How to use the poke radar

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How to use the poke radar

Registering the Poke Radar to the Y button will save a lot of time.

To use the PokéRadar, first simply use it in the field. Specifically, you must use it in tall grass without being in the skates or on the bike. Once used, several bushes of grass will shake: those mark places where Pokémon are likely to be. Go there and you will find a Pokémon. Battle it and then ya go.

Bushes will shake after the battle: go into one of them for another battle. If this Pokémon is the same species – that’s all that matters – as the one before, you’ve begun to “chain”, and thusly increase the chances of finding Shiny Pokémon. There is a peculiar mechanic about which bush to choose that we’ll explain momentarily.

Anyways, note that encountering Pokémon before getting to a shaking bush will break the chaining sequence, so look out! Similarly, finding an empty bush or encountering Pokémon of a different species breaks the chain, but those are down to pure chance.

Because of your desire for exactitude (and diagonal moving really being screwed up in regards to encounter rates), we strongly recommend the use of the D-Pad.

Now, that bush mechanic? As anyone ever using the PokéRadar knows, multiple bushes shake. So, question is, which to choose? As a rule of thumb, the farthest is best – that’s not exactly true, but it works well if you’re having trouble spotting the bushes shaking. From experimentation, the fourth “ring” of bushes works best.

How to use the poke radar

“U” is you, and each color and number denote another “ring”.

Now, looking at the above diagram, you can see that the fourth ring is those four steps away from you if you go straight or straight-diagonally, and any tile on that square. While there is no hard evidence that really supports this part of the theory, it seems to work well enough, so it may be coincidence, or related to the next concept.

As well as aiming for the fourth ring of grass, you want to aim for the fastest-shaking grass possible – that takes rather keen observation in that you have to see every bush shake. In our experience, the furthest grass shakes fastest, so that’s another rule of thumb to try using if you’re having trouble with it.

And, finally, try to avoid two adjacent bits of shaking grass – generally, it ends up empty or an alternate species, breaking your chain.

So, in summation for this current “grass rings” theory: aim for the fourth grass ring and use the fastest-shaking ring of grass, but avoid adjacent groups of shaking grass. This has been pretty successful for us, which is why we mention it: in about an hour, with around a 35-Poké chain, we got ourselves a Shiny Pidgey.

The PokéRadar itself is battery-powered. To charge it, you need to walk (or bike or skate) a number of steps in the field to get it back up to 100% – 100 steps is all that’s needed. Good luck finding Shinies!

How to use the poke radar

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The Poké Radar helps you find wild pokémon and can greatly increase your chance of finding a shiny pokémon. This page is about chaining with the Poké Radar. For fish chaining, please read the chain fishing guide.

  • How to Get the Poké Radar
  • How to Use the Poké Radar
  • What is Chaining?
  • Don’t Break the Chain
  • Chaining Tips

How to Get the Poké Radar

You can get the Poké Radar after defeating the Elite Four and the Champion. Go to Lumiose City and go to 2F of Professor Sycamore’s lab. Talk to the scientist on the right and he will give you the Poké Radar.

How to Use the Poké Radar

To use the Poké Radar, you first have to charge it up by walking 50 steps. Then you have to be standing in grass or flowers where wild pokémon can appear. When you use the radar, some patches of grass around you will shake. Those shaking patches have wild pokémon. Step into the shaking patch to encounter a wild pokémon.

What is Chaining?

After you use the Poké Radar and defeat or capture a pokémon that you found in a shaking patch of grass or a bubbling spot on the water, the background music will be different, and grass around you will shake again. If you find the same type of pokémon in the next spot, the grass will shake again after you defeat or capture it. When you keep finding the same pokémon each time, it’s called chaining. During a chain, the background music will continue to be different from the usual background music.

The longer you chain, the more likely you are to encounter a shiny pokémon. The shiny probability reaches maximum after you have chained 40 times. If a shiny is in a patch of grass, the shiny patch will sparkle and make a different sound. In addition, the background music will be different if a shiny patch is available.

Don’t Break the Chain

The following things will break the chain:

  • Using your rollerskates or bicycle
  • Encountering a different type of pokémon from the one that you started the chain with
  • Encountering a wild pokémon that was not in a shaking patch of grass
  • Leaving the area
  • Saving and restarting from where you left off

Encountering a legendary bird does NOT break the chain.

