How to throw a party

If you’re searching for tips on how to throw a memorable party, that will impress your friends and family members, continue reading to discover a few handy tips on how to throw a fun-filled event.

How to throw a party

How to throw a memorable party:

1. Make sure to clean your home the day before your party

Never make the mistake of trying to clean your entire home, before the day of your event. As tidying up may take longer than you expected and some of your guests may turn up at your home early. If you’re short on time, you may also want to consider hiring a professional cleaning company to clean your home for you.

2. Make sure that your guest room is prepared, in case any guests stay the night

If your party is a success and runs into the early hours of the morning, one or more of your guests may be too tired to drive home and may appreciate getting to spend the night in your guest bedroom. So, it’s well worth ensuring that your guest bedroom has all the necessities. This includes having a bed made up with comfy bedding and pillows such as the ones you can find at Julian Charles and that you’re able to provide overnight essentials such as clean towels, toothpaste, and a brand-new toothbrush.

3. Purchase your friends and family members favorite edible treats

One easy way to make your guests feel special is to show them that you remember their personal preferences by making sure to provide each of your guests’ favorite snacks. As an example, if one of your close friends loves sliders, which are mini burgers and another of your friend’s loves bruschetta, you may want to serve sliders and bruschetta at your party.

4. Create a playlist that all your guests will enjoy

It’s well worth sitting down and compiling a playlist of music which you think your guests will enjoy listening to. Remember to choose tracks that the vast majority of your guests will enjoy, instead of choosing edgy tracks that only a few members of your party will enjoy.

If you’re unsure of what tracks to choose, opt for hits which are charting on the top 40 or text each guest to provide one track that they love.

5. Organize a few fun icebreakers such as party games

If some of the guests which you’ve invited have never met each other, you may want to organize a few fun icebreakers, to help your guests get to know each other. As an example, you may want to play a game of cards or Cards Against Humanity, in order to break the ice.

6. Provide your guests with goody bags to take home

If you really want to wow your guests, why not prepare simply goody bags for your guests to take home as a memento of your party? As an example, you may want to consider filling brown paper bags with little gifts such as high-quality chocolate and Polaroid photos of your guests. If you’re a keen baker, you may want to consider popping a few home-baked treats into each of your guests’ gift bags.

So if you’re looking to throw a memorable party, it’s well worth using the six tips listed above, to throw your best party yet!

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I was curious and Googled “How to throw a party” and “What makes a great party?”, and I discovered you get enticing results like “How to throw amazing parties every time”. But when you actually read the articles, most of the blog posts from major websites are a jumbled mess of little hosting tips and tricks written by elite party planners.

They tell you how to make the best drink, or find the perfect location. Or they go deep into an event planning checklist, never really letting you know how to truly create the foundation of a successful party.

Leaving you more confused and stressed than you were before.

You love to entertain and throw parties but only armed with a generic checklist and a bunch of disorganized tips you’re left stressing out, wondering if your party will be a success.

How to throw a party

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So, I got to wondering what makes the parties that we throw successful? Why do our guests talk about some of our parties months or years after they’ve passed? (Even our wedding 20 years ago). Why is it that I can be confident that our parties will go well?

How to Throw a party in 3 easy steps

As I thought about it, I came up with my own perfect party planning formula. I call it the “Best Party EVER!” formula because after each one of our birthday bashes my kids always exclaim: “Mom! That was the Best Party EVER!”

So, rest assured, you can have an amazing party without spending thousands of dollars, without serving the trendiest drink and without the perfect mind-blowing location. Any location and a tight budget will do as long as you have my secret 3-part party formula.

Although my area of expertise is kids’ birthday parties, baby showers, and holiday parties, (with the occasional wedding), this “How to throw a party” formula will also work for big adult events, like a fancy gala or a work party. Even small, less formal gatherings can benefit from this formula.

So, what makes one party amazing and another ho-hum?

Usually, they’re missing something. But what? They’re missing one part of my perfect how to throw a party formula:

Theme + Stations + Activities = Best Party EVER!

You may have said “Duh!”, it sounds so simple. But that’s what so genius about it. It’s easy to remember and anyone can do it! You don’t need to be an event planning pro, you just need the formula.

A theme makes a party memorable, stations make a party flow, and the activities make the party fun.

This formula will work for ANY party. I’ll unpack the 3 sections here and you’ll be a party planning master in no time.

1- Pick a theme for an epic party

This is the first thing you should do in your party planning. It will unite the aspects of your party and give it a clear purpose. Choosing a theme will be a massive time saver because it will guide many of your decisions. It will also make your party memorable.

A theme is a unifying element that helps connect individuals to the event and each other. Ask the guests to dress up and they’re immediately participating in the event even before it starts. When all the elements match up, the brain recognizes patterns and boosts recall.

My kids can remember and rattle off the themes of their parties from the time they turned 4. (Actually 2 but they don’t remember the first 2 parties, they’ve seen pictures). Why? Because each party had its own elements and feel. They remember how the cakes looked, what colors the decorations were, and what games they played.

A theme doesn’t need to be lavish; it can be as simple as a favorite item or a seasonal color. The goal is not over the top perfection.

How to throw a party

I love how Kate Hudson puts it in her book “Pretty Fun”: “A color-coordinated party looks great, but it also has a more significant impact on our guests. It transforms your space into a place where guests feel welcome, like a subconscious reminder that they’re exactly where they should be. Bottom line: The stronger the connection you have with your party, the stronger the connection your guests will have with one another.”

Any theme will do but it should resonate with the guest of honor. You’re not going for perfect, you’re going for happy. Choose a theme that will make your guest of honor happy.

If your guest of honor loves reading maybe you include characters from their favorite books. If your guest of honor is a six-year-old girl and loves the beach maybe you go with a mermaid party. If instead, your guest of honor is a 40-year-old guy who loves travel maybe you decorate with model aircraft, postcards from far-flung destinations, tickets, and passport stamps.

And that’s why I love printables so much. First, they’re a great way to brainstorm theme ideas. And once you’ve found a printable set in the theme you’d like you now have a great invitation that will set the tone for your party. Now all you need to do is color match the rest of your decorations. I explain how party printables can be the perfect starting element to your party in my Are Party Printables Right for you? (How to use them and why they’re awesome) post.

Once you have your theme, plan all your decorations and your food through the lens of that theme. Also, plan your music selection well in advance to match the ambiance you’re looking for.

You want your guests, when they come in, to understand they’re in the right place. You want everything they see, hear, and eat to be cohesive.


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If you’ve got it, you’ve got it. Some people are just born entertainers. From the perfect food, to the best party playlist, to amazing decorations, some folks always throw stellar soirées.

However, the extravagance of a party often relates to the budget. Obviously, a millionaire can throw an impressive, lavish event – but what if your budget is of less epic proportions? From a small gathering like an intimate office retirement party to a bigger affair like a 500-guest wedding, you don’t need a huge bank account to throw a party that will have everyone talking at brunch the next morning.

Planning a Party on a Tight Budget

Most of your party budget will go toward things that you feel are the most important to your event. When I throw a party, I prioritize decorations, so I always allocate a large chunk of my budget to candles, banners, and any other mood-setting devices that fit my theme.

It’s fine to spend a little extra on your priority items, but that might not leave much for anything else. In this case, try some DIY projects and enlist the help of your friends to relieve some of the financial burden. Here are some of the best tips for entertaining on a strict budget.

1. Use Simple Invitations

Unless its a wedding or formal event, your party doesn’t need paper invitations. Instead, opt for email invites using Evite. They’re free to send and allow your friends the option to instantly RSVP.

If everyone you wish to invite is on Facebook, you can also create an event page to dole out food assignments, as well as to receive playlist requests for the evening. It’s the fastest way to tally guests, and you’ll know in advance how much food to purchase.

2. Find Budget Decor

While you may love spending money on fancy decor, some of the stuff you have sitting around your house could be perfect for your party, and it won’t cost you a dime.

Instead of stressing over your lack of swanky china, mix and match three or four designs of bowls, plates, and cups. The effect is vintage, quirky, and most importantly, cheap. Looking for the perfect place cards? Grab everyday items and use a tag and a Sharpie to add names – pine cones, small Chinese takeout boxes, and even cheap dollar store votive candles work perfectly. Skip the pricey fresh-cut flowers and use groupings of objects to create centerpieces. A grouping of different-sized candles or vases filled with citrus fruit last longer, and you can even send some home with guests.

How to throw a party

3. Supply Cheap Eats

Filet mignon? Please. You don’t need to serve pricey cuts of meat to impress your guests. Instead of adding full entrees to the menu, try offering a smattering of appetizer-sized edibles – you’ll save major dough on your food budget. Soup shooters, meat skewers, and dips fill up your guests on the cheap without sacrificing taste.

If you’re really strapped for cash, consider making your party a potluck dinner. If the word “potluck” gives you pause, try presenting the party as a “recipe exchange” for salads and desserts, and then provide the main dish yourself.

4. Drink Up!

Alcohol can be one of the worst budget-busters when it comes to throwing a party, especially if you need to buy full bottles of a variety of alcohol.

Instead of buying your supplies from the liquor store, go the “chic” route and pick a signature drink for the night. That way, you only have to purchase one or two types of alcohol, and you can specifically base your drink around a cheaper wine spritzer over pricier liquor. Just be sure to supply non-alcohol drinks, like sparkling water and punch, for your thirsty guests and designated drivers.

5. Use Smart Phone Music Apps

Play the role of DJ by loading your smart phone with the Pandora or iHeartRadio apps. They allow you to create your own “radio stations” tailored by mood or similar artists.

Throwing a cocktail party? Load up on Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra. Christmas party? Add an all-holiday station. Anti-Valentine’s with the girls? Kelly Clarkson all the way. If you choose premium memberships, the tunes are commercial-free – otherwise, you’ll get a 15-second break every 30 minutes or so.

Final Word

An economic recession might not exactly put you in the mood to party, but hosting a night with friends can help you loosen up. By skipping the pricey extras and getting creative with your food and decor, you can throw a cheap party that has the same effect as a pricier fete – time with friends, good food, and epic stories to rehash over breakfast the next day.

What other great budget party ideas have you tried out?

Everybody loves a party, but we’ve all been to a fete that just didn’t quite hit the mark. Planning your own party at home can be a little overwhelming, from figuring out who to invite to preparing the perfect menu, but with a little bit of planning, you can throw the perfect dinner party or big celebration without too much hassle.

Flip through the slideshow for 18 essential tips for throwing the perfect party at home, from figuring out the right theme to how to end the night without awkwardness.

Figure out what type of party you’re going to have

How to throw a party

From dinner parties to all-night ragers, there are tons of options for DIY parties. Once you’ve decided whether you want to have a more formal dinner party or a casual hang, you can plan everything else, from the food to the playlist.

Choose a theme

How to throw a party

It might sound cheesy, but everybody loves a theme. Keep it simple, with a themed cocktail for watching the game, or go elaborate with a full costume-centric dress code. Once you’ve chosen your theme, perhaps midcentury modern “Mad Men” vibes or a grown-up pizza party, really drive it home with themed decor, snacks, and more.

Send out invitations

How to throw a party

Even though most at-home parties don’t require sending fancy invitations, everyone loves a formal invite! Shoot everyone in the group chat the details, or create a formal email invite. If you need to plan for the number of folks you’ll be hosting, ask for RSVPs.

From kids’ birthdays to wild nights out, parties are a huge part of our culture, bringing people together in celebration. Thanks to COVID-19 restrictions, it may not be possible to host a party in person right now, but there are still ways to lift people’s spirits and different types of parties you can ho st . After all, if 2020’s foray into virtual events taught us anything, it’s that we don’t always need to meet in person to create an epic vibe. And soon, we may be able to throw a good old-fashioned party again – just with a few extra health and safety measures. In any case, here are our top tips for how to throw a party in 2021.

Choose a theme – and stick to it

Having a theme for your event – be it retro gaming, cheesy pop, or masquerade – can bring a unique energy to your party. It can also draw attention from the press, who often look out for more interesting events to cover in their “What’s On?” pages. Ask your audience to dress according to the theme and make sure your venue and entertainment matches it, too. For example, at a nostalgic gaming night, opt for an ’80s soundtrack and a neon colour scheme. The more unique the theme, the better, so we’ve put together 72 event themes to give you some party ideas.

Offer a unique experience

When planning to throw a party, the ultimate goal is to keep your guests talking for years to come. You also want them to tell their friends, and for everyone to be excited about your next soiree. If you can, start by finding a one-of-a-kind venue – old art deco cinemas, penthouses, even a super yacht if you have the right contact. With online events, consider using a virtual venue – in which attendees are turned into avatars – rather than a video conferencing platform so that guests can really immerse themselves in the experience.

Remember to give your event a hook – the thing that makes people decide it’s unmissable. This could be karaoke with a live band, a silent disco, or a live murder mystery taking place throughout.

Make sure it’s accessible

Parties are best when everyone can enjoy themselves, so for in-person events, it’s important to consider accessibility when choosing your venue. That doesn’t just mean making sure people with wheelchairs can navigate the building easily. It can also mean having gender-neutral toilets, breakout spaces for people with anxiety, and good public transport links for people who don’t drive.

Accessibility isn’t just an in-person concern, either. Even when you organise a party online , you need to consider how to make it a virtual safe space . Set up closed captions (subtitles) if possible, allow people to keep their webcam and microphone off if they’d rather, and choose easy-to-use software that everyone can access for free.

Appeal to your crowd

Your event doesn’t need to cater to everyone’s tastes. You should have a target audience in mind and understand what’s in it for them. So if you’re throwing a James Bond-style casino night, people will have the chance to dress up and flash some cash at the roulette table. When you’re writing the event description for your party, think about why people should come and what they’ll do during the evening. Tap into these ideas when you’re considering how and where to advertise, be it on social media, in the press, or through physical flyers.

Get the party started by making it interactive

The first hour of any party can be a little awkward as everyone settles in and gets warmed up, so try introducing ice-breaker games or quickfire check-in rounds. Don’t force people to participate – this can push them back into their shells. Let the extroverts dive in, and soon the atmosphere will build itself. It’s also a good idea to source some song requests when guests sign up for the event. That way, you can kick things off by playing popular tracks guaranteed to get people on the dance floor.

Source great entertainment

Whether it’s a live band, dancers, or a magic show, your entertainment is the thing people are most likely to remember once the party’s over. There are lots of entertainment ideas to choose from, but it’s best to go for something that fits your theme, be it cabaret singers or carnival performers. And when you’re running through your party planning checklist, have a think about how the event will flow. For example, have a DJ on hand to play music between sets, so that there’s no dead air during the night.

Consider the energy of each act, too – know when you want the night to peak. People are likely to be excited at this point and won’t have the attention span to dedicate to non-music acts. This is when they want to hit the dance floor (even if, for virtual events, it’s just in their living room). Remember to have an hour or so of winding down before the party ends, slowly moving from upbeat classics to more relaxed numbers.

Hire a strong team

Even if you’re a one-person operation, you can’t expect to do everything by yourself. Hiring staff will help to keep things orderly. If you want to organise a party online, it’s a good idea to have a moderator to handle comments and tech issues while you concentrate on hosting.

For in-person events, you’ll need someone on the door to welcome your guests, someone behind the bar to keep drinks topped up, and someone on hand to help with any questions or first aid. Sometimes the staff will be supplied by the venue, but, on other occasions, you might need to hire an agency. Make sure everyone’s dressed the same so that partygoers can immediately find them. Most importantly, hire a big enough team to suit your audience size. The last thing you want is 25-minute waits for drinks because not enough bar staff were brought on board.

Extend the experience

A top tip for throwing an epic party? Make the experience last far longer than the big night. Start by building up the audience anticipation gradually on your social media channels. Create lots of fun shareable links, and host competitions to reach an even wider audience and build attendance.

On the night itself, have a professional photographer or videographer on site – these images will make for great marketing tools in the future. Guests can share the pictures on their own social media profiles, and you can use the content in future video promotion . At virtual events, ask for permission from guests to use a screen recorder. If anyone’s uncomfortable with having their photo taken or appearing on video, give them a heads-up to turn off their webcam before you start.

Throw the best party with a party planning checklist

It may counteract the anarchic spirit of parties, but the most important of our party hosting tips and tricks is to ensure that you plan properly and stay organised. Download our event planning template to stay on track and bring the best party vibes.

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Entertaining doesn’t have to be expensive! Here’s how to throw a party on a budget with party food ideas from Costco. We have you covered from appetizers to desserts!

How to throw a party

I wouldn’t call us pro party hosters or planners but we have hosted a few close neighbors and family holidays. We’re lucky that our neighbors, friends, and family are not very demanding because we are super laid back about hosting. If you feel the same way, keep reading.

As you know from our numerous previous posts, we love Costco (our most popular Costco post is our Costco Clean Eating Shopping List). When we plan on having people over we get almost everything from Costco. It’s very convenient and cost-effective. You also know by now that we are ALL about saving money. As I was thinking about Super Bowl parties and all of the other events coming up (Easter, graduation parties, school parties, pool parties, etc.), it came to me that I should share how we host ours on a budget. So, here’s how we throw a party on a budget – with party food ideas from Costco!

You could host a complete party with a vegetable tray ($9.99), meat and cheese platter ($26.99), and a pie ($11.99) for less than $50.

Please note that this post is not associated with Costco (and neither are we, other than we love to shop there!). Prices, selection, availability, and the process to order may vary depending on location so call your local store to be sure your location has the same procedure.

Let’s start with dessert first.

Sure, Costco cakes wouldn’t be considered “clean” but if you eat a piece of cake a few times a year, I think you will be just fine. Remember, what you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while (I heard that quote from Gretchen Rubin and love it!).

Costco cakes are AMAZING. And the price is amazing too. At our local Costco, the price is $18.99 for a sheet cake that serves 48 people. They have limited designs to choose from and from what I understand, they do not do custom work but for the price, you can’t beat it! I have a post on How to Order a Cake from Costco where I keep the designs updated. They always seem to have designs for all of the major holidays and plenty of birthday designs to choose from.

If cake isn’t your thing they also have cookie platters (60 count for $15.99) or pies (varies by season but ours carries: key lime pie, apple pie, pecan pie, and pumpkin pie – 68 oz for $11.99), and cheesecake ($13.99). I’ll take one of each. Please and thank you.

Need A LOT of pies? You can special order those too.

How to throw a party

How to throw a party

Let’s go to finger foods/appetizers next.

Maybe our neighborhood is strange (?!) but the first things to always disappear are the fruit and vegetable trays! I am just simply amazed at the price of Costco’s premade vegetable trays and fruit bowls. Sometimes we just buy them when we don’t feel like cutting up our own vegetables for the week!

Check out these prices:

  • Vegetable Platter (4 lbs. ): $9.99
  • Fresh Cut Fruit Bowl (3 lbs. ): $9.99

How to throw a party

How to throw a party

I wasn’t sure whether to consider these party platters as appetizers or the main course so I’ll just include them here. You can order a party platter from Costco! The options at our local Costco are listed below:

  • Croissant Sandwich Platter (serves 16-20): $32.99
  • Chicken & Swiss Rollers (serves 20-24): $32.99
  • Shrimp Platter (serves 20-24): $39.99
  • Meat & Cheese Platter (serves 16-20): $26.99

How to throw a party

How to throw a party

How to throw a party

Now, on to the real deal. The main course.

Scott loves to smoke on his Kamado Joe. For Christmas last year he smoked chicken and pork. I also made our Clean & Simple Roasted Chicken in the oven. It was all delicious!

We’ve also made our Instant Pot Bison Chili when we had some neighbors over. It was super easy to make and fed plenty!

We spend about $20 on two organic whole chickens (usually around $2.50 per pound) and $20 on the bison meat (2.5 lbs). These prices may vary but those are two very inexpensive options to feed a crowd!

How to throw a party

How to throw a party

If you don’t want to cook, I get it! There’s plenty to choose from where only minimal effort will be needed on your part! Again, not the healthiest option but definitely a crowd pleaser: Costco’s take & bake pizza for $8.99! Or, if you think the party platters will be enough food, they are a great deal!

How to throw a party

You are a Costco lover too?! Check out our additional Costco related content:



There is no denying the fact that Adopt Me isn’t a game that has only adopting pets’ elements. Instead, Adopt Me one of many most played games available for everyone.

How to throw a party

With that said, the developers took the initiative to bring more freedom and possibilities to players for socializing with other players. The best way to socialize in Adopt Me is probably by throwing a banging party.

However, there seems to be some confusion with the process of doing this. The game doesn’t exactly prompt you how you can set-up a party and interact with other players.

How to Throw a Party – Adopt Me

To throw a party in Adopt me, you firstly need to have a house, in order to host a party, you must have a location at which you can have guests.

This is already covered since most of the players will get a starter house when they start the game. Nevertheless, you can throw a party by interacting with your mailbox.

How to throw a party

That’s all that needs to be done in order to start a party. Walk up to your mailbox, interact with it, click throw a party, and choose a catchy name, with a short description of what your party will consist of.

Thankfully, the invitation to your party will be sent automatically to all available players, so you don’t have to worry about inviting people separately.

After the invitation has been sent, make sure that you are home and able to greet your guests accordingly when they show up. On top of that, I would suggest that you do some renovations before you throw a party.

In other words, parties in Adopt Me might get hectic a bit, and your house could easily get swamped with many people. So, in order to avoid that do some renovations, and make the house bigger. Why not add a whole entertainment room just for parties?

CEO of Johansson Consulting

When a great employee — someone who has been with your business through good times and bad — finally decides to move on, it can be difficult to face the situation. Although you might prefer to lock your office door and mourn the loss, the best thing to do is show grace and acknowledge what the person meant to your organization.

Before you turn your attention to a farewell party, it’s essential to do everything you can to prevent the employee from leaving in the first place. Assuming your worker was in a management or executive position, there could be some pretty substantial financial costs associated with replacing the person.

There’s the cost of hiring a new employee, including expenses related to posting the job opening, advertising, interviewing, screening, etc. Then you have the challenge of bringing the new hire on board, which includes training and attention from upper-level management.

On top of that, there’s a loss of productivity. It often takes a new employee 12 to 24 months to attain the same level of productivity as the person who vacated the position. Finally, you may have to deal with other employees who see turnover as a bad sign and start to disengage or worry about their own future.

But how much are we talking? Consider the average cost of losing an employee, according to a recent study.

· For someone who earns a mid-range salary — $30,000 to $50,000 — you can expect to spend 20 percent of their annual salary for replacement. In other words, an employee who makes $45,000 represents a cost of $9,000.

· In the case of a highly educated employee in an executive position, the cost could be as much as 213 percent of annual salary. A CEO who makes $100,000 might set your firm back as much as $213,000.

Make sure you grasp the total potential cost of losing a solid employee. The person may be leaving for a very good reason, but never let him or her say goodbye for a petty or small reason.

Sometimes there’s nothing that can be done. Once you realize that the person’s decision is final, don’t drag your feet. The best thing you can do for the future of your firm is to host a tasteful farewell that exhibits your appreciation and enables closure.

Here are some tips worth considering.

1. Understand the Reason for Leaving

The key to throwing the perfect farewell party is to recognize the reason for leaving. If the employee is heading into retirement, you probably want to thank that person for contributions to both your company and the other organizations he or she worked with in the past.

If the employee is being promoted to a higher position within the same firm (perhaps at a different location), the farewell should be more like an encouraging send-off party. Other reasons for leaving include lateral moves or transfers, departure for a new employer, returning to school, or even deciding to stay home with children.

Each situation calls for a different response, so make sure you take the situational factors into account.

2. Ask Close Coworkers to Take Charge

In big companies, upper-level management may not know every employee well. Thus, a farewell party will seem impersonal and forced if it comes from a manager who only knows a little about the individual.

In order to make the farewell truly meaningful, assign a couple of close coworkers to handle the party planning.

3. Reminisce on Fond Memories

A farewell party should be seen as an opportunity to reminisce about fond memories. A lot will depend on how long the employee has been with the company, obviously, but you should be able to highlight a few stories and refer to them during the party.

An even better idea is to create a slide show with photos, words, and music. It doesn’t have to be long or complicated. There are plenty of online tools to make the process easy, and three or four minutes should suffice.

4. Think Carefully About Gifts

What’s a party without gifts, right? Well, perhaps. You’ll have to make sure you don’t violate company rules or put the departing worker in an unfair situation.

Review the company’s gift-giving policy to make sure any gifts fall under the upper limit that can be spent on an employee. Furthermore, be aware that some gifts — such as gift cards or a cash gift — could subject the employee to tax obligations to the IRS.

It’s best to let coworkers pitch in and present a gift. This avoids the aforementioned issues and will probably mean more to the honoree anyway.

5. Avoid Surprise Parties

The last few days for your employee could be somewhat stressful. Not only is the person thinking about the next thing on the list — retirement, a new position, etc. — but also about handing over responsibilities and information to the individual who assumes the old position.

Then there’s the issue of packing up personal belongings, retrieving information that may be needed from company email addresses and devices, and filling out paperwork for HR. Basically, it’s wiser just to nix the surprise party approach.

It may be fun to do something a little out of the ordinary, but the employee won’t be able to enjoy it as much as he or she would if the party were planned in advance. The person will mainly be thinking about all the things that need to get done.

6. Speak With Remaining Employees

The final suggestion is to take a few minutes and talk with the remaining employees after the party is over. You obviously don’t want things to be awkward, so it may be best to wait until the departing staffer is officially gone and off the premises.

In this conversation, explain to employees how excited you are to move on with another chapter and how you expect everyone to step up and fill in the gaps. The key is to deflect attention from turnover and focus on stability.

We’ve all seen situations where an employee turns in a resignation and things get ugly. IT shuts off access to the person’s computer, security is called to escort him or her out of the building, nasty words are exchanged, and so forth.

Though it may not be easy to say goodbye, drastic measures do nothing but make the situation worse. They create animosity between the remaining employees and management, and have a negative impact on company culture.

If you want to position your company well for the future, giving every employee a tasteful sendoff is the proper thing to do. It’s a chance for you to pause and say thanks while figuring out how to push forward.

If you’re looking for an alternative to a more traditional baby shower, consider having a diaper party instead! They’re so easy to plan!

We partnered with Pampers to share some of our tips for planning a great diaper party! If you’re looking for a coed baby shower idea (or perhaps just a shower focused on the father), we’ve got some easy diaper party ideas to share! From diaper party invitations and food to diaper party games and prizes, keeping it simple is the key to success!

It’s actually one of the easiest baby showers to plan and it’s fun for everyone!

How to throw a party

How to Throw a Diaper Party

When it comes to the second or third baby, I’ve figured out that it’s just as exciting. You might not need all of the baby gear but you still need the basics and plus it’s amazing to celebrate with your friends! Because who doesn’t love a good party. And a new baby is the perfect reason to party, am I right?

When it comes to diaper party ideas, many people think of a diaper shower as a baby shower for dad.

But it doesn’t have to be! You can throw a diaper party for many great reasons

  • Alternative to a traditional baby shower
  • Great theme for a dad or a coed shower
  • Works well for babies after the first
  • Easy to plan for the parents who already have everything!

It’s really not a party theme that has to be limited to just one idea.

What is a Diaper Party?

Before I get too deep into our diaper party ideas, first you need to know what a diaper party is!

It’s basically the easiest baby shower ever! It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. The point is that it can be simple.

You don’t need any involved baby shower games (though you can still play a few fun ones). You don’t need any crazy food. Snacks work perfectly well.

If you’re planning it as a baby shower for dad, food and drinks can be covered pretty easily with some beer and burgers! If you’re going coed, you can do sandwiches and soda!

Seriously, the whole point is to keep it simple!

How to throw a party

Diaper Party Decorations

This is one area of diaper party planning where you can really go as crazy as you want or keep it as simple as you want.

If you’re going to have mostly dads are your party, decorations aren’t that big of a deal. It’s really more about the food!

But I came up with a simple way to theme the party! I grabbed a color scheme from diaper packs! It made for bright and cheerful (as well as gender neutral) theme to decorate with! It’s easy to find tablecloths and paper plates in your desired colors!

Of course, you can go all out and make diaper cakes or diaper castles or whatever your heart desires too! They would be appreciated and adorable, I’m sure!

How to throw a party

Diaper Party Invitations

We do email invitations a lot of the time but sometimes I just can’t resist a cute paper invitation to send out to our friends! If you’re looking to keep it simple and you have email information for most of your guests, it’s probably the easiest way to get your invites out there!

We’ve also created events on Facebook and invited our guests that way as well. Both make it really simple to send out those invites.

If you’re wanting a cute paper invitation, we created a printable diaper party invitation that you can use! Click here to download the printable version! These are 4×6 and I recommend printing on card stock!

How to throw a party

Diaper Party Food

As I mentioned before, when it comes to diaper party planning, going simple with the food often works well.

While there are some amazing ideas out there for baby showers and diaper parties, the food doesn’t have to be complicated to be a hit!

You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen making perfect tiny cupcakes to have happy guests.

I hit the store and picked up a bunch of small-sized snack food. I got miniature side chocolate cookies, tiny cracker sandwiches, baby fish crackers, and made my own fresh pint-sized sugar cookies but cutting my scoops of dough in half! Add in some chips and dish along with the drinks and you’ve got it covered!

Trust me. It wasn’t very challenging and we didn’t have any leftovers. So I would call it a success!

How to throw a party

Diaper Party Games

If you’re wondering what to do at a diaper party, it’s mostly about spending time together and celebrating the new baby before he or she makes an entrance.

The most important part is bringing all of the friends and family of the parents-to-be together for some fun!

At our party, everyone who brought a pack of diapers to the party was entered into a drawing for a prize! It was a gorgeous diaper bag and swaddle blankets also provided by Pampers. But a prize was a great way to get the guests involved without needing to plan complicated games or activities.

One of my favorite diaper party ideas is to set out a bunch of diapers and markers. Then have each guest write a message to the baby and parents on the diapers. So when they’re in the middle of changing a diaper, they can read the words of encouragement!

If you’re hosting the diaper party for a bunch of dads, you could even do something like a poker game or break out the gaming systems for some entertainment!

Do You Wrap Diapers for a Diaper Party?

The easy answer is no. There is no reason to wrap the diapers you bring as a gift! Save money on the wrapping paper and pick up a box of baby wipes to go along with your diapers!

What Size Diapers for a Diaper Party?

The great thing about a diaper party is that friends and family can help the new parents stock up on all sizes of diapers! When we planned out party I encouraged our guests to bring larger sizes of diapers.

Many parents will stock up on the smaller sizes that they need when the baby first arrives, but babies need diapers for quite a while! So bringing larger sizes like the 2, 3, 4, and 5s are a great way to help them be prepared as the months go on!

With all of these easy ideas, you can put together a fun diaper party for any of your friends and family! Just remember to keep it simple. It’s more about spending time together and helping the new parents get ready!

Can you think of a better party to host than one where the guests make their own meal? That’s one of the perks of hot pot, the communal meal that has guests testing their dexterity with chopsticks as they dip crisp veggies, delicate seafood, and tender strips of meat into a big, bubbling pot of fragrant broth. Sure, you’ll do a fair amount of slicing and dicing before your guests arrive, but once they sit at the table and get to dunking, your work is practically done.

The tradition of hot pot is thought to have originated thousands of years ago in Mongolia, but today is common all over Asia. Families and friends gather for hot pot throughout the year, but it’s especially popular during cold months, and to celebrate holidays like Chinese New Year.

Other than how easy it makes entertaining, one of the other major pros of hot pot is its versatility. Each element from the broth to the veggies, proteins, and sauces can be anything you want it to be. And if you’ve got guests who have a dietary restriction like vegetarian, pescatarian, or gluten-free, your ingredients can be tailored to fit those specifications.

It’s also easy to adjust your shindig to how much prep you desire to do. Want to go all out and make your own dumplings, meatballs, and sauces? Have at it: we’ve got the recipes. But if you’re more of a grab-and-go kind of cook, you can pick up broth, pre-sliced veggies, and everything else you need at the store.

Hot Pot Recipes for a Party

For the broth, make an extra-big batch of Roasted Chicken Broth, Beef Bone Broth, or Vegan Broth. They’ll be the perfect base for the meal as-is, or you can dress them up with aromatics like fresh ginger, cilantro, Thai basil, garlic, green onions, red chiles, star anise, or cinnamon. Just keep in mind what ingredients you’re serving the broth with when choosing your broth flavorings.

If you want to make some of your own hot pot add-ins, you can whip up a recipe for Asian Turkey Meatballs, Potstickers, Pork Gyoza, or Mongolian Meatballs. But it’s also fine to buy whatever pre-made ingredients you want to at the store, especially since there’s a significant amount of food prep for this party. Plus, it can be really fun to peruse Asian markets for lesser-known ingredients.

The finishing touch of the meal is the sauces, which you can also make yourself (try our Thai Chili Sauce) or pick up at the store. You can also have your guests make their own creations by setting up a custom sauce station. Just set out a selection of bottles and jars — many of which you probably already have in your pantry or fridge — like soy sauce, hot chili or sesame oil, rice vinegar, black bean sauce, minced garlic and ginger, sliced scallions, slivered hot peppers, peanut sauce, fresh cilantro, chili paste, and lime juice. Make your own dipping sauce, and then go enjoy the party.

What You’ll Need

The beauty of hot pot is that you can choose your own ingredients, but we’ve rounded up some suggestions for what to serve.


  • Broth
  • Vegetables: Napa cabbage, baby bok choy, daikon radish, enoki mushrooms, greens, watercress
  • Meat: thinly sliced pork loin or belly, thinly sliced rib eye or Wagyu steak, and pre-baked meatballs
  • Seafood: shrimp, scallops, squid, clams, mussels, and fish balls
  • Noodles: rice, yam, or cellophane noodles, ramen, or udon
  • Fresh or fried tofu
  • Steamed or fried dumplings

Serving Pieces

  • An electric hot pot set (we like the Williams Sonoma Open Kitchen Hot Pot, available for $90 at, or a large and wide pot with a source of heat (such as an electric hot plate or burner), or an electric slow cooker
  • Two sets of chopsticks for each guest
  • Serving bowls
  • Small bowls for sauces
  • Small strainers, skimmers, or tongs
  • Napkins

What to Do Ahead of Time

  1. Wash and trim the vegetables, cutting any large veggies into bite-sized pieces
  2. Slice the meat and clean seafood
  3. Cook noodles
  4. Cook tofu or dumplings, if desired
  5. Get sauces or DIY sauce station ready
  6. Set the table
  7. Set out your electric hot pot set or other pot/heat combo and get the broth simmering
  8. Lay out the first round of ingredients just before guests arrive

Hot Pot Etiquette

  • Everyone should get two pairs of chopsticks: one for plucking ingredients from the communal pot and transferring them to their bowl, the other for eating.
  • You only want to take the ingredients you’ve added to the pot yourself. No stealing!
  • Keep an eye on your ingredients as they cook so you don’t forget what you’ve added to the pot.
  • Just like with any type of cooking, different ingredients require different cooking times. Cook meat or seafood until it’s fully cooked. Noodles and other pre-cooked ingredients just need to be heated through. Cook raw veggies until al dente: Napa cabbage and greens may only need a quick swish into the broth to get perfectly tender as they soak up some flavor.

FYIs for the Hot Pot Party Host

There’s a lot of chopping and slicing that goes into the prep for a hot pot. Don’t be afraid to ask a friend or two to come over early to lend a hand. Turn on some tunes, catch up, and make it a pre-party.

During the party, keep an eye on the pot to make sure the broth is hot enough. And try not to overcrowd the pot with raw ingredients since that will cause the temperature to drop.

It’s best to serve the food in stages. Starting with seafood and vegetables, then meat, and lastly noodles is a common progression (you can also drink any broth left at the end of the meal). Hot pot parties usually go on for hours, so it’s important to keep food at a safe temperature until you’re ready to serve it.

The flavor of the broth will become more intensified as it boils down and ingredients are added. Top it off occasionally to keep the flavor consistent, or start with a fresh batch if you notice forgotten ingredients left in the bottom of the pot.

Don’t forget to have fun! Your guests are going to appreciate all the effort you put into the event, so avoid stressing too much about the small stuff.

Whether you’re throwing a summer birthday party, a July 4th bash, or you’re having friends over just because, we’ve got the recipes, tips, and ideas to make it a little more magical.

When the temperatures start to rise and the days stretch on like taffy, I look for any excuse to be outside with my friends and family. Who else is ready to celebrate summer? Let’s have people over for potlucks (hello, potato salad!), birthdays, holidays, and. just because. Let’s eat all the cold tomato salads we can muster, make homemade lemonade and sip it by the pool, and embrace sticky ice cream fingers. Let’s celebrate the season, and enjoy the celebrations of the season.

No matter how or what or who you’re celebrating this summer, Simply Recipes has the ideas, tips, and recipes to help you pull it all together. Go ahead and make s’mores with your children like writer Thao Thai, and try your hand at a corn on the cob bar like Stephanie Ganz. Eat too much guacamole while sipping on frozen margaritas. Don’t skip dessert. And linger outside a little bit longer before going to bed. Consider this is your official invitation to make the most of the new few months—we’ll show you how.

How to throw a party

Food Writers Share Stories and Tips for Celebrating Summer

Get inspired for your next summer celebration with these tips, stories, and ideas from some of our favorite writers.

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Simply Recipes / Lori Rice

Do you ever get to the end of summer and regret all the things you didn’t eat? Writer Meghan Splawn is planning ahead to make sure that doesn’t happen with her family. “I’m acutely aware of just how few summers of ice pops and lazy swimming pool days we have left as my oldest is entering her last year of primary school.”

” data-caption=”” data-expand=”300″ data-tracking-container=”true” />

Simply Recipes / Sally Vargas

Just say NO to mayo-drenched coleslaw and a bland pile of greens this summer! “With a few essential tips and some great recipes for inspiration, you’ll be on your way to creating a highly memorable summer salad,” explains Karishma Pradhan. Her first rule? You need a bigger bowl.

” data-caption=”” data-expand=”300″ data-tracking-container=”true” />

Simply Recipes / Claudia Cash

Thao Thai reflects on making s’mores with her daughter during the summer, and the magic she tries to hold on to. “[My husband] introduced us to wholesome family rituals like these s’mores, and we follow, riveted by the promise of memories, of stories, of licking the sweetness right off our fingers,” she writes.

” data-caption=”” data-expand=”300″ data-tracking-container=”true” />

Simply Recipes / Alison Bickel

Cheddar, lettuce, pickles, and tomato will always be a classic burger topping combo, but sometimes you want to go the extra mile. “Do something new and creative, and show your friends and family that your grill skills are only going to improve from here on out,” says Su-Jit Lin . She’ll show you how.

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Simply Recipes / Megan Keno

Stephanie Ganz always has a DIY corn on the cob bar at her summer celebrations because it’s fresh, easy, and everyone gets what they want. “If winter’s dinner parties require schematics of menu planning, summer is when I do my best, least encumbered work,” she explains.

” data-caption=”” data-expand=”300″ data-tracking-container=”true” />

Simply Recipes / Megan Gordon

Writer Claudia Cash loves throwing ice cream socials so much that she “bought a fun ice cream maker and a waffle cone maker, and with the help of my oldest daughter, we made waffle cones for days.” Here, she talks about her favorite ice cream bases and toppings so you can do it at home, too.

How to throw a party

Recipes for Your Summer Celebrations

From drinks to dessert, here are the recipes that will help you make the most of your summer celebrations.

Effortless, elegant and always classy, I love a white out party! It’s a popular theme come Labor Day as the end of summer is celebrated and the fall season is ushered in. Here, we have a few tips for you on how to throw a white out party your guests won’t soon forget.

How to Throw a White Out Party

How to throw a party

Photo by Balia Furniture

What is a White Out Party?

A white out party is exactly what it sounds like: A party in which all of your guests (and your decor) are clad in head-to-toe white. They’re popular around Labor Day because of the “Never wear white after Labor Day” fashion rule. (For the record, that “rule” no longer applies!) Dressing up in all white for the “last time” is a fun and popular party theme; it creates a beautiful ambience guests love and the dress code is easy for all to embrace.

How to throw a partyHow to throw a party

Throw a Backyard White Out Party

If weather permits, celebrate outside because summer won’t last much longer! It’s a great way to enjoy an al fresco evening before the winter weather hits. Rent all-white couches and cocktail tables to embrace the party theme.

How to throw a party

How to throw a party

Decorate in All White

Aside from your furniture, all your decor should also be white! From white balloons and lanterns to beautiful candles and table linens, pristine white decor makes for a truly elegant affair.

How to throw a partyHow to throw a party

Serve White Food and Cocktails

Consider serving all white food and cocktails as part of your white out party. White wine and champagne are crowd-pleasing drinks, while cheeses and pastries will keep guests satiated. Talk to your caterer about the all white theme and they can likely give additional meal and cocktail suggestions.

From the dress code to the decor, food and cocktails, the key to hosting a memorable white out party is to really go all-out with the theme. Flowers, linens, balloons, and tablescapes all contribute to the experience.

How to throw a party

Have you hosted a white out party before? I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below!

About Leslie Hendrix Wood

Leslie Hendrix Wood is the founding editor of the luxury lifestyle and design blog, Hadley Court and an has her own interior design firm, Leslie Hendrix Wood Interiors in Midland, Texas.

Leslie received her undergraduate degree in business. She worked briefly in banking and returned to school to earn her MBA.

Upon graduation, she moved to Washington D.C. to work on a Presidential campaign and received a Presidential appointment to a position in International Trade.

At the end of the administration, Leslie returned to her hometown and joined the family oil and gas business, although her first passion has always been, after raising her children with her husband, business and interior design.

When she saw her children were closer to leaving home, she decided to start the blog, Hadley Court. in 2012, which won the Design Bloggers Conference Hall of Fame award for Best New Design Blog in 2013 – a prestigious honor granted by her peers.

In 2014, she is, in addition to blogging, beginning to build the family friendly luxury lifestyle brand: HADLEY COURT, based on her values of Gracious Living, Timeless Design and Family Traditions.

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How to throw a party

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How to throw a party


How to throw a party

How to throw a party
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August 9, 2021

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How to throw a party

How to throw a party

How to throw a party

Now that we’re well into the summer months and most restrictions have been lifted, many people are looking to celebrate being with friends and family again or make up for special occasions that had to be missed during the past year.

A garden party is the perfect get together because you have much more space, you can enjoy the summer weather, and everyone can still remain distanced and in the open air if this makes them feel more comfortable. Here’s how to throw a great garden party.

Be prepared for any weather by hiring a marquee

One thing that’s sure to put a dampener on any garden party is bad weather – the unpredictable British climate means that even days that are forecast to be sunny can be anything but. The best way to protect your garden party against this is to hire a marquee. If it does stay sunny and warm, you can put the sides up and enjoy the good weather, but if you need to keep out the wind and rain, then you can do just that.

Make sure there is enough seating

A big part of throwing a great garden party is making sure everyone is catered for (literally!), and a big part of this is making sure there is enough seating. It’s a good idea to have more seating than you have guests so that everyone feels free to move about and mingle, rather than being restricted to an ‘assigned’ seat.


To throw a truly great garden party, you’ll want to put your own personal stamp on it. Decorating is the perfect way to express your style, and if you have hired a marquee, you have even more opportunities to decorate. A flower wall, light up letters, or a starlight curtain are all great options, and if your event will be extending into the evening, you can tie in the rest of the garden by putting fairy lights in the trees or bushes nearby.

Make sure there is plenty of food

While you don’t want to waste money on food that doesn’t get eaten, it is worse to have guests who don’t get to eat because there isn’t enough food! If you want to keep everyone happy then make sure they are well fed. If there is food leftover, you can always offer it to your guests to take home, then nothing goes to waste!

Consider your budget before you start buying

During the planning process, it’s easy to get carried away with all the things you want to do, but you need to consider the budget you have available. If you know the funds you have available from the start you can allocate a certain amount for each purchase (marquee hire, decorations, catering, drink etc), or instead opt for an events service that can do everything for you in one neat package.

When allocating your budget, you should also have a contingency fund, as there are always unforeseen costs involved, and also gives you some leeway if you want or need to spend a little more on one particular expenditure.

Use a professional events company

Our final tip for throwing a great garden party is to use a professional events company to help you plan. While hiring professionals may seem like an additional cost at first, you may actually end up saving money if you partner with an events company who can provide you with everything you need, such as marquee hire, decorations and catering.

This way you will only have one invoice to pay and you can arrange everything within your budget well in advance so that there are no nasty surprises. It also takes some of the stress away, meaning you can focus on the important tasks, such as entertaining your guests and enjoying yourself.

If you would like to hire a marquee or would like our help planning your garden party event, please get in touch and see how we can help.

How to throw a party

How to Throw a House Party: 7 Techniques to Ensure Your Party Is Awesome

    March 21, 2019 Our Big Fun Party Comment: 0

Party Categories:Parties

When was the last time you attended a house party and couldn’t wait to leave? Probably more recent than you care to admit. When you were younger, the raging parties were thrown at parents’ houses while they were out of town or in a field.

Now that you’re an adult, you may be thinking of how to throw a house party of your own. You don’t want your home destroyed, probably don’t want to spend loads of cash, and definitely want everyone to have fun.

We’re going to talk about 7 ways to make your party the talk of your friends and your neighbors jealous. Keep reading for more information!

Being an Adult Means Responsibility

First of all, if you are having a party that will be flowing with alcohol, you will want to ensure your friends have either a place to sleep or a safe way home. This can be as easy as storing all keys out of reach or making sure a car service is used.

Additionally, if there are people there willing to be designated drivers, make sure you have beverages for them too! This may include sparkling or flat water, energy drinks, coffee, a few mocktails, and a variety of soda.

Sure, this isn’t a fun part of planning a party, but it is a necessary one. You’d feel awful if a friend left your home and ended up with a DUI, wrecked car, or hurt. Depending on the state in which you live, it also may be possible for them to sue you.

Provided Food and Drinks

Depending on the nature of your house party, you may choose to provide light snacks such as chips and dip or possibly burgers and hot dogs for a summer bar-b-que bash.

Regardless, people love something to munch on while they socialize. Just be sure to make the food accessible and finger-friendly.

Although food is important, drinks are even more so. Most people do not attend a house party with the expectation that the host will provide all of the alcoholic beverages. However, it’s a good idea to have something available.

If you choose to have a keg, great. Otherwise, consider having a few cheap bottles of wine or other spirits for those people who may run out or are only stopping for a short period of time. As mentioned, a variety of sodas for designated drivers is great but can also serve as mixers for many cocktails.

Set the Mood With Music

Unless you happen to have a band or DJ that wants to play for your house party, you may have to settle for a playlist from your phone.

Not everyone has the same taste in music, so a variety of tunes is optimal. If your party happens to be themed, your playlist selection may include songs that relate to the party’s concept — just don’t overdo it!

There are numerous apps available that allow you to choose playlists of certain genres and time periods. However, if time allows, try your hand at making your own. You know your friends better than any auto-playlist and will be able to predict what will keep the energetic vibe going.

Consider keeping the volume at a reasonable level. This is for two reasons: sound ordinances — an unhappy neighbor can have a party shut down quickly — and because many people attend parties to meet people and talk to other guests.

The Guest List

A raging house party doesn’t necessarily mean hundreds of people. It also doesn’t mean your three closest friends. Before making a guest list, consider the amount of space available, how much clean up you’re interested in, parking, and your neighbors.

The more people you have at your house, the louder the party will be and the more space will be needed for parking. If this party is happening in a neighborhood, people around you may not be happy with cars blocking their driveway or bumping music at all hours of the night.

Additionally, when large crowds get together and alcohol is in the mix, there is always the potential for a fight or physical altercation. On one hand, it may make for a funny story, but on the other, someone could get seriously hurt.

Basically, no host wants a house full of people they don’t know or have zero connection to. Don’t forget to make sure your guests know whether your party is kid-friendly or not.

Avoiding Problems With the Neighbors

Aside from all of your college buddies, pub friends, and co-workers, definitely invite your neighbors. Even if you don’t actually expect them to show up, the invite was given and they will be a lot less likely to get aggravated over the crowd that has gathered.

Whether or not your neighbors choose to attend, periodically check to ensure no one has blocked their driveway or parked in their grass.

Fashionably Late

Most people don’t like being the first ones at a party. The easiest way around this is to lie about the start time.

Lying sounds bad until you think of it like this: tell your guests the party starts at 8 if you really want it to start around 9:30 or 10. Around this time, you should begin seeing guests arrive and ready to have a great time!

Lock Your Doors

No matter how perfectly you think you’ve planned your guest list, chances are there will be a few random people show up. They might be friends of friends or even random people that took notice to your awesome gathering.

Regardless of which, it is smart to lock any rooms that you’d prefer people to stay out of. Typically, this means roommate’s bedrooms, the master suite, coat closets that may have expensive items, and even bathrooms you don’t want being used.

To be safe, also place all valuables in an area that can’t be accessed.

How to Throw a House Party: Have Fun

The most important idea to remember when thinking of how to throw a house party is to have fun. The point of a party is to gather, socialize, possibly drink too much, and ultimately for everyone to be safe.

If the house party you are planning is more along the lines of a surprise birthday party, check out this blog to help it go off without a hitch!

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If you’ve just moved into a new neighborhood one of the quickest ways to meet your new neighbors is to throw a block party.

A Welcome to the Neighborhood Block Party

Let’s face it, getting to know your neighbors might be an intimidating prospect (if you’re shy) or it might be challenging if you’re just busy. Instead of going door-to-door or simply waving at your neighbors when they happen to drive by, throw a neighborhood block party to fast-track the process for everyone. Here’s what you need to do.

10 Point Neighborhood Block Party Checklist

Set a Date

Stop saying “someday” and put a date for your block party on the calendar. If you already know one or two of your neighbors, get together with them and set a date together.

Assemble your Dream Team

If you take on all the responsibility for the block party yourself you might be so exhausted when it finally arrives that you can’t even enjoy it. Make sure you have at least one other neighborhood homeowner or family helping to organize and run the event.

