How to sell clothes on poshmark

Sep. 17 2021, Published 11:02 a.m. ET

Buying vintage clothing and collectibles has been in vogue for some time now — not only do secondhand shops offer nostalgia at generally lower prices, but they also offer items that would otherwise have been discarded. It’s a sustainable way to shop and a great way for collectors to find what they need. And the digital age has made it possible to shop at the best online thrift stores without having to leave the comfort of your couch.

If you’re not familiar with eBay, what have you been doing for the past several decades? What began as an auction site has since evolved into a worldwide shop for just about anything a person could need, in addition to a million other things that absolutely no one needs. eBay has everything from 60’s era clothing to Dukes of Hazzard alarm clocks, so you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.


Poshmark is an online app and thrift store that enables users to buy, sell, and even trade slightly used designer styles and decor. With over 80 million community members across the U.S., Canada, and Australia, and 200 million items for sale, it’s no wonder that the Poshmark app has become one of the most popular around.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Luxury Garage Sale

Based out of Chicago, Ill., Luxury Garage Sale was founded in 2011 as a brick and mortar store. Its online selection is much the same as its original, on-premises product and includes pre-owned clothing and accessories from top brands, as well as vintage jewelry, shoes, designer bags, and more.

Maeven Vintage

From the heart of Brooklyn, Maeven Village’s Etsy online store is the brainchild of Chicago-born Amy Yee, who started the business as a side gig while pursuing a career in art and design. Yee’s passion for vintage clothing and artistic refurbishment found a home together, as Maeven Village offers eye-catching and unique looks in clothing, jewelry, and accessories for even the most discerning tastes.


Thrifted might be located across the pond but it’s one of the best collectors of vintage and brand name 70s, 80s, and 90s clothing. Its selection of recycled and remade clothing excludes any looks that are damaged or non-authentic, though its main purpose has always been that or repurposing.


Like Poshmark, Tradesy has a bit of a reputation for being a luxury secondhand retailer. This is because Tradsey’s bailiwick is facilitating the resale of high-end clothes, jewelry, and other accessories. However pricey the items might be, though, at least they’re not ending up in a landfill. Still, the site does have a wide selection that can be easily sorted from low to high, depending on the size of your budget.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

ASOS Marketplace

Another London-based thrifty, ASOS Marketplace is connected to the popular fashion website, ASOS. Instead of dealing in new clothes, however, ASOS Marketplace’s vision is centered around the sustainable resale of quality vintage clothes. Unlike some of the other online thrift stores on this list, users cannot sell their own items as individuals to other consumers. Instead, designers, thrift stores, consignment shops, and over 800 boutiques operate off the ASOS Marketplace platform.


As one of the main progenitors of the secondhand online market, Thredup has become one of the largest and most popular online vintage clothing shops. Neither luxurious nor chintzy, Thredup’s main appeal is its diverse range of categories and prices. It has a user-friendly platform and a robust catalog that contains thousands of pieces, both of which make it perfect for online window shopping.


Started long before the internet, Ragstock is a 50s-era thrift store that once bought unique pieces of clothing from around the world. Today, the easy-to-use website features some of the finest vintage attire and accessories around. With 42 retail locations across the U.S., Ragstock certainly has the benefit of longevity and customer satisfaction on its side.

How to sell clothes on poshmark


Users can buy and sell their own clothing on Depop just as easily as they can on Poshmark or Tradesy, only with an edgier twist. Deopop’s unique styles are less trendy and more unusual than some of the popular brands you would expect to find on those other sites, with the added bonus of functioning like an Instagram page in terms of user interface and preference tracking. This means the more you browse and like pieces, the more likely Deopop will be to suggest similar styles in the future.


Refashioner’s motto involves “the preservation of genuine vintage clothing” which it sells at reasonable prices — though slightly higher than some of the other retailers on this list. The thing is, you get what you pay for when it comes to Refashioner. All of its pieces have stories attached to them, which are verified via historical anecdotes when you purchase them.

Shop Goodwill

Thanks to Shop Goodwill, you can have the full Goodwill experience, as it lets you bid on genuine vintage brick-a-brack, just as you might on eBay. Proceeds from all sales are funneled back into community intervention programs that help folks in genuine need of education, placement, or job placement training.

Ways to make money on this popular online marketplace

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How to sell clothes on poshmark

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If you’re looking to make some extra cash, try looking in your closet first.

Some experts suggest that we only wear 20% of what’s in our closets on a regular basis. So it might make a lot of sense to monetize what’s in your wardrobe before buying new. But how? With the emergence of online marketplaces meant for the resale of clothing, shoes, and accessories, it’s easier than ever to make some extra cash on clothing or other items you don’t wear anymore.

Learn the best tips for selling on Poshmark, from clothing and shoes to accessories, plus what photos work best, ways to share your listings via social media, and even how to join the app’s virtual shopping events.

The Basics

Poshmark declares itself as the largest social online commerce site where users can buy and sell fashion items such as clothing, shoes, and accessories. The site boasts more than 25 million items uploaded via cell phone and 5,000 different brands for sale on the site and app.   Poshmark offers both new and used items for women, men, and children.

Here’s How It Works

Simply download the Poshmark app—it’s free and available for iPhone and Android.

Next, snap a few photos of your item on your phone right in the app. You can even enhance the photos by adding a filter.

Then, fill in the item description with as many details as you can. Lastly, add the price, click done and your item is officially listed.

Once you sell an item, Poshmark sends you a pre-addressed, pre-paid shipping label via email. All you have to do it package your items and drop it off at the nearest U.S. Postal Service (USPS) mailbox or arrange for home pickup.  

Sellers can participate in Posh Parties, which are virtual shopping parties during which sellers can shop for a specific item or brand.

Buyers on Poshmark are protected with the app’s eponymous Posh Protect, the app’s guarantee that items listed for sale arrive as described. Poshmark doesn’t release funds to sellers until the buyer receives the item and confirms it’s as described via the app, which means there’s no undisclosed damage and the item is authentic.  

All orders over $500 are first shipped to Poshmark headquarters to undergo the official Posh Authenticate verification process before being sent to the buyer.

If there is damage or an item isn’t as it was described, buyers can return the item for a full refund within three days of receiving it. If a buyer doesn’t receive an item within seven days, they can cancel the order and the seller’s item will go back to being listed for sale.  

Poshmark charges a fee for selling via the app. For sales under $15, it’s a flat rate of $2.95. For sales of $15 or more, it’s 20% of the item’s selling price.

Poshmark pays sellers within three days of a buyer confirming that they’ve received an order. The funds are deposited into your Poshmark account and can be used to buy something on the site or within the app, or can be withdrawn and deposited into the bank account of your choice. You can also request a paper check.

Selling Tips

There are several things you can do to help your items sell more quickly. First, be sure your photos are clear and taken in a good light. The more professional your photos look, the more likely your item is to sell. You may also consider styling or modeling the item for the cover shot of your listing, which is the first photo potential buyers will see. Remember great photos equal a great listing.

Second, write an accurate and detailed description of every item. List the color, material, brand, size, and any other relevant information in the listing.

Include styling tips for the item so buyers can visualize how it might work in their wardrobe.

Lastly, be sure to disclose any damage, wear, or defects on your items. Sellers on Poshmark are protected by Posh Protect and can send an item back within three days for a full refund if it isn’t as described in the listing.

There are also several marketing opportunities sellers can take advantage of to sell more successfully via Poshmark. You can now share your listing via your social media channels directly in the app. It’s integrated with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Tumblr. This could help get more eyes on your listings and hopefully, increase your chances for a successful sale.

Poshmark also lets you offer certain buyers a discount. If a buyer has added one of your items to their Bundle on their profile, you can select the item and click “offer” to privately offer them a better price on the item. The discounted price will only be good for 24 hours, so if the buyer doesn’t accept it in that time frame, the deal is off. But if they do accept it, the sale happens automatically and you’ll receive an email with the shipping label.  

Pros and Cons of Selling on Poshmark

Selling on Poshmark can definitely be lucrative for sellers—if you do it right. Plus, it gives you the option to monetize your closet and make some extra cash by selling clothing, shoes, and accessories you no longer use or wear. That money can be used to build your emergency savings, pay down debt, and more.

The app’s seamless shipping process combined with its easy listing process also makes it a snap to use for both buyers and sellers.

But there are a few cons associated with selling on the app. First, sellers are able to haggle prices with buyers, which can take time or result in a less-than-ideal price.

You can refuse offers or mark an item at a firm price to avoid haggling with buyers.

Another con is the fees charged by the app. For sales of $15 or more, Poshmark collects a 20% commission, which might be seen as a bit steep by resale standards.  

The Bottom Line

Selling old or unused clothing and accessories on virtual marketplace Poshmark can help you make some extra money—but you have to do it right. Be sure to prioritize photos and descriptions of your listing, and don’t forget to take advantage of marketing opportunities, like Posh Parties or promoting your listings on your other social media channels.

How to Sell Clothes on Poshmark – 6 Things You Must Know

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Is it actually easy to sell clothes on Poshmark? Like, as easy as all of the articles and YouTube videos make it sound?

I mean how hard could it be? You just toss your old clothes on your bed, snap a few pictures with your phone, and then list them with titles like “skirt” and “cute dress” right?

Wrong my friend, so wrong.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

I hear from a lot of veteran sellers that they want to sell clothes on Poshmark, and they think it will be the same as selling on the platform they’ve been selling on for years (usually eBay). But unfortunately there are substantial differences between eBay and Poshmark.

Poshmark is geared towards a younger crowd, predominately women (though more and more men are starting to use it), and on-trend items sell the best. If you want to sell on Poshmark and make money, here are the basics you need to know.

Poshmark is social

Getting your items to sell quickly requires a lot more time and effort than just listing and forgetting. The algorithms favor those who are on the app often, sharing their listings to their followers, sharing the listings of other users, commenting, and listing more items. Not to mention every time you share one of your items, it goes to the top of the app’s “Just Shared” search results for whatever category it applies to. This is important because “Just Shared” is the default sorting option for search results.

For example, you can see in the picture below that right after I shared my listing for this Staring at Stars brand tank top, it was showing up at the top of search results when I searched for Staring at Stars tank tops.

