How to wear a belt for women

The size of belt needed will depend on how/where you want to wear it.

You can be a size 12 / M in jeans and require a size 14 / L belt if you want to wear it on your hips.


Please use the table below as a guideline only, for our stock belts.

These are body measurements taken over the article of clothing you will be wearing your belt with.

If you need a size not shown, please see the BESPOKE – MADE TO ORDER service for further information. We are happy to make the size you want.

A size 8/XS , a McRostie belt will measure 26” from the leather end of the buckle to the middle of five holes, unless stated otherwise. These holes are spaced at intervals of 25mm/1”.

SIZE to ORDER Body measurement Waist in cm Body measurement Waist in inches Fastens at the middle hole of 5 holes, leaving two spare either side.
6 / XXS 60 24 61cm / 24”
8 / XS 65 25.5 66cm / 26”
10 / S 70 27.5 71cm /28”
12 / M 75 29.5 76cm / 30”
14 / L 80 31.5 81cm / 32”
16/ XL 85 33.5 86cm / 34”
18 / XXL 90 35.5 91cm / 36”
20 / XXXL 95 37.5 96cm / 38”


If your size is not mentioned in the table above, or falls between sizes, we are happy to make you a belt to your own requirements.

With a made to measure belt, you can also choose the number of holes you would like to have, the spacing between them, the length from the last hole to the tip of the belt or request other features.

Please read the bespoke tab on the product page or click ‘here ‘(Please insert a link to the ‘Made to Order’ page in the Bespoke Category) to contact our Made to Order Service. There is an extra charge for this.

How to measure your belt size: Take a belt you wear comfortably and measure from the leather end of the buckle ( do not include the buckle in the measurement) to the hole you buckle at. This is the size to order. If this measurement is 35.5” we will make your belt to measure 35.5” from the leather end of the buckle to the middle of 5 holes, allowing your waistline to expand a little or contract a little. These holes are normally approx.1” apart.

When I think about belts, I have only one question in my head: belt or not to belt. In today’s blog post I want you to take a look at some of the best street style pics, where women appear in fancy outfits complemented with belts. This year you gonna find lots of great belted outfit ideas that are easy to copy and wear in everyday life. Get ready, this trend is making a comeback!

How to wear a belt for women

How to draw people’s attention on your personality? Just add a belt and you gonna drastically update your look. Today’s belts make outfits look more punk-inspired, 1970’s disco or 1990 grunge alike. Trust me, your ordinary look gonna look different once you add a stylish belt on. Your style choices are limitless. Today’s fashion has all kinds of great belt designs, including classic color must-haves, embellished with metallics, studded, vintage, as well as funky designs. We live in a revolutionary age when mismatching your belt with other accessories is not considered to be faux pas. Now you are free to wear whatever you like and how you want it. A more mismatched look is better. Today’s fashion is more liberate and creative. I personally am a big fan of metallic belts. You are free to choose a gold or silver version that look awesome on skirts and dresses. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and update it with a metallic belt, this will make you look put together, fabulous and vibrantly chic. If you are not into shiny accessories, then you can go for a classic brown belt. Try on a vintage design in a super long length that can be knotted and worn with jeans, skirts and dresses. This simple addition will give you that special boho-chic vibe. Anyway, long belts in neutral tones are always fun and easy to wear. The same thing concerns black belts. They can come in different designs, shapes and textures, as well as embellishments, like studs, buckles or chains. I do like when people try to show off their belts, this makes them look awesome. This pretty accessory can be worn over skirts, dresses, jackets and sweaters. Plus, this simple addition will make your waist look sexier, slimmer and ladylike.

In this article, I’d like to discuss belts and how to wear and style them.

Belts are one of my favorite accessories since I believe they are an often underappreciated accessory that can bring intrigue to even the most simple ensemble.

I’d like to discuss some of the features I look for in belts to ensure that they are as versatile as possible, as well as some of the ways I like to wear them.

Let’s get directly to the meat of the matter.

Table of Contents

How to Wear a Belt

Let’s begin with the two most common ways I prefer to wear my belts.

Personally, I prefer to wear them via the belt loops of my pants or around my natural waist, roughly where my belly button is.

Having those two options gives me a lot of flexibility when it comes to the overall vibe of my outfit, as well as whether I want to elevate or lower the visual line.

I like to select belts that suit my leg-hip area through the belt loops to ensure that I can wear it in any spot. After that, I’ll make a hole in it to make it fit around my natural waist.

It seemed to be effective for me. It helps me extend the number of belts I have, so I don’t end up with any that I can only wear one way.

2 Key Widths

When shopping for a belt that you can use with a variety of clothes, you should also consider the width.

I prefer a belt with a thin or medium thickness. They go with anything and are really easy to wear, in my opinion. They don’t necessitate much thought.

For me, that ranges from half an inch to roughly an inch and a half.

Anything bigger than that inhibits my movement and makes me feel like I’m wearing a corset, because I have a short waist. As a result, I try to stay away from them.

I’ve had a couple in my collection throughout the years that I never wear, so I always donate or give them away.

Anything that is too narrow will get lost. I’ve discovered that when I wear it around my natural waist and then sit down, it tends to vanish. It becomes a source of discomfort for me.

The sweet spot for me is between half an inch and an inch and a half.

Simple is Best

In a same vein, I prefer to keep my belts basic and traditional. That, in my opinion, offers you the most versatility.

That way, I can dress them up or down.

Picking something with a plain finish, no designs, and a very classic metal buckle is a really fantastic way to do that, in my opinion.

It’s a simple method to make sure you have something you can wear to work as well as on the weekends.

It’s fairly simple to find. That type of belt may be found practically anywhere. Almost any price point will suffice.

I don’t believe you need to spend a lot of money on a belt to have it last a long time.

One of my favorite belts cost approximately $30, which is a touch pricy but not as outrageous as some of the other belts I’ve seen.

I’ve had that thing for years and it just keeps on going, becoming better with age and looking great with everything I put on.

Match Your Shoes

Another crucial style element to remember is that your belt should complement your shoes and handbag.

However, it is not required. Mixing and matching all of those is a lot of fun. One thing to keep in mind is that a casual belt should be worn with casual shoes and a formal belt should be worn with dress shoes.

It’s frequently neglected, and it can be perplexing.

When it comes to belts, I prefer to err on the side of being slightly fancy. That way, I won’t be without an item that can be worn in a variety of ways.

If you’re in a similar situation and only want one belt that you can wear on the weekend and at work, search for something slightly dressier.

You’ll want to keep the belt simple, the hardware to a bare minimum, and the finish to a somewhat smooth surface. You don’t want anything overly ostentatious or extravagant. Avoid embossing, gold embossing, and glitter, as well as designs and patterns.

Designer belts are something I would avoid in this situation. They scream a little too much at you, in my opinion. If you want something that can be worn in a variety of ways, go for something simple and classic rather than something flashy.

One Belt

Let’s imagine you only need one belt; perhaps you have a small wardrobe or are going on vacation with limited luggage space, but you still want to bring a belt with you.

I suggest looking for a reversible option.

In recent years, they’ve become increasingly popular, and they’re also growing less cheesy. They’re being done really well these days.

I think it’s a fantastic method to make sure you have a black and a brown, for example, without taking up too much room.

You simply flip it to match whatever you’re wearing, whether it’s your handbag, shoes, or outfit.

You’ll find one that’s a perfect medium width to fit you, your own taste, and your waist length if you really want to take the adaptability up a notch.

Then you’ll need to pick one that fits through your belt loops, and possibly add a hole or two to make it tiny enough to wear around your natural waist.

If you accomplish this, you’ll have a single belt that can be worn in an endless number of ways. It’s amazing, and it’s a good way to expand your belt wardrobe.

Statement Belts

Last but not least, I’d like to discuss statement belts.

I spend plenty of time talking about timeless, classic accessories and clothing, and why it’s good to go with the timeless option when given two.

Statement pieces, on the other hand, have a special place in everyone’s collection. Belts are one of my favorite places to spend a good time.

If you like belts, you should definitely try out different silhouettes and styles.

I enjoy doing this at vintage markets, such as Etsy, eBay, or antique stores. I think they’re fantastic; they’re a great way to discover new hues that you wouldn’t normally see. Different silhouettes and designs are also available.

They’re simply a great method to distinguish your particular style.


Gloria is a top-performing fashion designer with more than eight years of experience in developing fashion concepts.

Are corset belts in style? Yes, they are. There are many different versions of a corset belt that come with their own unique variations. Think of it like the perfect partner to your dress; depending on what outfit you’re wearing, you could have one or two in your wardrobe. They look great as part of an overall ensemble and can make any outfit glamorous. They can also be used to add some fun into different outfits, trying something different.

How to wear a belt for women

Why a Corset Belt? It’s one of the most “in” accessories that goes with anything. Every woman loves the way they can give any outfit an edgy and sexy look, while also improving your overall look by giving your body a slimming, polished look that you wouldn’t get with just wearing trousers with your dress.

When to use a Corset Belt? There are many different ways you can style a corset belt, and most ladies will decide on which belt works best with the dress they are wearing. Once you’ve got your outfit decided on, it’s time to put on your corset belt.

Corset belts have come along way since their debut in the fashion industry back in the 1800s and by today’s standards, we’re going to be quite surprised by how sophisticated they’ve become.

How to wear a belt for women

How to wear a belt for women

How to wear a belt for women

How to wear a belt for women

How to wear a belt for women

By choosing the right corset belt for your outfit, you can easily dress up any simple and plain outfit into a stunning and fashionable look. They go well with any type of dress, but are most commonly used with dresses that have a waistline that rises up to your natural waist area.

Corset belts are available in many different materials, colours and styles, including solid colours or leather versions. They’re great accessories for giving a boring outfit some personality and charm. They’re particularly popular with belts that have a wide variety of studs, including those that have the letters spelling out the name of your favourite designer and even simple rhinestone studded belts.

If you want to keep your outfit light and simple, simply choose a leather corset belt. However, if you want to add some flash to your outfit then why not look into corset belts that are available in funky metallic colours, including silver or gold.

It is important to note that most women will happily wear belts to compliment the outfit they are wearing regardless of whether it is formal or casual. The reason for this is because they allow you to accentuate your outfit in a subtle, refined way.