Chaining Tips

It’s easiest to chain in a large patch of grass or flowers. You might want to practice in the big flower patch of Pokémon Village. There are also a bunch of purple flowers in Route 5.

Buy a lot of Super Repels and use them while you are chaining. (Super Repels are more cost-effective than Max Repels.) This helps you avoid non-radar pokémon that would break your chain.

When you walk into a patch of grass, pay attention to how quickly/forcefully it was shaking. As you continue the chain, make sure that you always step into a patch of grass that is shaking the same way as the first one. The same type of shaking means that you are likely to encounter the same type of pokémon that you have been chaining with.

Ignore the patches of grass that shake very slowly and gently. These do not have any pokémon in them.

If there aren’t any good patches of grass, you can use the Poké Radar again without breaking the chain. Just walk around for fifty steps without encountering a wild pokémon, then use the Poké Radar while standing in the grass to make different shaking patches of grass appear.

After you have chained 40 times, you have maximized your probability of encountering a shiny, so instead of walking into the shaking patches of grass after you have chained 40 times, you should just use the Poké Radar over and over until a shiny patch appears. As mentioned above, a patch of grass with a shiny in it will glow, and the background music will be different from the usual Poké Radar music.

Read this Pokemon GO guide on the Team GO Rocket Radar. Including info on how to use, where to get, if it is in shop, if it is working, one time use and more!

Table of Contents

Team GO Rocket Related Guides

GO Rocket Leaders Best Grunt Counters
Rocket Radar Guide

What Is Rocket Radar?

Used To Find Team GO Rocket Leaders

You can use the Rocket Radar to find the three leaders of Team GO Rocket. If you find them, you can battle them!

Finding Leaders Is Random

You won’t be able to choose the Team GO Rocket leader you’ll encounter. They are randomly found when you use your Rocket Radar.

One Time Use Only

The Rocket Radar has a one time use and you cannot have more than one at a time. You’ll need to collect Mysterious Components again for you to have a fully built Rocket Radar in your item bag.

Can Have Multiple If Purchased In Shop

You can have multiple Rocket Radars if you purchase another one from the shop.

Can Only Be Used By Level 8 Trainers

Only Trainers who are Level 8 and above are able to make use of the Rocket Radar feature. Make sure to be at this level before trying to gather Mysterious Components & making a Rocket Radar.
Source: Official Pokemon GO Site

Where To Get Rocket Radar

Collect 6 Mysterious Components From Grunts

Battling with Team GO Rocket grunts and defeating them will randomly make them drop Mysterious Components. Keep battling the grunts to collect all 6 that you need!

Random Drop In Battle

Though it seems that you’ll always get a Mysterious Component when you battle grunts, the drop rate is yet to be confirmed in the game.

Stops Dropping When You Have Rocket Radar

If you already have a Rocket Radar in your inventory, you won’t be able to get any more Mysterious Components from battling Team GO Rocket grunts. Use your Rocket Radar up first before trying to get more Mysterious Components.

Purchase From In-Game Shop

Item Cost
Rocket Radar 200 PokeCoins

The Rocket Radar can be purchased from the in-game shop for 200 PokeCoins. If you want to keep challenging Giovanni, make sure to purchase the Rocket Radar from the shop.

Create Once To Spawn In Shop

You’ll need to collect Mysterious Components and complete a Rocket Radar for it to spawn in the shop.

Sales Suspended In Some Accounts

It’s possible that the Rocket Radar has been pulled out from the in-game shop. Though it may appear in some players’ shops, the reselling of the item has not been announced by Niantic.

Trainers, we have temporarily removed the Rocket Radar from the Shop. We will share an update when it returns. Thank you for your patience.

How To Use Rocket Radar

Open Items & Select Rocket Radar

To use the Rocket Radar, you need to go into your Items and select it from your list. This is how you activate the Rocket Radar to find Team GO Rocket leaders.

Open Search Screen On Top-Right Of Map

Once the Rocket Radar is active, go back to your map and open the search screen. Tap the radar icon to search if there are any leaders nearby.