How to sell clothes on poshmark @kbuenostyle on Poshmark

Good stuff, right? So in theory if I were to share this listing over and over again, it would keep floating back up to the top.

Give some thought to your pictures

I wrote an entire post about how to take a great Poshmark cover photo. You can take your photos from right inside the Poshmark app, but they’re going to look best if you take them and edit them before posting. Even if you still take the photos with your phone, there are a ton of great photo editing apps out there (this one is my favorite) that will make your shots look professional.

Kinda like how Instagram used to be for off the cuff shots and now it’s full of curated feeds, Poshmark is now overflowing with sellers who know how to make their closets look like boutiques. To rise to the top, you really have to put a little thought and care into your product photos.

Use as many of the provided photo spaces as possible

And if you need to include even more, use an app like Diptic to make a photo collage and add that to one of the photo spaces. This is especially helpful for unique items with lots of small or interesting details or for items with damage that you need to disclose.

I sometimes take a close-up photo of the fabric of an item so that the customer can try and imagine how it feels or how it would fall on their body. This knit top had a really unique painted-on texture so I added a shot to show that.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Buying clothes online is hard y’all, and Poshmark doesn’t allow returns. So you want to give your customers as much information as you can via the photos and description.

Fill up the entire description space with keywords

Your listing description is what gets your item found when customers are searching for something. Even if they search in Google or some other search engine, Poshmark listings will come up in their search results provided the listing titles match the search term. I don’t think I need to say anything else about how important this is!

Always include measurements

Taking measurements is not as hard as you think, and it takes very little time if you do it while you’re photographing your items. Trust me, you will be so grateful that you included the measurements in the listing. You won’t be running to check the waist measurement of an item you’ve already packed up and stored away and hoping you can get back to the customer before they’ve moved on to another listing. And people WILL ask you for measurements ALL THE TIME. Especially on Poshmark since there are no returns. Using a service like Sizely, which I love and explain in my post about taking measurements, takes the headache out of including measurements.

Package your sales with care

Here’s another big difference with Poshmark in comparison to other selling platforms. Poshmark has repeatedly encouraged sellers to wrap up their sales in tissue paper with ribbon and a handwritten note. It’s now expected by many buyers, and some will even leave you bad feedback if you don’t do it! I no longer add a lot of frills, but I do keep it cute and thoughtful by adding a thank you sticker and a hand-written note.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

It takes a little more work upfront to sell clothes on Poshmark compared to some other platforms, but there is potential to earn a LOT of money with the right brands and styles.

Poshmark 101: the tips and tricks you need to know!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase through our links. Please read our full disclosure here.

This post will teach you how to sell clothes on Poshmark.

Last summer during quarantine, I started selling my clothes on Poshmark and quickly became obsessed!

When I came home from college, I had a lot of old clothes that either did not fit me anymore or just weren’t my style. I usually donate my old clothes, but with many of those being closed during the pandemic, I began looking for another option.

Poshmark is awesome for college students because it provides you with an easy and fun way to make money! Being a college student, I can always use some extra spending money.

For those of you not familiar with Poshmark, it’s an online consignment app that allows thousands of users to buy and sell second-hand and brand new clothing, shoes, accessories, and beauty products. You can always find great prices and negotiate with the seller as well.

While thrift stores get tons of donations every day, most everything that doesn’t sell ends up in a landfill. There is so much apparel and textile waste in our world. Poshmark takes care of that problem by providing a sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly way to give your clothes a new home!

Below you’ll find a beginner’s ten-step guide on how to use Poshmark, as well as some tips and tricks along the way, like how to gain more followers and make more money!

Table of Contents

Step 1: Photos

The first step for selling on Poshmark is always to take good photos for your listing. They allow you to add up to 17 photos to the listing, 1 of them being your cover photo.

Your cover photo is the most important photo because it’s what attracts the customer to click on your post. Make sure you have good lighting, a good background, and a clear and high-quality image.

Make sure all the other photos capture each angle of your item. I also like to take pictures of any tags and close-ups of details, zippers, and pockets.

After selecting the images, you can crop them and make adjustments through the app; like the brightness, contrast, vibrance, and sharpness. Poshmark also offers in-app filters you can apply to the photos to make them look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Step 2: Title

Next, add the listing’s title. You get 50 characters to catch someone’s attention. It’s important to try to be as descriptive as possible in the title.

When it comes to the title, there is an easy formula to follow to make sure your listing comes up in searches, both on the app and on Google.

  • NWT or NWOT + Brand + Item Name + Item Style + Color + Size

NWT means new with tags, meaning the item is brand new with tags attached and has never been worn before. Putting this in the title will make your item more popular.

Same with putting NWOT, which means new without tags. This is a brand new item that has never been worn before but does not have the tags attached.

Step 3: Description

How to sell clothes on poshmark

After the title, you need to add a description. The more specific you are, the faster your item will sell and the least amount of questions you’ll get in the comments. Here are the things I like to add:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Materials/Fabrics
  • Details of item
  • Fit/Style
  • Wash instructions
  • Country of origin
  • Condition of the item (any flaws or defects)

Most of this you can find on the garment’s tag inside the item or by looking up the item on Google.

The image above is a screenshot of one of my listings for a pair of Free People jeans.

Step 4: Details

The next step on how to sell clothes on Poshmark is to fill in all the listing details that are automated through the app. First, you will fill in the category, quantity, size, brand, and color. You can select up to 2 colors for the listing. Then select whether it is new with tags or not.

For the category, try to be as specific as possible. First choosing from Women, Men, Kids, Home, or Pets, and then from more specific options like Dresses, Jeans, Shoes, Skirts, and more. The more accurate your listing is, the faster someone who wants the item will find it and buy it.

Step 5: Price

The last step before posting your listing is to set a price.

Fill out the original price of the item and then the discounted price you are setting. NWT items usually sell at a 50% discount off the original, and all other items at a 60% discount. These averages will vary for items that are more in-demand or rare.

If you price your item too high, it won’t sell, but if you price it too low, you won’t make any profit on it.

It’s free to list the item, but once it sells, Poshmark takes a 20% fee. For sales under $15, the fee is just a flat rate of about $3. Poshmark does handle all the shipping and labeling for you, so packaging and sending your items to their new home is super easy.

Poshmark also has the offer feature, which allows you to offer a lower price when buying an item and negotiate when selling.

The bundle feature also allows someone to buy multiple items from your Poshmark at once and save on shipping. You can also add a bundle discount feature in your settings, which gives your buyers an automatic discount when they buy more!

Turn it into money.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Snap, list, sell, repeat.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

We got you. Snap, list, and sell. It’s that simple.

How it Works

List it

Items piling up? Snap a photo, price it, and list it in just a few steps.

Share it

Share listings with your followers to help shoppers discover your merchandise.

Earn Cash

Use our label to ship and cash out as soon as the order is complete.

Why Poshmark

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Simple Shipping

Each label comes prepaid and pre-addressed. All you need to do is print it, package it, and get it to USPS.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Quick Cash

List an item in just a few clicks from any device.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Growing Community

Join our vibrant community of 80+ million Poshers who make shopping and selling simple, social, and sustainable!

How to sell clothes on poshmark

By Diane Fogle

  • What Is Poshmark
  • Start Selling
  • Making Money

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Do you have clothes and shoes that you don’t want to keep but don’t want to give away for free? Consider selling them online. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to get started, but this guide will give you the information and confidence you need to take the first step to selling your clothes online with Poshmark.

What Is Poshmark?

Poshmark launched in 2011 as a resell platform focused specifically on clothes and have since expended to include accessories, personal care items and even select home goods, pet items and electronics. They used venture capital to combine e-commerce and social media to create an experience that was supposed to be like going through your best friend’s closet.

How to Start Selling on Poshmark

Selling your stuff on Poshmark is fairly straightforward. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to sell on Poshmark from the platform itself.

1. Create an Account

If you don’t already have an account, head over to their website to make one — it’s free. You can use this account to buy or sell items on Poshmark. Poshmark can work on a computer, but it’s intended to be used as a mobile app, and it’s easier that way. You can download the Poshmark app from the Apple App Store or on an Android device.

2. List Your Items

Open the app and tap the “sell” button with the camera icon. Upload a picture of the item that shows it in its best light but also shows any wear or defects. Poshmark will not let buyers return items if they are the wrong size, but they can return them if the description or pictures are misleading or unclear. You can upload as many as 16 pictures in your listing, so it’s a good idea to upload photos of multiple angles so buyers can see every part of the item.

Next, fill out the description. Include as many details as you can. List the size and condition and make sure to note any defects, no matter how small. This is also where you’ll include keywords that help buyers find your item, so include the color along with the style, styling suggestions and appropriate events.

You can choose the price for your items, but Poshmark will take their cut when the item sells. That’s $2.95 for items under $15 and 20% of the price for items above $15. Be sure to factor that into the price you choose, but be careful not to price too high — Poshmark takes price gouging seriously and your listing could be removed or your account suspended for unreasonably high prices on essential items.

3. Make Sales

Social media comes in handy when selling on Poshmark. You can share your “closet” — the items you have up for sale — to repeatedly get eyes on them. Poshmark hosts four virtual parties every day where you can share items that match the theme for extra exposure, and you can host your own parties if you want. You can also follow other users and comment on and share their items.

When someone likes an item or adds it to a bundle, you can send them a private offer with a lower price. Buyers can also send you offers, which you can accept, counter offer or decline. These offers are not bids. If you accept them, then the item is effectively sold.

4. Ship Sold Items

Poshmark has a simple shipping process. Shipping is a flat rate paid by the buyer. Poshmark items are all shipped using USPS Priority Mail, so the shipping is quick, and you can get boxes for free from the post office.

All you have to do is pack up the item or items, attach the provided shipping label and drop it off with USPS. You can use a blue USPS mailbox if it fits or drop off the parcel at a brick-and-mortar post office. You can also set up free USPS home pick up.

5. Get Your Money

After an item is marked as delivered, buyers have three days to start a return. If they don’t, then you get to keep the money. There is no three- to six-month return period like on other platforms.

You can withdraw your earnings whenever you want, whether that’s after every sale or after your earnings have built up a little. There is no minimum for withdrawing your money on Poshmark. You can also choose to leave the balance in your account and use it to make purchases on the platform.

What’s the Secret to Making Money on Poshmark?

There’s a lot of advice out there regarding selling successfully on Poshmark, but no single secret. Like all social media-based entrepreneurship, the most successful sellers follow these main tips:

  • Share daily.
  • Engage on the platform.
  • Most of all, be persistent.


Use this information to get started on Poshmark and experiment to see what works best for your closet. Different things work for different people, as you’ll see if you search the thousands of blogs and YouTube channels dedicated to Poshmark. Don’t be afraid to trial and error to find what works best for your style.

Editorial Note: This content is not provided by Poshmark. Any opinions, analyses, reviews, ratings or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author alone and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by Poshmark.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

If you’re looking to make a quick buck, chances are most people will tell you to do either two things: become an Uber driver or sell your clothes. Enter: Poshmark — an e-commerce website and social platform where users can sell and buy used clothing, per Insider. It sounds like a fun idea; selling your old sweaters and too-small tops for a quick earning. But, according to Bellatory, it’s not that simple.

Bellatory reports that you must have at least 30 items to list to sell your closet. Plus, the outlet also said that most of the items have to be brand-new or only slightly used to get sold. So, if you’re looking to sell your once-white sneakers, you’re out of luck! And, get this: even if you have a lot of brand new or slightly used clothing to sell, the photos of your clothing must also be top-tier. Whoever said selling clothing Poshmark was an easy idea probably hasn’t put in the work.

The pros and cons of Poshmark

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Okay, so you have a request for an order, what happens now? Deal with your seller fees, another unfortunate side of Poshmark. Easyship reports that Poshmark takes 20% of the commission for orders over $15. If the sale is under $15, the seller must pay Poshmark $2.95. And, to make it worse, that’s not the only fee. Since 2019, Poshmark has charged its buyers a sales tax, according to Bellatory. This tax can dissuade buyers from shopping at Poshmark, which in turn affects the revenue of sellers.

Since Poshmark is also a social platform, you must be engaged in your lists. What does that mean exactly? Well, according to Bellatory, sellers can share their “closets” and get followers, which can attract buyers to their clothing. Unfortunately, since Poshmark is a competitive market, buyers have to interact with the app a few times a day to “closet” to get views.

Poshmark isn’t all that bad — there are a few benefits too! The high fees cover the advertisement, which attracts buyers to the site, according to Bellatory. Plus, the more buyers, the bigger the market gets and the opportunity to receive orders grows more.

Every e-commerce website has its pros and cons. And, while Poshmark might not be “easy money,” it’s still a good way to earn some coin. You just need to know how to work the system, and now you do.

Looking to grow your business on Poshmark? We’ve put together the most frequently asked questions about Boutiques and the Wholesale Market to help you get started.

What is a Boutique?
A Boutique is a boutique certified Poshmark seller that purchases inventory wholesale or directly from a distributor and is selling it to the public for the first time. These Seller Stylists are focused on stocking beautiful inventory and creating a stylized, elevated shopping experience—just like what you’d find in a brick and mortar store.

How can I become a Boutique?
The easiest way to turn your closet into a Boutique is to purchase your first batch of inventory directly from the Wholesale Market.

What is the Wholesale Market?
The Wholesale Market is your go-to source for buying inventory. There’s a huge selection of categories to choose from, including Women, Men, Kids, and Plus. Simply tap the menu on the top left to switch to the Wholesale Market to see if you have access.

Can anyone buy from the Wholesale Market?
Yes! You must have 10 successful sales under your belt and an average rating of 4.5+ to unlock the Wholesale Market.

If you haven’t met the criteria yet, please email [email protected] with why you’d be a good fit.

So I bought inventory from the Wholesale Market or another distributor. What now?
You must complete a quick and easy in-app Boutique Certification. This will allow you to tag items as Boutique on Poshmark when you list your new inventory.

Where can I find Boutique Certification?
Head over to app and go to Account Tab > My Seller Tools > Boutique Certification to get started.

Ok so I’m boutique certified. Are there any requirements I have to follow?
Once you’re boutique certified there are a couple requirements we ask our sellers to follow:

  • Listings must be purchased wholesale or directly from a distributor and are being sold to the public for the first time.
  • Boutique listings should only include original photography.
  • Boutique sellers should provide exceptional customer service and should comply with Poshmark’s community guidelines.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Happy Earth Week! From the impact of Reposh to the increased demand for sustainable brands, we’re taking a look at how together, we are prioritizing sustainability and softening our environmental impacts. Read the full data roundup here.

How to sell clothes on poshmarkLooking for the best brands to sell on Poshmark?

Here’s 100 of the top selling brands, plus:

  • tips for selling on Poshmark
  • getting your items sold quickly
  • how to get more followers.

P.S. If you are new to Poshmark, sign up with my code LEEP20 to get a $10 bonus!

Affiliate Disclosure: Some links may be affiliate links that I may make a small percentage from when you purchase through my link. This is at no additional cost to you and helps keep this blog running.

What Are The Best Brands To Sell On Poshmark?

The top selling brands on Poshmark vary widely by category.

So I’ve broken this list featuring best brands to sell on poshmark into various categories.

You will find the best brands to sell on Poshmark for the following categories:

  • Women’s Jeans
  • Women’s Tops
  • Women’s Activewear
  • Women’s Shoes
  • Women’s Handbags
  • Men’s Jeans
  • Men’s Jackets & Coats
  • Men’s Shoes
  • Kid’s Clothing
  • Home

This list of the best brands to sell on Poshmark is based on:

  • Highest sale price
  • How quickly they are selling
  • Frequency of sales

Flipping For Profit

Are you looking at selling your own clothes on Poshmark? Or flipping clothes for some quick cash?

Did you know there are countless “resellers” who make a living (even full-time income) from reselling pre-owned, used items?

While I’m not a full-time seller (I am a stay-at-home mom), I have been able to make a steady, reliable income from reselling (mostly) clothes.

In fact, I’ve made OVER $80K flipping clothes for profit!

Learn how you can make money flipping items!

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How to sell clothes on poshmark

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Top Selling Women’s Clothing Brands

Without further ado, here are 100 best brands to sell on Poshmark!

Women’s Jeans

Here are the best brands to sell on Poshmark for women’s jeans:

  1. 7 For All Mankind
  2. Madewell
  3. Lucky Brand
  4. Rag & Bone
  5. Silver
  6. Adriano Goldschmied
  7. Miss Me
  8. True Religion
  9. Citizens of Humanity
  10. Rock Revival

Some other easy-to-find brands that are selling well are: American Eagle, Levi’s, J Crew, Torrid, Free People, and Big Star.

Jeans in these current styles are selling best:

  • Wide Leg
  • Flare
  • High Wise
  • Thick Stitch
  • Destructed
  • Destroyed
  • Raw Hem

These also make great keywords to use in your listing title!

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Want to take your closet selling game to the next level? Consider how you might increase your sales with an all-star pricing strategy. While everyone approaches pricing differently, these tips are sure to help you take advantage of features like Make An Offer and Price Drop Notifications to fill your wallet by emptying your closet.

Condition and Popularity

Sorting through your closet may be daunting. You may find pieces that are completely worn or in brand new condition, let alone a items that are either from high-end brands or even no-name brands. With all these factors at hand, how do you go about choosing the right price?

  • Examine thoroughly your piece of clothing or accessory for any signs of wear. Be it holes or pilling, if there are signs of wear, we recommend adding a generous discount to your listing price.
  • Is it a popular brand? Well-known brands like Nike, Louis Vuitton and Lilly Pulitzer may sell quickly and for a higher price, especially if the items are in-demand and rare.

Negotiations and Original Price

Shopping on Poshmark is all about finding stellar items for an amazing deal. When attracting potential customers, not only do you want to keep in mind the discount off the original retail value, but also if you want to keep room for negotiation.

  • When listing, be sure to consider adding wiggle room for negotiation. Some buyers may want to buy right away, but this strategy could work in your favor as a seller to fully take advantage of the Make An Offer and Price Drop Notification features. If you don’t want to consider offers or negotiations, make sure to say in your description that the price is firm.
  • When possible, include the original price of your items so buyers that they scored a great deal. If the retail price of your item is unknown, not to worry! Do a quick search in Poshmark to see what other sellers are listing similar items for to help you narrow down the original price. You can also look up the original retailer or brand to see how similar items are being priced.

She’d seen it mentioned on social media and was immediately intrigued by the concept.

While it looks similar to Instagram, Poshmark allows you to sell clothing just like you would on eBay.

“I was super addicted from the start,” the 23-year-old says. “It was a great way to make money.”

Although many of Poshmark’s 700,000 sellers use the app as a way to clean out their closets, Marquez had always been interested in running her own business.

She began searching thrift stores for gently used items from department store brands and buying them to resell on the app.

“I’m not going to lie, it was pretty challenging at first,” she says. On average, she made $500 a month when she started out — not an insignificant amount, but not enough to live on, either.

Initially, she didn’t know which brands and styles would sell on the app, and which wouldn’t, so s he spent time studying what was popular. Then, she’d go out and buy those items.

To get her listings noticed, she also focused on perfecting her photography skills.

After a year and half, she became a suggested user on the app, meaning that all new users were invited to follow her. That exposure led to more sales, and she began making around $5,000 a month.

By then, she’d graduated from the University of Arkansas and taken a full-time job at a marketing company earning a $50,000 salary. But after a year, she left to focus on her clothing sales full time. “It was a great job, but I decided the corporate world wasn’t for me,” she explains.

Now, she devotes three or four days of her week to shopping, with the goal of posting several new items every day. Local boutiques in Bentonville, Arkansas, where she lives, often sell their overstock to her at a discount. In addition to making regular visits to thrift stores, she also buys gently used clothing and accessories directly from women in her area.

Most of the clothing and accessories she sells are priced from $40 to $250, and she determines her prices by seeing what similar items have sold for on the app.

Besides buying clothing that she’ll later resell at a profit, Marquez doesn’t have many costs that go into her business.

She doesn’t have the overhead of a bricks and mortar store, and doesn’t even need to have her own website.

Poshmark covers the shipping costs and credit card fees for each transaction, so she just pays a commission on each sale: $2.95 for anything under $15, and 20% on anything over $15. After that, she’s left with a take-home pay of around $5,000 per month.

Though being self-employed gives her the flexibility to work from anywhere and choose her hours, she admits that she’s constantly on the app, no matter where she goes or what time of day it is. “I look at my phone from the time that I wake up until the time that I go to bed … and sometimes also when I get up in the middle of the night.” Typically, she lists around 75 new items each month, and ships out anywhere from 15 to 40 sold items each week.

After her bills are paid, Marquez puts most of her extra money back into her business by buying more inventory to sell on the app.

She doesn’t live extravagantly, since her income isn’t as predictable as it was in her corporate job, and she can’t count on making the same amount of money each month. “The only downside is the unpredictability of sales,” she says. Like any retail business, hers has seasonal fluctuations, and a slow month could mean she takes home $3,000 instead of $5,000.

But for now, she’s happy to trade some stability for the chance to be her own boss.

Make money selling used and new apparel on Poshmark

How to sell clothes on poshmarkThe whole purpose of this blog is to explain how I sell my used (and sometimes still new) clothes online and how you can do the same thing to make extra money.

Do you have any clothes, shoes or accessories that you bought and never ended up wearing? Clothes that no longer fit? Clothes that you just don’t love anymore? If yes, then you can make some money by selling them online.

I personally use the Poshmark app. There are other apps and websites out there (or local thrift stores), but I have found Poshmark to be the best opportunity.

Why Poshmark?

Most of my local thrift stores will give me 40% of the sale price. If the item that I dropped off doesn’t sell in a certain number of weeks, then they either throw it out or donate it.

Compare this with Poshmark… You get to keep 80% of the sale price, and you set the prices. Sound better already?

You have a much larger audience because women are using Poshmark all over the United States. Women of all ages and sizes with varying tastes in fashion and style.

Check out Poshmark’s own overview video below.

How do I get started?

Create your Poshmark account here and use code BJWMQ to get a $10 Poshmark credit.

Make sure that you also download the mobile app since that is the only way to list items for sale.

Check out Poshmark’s own guide to the selling platform and read through some of the tips in the official Guide to Poshmark.

Now, poke around in the app a little bit and be sure to check back in here often to get the newest advice for getting your clothes to sell.

And remember, if you ever have any questions, go ahead and ask in the comments. If you’ve signed up for an account and downloaded the app, then you’re already well on your way to making sales and earning some money. You’ve got this!


How to sell your clothes on Poshmark and *actually* make money

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Whether you need to make room in your closet for next season’s trends or just earn a little extra money, online consignment might be your new best friend. Poshmark, the e-commerce app where you can sell used clothes, shoes and accessories, has been taking the fashion world by storm. Some people have even turned their Poshmark side hustles into full-time gigs.

But getting into the clothing resale game might seem a little overwhelming. How do you stand out among millions of listings? The good news is that you can *totally* become an online consignment queen with just a little bit of effort. These Poshmark tips will have you clearing out your closet shelves and raking in the cash.

Use high-quality photos.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

The first step to a bomb listing is a good picture. An underexposed photo of a wrinkly shirt on top of your childhood bedspread probably won’t cut it. Place your item in front of a plain background and snap some pics during the day for the best lighting conditions. If needed, you can boost the exposure or contrast on an editing app, but beware of adding filters. You don’t want your photos to be misleading.

Make sure to get a photo of the front, back and tag of the item. Snap a close-up of any cool textures or imperfections as well. Bonus points if you can find a picture of you wearing the item! Buyers love to see how the clothes look on.

Write a detailed description.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

In the item description, make sure to describe the brand, size, colors and condition. If the piece still has the tags on it, be sure to specify. Write what materials it’s made of, how long it is or if there are any imperfections. The more information you can provide, the better!

Price your items fairly.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Your tried-and-true frock from fifth grade might seem like it’s worth a million bucks, but be sure to price your items reasonably. If the garment has a stain or a hole, knock even more off the price. Not sure what a fair starting point is? Search for similar items on the app, and put your price somewhere in the middle. You can always adjust accordingly if you aren’t getting enough interest.

Interact with similar accounts.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Poshmark is a social-based platform, and sales heavily depend on your networking skills. Follow, like and share others’ listings, especially if they sell the same brands as you! Got a bunch of Nike athleisure to sell? Search for others that sell Nike products and share some of their listings. Many users will return the favor and share your items, too!

Share your listings frequently.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

There’s no limit on how many times you can share your own listing, so go crazy, girl! In fact, Poshmark’s algorithm prioritizes accounts that are active and frequently re-share their own products. Share your listings to the app and to your personal social media accounts for lots of exposure.

Attend parties.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Poshmark hosts several virtual parties on the app each day. Attending them just means sharing your listings to the party group. Parties are a great way to show off your items to interested buyers. Party themes range from brand specific, like Best of Free People, to style specific, like Best in Jeans.

Ship it fast and add a personal touch.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Once you’ve made a sale, be sure to ship the item quickly so you get a good review. Thankfully, Poshmark covers the shipping cost via USPS Priority Mail. Wrap the item up in tissue paper and include a brief thank you note. Personal touches like this will make buyers feel special and keep them coming back for more!

Poshmark really is a simple way to declutter your closet and make a little extra moolah. With just a little bit of effort and patience, you’ll be earning money in your sleep in no time!

Got any tips for becoming a Poshmark pro? Share them with us on Twitter @girlslifemag!

Men and women across the United States are joining the Poshmark craze and selling their clothing online. Some are even turning it into a full-time job and launching their own boutiques.

This online-only marketplace functions in a similar way to eBay in that it allows people to buy and sell clothing and accessories with ease.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that Poshmark is planning to file for an IPO later this year. The company did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

Since launching in 2011, Poshmark has transformed into a community of five million sellers, who so far have been paid out $1 billion, the company said last year. The company was founded by Manish Chandra, who is currently its CEO. His idea for Poshmark came about as iPhones started to explode in popularity and Chandra realized just how easy he could make the process of selling clothing online.

“It marries technology, fashion, and commerce together,” Chandra told Business Insider in 2018.

Last year, Business Insider interviewed top seller Suzanne Canon, who has personally pulled in over $1 million in sales since she started selling in 2012. Selling on Poshmark is now her full-time job.

“I don’t understand how it happened. I went on the app to make a little money on extra clothes,” she told Business Insider.

Sellers only need to upload photos of their items from their phone to the app in order to list them for sale. Poshmark takes a $2.95 commission on all sales under $15. It takes a 20% commission on any sales above $15.

We spoke to five of the app’s top sellers, who have pulled in amounts ranging from $10,000 to around $100,000 a year since beginning to sell on Poshmark over the past few years.

See their top tips for turning a sale on Poshmark, below:

Make money selling used and new apparel on Poshmark

How to sell clothes on poshmarkClothing measurements are so important for many buyers on Poshmark. With the app’s no-returns policy, buyers want to make sure clothing or shoes will fit them before they buy it.

You can measure your clothes the same way professionals do and it’s super easy. All you need is an inexpensive seamstress tape measure. Although, if you don’t have one of those yet, you could use a measuring tape for the time being.

The flexible tape measure will be the best option since it allows you to measure around curves more accurately.

When you are measuring a garment, lay it out on a flat surface and smooth out the bumps and wrinkles. If the back of a shirt is all bunched up underneath, then you will not get an accurate measurement. So get everything as flat as you can.

Because fabric is fluid (and sometimes stretches), it CAN be kind of tricky to get an exact measurement, so plan on about a 1/2 inch variance. For very stretchy materials, you could also provide a measurement range.

To cover myself from any claims of inaccuracy, I usually say that a measurement is “about” such-and-such number. I really don’t want to be arguing over whether something is 15.25 or 15.5 inches. It’s close enough.

How to sell clothes on poshmarkBust

The bust is probably the measurement that is asked for the most with tops. You take the measurement across the chest of the garment, from side seam to sides seam. It goes across the garment directly under the armpits, where the side seam meets the sleeve.

For sleeveless tops, the measurement would be taken across the garment right under the arm holes.

Once you have measured the garment straight across, you double that measurement for the actual bust size. For example, if a shirt measures 16″ across the front, then the whole bust measurement is 32″.

And remember to state whether that measurement was taken with the top zipped or buttoned up if that applies.


Measure directly across the shoulders from seam to seam. Your measuring tape should stay straight and may make a line slightly under the collar of the garment.


Measure from the top shoulder seam to the bottom of the sleeve cuff. Remember, this is the top of the sleeve, not the bottom of the sleeve.


For tops and dresses, measure length from the top of the shoulder seam (at the collar) down to the bottom hemline.

Some people take this measurement from the center of the back at the top of the collar, instead of from the shoulder seam. So just make sure you state which measurement you used for the length.

For pants and skirts, measure from the top to the bottom along one of the side seams.

How to sell clothes on poshmarkWaist

For pants and skirts, this is super easy. Measure from seam to seam across the top of the skirt. Or, if there are no seams, just from one end to the other while the skirt is lying flat on the floor.

For dresses, this measurement can be a little bit tricky. It’s not quite as simple as measuring the bust because we don’t have the armpit seams for reference. Try to find the narrowest part and give the measurement across that spot for the waist.

If it’s hard to eyeball the smallest part, then stretch the tape measure across the general waist area and move the tape measure up and down until you find the smallest measurement.

Like the bust measurement, double the length across the garment for the full waist measurement.

I find this to be the trickiest measurement. It’s not necessarily the widest point because that won’t work for A-line profiles on skirts and dresses, but it’s obviously not the smallest point either because that will typically be the waist.

If you can fit into the garment, try it on and find the point where it falls on your own hips. Then measure across that point and double the number for the final measurement.

If you cannot put the garment on, then do your best to eyeball where the waist would be. This is definitely when you want to use the word “about” when you describe the measurement.

I have never ever been asked to provide a “rise” measurement. But just in case…

You can measure the rise on pants from the top of the waistband to the crotch seam. This measurement would be taken from the front of the pants.


The pants inseam is asked for pretty frequently from buyers who know their measurements. Measure down the inside seam on one leg from the crotch seam to the bottom of the hem.

When to provide measurements

You can either measure every garment as you list it, or you can provide measurements when they are asked for. Since I am usually crunched for time, I don’t take measurements until someone asks for them.

However, if you do listing marathons and list tons of clothes all at once, you may find your time is more streamlined when you take the measurements up front. You might as well if you already have all of those clothes out.

Another disadvantage to measuring clothes on demand is that a buyer will have to wait for your response if they ask while you are not at home. There is the risk of forgetting and the buyer might lose interest or find something else to buy in that time.

It’s really up to you when you choose to measure your Poshmark listings, but now you know how to do it accurately!


I love the color scheme of your website. The pastel colors are beautiful and eye catching.It is feminine and clean. This is the first time I heard about Posh, but I am interested in downloading the app. I love the video that explains the what, and the how. This website will go places.Best success to you!

Thanks Angela! I’ve absolutely loved using Poshmark…both buying and selling on it!

Hey Kiersten,
New follower here (love you blog by the way). Have you ever had to give measurements for shoes? I had a customer ask about the measurements for some heels and I was completely lost. I have a pair of cute shoes from ASOS, which are a U.K. Size 3/US size 5, but the measurements say otherwise. I’m sure that I measured them wrong lol. Could you possibly give me some tips.
Thank you,

Hey Zari,
Thanks for checking out the blog! I have had to give measurements for shoes, and yeah, they’re kind of tricky! One option is to use a flexible seamstress tape measure to get the insole measurement. That way, you can put it right into the shoe and measure from the toe to the heel. Sometimes the angle/heel height can make that insole measurement slightly different for different shoe sizes. And for measuring heel height, make sure to subtract the height of the platform if there is any or state it as a separate measurement. Another option is to see if ASOS has a sizing guide that you can point a buyer to.
Good luck! And I’ll be sure to follow your closet. 🙂

Great advice. Use this with the combination of (Free Template tool) to have my measurements reflected in my listings

Awesome! I’m going to have to check that tool out.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Thinking of selling on Poshmark but doing some research before moving forward? Good for you!

I’ve had a great experience selling on Poshmark and have lots of Poshmark selling tips out there for you if you’re interested in that, but let’s talk about how to get your money after selling on Poshmark. It’s super simple and I’ll just show you how it works.

Here are the steps:

  • Make a sale and ship the item.
  • Wait for the customer to review their purchase OR for three days after delivery, whichever happens first.
  • Redeem your money from your Poshmark account. You can get a check mailed or direct deposit.

Step 1: Make a Sale

Bit easier said than done but once you make a sale, ship the item to the customer quickly to get your money faster. You’ll get access to the cash from anything sold on Poshmark after the customer receives their item. The customer pays as soon as they order from you, so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed.

The only way that you won’t get that money is if you end up having to issue them a refund if the customer isn’t happy with the item. Poshmark has some pretty great seller protection rules, so as long as you’ve accurately described and photographed the item, you should be good in terms of returns. Buyers can’t start a return for no good reason.

Step 2: Wait for the customer to review the item or for 3 days to pass after the order has been delivered

Your money from Poshmark sales becomes redeemable after your customer reviews the item you sold them. If they take longer than three days, the money will automatically be eligible for you to redeem. That’s it! Not bad at all.

Step 3: Redeem your money in the Poshmark app

Head into your Poshmark app to redeem your money from any sales you make on Poshmark. You can request a check for the money you’re owed or you can choose to set up direct deposit with your bank account.

I do direct deposit and it’s super simple to cash out.

Here’s exactly where to go to get your money from Poshmark sales.

Open the app and look for your user profile in the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap the profile icon.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Now, you’ll see your profile settings. Look for the money symbol at the top right of the screen and hit that button.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Next, you’ll see information about your current redeemable funds as well as past redemptions and ways to request your money. From here, you can request a payout directly to your bank account or as a check. Depending on your bank, payouts process within a couple of days. Super easy!

How to sell clothes on poshmark

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Do you have any questions about how to get your money after making sales on Poshmark?

Let me know in the comments! Poshmark is such a simple way to sell clothes without having to meet up with random people or put yourself in potential danger. They do take a bit more in fees (20%) compared to other platforms (Mercari, eBay) but I think that their simpler process makes it worth that fee. I find that you can sell the right things for a higher price on Poshmark anyway, making that higher fee negligible.

Here’s a few links to some of my other posts about selling on Poshmark:

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list of our partners and here’s how we make money.

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is an online marketplace and social community for clothing, shoes and fashion accessories. Think of it as Instagram for your closet. Users can follow one another, scroll through a shoppable feed and “like” and comment on posts. Poshmark operates as a website and app.

With tens of millions of users, Poshmark is also one of the leading resale platforms. If you’re interested in selling clothes to make money , you can benefit from its substantial audience and user-friendly approach. Here’s how to sell on Poshmark.

How to start selling on Poshmark

It takes a few simple steps to become a Poshmark seller. Here’s how the selling process works:

Create an account. Visit the Poshmark website or download the app. You can sign up using an email address or your Facebook or Google account.

Edit your profile and settings. After logging in, update your information and preferences through the account menu. You can add your location, set up seller discounts, connect social media accounts and more.

Create a listing. Upload photos of the item you’re selling or snap them directly through the app. Then, add a description and details, such as size, color and price.

Share it. As you click through to submit your listing, you’ll have the option to share it to your connected social media networks. You can also add your item to ongoing “Posh Parties,” which are virtual shopping events built around specific themes, brands or categories.

Make the sale. Buyers can purchase your item outright or “make an offer.” Haggling is common in the Poshmark community, so don’t be surprised if interested shoppers try negotiating. You can accept, reject or counter offers.

Ship the item. Poshmark emails you a prepaid shipping label with your sale confirmation. (The buyer pays the shipping cost.) You’re responsible for printing the label, packing up the item and mailing the order.

Get paid. Poshmark issues payments within three days of delivery to the buyer. You can get paid by direct deposit or check.

Note Poshmark’s seller fees

You don’t pay to list items. But when you make a sale, Poshmark takes a cut. The fee is $2.95 for sales under $15 and 20% for sales of $15 or more.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

How to make more money on Poshmark

Almost anyone can create a listing, but not everyone will succeed as a seller. As you’re getting started, check out Poshmark’s tips for landing your first sale . Here are more suggestions to make your sales easier and more lucrative.

Carefully craft your listing

Your listing should be aesthetically pleasing and accurately represent what you’re selling. Neatly arrange items and take clear, well-lit photos to help interested buyers gauge the style, color and quality. Ideally, you’ll have more than one photo (Poshmark allows up to 16 per listing). For example, if you’re selling a jacket, include pictures of the front and back as well as up-close images of buttons, pockets and other details.

Wording is important too, so be specific when writing the title and description: What material is the item made of? What condition is it in? Are the pockets functional or decorative? Remember to check for typos before posting.

Set a fair price

If you price your merchandise too high, it might not sell; if it’s too low, you’ll barely make a profit. To find a happy medium, search the marketplace for similar items and note their prices.

When you enter a list price, Poshmark factors in the selling fee and shows you how much you’ll earn from the sale. If your listing goes several days or weeks without getting any bites, try lowering the price to spark some interest.

Interact with the community

Lean on Poshmark’s large user base to make connections and build your reputation. The more you engage on the platform, the more visibility your listing is likely to get. There are several tactics you can try: attend Posh Parties, respond to comments, follow other sellers and like or share their listings. They’ll often return the favor.

Expand your reach

To boost your chances of a sale, you’ll want to get as many eyes on your listing as possible. Leveraging your social media pages is one way to do this. You can connect to networks like Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram through Poshmark’s settings to share your item with a wider audience.

Follow the rules

Last but not least, stick to Poshmark’s community guidelines . These forbid actions such as selling counterfeit goods or prohibited items — including nail polish and cell phones — and moving transactions off the platform. A rule violation can get your account suspended or shut down.

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So you’ve got stock. You’ve spent hours meticulously researching and choosing what to sell in your Poshmark Closet.

How do you sell it?

First and foremost, if you still do not feel comfortable that you’re an expert at choosing items that will sell, do not get discouraged.

The business model of a reseller is a delicate balance between knowing what to buy so that you can flip it for a profit.

There WILL be some trial and error involved. The entire process can be overwhelming. You may find it easier to stick with a single category, and then branch out from there.

Poshmark, along with all other selling platforms, operates under a mysterious algorithm, meaning it prioritizes certain items, certain sellers depending on what criteria they meet.

Because these criteria are basically a secret, it leaves us all guessing how to gain prime visibility within the app.

One thing we know, Poshmark wants you to show that you are active and engaged in their app. If you are serious about reselling, then it will be necessary to either play the “game” yourself (or, like many of us, hire a Virtual Assistant).

Here is how you get the most of your “active” time on Poshmark.

List new items every day. This sounds daunting if you’re new. But when you’re doing your initial treasure hunting for stock to resell, you should be keeping this number in mind.

As a newbie, you’re going to have to do some testing. Early on you really need to decide how much time you can commit to this side hustle. Remember, this won’t be bringing in a full time income unless you’re putting in full time hours.

I myself do not Posh full time, because I have other sources of income, but I like to list 5 new items every day.

The goal is to have a variety of items, but do not list SO much that you are going to neglect your items.

Once you have a steady amount of items listed, you begin dropping prices regularly and in increments.

If you hit your lowest you’re willing to sell an item, it’s time to send out a final offer, then delete and relist.

If I’ve relisted an item more than a few times, I cut my losses and either give it away or donate it back.

I used to cringe at the thought of giving up on items I put my hard earned money into, but really you have to look at the time you’re wasting. Your time is ALSO money and as such you cannot afford to waste it trying to sell an outdated top for a few dollars of profit.

Now that your items are listed, you need to share them. Poshmark hosts parties during the times of day that the app is busiest. It isn’t surprising then, that these parties tend to be at times when people are either on lunch or between work/home.

Take time to familiar yourself with these times, and be ready to spend time each day sharing during these times. Again, make the most of your time!!

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Ready to learn how to start selling on Poshmark? Here are 9 of my best, quick beginner tips for Poshmark sellers.

I earn a pretty steady part-time income by selling on Poshmark. I list items for a few hours, two days of the week. Once or twice a month, I go out to a few local thrift stores to buy some inventory. Learning how to sell clothes on Poshmark is an amazing way to create another stream of income for your family. It’s made such a difference for me to have a few hundred extra dollars each month.

Affiliate Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post and other posts on my site are affiliate links, which means that I will get a small percentage of purchases you make through those links. As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Check out my whole (super boring) affiliate disclaimer right here.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

1.) Take your pictures in natural light or use a lighting set. Use a solid white background or a backdrop to photograph your items

The #1 thing you can do right now to get more Poshmark sales is to make sure you’re taking clear, well-lit photos with a background that doesn’t take away from your image. Do not underestimate the power of light and clarity! You’ll sell clothes a lot quicker if your images make it easy to view the features of an item and represent the colors accurately.

If you take the time to use good lighting and a good-quality background, you’ll have better pictures than half of Poshmark already. Many Poshers take pictures at night, with nothing but their bedroom lights, resulting in grainy images. Or, they lay items out on a busy background that detracts from the photo, such as a patterned blanket on their bed.

If you were wondering, you absolutely do not need a professional camera to take pictures for Poshmark. In fact, I recommend that you don’t use one.

Just use your phone camera! That way you can upload pictures straight to Poshmark without having to transfer files from one device to another. If you’re going to make any investment in the quality of your listing photos, I recommend grabbing a low-cost lighting kit from Amazon and using that to get crisp, bright photos. You’ll use this a lot, especially if you live somewhere not-so-sunny. (I’m in Houston and we get a lot of rain!)

2.) Be honest with yourself – don’t waste time listing things that won’t sell. You will get more out of Poshmark if your closet is full of clean, cute items in great condition

Do not post stained up or beat up pieces of clothing on Poshmark. They will not sell, and you will have wasted your time photographing them, creating descriptions, listing them, and sharing them.

Focus your time and energy on the great stuff you have that you know someone would love to have in their closet.

3.) Draw attention to any imperfections on your items

If you have a cute or trending item that happens to have a small flaw, but you know someone will love it anyway, make sure potential buyers are aware of any flaws your item has. When you highlight the fact that your item has a flaw , you are establishing yourself as an honest seller to anyone who views your listing.

Take a clear picture of the flaw, however small, and include it in your listing. In the description, let the buyer know that the item has an imperfection, and let them know what picture they can see the flaw in.

When someone makes an offer on an item I have listed that has a small tear or hole, I will usually confirm with them that they’ve seen the photos of the item’s imperfection before accepting the offer.

4.) Share other people’s stuff (but don’t forget to share your own)

The more you share, the more shares (and exposure) you will receive! But share your items frequently – especially during parties!

5.) Source items from popular Poshmark brands

Make sure the brands you’re listing on Posh are ones that will probably sell. You can do your own research on this by searching Poshmark’s sold listings, or do some research on YouTube to see what other Poshmark sellers are having luck with! There are so many super generous Poshmark Youtubers who go through their weekly/monthly sales with their viewers and talk about what’s been working best for them.

6.) Save money on shipping products by buying in bulk

You’ll save money if you order your shipping products in bulk. Things like tape, thank-you cards, poly mailers, bubble wrap – order it on eBay or Amazon! Don’t waste money going to Office Depot or even Walmart and buying one or two mailers or rolls of tape at a time. If you can afford to buy larger quantities at a time, do it. And don’t forget, of course, to get your free priority mail boxes delivered from

7.) If someone bundles an item, send them a private offer as quickly as possible

If someone bundles your item, they may have done it by accident – but there’s a good chance that they are seriously interested in that item! Send them a private offer as soon as you see the notification. Hook them in while they are in shopping mode! Don’t wait for them to close Poshmark and go about their day.

About a third of the time, I get a sale by using this tip and offering a few dollars off.

8.) If someone comments a question about your item, reply back ASAP

If someone is interested enough to ask a question about your dress or top, they’re interested enough to be a customer. Reply to their question ASAP instead of putting it off. You’re a lot more likely to keep them interested and make a sale if you get back to them while they’re in the mood to shop.

9.) Follow as many closets as you can every time you open the app

Do this. Really. Hit “Feed” and scroll down until you see “Follow more people to grow your shopping network”. Then follow all of the suggested users there. Scroll back up and hit “New People” and follow a bunch of them. Then go back and hit “Brands”. Find a brand that you have a lot of in your closet and follow as many people as you can stand in one sitting.

Do this regularly. Every day that you log into the app, if you can! People will follow you back and you’ll build up a following of people who have your items in their feed when they open their app. Poshmark isn’t like Instagram – it’s a lot easier to gain followers and users typically follow back. The more followers you have, the more sales you’ll get. And the best way to get followers is by following other people.

If you’ve made it through this, thanks for reading! Do you have any questions for me about selling on Poshmark? Let me help make this work for you!

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Not going to lie, I speak from experience when I say that keeping track of your Poshmark inventory is SO important. I’ve been known to lose an item or two at the beginning of selling online and there is nothing MORE frustrating that selling an item for $40 and then having to cancel that sale and lose money because you can’t find it.

Let’s not even talk about the hour and a half you spend looking for said item. Time and money people. I guarantee you keeping organized from the very beginning will save you time and money! Plus, time is money and all those cliche sayings so here we go.

If you’re starting to sell on Poshmark and feeling a little overwhelmed by it all, you’re not alone! Once you start listing more and more items it can get a little confusing trying to keep everything straight, find items you’ve sold and make sure that you’re making money.

I want to share with you some tips for keeping your Poshmark resale business organized.

Keep your inventory seperate

If you’re selling out of your house (most of us are) then you need to make sure you’re keeping your Poshmark inventory separate. Whether you have a special place in your closet where only inventory goes or you have a few storage bins out in the garage where you keep things safe, keep it separate!

Come up with an inventory tracking system

For our business we have bins of items that are lettered (Bin A, Bin B, etc) and in each bin we have plastic bags items go in that are numbered (A1, A2, etc). That way when we list something on Poshmark we can note in the description where that item is located and find it lightening fast.

If you only have 10 or 20 items you may not need to do this, but as you grow your resale business I recommend considering an official system. Even numbered hangers would work!

Plus once you have a system, you can start organizing your business digitally and track those inventory numbers in a spreadsheet.

Use a spreadsheet

It took me a long time to sit down and finally geek out long enough to create a spreadsheet. I wanted something that I could use to track all of the inventory I was buying and listing, but I also wanted to be able to keep track of my sales, how long stuff was taking to sell, what has sold, etc.

What you want to keep track of:

  • Inventory (ID, item info, cost, etc.)
  • Sales
  • Expenses/Cost of goods

I actually created the perfect spreadsheet for doing this and created a video to walk you through exactly how to use it.

>> Get the Reseller Dashboard and start getting your Poshmark business organized today! Use the code: POSH to get $6 off making it just $18!

You can totally do this on your own using something like Google Sheets or Excel, but if you want a shortcut I’m happy to share my Reseller Dashboard with you!

Selling on Poshmark has made me thousands of dollars, but keeping everything organized has made sure that I don’t spend more time than I need to on my business so I can enjoy life too 😉

How to sell clothes on poshmark

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How to sell clothes on poshmark

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How to sell clothes on poshmark

When it comes to making thoughtful ethical purchases, new is not always better! One of the best ways to shop ethically and sustainably is by shopping pre-loved clothes. cue Poshmark. With 700,000 sellers and over a million shoppers, the platform is bound to have the perfect clothing, shoes, and accessories for every style! It also offers an incredible opportunity for people to start a “side hustle” by selling clothing items straight from their closet.

Today we have a guest post by the lovely Poshmark expert and colorful fashion lover, Jessica of Sustainable Rainbow! One of the things I admire about Jessica is her success on Poshmark. She loves bright and colorful fashion, and Poshmark allows her to share that passion with others by reselling clothes that she no longer wears.

Jessica has been on the app for a LONG time, so she wrote 6 of her best poshmark tips if you are interested in getting started! For a more thorough review of how to sell and buy on poshmark, click the link at the bottom of the post.

To read my added updates since becoming a poshmark reseller two years ago, scroll to the bottom of this post.

6 Tips for Selling on Poshmark

1. Have great cover shots!

Clear, brightly lit photos that show the entire item helps it sell more quickly. If it’s a clothing item, it also helps to show you or someone else wearing it. Be sure to include a photo credit in the description of the original source (Google, Pinterest and Lyst are not sources) if you use a stock photo. Bonus points for including additional photos that show every part of the item/garment. This is important because If you include photos of every angle, buyers can’t say the item was not “as described”.

2. Make your descriptions count.

State any flaws/signs of wear in the item. People appreciate transparency, so in addition to showing photos of the flaws also state them. Include measurements of the item. For clothing, length/bust/waist are key. For jeans, add the rise measurement. Order a tape measure on Amazon or download a measuring app. Include the fabric content or show a photo of the care tags.

3. Share your items DAILY.

More than once a day is great, but try to share at least a handful of your items everyday and make sure every item gets shared at least once every few days. It will show up at the top of searches this way.

4. Share other people’s listings.

When I first started, I would find closets with more followers than me and frequently shared their items. They will occasional ly share back, which exposes you to lots of fresh eyes. It’s important to keep in mind that you only share items you actually like or fit with your style. If people know what to expect from your feed or closet they will keep coming back.

5. Don’t share or sell counterfeit, knockoff, or fake items.

The listings will get deleted and also, it’s illegal. Not worth it!

6. Add items to your closet frequently!

People will see at the top of their feed if you are adding new items (it’s indicated with a ring around your name at the top of the home page). Also, I’ve found that if I add new items weekly or every other week, I’ll get fresh eyes on my closet and will end up selling more (and not just the new items)!

We all like making money, and chances are there is something in your closet right now you can sell that you don’t even use.

That’s how Suzanne Canon @ scanon got started on Poshmark , an app that allows you to sell and buy new and used clothing and accessories.

Last year, she made $75,000 in profits and to date has made over $500,000 since she first started using the app in 2012. She sells clothes that she buys wholesale and even has some of her own designs that other people can purchase.

“We have 4 employees now, its like crazy busy right now,” Canon says.

She says the key to her success is consistency. She lists items every week and works more than 40 hours a week selling clothes on Poshmark .

How to sell clothes on poshmark


Take a picture of that dress you haven’t worn in years, or that purse that is in the back of your closet, add a description, set the price and wait for the item to sell. You can lower the price if it doesn’t sell right away, or wait for someone to make an offer.

“I take one day to take pictures, and that pretty much takes the whole work day,” Canon says.

The app is free to use, and the company takes a 20 percent cut on every item you sell. (But remember, this is stuff you don’t use anyway.)

The buyer pays for shipping and once you make a sale, you get a notification to print the label. There are no returns, but if something you purchased wasn’t accurately described or damaged you can file a complaint.

“They made it so easy for me,” Canon tells HER Magazine, “any complaints with shipping mishaps they take care of.”


Meosha Langston @ shopgirlchicago will “hunt all day and pay between $3 – $5” at thrift stores. She then sells what she finds for up to $165.

She also buys clothes from consignment stores that people have forgotten about.

Langston says, “I literally knocked on their doors and said do you have any extra clothes you can’t really use that I can buy from you in bulk?”

She also goes to warehouse sales and asks to get a sneak peak before the sale.

“I asked Neiman Marcus outlet if they had any clothing that was taken off the floor,” Langston says “the store manager said what they can do is give it to me for the final markdown which was 85%.”


Natalie Gomez @ costumebaldor lives in Manhattan and sells clothes on Poshmark . “I have made enough money to pay my bills and have extra money,” says Gomez. She is able to pay for rent, electric and cable bills and an occasional facial.

“I would say I work 60-80 hours,” Gomez says. That time is spent responding to customers, shipping packages, buying merchandise to sell, photographing and organizing her inventory.

She started out by buying one thing and testing to see what people like, but later got into selling wholesale jewelry on the app.

“I didn’t feel like I had to climb a mountain to make Posh work. I was able to make Posh work for me. It’s not without effort, but part of it was effortless,” Gomez says.


I’ve had success with the app. It’s not a full time job for me, but I like buying new clothes for work and not spending a fortune. I also enjoy giving items I no longer wear a new life in someone else’s closet.

  • Use natural lighting when you take your photos. Shoot as many angles as you can to give the buyer an accurate representation of what you are selling. Put it on a hanger, or lay it flat.
  • Be accurate in your description. If there is a flaw, stain or alteration… mention it.
  • Never decline an offer, always counter so the buyer has a chance to respond. (Even if it is a low ball offer.)
  • Share your items constantly, and connect with friends so you can all share each others stuff.
  • If you have an item listed for a long time and it hasn’t sold, post it again. Just because you have a lot of likes doesn’t mean the item will sell.
  • Wrap the item with tissue paper or any recycled materials and ship quickly. I always include a thank you note.
  • Have fun! I have met so many great women who sell clothes as an extra source of income. It’s always nice to hear what works for them and I enjoy sharing tips on what works for me.

Have you used Poshmark ? What has your experience been like? Have you ever thought about selling clothes online? Check out my Poshmark closet at @ alohaalex .

How to sell clothes on poshmark

What do you do with your old clothes when you’ve outgrown them (or whatever the version of outgrown is called where you lose a lot of weight and your clothes are all too baggy — ingrown?) or you’ve just gotten tired of them? If you are a generous soul, and/or just want those discards out of your hair, you probably donate them to a thrift store. If your clothes are high-end and in really nice shape, you can also try selling them at a consignment shop, or you could always sell them via one of the numerous online resellers out there.

The most poplar resale site, eBay, isn’t always the easiest place to sell your clothing since the listings tend to be crowded with inexpensive items drop-shipped from China. If you’re looking for a smaller, more exclusive market, and you have clothing, accessories, beauty products, or home goods to sell, you may wish to consider selling on Poshmark. Though you should be aware that the app is set up as a “social sales” venue and, according to the Poshmark blog, the way to make sales is to “stay . engaged with the Poshmark community [and be] a social bee on the app.” If you’re an introvert, this may not be for you.

If you still want to give it a go, though, we talked to Chelsea Mohrman, a Poshmark seller stylist, who says she’s made over $20,000 using the app, to get her advice for matching her huge profits.

Decide on your own aesthetic

How to sell clothes on poshmark

It’s important to create your own personal brand in order to be successful on Poshmark. Mohrman says that, since she’s an interior designer by trade, she focuses on Poshmark’s home goods market. She says that her Poshmark specialty is vintage home goods, so anyone shopping her closet will know it’s a place they’ll be able to find cool stuff like brass candlesticks or funky old retro phones (you know, the kind with actual dials). As she told us, “I think it’s important for sellers to have their own niche or style aesthetic. It helps to cultivate a customer base and better differentiate your closet.”

Take your best shot

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Mohrman says photography is really important when it comes to driving Poshmark sales. She suggests using a neutral, uncluttered setting as a backdrop, one with a lot of natural light. She takes her photos in a corner of her house and positions each item next to a houseplant. The reason for the plant being that it provides a frame of reference as well as “add[ing] a nice detail and . a pop of color.” She goes on to say that using the same backdrop for every photo will also help to give shoppers a better idea of how large the item is.

Needless to say, you should also level up your photography skills, or else find someone else who does know how to work magic with a cell phone camera, since, as Mohrman says, “Quality photos can really make your listings shine and increase your chances of finding a buyer.”

Take care with your shipping

How to sell clothes on poshmark

According to Mohrman, Poshmark’s shipping is “as easy as it gets.” Once an item sells, all you need to do is print out the prepaid, pre-addressed label that will be provided to you, then package the item and affix the label. She mentions the fact that USPS even offers free package pickup, and appreciates the fact that she doesn’t have to leave her house in order to get her orders out the door. One reminder Mohrman has when it comes to packaging is more of a tip on what types of items you might wish to offer for sale: She says that smaller, lighter items are easiest to handle, so advises avoiding anything that won’t fit into a box 14 x 18 inches or less.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see our full disclosure for more info.

If you sell on Poshmark you might be wondering, how does Poshmark pay you. That’s an important question and in this article, I’ll explain how getting paid on Poshmark works.

Once you ship the item and the buyer has received it, they will need to “accept” it within 3-days of receiving it. The item has been accepted, Poshmark releases the funds to your Poshmark account and you can then withdraw it.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Continue reading to find out how Poshmark sends you money, how long does it take Poshmark to pay you, and can Poshmark send money to PayPal.

How Does Poshmark Send You Money?

Once the buyer has bought the item you can ship it to them with the shipping label provided by Poshmark. After the buyer has received the item they will need to “accept” it within 3-days. (If they do not accept it after 3-days, Poshmark automatically marks it as “Accepted”.)

When the item is marked as accepted, Poshmark releases the funds to your Poshmark account and then you can withdraw it if you like. You can also keep it in your account as a credit to use towards future purchases.

If you would rather have the cash instead of keeping the balance in your account as a credit, you can request a payout. The two methods for receiving your money from sales on Poshmark are direct deposit or a check.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

How Long Does it Take Poshmark to Pay You?

It will take 3-days after you shipped the item to the buyer, then the buyer will have 3- days to accept the item, if the buyer does not receive the item in 3-days Poshmark will automatically send you the funds.

When it’s time to get the funds, you can choose either direct deposit or check to receive your Poshmark money.

Direct deposits take 2 to 3 business days and checks take 8 to 10 business days.

Can Poshmark Send Money to PayPal?

At this time there is no way to get your money from Poshmark to PayPal. The only payment methods for sellers that are currently offered is direct deposit and check.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Are you familiar with the Poshmark app? If not and you have closets full of clothes you don’t know what to do with, you need to check it out! I’ve been using Poshmark for over 4 years and have sold many pieces of clothing that I never worn or wore only a handful of times. It’s a great way to clear out your closet, or find great deals on new items at a fraction of the cost.

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is a community of people buying and selling clothing. The way it works is that you upload photos of items you want to sell into your virtual closet, then you share things from your closet regularly to gain more exposure (more on sharing later).

Poshmark makes it super simple to ship and collect payment from the sales. Once someone buys the item, a shipping label for it is automatically e-mailed to you. All you need to do is print it out and pack-up the item. You don’t need to worry about buying a label, figuring out weight or writing out the address to ship.

The buyer pays for the shipping so you don’t need to include the shipping cost into your selling price. There is 20% commission deducted from your sales, so do take that into consideration when pricing.

My Closet:

How to sell clothes on poshmark

What You Need to Know:

The only “con” I found about selling on Poshmark is the amount of time required to make sales. There are a few things that you need to continuously do to make sure your items are seen. Follows and shares are the basis of this app.

In order to stay visible on the feed and make sales, you need to have followers, and share …

Poshmark is a feed style app similar to Instagram where people see a feed of items for sale when they open it. In order to stay visible on the feed and make sales, you need to have followers, and share not just your own listings but other people’s listings as well. This took me a while to understand, but basically; if you share people’s listings, they will share your’s with their followers, the more your items are shared the more exposure it gets.

You DO need to be careful of buying more clothes on the app though! It’s way too tempting and easy to see something you like for a good price and purchase it. I have bought items from Poshmark, but I control myself to only buy the very exact things I’m looking for, like when I was searching for a Christmas sweater over the holidays, or a specific dress where I know the brand and color I want.

Deposit Your Earnings

A good practice is to cash out every few weeks or when you hit a certain amount of money. I usually redeem my balance after I have about 40+ dollars.

Redeeming your balance is very easy, it’s all done from a menu within the app. You simply request a direct deposit to your bank (this is my preference) or you can request a check to be mailed to you. There is a minimum limit to pay yourself out, so keep that in mind.

Main Tips for Selling on Poshmark:

  • Share generously
  • Follow and be followed
  • Take good photos
  • Good descriptions and be responsive to comments.

Ready to Get Started?

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices in the app store. All you need to do is download and install i. Then create your account and start listing items.
If you decide to give Poshmark a try, use my Invite code: CIELNITESHADE when you sign up and you will receive a $5 credit to your closet.

This was just a quick summary of how Poshmark works to get you started. I could go on about leaving comments and ratings on items, boutiques, purchasing items wholesale and bundling! If you want me to create another post of these more advanced topics let me know in the comments!

Also comment your Poshmark username below so I can look up your closet! Check out some items from my closet here on the blog or follow me on Poshmark!

Clear out your closet while padding your bank account.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

General life announcement: You can sell your old and unused clothes online and make some pretty decent cash. I mean, there are even people out here turning the clothing-resell biz into a full-time job! But if your closet is overwhelmingly full of, like, Revolve dresses you only wore a couple times or pairs of pants that don’t fit but you missed the return window, you can recoup some of the losses (and even get yourself in the green!) by signing up for a resell program. Better that a stranger gets some love out of your unused pieces than them taking up valuable wardrobe space, right?

Below are all the things you need to know about how to sell your clothes online and all the tips and tricks that’ll guarantee some super quick sales. Now go forth and earn those dollars.

Gather up all the items you want to get rid of.

Purge your dresser and/or closet of all the things that have been sitting and collecting dust. And, as Marie Kondo would suggest, be honest with yourself as to whether you’ll actually wear it. Once it’s all in a pile you can move onto the next step of cataloging each piece—i.e., pricing everything and providing a detailed description.

Start snapping those pics.

Some resell apps let you take photos in the platform, but if you just want to start photographing away, go for it! Poshmark seller Candice Villano recommends using the same background and configuration for each picture so everything looks consistent when you upload it onto your seller page. You can chose to wear the pieces yourself so shoppers can see what it looks like on or you can also take photos of the pieces flat on the floor or hanging. Another tip: If it’s a relatively recent item, you might be able to find the shopping link and use the e-commerce images. If you do this though, it’s still best to document your item as shoppers typically ask to see the actual piece you’re selling.

Any wrinkles should be smoothed out and if there are any issues with your previously worn pieces like snags, small holes, or pilling be sure to take pictures of those so you’re transparent about the quality. If something is *really* worn and beyond repair, it’s prob best to donate it or drop it off at a fabric recycling center.

The Main Resell Players

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Best for vintage finds, ’90s vibes.

The platform has 10+ million(!) users. Prices are v, v accessible—$10 graphic tees, $30 or less for Wrangler jeans.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Best for J.Crew blazers, Gucci purses, and everything in between.

Instead of pricing things yourself, you can mail in anything you want to sell in bulk and Thredup does the work for you. Great if you’re lazy, not so much if you like control.

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Best for brands like Adidas, Madewell, and Anthropologie.

Clothes and accessories are the biggest categories, but you can also sell makeup and home goods on here. The range!

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Best for luxury items, special designer pieces, rare finds.

The clothes can obvi be costly, but sellers earn up to 85 percent for each sale. so you can make bank and give that retro Chanel bag new life.

Choose your app slash website.

There are SO many out there! But be sure to read into how they work before putting effort into it. For example, some sites like The RealReal and ThredUP will require you to ship items for inspection, and then they’ll take care of the images for you. (Nice, huh?!) But usually, most will have you do the heavy lifting up front. The plus of this though is that you’ll have more control over the pricing, the execution, and the look of your page. See the list below for all the resell sites to take advantage of:

Just keep in mind that many of these sites do take a commission from each sale, so be prepared that you won’t get 100 percent of the money you’re selling it for. (These companies gotta make some dough too you know!)

Start listing.

Upload each item and be as specific as possible. Mention if you wore it only twice or if it’s NWT. (That’s “new with tags,” btw.) Measurements help if you know them, like the length of a dress hem or the length from shoulder to shoulder, and list the materials too. Add your pricing (if you do have control over it), but if you want some help with what number to start it, look at some other pieces from the same brand that other people are selling. That’ll give you a ballpark figure.

Ship that ish out.

You made a sale! Congrats. Once that happens, sites usually send you a shipping label, but you’ll have to take care of boxing the item(s) up carefully before sending out to the buyer. Pro tip: I go around my neighborhood and look for cardboard boxes that people throw in recycling. You’ll save money on supplies and get rid of your neighbors unwanted boxes. A win win! Once it’s taped up with the label attached, drop it off where it specifies, whether that be in a mail box or at a UPS store.

Stay in touch with your buyer.

You definitely want to be OVER-communicative. If you’re a little late with shipping it out, let them know! If there’s a USPS delay (as there often is), also let them know! It typically takes a couple days or more for it to be delivered, depending on where you’re both located and what carrier you use. And even if you’re notified that it’s been delivered, check in with them to make them aware and ask if they’ve received. The customer service element really helps make one-time buyers repeat ones, trust me.

You can also engage with buyers to negotiate prices and answer any other questions they might have.

Get that cash.

Poshmark allows you to link your bank account so you can get direct deposits for your sales, but other sites may use PayPal or will mail you a check. You can find out the payment process on each resell app’s website. And once you do receive your hard-earned dollars, you’ll want to sell even more of your clothes bc it’s a pretty dang satisfying feeling.

January 13, 2022

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Did you see our virtual programming email blast? If you did not receive it in your inbox, you can click here to view it. I will be hosting one of the virtual programs titled “The Poshmark App: Sell Your Clothing Online!” which will take place on Tuesday, August 18, 2020 from 6:30-8:00 pm. In order to have access to the virtual meeting room, you need to register for the program on our website.

Poshmark is an online marketplace that allows you to sell clothing and household items. My sister encouraged me to try it since we often swapped unwanted clothing with each other. It requires a little bit of set-up, but after doing all of the initial work it is very easy to use. It is important to note that you will need a smartphone and be a little computer savvy to get started. Download the app from the app store on your phone and follow the prompts to create your online profile.

To sell your item, it will require you to post pictures of the item and fill out the description, which includes brand, size, and color. The more descriptive you are, the better! Customers will feel more comfortable if they know more about the item you are selling. Poshmark allows you to price the item as you wish, however they take 20% commission. This really does not bother me because the items I sell, I no longer want in my home! The buyer also pays for the shipping costs, and Poshmark will tell you upfront how much you will earn.

Shipping to the customer is incredibly easy. Poshmark sends you a United States Postal Service mailing label that is valid for 5lbs, which basically mails everything. You can use the free “priority mail” boxes available at the post office or any other box you have. Customers can chose to “buy now” or they can offer you a price.

One of the most important factors with selling your item is to “follow” other Poshmark users. If you do not follow anyone that means that no one will see your clothes. My strategy is to follow users that are new and to follow users that are the same size as the clothes I am selling. You are not going to make millions off of Poshmark, but you will make a few hundred and most importantly get rid of clothes that are taking up room in your closet!

One of the most commonly asked questions I see people ask is how do I make more sales on Poshmark?

People want to make good money on Poshmark and they are desperately looking for some way to get out of that burnt-out 9 to 5 job.

I was one of them when I started selling on Poshmark last year. I felt like my blog had tanked and I just needed a way to make more money.

When I first started my journey on Poshmark, I had no idea what I was doing. I couldn’t make any sales and I was practically giving things away.

Then I started researching and through trial and error I finally found a way to make good money on Poshmark. That’s why today I’m sharing everything you can do to make major sales and even offering a free Poshmark sales tracker at the end of this post!

5 Tips to Make More Sales on Poshmark

What’s in This Post

How to sell clothes on poshmark

Take Better Photos

There are many reasons your Poshmark closet isn’t selling (I detail 4 reasons here) but one of biggest reasons (& easiest to change) is the fact that you’re not taking advantage of photos. Poshmark currently allows users 16 photo slots for photos of your item, and it is essential that you start using every single-slot – when possible.

The lack of photos will drive potential customers away! Since customers can’t see your item in real life, they need to be able to see it in every angle online. Without photos, many customers may feel skeptical purchasing from your closet, and you leave yourself room for potential returns.

If you are unsure of how to take better photos for your Poshmark closet, I suggest purchasing a manikin (I have a cheap one from Amazon) and using a good, clean background with good lighting. While this may sound like a bit of an expense, it will eventually pay for itself in sales.

Follow More People

Poshmark makes it very easy to gain followers. All you have to do is follow others, and 90% of the time, you’ll get a ton of followers in return. Unfortunately, many people still don’t utilize the following feature. Though it took me a while to see the importance of it, when I finally started to do it, I gained over 20k followers in just a few days! It’s so easy to do!

Now, you may be wondering, why do I need to follow other closets? Well, the answer is very simple by following other closets new people will follow you, in return getting your closet in front of potential buyers. Lots of sellers buy more than they sell, so this is a very good technique. Plus, other sellers who may not buy your items, may share your items to their followers and you raise your chances of a sale.

Share Your Closet 2-3 Times Daily

I have heard so many conflicting comments about Poshmark’s sharing feature, so I’m going to share what I found worked. As you know, Poshmark encourages its users to share other’s closets. This can be extremely tiring and it can cause a major case of burnout, real fast.

I recently stopped sharing other’s closets and in return, I spend more time in my closet. That means I share my closet 2 to 3 times a day, as opposed to sharing someone else’s closet. While this may not seem like good Poshmark etiquette, I have found the most important way to get sales is by focusing solely on your closet. While the Poshmark algorithm may eventually punish users who don’t share, I haven’t noticed any negative effects by focusing on my closet more than others. But just in case, I sometimes will still share other closets in hopes they share mine, I just no longer put a lot of time and effort into it.

Keep Track of What’s In Style

Everything sales, just somethings take a little more time. BUT, whenever you’re trying to make more sales on Poshmark, it is VERY important you keep track of what’s in style. By keeping track of ‘trending’ styles, you can add tags to your Poshmark listings and get them seen by users who may be searching for that specific phrase.

For instance, leopard print styles started to trend on Poshmark whenever Tiger King took off on Netflix. It got so popular that there were tons of styles tagged with Carol Baskin and Tiger King. More recently, the phrase ‘grandma cottage’ took off on Poshmark and old, vintage styles started to sale. While there are no simple ways to keep track of what’s in style the ways are to join Poshmark groups on Facebook, read magazines, and notice what others are wearing.

Get Social

Lastly, one of the best ways to get your items out there is to get social with them. Though you don’t have to go crazy with it, starting an Instagram and just posting new clothes to it can do wonders. Here is one I’ve made –

As you can see I haven’t done much with it, but it has brought me a few buyers.

I hope this post helps you to start bringing in more sales! As promised, here is the LINK to a FREE Poshmark Sales Tracker.

Haven’t signed up for Poshmark yet? Sign up with code CRYSTALCARDER and get $10!