How to edit videos on chromebook

How to edit videos on chromebook

If you’ve ever used a Chromebook before, you know how limited in capacity Chrome OS is. The operating system itself is essentially a Web browser, allowing you to extend functions through plugins. There’s not much more you can do on it besides navigate the Web, use Cloud applications, and send emails. However, in recent days Chrome OS has become a whole lot more useful with the advent of the Google Play Store. Yes, Google has brought the Play Store to most Chrome OS devices, so now you can use Android apps with the Chromebook, too. Whether it’s playing games or using software tools for work, the Google Play Store has made Chrome OS a whole lot more useful.

Another element you might’ve noticed: Chrome OS is severely underpowered — it mostly has hardware to power the Web browser, as it doesn’t really need to do anything else. Despite this, did you know that you can still edit video on a Chromebook? With the Google Play Store now here, and despite having low-end hardware, you can still do heavy tasks like video editing on it.

If you stick with us below, we’ll show you how you too can edit video on the Chromebook.

Video Editing and Chrome OS

To start editing video on Chrome OS, we’ll first need to download a video editing application. There are at least two top-rated ones on the Google Play Store — both have a ton of features that allow you to edit almost every aspect of your video or movie. It’s certainly not as professional as something like Final Cut Pro or many professional software, but it’ll certainly get the job done and then some. It’s worth noting that both apps we listed below are free, but they do offer a subscription for access to extra features.


How to edit videos on chromebook

First up, we have a video editing application known as PowerDirector. It was originally designed for Android, but it works flawlessly on the Chromebook. PowerDirector was designed to be used by touch, but it works just as well through a mouse or touchpad. When you open it, you’ll first notice how it looks similar to a full size desktop video editor. It’s very professional in that sense, but it’s also easy to use.

PowerDirector makes it easy to load up video into the app, and then they even let you edit multiple tracks below the video. You can edit phone footage, footage you took with your camera, and really, anything you can load up into PowerDirector, including plain ol’ stills.

PowerDirector is free and will allow you to use its most basic functions, such as trimming video clips and audio tracks, add slow motion, etc. When you purchase the subscription is when this tool shows you its full power: you can edit 4K video clips, add videos to your timeline, create powerful video effects like, and even edit and make backgrounds. If you’ve ever heard of PowerDirector on Windows, this is essentially a slightly dumbed down version of, but still with extremely powerful tools. Check it out for yourself at the link below.

Download it here: Google Play


How to edit videos on chromebook

Next up, we have KineMaster. This is another on that was originally designed for Android, but seems to function well on the Chromebook as well. Unfortunately, the user interface isn’t everything it could be — things aren’t organized well and the UI overall is hard to navigate. Still, KineMaster has a ton more features than what PowerDirector has, giving you a much better suite for editing your class project or home based video.

Some of the features you’ll find that PowerDirector doesn’t have in KineMaster is being able to edit video by individual frames and adjust audio. There’s more than that, but you get all of the usual features as well — adding and editing audio, creating 3D transitions, and adding blur, mosaic, and countless other features.

Like PowerDirector, KineMaster is free to use, at least it’s most basic features; however, it ends up being a little more expensive than PowerDirector with its subscription-based cost. It costs $5 per month, or you can subscribe for $40 a year. Without the subscription, you’ll have to wade through ads as you use the video editor and put up with watermarks in your video content.

Download it now: Google Play

Storage Problems

It’s worth noting that, even though we have been able to move past many of the hurdles that Chrome OS has due to the addition of the Google Play Store, there’s still one you might run into when video editing. That problem would be storage space. Chromebooks notoriously have ridiculously small amounts of available space for other files, and at the same time, videos are known for being extremely large in size, especially after adding effects, 3D transitions, and other special additions. There’s no real way to get past this at a native level either.

With that in mind, we recommend editing video on your Chromebook with an external storage drive or large USB stick plugged in. It’s best to save your video files in either one of those storage devices instead of the Chromebook. If you overfill the Chromebook’s own drive — or even get close — you’ll be able to do virtually nothing. You might be surprised at just how sluggish Chrome OS becomes when there’s little storage space available!


By using PowerDirector or KineMaster, you’ll be able to edit all of your videos without having to go out and purchase an expensive laptop or computer. The Chromebook will be able to handle the demands of either program without a hitch, but do remember: watch your storage space carefully, and ideally, use an external hard drive or USB stick, otherwise you’re going to have a difficult time returning your Chromebook to its traditional speedy and snappy responses.

Want to edit videos on a Chromebook? What’s the best video editing software for Chromebook?

Look no further than this post, in which we’ll introduce you to the 6 best free video editors for Chromebook. Follow us to find the one that suits you the most.

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How to edit videos on chromebook

How to edit videos on chromebook

Part 1. 3 Best Online Fre Video Editors for Chromebook No Watermark

1. FlexClip (Free, Easy & No Watermark)

First on our list is FlexClip, the best free video editor for Chromebook without watermark. It comes with rich video editing features, allowing you to create videos for any occasion. Besides, it provides you a wide selection of ready-made templates you can edit and customize for free and millions of royalty-free media resources that can help you enrich your video content. Edit like a pro now. No experience or skills are required.

How to edit videos on chromebook

Image Board: Free Video Editor for Chromebook – FlexClip

Why We Love It

2. Kapwing

Kapwing is another great free video editor for Chromebook online without watermark. What makes it stands out is its accessibility and the fact that is available on all platforms. Besides, it has all the features of a video editor in a very simple interface. Kapwing allows you to add the text, combine the videos, add the subtitles and audios, and also record the audio form Chromebook. A Chromebook video editor has never been so simple. Sign up today for this online free video editor and create videos without the watermark.

How to edit videos on chromebook

Image Board: Free Video Editor for Chromebook – Kapwing

3. YouTude Studio Video Editor

Most of you guys may overlook YouTube’s video editing tool; it is also a great online video editor for Chromebook. It’s part of YouTube Studio and lets you edit videos right from the page on YouTube on your Chromebook without any watermark or needing to worry about installing extensions. The editor itself has a lot of basic functions like trimming, cropping, and splicing videos. Despite its simple nature, it deserves a spot on the best free online video editors on Chromebook without watermark.

How to edit videos on chromebook

Image Board: Free Video Editor for Chromebook – YouTude Studio Video Editor

Part 2. 3 Best Free Video Editing Software for Chromebook

1. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is a great option for professional-grade video editing solutions in Windows, and now it has made its way to Android and Chrome OS. The video editing software for Chromebook free for use can offer a complete list of features that a video editor can offer particularly in the desktop edition. It comes with rich editing features and has a vast stock library, making it easy and quick to create professional-looking videos. More importantly, once you finished video editing, you can export videos in resolutions up to 4K and quickly upload them to YouTube and Facebook.

Video editing is an essential tool for creative expression. You can cut together vlogs, short films, advertisements, photo journals — the possibilities are endless. Whatever hardware you choose, master simple concepts and download the right video editing software to express yourself through video.

Master video editing on a Chromebook.

Before you get into techniques and strategies, remember that no matter what you’re editing, your most important role is as a storyteller. So while you employ these techniques, make sure the deeper narrative comes through.

  • Montage: Video montages are a popular way to highlight the passing of time without boring the viewer with day-by-day detail. Think of the iconic transformation scene in Rocky. Here, the montage shows progress and evokes inspiration.
  • Cutaways: Cutaways can help editors assemble longer sequences of shots, to add visual interest. They are used frequently in documentaries when interviewees have long bouts of talking, or in drawn-out scenes where an action is taking time.
  • Match cuts: This technique is a creative way to tie together scenes with similar visuals. A famous example of a match cut in action is in 2001: A Space Odyssey where a shot of a bone is cut with a similar-looking spaceship to create a seamless and artistic transition.
  • Jump cuts: Jump cuts allow the story to move forward or backward quickly, without having to show every single detail in between. Think about using jump cuts in moments when viewers can easily infer the action taking place between two scenes.

Edit right from your laptop.

You don’t need a high-end desktop setup to produce video; even on a low-budget Chromebook, you can use these tips and download editing software to cut together a professional-quality video. Get more video tips, and try Adobe Premiere Pro on your Chromebook for your next project.

How to edit videos on chromebook

Nowadays, it is rather challenging to find decent video editing software for Chromebook, since such popular programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve aren’t compatible with Chrome OS. Read on to learn about the most popular options on the market.

Top 9 Video Editing Software for Chromebook

    – Easy to share finished videos – +100 themes and fonts – Supports end-to-end 4K – Neat and intuitive layout – Online social networking joining – Advanced text editing support – 20 or 30-minute timelines – Doesn’t require registration – Instant video resizing to 30+ formats

You can download these programs either on Google Play, the Chrome Web Store or use them online. They are easy to use and are suitable even for beginners. There you can find the best free video cropping software, tools to adjust hue, brightness and saturation, add sound effects, and even work with 4K resolution.

1. Magisto – Our Choice

  • User-friendly
  • Numerous customizable templates
  • Easy sharing options
  • Rich library of royalty-free audio
  • No free plan

Verdict: Magisto is widely recognizable video editing software with pre-installed themes and templates. With this video editor for Chromebook, you can easily upload images, video, and audio and seamlessly stitch them together to produce professional-looking clip.

It has streamlined workflow and numerous video effects that you can easily preview. Moreover, if you feel like complementing your clip with additional content, you can make the best use of iStock integration for high-quality video footage.

Also, Magisto includes a large library of royalty-free audio. Once you’ve done the edits, you can share your project on YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook.

How to edit videos on chromebook

2. WeVideo

  • Themes, fonts, and green screen feature
  • Intuitive interface
  • Different services integration
  • Basic video editing features
  • Full license is expensive
  • Lacks the ability to drag and drop media files

Verdict: WeVideo has a free version that allows you to perform basic edits like video trimming. However, the functionality of this free trial is pretty limited. Thus, you can produce your clip only in 480p, and it is impossible to post more than five minutes of video each month.

However, you can run this app even on Chrome OS tablets, which is good news.

You can avail of a paid version that is more versatile and offers more opportunities. By purchasing a “Power” tier for $4.99 per month, you will be able to create clips in a 720p resolution and export up to 30 minutes of video. Moreover, you can take advantage of more video editing features and improvements, such as green screen feature, slow motion, voiceover, etc.

How to edit videos on chromebook

3. PowerDirector

  • Supports end-to-end 4K
  • Intuitive and effective interface
  • Cloud integration
  • Includes 100+ stylish effects
  • May seem sluggish

Verdict: PowerDirector features easy to use timeline interface and the ability to work and export video in 720p, 1080p, 4K, and even footage from GoPro camera.

It is rather touch-friendly when using in the tablet mode, but you can also operate it with a keyboard and trackpad. Nevertheless, the strongest advantage of PowerDirector is its special effects. Some of them you can use for free.

Working with video effects and styles is straightforward due to a simple but still efficient interface. You can complement your clips with slow-motion effects, transitions, and even voice overlays. Also, it is possible to perform basic edits such as video cutting, trimming, and splitting.

How to edit videos on chromebook

“If you’re a video editor or YouTube creator, it’s important that your computer can process large files to be efficient.

Chromebooks are great for light browsing and basic editing tasks, but they typically don’t have the processing power needed for demanding tasks like HD video editing.”

Watch the Video Instead

Can You Edit Videos on Chromebook?

I have always been a fan of laptops in small form factors. Significantly, the Chromebooks. In the last five years, I’ve used three Chromebook in different sizes, and I still have two of them with me. Give it away to a cousin for their study purpose.

I’ve shared many articles discussing why Chrome books can be great devices for people who are constantly connected to the internet and spend most of their time in web browsers.

Because it’s a machine with an OS that evolves around providing people with the best browsing experience.

But, Google has its focus on making Chromebooks more than just a device with browsing capabilities. It can be a too for content creation as well. Indeed, many writers have been using Chromebooks to write excellent articles and even Books, and it’s still a No-No when using software to create any visual content.

This is where Google’s significant decision to include the Play Store in Chrome OS. Many new laptops can run Android Apps. It may not be a native solution, but it’s still great for people who want more than just browsing and writing content.

And because of this fact, many people ask me whether they can edit videos on Chromebooks or not. There are many others queries as well, but let’s discuss one question at a time.

So, Can you edit videos on Chromebook?

How to edit videos on chromebook

The straight answer is No. You cannot edit videos on Chromebook. It’s no there and probably won’t be anytime soon. If you want to edit videos, there are other solutions available. Cheaper also, Portable also. And Sometimes both.

You may continue reading the article for a long answer. You can edit videos if you are not animating to make cinematic types, story-based long-form videos with many video footage to work on.

But If you are to make Audio Visual presentation for a product or service, it can be done on Chromebooks.

Since there are many Web-based services available, it is easy to create videos on a web-based interface, which can be done inside any browser. Hence it can also be done on Chromebooks because they have desktop-grade Google Chrome.

Even the Tablet Form Factor-based Lenovo Chromebook Duet cab be used for creating such videos in a Web-based interface. I’ve already shared a list of web services that let you edit videos on Chromebooks.

These web apps offer predefined Templates for creating videos; you can use a mix of Photos and Videos available in their library or upload your video footage.

But it doesn’t make sense to use a web service if you are only working with the footage you have shot on your Mobile or camera. But uploading videos takes time.

This is where Chromebook’s feature of running Android Apps comes in handy. There are already a lot of great video editing apps available for Android. Kinemaster is one of my favorites.

How to edit videos on chromebook

You can install it on a Chromebook that supports Android apps and utilize the bigger screen of Chromebook to video videos. But it stops there only. The UI of any Android app is not optimized to take advantage of big screens, even Android Tablets.

It’s just that you get everything bigger on a bigger screen. Despite that, Kinemaster can be used to edit videos on Chromebook, but it isn’t any different from editing videos in Kinemaster on your Mobile.

It is better to do it on Mobile because of the high processing power you get on Mobile.

The current Chromebook I have is Lenovo Chromebook Duet. I bought it for $400 in India. MediaTek Helio P60T powers the Chromebook. It is a pretty average processor from a few years ago used in Mobile phones that cost around $200-250.

How to edit videos on chromebook

If you have to spend $400 on a Mobile, you’ll get Mobile phones powered by a much better chipset, something like Snapdragon 700 series, which would be much more potent than a chipset used in a $500-$600 Chromebook.

So, yes, you can edit videos on Chromebook, but that would be just for the heck of it. You would be better of editing videos on your Mobile.

And if you are using your Mobile to record videos, it’s even better, as there is no step of transferring media.

We have many resourceful articles on our blog under the tag of Mobile Filmmaking; I highly recommend you check it out.

Make and share videos without the need for a professional video editor. Tell your brand’s story the way you want to. InVideo's video editor for Chromebook makes it easy and fun to create and share striking videos on any given platform. Fly high with our video editor for Chromebook.

How to edit videos on chromebook

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How to edit videos on chromebook

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How to edit videos on chromebook

How to edit videos on chromebook

How to edit videos on chromebook

How to edit videos on chromebook

How to edit videos on chromebook

How to edit videos on chromebook

How to edit videos on chromebook

Here Are A Few Steps On How To Edit Videos With Our Chromebook Video Editor

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How to edit videos on chromebook

With features like these, you won’t be able to find a better video editor for Chromebook

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How to edit videos on chromebook

What Kind Of Videos Can You Make Using Our Video Editor For Chromebook?

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Here are the videos you can make using InVideo.

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Cameron Summerson
How to edit videos on chromebookCameron Summerson
Editor in Chief/Review Geek

Cameron Summerson is the Editor in Chief of Review Geek and serves as an Editorial Advisor for How-To Geek and LifeSavvy. He’s been covering technology for nearly a decade and has written over 4,000 articles and hundreds of product reviews in that time. He’s been published in print magazines and quoted as a smartphone expert in the New York Times. Read more.

How to edit videos on chromebook

While it’s commonly thought Chromebooks aren’t good for anything more than surfing the web, that’s not the case. If you need to do some video editing from your Chromebook, there are definitely some tools out there that can do the job.

Of course, we’re not talking full-on Adobe Premier functionality here—Chromebooks are more useful than they get credit for, but dedicated Windows and Mac software is still going to be a more powerful solution. That doesn’t mean you need Premier (or similar), of course. If you just need to do some light duty editing, a Chromebook is very capable. So if you happen to have a super sick video of, say, a guinea pig eating a banana, you can make it social-ready pretty easily on your Chromebook.

The Best Option: PowerDirector (Android, Free/Subscription)

How to edit videos on chromebook

While Kinemaster got our pick for the most powerful video editor on Android, PowerDirector just seems to work a little bit better on a Chromebook. The layout is very similar to what you’d get from a full desktop editor and it seems to “feel” a bit better with a mouse.

If you’ve ever used the computer version of PowerDirector, you’ll already be familiar with the interface—it’s very similar, just on a less robust scale. You can trim video clips, add audio, add slow motion (and other) effects, and more. It uses a very intuitive drag-and-drop interface that works very well with both touch and a mouse.

You can try PowerDirector out for free, but to get the most out of it, you’ll have to shell out a subscription fee—$4.99 a month, $9.99 for three months, or $34.99 a year. It’ worth it if you plan on editing video from your Chromebooks.

The Most Powerful Option: KineMaster (Android, Free/Subscription)

How to edit videos on chromebook

Just because it doesn’t get the pick for “best option” doesn’t mean we can ignore KineMaster completely. In fact, it’s more powerful—meaning it has more features—than PowerDirector. But the interface is a little more confusing and doesn’t seem to translate to the bigger screen of a Chromebook quite as well as PowerDirector.

That said, if the most features you can get out of a single package is your endgame here, KineMaster is definitely worth looking at. You can add multiple layers and effects, trim by frame, add audio, adjust lighting, and more. It packs a wallop, especially for a “mobile” editor.

Like PowerDirector, however, you’ll have to pay for this type of functionality. It’s $4.99 a month or $39.99 a year, making it more expensive than PowerDirector for the yearly sub. If you’re cool with watermarks and ads, though, you can use KineMaster without paying.

The Best Web-based Option: WeVideo (Free/Paid)

How to edit videos on chromebook

If your Chromebook doesn’t have access to Android apps, then the first two options on our list don’t really help, do they? No worries, we have something for you guys too: WeVideo. It’s probably the most desktop-like option on the entire list—since it’s in the browser, it isn’t constrained to the same limitations that a mobile app is.

WeVideo offers a free tier that lets you do simple things like trim clips and the like, but it’s really pretty limited past that. For example, videos are restricted to 480p and you’re only allowed to produce five minutes worth of publications each month.

There are paid tiers that offer more flexibility, however: the $4.99/month “Power” tier will give you 30 minutes of publishing time, as well as bump the resolution up to a modest 720p. It also opens the door to WeVideo’s other editing tools and enhancements, like slow motion, greenscreen, voiceover, and a lot more.

If you still need more, there are $7.99, $17.99, and $29.99 (per month) options that remove most of the limitations found in the lower tiers. Still, they’re fairly pricey for what you get—if your device has access to Android apps, you’re better off at least starting there.

The Best for Just Trimming Clips: Google Photos (Android, Free)

How to edit videos on chromebook

If all you’re looking to do is clip a video and nothing more, Google Photos is your best option. Unfortunately, the web version doesn’t offer video editing, so you’ll need the Android app. Past that, trimming video is super easy. No need for any extra apps or costs to do something so simple.

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How to edit videos on chromebook Cameron Summerson
Cameron Summerson is the Editor in Chief of Review Geek and serves as an Editorial Advisor for How-To Geek and LifeSavvy. He’s been covering technology for nearly a decade and has written over 4,000 articles and hundreds of product reviews in that time. He’s been published in print magazines and quoted as a smartphone expert in the New York Times.
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How to edit videos on chromebook

Chromebooks are quickly catching up to their more expensive counterparts when it comes to video editing. And the timing couldn’t be better for teachers and students. Video is now an education staple.

It’s how teachers correspond with their remote classrooms. Everything from lesson plans to correcting homework is being captured on video. On the flip side, video is just as crucial for students stuck at home.

Now figuring out how to edit those videos is easier than ever.

The good news— your school-issued Chromebook will do just fine. Which is perfect because American schools are working to put a computer in the hands of every student with 1:1 computing initiatives.

The push started long before the pandemic. In 2019, U.S. schools alone bought 30 million laptops and tablets. And app creators took notice.

Chromebook Editing Tools Designed for Education

As classes shift online, apps are being redesigned to be student-friendly. Even powerful video editing platforms are now offering Chromebook versions with simpler interfaces, clear tools, and at little to no cost.

In fact, they’re just a download away in Google Play store.

Most video editors do the basics like importing video, cut, and paste. But for teachers looking to make a statement, find a Chromebook editor that offers these five tools.

1. Easy Overlay Tools

How to edit videos on chromebook

All great video editors offer a series of overlays. Simply put, these are tools you can lay over your primary video. It includes everything from virtual stickers, shapes, frames, and even the ability to blur a video.

The Chromebook video editor includes all of these editing tools and more. Users can add emoticons and text to their projects.

Each overlay is customizable. Users can move them around the screen, change the color, size, and angles.

The overlays don’t stop there. There’s even a stock library featuring thousands of images. Any of the photos can be added as an overlay to your video creation.

2. Enhance the Mood With Filters

Look for editors offering filters to enhance the mood of your videos. Similar to Instagram, filters are a quick way to improve lighting or add an artistic touch to your recordings.

You don’t need to be a skilled video editor either.

You can apply a filter with the click of the touchpad in the Chromebook Video Editor. The video editing app offers seven sophisticated filters.

How to edit videos on chromebook

  • Vivid
  • Warm
  • Cool
  • Dramatic
  • Mono
  • Silvertone
  • Noir

Enhance your video with a vivid filter, or adjust the lighting with the cool option. Students can also give their projects a classic feel by going black and white with the noir filter.

3. Add Your Narration

Make sure you’re able to add narration directly to your video. It’s a tool that comes in handy if you’re importing screencasts or unedited video files.

The narration options means you can open any video in your Chromebook and add an audio track.

Record audio over your entire video or just a portion in two easy steps. Click the microphone icon and then hit record.

4. Liven With Stock Music

How to edit videos on chromebook

Liven up your next school project with music.

Quality video editors offer a way to upload music to your video. Some even provide free musical tracks. Select the music icon to add a soundtrack to your project.

Music can be added even if the video already includes sound or narration. Set the tone of your video by adding a musical track and then adjusting the audio level so the music lightly plays under your narration.

5. Hide With Blur

Don’t ignore the power of the blur tool.

Blur can be placed over a video to hide sensitive information. It’s perfect for teachers. Instead of editing an entire spreadsheet or image to redact names or grades, use the blur tool.

In the Chromebook Video Editor, you can drag and expand the blur tool to cover the desired portion of your video. Control the opacity by adjusting the blur strength at the bottom of the video editor.

Chromebook Editing Tool Tip: Undo With This Easy Button

The undo button is often the unsung hero of any good video editor. Mistakes happen fast. So undoing them should be just as easy.

With one click a user can remove any recent changes to their video in Screencast-O-Matic. You’ll find the undo arrow in the top-right hand corner of the Chromebook editor. Such a simple tool will save you time and stress.