Leaders Can’t Be Found At Night

Make sure to search for leaders only during the daytime as they don’t appear during nighttime.

Leaders Appear Immediately After Activating

Team GO Rocket leaders will only appear once you’ve activated your Rocket Radar. Even if it is in your bag, you won’t find the leaders until you’ve turn on and used the Rocket Radar.

What Is Super Rocket Radar?

Used To Find Giovanni

The Super Rocket Radar is the item used to find and confront Giovanni, the leader of Team GO Rocket. To get the Super Rocket Radar, you need to complete the Special Research “Looming in the Shadows”.

Reveals Giovanni & Decoy Hideouts

When you use the Super Rocket Radar, it’ll reveal the location of Giovanni and his decoys. You may need to visit all hideouts to actually find the real Giovanni.

Battle With Giovanni

When you find the real Giovanni, you’ll be able to battle him the same way you battle other Trainers or your Team Leaders. Defeating him may let you rescue Legendary Shadow Pokemon!

Home » Guides » Pokemon GO: How to Get Rocket Radar & Super Rocket Radar

Team GO Rocket grunts are usually nothing more than just a nuisance. There’s not much thought required to defeat them. Once you get to the Team Leaders and Giovanni, then you’ll be in for a tough time. But first, you need to learn how to get Rocket Radars and Super Rocket Radars in Pokemon GO.

How to Get Rocket Radars & Super Rocket Radars in Pokemon GO

First off, we’ll focus on obtaining a regular version and what it does. Then, we’ll move on to the Super ones.

How to Get a Rocket Radar

The easiest way you can get one is by purchasing it from the Shop for 200 Poke Coins. The other method has you collect six Mysterious Components by defeating GO Rocket Grunts.

Once you have six Mysterious Components, then you’ll be able to combine them into a Rocket Radar. Once you have the item, you won’t be able to obtain any more Mysterious Components until you use the Radar.

How to Use One & What it Does

This item is used to find Team GO Rocket Leaders (Sierra, Cliff, or Arlo) hiding out in PokeStops or in hot air balloons nearby. When you tap the Rocket Radar button on the main screen (hexagon with the red R on it), it’ll scan the nearby area for Team Leaders.

If it finds one at a Pokestop, then a circle with a Red R will mark the Pokestops where Team Leaders are hiding. The Radar will also find any hidden hot air balloons. Tap on the balloon or go to the Pokestop and take on Cliff, Sierra, or Arlo.

Keep in mind that these items don’t last forever. Once you defeat one Leader, then you’ll need to obtain another Rocket Radar. Fortunately, you’ll still hold onto the item even if you lose.

How to Get a Super Rocket Radar

Unlike the standard item, the Super version cannot be purchased from the Shop. The Super Radar is only obtainable via Special Research. After defeating all three Team Leaders, you’ll earn this item.

How to Use One & What it Does

The Super version works in the same way. A button with the Super Rocket Radar on it will appear on the upper half of the right edge of the screen. Tap that to activate it. This time around it won’t show you the Team Leaders. Instead, you’ll be able to find Giovanni.

He’ll also be located in a PokeStop or a hot air balloon. Just be warned about going too far out of your way to go battle Giovanni. Sometimes it’ll just be a standard grunt acting as a decoy. You can still battle them and you won’t use up your Radar.

But once you defeat Giovanni, you’ll need to obtain another Super Radar in order to take him on again.

Now you should know all about how to get Rocket Radars and Super Rocket Radars in Pokemon GO.

Everything you need to know about summoning the Team Go Rocket Leaders.

Mysterious Components are a requirement in helping you face Rocket Leaders Arlo, Cliff and Sierra.

By getting these items, you can form a Rocket Radar – helping you track the locations of the Leaders down.

All this leads up to a battle against Giovanni himself.

How to find Mysterious Components in Pokémon Go

If you want to battle a Team Go Rocket Leader, then you must first collect six Mysterious Components.

You can find Mysterious Components by defeating Team Go Rocket Grunts.

These battles will occur normally with the only difference being that, once the Grunt is defeated, you may be rewarded with a Mysterious Components.

How to use the poke radar How to use the poke radar How to use the poke radar

Mysterious Components are guaranteed drops provided you don’t have a full roster on you.

