How to be fabulous

fictitious, fabulous, legendary, mythical, apocryphal mean having the nature of something imagined or invented. fictitious implies fabrication and suggests artificiality or contrivance more than deliberate falsification or deception. fictitious characters fabulous stresses the marvelous or incredible character of something without necessarily implying impossibility or actual nonexistence. a land of fabulous riches legendary suggests the elaboration of invented details and distortion of historical facts produced by popular tradition. the legendary exploits of Davy Crockett mythical implies a purely fanciful explanation of facts or the creation of beings and events out of the imagination. mythical creatures apocryphal implies an unknown or dubious source or origin or may imply that the thing itself is dubious or inaccurate. a book that repeats many apocryphal stories

The Meaning of Fabulous Before It Meant ‘Great’

Most of us use the word fabulous in an entirely positive sense, with the meaning “wonderful” or “marvelous.” This is an entirely acceptable way to use the word, but it is by no means the sense that fabulous had when it entered the English language: its original meaning was “characteristic of fables” (a fable is “an invented tale”). In that sense, “the fabulous legends of Arabia” refers to legends based upon fable rather than notably excellent legends. The semantic drift that fabulous has undergone is not at all uncommon in language, and we see comparable developments in words of similar in meaning. Fantastic previously meant “of, belonging to, or constituting fantasy”; awesome initially had the sole meaning “expressive of awe” (and many people wish that it still did); and terrific meant “terrible, terrifying” long before it meant “splendid.”

Examples of fabulous in a Sentence

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First Known Use of fabulous

15th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a

History and Etymology for fabulous

Middle English fabulous, fabulose "legendary, mythical," borrowed from Middle French & Latin; Middle French fabuleux, borrowed from Latin fābulōsus "celebrated in legend, resembling an invented story, mythical," from fābula "talk, account, fable entry 1" + -ōsus -ous

What can be said about Sharpay Evans? Four-time president of East High School’s Drama Club, resident Albuquerque fashionista, Broadway star in the making… the girl has big hair and even bigger dreams. As we got to know the whirlwind of fabulosity that is Sharpay Evans, we realized there’s a lot that can be learned from this diva-in-the-making. If your life needs a little fabulous (it’s really a simple request) here’s how to apply Sharpay’s expertise into your daily routine.

Lesson One: Make an Entrance

Whether it’s an interview or the first day of school, you’ve always been told to make a good first impression. Sharpay knows this fact all too well and uses it to her advantage. When Sharpay walks into the room, you know she’s arrived. Nothing says fabulous like a perfectly executed power walk.

How to be fabulous

Lesson Two: Confidence is Key

We’ve all had moments of doubt in our life, but Sharpay knows that uncertainty is the enemy of fabulous. Sure, she indulges in the occasional freak out, but she always pulls it together. Sometimes you have to put your game face on and show the world who is fabulous (especially when executing an extravagant tropical song and dance).

Lesson Three: Personal Branding is Everything

What are some ways you describe Sharpay Evans? Pink, sparkles, her monogram, more pink… we think you get the idea. These signature staples are the foundation of Sharpay’s fabulous personal brand. Her trademarks might seem excessive to the average eye (really, who owns a pink convertible AND a pink baby grand piano?) but they all help to establish Sharpay’s over-the-top lifestyle. While you don’t need to make all your possessions pink, you can find ways to leave your own mark of fabulous.

Lesson Four: Think Bigger

Part of being fabulous is never resting on your laurels. Who wants to be mediocre when you can be fabulous? That’s why Sharpay always challenges herself and others, like her brother Ryan, to think bigger. Why win the part in the musical when you could become superstars? Why JUST have sold out shows, when you could be the one the Oscar goes to? As Sharpay so eloquently put it, “bigger is better, and better is bigger, a little bit is never enough.”

Lesson Five: Always Believe in Your Dreams

Sharpay is a girl who knows what she wants and goes after it. Her dedication to her dream never waivers despite what people may say. Whether she’s after the lead in the spring musical, Troy Bolton, or Broadway stardom, Sharpay steadfastly believes she can accomplish anything she sets her mind too. Even if she doesn’t, (*cough Troy loves Gabriella cough*) she never gives up and that tenacity can only be admired. And besides, who needs a man when you can be the star of your own broadway show, right?

Bonus Lesson: Always Stage a Fabulously Epic Dance Sequence By a Pool

How to be fabulous

We all want to be Fiscally Fabulous, top LGBT Financial Adviser David Rae outlines the top 5 tips to show you HOW TO BE FISCALLY FABULOUS the Gay Way. It’s not just a problem for gay people but when consumerism runs rampant it can stunt our futures. Here are a few tips from a financial planner to negotiate around those uncontrollable urges to keep up with the Fabulous Gay Joneses. Gay money advice can be fun and fabulous.

By David Rae Certified Financial Planner™, Accredited Investment Fiduciary™

If you would rather look rich than actually become wealthy, then stop reading now. If, on the other hand, you actually want help to reach your financial goals – you do have financial goals, don’t you? – here are a few tips that can help you maintain a great lifestyle while also enjoying that lifestyle going far into the future. Gay financial planning can be fun and fabulous. Smarter money moves can mean more vacations, more time with friends and a bigger gay net worth.

One of the great joys of our gay culture is a heightened appreciation of things; things to do, things to see, things to have, things to buy. And we particularly love the latest things. But the flipside of that coin is that it can be tough to keep spending under control. My favorite quote from Fight Club sums it up perfectly: “We buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like.”

There is another way.

It seems pretty obvious, right? But don’t we all have at least one gay friend with a busy social life, heavy travel schedule and incredible wardrobe but with thousands of dollars of debt?

Gay Money Advice- Repeat after me: Carrying balances on credit cards is a great way to kill your chances of creating wealth. It’s not how much you make, but how much you keep that drives wealth accumulation. Also, with no emergency fund, small balances on credit cards can quickly spiral out of control. By paying off your balance and eliminating having to pay credit card interest, you’ll actually have more money to spend in the long run.

2) Fiscally Fabulous Gays Ignore the Joneses:
We all suffer from some status envy, but often those status symbols are merely mirages. They’re not real. Living in West Hollywood and Palm Springs, I can tell you that looks are deceiving. That gorgeous guy driving a Bentley may actually be living out of that Bentley too. And how many of the “Real Housewives” have had their cars or even houses repossessed? Not to mention jail time. Nothing to envy about that. Gay financial planning isn’t just about looking rich, it is about building life-change wealth while living your best life.

So only spend what makes sense for your pocketbook. And if you’re worried that you’ll lose friends because you’re not rocking the latest pair of $500 sunglasses, maybe it’s time to get some new friends.

3) Fiscally Fabulous Gays Brush up on their bargain-finding skills:
Like a lot of gay people, I love to travel. I also love to get a great deal and often shop around for major purchases. (My husband counts himself lucky that I actually find this enjoyable.) Last year a few friends headed out for a trip. I bought my flight in advance and got a pretty good deal. One friend procrastinated and found himself stuck in a middle seat, squeezed between two hefty Midwesterners, for almost double what I paid. We both went to the same place but he got no added value for the extra expense.

A dollar saved is better than a dollar earned (and no taxes are due on savings). To think of it another way, the more you save in one area like flights, the more money you’ll have to spend on fun things like dinner with friends or, it kills me to say this, $500 sunglasses.

4) Fiscally Fabulous Gays Understand that need and want are not the same thing:
It really amazes me how often people confuse these two things. For example: “I want the new iPhone 12” is not the same as “My cell phone died, I need a new one.” Yes, it’s true. You read it here first.

5) Fiscally Fabulous Gays Pay themselves first by saving automatically:
Set up an automatic deposit into a savings account, retirement account or even a mutual fund. Make it automatic and treat it like it’s a bill. If you never see the money because it’s tucked safely away earning interest, it’ll less likely to tempt you into spending it.

How to be fabulous

Be Fiscally Fabulous Gay Money Matters

You may be surprised how you don’t miss the money, and how quickly it adds up.
You can even use this trick for short-term goals like a vacation. Think of how much
more fun you could have to know your Atlantis Cruise or Provincetown stay is paid in full, in advance and without coming home to a mountain of debt.

These are just a few basic steps you can take right now to help get you moving in the right direction financially and on the road to true financial security. Working with a gay fiduciary financial planner to map out your financial goals can help you get on track to setting and achieving your goals.

Whether you are just entering the workforce, about to retire or anywhere in between, the best advice I can give you now is to get your head out of the sand, pay yourself first and start accumulating wealth now. Being a fiscally fabulous gay may be more challenging for some than others – but hey, who says you’re not up for a challenge? — but no one’s ever said “I wish I had I’d starting saving later or saved less.” Ever.

As always, surround yourself with people who help your light shine bright and Be Fiscally Fabulous!

DAVID RAE, CFP®, AIF® is a Los Angeles-based retirement planner with DRM Wealth Management, a regular contributor to the Advocate Magazine, Huffington Post and regular guest on TV. David Rae is a Fiduciary financial adviser proudly serving friends of the LGBT community for over a decade. Named by Investopedia as one of the “100 Most Influential Financial Advisors” for 2017, 2018,2019 and 2020. For more information visit his website

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How to be fabulous

How to be Fiscally Fabulous. LGBT Financial Planner David Rae tells you how.
How to be fabulousSuccess isn’t just about getting to your goals. It's about everything you learn during the journey, too.

Have you ever wondered how to be successful? What’s your definition of success? Is it fame, or money, or becoming the CEO of your own company? No matter the goal, it takes time and hard work to achieve success. Unfortunately, most of us have also become accustomed to the instant gratification we get from Netflix, high-speed internet, and our smartphones. We don’t know how to be patient anymore, and we don’t know how to appreciate the journey as much as the destination.

How to be fabulous

Success is just as much about the learning experience and hard work that go into achieving your goals as it is about the end result—some might even argue the journey is the success, and the achievement itself is just a bonus. It’s not enough to have talent and a goal—if it were, everyone would be successful. No, success is not for the impatient or the unwilling. It is only for people who practice the three pillars of success of reaching your goals: perseverance, accountability, and consistency.


Because we’re so used to getting what we want as soon as we want it, we don’t know how to persevere or push through tough situations and failures. Instead of throwing your arms up in defeat as soon as things don’t go your way, learn from your mistakes and figure out how to overcome them in the future. Nobody is truly an overnight success. Successful people face rejection and failure constantly! They just get back up each time they fall down.

Remember: obstacles won’t suddenly go away once you achieve your goal, so it’s better to make mistakes when you’re starting out than to never know how to handle yourself after a failure.


When you do encounter obstacles, it’s easy to blame others or fall into a cycle of self-pity and self-sabotage. Accountability is an invaluable pillar of success because, while you can’t control situations and circumstances, you can always control how you react to them. Nobody ever became successful by blaming others. Regardless of who is at fault, playing the victim will never bring you success. Blaming others is also a foolproof way to alienate the people who may actually be able to help you in becoming successful.


You may only fail once or you may fail a hundred times—but chances are it’ll be closer to the latter. Perseverance and accountability are meaningless if they aren’t applied consistently. You never know which attempt at reaching your goal will be the one that finally gets you there. Stephen King was rejected by 30 publishers before his first novel was finally published. Imagine if he had given up after his 29th rejection. Put 110% into every attempt at reaching your goals, because you’re only going to keep getting better and growing stronger.

It’s easy to convince ourselves that if we can’t get what we want right away, we should move on. But success isn’t just about getting to your goals. It’s about everything you learn and achieve on the way and everything you continue to learn once you’ve achieved success. By practicing the Three Pillars of Success, you’re guaranteed to get where you need to go. So stop thinking how to be successful and start doing it!

Most of us know how to behave in a way that is considered fine but very few know how to truly be fabulous. Employers, however, seek out and regularly hire those who have the “it” factor.

It’s the subtle, understated nuances that separate the fabulous job candidates from ones who are simply fine. Anything you can do to stand apart can help make you fabulous at your next job interview. Here are ways to do it:

Advance Preparation for the Interview

Making yourself fabulous for an interview starts before you arrive.

Research the firm and the individual/s with whom you are meeting (and learn proper name pronunciation). Visit the company’s website, and perhaps sites of its top competitors as well. Read recent news stories to be well informed regarding current activities pertaining to their business, the competition and industry trends.

Prepare questions to ask the interviewer, such as: What do you consider some of the firm’s greatest accomplishments, future challenges and direction? How long have you worked for the firm and why do you enjoy working there?

Remember, the interview is an opportunity for you to evaluate each other. Phrase your questions as if you are already their first choice for the job. Ask the interviewer how he or she views you and your expertise benefiting the company. Then bring this answer full circle in your closing remarks.

Arriving at Your Interview

Show up early for the interview, but no more than 15 minutes early. As soon as you arrive at your destination, cell phones and other devices: off. Stand “at the ready” and wait to confidently meet your host.

Your Interview Attitude

“Assume the Sale!” Act as if you already work there, with this person, in this building. Project positive energy, enthusiasm, sincerity and style; people are attracted to positive, upbeat people. Be well rested, well prepared, and well dressed to perform at your personal best.

Remember to Connect

Initiate small talk; anything visible in the office, or even outdoors, is fair game for conversation topics: photos, plaques, artwork, books, office décor and the like.

Share personal information, but not too much.

Decline Offers of Hospitality

Graciously decline offers of coffee and croissants. You don’t want to risk crumbs landing on your lapel, food getting stuck in your teeth or coffee breath. The “spillage factor” is real, and you do not want to be the person remembered for getting coffee on your résumé, your tie or dress or the interviewer’s desk.

There are exceptions, of course. If a porcelain or silver coffee or tea service appears, it would be rude to refuse such an offer.

Sitting and Seating

Think of sitting and seating as another opportunity to stand apart.

Always permit your host — the interviewer — to be seated first. If you have the option of sitting across the desk from, or angular to, your interviewer, choose angular. That way, you’ll eliminate the desk “barrier.” After all, you want nothing to interfere with the relationship you are endeavoring to forge.

Take Notes

It’s wise to take notes because this will help you remember what you hear and also show that you’re taking the interviewer seriously. But ask first. Asking shows that we assume nothing as we endeavor to build trust and grow the relationship.

Take personal notes about the interviewer and use this information in follow-up communication.

Attributes to Flaunt

You’ll also stand out by demonstrating how fabulous you are when it comes to your passion, adaptability and professionalism.

Be prepared to share how you feel your passion for what the interviewer wants could help make a difference in the company or even change the world, in some way.

Convince the interviewer that you are able to manage relationships and are a team player. Interviewers want to know if you are a “roll up the sleeves” type of individual and not a prima donna.

Possessing a professional presence is tantamount to making a positive first impression, but exhibiting overconfidence and self-importance can hurt you.

Make it clear that you are receptive to learning from (and working with) others and possess an element de humilité.


What you’d be paid is clearly important, but it’s certainly a delicate topic.

Wait for the interviewer to initiate the topic. Then note your current salary or your desired salary or compensation package. Let the interviewer know that you are more interested in the opportunity to work with and learn from them than the pay and that you are confident the compensation will be fair.

If you receive an offer, advocate on your own behalf and negotiate. Interviewers usually have some financial leeway.

After the Interview

Send the interviewer a quick “thank you” email and then follow up with the timeless, traditional thank you note on your quality personal stationery. Since you will have taken notes during (or immediately following) the interview, mention something personal in your handwritten note.

So few people these days even bother to follow up with an email or call that anyone today who takes the time and goes to the trouble to send a handwritten personalized thank you note gets noticed, big time.

Judith Bowman is author of How To Stand Apart @ Work and an expert in business etiquette. She is founder of Protocol Consultants International and provides protocol certification training.

Today I am going old School: How I Spent My Summer Vacation

As a child you eagerly awaited the return of school, to see your old friends you had not seen all summer, and to start a new chapter in your life (i.e. hurry up and graduate so you can go to high school, graduate, move out your parents house and party hard in college, LOL!!). Now you are an adult, and unless you are an educator, you just don’t get summer vacations anymore. But this year I decided to change all that, I reinstated the idea of the Summer Vacation. Why? Because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and the summer heat helps to provide some relief. Provided, there is not too much humidity, which there usually is, but I work with what you have.

Now you may be wondering how I accomplished this minor miracle of a Summer Vacation, well first and foremost, I started to reacquaint myself with the Sunday Newspaper, you know that thing your parents use to read faithfully, but now we just view on our phone. Well, it still exists. In the Life and Entertainment sections they listed lots of events that are taking place all around the city, most importantly, tons and tons of Fabulous and Free events. Yes, I said Free . I was shocked, but I guess that is one upside of being in a bad economy, there are tons of deals around town.

So, this is How I Spent my Summer Vacation:


One event that became my favorite was Movies in the Park. This was wonderful, you can bring your own comfy chair and snacks, it was a great way to reconnect with friends, you neighborhood and most of all get out of the house and enjoy a warm summer night. The movies ranged from Old School Classics such as Spike Lee’s Joint “She’s Gotta Have It” to fun animations such as “Mega Mind”. These weekly events were perfect for a comfortable, inexpensive night out with your friends, that special guy or the family.


Next on my list, which was another find out of the Sunday Newspaper was Jazz in the Park. Now I know Jazz is not for everyone, but what I found was that it wasn’t just Jazz, they had Latin Jazz, Neo Soul, Urban and Rock bands throughout the summer. They had some big names like Common, Kem and Tim Bowman just to name a few. Again, perfect for a night out, sitting in your comfy lawn chair (of course I upgraded to the deluxe edition because us Chronic Babes have to be comfortable while having fun) listening to some great music. Again, for free.

I also attended some events that were not free, for your bigger name artist, Sade. But I found that if you call the event location directly and let them know you require handicap accessible assistance they will guide you on parking, building entrance with ease and seating with limited to no steps required. Also, you can purchase your tickets over the phone and most event centers do not charge the convenience fee associated with Ticketmaster. The seat locations are typically pretty good and reasonable priced in comparison to just selecting any seat. In some instances, better than your average seat.


Now, because dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis requires as much movement as possible, I had to incorporate some exercise into my Summer Vacation. Now, usually I try to do Yoga, but when it is 90 degrees, I am not for being inside a stuffy Yoga Studio. So I opted for walks around my neighborhood. I found a wonderful nature trail that had nice streams and ponds. I did this before the sun beamed down hard or after is settled in for the day. Either way it was a perfect way to begin or end a day. Wonderful scenery, low impact and fresh air, you cannot beat it. You can also check out Tai Chi and Yoga in the park or off the water. Nice. Some days I just sat on my balcony and stretched my arms in my chair, hey it still counts. LOL!

Dining Out

One of my favorite things, which is not limited to Summer time, is going out to eat. I love lunching with my girls, dining with a hottie or just sitting in a café reading a good book. But in the summer time I needed to spice it up. So I opted for restaurants that had outside eating areas and HAPPY HOURS!! I downloaded a wonderful app on my phone that listed all the happy hour specials that were happening within a 15-mile radius, Loves It!! I found that more and more places had mid-day and late-night happy hours covering both cocktails and food. So of course I was all over it. It was great, because I am not one for bars as I cannot partake in excess standing nor do I feel ultra comfortable in some club situations. This option allowed me to get nice seating, reasonably priced food and a drink if I so choose.

All these events really made it a wonderful summer. Now of course, there were plenty of days where I was stuck in bed or on the couch due to flare-ups, but on the days I could get out, I did and I tried my best to make them count. It was rejuvenating, I reconnected with my friends, both old and new, in a way I never really experienced. I was also able to stick to a budget; you know medical costs are not cheap. I focused on not only being Fabulous and Sick but also Fabulous and Free, and that is How I Spent my Summer Vacation .

How to be fabulous

MAC Be Fabulous is a slightly cool-toned, light pink with a pearl finish. It is a permanent lipstick that retails for $25.00 and contains 0.14 oz.

Jump to a particular section if you know what information you’re looking for!

How to be fabulous

Explore Temptalia

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Be Fabulous is a light pink with cool, blue undertones and a fine, pearly sheen. The formula is supposed to have medium, buildable coverage with a hydrating feel that lasts six hours. It had semi-opaque color payoff that applied evenly but had a tendency to settle into lip lines. The consistency was smooth, lightweight, thin without being clingy or dry, and comfortable to wear over the three and a half hours (but not the six promised) it lasted. The formula felt slightly hydrating overall. Smashbox Obvi (P, $21.00) is lighter (95% similar). MAC Rose Lily (LE, $21.00) is lighter (95% similar). MAC To Savour (P, $23.00) is darker (95% similar). MAC A Novel Romance (LE, $21.00) is lighter (95% similar). MAC Ladies Who Lunch (LE, $25.00) is warmer (95% similar). Guerlain Rose Innocent (DC, $58.00) is cooler (95% similar). Chanel Radieuse (217) (LE, $38.00) is darker, warmer (95% similar). MAC Dreaminess (P, $25.00) is darker (95% similar). Tom Ford Beauty Jude (DC, $36.00) is more shimmery, warmer (90% similar). MAC Real Doll (LE, $21.00) is darker (95% similar). Maybelline Bubblegum Bloom (965) (LE, $7.49) is more shimmery, lighter (90% similar). MAC Dress to Impress (LE, $21.00) is darker (90% similar). Bite Beauty Lavender (DC, $24.00) is darker (90% similar). Chanel Candeur (P, $37.00) is lighter, more muted, cooler (90% similar). NARS Roman Holiday (PiP, $28.00) is warmer (90% similar). MAC Dressed to Thrill (LE, $21.00) is darker (90% similar). Tom Ford Beauty Olivier (LE, $36.00) is more shimmery (90% similar). MAC Kingdom of Sweets (LE, $21.00) is lighter (90% similar). Tom Ford Beauty Louis (DC, $36.00) is more shimmery, cooler (90% similar). Tom Ford Beauty Alexander (P, $36.00) is darker, warmer (90% similar). Top 20 dupes listed, see the rest. See comparison swatches / view dupes side-by-side.

FURTHER READING: Formula Overview, which is a detailed review of the range as a whole.

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OLD is the new black. Fifty is the new 30. Sixty is the new 40. Or as one friend recently suggested – 70 is the new 55!

Whatever your number, age is all the rage and the over 50s are having a real fashion moment. But that doesn’t give you license to dress like you used to.

The half-century mark is no longer the matronly death knell of fashionability. Gone are the days when a woman who turned 50 was considered old – past her prime, beyond her “use-by” date, “mutton dressed as lamb”.

HOW TO LOOK FABULOUS AT 50 (or any age)


Every woman needs a wardrobe of proven classics that make for a lifetime of chic looks. The key to a truly successful wardrobe is to build a core of good quality classic basics – those “blank canvas” pieces or building blocks upon which your look and style is created. Identify the timeless essentials you need – a great white shirt (or 20!), a classic trench coat, basic white, grey marle or striped T-shirts, a little black dress (or 6), the perfect pair of denim jeans or classic black pants. Remember, they will become your wardrobe workhorses, so they’ll need to stand up to plenty of wear and tear.


Always buy the best quality you can afford. You don’t have to dress head to toe in designer luxury brands to look stylish, but quality will always outlast quantity. A good investment means outlaying a moderate amount for pieces that won’t date and will last beyond one season. The key is to choose pieces that are modern, yet timeless and ageless. Invest in structured jackets, tailored pants, cashmere knits and silk shirts. Buy less, but buy better quality.


Know your body shape, recognise what makes you feel good and dress accordingly. Are you apple, pear, hour-glass or athletic? But generally speaking, loose A-line tops look better over a slim silhouette (imagine an inverted triangle). While wide-legs pants and A-line skirts need tops that are more fitted (think of a triangle).


The key to looking fabulous is to create a smooth silhouette. Invest in the right undergarments: waist trimmers, girdles, support hose and correctly fitting bras – pieces that offer support in all the right places! No one really wants to see all the lumps and bumps – the road maps to your life. Our body also changes shape as we age, so when it comes to our breasts, get measured by a professional at least once a year and replace bras every 12 months.


While it might be a favourite of the fashion pack, black can look severe when you’re over 50 – especially when it’s next to your face. Instead, try the softer more complementary new neutrals such as navy, soft grey or khaki.


Never underestimate the power of white! Coco Chanel didn’t champion white collars for nothing!


A pop of colour creates interest and can be used to highlight your best assets, but don’t let it wear you. As we age our skin tone and hair colour lightens, which is generally more accepting of bright colours. So find a colour that works for you, but if you’re a little unsure, take a more softly, softly approach with a bright lipstick instead.


Fussy details such as ruffles, gathers and pleats not only draw attention, they visually add bulk. But they can also age you just as on-trend seasonal treatments will date. Instead aim for a clean, lean silhouette with modern sharp lines.

Donna Player, group executive of merchandise for David Jones (the Australian department store), is known for her modern yet contemporary fashion style


You don’t have to be young to have fun with fashion, but to completely ignore what is happening in fashion is risky. You are a confident 50-year-old woman who knows what works for you, so identify what you need and try on something you normally wouldn’t. But, remember, don’t spend a fortune on on-trend pieces because they will be “so last season” in three weeks!


Style doesn’t come with a use-by date, so recognise when it’s time for an intervention/know when to break your own rules. Without the occasional refresh of clothes, hair and make-up, you can end up looking dated and older than you are. Learn to take risks – calculated ones at that – and never stop experimenting. So why not try leopard print, the neoprene coat, or those new flares? Choose change, not conformity.


This is an age when you should feel your most sexy or most confident. All that knowledge and experience! But being sexy is not overt; it’s subtle and strong. Great style is about confidence, so don’t buy something that won’t make you feel good. And the confidence to not care what people think only comes with age.


We have graduated to middle age with honours so that means we don’t have to suffer for fashion any more. But when it comes to shoes comfort is paramount. While there is a place for heels in every woman’s wardrobe, comfort doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style! Why not step out in some oxfords, loafers or brogues. Or even some sexy embellished kitten heels!


Be on-trend with the clever use of accessories. Generally more affordable, they can take any outfit from “whoops to wow”! A statement necklace or earrings, a brightly coloured scarf, statement shoe or handbag will lift any outfit. But choose your point of focus. If it’s the silver shoes, let them shine. Don’t make them compete with oversized earrings, an armful of chunky bracelets and half a dozen rings. Subtlety is the key. Remember Coco Chanel’s sage advice: Before you walk out the door, take one thing off. So don’t overdo it. Opt for just a scarf, belt and bag. Or choose either earrings, necklace or bracelets, not all three.


Keep your hair in check. Going grey is great but if you’re not ready to embrace it just yet, resist the temptation to tint your hair back to its original colour. Skin tone lightens with age so your natural shade will be too dark. Aim for one shade lighter than your natural colour or have highlights to blend in the grey for a more natural look.


A stylish woman never looks like she tried too hard. Style only comes with experience and confidence, but simplicity is the key to enduring style and great style is truly ageless.

Are you feeling fabulous over 50? What are your tips to looking fabulous over 50?
Who are your roles models? Would love to hear from you.