How to spend time with your crush at school

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Asking out your crush is a nerve-wracking experience, especially when you go to school together. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a shot and tell them how you feel about them. You can work to get to know your crush to see if they’re interested in going out with you, but in the end, the only way to know, is to ask!

How to spend time with your crush at school

How to spend time with your crush at school

How to spend time with your crush at school

Tip: Extracurricular activities like your school’s sporting events or clubs are a great chance to spend time together outside of school that isn’t weird or awkward. Ask your crush if they’ll be at the game later and tell them you hope to see them.

How to spend time with your crush at school

How to spend time with your crush at school

How to spend time with your crush at school

How to spend time with your crush at school

How to spend time with your crush at school

How to spend time with your crush at school

Tip: Don’t choose a place so secluded that it’s creepy, but private enough that you feel comfortable expressing your true feelings without being made fun of by someone who overhears.

Posted on Published: April 10, 2020

How to spend time with your crush at school

If you go to school every day, you’re bound to meet someone you like and eventually develop crush. It’s normal, whether you’re in high school, university, or vocational school. You may even be a teacher who falls under the spell of another member of your team.

To get your crush to notice you or talk to you, you’ll need school pick-up lines that aren’t cheesy so that what you say won’t come off as weird or random. For this reason, we’ve prepared a list of pick-up lines that are tailored to school crushes, and anyone can use!

Here are 25+ of the best school pick-up lines for your crush:

School pick-up lines: for crushes in high school

If you’re in high school, then you’ve probably seen your crush around already and have been waiting for the right moment to approach him/her. You can use any of these high school pick-up lines to make your move:

01 “I heard you were in the school band. Maybe, we could make some music together.”

If you’re a “band geek,” as some people call it, that doesn’t mean that you can’t approach your crush. Even if you aren’t in the band, you could use this as a way to ask him/her to show you how to play an instrument so that you can spend some time together.

02 “I’ve seen you in AP Chemistry. I’ve kind of had my ion you.”

Sure, you may have already heard this pick-up line, but it’s a classic line that is sure to get a few chuckles and maybe even land you a date. Ions are talked about a lot in chemistry, and it’s a play on the words “eye on.”

03 “I know the first 20 digits of pi, but somehow, I don’t know yours.”

Here’s one for the mathletes and the ordinary math lovers who couldn’t come up with a way to talk to their crush in math class. Pi isn’t “3.14” like many teachers round it off, it’s infinite. In fact, we haven’t figured out all of the numbers yet.

Being able to memorize 20 of them is pretty impressive, and it shows that you’re pretty smart.

How to spend time with your crush at school

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04 “We learned some pretty important dates in history class today, but I couldn’t help noticing that you aren’t a part of any of them.”

Anyone who studies history knows that you’ll have to memorize many dates because there are a lot of them to know.

This is a good way to ask for a date because when you say this line, he/she will probably ask what you mean. That’s when you can say something like, “our date, this Friday at 6 p.m.”

05 “No, don’t go in there! The sprinklers will go off.”

When you say this, you can use an alarming tone so that he/she stops and wonders what’s happening.

When this happens, you can say something like, “cause you’re smoking hot.” This will make him/her laugh, and you can start a conversation from there.

How to spend time with your crush at school

Photo by Johan Bos under pexels license

06 “I didn’t know angels go to [insert name of your high school].”

This is one of the school pick-up lines that you can use anytime that your crush is alone, whether in the gym, cafeteria, or hallway. It’s not dependent on a specific time or location.

When you use this line, you have to be very smooth about it. You can practice a little at home because you only have one shot to get it right. This is another way of telling your crush that he/she is gorgeous/handsome.

07 “I heard you’re pretty good at algebra. Could you replace my x without asking y?”

This is another math pick-up line to use because everyone has to do math. It can work really well. Your crush doesn’t even have to be the smartest kid in the class, as long as he/she takes algebra.

It’s a good line because it’s a play on x and y variables that are always used in algebra.

08 “You must be a high-test score because I’m dying to take you home to meet my mother.”

What do you do when you get a good report card? That’s right, you take it home to show your parents. It shows that you think highly of your crush, and your parents would approve of him/her.

How to spend time with your crush at school

Photo by akizou on photo-ac

09 “Oh, you’re the new kid? Welcome to [insert school name], I’m part of the welcoming committee.”

If your crush is new at school, but you don’t know how to approach him/her, this is a great way to do it. It doesn’t matter if you’re actually on the welcoming committee or if one even exists.

This is a great opportunity to show him/her around the school, ask him/her questions, and let him/her get to know you.

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There is one statement that we know it was true: first love never die. If you have experience with your first love, then you might agree with that statement. You probably had a crush or someone you like when you were a kid. From that good childhood memories, you bring it until you are adult and have a flashback when you had first love.

One day you might meet your crush when you were in elementary school, and those memories will take you back to the past. You do not want to miss that moment and want to build that moment reveal at present. But then as the time pass, how to tell your crush that you like him since you were in elementary school? Here are some explanation that you can follow.

  1. Breaking the ice

How to tell your crush you like him in elementary school? If you never met your crush after a long time, there must be a gap between you and your crush. First, he might forget you and remember nothing about you. All you need here is just breaking the ice. You can give him your best smile and say hi to him. Do not be so nervous. You can take a deep breath and starts the conversation with him.

You can start by telling him that you were his friend in elementary school. To make him believe, you can tell his full name, his hobby, his family member or his address. That makes your crush realize that you are truly his school mate in elementary school and you can continue your talk with him. You may also find out about What Does It Mean When You Dream about Your Crush Having A Boyfriend?

  1. Asking about simple things

Start your conversation with light topic or simple things in life. For example you can start with opening talks like how he is doing and how glad you are to meeting him again. You can make a conversation about the weather, his work or activities. You can also make a light joke to entertain him, build a bridge with him again and you can see how he responds your talk. You may also find out about What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Crush Being Your Boyfriend?

  1. Reminding the childhood memories

How to tell your crush you like him in elementary school? There is nothing can be more heartwarming than a good memory in a childhood story. Memories cannot be replaced or turned back anymore. You might have some memories that still remain in your heart and mind. There is no expired date to remind it again. You might have at least one memory with him that you know.

Even if the memory was an embarrassing or funny one, you can recall it again with him. That can be the most interesting topic that he wants to hear. Recalling again about the name of friends and their condition, your teacher’s name, the naughty things that you both has done when you were an elementary student. You both might have difference appearance, you can give him any compliments both his appearance in the past or at present. Nobody dislikes compliments, right? You may also find out about Disadvantages of Dating in High School for Young Lovers

  1. Stalking his social media

Maybe you do not have a detective skills, but you can stalk your crush’s activities through his social media. You can try to exchange his username with yours and see all his posts there. If you do not want to waste your time of scrolling, then you can check his another social media randomly. By knowing his social media, you might know his friends, his daily activities, his hobbies, or his likes and dislikes.

Reading his status, how he reacts through every situation. Seeing his photos can make you know his activities with his friends or family, how close he is with them and how his friends treat him. You also can leave your likes or comment there, so you both can have topic to start the conversation again. Moreover, you cannot judge a book by its cover. If you found something that you dislike from him, do not be hesitate to ask him about it. You may also find out about What Does It Mean When Your Crush Unfollows You on Instagram?

  1. Giving him a present

To reminding him about your childhood, you can bring some stuffs that can recall some memories when you were in elementary school. You can try to bring his favorite cartoon characters, his hobbies stuffs, or a kid magazine. He might be glad to have it his child memories though. You can give it to him directly, or you can ask his or your friends to send it to him. Sending him a stuff with a letter in it should be very cute. That’s how to tell your crush you like him in elementary school.

  1. Confessing your feeling

How to tell your crush you like him in elementary school? This stage would play a very important role for you and your crush. You do not be worry to express your feeling to him. It is better to be late than never. You do not want to live a life with regret if you do not tell him about your feeling, do you? Do not be afraid to tell. You should take a risk to confess all of your feeling that you bury since you were elementary school student.

You never know the answer if you do not try. So if you tried, you have 99% chances but if you did not try you only have 1% chance. It is not an embarrassing moment if you confess to him, but it is one great step forward if he has the same feeling like you. If you are not brave enough to express your feeling, you can try expressing it through a card, a letter or by texting. You may also find out about Sweetest Things to Text Your Boyfriend That Will Make Him Smile

If you want to know he has the same feeling as you or not, you can take some time for you and him to get close each other. Let him know your personality by himself and through your manners to him and others. You also will know if he likes you or not, by guessing his acts to you. He would be happy if he has time and spend it together with you, and he might have the same feeling like you.

Then congratulation, you are one step forward to build a relationship with him. Otherwise he might have a girlfriend already, and he cannot like you back. But do not worry, you can still be his friend that you know him since you both were in childhood.

Depends on the dream, tbh.

You may not have seen your grade-school crush since Tamagotchis were cool, but that doesn’t mean you don’t dream about them on the reg. Or maybe you find yourself dreaming about a steamy makeout session with a coworker. Either way, there’s a good chance you’ve had a crush dream and wondered, what does it mean when you dream about your crush? Just me? (Related: This Is What Your Sex Dreams *Really* Mean)

Turns out, dreaming about a crush may have surprising real-world takeaways, helping you get to know yourself a bit better. A crush dream could signal just about any unconscious desire, says Michael Kinsey, PhD, a clinical psychologist based in New York City. That means the specific person who appears in your dream shouldn’t be taken too literally. After you wake up and recall your dream, ask yourself: Is your crush charismatic? Immature? Confident? “Your crush may have traits you’d like to emulate,” he explains.

But like any type of dream, the details matter. Take a dive into dreamland as experts decode some of the most frequent fantasies:

1. Your crush kisses you.

Interestingly, this may mean you’re feeling a little stuck in life right now and find yourself in a holding pattern. “This dream might mean that you’re waiting for something to happen to you,” says therapist and dream interpreter Nicole Arzt, LMFT, Family Enthusiast advisory board member. “You might be hoping that it ‘just happens,’ but you aren’t necessarily taking the steps needed to feel more ownership over your life.”

2. Your crush is dating someone else.

Ugh, we’ve all had this one and woke up on the wrong side of the bed. “This could be about anyone who might have moved away from your life,” says Jeanine Duval, co-founder at Edelwyn, an online resource for tarot card learning. (Fun fact: She draws many parallels in her work between tarot and dreams since they both use symbols to understand the unconscious mind.) “It’s a way of showing fear of abandonment and reflects an unconscious worry about being left.”