So, if you’re a woman with curves and want to accentuate these curves, you should consider choosing belts that will help give your body a stunning silhouette. They’re often used to help define the waistline or highlight the hips. Belts are available in many different sizes and styles, as well as metallic colours such as gold and silver which look great for when you want to wear belts during the day time or even on casual occasions.

A corset belt gives the feeling of a waist, even when you don’t have one. They are as fashionable now as they were in the past and can be used by everyone who wants to feel good about themselves. European corset belts usually have a stiff, cone-shaped back made of leather, but in the past you could find them made of other materials like velvet or satin as well. The belt is usually worn with a petticoat, matching stockings and often even knee-high boots. That’s called the original ‘old fashioned’ way of wearing it.

From Amazon butterflies to an investment Chanel.

How to wear a belt for women

Whether you like it or not, that hazy period between the ’90s and the 2000s is back with a vengeance. It was an era of campy glamour, bright colors, and Paris Hilton. Maybe it’s because of my recent rewatch of The OC, Blumarine’s millennium-inspired runway collection, or a never-ending love affair with pop music royalty, but I welcome the return of the aesthetic with open arms. The latest sartorial relic that celebs and TikTokkers alike are revisiting? The chain belt. Shop 13 styles that will make you feel like a Super (or Jennifer Lopez), ahead.

How to wear a belt for women

For the ultimate chain belt that will never go out of style, invest in Chanel.

This style comes in both silver in gold, depending on your metal preference.

How to wear a belt for women

A paperclip chain can modernize the look.

Enter full-on Mariah territory with this butterfly option.

How to wear a belt for women

Go over the top with embellishments with Saint Laurent’s statement belt.

With today’s fashion, women can wear belts in a variety of ways to accentuate their best features. As a result, there is no one proper way to wear a belt.

Traditionally, a belt is worn around the waist with pants. However, in recent years, designers have become more creative with belts. They can be worn over a dress or a long shirt and can sit low or high on the torso. For most women, a belt looks best situated around the natural waist, as this accentuates the narrowest point on the torso. However, this is not a hard-and-fast rule. For women with fuller waists or women with apple-shaped figures, a belt can be worn higher, under the bust, to create an empire style. Experimenting with where to position the belt can help a wearer find the best look for her. A belt can flatter virtually any figure. It can help to divide a long tall figure, and it can add hourglass definition for full-figured women or women with larger busts.

Wearing a belt with garments other than pants is a popular trend in fashion. Unstructured garments, like boxy dresses and long, flowing tunics, are difficult to wear properly. A belt will cinch these garments at the waist to keep the wearer’s figure from being lost in too much fabric.

Wide belts work well for women with defined waists, such as those with hourglass shapes. Skinny belts work for almost any figure, if worn around the natural waist. Skinny belts can even be worn a bit lower if the wearer has a short torso.

How to Wear Designer Belts in Different Ways?

Women’s belts have become a fashion staple among style conscious ladies and they have now overwhelming set of options presented by fashion industry. This accessory highlights the exposed part of a woman: The Torso. To create a fashion statement or to add that little extra zing to your simple looking outfit, a belt alone is sufficient enough to enhance your overall look.

How to wear a belt for women

A Beautiful Girl wearing Designer Belt with Jeans and Top

Designer ladies belts are absolutely stylish and are available in several styles, colours, materials and designs, when compared to men’s belts. These belts play a vital role in women’s dressing style and are handy for dressing in a stylish way in any type of outfit.

These belts are crafted in various strips or loops made of plastic, animal/reptile skins or sturdy leather. Nowadays, you can find various types of stylish designer belts that come decorated with semi precious stones and rhinestones which perfectly blend with any type of outfit.

Several fashion enthusiast women tend to collect different types of belts not for personal collections, but for mixing and matching purpose. By proper mixing and matching designer fashion belts, you can accentuate your outfit in the best way.

Designer belts are available in endless variety of styles, designs and colours. Materials such as lace and cloth are used to craft sashes, which falls into the category of stylish women belts.

After having mastered a basic understanding for women’s belts and how they add to one’s style statement, you can now move on to determine the right belt as per your taste and choice. Designer belts for women are available in all sorts of styles, colours and designs. They are made from different types of material which can be interchanged. These belts can be worn in any manner to fit your taste.

How to wear a belt for women

Pink Designer Belt for Black Dress

There are several fashionable ways in which you can wear trendy belts with your outfits:

  • With sweater dress – One great tip on how to wear belts is to pair them with your sweater dress. This look will really make you look stylish and attractive.
  • With a dress – You can also wear stylish designer belts with a dress. Retro style dresses simply look great with belts. Some of the retro dresses look cool with thin belts, while others look stunning with thick belts.
  • Doubled up – It has been noticed that several people wear their belts doubled up. You can do this in several ways. For example, you can try wearing two belts, either the same or in complementary styles. You can buy belt that is little big in size and can wrap it two times around your waist. It is also one of the trendiest ways to wear stylish women belts.
  • Over a sweater – The trend of wearing a belt over clothing, not just your pants has become very popular among young girls. If in case you are wearing an oversized sweater, you can hold it together with a snazzy looking belt. This look is absolutely fab and is quite unique as well as it’s not something usual.

If you are thinking to buy some designer belts, then with the help of Extreme Pie Voucher Code, you can enjoy great discounts on your online purchase. Thus, it can be said that with fashionable women belts women can highlight their individuality and add a touch of elegance and style to their outfits.

Author Bio

Krista Stroh owns a fashion store in which she offers wide range of fashionable leather belts for both men and women. She likes to write fashion blogs and keeps herself updated with all fashion trends and happenings in the industry.

Girls Outfits with a Corset Belt. Corset belts are back! And no matter how silly the trend sounds, it is very much wearable. It all started with superstars like Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid sporting corsets belts.

As expected, the trend spread like wildfire until everyone started following it. Brands like Prada have been portraying the corset belt on runways consistently, making the style spread more fiercely, helping it gain more fan following. Today, the 16th-century garment is worn as an adornment over shirts and dresses and in multiples of different styles. If you are looking for ways you can make your attire look more voguish, then you are at the right spot. Here we have compiled a number of ways you can look stunning in a corset belt embellished outfit!

What to Wear With a Corset Belt

How to wear a belt for women

Here are our top tips for rocking a corset belt. Check them out!

  • If it’s your first time sporting a corset belt, start slow. Don’t directly go for an intense leather one; rather go for a lace corset belt that isn’t too wide.
  • Blend the belt with the outfit. Wear a corset belt that goes with the colors of your attire so that it doesn’t look like a separate, extra piece.
  • Do not overdo the look by adding too many adornments. Keep it snazzy by keeping the rest of the outfit on a lighter note so that the corset belt stands out.
  • There isn’t any solid rule that says the corset belt can only be worn tightly. You can keep it loose as well for a laid back look.

How to wear a belt for women

↓ 35. Lovely Fall Outfit

For a look as whimsical as it is autumnally bohemian, check out this dreamy look. A midi-length dress, featuring an eye-catching print, is paired with a brown corset belt, which cinches the waist and creates a more streamlined figure. Add ruched knee-high boots and the handbag of your choice and you’ve got yourself a fall outfit you’ll love wearing all over town!

How to wear a belt for women

↓ 34. Girly Polka Dot Dress

What girl doesn’t love to rock some polka dots every now and then? We love this ballerina-inspired dress that features not only polka dots but a full skirt, puffed sleeves, and a sheer fabric that gives the dress an overall ephemeral look. Adding a laced corset belt on top just ties it together in the best way. Top off this look with some matching heels and a small purse. Et voila! A lovely look for the books.

How to wear a belt for women

↓ 33. Bombshell Corset Top

Looking for a bombshell look that incorporates a corset? Look no more! This gorgeous corset-style top is an all-in-one look you are sure to fall in love with! Pair your top with a great pair of high-waist, well-fitting jeans. Accessorize with diamond or stud earrings. Opt for a smoky eye look if you really want to go full glam! We think this would be a great date night look that you can rock any day of the week.

How to wear a belt for women

↓ 32. Animal Print Skirt and Bold Red Lip

We love this beautiful ensemble that pulls together from different styles to create an unforgettable look. From textures to prints, this outfit has it all! Start with a soft sweater top in deep blue (points if you score similar flared sleeves!) and tuck it into a high-waisted animal print skirt. Top it off with a black leather corset belt. This really defines the figure. Next, accessorize with a chunky statement necklace and some oversized sunnies. Sleek patent leather boots would make for perfect footwear with this look. Last but not least, swipe on some bold red lipstick! This will bring a delightful pop of color and really tie the whole look together.

How to wear a belt for women

↓ 31. Dressy-Casual Street Look

If you love dressy-casual looks, then give this one a whirl. This outfit defies box-like standards and combines a selection of pieces that catch the eye and even demands a double-take. Start with your favorite tee. Opt for a one that is just slightly oversized. Pair it with some biker shorts. (Biker shorts are a sporty option that becomes instantly chic when paired with heels.) Pop on a pair of clear mules. These are great for elongating your legs. Accessorize with a couple of stacked necklaces and a designer purse. Last but not least, add your choice of a corset belt! This white laced option is seriously eye-catching. If you like this look, don’t forget to check out these Trendy Ideas on How to Wear Bike Shorts for Women.

From Amazon butterflies to an investment Chanel.

How to wear a belt for women

Whether you like it or not, that hazy period between the ’90s and the 2000s is back with a vengeance. It was an era of campy glamour, bright colors, and Paris Hilton. Maybe it’s because of my recent rewatch of The OC, Blumarine’s millennium-inspired runway collection, or a never-ending love affair with pop music royalty, but I welcome the return of the aesthetic with open arms. The latest sartorial relic that celebs and TikTokkers alike are revisiting? The chain belt. Shop 13 styles that will make you feel like a Super (or Jennifer Lopez), ahead.

How to wear a belt for women

For the ultimate chain belt that will never go out of style, invest in Chanel.

How to wear a belt for women

This style comes in both silver in gold, depending on your metal preference.

How to wear a belt for women

A paperclip chain can modernize the look.

How to wear a belt for women

Enter full-on Mariah territory with this butterfly option.

How to wear a belt for women

Go over the top with embellishments with Saint Laurent’s statement belt.

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How to wear a money belt? Many people have asked themselves this very question before stepping foot outside their doors to do a money belt test run. They later inevitably experience a moment of existential terror when they realize they need to reach beneath their shirt to pay for that round of beers inside a packed bar.

This visceral fear that pulsates down through the loins often leads to a moment of abject social failure that forever lingers in the minds of all those present.

However, this moment will never happen to you if you know how and when to wear a money belt.

I’ve been proudly sporting the money belt for five years now without a hitch (at least none that I’m aware of).

The Unspoken Rules for Wearing a Money Belt

I’m going to share with you the best money belt tips you’ll ever read in your life, mainly because there aren’t a lot of them out there.

Rule #1 – You must invest in a slim money belt #ad. The whole point of a money belt is to hide your stuff. No one is supposed to know you’re wearing a money belt.

Rule #2 – Never, ever confuse a money belt with a fanny pack. I love the money belt and the fanny pack, but I never put these two items in the same sentence (even though I just did) because they’re apples to oranges.

Rule #3 – Never, ever wear a money belt on a first date unless your confidence is in a healthy and verified place, not that type of blithe confidence that we men often have.

Rule #4 – If you wear a money belt, you have to compensate for the style flaw with the rest of your wardrobe. Picture this, a balding middle-aged man with a struggling man bun wearing a Hawaiian shirt, Greg Norman hat, and Tevas walks into a bar only to reach beneath his shirt to pull out money from his money belt. This is risky human activity.

Rule #5 – The more in shape you are the easier it is to pull off a money belt.

How to Wear a Money Belt the Right Way

I’ve been traveling nonstop internationally for five years now, and I consider the money belt a top item in my anti-theft gear collection.

My money belt only comes out when it’s mandatory. You can’t fall in love with your money belt and get too comfortable wearing it.

Fanny packs are for daily use, and the art of wearing a fanny pack is a completely different art, just ask Matthew McConaughey or The Rock.

Here’s when and why I use a money belt:

    While traveling through the airport, I wear a money belt to hold my cash, phone, passport, and credit/debit cards. I love to drink beer on flight days and tend to shuffle things around when I get a buzz going. The money belt keeps my most valuable possessions stowed away while my mind enjoys life. The first day I arrive in a new country, I sometimes wear my money belt depending on how safe my surroundings are. For example, when I land in Taiwan, I’m not wearing a money belt. The first time I traveled to Santo Domingo, I was all about the money belt. Whenever I need my passport outside, I wear my money belt. This could be a trip to extend my visa or another circumstance where I need my passport. When I go to the ATM, I wear my money belt or slim fanny pack #ad. If you’re staying in a hostel, you may want to use a money belt more often than someone who’s renting an Airbnb or a hotel room with a safe.

You Have to Be Confident

In reality, you shouldn’t care what other people think about you, especially when you’re traveling and don’t know anyone around you.

Safety comes first.

I don’t care about a style flaw when it comes to securing my most valuable possessions and not having to worry about them while I’m enjoying airport beers.

Confidence drowns out all that noise.

If you follow the unspoken rules and tips I wrote above, you won’t run into any problems. Plus, you’ll get that invaluable peace of mind of knowing your stuff is safe while in transit.

I’ll tell you a quick story I’ve mentioned here before. I met a guy in Ho Chi Minh City who had just been robbed by two locals on a motorcycle.

He had put everything including his passport in his backpack that they stole right off his back.

If he had been wearing a money belt, he would have saved his passport, money, credit cards, and wallet. I ended up giving him some money because I could see the distress in his eyes.

The Best Money Belt for International and European Travel

I have an article dedicated to the best money belt you can check out by clicking the link, or you can go straight to it at Amazon by clicking here #ad.

It’s the exact type of money belt I’ve been using the past couple of years, and I like it a lot.

It has RFID-blocking material for extra security, reliable zippers, a buckle at the front of the bag for added security, and it’s slim yet there’s more than enough room to hold everything I need.

I will admit that I’ve worn it on the outside of my shirt several times, but only inside the airport for the sake of convenience.

There’s also a second option that has a mesh back panel pocket, which I’m a fan of. Click here #ad to check that one out.

The third option is not technically a money belt, but I’ve been using it as a fanny pack/money belt hybrid because it’s stylish and paper-thin. Click here #ad to view it at Amazon; I had to do some digging to find it.

Final Word

Now you know exactly how to wear a money belt. There will always be people who were meant to wear a money belt and those people who weren’t.

Once you give it try, you’ll know who you are.

I happen to fall into the category of money belt wearers, and every time I meet a member of the society, we have a nice chat about why we love ours.

Sep 8, 2019 | By: Hello Boudoir

Garter belts are probably the sexiest lingerie item on the market and yet it is still the most feared. It’s time to ban together and get to know garter belts, how to wear them, where to buy them and why they are one more amazing item to have in your little black book of seduction.

Garter belts, also known as suspender belts, are a special type of belt that is worn by a woman to keep her stockings up. Plain and simple – that’s it. While this completely fabulous accessory can come in a variety of materials, styles, and colors, for the most part, the garter belts feature four (or more) straps that are approximately 2-4 inches long. The straps, in most cases, are adjustable to fit any leg length. At the end of each strap, there is a clip for attaching stockings. In the back of the belt, there is a set of fasteners – and just like a bra, these fasteners allow a woman to adjust for sizing. Get to know your Garterbelt with the images below.

Garter Belts have been around since the 14th Century and were used by both Men and Women to hold up their stockings. For a very long time, ladies stockings were made by sewing a sheet of fabric together at the seam. That seam was usually right up the back of the leg. Garter belts were necessary as it allowed a woman to keep her stockings up on her leg. In 1939, Du Pont created the first pair of nylon pantyhose – while it may be fair to assume that garter belts were no longer necessary after the invention of pantyhose, that was not the case. Garter belts became highly popularize during the 1940’s – wearing these stockings was in fashion! And that fashion required a garter belt.

Wearing a garter belt can require a bit of practice. Don’t be afraid to learn. Here are five easy steps to guide you through:

    • Step 1: Put garter belt around the waist. Make sure the straps fall down on your leg.
    • Step 2: Fasten the hooks – they are hook and eyes just like a bra. To make life easier, slide the belt over so that the front is the back and the back is the front, essentially the fasteners should be on your belly. Once you’ve adjusted the belt to a comfortable fit, reverse the garter back. Keep in mind that they do make completely elastic garter belts with no hooks.
    • Step 3: Put stockings on. Traditionally, garter belts are worn with fashion stockings (fun fabrics patterns, styles and colors) or stockings that do not feature a silicone band. This style of hosiery is made with a welt and a shadow welt at the very top. However, garter belts can also be worn with thigh highs (which features a silicone or an elastic band at the top). The silicone or elastic band style is by far the easiest to find.
  • Step 4: Attach garter belt to stockings. By far, this is the most tricky part of the process! To start, you’ll need to open the clip up by sliding the silicone nub out of the loop. Then, place the welt of your stocking in between the silicone nub and the loop. The intention of the welt is for attaching garter belt clips; thus this part of the stockings is made with a double layer or nylon. Once you are ready, slide the nub so that it fits into the smaller loop. Next, repeat this three times for all of the other clips. Note: This is where the advantage is for wearing thigh high stockings as you do not need to attach any clips to the stockings. But let’s be honest, you’re still going to do it anyway because it’s one big delicious sexy look.
  • Step 5: Adjust your straps. Similar to a bra strap, the length of a garter belt strap is adjustable. If you are going to be sitting a lot, you may want to make the length a little longer. For photoshoots, it may be better for the straps to become a little shorter. Our tip here is to adjust the length that is the most comfortable for you.

Garter belts are incredibly sexy when worn with a great pair of thigh highs. This seductive look can be worn under clothes to be revealed later, or it can be the only thing you’re wearing! The best thing is that you can decide on the many different ways to enjoy this style.

Garter belts are fantastic with a sexy pair of thigh highs. Black is the easiest color to find – but remember they come in wide variety of colors and styles. Pairing a garter belt with thigh highs will make you irresistible to your loved one. Trust me on this one.

When the belt bag trend came out, I was on the fence. I mean, I get the appeal of it. It’s a hands-free way to store all of your things when you’re on the go. But some of the styles out there were, um…not for me, let’s just say that. There’s a fine line between an old-school fanny pack and a chic belt bag. Obviously, I wanted the latter.

How to wear a belt for women

Sometimes you have to wait for a trend to evolve before designers really get it “right” and for that, I’m thankful. I recently purchased this Madewell belt bag after shopping at one of their stores. One of their sales associates was wearing it with her denim culottes (also Madewell) and I fell in love. Y’all know I love a good culotte moment so yes I immediately copied/purchased her look.

But I think that begs the question of how do you wear a belt bag? Certainly, there are different rules compared to styling just a classic belt, right? Yes, there are certain style criteria I believe one should follow when it comes to styling such a trendy item. It’s not as easy as throwing it on and thinking you’re going to look like Kendal Jenner. You’ve got to think about how you put your belt bag look together. So here’s what I learned from my first belt bag experience.

How to wear a belt for women

How to wear a belt for women

How to wear a belt for women

How To Wear A Belt Bag: 3 Styling Tips

Make Sure your Belt Bag is the Right Size

Belt bags come in all shapes and sizes. Some super small, some gigantic. You want to make sure the size works for your frame. Being petite, I knew my belt bag had to not take over my small frame. You can find the dimensions for the one I purchased here.

Wear your Belt Bag on your Natural Waist

No matter if you’re styling your belt bag with denim or a dress, you want to tie it around the smallest part of your waist. By doing it at your natural waist, the bag looks more intentional, less sloppy, and feels like a part of the outfit, instead of an afterthought. I purposely went with these denim culottes because I didn’t have to worry about belt loops and the waist hits me higher than most of my jeans.

Your Belt Bag Still Needs to Be Practical

Some belt bags are so mini that, I don’t really understand the point. So you wear a belt bag AND still have to carry a purse? No thanks. I picked up my belt bag originally because Adam and I were going to a music festival and the venue not only have size limits on bags you can bring in, but I wanted to be hands-free for the day. This belt bag is large enough to hold my iPhone, cards, ID, chapstick, and a few other mini miscellaneous things. Not huge, but it holds enough.

How to wear a belt for women

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If I had to narrow down my travel wardrobe to just one dress, it would probably be a shirt dress. It’s the most versatile, comfortable, easy-to-wear outfit for travel. Find out why as I show you how to wear a shirt dress on vacation!

