How to peel a potato

Proper right here’s a trick that’ll stop hours

Thanksgiving is nearer than you assume and in case you’re web internet hosting a feast, mashed potatoes are a ought to. It’s true, you might peel potatoes using a drill, nevertheless that’s a safety hazard. And, peeling potatoes with a peeler takes eternally and could be very annoying in case you’re preparing a few kilos of potatoes to feed a crowd. With one swift slice of a knife and a chilly bowl of water, it’s utterly potential to peel potatoes with out a peeler. No blood, sweat, tears, or a peeler involved—merely your bare palms. The time-saving kitchen hack will make trip prep significantly less complicated, so you might actually profit from the agency of your loved ones and buddies with out stressing over the vary.

You may have the opportunity to utterly peel boiled potatoes in seconds. Using a sharp knife, slice a horizontal line throughout the middle of each potato with out slicing too deeply. Then, boil your potatoes as you usually would with the peel on. (The peel is certainly full of style, so boiling a potato with the pores and pores and skin on will pep up your remaining dish.) As quickly because it’s potential to poke the potatoes with a fork, drain, and swap them to a bowl of ice-cold water. Gently rub the ground of each potato after it cools and the skins ought to peel correct off like magic.

Although this hack is beneficial in the middle of the vacations, it’s useful to bear in mind year-round as potatoes play a large place in numerous fundamental breakfast dishes. Suppose hash. Once you’ve peeled a few potatoes, you probably can chop them and throw them into a piping scorching cast-iron skillet with olive oil, sliced onions, and peppers for a darn delicious morning hash. Nonetheless, this potato-peeling strategy could be good for our mashed potato egg clouds and 1-ingredient frittata.

Now what are you gonna do with all that additional time now that you just simply’ve said ta-ta to all that tater labor?

By Sandra Hill December 21, 2020

Over time, potatoes have develop to be a good meal for varied occasions. The reality that so many people prolonged for potatoes has triggered cooks to be creative about it. You may have the opportunity to each have boiled potatoes, baked, mashed and even fried potatoes. The creativity employed whereas preparing potatoes has made it good for dinners and weekend occasions. From pork baked potatoes to potatoes with carrot and roasted hen to grilled potato salad to sausage potato frittata and lots of others. these varieties could be eaten because the precept meal, or as a side dish for various meals.

Effectively being Benefit of Potatoes

People do not solely request for potatoes due to the creativity confirmed whereas preparing it however as well as due to its nicely being benefits. They’re extreme in vitamin C and Vitamin B6, a good provide of potassium as well as to low diploma of ldl ldl cholesterol.

How to peel a potato

The extreme diploma of carbohydrates and potassium present in potatoes helps customers to be less complicated inside the points they do. Evaluation has confirmed that people who eat potassium have a tendency to be additional energized than others who eat completely different sorts of greens.

A medium-size potato is alleged to embrace: 161 power, 0.2grams fat, 4.3grams protein, 36.6 grams carbs, and three.8grams fiber. Whereas the price of a potato is additional necessary in distinction to completely different greens, its dietary price continues to be relying on the way it’s prepared.

Nutritionists have moreover mentioned that the potato pores and pores and skin includes a extreme diploma of Iranian and mineral. Subsequently, peeling them can cut back the amount. Potatoes moreover embrace a extreme diploma of antioxidant, helps to administration blood sugar diploma and helps to make the client actually really feel full in a short time. These which can be on a gluten-free consuming routine can eat protein with out deviating from their consuming routine plan.

Is it compulsory to peel potatoes?

There have been utterly completely different views about peeling potatoes or not. Some people take into account that potato pores and pores and skin have to be peeled whereas necessary few assume it shouldn’t. Although nutritionists advice in opposition to peeling, it has remained controversial.

Irrespective, will probably be important to observe that peeling off the potato pores and pores and skin or not depends upon the recipe. Some recipe requires that you just simply peel off whereas others do not. Recipes that require utilizing the peel usually demand flawless potatoes. Additional so, cooks might resolve not to peel when the potato is pure. In all, the precept motive have to be relying on the recipe.

For example, you’ll have:

  • Neatly peeled potatoes to put collectively mashed potatoes
  • Peeled or non-peeled potatoes to put collectively roasted potatoes
  • Peeled or non-peeled potatoes to make chips or fries
  • Peeled potatoes to put collectively straightforward soups
  • Non-peeled potatoes to put collectively baked potatoes
  • Peeled potatoes or non-peeled delicate potatoes to put collectively steam potatoes
  • Peeled potatoes to put collectively potatoes that could be added to curries and casseroles.

To prepare potatoes, people make use of peelers. Nonetheless, utilizing peelers has made it seem to be it isn’t doable to peel potatoes with out peelers. Additional so, some have been victims of kitchen accidents whereas making use of these sharp potatoes peelers. Whether or not or not you want to put collectively your potatoes in a large quantity in any other case you want to save your self that kitchen accident acquainted to you whereas using peelers, you want to know you might peel your potatoes with out making use of peelers.

How to peel potatoes with out using peelers

There are different methods to peel potatoes with out peelers, and they also embrace:

Boiling Methodology: That is doubtless one of many most interesting strategies to peel your potatoes with out making use of a peeler. It’s normally an environment friendly time-saving hack for potatoes and a great way to retain the nutritional vitamins inside the potato pores and pores and skin. Proper right here is how to peel your potatoes using the boiling methodology:

  • Step 1: Rinse your potato
  • Step 2: Boil for a jiffy
  • Step 3: Poke with a fork to know if it’s ready
  • Step 4: Put collectively a bowl of chilly water
  • Step 5: Swap the cooked potato into the container full of chilly water and go away to cool
  • Step 6: When it is cool, seize it and completely twist to peel off.

Paring Knife Methodology: This system permits you to keep your palms intact while you slice your greens. With the paring knife methodology, you probably can administration how you utilize the blade. Additional so, using a paring knife will help you take care of the potato because it’s unusual for sharp knives to slip. You may have the opportunity to incorporate utilizing a slicing board to make your work easy, clear and simple. Proper right here is how to peel your potatoes using the Paring knife methodology:

  • Step 1: Rinse your potato
  • Step 2: Place your potato on the board with the underside standing on the slicing board
  • Step 3: Tightly keep it and use the sharp knife to peel the potato pores and pores and skin from prime to bottom. Be careful not to peel a lot flesh.
  • Step 4: flip down the side you may need peeled and diligently peel off the half you haven’t peeled
  • Step 5: Proceed the strategy until you may need clear potatoes

Spoon Peeling Methodology: The spoon peeling methodology is a straightforward strategy of peeling the pores and pores and skin off your potatoes. It is wonderful to use when you want to scrape the pores and pores and skin off fairly than slicing it off. This system moreover helps to carry on value vary when peeling off your potatoes as you wouldn’t have to slice off the flesh. Proper right here is how to peel your potatoes using a spoon

  • Step 1: Rinse your potatoes
  • Step 2: Flip inside the spoon such that the once more end faces you
  • Step 3: Tightly keep your washed potato
  • Step 4: Place your thumb on the spoon
  • Step 5: Scrape off the pores and pores and skin

Though this peeling methodology might be very useful, it would set off you pains as the strategy shall be arduous in your thumb.

Potatoes have develop to be a a a part of every meal. Whether or not or not you are inviting friends over otherwise you may need a explicit family night out, you may definitely have to put collectively potatoes in your mannequin. Deciding to peel or not relies upon in your need and what the recipe requires. Nonetheless, if the recipe requires peeled potatoes, you needn’t concern about a peeler as you probably can each boil, make use of a knife or a spoon.

Now, there is not a hindrance to making your potatoes. Benefit from!

Stuffed together with your favorite meals issues


Additional on this matter:
Discovering the very best strategy to peel a potato could be daunting nevertheless it doesn’t have to be. We’re breaking down the simplest strategies to peel a potato.

How to peel a potato

How to Peel Potatoes

With Mashed Potatoes begging to be made, the question has to be requested: What’s among the best methods to peel a potato?

I do know there are a number of strategies available on the market to do this that folk swear by, nevertheless I made a determination on 5 strategies to test: the straight peeler, Y-peeler, paring knife, ranking and boil methodology and boil then peel methodology (which we moreover talked about in our how-to for boiling potatoes). Let’s soar correct in.

The Prep

Regardless of the methodology you choose, you utterly need to wash your potatoes beforehand. Most potatoes are on no account appropriately washed from after they’re harvested in order that they nonetheless have mud on them. Use a vegetable brush to really help you eliminate any mud that’s set inside the shallow eyes. Once you’re in a place to, wash the potatoes with enough time for them to dry sooner than you peel them. This may increasingly make sure they aren’t as slippery when you’re holding them. Once you don’t have time to permit them to dry, use a clear dish towel to dry them and/or to help you keep them.

Straight Peeler

The straight peeler confirmed isn’t the similar as most swivel mannequin peelers, nevertheless it carried out in regards to the similar as one would. The straight peeler (like this one) is one which I see most regularly as a result of it’s most likely in all probability probably the most typical as well as to a paring knife. The motion you create with it feels very related to that when you utilize a paring knife to peel. It goes entrance to once more with out a lot differ of motion. It positively feels safer than using a paring knife and doesn’t take as a lot of the potato off when peeling.

How to peel a potato


A Y-Peeler might be probably the most comfortable to keep with the broader base. It moreover permits for additional of a grip once you may need moist or dirty palms. My favorite strategy to use this peeler is to keep the very best half of the potato and peel away from my hand, peeling the entire bottom half of the potato, then holding this newly peeled half and peeling the alternative side. It feels in all probability probably the most balanced and the least like I’d slip and injury myself. It’s straightforward, quick and doesn’t waste a lot of the potato on the peels each. It moreover looks like you may need a greater differ of motion than say with a straight peeler or a paring knife.

How to peel a potato

Paring Knife

Using a paring knife looks like in all probability probably the most expert strategy to do this, nevertheless it moreover requires in all probability probably the most consideration to avoid any mishaps. It’s pretty easy to end up digging too deep into the potato, not allowing a clear peel and creating jerking motions. This system ended up shedding in all probability probably the most amount of potato on the peel for me, nevertheless with observe I can see that it might very nicely be a contender as a go-to methodology.

How to peel a potato

Storage whereas peeled (Pre-boiled)

Once you’re making an attempt to save a whereas, use one in every of many above methods and scale back your potatoes into small gadgets. Place in chilled water and retailer until use in order that they don’t flip brown! That’s most interesting achieved as soon as you utilize the potatoes inside 24 hours. Good for the day sooner than prep for trip dinners!

Score and Boil

If peeling sooner than boiling isn’t your mannequin in any other case you merely don’t have time, do that methodology. Score the potato down the middle, creating a ring throughout the potato. Boil until fork tender and each half of the peel ought to come correct off.

How to peel a potato

Boil then Peel

This system positively works, nevertheless it isn’t the cleanest methodology. Boil these potatoes like common and wait until they’re cool enough to contact. Use your fingers to pull once more the peels.

How to peel a potato

The winner:

With out a doubt, for me not lower than, is that this Y-Peeler. It feels additional sturdy and balanced than a straight peeler. It’s positively safer than a paring knife so that you probably can transfer this job off to a youthful member of the family if needed (nevertheless watch them as a results of that peeler continues to be sharp!), and there isn’t any hazard of burning your fingers with the post-boiling methods. I moreover felt like each methodology that requires peeling after boiling on no account gave a clear peel. They largely crumbled in my hand or the peels didn’t come off cleanly creating additional frustration. In the long term, merely do your self a favor and buy an early Christmas present to your self!

Once you need a clever trick to help you shortly peel potatoes, look no extra! This trick is a little unconventional, nevertheless it would in all probability really stop worthwhile minutes inside the kitchen!

How to peel a potato I’ve peeled a lot of potatoes in my day, as have a lot of people. Usually after I’m doing it I imagine to myself “You already know, I really like peeling potatoes. Peeling potatoes is kinda good.” Presently though I’ve been feeling additional like “Truly? Do I’ve to? There has to be a greater strategy!”

And there could also be! And it’s actually really pleasing too!

That’s utterly a sort of obvious “Why did I on no account take into account this sooner than?” sort of points.

How to Shortly Peel Potatoes

How to peel a potato

Accumulate however many potatoes you want to use and offers them a quick rinse. It helps in case you choose some which could be largely kinda the similar dimension.

How to peel a potato

Fill a pot with water and pop them in.

Put the pot on the vary on medium heat, lined, and permit them to come up to a boil. Boil away for however prolonged it takes them to put together dinner. Half an hour-ish? I on a regular basis merely put them on and do regardless of else I would love to do inside the meantime and poke them with a fork every as quickly as in awhile to see the way in which it’s going. In case you’ve gotten really large potatoes, you probably can merely scale back them in half to scale back down the cooking time in case you want.

Whilst you assume they’re about achieved, get a large bowl of ice water going.

How to peel a potato

How to peel a potato

Plunge the potatoes into the ice water (they will all go in collectively on the similar time) and go away them there for about 20 seconds or so. By now, merely the outsides shall be cool to the contact, nevertheless the insides will nonetheless be steaming.

How to peel a potato

Pull the potatoes out and put them on a clear tea towel. You need to make the most of your palms. They obtained’t burn your worthwhile pinkies.

How to peel a potato

Use your palms to pull/rub the skins correct off. It really takes about 2 seconds per potato. And it’s superior.

There you may need it! Utterly cooked, peeled potatoes, all ready to be mashed or sliced, or regardless of you need!

I am going to on no account make peeled potatoes each different strategy as soon as extra, that’s for sure!

One different a-peeling kitchen time-saver: How to Peel Garlic in Merely Seconds! Truly!

An Change and Concepts on How to Shortly Peel Potatoes

Change: I’ve had some suggestions the place people are asking how that’s time-saving once you’ve bought to boil the potatoes after which look ahead to them to cool, when you might merely peel them with a peeler in a jiffy. WELL, I assumed I’d greater clarify. 🙂 To start out with, in case you’re consuming the potatoes, you’ll be needing to put together dinner them anyway, so why not have the cooking step do a lot of the peeling provide the outcomes you need?

Secondly, you DO NOT need to look ahead to the potatoes to cool. They’re going to be cool to the contact practically instantly as rapidly as you toss them inside the ice water (inside a few seconds) and the peels could be disregarded with practically zero effort collectively together with your finger options in merely a second or two. So as a substitute of taking 5-10 minutes to peel a large batch of potatoes, it will take probably 1-2 minutes AND you obtained’t have to use that darn peeler thingy that could be so irritating. Once you’re achieved boiling and brushing the skins off, the potatoes are ready to eat! Cautious though, they is probably going to be cool on the floor, nevertheless they’re steaming scorching on the inside. Merely ask my burnt finger!

Moreover, I just like the skins too. The skins are fantastic and delicious. My family, however, does not. Kennedy would on no account contact potatoes with the skins on them at this stage in her life and I do know a lot of adults who actually really feel the similar strategy. If I’ve a large group of people to feed, I on a regular basis peel the potatoes, merely in case. Hope that clears points up! Utterly completely satisfied peeling!


How to peel a potato

Potatoes are the popular vegetable in America. Survey outcomes confirm this, with customers deciding on potatoes as their favorite at 26%, corn at 19%, and broccoli at 17%. Mashed, baked, baked twice, fried, sauteed, escalloped, and further, potatoes are the commonest vegetable on practically everyone’s dinner plate.

Most preparations require they be peeled. Nonetheless, what do you do with the peelings? Do they go inside the rubbish barrel? Do you add them to your compost bin? Do you feed them to animals?

There’s one issue you do not need to do with them, and that’s what we wish to inform you proper now.

Let’s focus on Potatoes For a Second

You’re having mashed potatoes for dinner along with carrots for greens with that meatloaf or roast. The slicing board is beside the sink, and with peeler in hand, you start with the carrots and switch on to the potatoes. With out pondering, you merely swipe the peelings into the sink and push them down the drain for the garbage disposal.


The carrot peelings are largely okay, nevertheless the potato peelings will set off you points. Why” The reply is simple – starch.

Potato skins won’t be notably highly effective and don’t embrace a lot of fiber. Nonetheless, they do have a extreme amount of starch. You already know when you peel and slice potatoes, and the slices stick collectively? And when you rinse them, the water turns a bit murky?

That’s starch. Whereas considered a vegetable, potatoes won’t be considered one in every of many 5 greens per day required in our diets. Potatoes are categorised as a vegetable nevertheless nutritionally are considered to be a starchy meals.

Therein lies the difficulty collectively together with your potato peelings.

Can You Put Potato Peelings Down a Garbage Disposal?

How to peel a potato

That’s actually the wrong question. In reality, you probably can. Nonetheless should you?

Utterly not.

With their extreme starch content material materials, they’re going to clump, stick collectively like these slices do, and type a thick paste. In flip, that paste will gum up the disposal.

Even worse, the peels could transfer by way of the disposal intact and collect inside the drain lure or completely different plumbing. That highly effective clog could require a identify to your plumber or a helpful DIYer to seize their wrench and take piping apart to clear the mess out.

In short, your Insinkerator should not be going to like your potato peels. That blockage will indicate nothing goes down the drain, and nothing will get flooring up inside the disposal.

What Do You Do When This Happens?

Working scorching water down the drain shouldn’t be going to help. Turning the disposal off and sticking your hand down the drain should not be going to present worthwhile in unclogging your drain of the potato peels, each.

Nonetheless it is doable you may not need any devices or experience, too. There are solutions to cleaning away the starch goop, and in addition you’re doable to have them helpful correct in your kitchen. In actuality, the reply actually is a very helpful and low cost fundamental cleaning agent for diverse features. On this case, it entails dissolving potato peels.

How to Dissolve Potato Peels

Baking soda and vinegar are a good combination for fundamental cleaning. They’re moreover a very explicit reply (pun meant) for this potato peel gunk disadvantage.

The ratio you want to work with in each case is similar: a quarter cup of baking soda to one cup of vinegar. The form of vinegar doesn’t matter. Essentially the most inexpensive vinegar is simple white vinegar, the similar selection you utilize to filter out your espresso machine, and inside the case of potato peelings, it will work merely constructive.

Drop a quarter cup of baking soda down your drain. Activate the garbage disposal for merely a couple of seconds, after which flip it off. Allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes while you proceed cleaning the kitchen.

Then, pour the vinegar down the drain. Let the two fizzle for a jiffy as they begin to break up the starches which have gummed up. With the starches broken down, pour some boiling water down the drain to wash the entire starch away and take it down the drain.

Completely different Choices to Unclog Disposals of Potato Peelings

How to peel a potato

Carbonated drinks couldn’t primarily be good for you due to their extreme sugar content material materials. Nonetheless, drinks like Coke and Pepsi are extreme in phosphoric acid. The acid in them could help break down the starch assortment from potato peelings, just because the acid in vinegar does.

Whereas not as sturdy an acid as vinegar or carbonated drinks, lemons could assist garbage disposal. We use an acidic between meal packages to cleanse the palate and put collectively it for the next course. Lemon sorbet, as an illustration, is a good palate cleanser.

As a disposal cleanser, lemons work within the similar strategy. A half of a lemon down the drain will act as that cleanser, too. Drop it down and swap the disposal to use as a drain cleaner. You’ll profit from the added bonus of the modern scent to your drain and your kitchen.

Completely different Points That Don’t Belong In Your Drain

Whereas vegetable skins normally mustn’t go down your drain and into your disposal, notably potato peelings, there could also be a fairly prolonged report of points you should not do away with on this strategy. Add the peelings to your compost bin, or go away them out for animals to dine on.

Completely different meals not to ship down the drain embrace:

  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Oatmeal
  • Espresso Grounds
  • Grits
  • Bread
  • Egg Shells
  • Fibrous or strongly greens, not to point out peelings

As you probably can see, most of those devices are starchy and may clog for a related motive as potato peelings. So, assume sooner than you wipe off the slicing board and save your self the aggravation of a clogged disposal or pipes.

Now, would anyone transfer the mashed potatoes, please 🙂

Introduction: The Easy Methodology to Peel Boiled Potatoes

How to peel a potato

How to peel a potato

How to peel a potato

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:

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  • How to peel a potato

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How to peel a potato

How to peel a potato

How to peel a potato

How to peel a potato

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How to peel a potato

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How to peel a potato

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How to peel a potato

20 Suggestions

How to peel a potato

Question 4 months up to now

Does it matter if I add salt whereas cooking? Does it help or worsen?

How to peel a potato

Good and simple and the lil video was large helpful thanks!

How to peel a potato

reply to your question- appetizer I imagine

How to peel a potato

Reply Eight years up to now on Introduction

What selection? Make an Instructabale of it. Thanks for making an attempt.

How to peel a potato

Reply 5 years up to now

Question! Is it the similar with russet potatoes and purple potatoes? I bought purple potatoes which could be a bit smaller and regarding the dimension that Curtis Stone used! I will likely be in my kitchen tomorrow showing like I’m “Curtisanna Stoned”!! LOL!

How to peel a potato

Reply 5 years up to now

Oh I meant to say that I do NOT have the benefit of cooking and haven’t for years! I am “pulling a Betty Crocker” tomorrow and cooking a large meal. (As soon as I do put together dinner I identify it “pulling a Betty Crocker” as a results of I not usually put together dinner!! LOL! We’re having baked hen, cabbage, asparagus, smashed potatoes and apple pie with vanilla ice cream. This meal *ought to* cowl me for not lower than 6 months!! 😀

How to peel a potato

Reply Three years up to now

I hear you, girl! I actually really feel the similar strategy. Love meals nevertheless hate the prep.

How to peel a potato

A couple of the readers referred to a video exhibiting how to ranking the potatoes with a scale back throughout the middle of the russet sooner than boiling after which inserting in ice water and peeling by grabbing every ends of the potato and twisting. Proper right here is the hyperlink to the Idaho Potato Payment mannequin which Dawn Wells (aka May Ann of Gilligans Island fame) did for us years up to now:

How to peel a potato

I observed a good sooner strategy the place anyone scale back a line inside the pores and pores and skin throughout the center, then twisted the pores and pores and skin off each end. It merely slipped correct off!

How to peel a potato

Reply 5 years up to now

That is the strategy I observed the peeling achieved; the pores and pores and skin was merely barely scale back throughout the overall potato and it was boiled. When the potato was picked up and twisted in quite a few directions the peel utterly bought right here off in a single piece! Voila! One peeled potato!! Thanks for this dialogue. I’m going to make “smashed potatoes” tomorrow and I googled this matter! Thanks as soon as extra!

How to peel a potato

I am trying this correct now.

How to peel a potato

How to peel a potato

loss off Dietary nutritional vitamins and Minerals which can be concentrated beneath the pores and pores and skin.

You need a pellkartoffelgabel and Gemüsemesser(saber formed small knife slicing egde inside)

pellkartoffelgabel(google it): to give you an Ideait, it is like a cob fork with Three thinner pins and a longer take care of.

You place the potato on the fork, make a prolonged scale back and peel it with the knife. Minimal contact to the boiling scorching potato! Give every enabled particular person on the desk a set. Make it like a honour in your youngsters to give them a sharp knife, once they’re the right age.

Title anyone a whimp who complains regarding the heat ! (No kidding)

I personally dont like potatoes boiled with out the pores and pores and skin, apart from mashed ones.

Kitchen Hacks: How to Peel Two Kilos of Potatoes in Beneath A Minute

Need to make a pile of potato salad for folks coming over for a day barbecue? You would possibly seize a few friends and peel a bunch of potatoes collectively in about 30 minutes. Nonetheless in case you are alone, there are less complicated strategies to get the job achieved in a lot much less time–like in beneath a minute in case you are brave like Leo Morten Lund, a power-tool fanatic from Denmark.

Take a take a look at Lund’s extreme potato peeling hack, plus 5 strategies to peel potatoes shortly in the event you do not need a drill, toilet brush, bucket, and water hose. These methods are moreover good for when Thanksgiving rolls spherical and in addition you need to make a mountain of creamy mashed potatoes.

Potato Peeling Methodology #1: Stand raw potato on one end, spin the potato with one hand as you utilize a typical peeler with the alternative hand. (about 30 seconds per raw potato)

Potato Peeling Methodology #2: Using a Peel Away Rotary kitchen gadget, stick a raw potato on prongs, then churn the take care of until the peel is eradicated (Editor’s observe: anyone else assume this resembles a medieval torture gadget?) (about 1 minute per raw potato)

Potato Peeling Methodology #3: Chunk off tongs of a metal fork and repair them to a power drill. Stick the tongs into the center of a potato. Activate the drill with one hand so the potato rotates, while you utilize a typical potato peeler inside the completely different hand. (about 20 seconds per raw potato)

Potato Peeling Methodology #4: Boil potato until tender, place in ice water tub for 10 seconds, using a knife, gently ranking then peel off the pores and pores and skin. (15 minutes to put together dinner, 10 seconds to peel each cooked potato)

Potato Peeling Methodology #5: Demonstrated proper right here by Maryanne (the actress Dawn Wells) from Gilligan’s Island : Using a knife, scale back a skinny line throughout the circumference of a raw potato. Boil until tender, then swap to an ice water tub. When cool, peel off pores and pores and skin. (15 minutes to put together dinner, 5 seconds to peel each cooked potato)

And now, an epic demonstration of How to Peel 2 Kilos of Potatoes in Beneath A Minute using a drill, (clear) toilet brush, bucket, and water hose. GAME. CHANGER.

What’s your secret for peeling potatoes shortly? Inform us inside the suggestions, beneath.

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  • Invalid Date,

HOW many situations have you ever ever picked frozen chips or ready-made mash over making your particular person from scratch? For us, it’s acquired to be inside the tons of – and it’s as a results of we’ll do one thing to avoid having to peel potatoes.

In any case, it’s a fiddly, time-consuming course of – and in case you are not paying consideration, you probably can unintentionally slice your hand.

How to peel a potato

That said, one savvy girl has revealed how she makes peeling potatoes an absolute breeze thanks to a fork.

Earlier this week, TikTok particular person Larissa took half inside the sample the place people are sharing the problems they “randomly observed ultimately that is now an unconscious customary practise in your life”.

Inside the viral clip, Larissa takes a raw potato and stabs a fork into one end.

She then makes use of the fork to common the potato as she shortly peels it – with out concern of injuring her hand.

How to peel a potato

How to peel a potato

The video has racked up over 273,000 “likes” on TikTok – and folk inside the suggestions have been blown away.

One replied: “I shall be peeling potatoes this trend for the rest of my life!”

“Wait a minute,” one different wrote. “WAIT A GOD DANG MINUTE.”

A third joked: “I’m not even sure why I went to school at this stage.”

Within the meantime, a fourth added: “My fingers and knuckles are so grateful for this!”

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