How to make paper fairy wings

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1. You’ll need at least two sheets of paper reserved for the wings (I used four) and two for the strap mechanism. You’ll also need tape and ribbons of some sort that are long enough to wrap around your torso at least once and still tie in a bow.
2. To make a wing, fold the paper like an aeroplane until you get a kite shape.

3. Repeat for the other wing.
4. If making two pairs of wings, you may want to make the thicker wings the uppers and make the kite shape thinner with one more fold on each side.

5. Repeat for the other lower wing.
6. Fasten your wings together, making sure the largest pair is at the top and the smallest at the bottom.

7. To make the first part of the holding mechanism for the wings, fold it horizontally into roughly eight sections, then fasten your wings to the mechanism. Make sure the first strip is vertical.

8. To make the second, fold the other sheet vertically to a comparable width, then thread the folded part through the first strip, leave room in the loops and fasten with tape.

9. To make the arm straps, simply thread ribbons through the loops and tie them to yourself, making sure they fit.

10. Ensure all seals that need to stay fastened are done with tape and your paper wings are ready either to wear or decorate! Just be sure to avoid the tape if using glossy tape.

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Instead of heading to a costume store when you need a pair of insect wings, you can craft your own at home. The process is not hard and takes a minimal amount of time and money. It’s also enjoyable; the only skill you need to possess is being handy with a pair of scissors.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Computer Access
  • Pencil
  • 1 Yard Of 1″ Thick Elastic
  • Printer
  • Large Piece Of Cardboard
  • Strong Fabric Glue
  • Tape
  • 2 Pieces Of 2 Yards Of Felt Fabric In Your Color Of Choice
  • 2 Yards Of Felt Fabric In The Accent Color Of Your Choice

Creating the Perfect Pair of Wings

Do a computer search to find images of insects and select the shape and appearance you want to create. Once you find the perfect picture, enlarge it and print it out on multiple sheets of paper. The goal is to print it out as big as you’d like the finished wings to be, so it will take multiple sheets of paper.

Tape the sheets of paper together to resemble a life-size version of the wings. Then cut off the excess paper so you are left with a traceable outline of the wings.

Place the outline on top of the cardboard and use a pencil to trace it onto the cardboard. Repeat this process with two large pieces of felt fabric. When you are finished, you should have the outline of a set of wings on cardboard and two two more on felt.

Use the scissors to cut out all three wing outlines. This is very important: When cutting out the felt wings, cut approximately half an inch outside the traced line so the felt wings are larger than the cardboard wings.

Place one felt wing outline on a flat surface and apply lines of fabric glue. Place the cardboard wings on top of the felt wings, making sure the cardboard is perfectly centered and with extra fabric extending evenly beyond the cardboard.

Loop the elastic around your shoulder and underneath your armpits without stretching it. This should be the length for the wing straps. Although you will attach the straps centrally on the wings, the stretch in the elastic allows it to fit snugly. Once you have the correct length, add two inches on either side of each strap before cutting the elastic.

On the cardboard, mark two spots with a pencil where you will glue on the elastic straps. Measure two inches from the middle of the wings and two inches down from the top of the cardboard to find the place where the top of the straps will be glued down. Measure two inches out from the middle and two inches from the very bottom to locate the place where the bottom of the straps will be glued down.

Liberally cover the pencil marks in glue, then put the elastic straps in place as marked. Leave the other end of the elastic straps hanging loosely for now, outside the cardboard area.

Cover the cardboard with lines of fabric glue, and carefully place the second set of fabric wings on top. They should line up with the first set of fabric wings beneath the cardboard.

Just before gluing down the bottom of the felt fabric to the cardboard, attach the other end of the elastic wing straps to the marked spots. Once you have two attached elastic loops for wing straps, press down the bottom part of the felt so it adheres tightly to the cardboard.

Apply glue to the inside edges of the felt extending beyond the cardboard. Once the entire set of wings is outlined in glue, press the two pieces of felt fabric together to conceal the cardboard inside.

Use the accent color felt to cut out designs, swirls, and realistic looking shapes to mimic insect wings. Cut out two of each shape (simply fold over the felt and cut through both layers) to have one piece for each side of the wings. This ensures a symmetrical design.

After all your gluing is done, allow the glue on the wings to dry overnight before wearing them.

Recently Netmums challenged us to get crafty with Cereal Box crafts. I love cereal box crafts ANYWAY, as it is such a free and versatile material and the timing was good, was I was thinking about a fairy wing craft for Pip Squeak anyway. Bring the two together and you have these lovely Cereal Box Fairy Wings to make. Before I go on, I just want to say, that I “made it up” as I went along and that I will be sharing some tips and here and there of how you could make it differently/ a little better. Depending on your preferences and/or time. So this is a fairy wing how to, but also a fairy wing craft with improvement suggestions! I hope that is ok! I think these make a great No Sew Halloween Costume too!

Tinkerbell Costume Idea:

We will be adding a green no sew tutu, some pom pom shoes and a wand to turn this into Tinkerbell Costume!

The Fairy Wing Craft:

How to make paper fairy wings

Materials – 2 large cereal boxes, acetate (I used old subject dividers for a ring binder), hot glue gun, pins or stapler, PVA glue and glitter, acrylic paint in desired colours, hot glue gun (I have some LOVELY glitter from Zing Zing Tree and her Zing Zing Tree Ebay shop)

How to make paper fairy wings

How to make paper fairy wings

1) I used our Tinkerbell Clothes Peg Fairies as a rough “template”. I sketched out one half of the wings and cut them out. Then traced them”back to front” and cut the mirror set, for the other half. I was going to use a Stanley knife to cut out the pattern, but found it easier to use scissors.

How to make paper fairy wings

2) I glued the four pieces together. I had one wing facing the wrong way, as there was a tear in the packaging and I couldn’t fit the wing on any other way.

How to make paper fairy wings

4) Then I painted both sides in acrylic paints. Because of the glossiness of the cereal box, I had to add a layer of white paint below our silver.

3) Once dry, I traced and cut out some “plastic backing”, made of our subject dividers – these were SLIGHTLY smaller than the wings. I used the hot glue gun to attach them. Plastic is notoriously difficult to glue and it has a tendency to come off again. So I also secure it with some additional pins, in strategic place. The plastic really gives the wings a good stiffness.

The side with the plastic on, is our “back” i.e. the side that will touch Pip Squeaks back.

a) you could either ditch the acetate all together, but strength your fairy wings, by adding 2-3 layers of cereal box cardboard. But that means you will need between 4-6 cereal boxes and will have to do a lot of neat cutting. The benefit of this, is that you can stick your card together in such a way that all glossy sides are facing in. Making it MUCH EASIER to paint afterwards. Or you could even leave them in plain grey card. Taking out the “painting step” below.

b) or… you could cut a second set of cereal box wings and “trap” the acetate between the two layers of cardboard, if that makes sense.

How to make paper fairy wings

How to make paper fairy wings

(you can see the little pins securing the plastic on this photo)

4) Once dry and secured, using your good PVA glue, create a pattern for the glitter, sprinkle glitter on top of the front of the wings and then shake it off and let it dry (dry flat, if you prop it up, the glue will run and make a mess!). The front of the wings is the side with the cardboard and no plastic. This is important, as although you can add some glitter on the plastic side too (see next step), the glitter and glue will not stay in place on the plastic permanently, it is likely to peel of a little. See the improvements in step 3 – if you have card on both sides, it will be MUCH easier to decorate the wings!

5) Once tried, I turned it round and add some glitter to the tips on the “plastic side” of the wings. You will see these tips, peeping over the should of your child. Here it is handy if your plastic is slightly smaller than the card, as it leaves you a rim of card board, perfect for PVA glue and glitter…

How to make paper fairy wings

6) Finally, once dry, you can add some elastics, by threading 2 loops around the middle! And done. You have some fairy wings!

Need some more No Sew Halloween Costumes? Check out the full set:

How to make paper fairy wings

JustAHobbyMommy / Getty Images

Dress up your garden by making some fun little fairy houses. Your kids will love this imaginative project! You can craft a single house or make an entire town. Most of the items needed to make these houses can be found lying around your yard. Follow these step-by-step instructions to create your own fairy house!

How to Make a Fairy House

  • Age Guideline: 8 Years and Up
  • Time Required: 60 minutes (Does not include drying time)

The above age and time guidelines are estimates. This project can be modified to suit other ages and may take more or less time depending on your circumstances.

Materials Needed

  • Flat bases, such as a piece of bark from a tree.
  • Craft sticks
  • Twigs, leave, or other wall items
  • Tiny stones, gravel, etc. for walkways
  • Tiny dried flowers (a bag of potpourri works great)
  • Anything natural that you find outdoors
  • Wood glue
  • Spray varnish


Start by searching your yard for a large, flat base. You can make the initial wall structures out of craft sticks. Glue these onto the base. Choose an item for walls, such as twigs or leaves, and use them to cover the outside of the craft stick walls. Use other items you find outside to create walkways, trees, flower beds, windows, antennas, gazing balls, swings, porches, little piles of firewood, and other fairy garden accessories. Just let your imagination go wild. Spray with varnish and you’re done.

Here are two more ways to have fun with fairies: