How to have good hygiene boys

Let’s be honest for a minute. If you are raising boys, you know about “boy funk” – that nasty odor that emanates from your boys the second they leave the shower (or so it seems.) If my boys walk outside, I know I can expect smelly kids when they return. But, there is hope. If we teach our boys personal hygiene, and make sure they are actually listening and taking action, then we won’t have to plug our noses when they come in for a hug.

How to have good hygiene boys

Teaching Boys Personal Hygiene

It seems as though personal hygiene should be pretty common sense. You wash your hands, you brush your teeth, you take a bath…etc. But to a boy, who has time for that? My boys have boundless energy and they don’t always want to take time to clean up. Here are some things we need to be teaching our boys about personal hygiene so they don’t STINK!

1. Body Odor

Boys don’t have to be going through puberty to be smelly, although that does increase the smell. Make sure they are getting cleaned in the shower and tub. When they are young, we need to show them what it means to get clean. You can’t just get wet. (We’ve all heard stories of the kid who went into the bathroom, turned on the water, but didn’t actually get in, right?)

Soap with Charcoal in it has been the best thing ever for getting rid of the boy funk and even acne. Teach them to use soap and a wash cloth to really scrub the dirt and stink away from their entire body. And make sure they rinse the shampoo out of their hair. If it is left, it can cause their hair to get greasy and smelly.

Here is the charcoal bar that I make my boys use: Biore Charcoal Bar

Once they start to have underarm body odor, have them wear deodorant. Puberty is starting at younger and younger ages and one of the common questions I hear in my Moms of Boys community is, “When do boys need to start wearing deodorant?” My answer is, “When they need it.” My older boys were seven but my current seven-year-old hasn’t needed it yet. There are several books that can help your boys understand their bodies and what changes will happen at puberty, including body odor!

2. Brush Teeth

Stinky breath is no fun for anyone. It can make someone feel insecure or make other people not want to get to close. Read our post 6 Tips to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth , to get ideas on how to make toothbrushing a habit. When you child hits the teen years, you may need to add in some mouthwash to their brushing routine.

3. Pimples and Oily Skin

Acne can have an emotional effect on teens and can even lead to depression. Encourage your teens to use a gentle cleanser on their face but not to over scrub. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, acne is not caused by a dirty face but is caused by hormones, natural oils in the skin and bacteria. Sometimes over-the-counter treatments such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide can take care of acne, but don’t hesitate to see a dermatologist if it gets worse or your child is embarrassed or withdrawing from social situations. Once again, a soap with charcoal in it has worked wonders on my son’s greasy skin.

4. Handwashing and Nails

I don’t even want to think about the things my boys touch when they are out and about. Ewww! I make sure they wash their hands the minute they get home and have taught them to keep their nails trimmed so that dirt and germs don’t hide there. I have taught my boys to sing Happy Birthday while they wash their hands to make sure they get clean. I have witnessed the 3 second “cleaning” before and can tell you that it does not work to get rid of dirt, so as often as I can I remind them to wash longer. I even send a little bottle of hand sanitizer with them to use before lunch at school. I don’t know if they USE it or not, but I feel better knowing they have it.

5.Clean Clothes

I didn’t realize that my boys could become so attached to an item of clothing that they would wear it and not change it after showering. A few years back there it was a pair of boxers with skulls on it that became the hot item in the house. I discovered that they weren’t making it into the wash but were being worn over and over again. Gross! Make sure they put on clean clothes everyday, because they might not think it is a problem to wear the same pair of boxers as long as they have showered.

Raising boys is always an adventure and we are trying our best to teach personal hygiene to our boys so they can grow into clean and nice-smelling adults. 🙂

How to have good hygiene boys

What tips for teaching hygiene to boys did I miss?

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How to have good hygiene boys

Genital hygiene is an important ritual which must be taught to both males as well as females. It is important to maintain a good genital hygiene to keep the body clean and free from harmful germs and bacteria. Regular washing of genitals ensures that the genital organs are clean and stay healthy. There are certain types of bacteria which are normally found in the genital area. They are harmless and are in fact important for maintaining the skin in a healthy state. However, an excess build-up of bacteria due to inadequate washing of the genitals can harm the skin and eventually lead to various health related issues.

How to keep the Male Genitals Clean?

How to have good hygiene boysThe following steps must be taken to keep the male genitals clean:

  • Wash the genitals everyday. The penis, scrotum, anus, as well as the pubic hair should be washed everyday with a mild soap and water.
  • After urinating, you must shake the penis gently so as to expel the remaining drops of urine. You must also wipe the area dry.
  • The anus should be wiped dry with a tissue or cleaned with water after a bowel movement.
  • You must make it a habit to wash your hands after urinating and after cleaning the anus as germs can easily spread through hands.
  • The base of the penis and the testicles also need to be cleaned daily to avoid a strong sweaty smell from the pubic hair.

Cleaning the Foreskin

When a boy is born, his penis is not circumcised. Young boys and kids should not try to forcefully push the foreskin back. As the boy grows, the skin will gradually open up and push backwards on its own. Till the time this happens, you can just wash the foreskin which is visible. The following recommendations should be observed while cleaning the foreskin:

  • How to have good hygiene boysOnly mild soaps, preferably chemical-free, should be used for cleaning the foreskin and heavily scented soaps should be avoided.
  • At times, you might observe a whitish-yellow, oil-like substance, known as smegma, accumulating under the foreskin. It is important to wash off smegma as its accumulation can cause genital odor and might also lead to infections.
  • A number of men suffer from inflammation in the foreskin. The foreskin often tends to become red and sore. In such cases, men must avoid scented soaps, bubble bath, and must wear loose underwear or boxers.
  • For babies it is very important to change diapers and wet nappies to avoid infections.

For men with circumcised penis, since the foreskin has been surgically removed, the chances of infection are less. However, they must wash the penis with mild soap and water daily.

Considerations for Maintaining Genital Hygiene in Men

The following guidelines should be adopted for maintaining a good genital hygiene:

  • Bathe once or twice a day and make it a point to clean the penis and testicles with water and a mild soap.
  • Keep the genital area dry and use a fresh pair of underwear or boxers. Try to wear a loose fitting cotton underwear as it does not retain moisture.
  • Use tissue to wipe the genitals dry after urinating.
  • Wash your genitals after a sexual encounter.
  • Wash your hands after using a restroom.

How to have good hygiene boys

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How to have good hygiene boys

While many girls want to learn more about personal hygiene and other appearance-related information, boys can be staggeringly indifferent to their personal hygiene. This lack of hygiene care can range from simply forgetful neglect to defiant negligence on the part of a teen boy. Depending on which your son is dealing with, there will be different approaches needed.

Explain Why They Need To Pay Special Attention To Hygiene

It may seem like a no-brainer to a healthy adult, but many boys simply do not understand what all the fuss is about when it comes to personal hygiene. You will need to sit down and cover why he should care about his personal hygiene. Some talking points you can use depending on what areas his personal hygiene is lacking:

  • Dental – If your son’s dental hygiene is lacking, you may want to institute a family teeth brushing time if you don’t want to directly address the issue. However, it is important to open the conversation on exactly why your son sound bother to brush and floss.
  • Acne – Teenagers can be incredibly sensitive about their acne, so you will want to approach this topic carefully. Ask them what they are currently doing to take care of their acne and from that point, talk to them about products, consistency, and the source of most kinds of acne.
  • Body odor – It can be hard to notice personal body odor when it surrounds you, so while your boy’s body odor may be noticeable to you, it may not be to him. Try not to focus on the smell but instead, explain to your son that he needs to spend a bit more time taking care of his body. Talk to him about the different products he may need and take him with you buy the products.
  • Clothes – Should the body odor become neglected, your son’s clothes may not be in the best condition. Some of this may be due to a lack of knowledge. Teach your son how to do his own laundry and use the time to also talk about how often clothes should be washed to prevent hygiene issues.

Cover Development-Appropriate Hygiene

Depending on the age of your son, you will need to have different hygiene discussions. Many parents worry about when they should discuss deodorant, shaving, acne, and other hygiene issues. However, the best way to determine when to talk to your son about the different hygiene issues is when he is the right age for it. That way he does not feel overwhelmed or intimidated by future developments.

Future hygiene shouldn’t be completely neglected. You can briefly mention them as you cover other age-appropriate hygiene issues, but they do not need to be the focus of your talk about personal hygiene.

What To Do If Your Teen Doesn’t Care About Hygiene

There are levels of indifference to personal hygiene but if your son crosses into defiance concerning his hygiene, it can be a symptom of a larger problem. If there are other issues, such as anger management, failure to thrive in school, and other issues, then you may need more help. Sundance Canyon Academy is a residential treatment center which can help troubled teen boys back onto the right track. Feel free to contact us for information on our program and what we can do for your son.

Does your daughter go for days without washing her hair? Does your son fret about impressing others and always want to look and smell his best? Either way, bodies sometimes mature faster than grooming habits. While this can be touchy ground, appeal to your child’s growing maturity. Offer support and advice, but make it clear that these self-care tasks are his responsibility — and you know he can handle them.

  1. Bother to Bathe. The most basic of hygiene rituals — but somehow the old soapy routine doesn’t appeal to all tweens. A shower every day or two is a must, and always after a rigorous sports practice or outdoor play. Equip her with washcloths and soap, or special face and body washes for her skin type.
  2. Make Time for Toothbrushing. While it may bewilder you to think about that fuzzy feeling of unbrushed teeth, some kids hate to do the deed. Be persistent. Talk about gingivitis, cavities, and bad breath (often the most convincing evil of all). Always have floss and mouthwash on hand.
  3. Look, Ma: Clean Hands. Encourage frequent hand-washing, especially before eating and after using the bathroom, sneezing, or playing with pets. Make sure your child knows to scrub with warm soapy water for at least 15 seconds, rinse, and dry. Fill him in on the risks of preventable infections and transmittable viruses.
  4. Sweep Away Sweat. Body odor usually becomes evident when puberty hits. Discuss the difference between deodorant, which controls bacteria while adding fragrance, and antiperspirant, which is supposed to stop or limit sweating.
  5. De-Grease Hair. Many preteens find their hair gets oilier as they grow. Encourage a thorough washing every day or two. An added benefit: keeping hair clean and out of your child’s face will lessen breakouts caused by oil and greasy hair products.
  6. Stop Skin Suffering. Like hair, skin tends to become oilier as puberty progresses — especially the “T-zone,” or the forehead and bridge of the nose. Encourage gentle face-washing once or twice a day with a mild cleanser. Most importantly, urge your child not to pick at any pimple or blackhead on her face. Not only will germy fingers worsen the bump, but picking causes inflammation, spreads the oil, and can leave permanent scars.
  7. Time to Shave? Middle school is when many girls want to start shaving. Buy a kid-friendly razor and shaving cream. Offer tips for tricky spots like ankles, knees, and underarms. Talk about how often to rinse the razor and change the blade. For a boy who is ready to shave, it’s also nice to have an older family member coach him the first few times.
  8. Prevent Not-So-Nice Nails. Advise your tween to clip weekly and cut nails straight across to prevent ingrown nails. Try to nix nail-biting by teaching about possible infections to the nail or surrounding skin. Mention that it spreads germs from your fingers to your mouth and inside your body.
  9. Plan a Piercing Carefully. If you agree to let your preteen get her ears — or some other body part — pierced, do your homework first. Choose a clean studio with an experienced, knowledgeable staff. Look to see if they dispose of needles in a sharps box (usually red plastic, like in hospitals). Check for sterile equipment, and make sure the staff members wear fresh gloves for each procedure.
  10. Discussing Feminine Hygiene. Tell your tween daughter about different ways bacteria can harm her body. Advise her not to share hairbrushes or makeup, especially things used near her eyes or mouth — it spreads germs! Help her feel comfortable asking questions or raising concerns about menstruating, and teach her which products to use, how often to change them, and how to chart her cycle.

Want to be attractive to co-workers, potential employers, friends, and mates, too? Then don’t go lax on these basics.

The Secret to Success and Health: Good Personal Hygiene

How to have good hygiene boys

When it comes to men’s health, personal hygiene seems like it should be the easy part of the equation. Yet Gabriela Cora, MD, a psychiatrist and leadership consultant in Miami, Florida, says that too many guys bend basic hygiene rules. Dr. Cora believes good hygiene is critical not only to overall men’s health but also to being successful in life.

“Unless you are coming back from an expedition to Kilimanjaro or an African safari, successful men need to look the part,” she says. “Your persona needs to exude your accomplishments without uttering a word. This impeccable look needs to be obvious, from well-cut hair on your head to shoes that are polished and align with the rest of your image.” Here are some more expert-approved tips you should follow.

Wear Deodorant

How to have good hygiene boys

This seems like a men’s hygiene no-brainer, but whether it’s using deodorant or antiperspirant, many men don’t follow this simple guideline as frequently as they should. Many men also might not realize the difference between the two products.

“A deodorant gets rid of odor caused by sweating, while antiperspirants actually stop and dry up perspiration,” says Maurice Voce, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Skin Authority, a natural skin care brand. “Look for an antiperspirant/deodorant combination and make sure the fragrance isn’t too overpowering.”

Wash Your Face Twice a Day

How to have good hygiene boys

Voce says this is not only an important personal hygiene rule, but also a critical aspect of men’s health.

“But never use soap, body gels, or body scrubs on your face,” he warns. “While it may be the cheapest way to go and convenient when you’re in the shower, using soap and water will strip your skin of essential moisture and upset its natural pH balance, leaving it irritated and dry.” Instead, Voce suggests using “a facial cleanser designed to normalize your pH and restore moisture balance.”

Floss Daily

How to have good hygiene boys

You might know your way around a toothbrush, but men’s health definitely benefits from flossing after brushing every day. Charles J. Orlando, a relationship expert and author of the best-selling relationship book series The Problem With Women … Is Men, says he makes mouth health a critical part of his personal hygiene routine, and other men should, too.

“Either due to fear of the dentist or complacency, teeth are an area that so many men choose to ignore,” Orlando says. “Brush and floss, scrub your tongue, and go get a teeth cleaning. If you want a woman to put her tongue in there, it should be clean.”

Change Your Underwear

How to have good hygiene boys

This men’s hygiene suggestion might make most men go, “Duh!” Yet experts say it’s amazing how many men’s hygiene routines don’t have them changing their underwear often enough. “Change them every day and after a workout,” Orlando says.

Hit the Shower

How to have good hygiene boys

Cora says that this hygiene rule is simple: “Shower every day first thing in the morning and at night, particularly if you’ve had a long day — and by long day, I mean one in which you’ve worked more than 12 hours.”

Showering also should follow “every time you exercise or raise your heartbeat and perspire,” she adds.

Clip Those Nails

How to have good hygiene boys

When it comes to men’s hygiene steps that attract a potential mate, neat and well-groomed nails are high on the list. That’s why Voce stays on top of his nails, and he suggested that other men do the same. “If your nails are long enough to collect dirt, they are too long,” he says.

“Don’t forget to trim your cuticles, the flaps of skin on the sides of your nails,” Voce adds. “Also, it’s okay to use hand lotion or cream to keep them soft and prevent calluses and cracking.”

Shave Daily

How to have good hygiene boys

It may seem like a hassle, but Orlando says that all men should adjust their hygiene rules to include this detail. “Shave daily, even on the weekends,” he says.

“She wants to see you at your best, so don’t save yourself only for work,” Orlando says. “Men whose facial skin is tender and needs a break one day a week get an exemption.”


How to have good hygiene boys

Not every man does this — or needs to — but Orlando says it might be a good idea. When it comes to men’s hygiene, trimming hair everywhere is just a reality of the 21st century, he says. “You should manscape,” he says. “If you can put your body hair in dreadlocks, then you might want to think about shaving it back.”

Tips on Teaching Teens How to Take Care of Their Body

Chris Vincent, MD is a licensed physician, surgeon, and board-certified doctor of family medicine.

How to have good hygiene boys

Tassii / E+ / Getty Images

Personal hygiene and healthy habits are important life skills. And while you might think your teen should know how to care for her body and her mind by the time she reaches adolescence, you might be surprised.

Most teens need a little guidance in the hygiene department at one time or another.   And while it can be uncomfortable to raise the issue, it’s important to teach your teen the life skills she’s going to need to become a healthy, responsible adult.

Why Are Healthy Habits Important for Teens to Learn?

Teens may think it’s a waste of time to brush their teeth. But brushing twice a day prevents cavities and other health problems.  

Or, your teen might not see the value in exercise. But keeping active could help your teen manage stress and keep her body healthy.  

It is easy for teenagers to blow off the most important and mundane tasks of everyday life and it is equally important for parents to remind them why they matter.

In order for your teen to be happy when he’s living independently, he will need to know how to keep his body healthy and clean. It’s also important to teach him how to maintain a clean home by doing regular household chores that will keep him healthy.

Good Hygiene Habits Your Teen Should Have

Not only are good hygiene habits important for being a responsible adult, but they become more important as a teen’s body grows.

Here’s a list of regular hygiene habits your teen should engage in:

  • Brush their teeth twice daily.
  • Floss once a day.
  • Shower or bathe once daily.  
  • Wash their hair regularly.
  • Wash their hands regularly.
  • Shave regularly.
  • Avoid putting your hands in your mouth (such as fingernail biting).
  • Brush their hair at least a day and get a regular haircut.
  • Clip and groom their fingernails and toenails once a week.
  • Take care of any injuries as they happen and until they are healed.
  • Use personal hygiene products correctly, including deodorant, feminine hygiene products, facial acne cleansers, etc.
  • Wear clean clothes and change underclothing daily.

If your teen wears braces or has a retainer, you’ll need to address the specific recommendations he should follow.

Similarly, if your teen wears contact lenses, it’s important to review the steps involved in taking care of his eyes. He’ll need to ensure that he’s taking care of his lenses and following the steps recommended by his doctor.

Healthy Habits Your Teen Should Have

We have all heard the news reports about the rise in obesity among American teens and adults. It is not something that should be taken lightly and developing healthy habits at a young age can lead to a lifetime of good health.

Kick your teen off the couch and get them outside for some exercise with friends. Stock the refrigerator with healthy snacks and don’t make junk food easy to get when those teenage munchies hit. There are many small actions that you can take to ensure your teen is staying as healthy as possible.

Quite often, you can be subtle about encouraging these changes. They may not notice a lack of frozen pizzas in the freezer when there is a delicious (and healthier) alternative in its place.

Healthy habits include:

  • Get an adequate amount of sleep.  
  • Eat healthy foods and limit junk food and sodas.  
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Develop healthy strategies to handle stress.
  • Enjoy social interactions as well as alone time.
  • Exercise the brain by doing puzzles or reading.

Teach Basic Household Management

It’s important for your teen to know how to do things around the house to care for his health too. You don’t want your teen to become an adult who never washes his sheets or someone who doesn’t know how to sanitize his kitchen.

Get your teen involved in doing household chores.   Teach her step-by-step how to cook food, clean the kitchen, do the laundry, and sanitize the home.

Keeping Your Teen on Track

It is okay to let good hygiene and healthy habits slide in small intervals, but encourage your teen to stick to the routine as much as possible. If you allow it to slide too long they can develop a bad habit and lose the good habits you have taught them.

If your teen is seriously struggling with hygiene issues, schedule a doctor’s appointment. A teen who refuses to take a shower or one who isn’t interested in caring for his body may have some underlying mental health or physical health issues that need to be addressed.  

It’s true that most men value this body part the most! His Penis! And it is important for every man to maintain his male private part hygiene. Keeping it clean is not only vital for your overall health, but also for your partner! Not washing your private area regularly can cause it to smell and even lead to irritation and other reactions that are not so pleasant. An unhealthy penis can determine your overall health and wellness.

To avoid that, you should regularly clean and attend to your manhood! It does so much for you, after all, so you owe it that much! Therefore give your penis the care it deserves so that it can function well. Here are a few things to keep in mind before we get to how to maintain penis health!

What Happens When You Don’t Clean Your Private Part?

As mentioned above it is essential to keep your penis clean and healthy. When you go for a bath, don’t forget to thoroughly rinse. And if you have a foreskin, make sure to pull it back with care and wash underneath it too. When you miss cleaning your foreskin properly, a cheesy-looking substance can gather, which is known as smegma.

Smegma is a natural lubricant that is used to keep the penis moist. And you can find it around the head of the penis or under your foreskin. But once it starts to build up in your foreskin, it can begin to smell foul.

Not just that, it can also cause discomfort in pulling your foreskin back. This can also create a breeding ground for bacteria around the penis. When it is not taken care of it can even lead to redness and swelling of the head of your penis.

Not cleaning underneath the foreskin can cause poor private area hygiene, causing an off-putting smell. That is why it is necessary to maintain good male private part hygiene.

Why It’s Important To Keep Your Private Part Clean?

If you still aren’t convinced yet, here are a few things that will urge you to care for your male private part hygiene. Most men focus on their exterior looks and have the tendency to oversee the importance of private part grooming. But ungroomed genitals can be unhygienic and also cause problems in the bedroom! If you don’t want problems with your private parts or intimate health, then here are a few things for which taking care of Penis health is mandatory! Read on.

1. It Indicates Your Hygiene :

That’s right, male private part hygiene is the indication of how clean you are!. When you sweat in the summer heat, you can develop bacteria around your crotch area! And if not kept clean and washed, it can become a brooding area for many diseases and unwanted rashes and warts. Trim your pubic area regularly to ensure it’s cleanliness. If you want to appear clean and healthy to your lady then you might want to keep your genitals clean.

2. It Keeps Your Genitals Clean :

When your crotch is clean it not only looks hygienic but it is healthy for your penis too. The cleaner you maintain your genitals, lesser are the chances to get an infection or rash in that area. So take care of your male private part hygiene. When you take a shower regularly it keeps your genitals clean and healthy. If you are uncut then male private part hygiene can be simpler. But ensure to clean under the foreskin, neglecting it can only make it worse.

3. Turns Your Partner On :

Wash and cleanse your pubic region thoroughly. Pubes or no pubes, what’s best is to keep a man’s crotch well-groomed. A well-groomed man is a big turn on to women. So if you want to grab your ladies attention, then keep your genitals clean. And cleaner genitals means better sex. And use a clean pair of briefs or underwear daily to ensure it’s fresh and clean. Untidy underwear can only make you smell worse.

4. Gives You A Bigger Erection :

Want to look big and glorious in front of your woman? Then make sure you groom your genitals well. Unkempt genitals can only make your penis appear much smaller than it actually is. When you look bigger and cleaner, it is a natural turn on for your lady. So keep your genitals groomed well. She will also appreciate her access when she can see you big and ready!

5. Better Sensual Results :

Ever wonder how your performance in the bedroom can improve? And how you can increase the pleasure for your lady? Another reason to take care of your male private part hygiene is to get better results in bed. A shabby or dirty genital can restrict sensuous touch and feel from your partner. When you trim and clean well, your lover can get better access to your private parts with increased sexual pleasure for both.

How To Keep Your Private Part Clean?

Personal hygiene matters the most as it keeps you healthy and fresh, it is not only a pleasure for you but also to your partner. And we will help you understand better on how to keep your private part clean and well-groomed.

Groom Yourself Properly :

Trim your pubes regularly. You can do this before your shower so that all the trimming is washed away and it is clean and soft. Trim carefully under and around for an overall clean look. You can use a pair of scissors to snip away evenly around the shaft in the desired length. To avoid razor bumps after shaving your pubes, you can use hydrating shaving foam. It can be really itchy and uncomfortable if you go overboard and do it harshly.

Clean It :

Make sure your private parts are washed and cleaned regularly. To maintain good male private part hygiene, choose a nice intimate care wash. You can choose a mild soap to clean your genitals. If you use harsh perfumed soaps it can make your genitals can get itchy and form a rash if not taken care of in time. Don’t overdo it as it can irritate your skin. Some cleaning agents can be too harsh. Your skin is delicate there, therefore you should wash it with care.

Wear Good Underwear :

Another great tip to male private part hygiene is to wear clean underwear. You can regularly wash your underwears to ensure good genital health. Your underwear can determine your genital health. If you wear dirty underwear, it can only cause it to smell foul and build up bacteria around your crotch. If you don’t wash your underwear regularly it can create the oddly unpleasant smell of smegma. Experts suggest changing your underwear twice a day.

Clean Up After :

Whether you just used the urinal or had sex, it’s always recommended to clean up after. Starting with the washroom, if you don’t wash up after it can cause germs and even lead to a much serious reaction. Even post sex it is highly recommended to wash up. You can use a gel wipe in case of emergencies!. In public washrooms use a toilet paper to clean up after using the urinal, don’t just zip up and leave after.

That’s everything you need to know about genital health and how to maintain male private part hygiene. Once you are ready and all clean, the next thing to keep in mind is to equip yourself with the right pair of underwear. This way you can ensure that it does not cause more sweat and lead to smelly swamp down under. With these tips in mind, you can ensure that your genitals are in optimal health and so are you!