Written by: Niki Landry

I have more shirt dresses in my closet than I care to admit, and one almost always makes it into my luggage. (A denim one is currently in my bag.) This is a wardrobe staple; I’ve styled a few options to show you how to wear a shirt dress for your next trip:

How to wear a belt for women


Give your favorite pair of jeans a break by bringing along a denim shirt dress on your vacation. Casual and comfortable, this button-down will work with sneakers or sandals for an easy outfit.

How to wear a belt for women

For dressier occasions, cinch the waist with a belt and contrast the denim with stylish block heels. You can also wear it with tights on cold days or roll up the sleeves for a relaxed look. There are so many options for one simple dress!

Take a look at how we style a denim sleeveless shirtdress on a beach vacation!

How to wear a belt for women


Packing for your honeymoon, hitting up the Mediterranean, or just want to look incredibly chic on your next trip? Then this outfit is for you.

How to wear a belt for women

A sleeveless shirt/wrap dress combo in a beautiful coral color is perfect for the summer. The romantic silhouette is fitted at the smallest part of the waist and has a full skirt for a classic and flattering cut. I’ve styled it with scalloped sandals, simple jewelry, and a white panama hat.

Use packing cubes to pack your dresses and save space in your suitcase!

How to wear a belt for women


The white button-down shirt is a classic piece that every woman should own. Translated into a dress, it becomes a tailored, all-in-one outfit.

How to wear a belt for women

I’ve paired it with on-trend slip-on black shoes to continue the menswear-inspired look and topped it with a multi-strand necklace to add shine and texture. It would also look great with a belt at the waist and/or strappy sandals.

This outfit would work well for trips to large cities, visiting museums, or enjoying lunch with a friend. This is how to wear a shirt dress–fashion blogger style!

Shirt Dresses are the perfect Muti-purpose item to add to your functional travel capsule wardrobe. Learn more in my guide!

How to wear a belt for women


Shirt dresses are casual enough to use as a beach dress/coverup, but also look great away from the sand.

How to wear a belt for women

This split-neck, tie-waist dress in a bold blue would be a great addition to your tropical destination travel wardrobe. I paired it with strappy slides and a hat for added style and sun protection.

How to wear a belt for women


The classic style shirtdress has all the typical features: button-down front, rolled-up sleeves, above-the-knee length (but not too short), collar, and pocket.

How to wear a belt for women

In a basic black, this dress will become a go-to choice every time you pack your bags. For a low-key look, I paired it with neutral booties and a denim jacket but you can easily dress it up with pumps and a blazer for a business look.

This versatile dress is a must-have for any wardrobe!

How to wear a belt for women

Look for a loose-fitting, boxy-cut shirt dress for a fresh take on the style. You can go beltless for an effortless look, or get creative with belt placement. Wear a belt lower on the hips or loose with draping fabric to easily change up your outfit.

How to wear a belt for women

A gladiator sandal in an animal print and chunky earrings keep this outfit from looking too undone.

Here are more lace-up sandals we’re in love with this season!

What are your best tips on how to wear a shirt dress? Share your thoughts below!

For more tips on travel fashion, please read these posts:


How to wear a belt for women

We hope you liked this post on how to wear a shirt dress. Please share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Thanks for reading!

Author Bio: Niki is an interior designer and artist from Louisiana. In addition to her design work, she writes for local and online publications sharing her experiences and passion for travel. Niki is currently adding stamps to her passport while building her design practice, Niki Landry Designs.

Lately I have been on this crazy belt binge. I’ve been strapping around the waists of clients, turning them to finish my own outfits and have just been loving the way they show off the waist. Right now it’s all about the waist. Pants are higher in the rise, skirts are more highwaisted and dresses are more cinched. After years of seeing just how low a rise could go its time for the waist to have its moment, making sense that it would also be all about the belt. In this week’s installment in this series I decided to talk about how to wear belts for work.

There are different types of belts out there. To help you decide which style is best for you and your body shape, here are some examples of different types of belts out there and who they flatter best.

Different types of belts

Contour waist belt

Contour waist belts curve. The benefit of the curved shape is they sit close to the body when worn without being too tight. They can also be worn in a more low-slung manner. Everyone can wear a contour waist belt, but those with tummies benefit from this belt shape because it shapes the body without being constricting or creating that dreaded muffin top. Contour waist belts also tend to be very comfortable to wear.

Because of the curved shape, to properly wear a contour waist belt, the belt should be worn with the curve facing up, or like it is smiling.

Obi belt

The Obi belt is named after the Japanese sashes worn with kimonos. The beauty of an obi belt, which is basically a sash, is that it can be tied and tightened to someone’s liking and will fit a variety of body shapes well.

Skinny belt

Skinny belts are great for a pop of color or worn with a pair of trousers. However, if you are looking for major cinching in the waist a skinny may fall short. Unlike a wider belt, a skinny belt may emphasize the lumps and bumps of a tummy or muffin top when it is cinched. My recommendation when wearing this belt style when you have a tummy is to either belt it loosely or wear it in a more empire manner on the waist.

Chain belt

Chain belts are great for decoration but don’t expect them to do much more than sit there. All body shapes can wear a chain belt because it delicately sits around the waist not doing much more than looking pretty. For major waist cinching a chain belt should be avoided.

Elastic waist belt

For cinching the waist, an elastic waist belt is the perfect option. The elastic sits snugly around the waist and can create a beautiful hourglass figure. However, you need to be careful with an elastic waist belt. If the elastic is too tight tummy bulge can spill over. If you have a tummy this does not mean that an elastic waist belt is off limits. Just make sure it isn’t too tight.

Wide belt

Wide belts look beautiful, but without elastic or a contour shape they can be very uncomfortable to wear as they will just sit on the body and won’t really move as you move. My suggestion to realistically wear a wider belt is to look for one that is elasticized, contour shaped or not so wide that it hurts when you sit or is uncomfortable when you wear it.

Accessorizing with a belt

Adding a belt to a work look is a great way to add an accessorized finish to an outfit. Below are three work looks that are shown with and without a belt. With a side by side comparison you will be able to see just how much of a difference a belt can make.

This printed skirt by T. Tahari, shaped Reiss top and Mango cardigan gets a splash of color with a navy belt that also accents the waist. Many women avoid belts thinking they will make their waistlines look wide but you can see in this comparison how the eye is drawn in and the waist looks more defined. The look is finished with a Vince Camuto handbag, grey pumps by Rockport and Athena Designs earrings.

Look #2

Often, a belt is more about function than it is fashion. You can use a belt to change up the look of a basic dress, like this one from Boden with this belt from Nordstrom changes it up. Some style grey with black but I prefer brown. In addition to the brown belt I added a brown pair of boots from Frye, a handbag from Coach and added a gold bracelet from Stella & Dot and brown and gold earrings from Andrea Valentini.
Look #3

Don’t forget to use a belt to add a pop of color, which is how this yellow Lodis belt is being used here with brown pants from Max Studio and cardigan from J. Crew. A cardigan and basic pair of pants for work can look boring when they aren’t styled with some pops. In addition to the yellow belt, I added an animal print pair of pumps by Nine West, Modcloth handbag and printed scarf. And, yes, you can belt a cardigan.

How to wear a belt for women



You don’t have to know Kung fu to wear an Obi belt. Here’s how to wrap yourself up in this feminine, exotic accessory.

How to wear a belt for women1. Use An Obi Belt to Shape Your Silhouette

Obi belts, wide strips of cloth wound around the waist, were first worn by Geishas in Japan to call attention to a woman’s curves and give the effect of a present waiting to be unwrapped. Today obi belts as just as subtly sexy and an ideal way to shape your silhouette.

If you want to fake an instant hourglass shape or break up a long torso, wear an obi belt to cinch in your waist and make your figure more shapely.

  • The taller you are, the thicker your obi can be (and vice-versa for Petites!)
  • The more boyish your shape, the more exaggerated you should tie your obi.
  • Curvier bodies look best in obis tied with a small, sleek knot.

2. Play With Volume

While we’re on the topic of silhouette, let’s talk about the shape of your outfit. Obis allow you to play with volume, so wear one over a flowing shirtdress for the day or a drapey Grecian-inspired number for the evening. You can also go the other way and wear an obi belt with a fitted top and pair of flared pants, or slip one on over a pencil skirt worn with a dolman-style top for a look that’s sleek and fashion-forward.

How to wear a belt for women

3. Make Your Obi Belt the Focal Point of Your Outfit

If you want to look fabulous in an obi belt, it’s important to give it the spotlight. This means no busy prints, big accessories, or super-loud colors in the rest of your outfit. By letting your belt be your statement piece, you achieve a pulled-together, chic look with an artsy edge. Remember- less really is more, especially when you don’t want to look like an extra in a Geisha’s Memoirs.

4. Choose the Right Bag

You don’t want a cross-body bag cutting off your obi at an awkward angle or a shoulder bag, causing the fabric to bunch under your arm. The solution? Carry a bag from the crook of your arm (or, in evening situations, opt for a clutch). This way, you stow your essentials, but your bag won’t interfere with your outfit’s silhouette- which an obi belt highlights.

5. Wrap Tuck and Tie With Your Favorite Knot

Half of the fun of wearing an obi belt is finding the perfect way to tie it. There are dozens of choices. Check out this video to see all the ways to tie an obi belt, and get started on a fab new spring look today.

* Guest Contributor for this article- stylist Morgan Mullin

Hi! I’m Deborah.

How to wear a belt for women

I’m Image Consultant and Style Friend helping women just like you TWEAK YOUR CHIC®

Fashion over 40, 50, 60 can be confusing, so let me show you how to Look Fabulous and Feel Confident at any age!

Life is too short to be frumpy! If you look great, you feel great and life is much more fun! Join my community and let’s be AGE-AMAZING!™

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Finding the right woman belt size is however often tricky, and confusing. It’s always mistaken to be the same size as the waist although it’s not. Before shopping for woman belt size, especially if you’re buying online, it is important to understand first how woman belt sizes work.

The most common mistake that people make when buying a woman belt is using the pants waist size as the belt size, which is two different things – the belt size is not the same as your pants size.

Did we mention already that your woman belt size is not the same as your pants size, nor your waist size?
The size of the belt for women will depend on how/where you want to wear it.
To determine your belt size, measure around your body at the location, the belt will be worn.
The most accurate way to determine your belt size is actually to measure your waist using a tape measure.