The components you collect will appear in your bag, allowing you to easily keep track of how many you have.

Once you have six Mysterious Components, you’ll be able to combine them to create a Rocket Radar.

The Season of Discovery is here! Current events, include Season 8 of the Go Battle League, the addition of Raid Achievements. Meanwhile, the last major update saw a level cap increase – including the addition of XL Candy, boosts to some XP sources and the addition of Platinum Medals.

How to use the Rocket Radar in Pokémon Go

To use the Rocket Radar, equip it from the items bag, then tap the icon in the upper right corner of the map screen. Using it will change the appearance of the overworld map in Pokémon Go.

This new version of the map will highlight the location of the Team Go Rocket Leaders, allowing you to track them down.

PokéStops that have been invaded by a Rocket Leader will have the red Team Rocket ‘R’ hovering above them.

When you approach an invaded PokéStop, the Rocket Leader inhabiting will appear on the map, just like a Grunt.

How to use the poke radar How to use the poke radar

If you don’t fancy fighting that particular Rocket Leader – their location is randomised, but fixed for the day – you can walk to the next invaded PokéStop and see who you find.

When you find a Rocket Leader that you wish to battle, simply enter the PokéStop and confront them just like a Grunt.

Rocket Radars are reusable until a Rocket Leader has been defeated. From there, you can start collecting Mysterious Components again, so you can create another Rocket Radar.

If you need a hand facing each Leader, our Arlo, Cliff and Sierra page can help.

Good luck hunting down those evil Team Go Rocket leaders!

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The hottest new app in the iPhone App Store is. another Pokémon app.

Poké Radar is a crowdsourced map of locations where ” Pokémon Go” players found certain Pokémon. It’s already number two in the App Store, just behind the official ” Pokémon Go” app.

Here’s how it works:

When you launch the app, you see a map of all the Pokémon players have found in your area.

Tapping a Pokémon tells you the username of the trainer who found it and when it was found.

If you go to the location and don’t find the Pokémon you’re looking for, you can “Vote Down.” That’ll tell the app that other users are less likely to find the Pokémon in question there.

This is the biggest problem with Poké Radar. Since it’s an unofficial, crowdsourced app and Pokémon appear at random, there’s no guarantee it’ll work.

Tap the submit button to let everyone know where you found a Pokémon. Enter the trainer name you use in “Pokémon Go” first.

Then select the Pokémon you found. The app will automatically drop it at your location on the map.

Now other Poké Radar users can see where you found your Pokémon.

Looking for a particular Pokémon? Tap the “Filter” button at the top of the screen and select the one you want.

I haven’t found a Pikachu yet, so I decided to see where other players have found him.

Here’s where users found a Pikachu near my location.

Want to get to the nearest location where the Pokémon you’re after was last spotted? Tap the “Get Directions” link.

Apple Maps will open and give you the option to help you navigate there. Easy!

Unfortunately, Poké Radar isn’t that reliable.

While the app makes a good resource to see where people caught certain Pokémon, keep in mind ” Pokémon Go” generates creatures randomly. Just because someone found a Pikachu in one location doesn’t mean you’ll find one there too.

Our advice? ” Pokémon Go” takes geography into account when generating certain Pokémon, so search in parks, near water, or in the streets to find different types.

How to use the poke radar

Pokemon Dream Radar (Pokemon AR Searcher in Japan) is a Nintendo 3DS App which allows players to catch Rare Pokemon using the Nintendo 3DS system, similar to the Pokemon Dream World. The App uses the Nintendo 3DS camera, motion control, and augmented-reality technology to catch Pokemon in your home!

The Pokemon Dream Radar App was released in 3DS eShop on 2012, October 7th to coincide with the North American release date. The price was 300 Yen in Japan, and $2.99 in US.

The objective in Pokemon Dream Radar is to shoot Dream Clouds and capture Dream Orbs that pop out of them. To capture the Dream Orbs, shoot them with the beam used to shoot clouds. Use these orbs to purchase upgrades in the Development Lab.

Dream Clouds usually appear at a rate of one every five minutes, but they won’t form while recharging. Maximize the number of Dream Clouds with five Play Coins from the 3DS. That feature can only be used three times a day. To get Play Coins, walk around with the 3DS on. Only a max of ten Play Coins can be earned each day.