3. You’re too shy to approach your crush.

Did you miss an opp to call out to your crush as he/she walked out the door? Fun times. If this is the crush dream in question, you may feel frustrated because you’re not acting on your desires, says Kinsey, and this might extend beyond matters of the heart. Are you feeling shy about asking for a raise? Having a biggie talk with a friend? Where are you lacking confidence in your life?

4. You find yourself spending QT with a childhood crush.

Don’t send your long-lost love a DM just yet. “You’re likely reconnecting with a forgotten wish,” Kinsey says. “When you’re young and idealistic, you have a better sense of what you want. Something about the old flame is surfacing, beckoning you to find that desire in your life now.”

This desire could be working towards a big goal, living in line with your core values, or expressing an aspect of yourself or personality that you’ve long pushed down, says Kinsey. So, again, this dream might not have anythinggggg to do with the person you dreamt about, but about who you were back in middle or high school. Kinda a relief, right?

5. You start crushing on your ex. and get back together.

If this one sounds familiar, know that this is a frequent sitch in dreamland. “This dream may signify that you’re longing for parts of your past, or that you’re afraid of upcoming changes in the future,” says Arzt, adding that this usually is a sign that something in your life feels unsettling, or you’re nervous about where life will take you next. You may also be longing for a familiar sense of comfort. “Thinking about an ex may mean that you lack a sense of predictability and structure in your life,” she adds. Could you achieve this wish without dredging up the past? Probs!

6. Your crush is someone you don’t know.

Falling in love with a stranger or waking up from your dream feeling like your crush has turned into a stranger? This could be a clue you’ve been stepping out of your comfort zone, says Duval. “Even though such a dream might give you an odd sensation, it actually means that there are changes ahead. Expect to be surprised by a new experience.”

In other words, this dream could indicate you’re sensing upcoming changes in your life and that you’re excited for what’s to come. Time to enroll in a new class or download that language learning app you’ve been thinking about.

7. Your crush rejected you.

“This dream could mean that you’re struggling with your self-esteem,” says Arzt. “You may feel particularly vulnerable or sensitive, and the rejection solidifies your struggles with self-worth.” In any kind of dream about rejection, a lack of confidence in your ability may be an issue, whether in your work, romantic, or family life. (Psst. Here are 7 ways to start feeling more confident right now.)

8. More specifically, your crush rejected you

Most commonly, a sexual rejection dream indicates that you’re holding yourself back from what you want most in life. “What Freud once dubbed ‘castration anxiety,’ rejection by an object of lust signifies that the dreamer expects shame, humiliation, trauma, or at the very least, disappointment by pursuing highly prized outcomes,” says Kinsey. Your nerves are on another level.

9. You lost a tooth while spending time with a crush.

Ring a bell? The loss of teeth in dreams is linked to feelings of “insecurity and loss of self-esteem,” says Duval. In fact, your mouth can be a metaphor for what you’re saying—or not saying. “Especially when losing a tooth is combined with a dream about your crush, it can mean that you really want to say how you feel about him or her but are afraid to do so,” says Duval.

It’s a little scary to tell people how you feel, natch, but if you don’t hold back, you may be pleasantly surprised to find the feelings are reciprocated. Just saying!

10. You got cozy with a coworker.

Then, you tell them how you really feel and awake feeling rejected. Not so fun, but thankfully, it’s just a dream—and it may say more about your career than latent feelings for your coworker.

“This dream suggests that the dreamer is beginning to become aware of competencies and ambitions at work,” says Kinsey. “The rejection signifies an expectation that integrating her competencies and desires won’t be received well, and that she may feel compelled to conceal them.” But keep on doing you, and you’ll climb on up (and hopefully this dream will fade away!).

11. Any dream about a crush not described above.

The good news is that dreaming about a crush represents doors of possibility opening up in your life, says Arzt. “You may be excited about the idea of being with your crush, but it can also mean you’re excited about anything else that lies ahead,” she says. “Dreams can shed insight into your desires. These desires aren’t always literal, which is why dreams aren’t necessarily logical or sensical.”

So that dream about zip-lining with your crush on a course that leads to a sundae bar with about 800 ice cream flavors, totally normal! Phew.

By Ossiana Tepfenhart — Written on Apr 08, 2022

How to spend time with your crush at school

In fact, it can be really easy to think a guy hates you if you don’t know how to tell if a guy likes you and pick up on things the proper way.

Crushing itself can be a bit confusing. When you are crushing on someone, it means you have a feeling of romantic love, especially for someone you might not know too well. So, you may not know exactly what you want out of the prospective relationship.

Crushes also have a shelf life, lasting as little as a few weeks or as long as four months.

How do you know if a guy is crushing on you?

Guys can be so confusing and make it really hard to tell if they are into you or not. But every guy is different, so there’s no obvious answer.

One thing to be aware of is if he pays attention to you, specifically. Does he turn his body toward you and make eye contact (or not if you make him nervous)? Does he laugh when you didn’t even say something funny? Does he want to spend time with you?

Most of the time, if a guy seems off or is acting a tad weird around you, he may be crushing on you. hard. And make no mistake about it: if a guy does any of these things, he’s been hoping you’d ask him out on a date.

15 Sure Signs A Guy Has A Crush On You.

1. Any time he’s around you, he breaks out into a sweat and avoids eye contact.

Does he look like he’s about to be interrogated by the CIA whenever he’s around you? Guys who are really crushing hard can get nervous or intimidated by you, and this can actually lead them to bug out.

2. He gets really angry and annoyed whenever you mention other men.

This is often a sign of jealousy, and he might also try to play it cool by saying he’s not interested in you anyway. If he wasn’t interested, why would he get angry?

3. He laughs after everything he says.

This is called nervous laughter, and it happens when he’s really freaking out about a girl. If he’s laughing about everything from hating soft drinks to his mother’s car, he’s probably really worried that you think he’s a nerd.

4. You catch him backpedaling on things when you disagree with him.

Yes, this is a red flag. But it’s also a sign that he’s too spineless to disagree with a girl he likes.

5. He ‘phone spazzes’.

This is when guys say really bizarre, seemingly out-of-the-blue statements when you stop replying. It may be anything from telling you that he wishes you the best of luck, to telling you that he’s just got a new work promotion, to just sending cat memes.

Whatever it is, he’s trying to talk. Give him a little encouragement if you’re into him, too.

6. His behavior has turned into attention-seeking insanity.

Is he making a point of lifting weights, talking about his degrees, or doing stupid stunts that will likely get him into triage at the nearest ER? He doesn’t have a death wish — he’s just trying to impress you.

Unfortunately, this guy crush move can be extremely dangerous for certain men. You might want to ask him to reel himself in before he ends up breaking a bone.

7. He makes fun of you on a near-constant basis.

This is one of those acts that guys might put on when they are interested in you but are too scared to actually say how they feel.

Immature as it may be, this classic middle schooler behavior is often a guy’s last defense against admitting he has a crush. Shakespeare said it best: “Thou doth protest too much!”

8. His game reminds you of a yo-yo.

Does he pull you in a little, then push away, then admit his feelings, then push away again? This is often a sign that he’s testing the waters to see if you’d be open to dating him.

Unfortunately, this also can mean he has crippling insecurity and is probably not worth dating.

9. If you ask him if he’s into you, he turns beet red and denies it.

Guys don’t generally blush if they’re being hit on by girls they’re not interested in.

10. You get the feeling that he’s trying to play ‘too cool for school.’

Does he seem really preoccupied with looking cool? Does he go out of his way to name-drop, flaunt popularity, or show off his knowledge of all the cool events in town?

If so, he’s trying to play himself as one of the “cool kids” in hopes of getting someone interested in him. It might be you!

11. His friends make fun of him a lot around you.

The most common reason a guy’s good friends poke fun at each other is because of a crush.

If they keep ribbing him, then it’s one of the signs he likes you. This is especially true if it seems to get under his skin.

12. His friends keep telling you what a great guy he is.

They’re playing wingman, and it’s almost certain that the guy in question has begged them to put in a good word with you. Give the guy a chance!

13. Any time you mention what you like in a guy, he tries to come up with ways he fits that qualification.

This is a subtle way of showing that he’s trying to earn your approval, and it’s often hard to spot.

For example, let’s say you really like one guy’s sense of humor. He might shrug and go, “Oh, well, I can be funny, too.”

14. He makes a point to try to dispel stereotypes and assumptions you’ve made about him or guys like him.

This is similar to the last point in the sense that he’s trying to present himself to you in a certain light. A good example of this would be him saying, “Don’t think I’m not a bad boy type just cause I’m an accountant!”

15. You just have a hunch.

Our guts are rarely ever wrong. That’s why we should listen to them.

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How do men act when they have a crush?

Usually, when a man has a crush on you he will make you a priority in his life. He will go out of his way to help you or spend time with you. He will start paying attention to your interests in an effort to know more about you. He might even act nervous or show off around you.

In today’s world of technology, he may be super-engaging with you on social media, liking, commenting, sharing, and looking at all your posts.

He might make up random reasons to touch you and will seem jealous if you spend time with other guys. His body language can also give you subtle signs that he’s crushing on you.

Psychological tip: Where are his feet pointed? Research says that where his feet are pointed tells you where he subconsciously wants to go, and if they are pointed towards you, he wants you.

How can you tell if a guy has a crush on you?

If a guy is acting different around you, it’s a sure sign they want to impress you, so they may do things for you or with you that they may not do with others. A guy with a crush might make accidentally touching you a habit — tapping your shoulder or brushing up against your arm to get your attention, or hugging you every chance he can.

Sometimes, you get lucky and the guy will tell you outright that he likes you and you’ll start dating; other times, you may have to play Nancy Drew to figure out all the hints he’s dropping, consciously or subconsciously.

In middle school, we are often swayed by our emotion and the growth we experience through puberty. That is why sometimes it is hard to see the codes someone are sending us.

But it would be a shame to miss out on love just because you can’t read the signals, right? Who knows it he is your true love? That is why it is time to catch up on how to read the signals.

Here are some obvious ways on how to tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it middle school

  1. He Continually Asks To Be Tutored By You

Not understanding a material once in a while is alright. But when he often asks to be tutored by you, all he is really saying is that he wants to spend more time with you.

  1. He Texts You Random Things Just To Talk To You

Random texts on random times of the day is just another way for a guy to say that he miss talking to you a lot.This is actually his ways on How to Get Your Crush to Notice You at School and Fall for You

  1. He Protects You When Other People Teases You

Most guys like to join in on the fun that comes from teasing people. But for a guy who likes you, all he wants to do is protect you.

  1. He Likes To Tease You A Lot

Though he might want to protect you, he also like to playfully tease you. Guys that does this often is clearly crushing on you .If he shows this sign, learn to keep the relationship secure with How to Get Closer to Your Crush in School and Fall for You

  1. Often Compliments Your Appearance

It’s not common for a middle school guy to openly compliments your appearance. So if you find someone who does, you’re clearly his crush.

  1. He Often Stares At You

As they say, eyes are the window to the soul. Hence, if you catch him staring at you a lot, it is actually the ways on How To Know If A Guy Is Interested In You Or Just Being Friendly

  1. He Likes To Sit Close To You

There is nothing better than physical closeness for someone who is crazy in love with someone else. Watch out for this obvious sign in the guy you’re observing.

  1. He Often Laughs To Your Joke

Sometimes, even when the joke is clearly not funny, the guy who likes you will exaggeratedly laugh at your jokes.

  1. Can Be Shy Around You

Do you see a guy who is usually outgoing but seems shy whenever he is around you? Most guys are shy not because he is bored when being with you but because he is nervous because he is so close to someone he loves.

  1. He Is Awkward When He Is Around You

When we feel love, we can’t think rationally which makes even the coolest guys acts strangely around their crush.

  1. He Talks Loudly And With High Pitch Only When He Is With You

If you find that his loud and high pitch voice is annoying, try to take a deeper look. This is actually how he unconsciously shows his nervousness because he is around someone he is really attracted to you.

  1. Tries To Look His Best When Meeting You

Guys don’t care about their looks most of the time. To have someone who goes out of their way to look dapper every time they see you means they are showing Signs A Shy Guy Likes You but Is Trying Not to Show It

  1. Often Does Random Acts Of Kindness

Random, often anonymous, acts of kindness towards you is the sweetest True Signs That a Man Loves You Unconditionally

  1. He Tries To Make You Laugh A Lot

For a guy that is madly in love with a girl, there is nothing more beautiful in the world than seeing her smile and laugh because of him.

  1. He Notices Your Change Of Mood

A slight change in tone or a minor frown is hard to detect. But for a guy who has been drawn towards you for a long time, he notice this and will try to make you feel better.

  1. Hangs Out With You After School

The extra effort it takes to have some quality time after school is nothing compared to the big crush this guy is actually hiding from you in middle school. When on times like this, use the Easy Ways to Get a Boy to Like You in Middle School

  1. Really Likes To Ask About Your Day

Most people these days are self centered that is why a guy like this will stand out from the rest. This guy is actually using Ways to Get Any Girl You Want in Middle School

  1. Compliments You On Your Hidden Qualities

Your kindness, the light in your eyes, how you smile are some of the things that only a special person that have been noticing you a lot will pick up on. This act is the true Signs That He Is In Love with You but Can’t Say

  1. Can Be Open And Vulnerable With You

It is hard for someone to be open and vulnerable, especially when it comes to a guy. Only when he trust and likes you will a guy really show his vulnerable side.

  1. Can’t Go By A Long Time Without Talking To You

There is nothing more maddening for a guy who is attracted to a girl than not talking to that girl for a long time. If you find your guy finding the time to talk to you constantly, he is showing the Undeniable Signs when Guys Fall in Love with You

  1. Often Smiles At You Without Any Reason

Do you often see him looking at you and smiling at you ? That’s because he is adoring you so much but is keeping it a secret.

As it turns out, it is not that hard to spot love between your connection to someone right? In middle school, things are simple which is why when trying to spot somoene who have a secret crush on you, all you need to do is to look at the simple language of love. Then all you need to do is use the How to Tell Your Crush You Like Him in Middle School

Understanding how they feel is a lot easier than you think.

How to spend time with your crush at school

What would you do if you knew that your crush liked you back? Think about it. For starters, I can safely bet that you’d stop living in fear, and muster up the courage to ask them out.

Right? You want to know if someone’s attracted to you, so you can avoid rejection, and create an incredible relationship with someone you love. But for one reason or another, you have no idea how to tell if they genuinely like you or not.

I know exactly how you feel. For the longest time, I was held back by fear. The truth is that I didn’t have the confidence to ask out my crush or do anything that put me outside of my comfort zone.

But then I came to the realization that gaining an understanding of psychology is a great way to improve your dating life. Because when you can easily recognize the signs of attraction, it’s much easier to tell if someone likes you back.

So without further delay, here’s how to tell if someone finds you attractive.

Pay Attention To What They Do And Say.

Think back to a time when you were hanging out with your crush. You probably felt a bit nervous, as you couldn’t help but overthink every tiny detail of your body language and speech.

When you’re with someone that you find attractive, it’s normal to feel nervous. It’s okay to be conscious of everything you do and say. But for one reason or another, we can’t help but find it difficult to tell when someone is doing the same with us.

Why is that? We often don’t pay attention to every detail of another person’s body language. So when someone finds us attractive, we’re completely oblivious.

I’ll give you a personal example. I used to hang out almost every day with this incredible girl. We were best friends. But as we began spending more time together, I couldn’t help but notice that she was becoming increasingly nervous.

I asked her if she was okay. And of course, she replied that everything was fine, and there was nothing to worry about. She just enjoyed being with me. But every time she spoke, her voice got a little softer, and she couldn’t help but play with her hair.

I was completely oblivious to the fact that she was into me. It was only when I moved to Australia a few months later that she said she had a massive crush on me for ages. However, she couldn’t find the courage to say something.

Not knowing that she liked me broke my heart. Why? Because I loved her too. Similarly, I didn’t have the courage to say how I felt or the understanding of psychology to recognize that she liked me back.

I’ve started to pay attention to small details whenever I’m with someone. I notice what they say, how they say it, and their body language during a conversation. As a result of recognizing the signs of attraction, my dating life has quickly improved for the better.

So if you want to know if someone finds you attractive, pay attention to their body language and speech. Are they acting a little bit nervous? Do they get shy when you’re together? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, it’s certainly a positive sign that they like you.

Consider How Much Time You Spend Together.

One of the biggest signs that someone finds you attractive is a desire to be with you as much as possible. The reason? They’re incredibly happy and grateful for any time that you can spend together.

When I was in college, I met a girl who would find any excuse to be with me. She didn’t care if it was studying, walking home, or anything else. In her mind, all that mattered was that we were able to spend time together.

At first, I didn’t think anything of it. I assumed that she loved our conversations and enjoyed being able to help each other excel in every aspect of our learning. But as time went by, she started flirting with me a lot more and found reasons to spend time together outside of college.

Only then was I able to put all of the pieces together and realize that she found me attractive. But once I found out, we had an incredible relationship that lasted for several years.

Take a moment to consider how much time someone wants to spend with you. Do they text you throughout the day? Do they want to spend as much time with you as possible? If so, there’s clearly a strong connection. After all, they enjoy talking to you and feel extremely grateful to have you in their life.

Recognizing the signs of attraction will certainly improve your dating life. Because once you can tell if someone finds you attractive, you don’t need to worry about rejection or anything else that previously held you back from asking them out. Put simply, your dating life will quickly change for the better.

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You can’t help but stalk people they go to school with.

How to spend time with your crush at school

1. You spend a lot of time thinking about the perfect way to describe your crush. Your school friends probably won’t meet him or her right away (or ever), so you have to get creative with your descriptions. So you end up describing someone with Harry Styles’ soulful eyes, Jennifer Lawrence’s hilarious wit, and Shawn Mendes’ sensitive side. Close enough, right?

2. You hardly pay attention to the hotties at school. You don’t have the emotional energy to wrap your head around a second crush.

3. You actually use their

name. The last time you had a crush who went to your school, you were less open about it, because what if it got back to them before you were ready? But since you don’t have to worry about your crush’s friends overhearing you gush about those

eyes, you can actually use their first name instead of code names (“Green Eyes,” “Bieber,” “Soccer Boy”) in the caf or homeroom.

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How to spend time with your crush at school

4. Your texting / Facebook chatting / Snapchat game is ON POINT. When you can’t see each other in the halls at school, you have to make up for it with virtual flirting. Thank you wifi.

5. . Which means your heart pounds every time you get a new text. Oh, nvm, it’s just Mom.

How to spend time with your crush at school

6. You can’t help but stalk people they go to school with. What’s up with that girl who always tags them in a million photos? Are they together? Does she like him? You know you shouldn’t go down the stalking path because you’ll just drive yourself crazy, but when you don’t see them every day at school, it makes them so much more mysterious (read: hot). And without being able to chat them up in the hall or have your BFF do recon during study hall, it’s the only way you can find out more about them.

7. You keep tabs on them online. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, Vine, aaaand repeat. You even check out which tweets they’ve favorited and who tagged them on Instagram. Basically, your stalking knows no bounds.

8. You live for your impromptu FaceTime seshes. Sometimes, you have to stop yourself from blurting out, “I like you!” Even though you’ve only hung out in-person a few times, you feel like you could chat with them for hours.

9. But then you’re tempted to pretend your camera is broken if you’re having a bad hair day or a zit pops up. Y ou don’t want them to think you’re not actually as hot as they remember (even though you totally are). When you don’t see each other on the reg, there’s so much more pressure anytime you do— even if it’s only through a screen.

How to spend time with your crush at school

10. On the rare occasions you do hang out in person, every moment counts. Because it could be months before you see each other again, and these amazing memories have to keep you going for a long time.

11. Sometimes, you get jealous of friends whose crushes go to the same school. You’re busy with school and love your friends and family, but if you could just catch a glimpse of their smile or hang out for an afternoon together, your whole day would turn around.

12. If you live in another city or state, you make grand plans to meet up. Even though your parents would never let you fly halfway across the country to spend the week with someone they’ve never met. 🙁

13. If you live nearby, you’ve mapped out the route between your houses a million times. Either because you’ve been there before, or you because you wish you’ve been. After school, you do drive-bys with your friends in hopes your crush is outside playing street hockey or shooting hoops.

14. There’s always that one person who questions your crush. “Hmmm. camp friend who lives in Canada? Suuuure.” Um, yeah, Toronto is a real place! And he really does live there! I’m not making this whole thing up, I swear.

How to spend time with your crush at school

15. There’s hardly any drama. Because you don’t share all the same school friends, there’s no gossip swirling about your respective exes or fighting your friends on who has dibs. It’s totally chill.

16. You actually pay attention in class. Because they’re not there to distract you with how cute they are, you can actually focus on what your teacher is saying, and spend your study halls studying instead of wandering the halls in hopes of bumping into your crush.

17. You can hit up two different proms. That is, if

dreams come true

Hannah Orenstein is the author of several novels, including Meant to Be Mine (out June 7, 2022), Head Over Heels, Love at First Like, and Playing with Matches. She’s also the Deputy Editor of Dating at Elite Daily. She lives in Brooklyn.

It ‘ s no fun thinking that your crush is intentionally avoiding you.

But as much as it hurts not to see them, it can be even more painful when you ‘ re not sure why they ‘ re going out of their way not to see you. If you ‘ re trying to figure out why they ‘ re avoiding you, chances are it ‘ s one of these nine reasons.

1. They Have a Crush on You But Don ‘ t Know How You Feel Back

Have you ever tried to hide a crush by acting like you ‘ re totally uninterested? There ‘ s a possibility that ‘ s happening to you right now. They ‘ re playing it cool, or are a little bit anxious about hanging out and accidentally divulging their true feelings. Your crush might even be working up the courage to make their move and ask you out.

How to spend time with your crush at school

(The Incredibles via Buena Vista Pictures)

2. They Know You Like Them and They Don ‘ t Feel the Same Way

Sometimes a crush will avoid you if they find out about your feelings for them and they aren ‘ t mutual. They don ‘ t want to spend too much time with you in case that makes you think they like you back, or they ‘ re not prepared to be forced to let you down. After all, rejecting someone can be just as tough as being rejected yourself.

3. They Know You Like Them and They Do Feel the Same Way

Bewildering as it might sound, sometimes knowing the other person has a crush on you back can be just as stressful as being unsure. Knowing there ‘ s a mutual interest creates a lot of pressure for the potential relationship, and they might not be prepared to handle that right now. Plus, they might feel even more nervous and giddy around you knowing you have a big ol ‘ crush on them, too.

4. They Don ‘ t Know You Exist

Don ‘ t take this personally, but maybe the reason you think your crush is avoiding you is they haven ‘ t really acknowledged you in the first place. If you ‘ ve mostly admired them from afar, they might not even know you exist. Until you actually are introduced to them or strike up the courage to talk to them, you might remain invisible to them for a while, so get used to the ” avoidance. “

5. They ‘ re Upset With You

Maybe your crush doesn ‘ t want to see you because you ‘ ve upset them. Perhaps you made an offhand comment that unintentionally offended them, they found out something about you that they don ‘ t like or, worst of all, someone is spreading negative rumors about you. If you think this is the case, chances are that things won ‘ t improve until you can set things straight with them.

6. They Need Their Space

If you ‘ re the ultra-clingy type, they might be avoiding you simply because they need their space. Some people can ‘ t handle being smothered with affection. This doesn ‘ t necessarily mean that they ‘ re not interested in you—just that it ‘ s time for you to back off a little and give them some room to breathe.

How to spend time with your crush at school

(In a Heartbeat via YouTube)

7. They ‘ re Taken

If your crush is already seeing someone else, they have a pretty good excuse to avoid you. Maybe they don ‘ t want to give you the wrong idea, or they used to talk with you when they were single, but have stopped now that they ‘ re off the market. Maybe they don ‘ t want to make their new flame jealous. Regardless of the actual reason, if they ‘ re taken, it ‘ s time to back off.

8. They ‘ re Playing Hard to Get

It ‘ s possible your crush knows you like them, and that they like you, too, but they don ‘ t want to make themselves too available. They want to seem uninterested and are never around because they think that makes them more desirable. While this tactic has definitely caught your attention, it ‘ s also sending you mixed messages.

How to spend time with your crush at school

(The Simpsons via Fox)

9. They ‘ re Not Actually Avoiding You

Have you considered that your crush isn ‘ t actually avoiding you? Sometimes it seems like our crushes are never around, but we ‘ re just reading into things too deeply. You might ‘ ve set your expectations of their being around too high. Maybe they ‘ ve been super busy or preoccupied, and your not seeing them actually has nothing to do with you.

Not sure what your crush really thinks of you? Click HERE for the subtle signs your crush knows you like them.

How to spend time with your crush at school

Crushes are exciting and full of possibilities, but we’re all familiar with that daunting fear that someone might not like you back. And it can get in the way of that initial excitement.

How do you know if their teasing is flirty or platonic? Are they disinterested or just playing hard to get? Is there a specific way to act around your crush?

Crushes can be confusing, so while things were simpler in elementary school when you could just pass someone a note saying, “Do you like me?” there are still subtle ways of knowing if your crush feels the same way about you.

Each zodiac sign in astrology has their own little tell-tale sign that they’re crushing on someone.

And while you can never know for sure until someone makes the first move, these indicators will help clear up some of the mystery.

Here’s how the zodiac signs act when they have a crush.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Aries are typically among the most confident of the signs, and their approach to love is no different. Aries is ruled by fiery Mars so they will not be deterred from expressing exactly how they feel.

They are totally unafraid to make the first move. However, they also love the chase, so don’t mistake their teasing for disinterest. It’s all part of their game.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus is known to be stubborn, but this fixed Earth sign is ruled by Venus, so they feel deeply despite their hard exterior. When Taurus pursues a crush, they are in search of a meaningful connection.

You’ll often catch them asking their crush deep questions in an attempt to bond on an intense level. Their crushes are never frivolous — they take relationships very seriously.

As an Earth sign, Taurus favors physical intimacy, but they are subtle in their approach. Light arm touches and playful pokes are signs that Taurus is crushing.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Geminis are notoriously dualistic and can be hard to read when it comes to whether or not they have a crush.

As an Air sign, they love to talk to their crushes, and will be expressive and engaged. What gets confusing is when they give you the cold shoulder moments later, or flirt with an oblivious third party in your presence.

Their hot and cold nature can be hard to keep up with, but if you’re willing to play along with their game, these mixed signals could be a sign that they are into you. And it’s not all mind games with Gemini — they are gentle creatures at heart and will appreciate your efforts.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

This sign is sensitive by nature, so Cancer will be totally overcome by emotion when they have a crush. However, this is likely to manifest as shyness, since this Water sign is rarely vocal about romantic feelings.

This means, when it comes to Cancer, their crushes can be difficult to separate from their platonic relationships. Instead, Cancers show their affection through attentive eye contact and will want to keep you close.

So, even though you might have to make the first move, their crush isn’t far under their shy exterior.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Fire signs don’t know much about subtlety, and Leos are no different. They love to take the lead when it comes to initial expressions of romantic interest and rarely beat around the bush.

If Leo likes you, you’ll probably know it. But in case you’ve missed their not-so-subtle hints, look out for some humble-bragging, as Leos love to put the best version of themselves forward.

This prideful sign is as confident in themselves as they will be in their feelings towards you, so be grateful for their straightforwardness.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgos are all about acts of kindness and support. This methodical Earth sign knows the value of routine and organization. They’ll note your patterns and do small favors for you to make your life easier, without you even having to ask.

Because Virgos are observers, they find it difficult to make the first move and ask you out. Instead, they are more likely to ask you to hang out in casual group settings to get to know you more.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Love is an important priority for Libras, who are ruled by Venus. They know what they want in relationships, so even if you see them acting coy, it’s all an act, as Libras are not shy about love.

Libras will mimic their crush’s movements to be in sync with them, balancing out their motions. Life is all about balance for Libra, so they’ll need you to put in just as much effort as them.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

In relationships, Scorpios are known to be loyal, intense and passionate, but they tend to keep their cards close to their chest when it comes to their crushes. They may come across stand-offish at times, but it’s all for fun; they are just taking their time to read you.

Look out for lots of eye contact, as that shows their intrigue. Scorpios have a way of initiating a connection, but they will wait for you to make the first move.

So, if you sense a Scorpio has a crush on you, trust your instincts.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

This sign thrives on independence, so an initial connection might be hard. If Sagittarius is inviting you to join on their trips or solo escapades, they are most definitely into you.

Sagittarians are often teasing and playful with their crushes. They’ll want their crush to have as much fun as possible, and value your happiness as much as their own.

They will make their feelings known over time and are not into playing games.

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Although some crushes turn out to be romantic relationships, most of them end up as a bag of unfulfilled emotions..

The boy in the chemistry class..

Or maybe The girl at the Dancing arena..

Whom are you imagining while reading this article? If I am not wrong, everyone has a crush on someone at some point in time, in their life.

Now, Are your feelings to be considered as just crush? or is it true love? After how many days of intense feelings do a crush actually turns into love? In fact, How long does a crush last?

The Feelings of Crush…

Before we begin sharing insight on how long a crush lasts. Let’s try to define a crush first.

In terms of definition, a crush is nothing but an act of projection.. (aka an act of imagination)

You meet a person and conveniently assume that he/she shares your ideas and values. You, even without any visible evidence, believe them to be your perfect soulmate. In fact, you dream about them, think about them, and try to associate with them, just because of this faulty belief that you have construed by yourself. Added, the crush gradually worsens when you start attaching intense emotions with this ideal projection that you have created.

So simply, a crush is a cross between idealization and infatuation. And Yes, it signals the beginning of romantic love. Say THIS To Trigger His Romantic Love and Make Him Go Wild! (Watch Video)

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non-sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

So, Coming to the main point.. How long does a crush last?

In general (according to various top sites), crushes last for a maximum of four months (in the conscious mind). While the feelings developed during the crush may remain deeper (subconscious mind) and can last for as long as two years.

How to spend time with your crush at school

I told, crush is nothing but the idealization (believing them as the perfect partner) of a person, these feelings may not last long and tend to fade away. Thus, you are considered to be “in love” if your feelings show longer persistence.

It is believed that love is also a neurological condition, just like hunger and thirst, only more long-sustaining. Perhaps, it is a survival mechanism which encourages long-term relationships.

Now, if love is indeed long-term, one may think that four months is all it takes to fall in love. Contrary, sometimes we meet people for a very short duration but are unable to get their thoughts out of our mind.

Thus, it all dwells down to understanding the subtle difference between crush and Love..

Crush v/s Love:

Jack first saw Estella at the library. He saw her reading the book silently. That’s it, Jack immediately started feeling butterflies in his stomach. He felt like she was the one. Day after day, he silently observed her at the class, canteen, library, which paved way for the development of intense feelings inside him.

This is what we call the crush.. Now if jack started talking with Estella, he starts forming the bond between them. As days pass by, the bond develops into an intense emotional attachment, what we call as the love. Contrary, if Jack after spending time with Estella started losing interest, then the crush ends up without transforming to love. On the flip side, if he did not ever convey his feelings and remained distant, his feelings end up as an unfulfilled crush.

Crush – Intense emotions attached to a person without much knowing them. (Just thinking them as perfect)

Love – Emotional attachment and bond developed when you started spending time with the person whom you are already attracted.

Wasted Crush – Intense emotions which got wasted when you came to know that the person is completely different compared to your imagined ideal partner

Unfulfilled crush – A block of emotions that are withheld, when you continue to believe he/she is the one, while you don’t step up to know the actual reality.

Remember, Love accepts your imperfections, but a crush thrives on the idealized image that you conjure of the object of your affection.

While crush and infatuation are more physically driven, but love transcends beyond mere sexual attraction.

Love is built on a foundation of mutual respect and support. When a person is in love, they do not shirk or avoid problems that come their way but instead work them out together. They care so deeply about this person that they are willing to give them company in hardships and fortune.

3 Intense Stages of falling in Love: (when crush turns in Love)

How to spend time with your crush at school

• The primary stage of falling in love is lust/infatuation. In other words, this is where you are when you have a crush. It equally affects men and women and encourages them to find a suitable mate.

• The second stage is characterized by attraction. When your crush strengthens into romantic love, you can be slotted as being in this stage. See Simple Phrases That Make Any Man Obsess Over You (Watch Video)

• The final stage is where the individuals who are part of the affair begin to form an attachment with each other. It is crucial to the functioning of a long-term partnership.

Couples who are unable to transition to the attachment stage from the attraction stage face the risk of breaking up and are commonly found to be unstable in their daily machinations.

In reality, Who is more prone to develop crushes? Men or Women?

While crushes can occur at any age, they are more common in one’s adolescence. You tend to experience awkward symptoms such as sweaty palms, flushed cheeks and a racing heart, when you are in the presence of your crush. There is no need to beat yourself up about a crush as they are a natural human experience and happen to almost everybody at some point in time.

Now, Coming to Men vs Women..

When men fall in love, they either fall in love right off the bat or not at all. Women, however, take their own time to fall for a person.

Men prioritize the physical appearance and vibe of a person whereas women assess if their potential partner is trustworthy and responsible.

Thus, We can conclude that men are more prone to crushes than women.

So What’s the conclusion? The next time you begin to feel mushy over a person, don’t fret about whether it is a crush or the real thing. Just go with the flow and enjoy the headrush that comes with being in an infatuation.

Attention: The 2 Little Text messages to send that instantly ignites a love obsession in your crush (Attraction Psychology)

So you ‘ ve finally crossed into the world of texting with your crush—now what?

Unfortunately, the anxiety never ends. Sure, now you ‘ re in contact with them, but how do you make sure you stay in contact with them?

We might be able to help. Keep scrolling for 10 cute text messages to send your crush to keep them interested.

For a crush who likes to be complimented on their appearance:

How to spend time with your crush at school

(To All the Boys I ‘ ve Loved Before via Netflix)

For a crush who needs some social media-specific love:

” Just saw your new post. You look hotter than ever. “

For a text that lets your crush know you ‘ re thinking of them:

” Just heard a song that describes our relationship perfectly. “

For a crush who needs to know how happy they make you:

” I can ‘ t help but smile when I see you. “

How to spend time with your crush at school

(You via Lifetime)

For a text that lets your crush know you like them for exactly who they are:

For a crush who you want to spend all your time talking to:

” My favorite part of the day is talking to you. “

For a text that lets your crush know they ‘ re always on your mind:

” I have so much to do, but I keep getting distracted thinking about you. “

How to spend time with your crush at school

(Riverdale via The CW)

For a cold-weather text that lets your crush know you crave their presence:

” It ‘ s so chilly outside. Wish I had you here to warm me up. “

For a text that also lets you send your crush a picture:

” How could you resist this face? [attach selfie]. “

For a crush who you want to hang out with all the time:

” When do I get to see you again? “

Getting your crush ‘ s phone number is only half of the battle.

It can feel like that first text to them may set the tone for the rest of your relationship. Chances are you ‘ re nervous about it—but it doesn ‘ t have to be as stressful as it sounds. Just remember to say hi, remind them who you are (in case you aren ‘ t in their contacts yet) and pick one of these simple texts to get things started off on the right foot.

If you ‘ re worried you don ‘ t have anything to talk to your crush about, try breaking the ice by just confirming that the number is real. It gets the job done, and they ‘ ll probably appreciate that you have a sense of humor about the situation.

” Just checking to see you didn ‘ t give me a fake number! “

How to spend time with your crush at school

(Riverdale via The CW)

If your crush excels in a certain subject, let them know that you know it and see if they ‘ re open to giving you homework help. It ‘ s the perfect excuse to spend time together and get to better know one another. Plus, it never hurts to boost their ego.

” You ‘ re good at [school subject]. Can you help me with this homework problem? “

Chances are, when your crush is obsessed with something and they talk about it constantly, you already know exactly what it is—but they don ‘ t need to know that. Ask them for their recommendation and check it out. This also gives you an excuse to follow up with them about it, leading to even more deep conversations.

” What was the name of that movie/book/show/band you were recommending? “

How to spend time with your crush at school

(We Bear Bears via Cartoon Network)

If you and your crush are both into the same TV show, don ‘ t be shy about bringing it up with them. Check in with them to see if they ‘ re all caught up and then discuss the show with them to your heart ‘ s content.

” Did you watch the new episode yet? “

If you stumble upon a link to an article or video you know they ‘ d definitely want to see, don ‘ t be afraid to share it with them. Just try to make sure that it ‘ s not old news, first.

This may sound weird, but one surefire way to catch your crush ‘ s attention is by asking them if you just saw them somewhere in public—even if you absolutely didn ‘ t. It ‘ s a bit sneaky, but it ‘ s definitely a conversation starter.

How to spend time with your crush at school

(Gravity Falls via Disney XD)

Try just sending them something funny out of the blue. Whether it ‘ s a photo that made you laugh or a meme that ‘ s completely up their alley. Send the image first and then add the following:

If you ‘ re serious about winning the affections of your crush, click HERE for Instagram captions to get the attention of your crush.


How to spend time with your crush at school

It’s Perfectly OK to like people who have the same or different gender than you.

Ah, the joys of having a new crush; falling in love; “like-liking” someone; double-tapping every Instagram photo they have; awkwardly making eye contact with them in the school hallway. We’ve all been there! It’s totally normal to be attracted physically, romantically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually to other people, and we want you to know…

…It’s okay to have a crush on someone of the same sex or gender, or someone who has a different sex or gender. We’re all human, and we experience attraction in various ways. Who we like might change over time, or generally stay the same.

…It is okay to have fantasies about another person, and not take action on them.

For LGBTQ youth who are in the closet – that means not being “out” about the kind of people they are attracted to – finding someone to talk to about their crushes can be tricky. Read through the FAQ section to learn about some common situations, and ways to handle them.

1. I’ve always been attracted to guys, but now I have a crush on my friend who is a girl. I haven’t told anyone else about it yet. What should I do?
Answer:Take a second to close your eyes, take a breath, and give yourself credit for being open and willing to explore your feelings—that’s a huge accomplishment! Now, let’s talk about your crush. It’s tough to like somebody in secret, especially when that person is one of your friends. It also sounds like this is your first crush who isn’t a guy – and that’s ok! It can be confusing and even frustrating sometimes when you can’t make sense of your emotions, but it’s perfectly normal to like people who have the same gender as you.There’s always a risk involved when we tell a friend that we have a crush on them, and it’s impossible to know how that person will react. Since your friend is the same gender as you, there’s also an added layer of tricky-ness, especially since you’re not “out” about liking girls. Is there anyone you can talk to about your feelings? Having people who support you can make a big difference when or if you decide to talk to your friend. How might she react if you told her about your crush? She may be surprised; she might like you back; she might need some time to think about what you said; or, in a worst-case-scenario, she may not want to stay friends – and that can be scary to imagine.

Keep in mind that just because you have a crush on your friend doesn’t mean you have to take action on it. Instead of talking to her about it, it might be safer to explore what drew you to her in the first place: What do you like about her? What do you dislike about her? Are there things that you imagine doing together? How would you like to spend your time together, if you were a couple? Are there certain things she says or does that make you happy? This might give you a better idea about what you find attractive in people, rather than just your friend.

Remember, you have so much time in your life to develop meaningful relationships with other people as you continue to learn about your own identity. There is no right or wrong way to feel attraction, and it is perfectly normal for your feelings to change over time. Stay true to yourself, listen to your feelings, and empower yourself to do what’s best for YOU. As always, The Trevor Project is here to help if you ever need support:

2. I recently told my crush I liked him. He isn’t being hostile or anything, but I feel like he is avoiding me. What can I do to fix our friendship?

It can be frustrating to feel like someone has pulled away from us, especially if you worry that it’s because you let your crush know that you like him. Have you tried to reach out to your friend over text or IM to let him know that you didn’t mean to make him uncomfortable? He might not know how to react to what you shared, and doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. The next time you see him, you could also say something easy-going like, “Hey! Are we good?”

Continue to treat him like you would any other friend. Is he only avoiding you when it’s a one-on-one situation? Maybe you can invite him to get together with a larger group, so that there is less pressure. Once he sees you acting the same as you always did (which may be a challenge to do, since he’s your crush!), he may relax and fall back into the old groove of your friendship.

Still, it can be hard to stay “just friends” with someone you have feelings for. Only you can decide if the friendship is still working, especially if he still seems to be avoiding you. But you aren’t alone. The Trevor Project is here to offer resources like, our safe and secure online social networking site with young people who are ages 13 to 24. Chances are you’ll be able to find someone who has gone through a similar experience. You can also connect with us if you ever need to talk. Counselors are available on TrevorChat and TrevorText during select hours, or on our 24/7 Trevor Lifeline (1-866-488-7386).

3. I think I am in love with my best friend. She is amazing, and so supportive of my sexuality. How can I ask her out? What if she says no?

First of all, it is great that you have an accepting and loving friend! Support systems are so important. That’s why we can understand why you are worried about risking this important relationship. Start by weighing the pros and cons of asking her out, and make sure to prepare for any outcome.

How will you react if your friend says no? Will things become awkward or will you be able to move past your feelings and cherish the friendship you have? Maybe she just sees you are a really close friend, but isn’t interested in dating romantically.

Is there a way to casually test how she might feel? Maybe you can ask her to go with you to a movie or for a weekend activity where it is just the two of you. See how it feels to spend time together in a “date-like” situation. If it feels right, you could tell her how you feel. It can be tough to find the right words but sometimes the honest truth is the best approach.

It might hurt if she doesn’t feel the same way, especially since you really care for her. But if this happens, try to talk to her about how you two can still stay friends. The relationship you two have right now is valuable, even if she does not want to date romantically.

Try not to put too much pressure on yourself, and do what feels right! If you’re interested in connecting with other LGBTQ young people, we hope you visit It’s our safe social networking site for LGBTQ youth between the ages of 13 to 24, and you’ll likely come across some members who can relate to your experience.


  • Your First Gay Relationship
  • What It Means If You’re a Girl Who Likes a Girl

Through The Trevor Support Center you are able to link to other websites which are not under the control of The Trevor Project. The Trevor Project does not review or ensure the accuracy of the content on other sites.

Timing is crucial when it comes to texting your crush.

While some brave souls just send texts to the people they like whenever they feel like it, we ‘ re not so daring. Sometimes it feels like we simply need some kind of cosmic signal telling us it ‘ s okay.

Are you waiting for that perfect moment to start the next convo with your crush? This list will help you identify those moments and finally seize them.

Every Holiday Ever

It might sound silly, but a holiday is the perfect excuse to get in touch with your crush via text. Whether it ‘ s a big one when you ‘ re spending time apart, like Christmas or New Year ‘ s Eve, or a holiday you don ‘ t even get a day off for, like St. Patrick ‘ s Day, it ‘ s worth letting them know you ‘ re thinking of them without letting them know you ‘ re thinking of them too much.

If you ‘ re having trouble thinking of an original message for them, just Google some ideas (or even click here for our tips) to take the pressure off. And though Valentine ‘ s Day may be a little on the nose, even that ‘ s worth a try. You never know if it might be the day they finally reciprocate your feelings.

How to spend time with your crush at school

(Star vs. the Forces of Evil via Disney XD)

Their Birthday

Do not forget to text your crush on their birthday! If you ‘ re already close, be sure to wish them a happy birthday early on and tease your present for them. If you ‘ re not, shoot them a message that cleverly lets them know you didn ‘ t forget. Picking the perfect birthday message can be tough, but we ‘ ve come up with a bunch of birthday text options here that should make things easier for you.

When You Discover Something They ‘ d Love

We ‘ d be the first to admit that we ‘ re constantly stumbling upon links to things we know our crushes would love. If you run into a meme or a funny picture that instantly reminds you of your crush, don ‘ t be afraid to send it their way to see if your impression was right. They might get a kick out of it and see that you totally get them. Of course, you don ‘ t want to be doing this all of the time if you ‘ re not already super close. Time your texts with discretion.

How to spend time with your crush at school

(We Bear Bears via Cartoon Network)

When They ‘ ve Missed School

If you don ‘ t spot your crush in class, it ‘ s a great opportunity to jump in and be helpful. Simply let them know you noticed they weren ‘ t in class and offer to let them know if there are any new assignments, or share some insights on what they missed. If a real conversation arises from it, then you can start doing a little digging as to why there were out. Everyone appreciates a little sympathy when they ‘ re sick.

Before a Big Event

If your crush is involved in extracurriculars and a big event is coming up, don ‘ t be afraid to share some words of encouragement. Whether they ‘ re about to head off for a big sports game, play their instrument of choice in a music recital or get on stage for the school play, let them know you wish them the best of luck. Even if they feel like you ‘ re just being friendly, it never hurts to encourage cheer on the people you care about.

How to spend time with your crush at school

(Riverdale via The CW)

After Seeing Them in Public

If you spotted your crush out and about and didn ‘ t have the nerve to say something then and there, don ‘ t let the opportunity slip away from you. Send a text asking whether you really did just see them and see if that leads to a dialogue. You might discover you have more in common than you previously thought.

Having a crush can be thrilling — and completely, ridiculously nerve-wracking. You spend half your time wondering if that person actually likes you (I mean, they kind of made eye contact with you the other day) and the other half wondering if you had played it sufficiently cool around them.

Well, take a deep sigh of relief. INSIDER spoke to Matthew Hussey, dating expert at , about all the signals people give off when they’re secretly into you — and the best ways to (subtly) return the favor.

They act differently around you than they do with other people.

If someone is interested, you’ll notice that they won’t quite treat you the way that they treat everyone else.

“It’s school playground stuff,” Hussey told INSIDER. “The boy or girl is going to act strangely around the person they like. As soon as we like someone, it tends to be that our charisma and our wit and our fun, casual nature goes out the window — and this new, strange, awkward fumbling person shows up.”

You’ll also notice that their energy will go up when they’re around you — and suddenly you’re way more hilarious than other people give you credit for. Hussey noted that someone will laugh more loudly, smile more widely, and be more generally enthusiastic if they’re interested in you.

They’ll make a point to be near you — even if they’re not actually talking to you.

Keep an eye out for your crush’s proximity when you enter a room. You might notice that they shift locations to be closer to you.

“You’ll find that you become a center of gravity for that person,” Hussey said. “They’ll find a way to get closer to you, even if they haven’t quite gotten the courage to say something.”

When the two of you do end up mingling, your crush will have a hard time looking straight at you.

“If they’re telling a story to a group, and you’re in that group, very often if they like you, you’re the person they won’t make eye contact with,” he noted. “The person we feel most nervous with is the person who we avoid direct communication with.”

They think you’re really, really cool.

“When someone likes you, you’ll find that they’re impressed by you,” Hussey said. “They want to know about you and what you’re into. They’re ready to be impressed by you because they’re building up this romantic image in their head.”

He also noted that it’s a great sign if the person remembers details from your previous conversation — especially if that person is a man. “Men tend to be quite bad with details, but when we like someone all of a sudden, magically, we remember what someone said to us.”

They’ll stare at you.

Nope, staring isn’t always creepy. In fact, it can be very sweet — and very telling.

“When we like someone, there’s that extra second that we stare at them while they’re talking,” Hussey said. “You could be talking about something you’re really passionate about, that brings you alive, and in that moment you see them light up with you, and lose themselves in what you’re saying.”

You might also catch someone staring at you from across the room and — if you’re interested — Hussey encourages you to stare right back. A couple of times, even.

“One of the greatest things you can do is to simply reciprocate with eye contact. People assume they do this more than they actually do,” he said. “In our effort not to be over the top, we’re too subtle. The best thing you can do is connect with your eyes two, three, four times. All you’re really doing is building up that sense of, yes I am looking at you. Yes, I do want to talk to you.”

How to spend time with your crush at school

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Married With a Crush? What To Do (and Not Do)

by Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby | Love, Happiness & Success

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What To Do When You’re Married With a Crush On Someone Else…

So, you are married but you have a crush on someone else. Hey, it happens. Married people, even happily married people, are also human and as such, are vulnerable to developing crushes on attractive others. A crush, aka, “Romantic Infatuation” can happen with anyone who you spend time with and who has attractive or, interestingly, anxiety-producing qualities.

What does is mean if you are married and have a crush on someone else?

Having a crush on someone else when you’re married doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person. It also is not a reflection of your marriage. Believe it or not, having a crush may not mean anything at all. In fact, people in happy, healthy, committed relationships can still develop fluttery feelings for attractive others. Crush-y feelings don’t need to mean anything about your marriage or your spouse, or about the person you have a crush on.

Feelings just happen sometimes.

We have crushes because we’re living, feeling human beings who are designed to fall in love. Particularly in long-term relationships where the zing of early-stage romantic love has faded into a steady, warm attachment, the part of us that longs for exciting, romantic love may be tickled awake by the presence of an interesting new other.

However, smart, self-aware people in good, committed relationships need to not follow those feelings but rather handle them maturely and with wisdom.

The Smart Way to Handle Having a Crush When You’re Married

While developing a crush is not unusual, it is extremely important to be very self-aware about what is happening and redirect your energy back into your primary relationship as quickly as possible. (If you want to stay married, anyway.)

Developing an infatuation can actually be a positive thing for a relationship, particularly if you are self-aware enough to realize that your feelings for someone else might be informing you about what you’d like to be different about your primary relationship.

Then you can build on the existing strengths of your relationship to add “crush ingredients” back in, like spending time together, novelty, emotional intimacy, flirtation and fun. Your relationship will be the stronger for it.

Let’s Talk. Schedule a Free Consultation Today.

When Crushes Cross the Line

Crushes, when not handled well, can also be an on-ramp to an affair. Consider that very few people intend to start an affair. Most affairs begin with people having fluttery, crush-y feelings for someone who is not their spouse… convincing themselves of all the reasons why it’s okay… (We’re just friends! But my husband never talks to me like this!) … and then leaning into the feelings of excitement and attraction rather than intentionally extinguishing them. Those feelings, those rationalizations, are the siren song that lures your marriage onto the rocks of ruin.

D eveloping a crush or romantic feelings for another can be extremely dangerous for the stability of your family and your relationship. While it’s not unusual to develop a mild crush when you’re married, if unchecked, your innocent-seeing crush could bloom into an emotional or even sexual affair.

While everyone can have a crush bloom, it’s very important to know how to handle yourself and your relationship when crushes happen in order to protect yourself, your relationship, and your integrity.

Protect Your Marriage From an Affair

Here at Growing Self, we are strong believers in the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That is never more so than with relationships. It’s much easier to educate yourself and learn how to handle common situations successfully, and in such a way that they strengthen your relationship rather than harm it.

Knowing how to handle yourself if you start to develop a crush on someone when you’re married to another is one of the most important ways of protecting your relationship from an affair. Even though couples can and do recover from infidelity, infidelity is terribly traumatic and difficult to repair. Affairs destroy marriages and destroy lives, and at the end of the day tend to result in disappointing relationships with the affair partner.

Take it from a marriage counselor (and, ahem, author of “Exaholics: Breaking Your Addiction to an Ex Love”) who’s seen the destruction that affairs create: Don’t do it. The key? Catching those normal, crush-y feelings early and learning how to use them to re-energize your marriage, while simultaneously learning how to extinguish the crush.

Listen To This Episode to Learn What To Do (And Not Do) When You Are Married And Have a Crush

Today on the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast I’m talking all about how to handle yourself and your relationship when you have a crush on someone else. We’ll be discussing:

  • The mechanics of a crush; how and why crushes develop
  • The difference between a crush and a platonic friendship
  • Why happy, committed married people can have crushes on others
  • How crushes can turn into something more serious
  • How to use self-awareness, integrity, and honesty to protect your marriage
  • How to use your crush experience in order to add energy and intimacy into your relationship
  • Warning signs that your crush is developing into something else
  • Why extramarital affairs are always a bad idea, and rarely end well
  • How to stop having a crush on someone else
  • How to avoid embarrassment and professional ruin if you have a crush on a coworker
  • How to protect your relationship and stay true to your values even when you’re having feelings for another.

All this and more on today’s episode of the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast.


How to deal when your crush likes someone else

How to spend time with your crush at school

You spend a lot of time daydreaming about your crush. You even talk about him so much your friends are getting a little annoyed. You work up the courage to finally tell him how you feel about him. only for him to say the words you hoped you’d never hear, “I like someone else.”

Ugh. You understandably feel crushed and rejected. It’s easy to start thinking, “What does she have that I don’t have?” or, “I’m better for him than she is,” imaging yourself as the equivalent of Taylor Swift in her “You Belong With Me” music video. But hold on—it’s completely normal to feel upset, but you shouldn’t project those feelings onto the other person your crush likes. Here’s why.

You can’t control your crush’s feelings
In the same way that you either like someone or you don’t, your crush has feelings that are beyond your control. It hurts to know that he doesn’t return your feelings, but don’t try to change yourself to get him to like you. Would you really want your crush to like you when you weren’t acting like yourself? If your crush doesn’t like the real you, it’s time to move on. even though it’s hard.

The other girl did nothing wrong
The girl your crush likes did nothing except be liked by a boy. This is not her fault. Even if she likes him back and they start dating, she did nothing except like a boy—just like you did. She’s not your enemy or competition, she’s just another girl your crush happens to like.

It’s not that girl’s fault that you feel hurt
Chances are, this girl did not start dating this boy to hurt your feelings. He liked her and she liked him back. You feel hurt because your crush likes someone who isn’t you, but she did nothing to try to hurt you.

So, here’s what you can do to process your feelings instead of projecting them onto the person your crush likes:

Don’t take it as a personal insult
Your crush not liking you back doesn’t mean you’re undateable. Everyone has their own reasons for liking someone in a romantic way. If someone doesn’t view you that way, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you or that you have to change. That person doesn’t view you as a potential girlfriend for whatever reason, but you’re still awesome.

Write about it
It’s OK to feel upset but instead of bottling up your feelings or insulting the other girl to your friends, try writing about how you feel. It will help you get all of your thoughts and feelings out without hurting someone else.

Focus on you + the things you love
It might hurt to see your crush with the girl he likes, but don’t focus on that. Distract yourself by focusing on yourself and the things you love. Play your favorite sport. Spend time with your friends (and talk about something other than your crush). Do the things you enjoy and you’ll remember you don’t need your crush to like you back in order to be happy.

What did you do to get over your last crush? Sound off below!

How to spend time with your crush at school

Question: How Can I Get Over My Straight Crush?

Have you ever had a crush on someone straight? If so you sure aren’t alone. Almost 900 teens have shared their experiences about having a crush on someone straight on this site. But while this is really common, in reality it is also really unlikely to turn into something romantic.


“I have a crush I cannot get over! My best friend that I went to high school and now college with is sending me mixed signals. I have already told him I am going through a gay phase, (but I know for sure that I’m gay). But he is into girls, but never makes a big move on them. But out of all his other guy friends he hangs out with me the most. Even after I told him I have been into guys lately.”

So how do you get over a straight crush? Here are some ideas.

  • Remind yourself that a one-sided crush is not the same as being in love.
  • Don’t try to think of all the things you could have done to get your straight crush to like you. Understand that changing your actions isn’t going to change your crush’s sexual orientation.
  • Socialize. This can be with the intent to meet someone new, or it can just be a good way to connect with people you have fun with.
  • Stay busy. Sitting at home alone just sets you up for Facebook stalking and sinking into sadness. Doing something almost always makes you feel better than doing nothing.
  • Find the faults. This person wasn’t perfect no matter how much you liked him or her.
  • Be a realist. This isn’t the movies and you need to accept that your crush isn’t going to feel the same.
  • Give yourself space. Often your crush is someone you are friends with, and while you might feel obligated to spend time together, sometimes this is just too painful. Allow yourself to take a break from a crush and give your feelings time to cool down.
  • Be physically active. Not only will working out distract you, but it is also a better way to channel your physical energies than say, downing a tub of ice cream or turning to substances like alcohol or drugs.

Here’s how one teen got over a straight crush:

“This past summer, I had the worst experience ever: I fell in love with my best friend. My STRAIGHT best friend, mind you. Now he was gorgeous, and we were the best friends ever. Then, unfortunately, IT happened. IT. I became so in love with him, I could not stand it. I even creeped myself out (insert picture of Nicki Minaj doing The Creep). I thought there was no way I would ever get over him. I thought about him, with his tan, surfer’s body and chocolate eyes and wavy hair all the time. Obsession was an understatement. Then one morning, I woke up and realized that it had ended. I officially didn’t care anymore. And I SWEAR, the day will come. Hang in there, guys. And remember, when in doubt, listen to Someone Like You, cry your heart out, and repeat, until you find that whatever had held you down is gone.”

Now this might not work for everyone, but it is a reminder that even the most serious of crushes usually don not feel as intense over time. Sometimes getting over your straight crush might take a little work and might come with some pain, but once you are free of a crush that keeps you prisoner, you will be able to direct your energies to things that will probably serve you a lot better.

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Classes may seem like they go on forever when you’re drifting off in your lecture class, going over summer plans for the 18th time, but it turns out four years really isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things.

With that in mind, we decided to talk about some of the ways people choose to spend one of the most memorable periods of their lives.

Looking back at my own experience, there are quite a few things I know I didn’t take advantage of — so while I work on making up for that in my post-college life, throw this week’s episode up on the big screen, pour yourself a nice champagne flute of triple-strength Kool-Aid™, and get inspired to go make the most of your time in school.

Things mentioned in this episode:

This week’s episode is sponsored by:

  • Brilliant: Accelerate your learning in math, science, and computer science. Start learning for free at – and if you’re among the first 83 people to sign up, you’ll also get 20% off your subscription.

Other things we mentioned in this episode:

Want more cool stuff? You can find all sorts of great tools at my Resources page.


  • 0:09:10 – Choosing majors and doing extra activities
  • 0:16:52 – Joining clubs and managing your free time
  • 0:23:52 – Committees and not putting everything in your resume
  • 0:26:59 – Sponsor: Brilliant (Learning problem-solving skills)
  • 0:29:13 – On-campus events, the Career Fair and dressing up
  • 0:35:23 – Working part-time jobs
  • 0:40:41 – Studying abroad
  • 0:41:42 – Doing volunteer work
  • 0:44:06 – Entrepreneurship and freelance projects
  • 0:45:20 – The honors program
  • 0:49:58 – Joining honor societies
  • 0:51:53 – Fraternities and sororities
  • 0:55:48 – Searching for scholarships
  • 0:57:21 – Independent learning projects
  • 0:59:52 – Romantic relationships
  • 1:02:27 – Making time for doing fun things
  • 1:06:28 – Conclusion

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How to spend time with your crush at school

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How to spend time with your crush at school

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Join in, and I’ll also send you a free copy of my book on earning better grades!

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How to spend time with your crush at school

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Here’s a list of 42 awesome college tips to make the most of freshman year and beyond.

How to spend time with your crush at school

5 Ways Students Can Use Notion (For Studying and More)

How students can use the Notion app to manage group projects, keep track of assignments, build good habits, and more.

By Ronnie Ann Ryan — Written on Mar 07, 2022

How to spend time with your crush at school

Have you ever left a date feeling like a complete fool, wondering what happened? You clearly missed the warning signs the guy sent, or perhaps didn’t know what to look for.

I’ve seen this happen so many times, and being made a fool of by men has got to stop.

That’s why I’m going to reveal how to know if a guy is playing you, and the seven red flags that let you know he’s serious about you.

If you allow it, he’ll make a fool out of you. He’s not necessarily mean, but he just doesn’t want the same type of relationship that you do.

Often, this problem stems from single women believing they can change a man’s desire for a relationship. That’s pure fantasy. Once a man tells you he doesn’t want a relationship, or when he doesn’t make time to see you on real dates, the rest lands on your shoulders.

Yes, it’s up to you to maintain standards for the treatment you want and deserve. Establishing boundaries means you know what you will and will not put up with to have a man in your life.

And quality men who want a loving relationship will pursue you and do their best to win you over. They will happily spend time with you, treat you well, and try to impress you.

If he doesn’t act this way from the start or dating disintegrates into a virtual relationship, you need to cut him loose. Otherwise, the chances are extremely high that you have some serious embarrassment headed your way.

Here are 7 signs a guy is playing you and sending you mixed signals.

1. He tells you he doesn’t want a relationship, but you date him anyway.

You go on a first date with a man who has many qualities you’re seeking. He tells you right away he doesn’t want a relationship and then engages you in interesting conversation. You like him and decide to see where things go.

This is a big mistake. When a man says he doesn’t want a relationship, you need to believe him and move on.

2. He flirts with you, but doesn’t ask you out.

This man — you know him from work, the gym or church — is such a flirt. He goes out of his way to turn your head. Funny thing is, he never asks you out. He’s always happy to see you, but it doesn’t go any further, and that’s your clue he’s not seriously interested.

Any man who wants to date you will ask you out. If he doesn’t, there’s something holding him back, so move on.

3. He says he’s never been in love.

This is a tough one. Some women are drawn to a man who appears vulnerable and admits he’s never been in love, like a moth to a flame. He becomes your “love project” because you think he just hasn’t met the right woman yet (AKA you).

Thoughts like these will leave you feeling foolish when he breaks it off. If he hasn’t been in love and he’s over 40, he doesn’t want to be in love. Don’t fall for this — just walk away.

4. He texts, but doesn’t have time to see you.

So many men love texting. But any man who texts you “Good morning beautiful” but doesn’t have time to see you is probably texting several other women the same message. Imagine the ego boost of texting with a bunch of single gals.

Don’t waste your time, no matter how much fun texting him is or how “into you” he seems. If he was serious, he’d spend time with you in person.

