary source of nourishment and entertainment. Granted, they entertain themselves sometimes, but as they get older, I need to encourage them more.

When it comes to food, it’s important to me to find food that is grain-free and that my cats love. I’ve bought food before that has been a natural, high quality cat food, but they haven’t been as big of fans as I’d like. With Purina Muse® Natural Cat Food, that’s just not a worry. They lick the platter clean!

How to make catnip filled sock toys

With Muse you don’t have to choose between natural nutrition and food that tastes great. Your cat can have both when you choose Muse. All their recipes are made with real fish and poultry and come in chowder, broth, with toppers, in gravy, and paté. They have no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives either. With 30 recipes to choose from, it can almost be overwhelming to figure out which to choose, but I’ve yet to find one Meow and Roar don’t absolutely devour.

How to make catnip filled sock toys

Purina Muse is available only at PetSmart, including all 24 of the grain-free varieties. Since I’m there often enough picking up other cat supplies, it’s convenient to stock up on Meow and Roar’s favorite dinner. Choosing which food to buy isn’t a hard choice with Muse – it’s only hard to choose which varieties to get this time.

How to make catnip filled sock toys

Nutrition is under control with Purina Muse, and I encourage their exercise with homemade catnip toys. They’re incredibly easy to make, and it’s fast and easy to refresh them once the homemade catnip toys lose their allure (read: fresh catnip).

How to make catnip filled sock toys

Homemade Catnip Toys

The idea to make homemade catnip toys came to me one day while I was mindlessly matching socks after doing laundry. Or rather… not matching socks. I have an entire bucket filled with socks that are missing their mates. They’re mostly Little Miss’s socks, but my husband and Mister Man have their fair share, too – I have just one in the bucket, of course.

How to make catnip filled sock toys

I’m always searching for uses for the socks that have lived in the bucket for months – years? – when I’ve finally given up on ever finding their mates. Homemade catnip toys is perfect for this. They’re incredibly easy and cheap – and Meow and Roar love them.

All you need is some old socks, dried catnip (which of course you can also buy at PetSmart), and some polyfill. I prefer the socks with some color and pattern to them only because this makes it easier for me to find when Meow and Roar have managed to fling them under furniture. Oddly white socks don’t stick out as much.

How to make catnip filled sock toys

To make your homemade catnip toys, spread a chunk of polyfill into a bit of a rectangle. The exact amount you need depends on the size of your sock and how full you want it. For Little Miss size socks (picture a 10 year old girl), I use a large handful.

Once you have the polyfill spread out a bit, sprinkle about a teaspoon of catnip across the entirety of the polyfill.

How to make catnip filled sock toys

Fold up your polyfill so that the catnip is encapsulated inside the polyfill. The scent is strong enough that it needs to just be inside your homemade catnip toys but not at the surface. By folding it up this way, it gets it into your toy much more easily and securely than trying to sprinkle it in.

How to make catnip filled sock toys

From there, just stuff it inside the sock. You don’t have to crush it too much. Let the polyfill fill the inside of your homemade catnip toys taking up plenty of space. The last step is to just fold the opening over and baste it closed with a quick needle and thread. They’re cats. It doesn’t have to be gorgeous; they’re just thrilled to have something they can play with that smells great (to them).

How to make catnip filled sock toys

I learned my lesson a long time ago that I can’t have just one toy. Meow and Roar both want to play at the same time, so I always make multiples. But irony sticks with me. Even though I make homemade catnip toys for each cat, they both still want to play with the same one even though they ‘re identical. Apparently orange is their favorite color.

How to make catnip filled sock toys

Do your cats come running when they hear the can opener? Mine do!

The cats come running and weave between my legs, thinking they are about to receive a delicious meal.

They are often disappointed to find out I am simply making dinner for the rest of the humans.

Getting a new cat or know someone who is? Check out what you need for a new kitty welcome kit.

Disclosure: This catnip toy craft has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MeowMixatMeijer #CollectiveBias

How to make catnip filled sock toys

Like my kids, my cats have food and plate preferences.

While they won’t throw a fit over the color of their bowl, they have been known to turn their nose up at certain offerings.

Being a good (crazy) cat mom, I’ve learned which cat food flavors will be big hits.

How to make catnip filled sock toys

My cats think their soft wet cat food is a special treat because they have it about once a week. Unfortunately, most cans have more than either cat will eat at one meal.

While grocery shopping at Meijer, the kids like to look at the fish along the back wall of the pet department.

It’s a great way for me to transition from grocery over to pets then to whatever department I need next.

In the cat aisle, I saw the new Meow Mix Simple Servings Seafood Variety (12pk).

How to make catnip filled sock toys

Capone and Bella absolutely love seafood so I grabbed it! I also picked up a bag of catnip in order to make their DIY cat toys.

3 Super Easy Homemade Catnip Toys Your Cat Will Love

As I made catnip toys, Bella watched over me the entire time. She was clearly curious, but kept her distance until I opened one of the Simple Servings containers.

She rushed over, meowing. It was easy to pour into her cat bowl and was the perfect amount for her.

Bella purred as she ate the delicious pieces of real seafood in a savory sauce.

How to make catnip filled sock toys

I opened one near Capone, letting him get a sniff before I walked out of the room. Sure enough, he followed me!

How to make catnip filled sock toys

After the kitties chowed down, I introduced them to the catnip toys I made.

Bella kept rolling around on her back and pushing the yarn wrapped catnip paper tube with her nose. Capone clearly favored the black sock catnip toy.

How to make catnip filled sock toys

DIY Catnip Toy Materials:

  • catnip
  • old mismatched sock without holes
  • paper tubes
  • yarn or shoelaces
  • crinkle cut paper or tissue paper
  • glue / adhesive

Yarn Wrapped Paper Tube Catnip Toy Directions:

  1. Start by covering your paper tube with glue, then rolled it in catnip. Essentially I decoupaged catnip to the roll.
  2. Use a little bit of tacky glue to secure yarn in place, then wrap it around the tube. Wrap it around until all of the catnip is covered up.
  3. You can glue or tie the end piece. I tied it but also kept it long enough to add a little yarn pompom to it.

The cats smell the catnip, paw at the pompom, and try to stick their legs and face into the toilet paper tube. It’s amusing to watch!

Simple Catnip Sock Toy Directions:

Take an old sock and make sure it doesn’t have large holes. If it does, find a different one. You don’t want all of the catnip or stuffing to fall out right away.

Version One:

  1. Roll sock down and add a pinch or two of catnip to the toe area of the sock.
  2. Crumple some tissue paper or newspaper and stuff inside the sock. The toy will make crinkly sounds when your cat plays with it!
  3. Add more catnip.
  4. Either tie the sock in a knot or use yarn or a shoelace to tie it off. Leaving the shoelace long makes it fun to dang in front of your kitty.

Version Two:

  1. Roll sock down and add a pinch of catnip in the toe area.
  2. Add crinkle cut paper, tissue paper, or newspaper strips if you want.
  3. Place paper roll inside sock (works better on longer socks).
  4. Pour catnip inside paper tube.
  5. Tie the open end of the sock off with a secure knot.

Let your cats play with these super easy homemade catnip toys!

Even though my cats are getting older, they still have a playful side. Sometimes it takes a little extra effort to engage them in play, but they cannot resist catnip.

No matter how old a cat is, it’s important to mentally stimulate them with playtime.

How to make catnip filled sock toys

So while the kids are at school, it’s easy for me to lure them out with wet food and catnip toys.

Bonus if the dog is at doggy day camp, because the cats love sprawling out on the living room floor while she is gone!

How to make catnip filled sock toys

Having a cat as a pet can bring a lot of joy but it is very important that you keep the animal entertained with plenty of toys. There are many items that you can easily buy but if you want to make something special for your feline friend then learning to put together a toy out of socks is a great project. All you need is some old socks and a little creativity.

Things Required:

Others are Reading


Get an old sock and fill it with some catnip and stuffing. Make sure that the sock is big enough for your cat to play with.

Once you have filled the old sock, take some glue or a thread and needle to seal it up. Take your time to make sure that you sew the sock up properly as your cat can easily tear it open while playing.

You can attach a small bell, the sound of which will further intrigue the cat and will also let you know about its location.

Take another old sock and only partially fill it with catnip. Sew it half and fill the other part with some stuffing. This will make an excellent cat toy.

Another great cat toy to make is to take a couple of old socks and fill them with a little bit of stuffing. Seal each one by using the thread and needle. Now take each sock and attach them to each other in a long snake like shape.

You can easily adapt any old sock cat toy by attaching some yarn or string to the end. This way you can pull the cat toy and entice your pet to go after it. Remember to not pull too hard on the cat toy when your pet has it in its mouth or claws.

It is a good idea to make an assortment of these cat toys to ensure that your pet has something to play with throughout the day. You can place these toys around the house in different areas.

How to make catnip filled sock toysMake catnip sock toys for cats in this free video.

Expert: Grace Fitzpatrick
Bio: Grace Fitzpatrick has studied ventriloquism for years and is a trained improv actor. She uses the illusion of “throwing” her voice to entertain children at parties.
Filmmaker: David Jackel

Duration : 0:2:13

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Introduction: DIY Homemade No-Sew Cat Toy | Baymax Cat Toy With Catnip

How to make catnip filled sock toys

By DIYwithOllie My YouTube Channel! Follow

How to make catnip filled sock toys

How to make catnip filled sock toys

How to make catnip filled sock toys

This super cute homemade cat toy is inspired by the Disney movie, Big Hero 6! This cat toy looks exactly like Baymax and is filled with tons of yummy catnip for your cat! If you have a big pair of socks, you can probably make about 6 of them out of each pair. Since they’re inexpensive, you can make a bunch and donate it to all the little kitties at your local animal shelter!

Watch the video above to learn how to make it!

You can also watch it directly on YouTube: (Please subscribe and like the video if you do!)

Or keep on reading for the step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

  • white socks
  • fabric glue
  • stuffing
  • catnip
  • black felt
  • scissors
  • cup
  • a marker

Step 2: Eyes and Mouth!

First cut the black felt into two tiny circles and a tiny strip. These are for Baymax’s eyes and mouth.

You can also use embroidery thread and some safety eyes if you’re in the mood to sew.

Step 3: Trace and Cut. Make Many to Donate!

Next, place the cup upside down over the sock and trace out a circle. Cut the circle out. If you have a big sock, you might be able to cut two or three circles from each sock.

You can easily make a bunch at once. Consider making some extra and donate them to your local animal shelter.

Step 4: Glue or Sew.

Glue the nice sides of the fabric together along the edges. Leave a little bit of space for stuffing the toy. Let it dry thoroughly before moving onto the next step. Optionally, you can sew the edges together instead of gluing to make it faster and sturdier.

Step 5: Stuff It Up!

Once the glue is dry, turn it inside out. Stuff the cat toy half way and then put a bunch of catnip in the middle. Stuff the rest of Baymax’s head until you like the shape. Use your finger to shape his head out evenly.

Step 6: Close Baymax Up.

Turn the edges of the whole a little bit in and glue it shut. (You can place a clip there until it dries, use a little bit of hot glue, or sew it shut.)

Step 7: Eyes and Mouth.

Glue on Baymax’s mouth, and then his eyes. Let it dry again.

Step 8: Done!

That’s it! You’re done! Isn’t he the cutest??

I ended up making 2 more of them since my cats were fighting over the first one I made. I’m going to go buy more socks and make some to donate to the animal shelter soon.

Go back to the beginning to watch me make this on video.

All cat owners and cat lovers have seen the fun reaction cats have to catnip. They can start purring, rubbing, leaping, rolling and some can even express general uninhibited happiness. It is the ultimate drug for cats, but luckily it’s absolutely harmless, no matter the dosage they’re exposed to.

The reason cats act to catnip the way they do is because of a certain chemical that the plant produces and one for which cats have a special receptor. If you want to have hours of fun with your usually lazy feline friend, make some of these top ten catnip-filled toys and let the endless silliness begin.

Baby Sock Catnip Toy

How to make catnip filled sock toys

This is the easiest and cheapest toy you can make for your cat and it will take you less than 5 minutes to make it. All you have to do is fill a baby sock or any sock with a bit of catnip, tie it up good and put some feathers at the end for decoration.

Easy DIY Catnip Filled Cat Toy

How to make catnip filled sock toys

This toy doesn’t require any sewing or crocheting skills to make, but it does provide a more interactive play with your pet. By tying the catnip-filled bag to a string, you can control the movement of the toy and make your fat lazy cat literally run in circles.

Refillable Catnip Toys

How to make catnip filled sock toys

This toy has a simple rectangular shape and when filled looks like a long pillow. It may not be too flashy but it has two good qualities: it can be easily refilled and it is long enough that the cat can hold it with its front paws and kick it with the back, giving your cat a way to practice its hunting skills.

Crocheting Toys For Cats

How to make catnip filled sock toys

If you are a crocheter or a knitter and also a cat owner, then you’ve certainly had to wrestle your balls of yarn away from your cat more than once. To stop your cat from ever doing that again, make these crocheted catnip toys and your cat will have lots of fun and you will never lose a ball of yarn again.

Fish Bones Kitty Toy

How to make catnip filled sock toys

Cats love fish, but those tiny fish bones can be a problem even for them. Well, you won’t have to worry about your cat choking on these fish-bones. In fact, the only danger here is that the wiggling of the two parts of this toy will drive your cat crazy.

Felt Mushroom Toy

How to make catnip filled sock toys

Mushrooms may be an unusual choice of a shape for making a cat toy, but these little felt mushrooms are just too adorable and are not too hard to make. All you have to do is follow the free template and you’ll have a cute cat toy in no time at all.

Feather Catnip Toy

How to make catnip filled sock toys

Cats love playing with feathers, probably because they have a primal instinct of chasing and hunting birds, or maybe they are just drawn to the fast way they move when attached on a twine. This feather may not be real, but it will provide the same amount of fun to your cat.

Refillable Catnip Heart Toy

How to make catnip filled sock toys

If you’re still caught up in Valentine’s love frenzy, then you might be tempted to make this heart shape toy for your loving pet. Even if you are over the love-fest, it is still a darling little thing to make and your cat will love it either way.

Mouse Toy

How to make catnip filled sock toys

No cat can pass on the opportunity of chasing a small animal and the most common domestic cat faces is the mouse. If you’re lucky, your home will never be infested with that rodent, but in the meantime, train your cat to hunt them with these mouse-shaped toys.

Safari Catnip Toy

How to make catnip filled sock toys

Cats are natural-born hunters. It’s in their nature and they will continue to hunt no matter how domesticated they are. Unfortunately, for most domesticated cats the prey is only a stuffed toy. However, you can help your cat hunt the same prey as the big African cats by making these cute animal shaped toys.

How to make catnip filled sock toys

By BunnyLover1019 Follow

How to make catnip filled sock toys

How to make catnip filled sock toys

How to make catnip filled sock toys

These cat toys are easy to make and my cats go crazy over them.

Step 1: You Will Need

Fleece Fabric (Remnants are perfect)
Polyester Fiber
A Sewing Needle
Embroidery Floss

Step 2: Cut the Fleece

Cut the fleece in a square (doesn’t have to be perfect) to twice the size you want to make the cat toy. You need to cut it twice the size because you will have to fold it (see step 3).

Step 3: Fold and Start Sewing

Fold your fleece vertically. Make sure the edges line up, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. Cut a long portion of the embroidery floss. Thread it through the needle and tie a knot at the end of the floss. Push the needle into the corner of the folded long end of the fleece. Sew running stitches starting at the closest short non-folded opening, since the folded long end does not need to be sewn. The stitches should be no bigger than 5 mm. Continue stitching until you have one short opening left.

Step 4: The Stuffing

Grab a chunk of polyester fiber and a couple pinches of catnip. Mix the catnip into the polyester fiber. (I recommend doing this over a garbage, because it can get messy.) After you’ve mixed the catnip into the fiber, stuff it into the fleece case. The fiber should be half an inch from the opening. If what you mixed is not enough, repeat.

Step 5: Finish and Give to Your Cats

Finish the cat toy by sewing the opening with a running stitch. Be sure all of the polyester fiber stays inside the fleece case. Tie a knot at the end of the floss and cut it. Trim up string from the knots and give to your cats.

My husband and I got “Poops” the Cat a few years ago. I made him get a cat because he had never had a pet and I wanted to make sure he was responsible for something other than himself before we have kids. So far, so good. Although the husband named her … so I think I’ll be in charge of naming the future kids. Poops is a senior cat around 12-13 years old. She pretty much prefers to take cat naps, so I wanted to make her something new and try to get her running around the house a bit more, so today I’m showing you how to make a DIY Catnip Yarn Ball. With the catnip on the inside, it will drive your cat crazy, plus it’s a super cute toy!

How to make catnip filled sock toys

This is much cuter than a tied-off old sock filled with catnip. However, please be sure to use caution when allowing your cat to play with a yarn ball – make sure they don’t eat/swallow any of the yarn which could cause medical issues.

How to make catnip filled sock toys

To make the DIY Catnip Yarn Ball, you’ll need a few supplies:

How to make catnip filled sock toys

  • catnip
  • wiffle balls
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun (optional)


1. Take the wiffle ball and tie one end of the yarn to the ball using the holes in the ball. Then start wrapping the yarn around the ball. You can optionally glue it down in places to ensure it doesn’t unravel. Your wrapping doesn’t have to be perfect, simply start wrapping in one direction and then halfway through, go in the opposite direction, and again, and again, to make it look like a real ball of yarn.

How to make catnip filled sock toys

2. When you’re almost done and one of the holes is left exposed, fill the ball with catnip.

How to make catnip filled sock toys

3. Then continue wrapping the ball until all the holes are completely covered.4. When finished, tuck the last bit of string in and you’re done!

5. Let your cat go crazy! Just keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn’t eat the yarn.

How to make catnip filled sock toys

Because Poops the Cat is deaf, she has started meowing very loudly when she can’t find us. She sometimes does this in the middle of the night, so I like to tire her out during the day. I once read that cats often sleep after hunting and eating, so the catnip ball is great for “hunting” and then we feed her.