Capturing Pokemon and Items

Every now and then, a Pokemon will appear out of a Dream Cloud instead of Dream Orbs. Only a bright light will appear, so you won’t know the Pokemon until you capture it. The bright light may even be a Pokemon that drops an item instead of being capture. To capture it, shoot it with the beam to stall it, then shoot it repeatedly until a meter fills up. If you’re not quick enough, it will run away. The captured item or Pokemon will fill one of twelve slots in the lab. Six slots are for Pokemon, and six slots are for items.

All Pokemon found in the Pokemon Dream Radar will have Rare / Dream World Abilities. What level they’re on depends on how much of Pokemon Black 2/White 2 you’ve completed when you transfer them, level 5 before the first gym, level 10 before the second, and so on up to level 40. Many Pokemon can be captured, including rare Legendary Pokemon.

Past Legends

Once you beat Landorous and you have one of the Generation IV games in your game cartridge slot, you can obtain the main legendary of that game. They act like the other legendary battle areas as they each contain only one Pokemon. The legendary Pokemon can only be sent to one game and can only be received by a Black 2 or White 2 cartridge.

Diamond Time Extension Capture Dialga 0 orbs
Pearl Space Extension Capture Palkia 0 orbs
Platinum Renegade Extension Capture Giratina 0 orbs
Heart Gold Rainbow Extension Capture Ho-oh 0 orbs
Soul Silver Diving Extension Capture Lugia 0 orbs

Transferring Pokemon and Items

After catching Pokemon and collecting items, send them over to your Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 game. Select “Send Research Data” from the App, ,then use the Nintendo 3DS Link option inside the Unova Link menu at the Main Menu of Pokemon Black 2 or White 2.

Research Lab

The Research Lab is the place where you shoot Dream Clouds. Use Dream Orbs to enter later devices. The Dream Orbs will be taken each time you use the Device.

Collect Dream Orbs to unlock the other extensions. 3000 Orbs (total) will be needed to get all extensions for the three Flying Legendary Pokemon.

Device Price Description
Basic Extension 0 A balanced searching device.
Retrieval Extension 100 This search extension makes it easier to find Pokemon.
Eureka Extension a 0 / 400 The alpha version of an extension for finding the mystery Pokemon (Tornadus). After capturing all three Legends, this will be used to research Torandous’s Traits. It will cost a few Dream Orbs to use.
Dowsing Extension 100 This search extension reacts to Pokemon that are holding something.
Eureka Extension β 0 / 600 The beta version of an extension for finding the mystery Pokemon (Thundurus). After capturing all three Legends, this will be used to research Thundurus’s Traits. It will cost a few Dream Orbs to use.
Eureka Extension γ 0 / 800 The gamma version of an extension for finding the mystery Pokemon (Landorus). After capturing all three Legends, this will be used to research Landorus’s Traits. It will cost a few Dream Orbs to use.

Development Lab

Use Dream Orbs to purchase upgrades and inventions.

By Cian Maher 04 December 2019

A complete guide to Pokemon Sword and Shield Poke Jobs and how to make the most of them

How to use the poke radar

Pokemon Sword and Shield Poke Jobs are a brand new aspect of Pokemon. Introduced in Generation 8, Poke Jobs allow you to level up your Pokemon in interesting and time-efficient ways. Here’s everything you need to know about Poke Jobs in Pokemon Sword and Shield, including what Poke Jobs are, how to send Pokemon on Poke Jobs, and why Poke Jobs are important in the first place.

What are Pokemon Sword and Shield Poke Jobs?

Pokemon Sword and Shield Poke Jobs are special jobs you can send your Pokemon on. They’re indicative of a push towards the harmonious society seen in Detective Pikachu, where people and Pokemon work alongside one another.

There are a wide range of Poke Jobs to choose from in Sword and Shield. To access them, you’ll want to visit a Pokemon Centre and head over to the Rotom computer in the back-left corner. If you interact with this, you’ll see an option for “Check Poke Jobs,” which you’ll need to click to see what’s available. Everywhere from the Galar Police Station to Steelix Railcars, humans are looking for specific Pokemon to help them out of a pinch.

Sending Pokemon on Poke Jobs

Although you can send any Pokemon on any job, it’s important to pay attention to the specific job requirements. If a Poke Job calls for an Electric-type, a Water-type won’t quite cut the mustard. If you want to get the maximum EXP reward, you’ll want to make sure you’re actually enlisting a Pokemon that fits the bill.

The amount of experience you gain is also tied to how long a job is going to take. Poke Jobs have a wide range of completion windows: some only take about an hour, whereas others can take an entire day. There’s no specific time attached to any Poke Job – instead, the postings are simply described as “short” or “long,” but there’s a specific amount of time attached to each description:

Just a little = 1 hour
Very short = 2 hours
Short = 3 hours
Long = 4 hours
Very Long = 8 hours
Half day = 12 hours
Whole day = 24 hours

Once you select the amount of time you want your Pokemon to work for, you can send them off to earn their livelihood and gain some EXP. Some jobs also allow you to send multiple Pokemon at once, which is obviously more efficient. The longer a Pokemon spends on a job, the more experience they’ll gain, and the higher the star rating on the job posting, the better the rewards that come in tandem with stat and experience boosts. It’s best to send off as many Pokemon as possible for as long as possible in order to maximize the amount of experience you’re gaining at any given time, so be sure to scope out jobs catering to the types you want to train and ship off a boatload of similarly-typed Pokemon to help out the ones you want to reach level 100.

Why should I send my Pokemon on Poke Jobs?

Poke Jobs in Sword and Shield are a very solid way of levelling up your Pokemon quickly. If you focus on Poke Jobs with a high EXP ranking, you’ll be able to train your Pokemon to level 100 in no time. And although Poke Jobs can take as long as 24 hours, you can speed this up by changing the date and time on your Switch. Rinsing and repeating this will allow you to complete multiple jobs in a very short window of time.

EV Training with Sword and Shield Poke Jobs

Poke Jobs can also be used for EV training, which means that you can use them to increase your Pokemon’s base stats. This is due to the fact that you can have your Pokemon attend seminars after earning your 4th Gym Badge. A speed seminar obviously increases the selected Pokemon’s base speed, whereas a Special Attack one will boost Special Attack, and so on. These seminars are completed just like regular Poke Jobs, but are even more important if you’re trying to build a team for competitive battling, where you’ll need to have your Pokemon’s stats maxed out.

Your Pokemon will gain 4 points in the selected stat per hour. This means that sending your Pokemon to a speed seminar will allow it to gain 96 speed points in a single day. You should try to send all of the Pokemon you want to use at the Battle Tower or in online battles to seminars before adding them to your team. If their stats are lacklustre, they’ll get steamrolled by more powerful Pokemon who actually had their stats increased, especially in competitive battles online.

Earning rewards for Sword and Shield Poke Jobs

You can also gain valuable items as rewards from Poke Jobs, as well as money. So although your Pokemon are technically being trained by participating in Poke Jobs, you’re also earning a material gain by sending the correct types on specific jobs that complement them. Poke Jobs are essentially EV training, level farming, and money farming all rolled into one. Although they can take a long time, they are an excellent means of progressing in Sword and Shield, especially once you’ve beaten the game and have the opportunity to build a team for online battling.

Sword and Shield Poke Jobs: other uses for Rotom computer

The Rotom computer, or Rotomi, is where you access current listings for Sword and Shield Poke Jobs, but it also has a range of other functions. You can customize your League Card here, which you can exchange with players you battle against or trade with. There are a lot of options available so you can design a card that suits your personal taste.

You can also participate in the Loto-ID, which is Sword and Shield’s version of the traditional Pokemon ID lottery. If the number that comes out matches one of your Pokemon’s ID numbers, you’ll win an amazing prize. The catch is you can only participate in the lottery once a day – but, if you keep catching Pokemon, hopefully you’ll win at some point.

That’s all there is to know about Poke Jobs in Sword and Shield. Check the current listings at any Rotom computer and make sure to send out as many Pokemon as possible – just remember to check the required type before sending the wrong Pokemon, lest you spend 24 hours waiting on less-than-stellar returns.

For all of your Pokemon needs, make sure you visit our complete Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough.