How to jailbreak an ipad 2

I saw that Apple released a new version of the iOS firmware for the iPad and iPad 2 and want to update my iPad to run the latest and greatest. Is there a way I can do that with just an iPad, or do I need to have my computer involved with the iPad update too?

It’s always a good idea to run the latest and greatest software on any device you own, whether it’s your iPod, iPad or even a Sony PSP, LG TV or Toshiba Blu-Ray player. Bugs are found and fixed, security issues arise, features are added, enhancements are slipped in, and performance is improved. Most vendors keep the reason for the upgrade secret (presumably for security reasons) but I always try to keep the firmware up-to-date on everything I own.
For devices like the iPad or iPod, however, you can’t do the update in situ (that is, just with the device itself) but instead need to hook up with a computer because the device can’t reboot itself and install a new version of firmware simultaneously. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy, though I do have to make the assumption that you’ve sync’d your iPad with a computer and that’s the same computer we’ll use for this process.
Plug in your iPad or iPad 2 into your computer and launch iTunes if it doesn’t automatically launch. Then click on the device itself on the left side and look closely to the “Summary” information. If there’s an update available, you’ll see something like this:

How to jailbreak an ipad 2
To begin the update, click on “Update”. Make sure your computer is plugged into the wall too: generally it’s a disaster if you have your computer die during an update.
How to jailbreak an ipad 2
Next step is to click on “Download and Update”, then get a cup of tea…
How to jailbreak an ipad 2
Oops. No tea yet! Always a terrific idea to do a full sync (which we should have done before we started, really. But I know you’ve already done that so let’s proceed). Apparently there are some purchases on the iPad that haven’t yet made it onto the computer, so let’s not lose them. Click on “Continue”.
Once it’s done with the sync and new app/content copying, iTunes will start downloading the actual firmware iOS update software:

If you click to the “Download” area, you’ll see the download progress:

596MB. That’s a hefty download, over a half-gigabyte of shiny newness.
After the download completes the update will begin…

The software package is unpacked and uncompressed, then iTunes verifies it’s survived the transit and unpack:

The update itself begins…

After a while (often rather a long while!) the update is done and iTunes automatically restarts the iPad itself:
How to jailbreak an ipad 2
Once the iPad’s rebooted, it reattaches to iTunes and now it should show that the firmware iOS on the device is up to date:

Done. Easy!

Apple iPad 2 is one of the best designs rather than the previous iPad 1 and so we can introduce iPad 2 as the successor for iPad 1. This device is also developed by Apple Inc. Here from this website, you can know about iPad 2, and how to jailbreak iPad 2 iOS 9.3.5.

How to jailbreak an ipad 2

About iPad 2

iPad 2 is another tablet model that was introduced in March 2011. Rather than the iPad 1, this is a faster device, and it is designed with an Apple dual-core A5 chipset. The other important thing is, with this new device it included VGA front-facing and other facilities for video calls with face-time option.

iPad 2 was released with iOS 4.3, and it supports iOS 9.3.5. So you can easily upgrade the package with iOS 9.3.5, and now it is possible to jailbreak iPad 2 9.3.5 using the INTRIX jailbreak tool. This is the most user-friendly jailbreak tool, and it is an online option for jailbreak iPad 2 iOS 9.3.5 without any mess.

For your Apple tablet now it is easy to upgrade the iOS 9.3.5 by following Settings > General and then tap on Software update. Then you can use the INTRIX JB application for jailbreak iOS 9.3.5 and install Cydia iOS 9.3.5.

How to jailbreak iPad 2 9.3.5?

After upgrading your iPad with iOS 9.3.5 you can enjoy updated facilities. Apple users always love to jailbreak iOS after each iOS upgrade. So jailbreak iPad 2 9.3.5 is now possible with the INTRIXJB app, and you can easily jailbreak it by following simple instructions.

There are several jailbreak methods available to the public. Those are the untethered jailbreak, tethered jailbreak, and online jailbreak. Among those methods, the online jailbreak is just simple, and users can easily manage them. That’s why for jailbreak iPad 2 9.3.5 you have to use the online option.