Map Out a Location

This could be someone’s backyard, a cul-de-sac, large driveway, neighborhood park or some other area large enough for everyone to gather. Ideally it will be located so that it’s convenient for people to bring food (assuming you’re having some type of pot-luck or BBQ/potluck combination).

Decide on a Menu

One of the most common neighborhood block party traditions is the potluck, where everyone brings something to share. In some instances, people are asked to bring specific things, such as a dessert, chips, side dishes, condiments, etc. and a designated host (or hosts) grills hotdogs, hamburgers, steak, chicken, or some other “main” item. You can even set up your party so that when someone RSVP’s they can choose an item to bring. That way you’ll know if all the items are covered or what still needs to be purchased. In addition to the menu, you’ll need to decide on things like beverages (provided, bring your own or bring some to share?) paper plates, napkins, cutlery and how you’ll collect and dispose of all the trash.

Fun and Games

Plan an ice-breaker game that gives everyone a chance to introduce themselves. Devise a plan so that you can play music. Think about how the space can be organized for conversational seating or mixing – after all, that’s the point, right? If there are a lot of kids in the neighborhood then organizing a game-space for kids or renting a bouncy house could be ideal. have a list of 30 block party theme ideas that you can use to fill out the fun and games portion of your event, such as:

  • Bubble want parties
  • Photo booths
  • Glow stick bowling alleys
  • Chocolate tasting
  • Art parties
  • Ice cream socials
  • Progressive dinner (neighborhood style)
  • Bike parade
  • Picnic and party games
  • Sidewalk chalk festival
  • Popcorn and a movie
  • Book party
  • Cheese party
  • Smores party – and more

Save the Date

Hand-deliver “Save the Date!” postcards or flyers throughout your neighborhood 2-3 weeks before the big day, with:

  • Date and time of the block party
  • Location
  • What to bring (chairs, food, beverages, paper plates, etc.)
  • What to expect (will there be games? kid’s games or entertainment? music? fireworks?)
  • Who to contact to RSVP, sign up to bring something or ask questions and their address, email address and/or phone number

Laminate and post a copy of the flyer on the group mailbox or community bulletin board or website.

Send a Reminder Invite

Remember how you were all so busy that you couldn’t meet each other? 2-3 days before the block party deliver another round of flyers (or send a reminder email if you managed to get email addresses through RSVP’s). This can simply be another copy of the flyer or postcard you sent as a “Save the Date.”

Give Yourself Extra Time

Make sure that you have all of the “must-have” items assembled or accounted for on the day before the block party. This includes all the items you know that attendees will be bringing as well as those you and the other block party organizers have agreed to provide.

Forgive the “advertorial” nature but check out this Lowe’s video (only a couple of minutes) that shows how to decorate and dress up your party including a great “Rock the block” banner like the photo shown above.

Start setting up the space early, so that when the start time rolls around and people start showing up, the music is already playing, the grill is heated up, tables for potluck items, tableware, cutlery and beverages are set up and the kid’s space is ready to go.

Wear Name Tags

As cheesy as it might sound, name tags can BE the ice breaker people need to start getting acquainted and it saves everyone the embarrassment of potentially forgetting the name of someone they’ve previously been introduced to. Put someone in charge of name tags and make sure the writing is big and legible.

Clean Up

Hopefully all of your neighbors won’t simply disappear when the party is over, they will stay and help clean up and take down. But just in case, make sure you have one or two people who have already committed to help so that you’re not stuck doing it all yourself.

Planning a sexy soiree? See which one of these at home parties is right for you

Looking for a lube that smells like fresh-baked vanilla cupcakes? Want to earn $10,000 in annual commission — on the side? Here’s how at home parties aim to please.

Passion Parties

Bestseller Pure Satisfaction Unisex Enhancement Gel with L-arginine, an amino acid that’s believed to increase nether-region sensitivity.

Hostess Perks 10 percent of the party’s sales in free products, with bonus incentives like a chance to win a Caribbean cruise for two.

Average Rep Commission Per Party $500

Buzz Factor **** because it offers something for everyone — from its exclusive RomantaTherapy lotions, gels, and oils to kinkier toys like the Lilac Elephant (a vibrating cock ring).

Surprise Parties

Bestseller Heart Massager heat pack.

Hostess Perks 10 percent credit from party purchases; $150 in free merchandise for a sexy soiree that brings in $1,000, plus induction into a Surprise Party University; free merchandise or travel incentives for all party bookings.

Average Rep Commission Per Party $700

Buzz Factor ** for being a bit old-fashioned — vibrators are “relationship enhancers” and reps are “surprise ladies.”

Slumber Parties

Bestseller Nympho Niagra, a balm meant to stimulate your erogenous zones.

Hostess Perks 10 percent of total sales in free products, plus hostess gift.

Average Rep Commission Per Party $350

Buzz Factor *** for its easy-to-navigate Web site but fewer perks than other companies.

Tasteful Treasures

Bestseller Coochy, a rash-reducing shave cream.

Hostess Perks 10 percent of party sales in free products of her choice.

Average Rep Commission Per Party $100 to $300

Buzz Factor * because its Web site features trashy lingerie worn by women who look like Vivid Girls.

Pure Romance

Bestseller Just Like Me, a nonsticky water-based lubricant that’s, er, just like the real thing.

Hostess Perks The chance to win vacations, money, and prizes for hosting a party where sales total at least $700. (See the story for more details.)

Average Rep Commission Per Party 45 percent of a $750 party.

Buzz Factor ***** for its endless array of high-end incentives and affiliations with worthy causes. win it!


throw a party

throw a party (for someone)

throw a party

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By: Stephanie Watson

Cooking all alone in your kitchen can seem like a chore, especially if you aren’t particularly gifted — or interested — in the culinary arts. But when you invite a few friends over and turn it into a party, suddenly cooking becomes a lot more fun. A cooking party is a great excuse to host a get together, and enjoy some delicious [url=’344′]food[/url] that you and your friends make together.

There are a lot of reasons to host a cooking party. You can throw one for your child’s birthday, or use the party as a team-building exercise for your employees. It’s also a great way to celebrate the beginning of summer, or an excuse to visit with your neighbors.

Whatever your reason for throwing a cooking party, you want to do it right. In this article, you’ll get some fun cooking party theme ideas, find out how to plan your party and learn what supplies you’ll need to have on hand before your guests arrive. At the end of the night, you’ll know you’ve had a successful party when your guests go home full, happy — and a little more skilled in the kitchen.

Cooking Party Ideas

If you have a reasonably large kitchen you can host a cooking party right at home. But if you’re somewhat space challenged or your kitchen is in need of major renovations, host it at a local cooking school or restaurant (which will cost more, but will also save precious clean-up time). Some companies will bring the party to you, and others will host it at their facility. A few companies will set up a cooking demonstration in your kitchen with the goal of selling cooking equipment to your guests.

If you’re planning to run the party, make sure you know how to cook. Your guests are going to expect some guidance as they work their way through the recipes. If you’re not much of a cook, consider hiring a professional chef to man the kitchen for you.

Once you’ve decided on a location, figure out how many people you want to invite. Don’t go overboard. Depending on the size of your kitchen, it’s better to keep the guest list small (six to eight people) so that everyone has room to cook, and there’s enough space in the oven for everyone’s dish. If you’re having the cooking party at a restaurant, you can have 20 or more people, but you still don’t want so many guests that you don’t have time to spend with them all.

Next, figure out what you’d like to cook. A good guide is one entire meal — an appetizer, two entrees, and a [url=’512740′]dessert[/url]. Choose recipes that are relatively easy to assemble and that you know you can make without the evening ending in disaster (a sunken souffle can really put a damper on a cooking party).

If you’re hosting a kids’ cooking party, plan a kid-friendly dish that children can customize. [url=’436552′]Pizza[/url] is a perfect choice because kids can roll out the dough and add their own toppings. Cookies that they can bake and decorate themselves make for a great dessert.

Finally, prep your guests. Send them the menu and/or recipes ahead of time, and let them know what to bring, like wine or a particular ingredient.

How to throw a party

Whether you have twins, siblings who share a birthday month or besties who are set on celebrating together, joint birthday parties are a great way to double the fun.

“A joint birthday party is when brothers, sisters or friends with birthdays close on the calendar have one big party together instead of celebrating individually,” says event and party planner Jordan Stringfellow, owner of Jordi & CO Events in Southern California. “In addition to helping shave costs off decorations, food and entertainment, joint birthday parties are great for busy families who may have a hard time gathering everyone in the same place at the same time.”

Of course, birthday parties are very much a matter of personal taste (and they only come once a year!). So how can parents celebrate each individual child but in just one festive gathering? Actually, there are a lot of ways!

From adorable backdrops to show-stopping cakes (to preventing show-stopping tantrums), here are eight expert joint birthday party ideas and tips. Sometimes two really is better than one.

1. Send joint birthday invitations

Whether you’re sending out invitations the old-fashioned way or, as most do these days, via email, do yourself — and guests — a favor by having only one birthday invitation for a joint party. Not only will this cut down on cost, it will cut down on confusion since everyone will know there’s one place and one time for two (or more) kids. Make logistics clear by including a photo of both guests of honor on the invite, or go with a joint birthday party invitation that has two distinct themes.

2. Get creative with cake

If you decide to go with one big cake, like the double-decker SpongeBob one from Lemon Tulip Cakes & Bakery, make sure both kids’ names are on it (and if you can swing it, a separate tier). But another option is to have two smaller cakes, one for each child, that represent a similar theme, such as the Paw Patrol cakes from mumma_cakes:

How to throw a partyImage via mumma_cakes/Instagram

3. Have fun with party favors

One of the best parts of the birthday party lead-up for a child? Putting together goodie bags, of course! Let each child get in on the fun of choosing, designing and stuffing their personal birthday treat bags for their set of friends (or everyone, if they share friends). And you can even add a little cohesiveness to goodie bags a la Let Liz Do You a Favor by opting for little muslin sacks and matching messages but more individualized designs.

4. Manage conflicts

When you’re hosting a birthday party for two or more young kids, it’s almost a guarantee that heightened emotions (jealousy, in particular) are going to make a cameo at some point. Whether someone is upset over whose gift pile is bigger or who has more friends in attendance, it’s important to be empathetic and not minimize your child’s feelings.

“If possible, have gifts sent to the children’s respective homes or collected before the guests enter the party, so the day can be focused on the children and not on the competition,” says psychotherapist Justin Lioi, who works with parents on parenting issues such as these.

If a jealousy issue does arise between the two birthday kids, help your child manage their feelings, away from the party if necessary.

“Allow the child to cry, to be upset, however long this feeling needs to be expressed (as long as the child is not endangering self or others),” says Lioi.

5. Consider going gift-free

It’s a touchy subject for kids for sure, but some parents of multiples don’t feel comfortable asking guests to bring more than one gift.

“We’ve always told guests not to bring gifts,” says mom of twin boys Jen Ackerman, of Boston. “After a few years, though, we realized that people were going to bring gifts anyway. So we started requesting books, which the boys can share and won’t break people’s banks.”

6. Find common ground

Even for kids who are polar opposites, there’s likely some common ground between them. Find it and build upon it while honoring each child’s personal tastes.

“In joint birthday parties, the key is to settle on a theme that both birthday kids love, but that allows for individual touches, such as games or crafts that cater to each child,” says Stringfellow. “For instance, if both kids love to bake, build Legos or solve puzzles, find party activities for both kids around that shared activity.”

For older kids who have their hearts set on specific individual themes, a joint birthday party can still work.

“If one child is desperate for an ‘Avengers’ party while another wants everything ‘Frozen,’ that’s fine,” says Stringfellow. “Just make sure to have a variety of activities from each theme for all attendees to enjoy.”

7. Celebrate individually, too

If you’re throwing a joint birthday party for siblings who don’t share the exact same birthday, make sure you still do a little something on their actual birthday.

“We threw a joint birthday party for my 3- and 5-year-old one year, and everyone had a great time,” says Serena Howard, of Union, New Jersey. “On their actual birthdays, though, I made sure to get them a little cake and we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ as a family.”

8. Try a split backdrop

Think typical birthday parties get all the fun? Think again! Whether you have one cohesive theme throughout or are making sure to honor each child’s wildly different interests, you can still have a fun backdrop that features both. And you get bonus points if, like the creative mom behind trendsntrinkets4tots, you can think of a cute joint name, such as Choo Choos and Tutus. Adorable!

9. Arrange a party-wide game

When kids are the same age, a group activity that involves all party-goers is a fun option — particularly if it gets kids working together.

“There are so many activity ideas parents can explore when kids are a little older,” says Stringfellow. “For instance, if your child is having an ‘Indiana Jones’ or ‘Jurassic World’ party, you can divide kids up into teams — archaeologists, scientists, map-questors — for a series of challenges with the birthday kids being leaders.”

No matter the activity, though, Stringfellow advises always having everyone come together at the end to work toward a common goal.

“By doing this, parents are building camaraderie between the birthday kids and their friends, which, ultimately, is the best gift of all,” she says.

Throwing a joint birthday party may take a little extra planning at first, but in the long-run, it’s sure to save time, money and stress. And, no doubt, it will be a day to remember — for all the birthday kids.

I have to admit, this was my first experience using a raclette dish and the rules are: there are no rules for cooking the perfect raclette meal.

The need to use raclette cheese. I did a bit of research and even talked to my parents whose neighbor was from Switzerland, where all of this goodness was founded, and had had my parents over for a dinner party to cook on a raclette dish a few times. The recurring theme I kept running into is that everyone uses different ingredients and cooks whatever they want. Online I found nachos raclette recipes, simple skewered recipes, seafood recipes, etc. which led me to believe that you truly can serve whatever you want with raclette

My suggestion if this is your first time using a raclette cooker is to keep the ingredients simple and provide 3 to 4 options for everyone. I tried to use tons of fresh ingredients and 2 different proteins to give a few choices so that surely someone could find something that they enjoy.

It was the end of the week, and my parents-in-law were over and thought, “What a perfect time to pull out the raclette dish and make a feast!” Truth be told, I only prepped for about 60 to 70 minutes slicing up veggies, meat and par-boiling the potatoes, because almost all of the cooking is done right on the raclette dish.

How to throw a party

How to throw a party

I knew when I was gathering my ingredients that I wanted to provide at least 1 thing that everyone would like, so having an assortment of vegetables is crucial. Even if someone doesn’t like beef or salmon, which were the proteins I went with, you could at the very least whip up a vegetarian meal with ease. If you happen to like both proteins and vegetables, then you are in for a serious treat!

How to throw a party

How to throw a party

I considered having a food theme, but thought that there wouldn’t be enough options if people didn’t like some things, like having a nacho-only raclette. My only goal was to provide a balanced meal with a few courses. Again, the rules are wide open so you can certainly eat dessert while cooking up steak on the raclette dish. I don’t hate, so do what you’d like!

One of the most important aspects of throwing a Raclette party is of course the cheese. You can find Raclette cheese at just about any grocery store. I would say it’s a flavor and texture combination of gruyere, Swiss cheese and mozzarella all wrapped into 1. It’s ridiculously creamy and has a nice strong cheese flavor at the front and the end of consuming it. However, you don’t have to stop there. In fact, I think it’s beneficial to provide as many options as possible.

How to throw a party

I went with Raclette, gruyere, blue, feta and cheddar cheese, and found that there was something for everyone. The reason I believe in mixing up the cheese options as well, is because Raclette cheese costs in between $18 and $20 per pound which is pretty pricey. In the end, do yourself and your pocket book a favor and mix up the cheeses!

The courses went as followed: Apples with melted brie and toasted almonds on a baguette with sour cherry jam. First let me say, DUDE! You want to talk about a flavor combo, this appetizer was ridiculous! You can sub the cherry jam for any jam and it would still be insane.

How to throw a party

The main course was all about options. I had sliced sirloin, salmon, prosciutto, asparagus, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, sliced Yukon potatoes, red peppers and zucchini. Literally something for everyone. The coolest part about the main course is being able to mix and match flavors with cheeses to get exactly what you like, plus new flavor combos. The gruyere melted on the salmon with some lemon and fresh dill… DANG!

How to throw a party

How to throw a party

A couple other things I added in, just in case someone wanted some greens, were arugula and kale micro-greens. I just thought it would be a nice option for someone looking to get those leafy greens in there.

How to throw a party

Lastly, I sliced up some pound cake and strawberries and through those on the raclette dish grill along with some marshmallows and toasted all of it. In the meantime, I put some semi-sweet chocolate in the raclette dish under the burner for it to melt and then drizzled it all over the cake, strawberries and marshmallows for a killer dessert.

How to throw a party

How to throw a party

Honestly everything was super good, and more importantly it allowed us to slow down over a meal while everything was cooking to enjoy each other and talk about life. I feel like that has been missing in my own life. Just the ability to slow down and pause and enjoy one another’s company because the family dinner table is slowly fading away and I for one would love to see it come back with a bang!

How to throw a party

How to throw a party

Happy Cooking you guys!

Raclette Food Options





  • Sliced Honeycrisp apples
  • Raw almonds
  • Sliced baguette
  • Assorted jams
  • Sliced fresh salmon
  • Sliced fresh sirloin steak
  • Parboiled and sliced Yukon gold potatoes
  • Sliced red bell peppers
  • Asparagus
  • Cremini mushrooms
  • Sliced yellow onion
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Sliced zucchini
  • Sliced prosciutto ham
  • Lemon wedges
  • Fresh dill
  • Arugula
  • Kale micro greens
  • Olive oil
  • Kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste
  • Shredded raclette
  • Crumbled blue cheese
  • Crumbled feta cheese
  • Shredded cheddar cheese
  • Shaved gruyere cheese


  • Sliced pound cake
  • Fresh strawberries sliced in half
  • Marshmallows
  • Semi-sweet chocolate chips

How to throw a party

I love throwing parties, and I love having parties where everyone is able to enjoy themselves. Creating a party that is fun for adults AND kids is not the easiest thing, but over the years I have compiled a whole bunch of tips that could help make your party a success!

How to throw a party

1. Don’t plan kid activities that require a lot of adult help.

There are a lot of awesome ideas on Pinterest; however, you need to think about the reality of it. If you want to do face painting, an adult will need to be in charge, there will be a line of whiny kids impatiently waiting, and there will be requests for things that you probably won’t be able to draw. If you want to have a craft station for young kids, their parents will need to help them through it. If you plan some elaborate game, the adults will need to explain and referee.

2. Put out toys or activities where multiple children can play at the same time.
Children are not great at sharing so why not eliminate a lot of the frustration and just put out toys and activities where a whole group of kids can have fun together. Set up a bubble station (DIY bubble solution and fly swatters works awesome). Have a whole bucket of balls (soccer balls, basketballs, footballs, and whatever is laying around your house). Create a ball pit (you can buy ball pit balls at the toy store to dump into a kiddie pool). Put out all of the ride on toys and bikes that you have so that there is plenty for everyone to use.

3. Take inside toys outside
For a lot of our outdoor parties, I end up taking toys that typically belong inside, outside! It is fun for the kids to mix it up, & keeps them occupied. I have taken the pretend food toys out to the playhouse. I have taken all of the tents and tunnels that we have collected out to the backyard. I have taken cars, trucks, and even trains out to race on the deck. Inside toys take on a new life when they go outside, and it will keep everyone happy for hours. *Note: Put away your child’s favorite toys during the party. If they have a special toy that you know they are not going to want to share, just hide it out of sight during the party and avoid the meltdowns.

4. Avoid messy activities
Having a painting party sounds awesome, and I have thrown a party where I had water tables and kiddie pools. But in reality. they are more effort than they are worth. Messy parties are the kind of parties that sound fun in theory but end up being stressful. The parents have to keep a closer eye on their kids, they have to pack changes of clothes, they have to worry about getting messy themselves. It is easier to prevent mess where you can — although I am not guaranteeing that your child won’t go home without a few grass and mud stains.

5. Kid friendly food

When planning the menu, make sure that there is kid friendly food included. My boys are picky eaters, and a lot of times they end up only eating chips and maybe some fruit when we go to a party. Hot dogs, mac n cheese, peanut butter and jelly. kids live on these kinds of foods; and parents will be thrilled if they get anything in their child’s stomach at a party regardless of the nutritional value. You can even set up a kid food & drink station where they can help themselves throughout the party — fun for the kids, easy for the parents.

*Bonus tip: Stay away from little details

The reason that parties can be such a headache for hosts is all of the little details. You don’t realize how much work all of those little details are until you are regretting all of it a week before the party. Cupcakes sound easy in theory, until you realize you have to ice them all. Small, elaborate decorations sound beautiful, until they get lost and go unnoticed in the chaos of the party. Having a candy bar where people help themselves is easier than you having to stuff 30 goody bags yourself. If you are going to do a DIY project, make sure that it has a big impact — like the balloon wall that I created for Julian’s first birthday party!

The common thread throughout these tips is to keep it simple so that the kids can have a good time without needing their parents. The kids want to play & explore. The parents want to sit & chat. So make it as easy as possible for everyone to do just that. Keep things kid safe, kid friendly, and simple; and the parents will enjoy themselves more too.

Beach parties can be incredibly fun, but how do you implement one?

Well, it’s not as difficult as you may think. There is an endless number of ways for organizing a beach party, but they all follow the same general pattern.

And below, we’re going to introduce you to that pattern by giving a step-by-step guide on throwing a beach party!

Table of Contents

Step 1. Find the right beach

First of all, you need to find a beach to throw your party at. The beach shouldn’t be too far from the guests you are intending to invite, be decently large for the group, and have clean water for swimming.

Not only that, make sure that the beach has no rules against parties in late hours, alcohol, or other activities that you may be planning.

Step 3. Make a guest list

The number of your guests will greatly impact the planning stage – after all, you need to know how much food and drinks to prepare and when exactly to host the party. Not only that, but you need to consider the personalities of your friends to organize the right games and pick the right music.

Make sure to invite people that will be enjoying the interaction with each other. If you invite friends who are in a fight, your party may come to an unpleasant end.

Step 2. Choose time and day for your party

Next, choose when exactly to throw the party. Consider not only the schedule of the guests but weather conditions. For a beach party, you’d want to choose a sunny day without substantial amounts of rain or wind.

With that being said, since weather can change unexpectedly, consider having a backup plan – for example, continuing the party at home.

Check Out Also Best Pop Up Canopy for Beach

Step 3. Plan party activities

Next comes making a list of activities to keep the party going.

Since you and your guests will be spending most of their day on the beach, plan some games that can be easily played on the seaside, such as volleyball. Include activities for less athletic guests as well – it may be simple things like karaoke or sandcastle building.

Speaking of karaoke, you also need to plan a playlist for the party. Pick music that will keep the people excited and energized. If running short on ideas, ask the guests for some suggestions. Consider having internet access on the beach so that you or your guests can change the music on the go, but do prepare a playlist to keep things simple.

Also, make sure that you have a music device that can work at the beach. If it’s battery-operated, bring a couple of spare batteries to keep the music going.

How to throw a party

Step 4. Get party furnishing & decorations

Needless to say, you need to get some tables and chairs for your guests to have their meals and rest at, as well as decorate the site to impart the desired vibe to the party. Decorations aren’t that necessary, but if you are feeling up to it, get some beach-themed decorations like paper umbrellas for drinks or tiki torches.

Step 5. Start preparing food & drinks

What party without some eating and drinking, right? Well, coming up with a menu for your guests is perhaps the most difficult part of beach party planning. We’ll give you a general overview of what you can do and leave the details at your discretion.


You have 3 options for food preparation – make it yourself, order it, or organize a potluck.

If you’ve got the time and energy, making the food yourself is a rather good option. You won’t have to rely on the quality of the food delivery service, and you will also keep things under personal control.

On the other hand, ordering is the quickest and the most hassle-free way of managing the meal aspect of a beach party. However, you need to make sure that you are ordering food from a trustworthy service. If it’s appropriate, ask the guests if they can pitch in for the cost.

As for a potluck, it’s great when it comes to satisfying the diverse preferences of your guests. In a potluck party, everybody is bringing their own food. They are free to bring anything they want, but you may want to ask them to bring something that’s easy to eat without utensils and that doesn’t need cooling.

In addition, you may want to make sure that the guests don’t all bring the same food. And finally, you may prepare a few of your own main dishes, as well as desserts.

If you will be making or ordering food, make sure to find out whether your guests have any dietary restrictions or allergies and prepare dishes accordingly.


With drinks, things are a little bit easier. Provide a variety of alcoholic beverages and also don’t forget about alcohol-free drinks like iced tea, juices, punches, and, of course, water. Again, the preferences of your guests may vary, so make sure to ask them about it. They may also bring their own beverages if they want.

When it comes to serving food and beverages, perhaps the best option is to go buffet-style. Set up a few tables under a shaded tent and place dishes and utensils on them so that the guests can eat or drink whenever they want.

Don’t also forget to bring some portable coolers to keep perishable foods and drinks fresh and cool.

Step 5. Calculate the amount of necessary food

Figure out how much food you will need to keep the guests satisfied. For some perspective, you may provide each your guest with:

  • 12-16 ounces of bone-in meat or 5 ounces of boneless meat.
  • 4-5 ounces of vegetable or potato dishes.
  • 2-3 ounces of rice dishes, pasta, or beans.
  • 1 handful of salad.
  • 2 pounds of ice.
  • An amount of alcohol allowing to have 3-4 drinks every 2-3 hours.
  • 1 slice of pie or cake.
  • 5 ounces of ice cream.

Step 6. Send invitations to the guests

Now, it’s time to invite your guests. You may phone them, send them thematic email invitations, or maybe set up an event on Facebook.

Make sure to provide your guests with instructions on things like parking information, beach rules, or anything else they should know about.

Step 7. Keep the party going

When the day comes, you should:

  • Greet your guests.
  • Introduce your guests to each other if necessary.
  • Frequently check on your guests.
  • Follow your plan.
  • Ensure that people can leave when they wish.

Make sure not to disturb wildlife during the party. And once it’s over, pick up all the trash left behind. And yeah, don’t forget to take all the stuff you’ve brought!

Jack is a noteworthy survival expert whose experience with the wilderness dates back more than a decade. He is a writer who creates useful guides to surviving challenging situations, giving his readers the benefit of all that he has learned in his own travels.

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  2. How to Throw the Best Luau Party for Teens
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How to throw a party

As a teen, throwing parties is a great way for socializing, moving your way up on the “popularity ladder” and possibly earning some respect in your school. Some of the best ways to throw a large party are to spend time selecting a guest list, have plenty of food available and get permission from your parents. Here are some tips.

Ask your parents if you can have a party. Discuss rules for the party with your parents, so you know in advance what you can and can’t do.

Decide who you want to invite. If you’re having the party at your home, invite as many peers as you’re allowed. Stick with close friends, friends of friends and peers you’d like to get to know. You don’t want to invite your whole school unless you want to trash your house. Pass out flyers or invitations to potential guests.

Gather all your closest friends to help you prepare your home for the big party. Buy plenty of food and non-alcoholic drinks for everybody. Place covers on the couches to prevent spills, and hide any collectibles, antiques and trinkets so that they don’t get broken.

Burn some popular music and the latest hit tunes onto a CD or get your MP3 player hooked up to your sound system. Make sure that it is music that everybody will enjoy. You could also find a friend who is willing to volunteer as a DJ for your party.

Dress into your best party clothes, turn up the volume and have all of your food and drinks ready. Don’t turn the music up too high, or you risk having the local police being called for a noise disturbance.

Hosting a Mexican themed party? Get ready for all the Mexican party ideas, perfect fiesta party foods, Mexican cocktails, and more for your themed party, Taco Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo, or any other time you’re ready to throw a fiesta!

How to throw a party

Green Wedding Shoes

Turn your typical dinner into a festive Mexican themed fiesta with a few of our simple tips and tricks! Whether it’s how to set the Mexican themed party table, what to serve to your guests, or more, we’ve got your details below!

Mexican Themed Party Tables

As you all know, the tablescape is my favorite part of ever party! A Mexican fiesta definitely deserves a bright and cheerful party table.

How to throw a party

Above, we took a large sombrero to create a simple centerpiece and filled large glass-style vases with mini peppers.

Here are a few more themed party tablescapes that are perfect inspiration for your fiesta…

How to throw a party

This gorgeous themed party is Mexican perfection from BLovely Events. I love the rich purples and vibrant pinks. The cactus centerpieces are gorgeous, and easy to recreate!

How to throw a party

Head to the market and grab lots of brightly colored flowers! Add in a Mexican table runner and some lanterns for the perfect fiesta-worthy tablescape like this one (above) from Bespoke Bride!

How to throw a party

Use Mexican food cans (like El Pato cans) and fill with baby’s breath or other flowers! The vibrant colors blend beautifully and give off the perfect fiesta vibe.

How to throw a party

I adore this tablescape from Toot Sweet 4 Two. It really shows off how to use vibrant colors in various shades to pull together a gorgeous Mexican themed party tablescape!

How to throw a party

My friend Kelley Nan styles the most gorgeous tablescapes, including her Cinco de Mayo party. It’s full of inspiration and not one to miss! I love the simple white plates with the brightly colored napkins. Plus, the mini cacti are perfect. See more of this one here!

Mexican Themed Party Foods

You can’t have a Mexican party without tacos, right? Right! I’m sharing a fabulous menu with you below so you can mix and match your favorites to serve to your friends and family. Whether it’s a simple Taco Tuesday party or a full-blown Fiesta Night, this party menu will fit the bill!

Mexican Themed Party Drinks

How to throw a party

Gorgeous Mexican cocktails from Every Last Detail by Dyan Kethley Photography

Mexican Themed Party Ideas & Decorations

How to throw a party

I LOVE these fun and festive Mexican themed signs (find them HERE on Etsy)! Set these around to jazz up your fiesta. You could have one made for a drink station, taco station, etc.

  • Papel Picado Banners are a must! They’re so bright and colorful. Hang them above our party, at your entrance, and everywhere you can to add a boost of color!
  • Festive Fiesta Garland Signs to hang at your party!

Follow this guide to table decorations, foods, drinks and decor and you’ll be ready to throw a very festive Mexican Themed Party!

Pizzazzerie is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Programs and other affiliate services. This means that receives a small commission by linking to and other sites at no cost to the readers.

How to throw a party

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