5. He’s newly divorced and isn’t ready for anything serious, but wants to “see where things go.”

This is a tricky red flag because he tells you right off he doesn’t want anything serious. Yet, he dangles the possibility of a relationship based on how things go.

In your mind you know things could go well because you’re a great catch. So, you decide to take the chance.

Big mistake! When a man tells you he isn’t serious, he means it. Finish your glass of wine and say goodbye.

6. He brings “take out” to your place, but you never go out.

Your date suggests takeout and watching a movie at your place (the old “Netflix and chill” routine). Sounds cozy, right? But this is the man code for “booty call.”

He comes over to your place, but he never takes you out on a proper dinner date. Why? Chances are he can’t risk being seen in public with another woman because he’s in a relationship or married.

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It doesn’t matter whether it’s at school or at work. Every one of us would at some point in our lives develop a crush on someone else. Love works in mysterious ways. So if you’re here because you have a crush but unsure of how to catch his or her attention. Don’t worry about it. We’re here to teach you. BTW have you heard of the psychology of ignoring someone?

While catching the attention of your crush may seem pretty daunting because you’re shy and you don’t want to embarrass yourself, you should still try to muster the courage to take these few steps if you want to possibly see some success.

I certainly hope these ways can directly or indirectly help you out!

1) Look your best

Before your crush can fall in love with you, he or she is definitely going to notice your appearance first. They say the clothes make the man, so looking and dressing your best is the most direct way to make your crush notice you. Furthermore, I believe you don’t want to look sloppy in front of the person you love. But having said that, you don’t have to spend hours in front of a mirror either. Just put on your best casual wear, fix your hair, put on some cologne/perfume, make sure you look fresh; basically just do anything that makes you look your best and you are ready to be noticed.

For all you know, not only will you attract your crush’s attention, you might even score some impression points with them!

2) Smiley time

Whether you are a guy or a girl, the first thing people notice about you is your smile and the best way to get someone’s attention is to smile at them. After all, a smile shows off our pretty side and is a symbol of goodwill. Henceforth, whenever you see your crush, just smile sweetly at them. Not only will you catch their attention with that smile, but they might also smile back, which confirm-plus-chop will brighten you up emotionally and mentally.

3) Be friends with their friends

There is this saying: Love me, Love my Dog. Well, you don’t really have to love their dog literally, but what it means is that if you love someone, well you got to embrace their friends as well. So, if you are too shy to directly get your crush’s attention, you can do it the indirect way. Make friends with his/her friends so that there is this “bridge” between you and them via mutual friends. And of course, by being friends with his friends, you can get his/her attention more easily and they will want to know you more.

4) Psychology of ignoring someone

If you think about it, dating involves lots of psychology. So why not use it to an advantage? I read somewhere before about the psychology of ignoring someone – if you want to get someone’s attention, do not pay attention to them on purpose. So yea, you can just apply this. Instead of paying attention to your crush, purposely ignore him. You see, people hate to be ignored so when they get ignored, they tend to pay attention to whoever that is ignoring them and will try to get their attention. Henceforth, by purposely ignoring them, your crush will naturally want to talk to you more, pay more attention to you etc.

But don’t over-do it or else your crush might think you are too stuck-up.

And if you think it won’t work, you’ll honestly be surprised by the psychology of ignoring someone.

5) Show them you are living a good life

Instead of joining them; why not let them join you? Nothing is more attractive than someone who fully embraces their life. So, let loose and live a good life. More importantly, let your crush see you living your life; hanging out with your friends, singing in the choir, or doing whatever you do best. If he/she sees how much you enjoy yourself, perhaps they might want to join in the fun. And there you go! You successfully captured their attention!

Omicron Subvariants BA.4 & BA.5 have officially landed in Singapore; should you be worried? Watch this to the end and you’ll know:

How to spend time with your crush at school

Blue-eyed boys are sooooo beautiful and spell-binding. He sounds lovely. Maybe that instant chemistry is mutual!

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That’s fascinating! It certainly seems like the two of you are connected. If it’s supposed to happen, it will.

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AAAAAAHHHHHHHH HOW FRUSTRATING (but also cute!). If you think there is a possibility, you could always open more doors for something to happen. Ask her to come over to work on something just you two, or ask her for help on something. Anything to give her more opportunity to express similar feelings. Unless you really don’t think it could ever be a real thing 🙁 she sounds so amazing though and I hope you can enjoy her presence once in a while without the crush feeling taking over your mind 😂

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:((((( this is such a terrible feeling. Here is my two-cents: you have love ahead for you. Do not look for love in people who are looking elsewhere. You are worthy of someone as perfect as he is, but if he doesn’t see you that way then he ISNT perfect. Not for you. this longing will pass, but I empathize.

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Oof, that heart rate increase is so relatable. Those are powerful feelings! I hope you guys can connect and maybe try to become more than friends. It sounds like you have great chemistry and have fun together 🙂

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AHHHHH WAIT, I love all that so much! What a precious boy. I hope you guys talk soon. The Romeo and Juliet reference is so funny; hopefully it could be a beautiful sharing of two wonderful cultures ❤️ he sounds lovely. Ask him for help with something! It’s the easiest and simplest way to open up the possibility for more, and it’s low-risk.

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Ooooh, a beautiful nice-smelling scorpio, how lovely! that’s so wonderful that you’ve been able to notice and experience all these sweet things about him, like running your fingers through his hair and holding his hand. He must feel very safe around you!

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AW He sounds like such a cutie! And wow you’ve got it bad 😉 It is so precious that you notice all these little things about him. It’s crazy to think that maybe JUST maybe he’s noticing things about you too. Good luck, he does sound like he could be a heartbreaker.

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That’s so wonderful that he was able to comfort you in this way; I’m really impressed at your graciousness to value him so much despite your previous opinion of his character. It’s cool that he’s someone you have spent a lot of time with and probably know well. Continue being aware of how he treats you because you deserve to be with someone who is consistently kind and supportive.

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She sounds so cool and very beautiful, I can see that you really like her AND care about her a lot. That’s kind of a tenuous place to be in, but know that you’re in a good place. SHE’S SAID SHE LIKES YOU! But what now? If you’re wanting more, I’d suggest you be specific. Instead of a “So what are we?”, maybe ask her on a date, or something more special than you’re typical hangout. This way, she knows that you want to move things forward, and hopefully that’s what she wants too! Good luck 🙂

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How to spend time with your crush at school

You’ve been eyeing him or her for a while. You shared a drink at happy hour, you saved them a seat at your friend’s recent birthday dinner and there’s no denying that you’ve got a crush. The crush is possibly the most exhilarating stage of liking someone. What’s not to love about the chase, the butterflies, and the hope? There’s pretty much no better time to show your crush that you like them than on Valentine’s Day. But what’s the best way to do that without embarrassing yourself? Especially since often the people you develop crushes on are the ones you see all the time either at work or in your social circle, so you don’t exactly want to make too bold a move and have to face it over and over every time you see them. One good rule of thumb is not to spend a lot of money. You want to send your crush the message that you’ve been thinking of them, but you don’t want to go overboard and seem like a stalker, either. Valentine’s Day gifts for your crush should be a whisper not a shout. Read on for some more thoughtful but low-risk ideas to help you get the message across to your crush this Valentine’s Day!

When I was in fourth grade, I got my crush a Caramello chocolate bar on Valentine’s Day and put it in his cubby with an anonymous note. Caramello was the nickname he had for me, so I knew he would know it was me. He never did say anything to me about the chocolate, but the next day in school he held my hand and we pretty much started dating, or the fourth-grade equivalent of dating anyway. As an adult it really isn’t that different; it’s just updated. slightly.

How have you told a crush that you liked them and how did it go? Comment below!

An inside joke or a particular shared interest is actually a great place to start. Do you and your crush share a love for an obscure band whose only seven-inch is recently out of print? Or, what about those hard lavender candies you brought back from France that one time that you instantly devoured together? These gifts are perfect, not only in their uniqueness and specificity to the two of you, but also in the challenge they each present. Locating rare music and French candy isn’t impossible, but it’s difficult; it shows you really went the extra mile.

You can’t go wrong with Valentine’s Day candy, but forget the stuffed animals. A giant Hershey’s kiss and some conversation hearts are classic, simple ways to say, “I heart you.” These gifts are sweet, in concept and in taste, and they are guaranteed to give your crush the right idea about your intentions. Plus, they aren’t expensive so you won’t scare them away with pricey indulgences. Stuffed animals can feel too child-like and mushy. Steer clear.

Write a “like” letter. For 364 days a year a love letter is a tricky thing to pull off. But take advantage of the “go” pass on the one day you’ve got it. Though beware, you should probably have a strong sense, or at least some feeling, that your crush likes you back or this could get a little awkward. That said, last Valentine’s Day I co-ran a love-letter-writing booth at a local Valentine’s Day market. I helped people type on an actual typewriter, seal and send love letters to their crushes. Our advice was to keep it simple and sweet, which they did and it worked! (One man sent us an email saying so a few weeks later.) A love letter doesn’t mean you have to confess every last feeling you have for your crush. Save something for later! A simple, “Hey, I like you,” can go a long way.

Make a mix CD. Nothing says “I love you” like a soundtrack full of songs that literally say “I love you,” or imply that you have feelings, or perhaps simply includes some of your favorite tracks that you think your crush will love too. Either way, you’ll be sending a message. As for how to send that message, you can go the classic route and make your crush a burned CD complete with album art, or you can handcraft a free music playlist online and send it. If you’re feeling both ambitious and nostalgic, you might even want to consider making a classic mix tape. The real risk you’ll be taking here won’t be with your heart; it will be taking a chance on whether or not your crush has a cassette player and will be able to listen to the mix you made. No matter what format you choose, be sure to think carefully about the songs you select. Don’t include anything too hateful, angry or disrespectful in case your crush is trying to read between the lines.

Give them something homemade. The best Valentine’s Day gift I ever got was a hand-carved stamp of my initials with things my crush knew I liked in teeny-tiny detail. It showed he had really given thought to what I might like, had spent time on it. I loved it! I used that stamp for years before I lost track of it in a move. Other homemade gift ideas are red-hots-infused vodka, red velvet cupcakes, heart-shaped cookies or anything that implies Valentine’s Day, really. If you want to take your efforts to the next level, you might even consider taking a class on how to make something different like macarons, the adorable French cookies, and then make them for your crush! You’ll learn a new skill and impress your crush at the same time.

So this Valentine’s Day, breathe in some of the love that will be in the air and tell your crush how you feel!