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INTRIX jailbreak – Download jailbreak iPad 2 iOS 9.3.5

INTRIX JB is an online jailbreak tool that widely compatible with all iPhone and iPad devices. You can directly download the INTRIX jailbreak tool from the internet, and then it jailbreak iPad 2 iOS 9.3.5 within a few seconds.

The jailbreak will remove all the unnecessary barriers that were imposed by Apple, and after jailbreak the iOS you will get the superuser freedom. Then it is easy to download third-party apps, jailbreak tweaks, themes, games, and finally this is the best way to customize the iPad 2 device by adding plenty of third-party opportunities.

After jailbreak iPad, INTRIX JB installs the best third-party app store. So you can download third-party apps through this application, and users get the freedom to download Cydia iOS 9.3.5 for iPad 2 devices within a few seconds.

iPad 2 is one of the most used iPad models all over the world. If you are an iPad 2 user who is searching for how to Jailbreak iPad 2, this web page is especially allocated for you.

Jailbreak brings the superuser access to iOS system files by removing the manufacturer restrictions and limitations imposed by the company. If you jailbreak your iPad 2, you can install uniquely featured third-party apps, tweaks, games, extensions, add-ons, themes, etc. on it to add extra functionality to the iPad.

Elyx Jailbreak iPad 2 iOS 9.3.5

Elyx is the best online jailbreak app available to jailbreak and install Cydia on iDevices. It can jailbreak any iOS version running any iDevice model online and install the best featured third-party apps, tweaks, themes, extensions, add-ons, and games on your iDevice. With the Elyx Jailbreak app, you get two third-party app stores, which are Cydia Free and the in-built Elyx third-party app store.

Elyx Jailbreak supports all iOS 9.3.5 running devices, including iPad 2. If you are an iOS 9.3.5 running iPad 2 user, you can proceed with Jailbreak iPad 2 iOS 9.3.5 through the Elyx JB app.

How to Jailbreak iPad 2 9.3.5 with Elyx JB?

  1. Tap on the Download button from this web page to download Elyx Jailbreak iPad 2 iOS 9.3.5 on your device.
  2. Then the Elyx Jailbreak will be downloaded to your device settings.
  3. Visit your iPad Settings > Profile Download > and enter your device passcode.
  4. Elyx app will be installed on your iPad 2 after that.
  5. Tap on the Elyx app icon from the home screen of the iPad 2 to open the app store.
  6. Then download your favorite apps and tweaks on your iPad 2 with Elyx Jailbreak iPad 2 9.3.5

Benefits of Jailbreak iPad 2 9.3.5

  • You will not lose your iPad warranty after jailbreaking with the Elyx Jailbreak.
  • It runs directly on your iPad 2 so that you will not need a PC to run the Elyx jailbreak app.
  • You don’t have to repeat jailbreaking when rebooting the device.
  • ElyxJB has a user-friendly interface, so it is easy to use for anyone.

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Phœnix Jailbreak iPad 2 9.3.5

Phœnix is a semi-untethered jailbreak app that supports both iOS 9.3.5 and iOS 9.3.6. It supports iPad 2 so that you can Jailbreak iPad 2 iOS 9.3.5 by using the Phœnix jailbreak app.

Cydia Download with Jailbreak iPad 2 iOS 9.3.5

Although Phœnix can jailbreak iOS 9.3.5 running iPad 2 devices, there is no mention that it can install Cydia iOS 9.3.5. But you can download Cydia on iOS 9.3.5 running iPad 2 devices with the use of the Elyx Jailbreak app. After the installation of the Elyx JB app is done, you can install Cydia iOS 9.3.5 through it with just one-click. With both Cydia Free and Elyx app store, you can install the best featured third-party apps and tweaks on your iPad 2.

How to jailbreak an ipad 2

Now that iPad 2 can finally be Jailbroken, many of you are considering it and are asking us whether or not it’s worth it. Jailbreaking has always been popular among iPhone users, but some believe iPads already do what they want a tablet to do and aren’t as sure about the need for the extra functionality Jailbreak provides. With iOS 5 on its way this fall, the gap between stock iPads and Jailbreak will be closed even further.

So should you Jailbreak your iPad 2? Keep reading to see some of our top reasons why iPad and iPad 2 users may want to jailbreak.


How to jailbreak an ipad 2

While LockInfo may remain more popular for iPhone, it’s also great on the iPad.

We all know that the upcoming Notification Center will add better notifications to iPhone and iPad but it still doesn’t give you a ton of control. For power users who like to have complete control over their notifications and how they are presented, LockInfo will still remain at the top of their list.

David Ashman will continue to improve LockInfo even after the announcement of Notification Center. I doubt he will disappoint either. I’m excited to see what he and other developers will do with notification center widgets and how they’ll integrate certain frameworks of iOS 5 into already great apps.


How to jailbreak an ipad 2

Apple may have a native settings app, but there aren’t any quick toggles anywhere to be found. I like being able to turn wifi on and off quickly, disable or enable 3G on a whim, or be able to see how much available memory my device has. This is where SBSettings comes in handy.

Just a quick swipe of your top status bar and you can see your available memory, free it up, toggle features on and off, and much more. I’m currently stock due to beta testing iOS 5 and I still find myself constantly swiping my status bar every time I want to turn wifi on and off. It has become natural to me and it’s a tweak I dearly miss when I’m not jailbroken.


How to jailbreak an ipad 2

Apple may be adding more gestures to the iPad but I’ve always found Activator to serve me far better. You can set almost every gesture you could think of for pretty much any task. Maybe I want sliding up from the bottom of my iPad screen to take a quick screenshot. I can do this easily. I can customize my iPad to how I want it to behave, not how Apple “thinks” I want it to behave.

The new notification center in iOS 5 even takes after not only Android, but the way certain jailbreak features have used multi-touch gestures for years. LockInfo’s Infoshade feature has been a pull down option for quite some time now.

How to jailbreak an ipad 2

MyWi is not only a reason to jailbreak your iPad, but one of my overall top 5 jailbreak apps. I know this is a touchy subject for some people and that AT&T has been cracking down against unofficial tethering but I still refuse to pay for the one or two times I may or may not have to tether a month. I also don’t want to lose my unlimited data plan. MyWi simply allows me to turn my iPad or iPhone into a mobile hotspot and I can then connect to it just like I would any wifi network.

For those of you with 3G iPads, MyWi is a great app to have on hand in case you need to tether other devices. MyWi tends to run the battery on an iPhone down pretty quickly. My iPad was able to handle being a mobile hotspot for a lot longer. It’s an extremely useful app to have on board for when your iPad just won’t cut it and you desperately need the internet on another device such as a laptop.

Folder Enhancements

How to jailbreak an ipad 2

One of my biggest peeves about iOS folders is that you are limited to 12 applications per folder on iPhone and 20 on iPad. I still haven’t quite figured out why Apple did this but it’s annoying nonetheless. I don’t know about any of you, but I certainly have more than 20 games on my iPad. I don’t want to create 10 folders, I simply want one games folder that I can create nested folders inside of.

Jailbreak apps like Folder Enhancer allow you to do this. It removes the apps per folder cap and also allows you to create nested folders. Now my iPad has sub-folders for even more organizational control.

Bonus: Display Mirroring (original iPad)

How to jailbreak an ipad 2

While the iPad 2 can do this natively, original iPad users are left in the dark as Apple decided not to extend the functionality to original iPad owners. If you’re jailbroken, you can display mirror on the original iPad as well. I personally never felt the need to upgrade to the iPad 2. If and when I need to display mirror, I would simply use the jailbreak solution over buying an iPad 2.

So if you have an original iPad still and you’re willing to jailbreak, you can use the display mirroring feature just as easy as iPad 2 users can.

Your reason?

Those are our top 5 reasons to Jailbreak your iPad or iPad 2. If you Jailbreak your iPad or iPad 2, what are your reasons?

How to jailbreak an ipad 2

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The Big Sur successor is here. In Monterey, you’ll find new and updated features. It all mostly works. Unfortunately, it’s an unfinished product — at least for now.

How to jailbreak an ipad 2

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How to jailbreak an ipad 2

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How to jailbreak an ipad 2

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How to jailbreak an ipad 2

After months of waiting, Comex and the iPhone Dev Team have finally released JailbreakMe v3, allowing any iOS device running iOS 4.3.3 to be jailbroken just by visiting a simple web page.

Even though this is as simple as jailbreaks get, though, there’s still stuff that can go wrong, so we’ve put together this handy guide for any would-be iPad jailbreakers. Here’s how to jailbreak your iPad or iPad 2 the right way.

Step 1 — Use Tiny Umbrella To Save Your SHSH Blobs

How to jailbreak an ipad 2

TinyUmbrella is a software app for your PC or Mac that allows you to save your iOS device’s SHSH blobs. Why is that useful? Because if you ever mistakenly update your jailbroken iPad through iTunes, your stored SHSH blobs will allow you to restore your iPad to a past, jailbreakable version.

Download Tiny Umbrella here. Install it, open the program, highlight your iPad in the drop down menu to the left and then click “Save SHSH.” All done!

Step 2 — Upgrade Your iPad To iOS 4.3.3

If you aren’t already running iOS 4.3.3, you’ll need to upgrade to that version to run JailbreakMe v3. Just plug your iPad into iTunes, click on your iPad under Devices in the sidebar, then click “Check For Update” on the Summary tab. If there are no updates available for your iPad, you’re ready to jailbreak!

Step 3 — Back Up Your iPad

Just to be on the safe side, back up your iPad under iTunes. Just right click your iPad in the Devices sidebar under iTunes and select Back Up from the contextual menu.

Step 4 — Open JailbreakMe on Mobile Safari

How to jailbreak an ipad 2

On your iPad, open MobileSafari and go to You should see something like this:

How to jailbreak an ipad 2

All you need to do now is tap the “Free” button once so that it turns into an “Install” button, then tap the Install button again. You should be whisked away to your iPad’s home screen, where you should see Cydia installing…

How to jailbreak an ipad 2

How to jailbreak an ipad 2

Once Cydia’s done installing, open it up and click “User.”

How to jailbreak an ipad 2

You should see Cydia’s main homescreen now. It’ll look like this.

How to jailbreak an ipad 2

Congratulations, you’ve successfully jailbroken your device! But there’s just one more step.

Step 5 — Secure Your Jailbroken iPad

JailbreakMe v3 uses a PDF exploit to jailbreak your iPad, just like the previous versions. The only problem? While Comex has used that PDF exploit to do something good for your iPad, other hackers can use it to invisibly compromise your system… and now that the jailbreak is out, they’ll know exactly how.

Luckily, now that your iPad is jailbroken, it’s easy enough to patch that PDF Exploit. Load up Cydia to download PDF Patcher 2.

If you haven’t run Cydia before, it’ll ask you what sort of packages you want to see. Just tap “User” and wait for Cydia to download all the packages it needs. Then do a search for “PDF Patcher 2,” tap the search result and click the Install button at the top right. A new window will pop up asking you to confirm. Once that’s done, PDF Patcher 2 will install and Springboard will restart.

How to jailbreak an ipad 2

Now whenever a web site tries to open a PDF on your iPad, you’ll be alerted and asked if you really want to continue.

Congratulations! Your iPad is now jailbroken and secured against further PDF exploits! Let us know how it’s working out for you in the comments!

Any new iPad or iPhone user would know that their new device only downloads apps that are Apple approved and are only available at App Store. They cannot download an app from unknown sources no matter how useful it may be for them. Well, that’s where jailbreaking comes into play. When you will jailbreak your iPad 2, it will become free from any such restrictions allowing you to download whatever you want,even from outside Apple’s App Store,to add new features and capabilities to your device. But do you know how to jailbreak iPad 2? Worry not, we’ll describe the process for you here.

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Does Jailbreaking Affect Your iPad’s Core Features?

How to jailbreak an ipad 2

If you jailbreak iPad 2 mini that you have just bought, it won’t have any effect on your device’s core features. You iPad will still be able to download apps and make purchases on App Store. But the thing is that if you want to download apps that Apple rejected and didn’t include in App Store then the only route you can take is jailbreaking your iPad. When you go through the process, you add new App Store to your iPad with the name Cydia. That’s probably the most famous app store when it comes to Jailbroken iPads/iPhones.

How To Jailbreak iPad 2

So, let’s dig a bit deeper and try to find out how your new iPad 2 can be jailbroken. The first part is the preparation of the jailbreak process while the next part is about the actual process of jailbreak.


In the first step of your jailbreak process, you need to prepare your device for the jailbreak by taking backup so that it can be restored to original state if something doesn’t work out and the process goes wrong. The backup of the device can be taken on iCloud by connecting through Wi-Fi or you can opt for iTunes backup using USB cable.

Jailbreak iPad 2

How to jailbreak an ipad 2

Some Related Stuff:

After taking backup of your device, it’s time to restore the iPad to original factory settings.

  • If you have applied a passcode to lock your device then you should disable it for the time being. This can be done by launching Settings and then opening Passcode page. Here you need to enter the passcode and then click “Turn Passcode Off” to turn it off.
  • If you have enabled “Find my iPhone” feature, you should also disable it now. Go to iCloud in Settings app and tap “Find my iPhone”. Turn the feature off and provide the password to your Apple ID when asked for confirmation purposes.
  • You should also disable the password for iTunes backup. Go to iTunes, click the device you are jailbreaking and uncheck ‘encrypt Local Backup’. Here you will have to provide the password and let iTunes backup the device once more. In case if this option is not active then open Settings on your device, go to General and tap Profiles. Now remove all the entries you find here.

How to jailbreak an ipad 2


Now, let’s move towards the actual jailbreak process in which you will first have to download Pangu jailbreak tool. If you are using Mac then download Pangu for Mac, otherwise choose to download Pangu for Windows. Once Pangu is downloaded, here are the steps to follow.

  1. Right click the Pangu icon and then click ‘Run As Administrator’ option in the menu that opens up.
  2. As soon as the software detects your device, click Start Jailbreak.
  3. Pangu will now give you some type of notice, click the ‘Already Did’ button for starting the process of jailbreak.
  4. Now you will be able to see a progress bar on PanguWindow, just wait and let it complete. The iPad will reboot several times during this jailbreak process. You will receive several messages/notifications on the screen as well. Just don’t worry and let the setup continue.
  5. Now after the final reboot, you will be able to see the Cydia icon on your iPad’s Home Screen. Just launch it and enjoy using unapproved Apple Apps.

So, that’s how to jailbreak iPad 2 and all the associated details. Hope you’ll find this tutorial quite useful.

Many people who are using iPad are already struggling with iPad activation lock bypass jailbreak issues. If you’re one of them, you need to consider this guide. It will walk you through the entire concept of jailbreaking your iOS device. Also, it will show you the best way to bypass activation lock on your device.

Are you ready to get started? Then, let’s delve into the details of this topic.

Part 1: Can You Jailbreak an iPad to Bypass Activation Lock?

Yes. It’s much possible to jailbreak an iPad. Some tools will jailbreak iPad bypass activation lock for you. They are much effective in ensuring that the iPad manipulated to accept the customization of some features or functionalities. By so doing, you will be able to download and install those applications, extensions, and themes that can’t be acquired through the official Apple App Store.

Part 2: How to Perform iPad Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak

You can remove any restriction that is preventing you from accessing the features of your iOS device through several methods. The jailbreak iPad 2 to bypass activation lock methods has a series of steps you will need to follow to accomplish your goals.

The step of attaining the jailbreak iPad 4 to bypass activation lock goal include :

  • Find out the hardware and iOS version of your device ( Go to iOS Forensic Toolkit, and click on (I)nformation).
  • Visit one of the following links to get the correct jailbreak supporting the combination of your device hardware and software.
    • 11.x – 12 – 12.1.2
    • Chimera jailbreak:

    That’s it, your jailbreak iPad mini to bypass activation lock is completed.

    Part 3: How to Remove iPad Activation Lock Easily After Jailbreaking

    Now that you’ve successfully jailbroken your device, the next cause of action will be how you can achieve iPad activation lock bypass jailbreak ios without DNS server. You don’t need to bother yourself much regarding such a challenge. Tenorshare 4MeKey is a professional tool that can easily help you bypass the activation lock iPad jailbreak. You won’t be needing anyone’s help to attain your goals. To start using it, just follow the steps below :

    Video Guide on How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock

    After you’ve downloaded, installed and run the app, you will see an interface like the one below.

    How to jailbreak an ipad 2

    After Wait for the download process to be completed, you need to jailbreak your device.

    If you’re useing a Mac computer, just followed the instructions by the jailbreak tool.

    How to jailbreak an ipad 2

    If you’re useing a Windows computer, there is a need to jailbreak by yourself or just use the recommened tutorial.

    How to jailbreak an ipad 2

    Click on the next button like the image below to start the removal of iCloud activation lock. Finally, click start remove to complete the process.

    How to jailbreak an ipad 2

    After a few minutes, the entire process will be completed and you begin to use necessary functionalities on your phone.

    iPad Jailbreak is the key to improve the functionality and add amazing new features to your iPad. On this page, we intend to discuss all the jailbreak solutions available for iPad models. Select the best fitting jailbreak app considering your iPad model and the chipset.

    Latest – Intrix is the best solution for iPad to Jailbreak iOS 14.2 / iOS 14.2.1, iOS 14.3, iOS 14.4, iOS 14.4.1, iOS 14.4.2, iOS 14.5, iOS 14.5.1, iOS 14.6, iOS 14.7, iOS 14.7.1 , iOS 14.8, iOS 15, iOS 15.0.1, iOS 15.0.2 & iOS 15.1 Jailbreak versions.

    Intrix Jailbreak for iPad

    Intrix JB is the best jailbreak app to jailbreak and install Cydia on your iPad. It can jailbreak any iPad model online and install the perfected third-party apps, games, themes, tweaks, and extensions on the device. The specialty of the Intrix Jailbreak iPad is that is can jailbreak any iOS/ iPadOS version running any iPad model, without considering the chipset running on it. Intrix Jailbreak even supports the latest iPad Air (4th generation) that is based on an A14 chipset.

    iPadOS Compatibility

    iPadOS 13 – iPadOS 14.5, including the latest iPadOS 14.0.1, 14.1, 14.2, 14.2.1, 14.3, 14.4, 14.4.1, 14.4.2, 14.5, 14.5.1, 14.6, 14.7, 14.7.1, 14.8, 15, 15.0.1, 15.0.2 and iOS 15.1. Intrix Jailbreak iPad supports all the previous iOS versions running iPads as well.

    iPad Device Compatibility

    iPad (1st generation), iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation), iPad Mini, iPad (4th generation), iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro (1st, 12.9”), iPad Pro (1st, 9.7”), iPad (5th generation), iPad Pro (2nd, 10.5”/12.9”), iPad (6th generation), iPad Pro (3rd, 11″/12.9″), iPad Air (3rd generation), iPad Mini (5th generation), iPad (7th generation), iPad Pro (4th, 11″/12.9″), iPad (8th generation), iPad Air (4th generation)

    Installation Process

    1. Download Intrix Jailbreak iPad from the Download button on this web page. It may ask you to provide your device passcode when it is being installed.
    2. When it is done downloading to your device settings, install it.
    3. When it is done installing, you will see the Intrix Jailbreak for iPad on your device’s home screen. Tap on it and open the app.
    4. Now you can find specialized third-party apps, tweaks, extensions, and games on your iPad from the Intrix JB app store.

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    Odyssey Jailbreak for iPad

    Odyssey is a semi-untethered jailbreak app that was released recently. It was developed by the famous jailbreak developer CoolStar, and released for all iOS/ iPadOS 13 – 13.7 on all device models. You can install Sileo package manager on your iPad by using the Odyssey jailbreak app.

    iPadOS Compatibility

    iPadOS 13.7, iPadOS 13.6.1, iPadOS 13.6, iPadOS 13.5.1, iPadOS 13.5, iPadOS 13.4.1, iPadOS 13.4, iPadOS 13.3.1, iPadOS 13.3, iPadOS 13.2.3, iPadOS 13.2.2, iPadOS 13.2, iPadOS 13.1.3, iPadOS 13.1.2, iPadOS 13.1.1, iPadOS 13.1, iPadOS 13.

    iPad Device Compatibility

    iPad Pro 12.9in 1st /2nd, iPad Pro (All models), iPad Air 2, iPad Air 3, iPad 5th, iPad 6th, iPad 7th, iPad Mini 4

    Checkra1n iPad Jailbreak

    Checkra1n is a semi-tethered jailbreak app that supports iOS 12/+ iPad models. It supports only the iPad models that are designed with A5-A11 chipsets. You will need the help of a Mac or Linux computer to run the Checkra1n iPad Jailbreak.

    iPadOS Compatibility: iOS 12 – iOS 12.5.3 iPads and iPadOS 13 – iPadOS 14.7.1 iPads

    iPad Device Compatibility: iPad Pro (A9X & A10X models), iPad Mini (5th gen), iPad Mini 4, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 2, iPad (6th gen), iPad (5th gen), iPad Air (3rd gen), iPad Air 2, iPad Air 1

    Note: Please note that Checkra1n iPadOS 14 – iPadOS 14.7.1 only works on A9/A9X & A10/A10X chipset based iPads.

    Unc0ver iPad Jailbreak

    Unc0ver is a semi-untethered jailbreak app released for iOS 11 jailbreaking. It supports up to iOS/ iPadOS 13.5 by now. However, it does not support iPadOS 13.5.1 and upper iPadOS running iPads.

    iPadOS Compatibility: iOS 11 – iOS 12.4.8 and iPadOS 13 – iPadOS 13.5 running iPads.

    iPad Device Compatibility: iPad Pro (All sizes & generations), iPad Mini (5th gen), iPad Mini 4, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 2, iPad (6th gen), iPad (5th gen), iPad Air (3rd gen), iPad Air 2, iPad Air 1

    Chimera Jailbreak for iPad

    Chimera, which was developed by CoolStar and Electra team is another semi-untethered jailbreak app that supports iOS 12 – iOS 12.4.9 running iPads. It can jailbreak and install Sileo on your iPad.

    iPadOS Compatibility: iOS 12 – iOS 12.5.3 running iPads

    iPad Device Compatibility: iPad Pro 3rd gen, iPad Pro 2nd gen, iPad Pro 1st gen, iPad Pro,iPad 6th gen, iPad 5th gen, iPad Air 3rd Gen, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad mini 5th gen,iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2

    Electra Jailbreak for iPad

    Electra, which was developed by CoolStar is another semi-untethered jailbreak app that can jailbreak iPads. It supports all iDevices running on iOS 11 – iOS 11.4.1 to jailbreak and install Cydia.

    iPadOS Compatibility: iOS 11 – iOS 11.4.1 iPads

    iPad Device Compatibility: iPad Pro, 2nd gen, iPad Pro 1st gen, iPad Pro, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad 6th gen, iPad 5th gen, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2

    Yalu102 iPad Jailbreak

    Yalu102 is a semi-untethered jailbreak app developed by Luca Todesco for iPad Jailbreaking and iPhone/ iPod touch jailbreaking.

    iPadOS Compatibility: iOS 10 – iOS 10.2

    iPad Device Compatibility: iPad Air, iPad Air 2,iPad Pro,iPad mini 2,iPad mini 3,iPad mini 4

    Pangu Jailbreak for iPad

    Pangu is an untethered jailbreak app developed by the Chinese Pangu developer team. You can use it for iPad Jailbreaking.

    iPadOS Compatibility: iOS 7.1 – iOS 7.1.1, iOS 8 – iOS 8.1. and iOS 9 – iOS 9.0.2

    iPad Device Compatibility: iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, 12.9-inch iPad Pro

    Cydia Download with iPad Jailbreak

    Cydia is the best third-party app store designed for iOS devices. Therefore, the main purpose of jailbreaking iPads has become installing Cydia. You can install Cydia on your iPad by using any of these jailbreak apps given above. But if you want to download Cydia on one of the latest released iPad versions, Intrix Jailbreak for iPad is the only option for that.

    Cydia has not been updated for upper versions for a long time because Saurik is not actively working on it at the current state. That is why there are Cydia alternatives like Sileo. But none of them as good as Cydia Free. So if you can download Cydia, even with limited features, take that opportunity. Cydia only supports up to A11 iDevices at the moment. But Intrix Jailbreak iPad allows you to download Cydia lite on all iPad versions, including the latest A12-A14 based iPads. For example, you can even download Cydia lite with Intrix JB on the latest released A14 based iPad Air (4th generation).