The easiest way to determine belt size for men is simply “add 2″ to your regular jeans size.

If you wear a 28” waist trouser, then a 30″ belt will do the job. When you’re used to wearing your pants on traditional height–close to the natural waistline; this simple formula will work.
Women’s jeans sizes are indicated by numbers – 4, 6, 8, 12, etc., so our rule of thumb doesn’t work here.

If you have an existing belt, but you can’t determine the size anymore, measure it correctly to see the right size. The belts size guide combines all needed information to make your online shopping for belts a success!

Belt Size Chart for Women

More about Belts Size Charts

  • Levi’s Belt Size Chart August 29, 2021
  • Off-White Belt Size Chart June 24, 2021
  • European Belt Size Conversion Chart June 23, 2021
  • Dior Belt Size Chart May 14, 2021
  • Salvatore Ferragamo Belt Size Chart March 7, 2021
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  • How to measure a belt March 7, 2021
  • The Belt Size Conversion Chart January 24, 2021
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  • Louis Vuitton Belt Size Chart December 23, 2020
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  • The Golf Belt Size Chart December 15, 2020
  • Gucci Belt Size Chart and converter November 2, 2020
  • Kids Belt Size Chart November 2, 2020

General Belt Information

Over time, leather belts tend to stretch. Braided belts or belts made out of synthetic or Vegan leathers even more so. It’s good to keep in mind that a belt that feels a little tight initially will likely wear more comfortably over time.

How to clean your mens belt

Regular cleaning can be done with a wet cloth.

How to clean your belts

    Wipe the belt down with a damp cloth.

For most cleaning, start with a soft cloth dampened with warm water. Wipe down the belt, focusing on any dirty areas. You can also just try a dry cloth if the belt isn’t too dirty.

Purchase saddle soap or another leather cleaner.

Using a cleaner designed for leather is always the best choice. Saddle soap is a traditional leather cleaner, and it will suffice. However, you can also use another cleaner specifically designed for leather, as well.
Add a little cleaner to a clean cloth.

It can help to start with a very slightly damp cloth. Add a little cleaner. If the cleaner is in a tub, like saddle soap usually is, you may need to rub the cloth in the cleaner to work up a light lather.
Rub the cleaner into the leather.

Try to follow the grain, and don’t rub too hard. Once you’ve rubbed it in, use a clean part of the cloth or another lightly damp cloth to wipe up the excess.
Let it dry overnight.

It’s best to leave the belt overnight so it has time to absorb all of the polish or cleaner. That way, it will stay on the belt instead of transferring to your hands or clothes, damaging them.

Your go-to guide for mastering 2022’s most finicky accessory.

Date March 1, 2022

Truthfully, I’m slightly stressed about how to style a belt. As a fashion news director, I’m in support of designers using belts. As someone who loves to accentuate her waist in her daily style, I understand belts. And as a sometimes wearer of ill-fitting pants, I admit that I need the belt. But whenever I go shopping or get dressed and see that chunky or chain-y accessory, it causes me a moment’s pause.

For such a small piece of fabric, the belt can be very intimidating. When done right, you look rich. When done wrong, you look pretty wrecked. A slight tuck of fabric or rise of jeans can be the difference between looking like an effortlessly cool Rihanna or a Blair Waldorf wannabe. But what is fashion for, if not to be bold and take chances — or so was the school of thought on the runways as designers showed their spin on how to style spring’s belt trend. Chanel and Miu Miu were perhaps the designers with the most belt enthusiasm this season, with one taking inspiration from the nineties and the other from the aughts. And with 2010s fashion making a resurgence on TikTok, the accessory often associated with “business casual” has been given a Gen Z makeover.

For anyone wanting to zhuzh up their style and tackle this fashion without making a faux pas, we break down how to style a belt in 2022.

The Chain Belt

To embrace the chain belt, you must first embrace the nineties as they are one and the same. Just as a statement necklace or a pair of earrings can add some much-needed oomph to an outfit, the same can be said of this waist accessory. Follow in the footsteps of this influencer and pair a chain belt (like this one from Chanel) with a boxy cropped jacket and high-waisted pants or skirt. Just add a supermodel blowout, and your Cindy Crawford (or really any of the Supers) transformation is complete.

The Preppy Belt

Whether you dreamed of attending Constance Billard à la Gossip Girl or Chilton Prep like Rory Gilmore, the key to capturing this trend is channeling your inner school girl. Referred to as “light academia” on TikTok, make like this Miu Miu outfit, worn by Chiara Ferragni, and invest in a button-up and sweater vest. Depending on your comfort level, both low and high-rise trousers are sure to earn you an A+.

The Wide Belt

Perhaps the most anxiety-inducing of all the styles, the wide belt can quickly veer into costume territory if you’re not careful. Avoid doing a Pink Ladies from Grease impression by going for a streamlined silhouette with monochromatic colours — no A-line skirts allowed. As seen on this off-duty model, look for a structured dress or blazer to give the ensemble an edge and pair it with minimal accessories. Business casual has never looked so chic.

How to wear a belt for women

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How to Wear Belts: 7 Guidelines for the Belt Challenged

It was clear from the response to my post on belt phobia that belts are not everyone’s friend. Wearing any kind of belt can be challenging, especially when you’re shy about drawing attention to your waistline. On the other hand, belts are fun and useful accessories that have the potential to add a whole new dimension to your wardrobe. They can add extra polish to an outfit, define the waistline as needed, provide textural interest and even add a bit of edge.

Wearing belts effectively over tops and dresses is a marriage between the style, colour and position of the belt, and the style of top. That’s a lot of variables! So it’s really hard to cover all belt solutions for all body types. Even if I took you shopping, I’d end up experimenting right there with you in the store because there are few tried and tested rules in this area.

But there are a few loose guidelines that might help you to get started on your own. In some instances you’ll apply many of these guidelines to one outfit, whereas in others you’ll only apply one or two:

  1. Find your sweet spot: Position is important. Sometimes your sweet spot will be a little higher than your natural waistline and sometimes a little lower. When you’re regular bust size and carrying a little extra around the midriff, positioning a belt just above the waistline is usually the sweet spot. When you’re short-waisted and well endowed, positioning a belt lower than the waistline in front and at waist level in the back is often the solution. If you’re long wasited, wearing a belt high on the natural waist is usually most effective.
  2. Pick a width: Once you’ve found your sweet spot (or spots — you might have more than one) think about the width of the belt. Sometimes a wider elasticized belt worn a little above your midriff extra bits does the trick. Sometimes positioning it right onto the extra bits does the girdling trick. With a straight, undefined waistline, a narrower belt positioned a little lower in front can work really well. Long waisted gals can usually wear extra wide belts, whereas short-waisted gals tend to look better in narrower or skinny belts.
  3. Think about contrast: Once you’ve found your sweet spot and the best widths for your frame, you have a choice between making the belt contrast or blend in with your outfit. A low contrast belt is usually best for waistlines which aren’t that defined, giving you a flattering long lean line. Whereas a high contrast belt automatically draws more attention to the waistline.
  4. Add another layer: Layering a jacket or cardigan over a top with either a low or high contrast belt is an effective way of wearing a belt without worrying about its effects around the midriff. When worn this way, the belt adds an interesting textural dimension to your outfit.
  5. Elastic is your friend: Where possible, choose belts that are part elastic because you can’t beat the comfort. They’ll stretch with your body during the day.
  6. Wovens work wonders: So you’re happy with how you look in a belt and it’s all sorted. But your confidence falls to pieces when you sit down because those extra midriff bits start spilling both over and underneath the belt. Enter the magical effects of woven tops and dresses that don’t cling like knits, but glide over curves adding structure in the right places. Wovens can either be rigid like shirt fabric, or soft and drapy like silk and rayon blends. Both work equally well.
  7. Give it time: Belts can feel odd when you’re not used to wearing them. Sometimes it’s just a question of getting used to the extra pressure around your waistline, so allow some time to get used to the feeling of wearing a belt.

I’m not saying that belts are essential. You can absolutely look fab sporting a beltless style, but they do add many more options to your existing wardrobe. If you would like to add belts to your outfits, start by following some of the suggestions above and don’t give up too soon.

If anyone has more belt wearing tips to share, let’s hear them. If there are further belt wearing concerns let’s hear those too.

How to wear a belt for women

Let’s face it, most people don’t put too much thought when choosing a belt to wear. Perhaps you have a “go to” belt, or maybe you alternate between a brown and black belt. While there’s nothing wrong with having a preferred belt, you should use caution to ensure it matches and flow cohesively with the rest of your outfit. Otherwise small nuances in your outfit and accessories can affect whether or not a belt matches. And wearing a mismatching belt will only hurt your efforts to achieve a fashionable, stylish look. So, what’s the best belt to wear with jeans?

Do I Really Need to Wear a Belt?

This is a question many men and women ask themselves. Some people assume that belts are an integral accessory when wearing jeans. While wearing one can certainly offer some benefits, there’s no rule — written or otherwise — stating that you must wear one. If you want to add a new visual dynamic to your outfit, then by all means: go ahead and wear a belt. Or if your jeans are too large and won’t stay on your waist without some type of support, wear a belt. The bottom line is that it’s your decision on whether or not to wear a belt with jeans. Some people prefer belts with jeans, while others do not.

Make Sure it Fits

One of the first things to consider when choosing a belt to wear with jeans is whether or not it fits. Some people have slim waists, while others have larger and wider waists. As such, your choice of belt will depend heavily on your waist size. Thankfully, manufacturers typically size their belts using standard waist sizes. If you’re a man with a size 35 waist, for instance, you should choose a belt that fits a size 35 waist. Typically, belts come in a range of sizes, such as size 32-37. This means the smallest waist it would fit is a size 32, while the largest it will fit is a size 37. Make sure any belt you intend to buy fits your respective waistline; otherwise, you won’t be able to comfortably wear it. Granted, you can always poke an extra hole into an undersized belt, but it’s best to choose a proper-fitted belt in the first place to prevent headaches such as this.

Material Matters

Don’t assume that all belts are the same. Even if two belts “look” similar, they could be made of different materials — and these different materials can drastically affect both the appearance and comfort of the belt. Some companies use cheap materials to make their belts, which results in a not-surprisingly cheap look and feel. But other companies use high-quality materials when making their belts, offering a more comfortable and better-looking belt. So, what’s the best material to use in a belt? You really can’t go wrong with leather, as it’s been used to make belts for more than a hundred years. Even today, it remains the world’s most popular material for use in belts and other fashion accessories. Leather belts are strong, durable and comfortable — a combination that’s not found in many (if any) other materials.

How to wear a belt for women

Check Your Shoes

A good rule of thumb to follow when choosing a belt to wear with jeans is to match it with your shoes. We’ve talked about this before on our blog, but it’s worth mentioning again that your shoes and belt should typically match, especially if your shirt is tucked into your pants waistline. Tucking your shirt in places a greater emphasis on your belt, which can either help or hurt your appearance depending on how the colors correspond to your shoes. If you’re wearing black shoes, for instance, stick with a black belt. Or if you’re wearing brown shoes, wear a brown belt. The general idea is to match your belt and shoes so your outfit flows together more cohesively.


Something else to consider when choosing a belt to wear with jeans is the overall quality. Wouldn’t it be great if all belts were made using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship? Well, this isn’t the case. Some companies attempt to cut corners and make a quick buck by producing and selling low-quality belts. You might be able to save some cash by choosing a low-quality belt, but it will ultimately cost you more in the long run. This is because low-quality belts don’t last as long as their high-quality counterpart. Over time, they will begin to break down and degrade, and eventually you will no longer be able to wear them. Always inspect the belt before buying it to ensure it’s made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. You can expect to pay a little more for high-quality belts, but trust me: it’s well worth the investment


Now that you know what color belt to wear with jeans (hint: check your shoes), you might be wondering what style to choose. Some belts are designed with a basic single-color style, featuring no other embellishments. Others, however, are designed with rhinestones, stripes, patterns and other visual elements. Opting for one of the latter belt styles is a great way to enhance your appearance while drawing more attention to your outfit.

Wide-Belt Jeans

Assuming you plan on wearing a wide belt, you need to choose jeans that can accommodate these wider-than-normal belts. Most jeans are manufactured with a standard belt loop, meaning you won’t be able to wear them with an extra-wide belt. Wide belts are, well, simply too wide to squeeze through average-sized belt loops. The good news, however, is that some denim jeans are designed specifically for use with extra-wide belts. They look and fell just like any other pair of jeans, but with one major difference: the belt loops are extra wide to accommodate wide belts.

You shop for these wide-belt jeans by clicking here. As the name suggests, this style of jeans has extra wide belt loops to accommodate wider belts. More specifically, the belt loops are 2 inches wide, which is a fair amount wider than your standard belt loops.

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What are belt bags? How do you wear belt bags? Where to buy belt bags? Belt bag a fanny pack?

I stumbled across waist belt bags and instantly fell in love! I love that these waist bags are cute and functional. You can dress your waist belt bags up and wear to special events, or wear them with your favorite buttonup shirt, casual sneakers and skinny jeans to the movies with friends. These must-have accessories look like fanny packs, which I’ve always adored, but thought they made outfits look more casual. Waist belt bags, or as some might call – hip bags, or trendy fanny packs (I might use multiple names throughout this article bare with me) were all over this season’s runways and is here to stay.

Belt Bag (Fanny Pack) Pros: 1) You can carry all of your daily essentials and be hands free! No more shoulder aches, or tired hands from holding 20 pounds of everything that could fit in your bag. 2) These bags tend to be smaller so this forces you to carry less items around all day. You might see this as a con, but do you really uses everything inside of your purse everyday? Less weight= no aches and more time spent exploring, and enjoying the company that you’re in.

waist belt bag fanny pack

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Here’s 25 Ways to Wear Waist Belt Bags (fanny packs):

How to wear a belt for women

I wore my waist belt bag with a fur dress and black knee high boots. I wanted my trendy fanny pack to be the highlight of the outfit, so I wore all black and made the bright orange hip purse do the talking!

The waist belt purse is definitely a statement piece, and sure is a conversation starter.

Wear all white then cinch in the waist of your oversized blazer with a red waist belt bag. The pop of red makes the chic outfit edgy. This fashionista carried another purse in one hand.

Pair your belt bag with neutral tones, and wear under a trench coat. This time opt for a small black purse that will create the perfect peek a boo effect!

Add print to an outfit with a cheeta print rectangle shaped waist belt bag. Pair with a black turtle neck, denim skinny pants, closed toe heels and a leather jacket.

This sporty look is complete with a fanny pack. I love the silver details and its contrasts with the black leather.

Wear your belt back on your hips, and on your back. This fashionista wore an outfit the match her fanny pack. You should give it a try!

The drawstring of an all black jumpsuit is tucked under the belt of a waist bag by Louis Vuitton. This waist belt bag makes a monotone jumpsuit look less casual.

Wear a gray tanktop, and skinny jeans with a waist belt bag. The model wear a belt bag that is the same color as her top.

Wear a lace romper with a brown leather waist belt

Go for a casual look with boyfriend jeans, converse sneakers and a relaxed tshirt with a waist belt bag worn over the shirt.

Wear an oversized waist belt bag with business attire. Center the hip purse instead of wearing on your side or back.

Wear your waist belt bag over a wool coat to keep it closed.

Wear your belt bag with a white buttonup shirt and olive trousers.

Wear your cheetah waist belt purse with cheetah and boyfriend jeans for a dressed down look.

Wear your brown leather hip bag around your waist. Secure the belt through the loops of your denim pants.

Wear your belt bag with your favorite black peplum dress, and oversized floppy fedora.

Wear your waist belt purse as a colorblock item over a solid grey maxi dress.

Wear your chain waist bag through the loops of your distressed denim shorts, and pair with an oversized sweatshirt and sunglasses.

Wear your hip bag during vacations, while going on a walk on the beach so that your hands will be free from carrying anything.

Ditch the all white outfit by wearing a black leather waist belt bag.

Wear mix prints by layering your leopard print hip bag over a camo dress.

Be hands free when going on walks by wearing your hip purse under a chunky cardigan

Wear your mini waist belt bag under a poncho, paired with a buttonup blouse, black skinny trousers and closed toe heels.

Wear your tan rectangle shaped waist belt bag over dark blue denim jeans. Pair with a tan and black stripe blouse and sunglasses.

Wear a waist belt bag that matches your trousers. Pair with an oversized cheetah coat, striped sweater and turtle neck blouse.

How to wear a belt for women

It’s hard to find clothes that fit well if you are overweight. There is an abundance of unflattering, ill-fitting clothes for women with larger waistlines or fuller thighs and hips. But it doesn’t have to be this way! There are several dressing styles created especially for plus-sized women so that they can look perfect in whatever size they have.

You just have to find some inspiration from plus-sized models and follow these simple rules to look best in your outfits:

Wear a shirt with a belt: Wearing a shirt with an elasticized waistband and is tucked in makes your top look more fitted. It also adds a stylish touch without adding any bulk.

Wear a blazer: A blazer can be worn open or buttoned up to create an instant, tailored look that’s perfect for dressing well. It also makes you look slimmer, which is especially helpful if you’re not.

How to wear a belt for women

Lighten up your colors: You can wear dark clothes and still dress well, but it’s better to lighten them up with accessories like scarves or belts made of lighter fabrics that will help break things up a little. Try to wear light necklaces or bracelets to add a stylish oomph to your personality.

Tie a scarf around your waist: Scarves are one of the easiest ways to dress up an outfit and add inches by cinching in at the waist area. You can even tie a different colored scarf on each hip or wear it wrapped as a belt over jeans for another dimension of style.

Add layers: Layering clothing is always essential, but if you’re larger than average, then this becomes especially true because layering will help give weight where you want it (on top) and make other areas seem less heavy looking too! It’s also good because, with more pieces necessary, there is likely going to be one that fits better than others. Find what works best for you from either side of the

How to wear a belt for women

Wear contrasting colors: Contrasting colors are a good way to mix things up without going overboard on prints and patterns in an outfit. It also helps create the illusion of width for people who may have less around their waistline than they do at their hips. Wearing pink pants with brown shoes, for example, would work really well because both shades contrast nicely against each other while providing plenty of accessorizing opportunities as well!

Dress with the fit and flare dresses: These are great because they don’t have much draping at the waistline, which elongates your body by drawing attention down instead of making you appear wider than you are. They also allow room for hips and thighs, so there is plenty of space for movement while sitting or standing!

Create silhouettes using patterns: Patterns like stripes on skirts will slim the leg line and add interest to an outfit in one easy step. Solid colors work too but make sure that the lines are vertical rather than horizontal.

How to wear a belt for women

Wear business attire: Business-like clothing helps create curves for women who don’t have them naturally because of its tailored fit and form-fitting nature. Shift dresses also work well for people with fuller figures since they’re designed to be worn without tights, so there’s no worry about panty lines!

Find clothes in the right size, not too big or too small: It’s always good to find clothes that fit right, and you can do this by trying on the clothes in question before buying them. This will help prevent unintentional bagging or sagging of your full-figured garments.

Wear the right undergarments to make you feel more confident about yourself: Undergarments are key to feeling secure and confident in your clothes. When buying a bra, make sure it is well-fitting for you because ill-fitted bras will cause the clothing on top of them to fit poorly as well. You can get the invisible tape bra which is popularly used by oversized women.

How to wear a belt for women

Always have a tailor on hand: You will need to make sure that your clothes are tailored correctly too. A lot of larger-sized women find it hard to get clothing that fits them right, and if they can’t do so, then you’ll want someone who knows how to alter the garment for you. Take extra care when buying pants because if you get baggy pants, then you will have to spend a lot of time getting them altered perfectly for your body.

Create a style that is all yours, do not try to copy someone else’s look: You need to create a style that is all your own, and you should not be trying to copy someone else’s look. You can find clothes in stores that fit women of larger sizes, but it might take some time for you to do so.


It may seem daunting at first, but dressing well no matter what size will help boost your self-esteem. It will also help you feel more confident in the clothes that you are wearing.

Wearing a belt can visually alter the proportions of your body as well as hold up your pants. After a certain age, I almost stopped wearing belts because of my thickening waistline. After seeing myself in belts worn well, I am returning to one of my favorite accessories.

If a jacket is too long or too boxy, try adding a belt over the jacket to define your waist.

