How to find unclaimed property in the state of washington

How to find unclaimed property in the state of washington

Unlike some other states, Washington does not assign responsibility to the Treasurer for unclaimed property. Here, the Department of Revenue oversees unclaimed property, and runs the program to help owners recover what’s theirs. There is no time limit for filing a claim and rightful owners or their heirs can claim property reported since 1955. The state may auction the content of safe deposit boxes, however, if not claimed within five years.

A lot can be at stake.

More than $1 billion in unclaimed property has been turned over to the Department of Revenue since 1955. In fiscal year 2013, the Department’s Unclaimed Property Section received property worth more than $138 million. The amount continues to grow each year. All funds are received and administered through the Department’s Unclaimed Property Program.

Unclaimed property refers to property being held by an organization that has not had contact with the owner for an extended period of time. Property is usually considered unclaimed after three years, when it is turned over to the state of Washington. Banks, retailers, credit unions, utilities, corporations, insurance companies, and governmental entities are some of the many sources of unclaimed property.

The Department of Revenue reports that unclaimed property most often takes the form of:

  • Bank accounts
  • Insurance proceeds
  • Stocks, bonds and mutual funds
  • Safe deposit box contents
  • Utility and phone company deposits
  • Un-cashed checks, such as payroll, insurance payments, or travelers checks

Unclaimed property does not include real estate, vehicles, and most other physical property.

To get answers to frequently asked questions about unclaimed property, go to Revenue’s web page.

To search the unclaimed property database:

For additional unclaimed property information call 360.534.1502

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How to find unclaimed property in the state of washington

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How to find unclaimed property in the state of washington

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In Washington, the Department of Revenue oversees unclaimed property, and helps owners recover what’s theirs.

Marijuana sales and tax revenues are growing in Washington. Related state spending goes to public health, outreach, and research.

The lion’s share of Washington state lottery earnings that are directed back to government programs, do in fact go to education.

How to find unclaimed property in the state of washington

You can find unclaimed money for free. As more old data is put online, our resources for finding unclaimed money grow.

I found my missing money, submitted my claim for the money and got a check in the mail.

While claiming unclaimed money free was a $100 success for us, this man recently got $763,000 in unclaimed money! Can you imagine?

Find Unclaimed Money for Free

There are billions of dollars in unclaimed money. However, you do not need to pay an unclaimed money finder. You can do the searches for free yourself using many of the databases listed below.

How to find unclaimed property in the state of washington

How to Find Money Owed to Me For Free

How can you find unclaimed money owed to you? There are multiple places to search for unclaimed money by person name for free. Some of the sites also use search based on social security numbers.

Depending on the type of money missing, there are various “who owes me money” free search databases. However, if you don’t know the money is missing, you probably don’t know what type it is! You might as well search all the categories.

Where to Look for Your Missing Money

How can you find unclaimed money owed to you? To find your missing money there are multiple agencies to search at.

You’ll need to look in all the states you previously lived in. In addition, you need to search on any maiden names or prior names you may have used. In addition to searching for yourself, you may also want to search for deceased relatives.

Unclaimed Property and Bank Accounts

    . Missing is a National Database of Unclaimed Property and links to States. This was the website I used to find my missing money. After searching for unclaimed money by person name, I found my account and submitted the claim via my state’s department of revenue. There were some rumors that Missing was a scam when I filed my claim. I’m here to tell you that I got my money. It took awhile, but I did get my money. . You can search for money lost due to failed banks. The FDIC will pay based on the insured deposits up to the FDIC insurance limits. . You can search for money lost when a credit union was liquidated. For 18 months the amount will be paid at the fully insured rate. After 18 months you may get a partial distribution.

Unclaimed Retirement Benefits

    . You can search for unclaimed pension plans. If you assumed you wouldn’t get a pension because your prior company went bankrupt, you may want to search the database and read What Happens to Your Pension When the Company Goes Bankrupt? . This database was built by PenChecks, a retirement distribution processing company, as a public service effort. . You can search for insurance policies from some veterans insurance benefits.

Unclaimed Tax Refunds

    . You can use the Where’s My Refund? tool to search for tax refunds. . Run by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, you can search by state for prior year state tax refunds.

Unclaimed Savings Bonds

    . The Treasury department discontinued the Treasury Hunt search by social security number for lost savings bonds. However, they still offer a form to fill out to submit a claim for lost, stolen or destroyed US Savings Bonds.

New Unclaimed Money Search from Credit Karma

Credit Karma, the same company that provides free credit scores recently added an Unclaimed Money search product. It currently works for California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin.

Tips on Finding Missing Money

Search various states and names. Don’t forget to search for your maiden name and other variations in your name due to misspellings. Also, search previous states that you lived in. I found my unclaimed bank account in my maiden name from an old address.

Avoid the Pay Sites. Because there are so many places to look for unclaimed money in your name for free, there really isn’t a need to pay for the service. One site that readers ask me about is I looked into their search and they charge between $11 and $129 depending on the length of the membership.

Routinely Search. This might be one of those exercises that you put in your calendar for every 5 years. As you can see, even though I claimed all my missing money before, some more turned up!

Free Money

If your search for claiming unclaimed money free doesn’t turn up anything, you can always explore our updated list of free money offers.

Action Plan to Find Your Missing Money

Do you have any “lost” money? Try the free unclaimed money search and see what happens! Then submit a claim for your missing unclaimed money.

Unclaimed property is money or intangible property held for a period of time with no owner contact. The Washington Unclaimed Property Act protects unclaimed property until it is returned to its rightful owner or their heir. The Department of Revenue acts as custodian for safe keeping of the property until the rightful owner can be located. When reported to the Department, abandoned property is available for refund to the owner or legal claimant indefinitely.

Washington State law requires businesses and other organizations to review their records each year to determine whether they hold any property that has been unclaimed for a set period of time. Businesses must file an annual report and deliver the property to the state.

What type of unclaimed property does a restaurant have?

The most common types of unclaimed property held by restaurants and similar businesses include:

  • Unclaimed wages such as payroll checks; and
  • Customer credits.
  • Unredeemed gift certificates issued prior to July 1, 2001.

Gift certificates issued after July 1, 2001 may be retained if any listed expiration date is not enforced. For gift certificates issued after July 1, 2004, no expiration date is permitted. After July 1, 2004, retailers may not charge any kind of fees on gift certificates and balance $5 and less must be refunded at the owner’s request.

When is property considered abandoned?

Most property is presumed abandoned after three years.

When should I report unclaimed property?

A business that has unclaimed property must report before November 1 each year.

Unclaimed property forms are available via the Department’s web site, e-mail UCP, or by calling (360) 534-1502.

Due to the pandemic, our offices are closed to the public. Please visit our Contact page for support options.

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Search Results

Unclaimed Property

Department of Revenue is connecting charities with unclaimed funds

of Revenue’s Unclaimed Property program (UCP) is. the state.” Identified unclaimed property belonging to charities

Unclaimed property

guides/Hospital industry/Unclaimed property Print Unclaimed property Problem Hospitals often.

Still time to report and deliver unclaimed property and avoid penalties

report and deliver unclaimed property and avoid penalties. report and deliver unclaimed property and avoid penalties

Unclaimed property

of prepared food/Unclaimed property Print Unclaimed property What is “unclaimed property?” Unclaimed property is money or intangible property held for a.

Unclaimed Property (UCP)

Home/About/Unclaimed Property (UCP) Print Unclaimed Property (UCP) What is UCP? Unclaimed property is money or intangible property owed to an.

Unclaimed property appeals

Reviews and appeals/Unclaimed property appeals Print Unclaimed property appeals Appeal types.

Ready to find yours? Access your state’s program here!

There are several ways to find out if you have missing money, including visiting one of your state’s official unclaimed property outreach events. You can also find out immediately by using one of two key online search resources.

Search by state or province (recommended)

Most states make it easy to check for your unclaimed property. Each state maintains a database of unclaimed property for that state, and—by law—attempts to return the property to its rightful owners.

Use official state government websites to conduct free searches

It’s free to search, if you use your official state government’s unclaimed property website. Use the interactive map below to go directly to your state’s official program website. From there, you can conduct a free search for your unclaimed property!

Be sure to check each state you’ve lived or done business in

Find your state’s program

Use the following interactive map or select from the list to go directly to the official government unclaimed property program for the state or province.

Search your state or province

Select any of the options below to go directly to the official government unclaimed property program for that state or province:

  • Alberta
  • Bank of Canada
  • British Columbia
  • Kenya
  • New Brunswick
  • Puerto Rico
  • Quebec
  • US Virgin Islands

How to find unclaimed property in the state of washington

Search multiple states at once

Unclaimed property is reported to the state in which the company or organization resides. Therefore, it’s common to have unclaimed property in multiple states, especially if you have moved to another state.

Find unclaimed funds held by the government that might be owed to you.

On This Page

  • How to Find Unclaimed Money
  • Undelivered and Unclaimed Federal Tax Refund Checks

How to Find Unclaimed Money

If a business, government office, or other source owes you money that you don’t collect, it's considered unclaimed.

The federal government doesn’t have a central website for finding unclaimed money. But you don’t need to hire a company to find unclaimed money for you. You can find it on your own for free, using official databases.

Search For Unclaimed Money in Your State

Businesses send money to state-run unclaimed property offices when they can’t locate the owner. The unclaimed funds held by the state are often from bank accounts, insurance policies, or your state government.

Start your search for unclaimed money with your state’s unclaimed property office.

Search for unclaimed money using a multi-state database. Perform your search using your name, especially if you’ve moved to another state.

Verify how to claim your money. Each state has its own rules about how you prove that you’re the owner and claim the money.

Search for Money from Employers

Unpaid Wages – The Department of Labor (DOL) may recover back wages for you if your employer broke labor laws. If you think you may be owed back wages from your employer:

Search DOL’s database of workers who have money waiting to be claimed. DOL holds unpaid wages for up to three years.

Pensions from Former Employers – Search for unclaimed pensions from companies that either:

Went out of business or

Ended a defined pension plan

Search for Money from Insurance

VA Life Insurance Funds – Search the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) database for unclaimed insurance funds.

The VA may owe money to current or former policyholders or their beneficiaries.

This database doesn’t include funds from:

Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI)

Veterans’ Group Life Insurance (VGLI) policies from 1965 to the present

FHA-Insurance Refunds – If you had an FHA-insured mortgage, you may be eligible for a refund. FHA insurance refunds are issued by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Search the HUD database with your FHA case number. Case numbers have three digits, a dash, and the next six digits—for example, 051-456789.

Search for Money from Tax Refunds

Tax Refunds – The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may owe you money if your refund was unclaimed or undelivered.

Search for Money from Banking and Investments

Bank Failures – Search for unclaimed funds from failed financial institutions. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) lists them.

Credit Union Failures – Find unclaimed deposits from credit unions.

SEC Claims Funds – The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lists enforcement cases in which a company or person owes investors money.

Savings Bonds – Use to find matured savings bonds that have stopped earning interest. You can also learn how to replace a lost or destroyed savings bond.

Search for Unclaimed Money from a Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy creditor is someone who is owed money by a person or business which declares bankruptcy. Sometimes, the money owed to creditors remains undistributed by the bankruptcy court for a variety of reasons.

Check to see if you may be owed money using the U.S. Courts Unclaimed Funds Locator.

International Unclaimed Money

Foreign Claims – U.S. nationals can find money owed to them from foreign governments after the loss of property.

Undelivered and Unclaimed Federal Tax Refund Checks

Every year, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has millions of dollars in tax refunds that go undelivered or unclaimed.

Undelivered Federal Tax Refund Checks

Refund checks are mailed to your last known address. If you move without notifying the IRS or the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), your refund check may be returned to the IRS.

If you were expecting a federal tax refund and did not receive it, check the IRS' Where’s My Refund page. You'll need to enter your Social Security number, filing status, and the exact whole dollar amount of your refund. You may be prompted to change your address online.

You can also call the IRS to check on the status of your refund. Wait times to speak with a representative can be long. But, you can avoid waiting by using the automated phone system. Follow the message prompts when you call.

If you move, submit a Change of Address – Form 8822 to the IRS; you should also submit a Change of Address to the USPS.

Unclaimed Federal Tax Refunds

If you are eligible for a federal tax refund and don’t file a return, then your refund will go unclaimed. Even if you aren't required to file a return, it might benefit you to file if:

Federal taxes were withheld from your pay

You may not have filed a tax return because your wages were below the filing requirement. But you can still file a return within three years of the filing deadline to get your refund.

State Refund Checks

For information about your state tax refund check, contact your state revenue department.

Do you have a question?

Ask a real person any government-related question for free. They’ll get you the answer or let you know where to find it.

The Unclaimed Property Program returns money, stocks, bonds, dividends, utility deposits, insurance proceeds, tangible property and more to Virginia residents. Whether you’ve moved, lost a check, or forgotten about a bank account, finding money is easy and free.

For the fastest service, you are encouraged to use our website and search for property using the Click and Claim searchable database. We may also be reached via email with your questions and concerns regarding your claim or general unclaimed property at [email protected] If you are unable to access the internet, you may request an Inquiry Form by calling 1-800-468-1088 and choose option 1.

If you find it necessary to visit the Division of Unclaimed Property, we require an appointment due to building security and other concerns. To schedule an appointment call 1-800-468-1088.

Based on Governor Northam’s Declared State of Emergency due to the CoronaVirus (COVD-19), The Unclaimed Property Office has taken steps to protect our community and staff. Since we have been advised to limit in-person meetings and we will have staff teleworking, please do not come to our offices in person. We remain committed to serving our citizens and encourage all claim questions to be sent via email as the preferred method of communication. Our priority will always be for everyone’s safety. We will continue to service our citizens as well as protecting our community by limiting physical contact to avoid exposure and stop the spread of this disease.

People lose track of their money or financial property because of a change of address, a death, or because they inherited something they didn’t know about. As part of our mission to protect consumers, Commerce is committed to reuniting Minnesotans with money that has gone missing.

Do you have a former employer who owes you payments?

You could have money ready for you to claim. Find out by searching Workers Owed Wages, money collected by the U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division from employers who violated federal labor laws.

Unclaimed Property Delivered to the State

Each year, Commerce receives millions of dollars in unclaimed property from businesses and organizations that have lost contact with the owners. The Department is responsible for safeguarding the funds or property until claimed by the rightful owners or heirs.

Property is considered unclaimed if it is being held by a business or organization that has not had contact with the owner for a specific number of years. Common types of unclaimed property can include:

  • Dormant bank accounts
  • Uncashed checks
  • Unclaimed wages
  • Insurance claim payments or benefits
  • Stocks or bonds
  • Safe deposit boxes

Businesses and organizations are required by law to review their records and attempt to contact the owner of the property when it appears to be abandoned. If the owner doesn’t respond, the property is considered abandoned. The property is then sent to Commerce so the Department can safeguard and continuously attempt to return it to the rightful owner of heirs.

Interest-bearing and other Income-earning Property

Did you claim property between March 8, 2012 and July 31, 2019?

Certain unclaimed property claimed between March 8, 2012 and July 31, 2019 may entitle the claimant to the value of that interest-bearing or income-earning property that was earned or may have been earned while in possession of the State, and may entitle the claimant to an additional payment.

Do I qualify?

  • Was the property you claimed from the State interest bearing prior to its delivery to the State?
  • Was the property you claimed from the State a securities-based property?

If yes, you could be entitled to payment of income delivered to the State. If you believe your previously paid claim may entitle you to additional compensation, please click the “Claim Income Now” button to complete the form. Simply send the completed form and supporting documentation regarding your claim to the Department of Commerce.

When claiming property, one of the following options may appear to initiate the claim:

  • User Print: This option allows you to print the claim form.
  • Print & Mail: This option allows Unclaimed Property staff to print the claim form and mail it to the address you provide.

For timely processing, please review the claim form and required documentation to ensure that you are providing all of the necessary information for payment processing.

Photocopied and faxed claim forms are not accepted. Claims forms must be completed in full with notarized signatures. If your property was interest-bearing when it was delivered to the State, you may be entitled to interest. You may make a claim for interest by submitting documentation supporting your interest claim.

If all required documentation is not included with the claim form, the Unclaimed Property staff will send a letter requesting missing documentation, which will likely result in a longer processing time.

To ensure timely processing, make sure that claim forms are completed in full, notarized, have all original signatures, and are accompanied with all of the required documents. Faxed or photocopied claims form are not accepted, please be sure to mail the original completed claims to the address provided on the form.

If Commerce has not processed your claim after 90 days, please feel free to call us at 651-539-1545.