If your top and jacket together are the same length and that length cuts your body in half, add a belt over the top to emphasize your waist and create a more flattering third above the belt.

You can see that this look without a belt almost has a casual vibe.

This fabulous jacket looks good from every angle!

A few well-chosen accessories can personalize your look as well as make you appear polished and confident. I never feel well dressed without accessories. I will be thoughtfully adding belts more often. The pants are from last year by Lior Paris via The shoes are a couple of years old from Saks Off 5th. The earrings are several years old from Stein Mart. The belt is also more than two years old from T.J. Maxx.

The elegant faux leather-trimmed jacket and the perfect green top I am wearing in this post were gifts from Misook.

Easy Choices
Business Or Pleasure?

Susan, I haven’t worn belts for years, and I remain convinced that a belt over a top layer will only make me look like a garbage bag with a string around it. But you may have given me courage to try the belt-under-jacket look in your second photograph. I can see how that might work for me. Thanks for the nudge!

As I have mentioned previously, an obi belt can work wonders!

I am short-waisted, so I find that unless an obi belt is very thin, I don’t look so great in them. One needs to have lots of space between the bust and the waistline to wear a wide belt well.

My Obi belt migrates around during the day, if it’s no becoming untied then the knot slips up or down across the wide part. I like belts but they need to stay put so I’m not so much a fan of that style.

Belts do me no favors but I do appreciate your snagging the discount at Misook. I have already used it! I love Misook but they have reduced their petites to practically nothing so I rarely shop there. The discount really helps!

NM has a good selection of Misook petites currently; many are discounted.

Thank you, Jacki.

Look lovely but after visiting the website for the cost of clothes found out way out of my price range. I found your clothes from chico,s a better price fit especially when they were on sale.

I’m short waisted (I think – waist is up high?) and my waist is wider than my skinny hips – I’m the apple style of body. Do you still think a belt will help give me some shape and should I wear it loose? Thanks – love you style but love you kind suggestions even more!

Thank you, Martha. Try a low slung belt with a tunic or longer top. If you confuse the eye as to where your waist is and what size your behind is, you will look best. I have the same issues, so I never tuck in a shirt all the way around to show my whole waistline without a jacket or cardigan left open to confuse the eye.

Good looking! Thanks Susan, love the jacket!

You always look so sharp! I wish the faux leather jacket had long sleeves….other than that I love it!

Cute & the green is a different color for you. I’ve always liked the big shirt or tunic style tops with the low slung belts that you mentioned; they help cover my less than svelte waist area. Still have several of the stretch metallic belts as well. Misook site had some very slimming & linear looks. Good day for a belt post here as the wind has really picked up! Thank you Susan.

I’ve always assumed wearing a belt would make me look thicker in the middle. But wow! It looks great on you. I’ll have to try it again but be sure and wear the right belt the right ways. Thanks for this post.

Interesting and informative post,as usual. I liked the photo where you had belt on under the jacket. Although this jacket is very attractive, I think the fabric is a little stiff to belt. I check out all your posts and really enjoy your site.

I always wear a belt under an open jacket or cardigan. It makes it appear that there is a well defined waist under there. It draws the eye to something interesting while not allowing anyone to see the size of my “middle” Also the width of the belt makes a difference. Sometimes a narrow belt does the trick and sometimes a wider belt makes just the right bold statement. It took me into my 60s to realize the fun and importance of accessories 🙂

Love the belt both ways you styled it.It gives a really polished look.

Beautiful outfit. I love your heels with this outfit. I haven’t been able to wear heels for several years and miss them. Our weather is beginning to get much colder and I’m shopping for warm things to hide under my skirts or pants. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Today a friend mentioned ‘pant socks’ that come to your knee. Do you know anything about them?

Search for Trouser Socks. I like to wear tights under pants in the winter because the top of those socks always shows through the pant material due to the fact that I have thick calves.

Mary, I always wear thick tights under dresses, lined ones when it’s really cold. Under trousers I wear leggings because they don’t add bulk. However, I also have some under trouser leggings that are designed for outdoor activity. In my opinion these are even better (though more expensive) because they are not quite so tight.

Susan, many thanks for your blog. It really is an inspiration to us all, and shows what a difference small changes and a bit of thought can make to how we present ourselves.

Love your look Susan! just turned 65yrs. YOUNG and so inspired by your classic and current styles

I love the belted look! Thanks for sharing!

I also love belts and wear them daily. I feel they define my waistline which I love to show off. My outfit does not feel complete without one.

I, too, absolutely love belts. I had a wide brown leather one with a large buckle in front that I bought at a street market in Europe. It cost $5. I wish I had bought every one that they had. However, our tour group was moving on, and I had to make a quick decision. It was leather. Every time I wore it I got compliments. It finally broke and the shoemaker could make only a temporary fix. I now have many belts but always revert back to a silver one which I also love. HOWEVER, as the waistline increases it is more difficult for me to wear a belt comfortably. I wear it a bit down from the waist now and under jackets. I am 85!! But never too old to look for cute stuff11!! A silver belt at the waist should not be worn with a necklace, however. Maybe a scarf. I sometimes have a hard time choosing which to wear. It is fun to be able to try new things. And to watch what your choices are.

Men’s vs Women’s Belt

Belts have been in use for a very long time. They have been in use more by men and earlier than women for over centuries. The history of belts dates back to the Bronze Age. In modern times, belts have been in use by both men and women for accessorizing their outfits and for utility. Men’s belts were most commonly used by soldiers and are still a symbol of rank, pride, honor, and discipline in the defense services.

In general, a men’s and a women’s belt does not have any basic difference like clothing or shoes. But based on the physique of a male and a female, the sizes of belts, the make, the material used are of different types.

Some belts are unisex as the belt used by police officers, carpenters, or other utility belts. Belts used for martial arts are of different colors and indicate the skill level of the one wearing it, male or female. An obi is a traditional Japanese belt used over the kimono. There are role-playing belts available for both sexes.

Men’s belts
Belts worn by men were used basically for utility. The soldiers used to wear them to carry their weapons. Slowly they became a symbol of pride and a part of a uniform even when men were not at war. After the 1920s they were also used to keep their trousers secured at the waist. The male body does not have curves to support the trousers thus the belts are necessary. From the mid-90s, wearing the trousers very low became fashionable, and belts became an utmost requirement to keep the trousers on.

Usually, the men’s belts come in the waist sizes which are between 27- 48 inches. The buckles are stronger, and the holes are on the left while the buckles are on the right side.

Women’s belts
Women’s belts started with the introduction of skirts and tops. They were used to accessorize the outfits and emphasize the smallness of the waist more than keeping the outfit together. Women’s belts come in a variety of ranges and materials. The width and decorations used for the belts range from simple glitter to pearls, diamonds, rubies, and turquoises, etc.

They usually come in the sizes ranging between 24 inches to 44 inches. Though the physique of a woman has curves and can hold the skirt or trousers up without the use of a belt, in modern times, low-waisted jeans and trousers have made the belt a necessity to keep the trousers in place.
Sometimes the holes of the women’s belts are on the right while the buckles are on the left, but it is not always so.

1.Men’s belts come in waist sizes ranging from 27 inches to 48 inches; women’s belts come in waist sizes ranging from 24 inches to 44 inches.
2.Sometimes the holes on women’s belts are on the right while the buckles are on the left; whereas, in men’s belts the buckle is always on the right side while the holes are on the left.

A blazer is the perfect weight for the British summer – and the belt gives it a bit of va-va-voom

‘A belted blazer is bona fide Fashion.’ Photograph: David Newby/The Guardian

‘A belted blazer is bona fide Fashion.’ Photograph: David Newby/The Guardian

L ook. I’m dressed! Properly dressed. Being properly dressed hasn’t been a thing since it was coat weather, so I feel a bit out of the loop, to be honest. I haven’t been paying my usual close attention to the plot of Fashion with a capital F. You know that thing when you start watching the latest episode of your current Netflix series and it dawns on you that you must have dozed off somewhere before the end of the last one, because there are whole subplots that are lost on you and characters who you’ve never seen before and, well, you’ve slightly lost the thread? That’s me right now, trying to work out what to wear.

But a belted blazer makes sense right now. A blazer is smart, but not in a jazz-hands kind of a way. Also, it is the perfect weight of outerwear for much of the British summer. Yes, a denim jacket is, too, but the blazer was made iconic by Yves Saint Laurent and the denim jacket by Britney Spears. Just saying.

I like to think adding a belt makes the blazer a bit less office-safe and gives it a bit more va-va-voom, as Yves might have said. A belt-cinch turns the boxy, masculine lines into something more tousled and trench-coat-ish. It also makes the blazer feel more like a proper coat; you can’t now just slip it off and hang it over the back of your chair, because then what to do with the belt, right? So the belt commits you to the outfit.

Also, I like a belted blazer right now because it is bona fide Fashion. If football games played behind closed doors are the Geisterspiele – or ghost games – then the summer collections that have been mothballed inside stores since it was cold outside could be called a Geistersommer. Summer fashion, but without audience participation. And so to be able to wear a belted blazer – a star piece on the catwalk of the Saint Laurent spring/summer 2020 collection, which was itself a homage to the late great Yves – feels like a small step toward bringing fashion back to life.

Garter Belts: How to wear them

Table of Contents

Garter belts – All you have to know

Garter belts are very effective when it comes – to adding some support to your stockings, but not only that, garter belts are known to be extremely sexy and classy.

Do you have any idea how to wear them?

Since 1939 garter belts were known to help women when composing their looks and being comfortable while doing it. Today you don’t necessarily need to pair them with stockings, you can simply wear it with a matching set lingerie to spice things up with your partner.

Garter belts, just like any other lingerie, offers you a huge variety of designs, colors, and textures. It can also easily help you achieve a complex look to impress.

How to style it?

You can wear the belt with stockings, and a matching bra and panties set. If you’re looking for a more elaborate look, try wearing stiletto heels with your outfit!

Pro-tip: Make sure to put your panties after the garter belt and the stockings! It will make it easier when mother nature calls and you have to run to the bathroom.

Garter belts and YOUR body type

Garter belts are amazing for any body type! It provides a slimming effect on the waist, and it enhances your natural beauty. Just make sure to pick the right size so you feel comfortable and beautiful while wearing it.

How to wear it

It looks more complicated than it is! So let’s clarify how to wear them in 6 different steps:

Step one -> Slide the belt to your waist and check if the strings are falling on your thighs.

Step two -> Adjust the belt to a comfortable fit. You can try moving around to make sure it fits just right.

Step three -> Put your stockings on. (If you decide to wear them, of course.)

Step four -> Now you are going to attach the clips from the belt onto your stockings. Tip: for more support, look for belts with more strings.

Step five -> Just like a bra, adjust the strings until it fits you comfortably.

Step six -> Slide your undies on!

And that’s it! You made it! Now you’re free to rock your garter belt. Be creative when styling and allow yourself to try new things. You might just get surprised by the endless possibilities the garter belts bring.

We are often asked how to wear a sporran correctly when it comes to wearing your kilt for the first time. If you have any questions about what we have included in this guide, just shoot us an email and we will be delighted to help.

How to Wear a Sporran – The Ultimate Guide

Your kilt outfit will not be complete without adding a sporran. It is vitally important to wear the sporran correctly, otherwise you will be getting a few looks from your fellow kilt wearers. You will know that the sporran is in the correct position when you can draw a vertical line down your outfit, so that the line passes through the buttons of your waistcoat, your tie or bow-tie, sporran and kilt belt buckle. Sometimes, the sporran is moved over to either the left or right side of your kilt when you are dancing, if you are partaking in a ceilidh for example.

How to wear a belt for women

Which Sporran to Choose?

You will have probably noticed that there are many different types of sporrans, depending on the occasion that you wear a kilt too.

History of the Sporran

Not many people know where the word sporran comes from. In fact, its from the Gaelic word “purse”. Kilts do not have pockets, so this means that there is no place to keep your personal effects when wearing the kilt, such as money, food or even lead musket during the wars. This lead to the development of the sporran to solve this storage problem. In the modern era, sporrans are great for your smartphone and wallet. Oh, and you will also find the occasional hip flask in there as well!

What are the Different Types of Sporrans?

Here at, we stock a range of different sporrans, namely:

  • Day
  • Semi-Dress
  • Dress
  • Hunting
  • Horsehair

Day Sporrans are mainly worn during informal events. It is recommended that you don’t wear a sporran of this type to a wedding for example, as it will reduce the formality of your look. You will notice that this type are often made of leather, and don’t feature any animal hair, as well as having no metal cantle.

How to wear a belt for women

Semi-Dress Sporrans combine features of both the day and dress. In most semi-dress sporrans, they will feature animal fur accompanying the leather. I would say this is a great sporran to choose if you plan to wear it during formal and informal occasions. Think of it as smart casual.

Dress Sporrans are for the most formal of occasions. These are commonly worn at weddings where you want to stand out from the crowd. You will notice the use of animal furs in most products, and there will most likely be a shiny metallic cantle at the top.

How to wear a belt for women

Gregor is our resident blogger, who has 19 years worth of experience making kilts for our customers. His advice offers a unique insight into the world of Scotland’s national dress. If you have any questions, please message him at [email protected]

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How to wear a belt for women

New to kilt wearing? Figuring out how to wear an outfit so steeped in tradition and heritage can seem daunting.

Even if you’ve been wearing a kilt since you were a lad, remembering how to wear all the kilt accessories can be a challenge.

The team at Kilt Society™ lives and breathes kilts. We’re are all about helping you design and style the kilt outfit you want. That’s why we’ve created this easy-to-use guide so you can rock your kilt with style, no matter the occasion.

How to wear a belt for women
How to wear a belt for women

Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

Your kilt should be wrapped around your body with the pleats to the rear and the aprons overlapping at the front. The fringes should fall to your right-hand side.

A kilt is meant to be worn high on the waist (above your navel), causing it to drop down to the middle of the knee.

Shirt & Tie

We offer three types of shirts to pair with your kilt:

No matter which shirt you choose, it should be neatly tucked into your kilt.

Jacket & Vest

Whether you choose a casual three or five button waistcoat or decide to go full formal with a Prince Charlie jacket & vest combo, your selection should always complement the colours in your kilt.

The jacket is normally kept open to show off the waistcoat’s polished buttons.

Not sure what jacket you want? There’s a guide for that too!

How to wear a belt for women
How to wear a belt for women

Belt & Buckle

Kilt belts and buckles generally run wider than normal belts and are only needed when opting not to wear a waistcoat.

Kilt belts are worn through the kilt loops at the rear and fastened on the front, above the sporran.


Our sporran guide will help you figure out whether you’re looking for a full dress, semi dress, or day sporran.

The chain strap should be brought through the kilt loops at the rear so the sporran can be worn at the front.

Fly Plaid & Brooch

The fly plaid is a great way to add an extra level of formality to your kilt (and to really make you stand out from the crowd).

Your fly plaid will typically match your kilt’s tartan and is worn over your left shoulder. You secure the fly plaid to your jacket using a plaid brooch.

Kilt Pin

The kilt pin is both decorative and functional. It adds a special touch to your kilt outfit, but also helps the front of your kilt from blowing open (especially important if you’re opting to go au naturel).

Your kilt pin shouldn’t be used to keep your kilt closed, however, as doing so may damage the kilt and alters the way it hangs. Instead, fix your pin to the top layer of cloth on your right-hand side.


Flashes are worn to the side of the calf and help keep your hose from falling down. The garter should be hidden by the top of the hose.

Flashes are great for adding some extra colour to your look. You can choose flashes in a matching tartan or a complementary solid colour – whatever suits your style!

Like your other accessories, your Kilt Hose should complement the colour of your chosen tartan and jacket. We offer everything from basic Kilt Hose to Scotland-inspired designs, like our luxury Hebridean Kilt Hose.

Whichever design or colour you choose, your hose should be worn to the bottom of the knee with the decorative top folded down.

Sgian Dubh

If you’re really going for that historical look, a Sgian Dubh is a must. It should be worn tucked into your hose, on either leg, at the side of the calf. The top of the handle should stick out from the top of the hose.


Finally, the Brogues – because no outfit is complete without a pair of great looking shoes.

We’ve got a pair of brogues for any occasion – whether you’re looking for comfort, a contemporary look, or something traditional. Boots or other shoes also work for a more casual look.

The long laces should be pulled tight. We like to tie them in a half-hitch (over and under), twist three to four times, and wrap them around the calf twice before tying at the side.

Still not sure?

The Kilt Society™ team loves making sure our customers look and feel great in their kilts. If you still have questions, get in touch – we’d be happy to help.

Weight belts are an important piece of equipment in your training repertoire. Find out how and why to use them!

How to wear a belt for women

In the dark corner of my local gym, I recently spied a guy doing sit-ups . while wearing a weight belt. The sight was like a swift punch to the crotch! While it’s not the worst gym offense, or even an incredibly rare event, I realized that many trainees don’t know what a lifting belt does, when to wear one, and why someone should.

Wearing a belt during sit-ups, for example, is actually contrary to the function of the belt. The whole point of a weight belt is to prevent spinal flexion; the whole point of doing a sit-up is to flex your spine by contracting your abs. See the problem here? I’ve also seen people belt up for biceps curls, lat pull-downs, and leg extensions. Clearly, some instruction on this common accessory is needed.

Belt-ology in Action

Most people think that weight belts support the back and can help prevent injury. That’s generally true, but a better understanding of the mechanics will change how many people use their equipment. Even some weight belt manufacturers don’t understand how a belt is supposed to work, which is revealed when they make the back of the belt wider than the front.

To talk about belts, we first have to talk about breathing. Most people are taught to inhale on the eccentric (negative) part of an exercise and to exhale during the concentric (positive). While you should definitely breathe, this isn’t the method that works best when you need to produce a large amount of force. In the everyday world when you need to move something heavy—a couch or an Atlas stone—you take a big breath, push or pull while holding your breath, and only exhale after completing the movement.

We use this technique—known as the Valsalva Maneuver—when we’re performing certain exercises at near-maximal effort. Holding your breath against a closed glottis while increasing you thoracic abdominal pressure braces you, and allows you to lift more weight. You’d never see a powerlifter squatting 600 pounds while slowly breathing out.

How to wear a belt for women

When you inhale, pressure increases in your thoracic cavity; this pressure is further increased when you flex your abs. In this regard, the muscles of your abdomen serve chiefly to apply pressure to the anterior side of your spine, attempting to balance the forces produced by the extensors on the backside. In other words, this pressure keeps you from being crushed by the weight when you squat.

The back muscles apply force, position and support to the spine from the back while the abdominal wall and increased abdominal pressure from a deep breath support it from the front. A weight belt’s main function is to add support from the front by increasing abdominal pressure.

Belt It Real Good

In a nutshell, a lifting belt provides a wall for your abs to push against. The added force with limited space means increased anterior pressure for the spine, helping to stabilize it. This gives you a more rigid torso with better transmission of force from the hips to the bar, plus a more stable foundation for overhead lifts. The width in the back of the belt has absolutely nothing to do with a belt’s function, as many people think.

How to wear a belt for women

Ideally, a belt between three-and-four-inches wide, all the way around, is sufficient. If it’s much smaller than that, it won’t provide much support. If it’s much larger than that, it may not fit well between your ribs and hips. The material should be firm, typically leather/suede or something that won’t stretch.

To Belt Or Not To Belt

There is no need to wear a belt all the time. There is a lot of discussion in the fitness community about whether you should wear a belt at all. Some people believe you should only rely on your own abilities to stabilize heavy loads. I don’t intend to delve into that debate here, but I will say two things: first, under a heavy load, a belt can help reduce your odds of getting an orthopedic injury. Second, a belt will definitely aid in lifting performance.

In my opinion, a weight belt is only necessary during near the max attempts on compound lifts, definitely not when you’re on a bicycle. You shouldn’t wear a belt with loads that you can easily support—below 90% of your one rep max on big, barbell lifts.

How to wear a belt for women

Wear It Right

When wearing the belt, it should be positioned and tightened correctly. Many times I’ve seen lifters move the belt to a more comfortable position under their gut, even though that is contrary to what they’ve learned about belt usage. Obviously, the belt shouldn’t be too loose, although many make the mistake of making it too tight. A belt so tight that you can’t properly contract your abdominal wall will actually work against you. Take a breath (hold it), place the belt in position and brace the abdominal wall. Draw the belt just tight enough to slightly restrict your braced abdominal position to achieve maximum benefit.