How to sell your car in oregon

When selling a car in Oregon, you’ll need to provide certain documents to the buyer so they can have the car transferred to their name. This page outlines all the documents you need to ensure a successful and worry-free transaction.

If you need help with the initial process of selling your car, see our helpful guide.

How to Sell a Car in Oregon

To complete the sale with a buyer, you’ll need to complete some documentation and also notify the OR Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division (DMV).

  • Certificate of title: You will need to sign off on the vehicle’s certificate of title and give it to the buyer. If there are other owners listed on the front of the title, they must also provide a signature. The buyer must sign it too in the designated spot. (Older titles might have you sign as the “registered owner” versus the “new owner,” rather than as the “seller” and the “buyer.”)
  • Odometer disclosure: Using either the appropriate space on the back of the title certificate or a Secure Odometer Disclosure (Form 735-403). You will need to call the Oregon Auto Dealers Association (OADA) at (503) 233-5044 to request this form, as you cannot request it from the DMV..
    • This disclosure is not required for certain vehicles, including cars manufactured without an odometer or vehicles that are 10 years old or older when the DMV receives the application for title. Check out the full list of exempt vehicles at the DMV website.
    • Make and model of the car.
    • Sale date.
    • Buyer’s details.

    You, as the seller, must notify the Oregon DMV of the sale within 10 days of the transfer of ownership. You can either do this online or by mail (see “Notice of Vehicle Sale in Oregon” below).

    Notice of Vehicle Sale in Oregon

    Once you’ve sold your car, you need to inform the Oregon DMV so you’re not liable for any charges associated with the vehicle in the future. The buyer will take care of registering and titling the car in their own name.

    You can notify the OR Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division either by mail or online.

      By mail: Send a completed Notice of Sale or Transfer of a Vehicle (Form 735-6890) to:

        DMV Headquarters
        1905 Lana Avenue NE
        Salem, OR 97314

      Lost or Stolen OR Certificate of Title

      If the title certificate for the vehicle you’re selling in Oregon is lost, damaged, or destroyed, you can request a duplicate from the OR DMV. To do so, you’ll complete the Application for Replacement Title (Form 735-515) and submit it to the Oregon DMV.

      Every official owner of the vehicle has to sign the application. You will also need to pay a $98 to $187 fee for a replacement title.

      How to sell your car in oregon

      When you’re selling a car, it’s always better to do it yourself—because you’ll get a lot more money than trading or selling it to a dealer.

      It can be a little hard to know where to start, and laws are different in each state, so we’ve created this guide to make it easy to understand what you need to do if you’re selling a car in Oregon.

      Here’s what you need:

      How to sell your car in oregon

      Certificate of title – also known as the “pink slip.” It’s the certificate that proves you own the car.
      Odometer disclosure – there’s a space for this on the back of the certificate of title, or you can request a Secure Odometer Disclosure Form (form 735-403) from the Oregon Auto Dealers Association (OADA) at (800) 766-6232. The form isn’t required for cars that are 10 or more years old when DMV receives the application for title.
      Notify the DMV within 10 days – Do this by mailing a completed Notice of Transfer or Sale of a vehicle form (form 735-6890) to the DMV at:

      Oregon DMV
      1905 Lana Avenue NE
      Salem, OR 97314

      License Plates

      It’s up to you whether you want to transfer the plates to the new owner, or keep them (to transfer to your next car.) If you don’t choose to do either of those things, the state requires that you destroy the plates.

      Other things to consider

      You’ll want to be extra careful when you’re filling out the title—or any other DMV-issued documents—because any errors or scratch-outs will mean you have to fill out a lot of additional paperwork.

      Also keep in mind that the title—even though it’s just a piece of paper—is extremely important. If it’s stolen, someone could sign ownership of your car over to themselves or someone else. It’s a good idea to keep it in a safe place—not with you or in the car—until you’re absolutely ready to sign ownership of the car over to your buyer.

      If you and the seller don’t go to the DMV together to formally file the paperwork, take pictures of the signed title, so that you have a record of it. It’s also a good idea to submit the Notice of Transfer or Sale online, rather than mailing it, to prevent it from getting lost. Simply print the confirmation when you’re done, so you have proof that you filed the transfer.

      Getting ready to sell your car

      How to sell your car in oregon

      Aside from the documentation and transfer process required by the state, there are some other things that can be helpful to consider when you’re preparing to sell your car—things that can help you be more informed and help you sell your car more quickly.

      One of the first things to consider when you decide to list your car for sale is how much to ask for it. This guide covers some of the important factors you’ll want to consider for pricing, as well as some things you can do to make your car most appealing to buyers.

      If you decide you want more help with selling a used car in Oregon, you can also consider using a service such as TRED. When you use TRED to sell a car, you have full support from start to finish, you can sell for your car for an average of 30% more than you would get for it from a dealer, and you never have to set foot in the DMV—among many other benefits. TRED can also help you sell your leased or financed car!

      Oregon has state-specific rules for selling a used car. This guide will help make the process easy.

      Step 1 – Gather Documents

      Certificate of Title

      Complete the title transfer section on the back of the title.

      • Buyer name and address.
      • Selling price.
      • Date of sale.
      • Odometer reading.
      • Buyer’s signature.
      • Your signature.

      You can’t sell a car in Oregon if there’s a lien on the title. Pay off any loan before you sell.

      Bill of Sale

      Oregon doesn’t require a bill of sale. It’s still a good idea to give one to the buyer and keep a copy. It could help if any tax or legal issues come up.

      When you sell with PrivateAuto, you get an electronic bill of sale and state-specific documents you need. You can fill them out and sign right in the app.

      Vehicle History Report

      Show your customer that you’re a trustworthy seller. A vehicle history report can show your car’s true value. PrivateAuto recommends AutoCheck, the best value for the money.

      Step 2 – Arrange a Test Drive

      Skip the eternal back-and-forth texts and phone calls when planning a test drive. Use PrivateAuto’s test drive scheduler.

      Just choose a place to meet your buyer and select days and times you’re available.

      Step 3 – Complete the Sale

      Remove the license plates before concluding the sale.

      Use The Oregon DMV2U website to report the sale within 10 days. The buyer will need to apply for a new title and register the car.


      PrivateAuto makes it easy to sell your car to a private party. You get dealer-like services without the dealer.

      If selling your vehicle has not been quick or easy, consider Oregon Roads.

      For your convenience we keep it simple.

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      How to sell your car in oregon

      We’ll look it over

      How to sell your car in oregon

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      How to sell your car in oregon

      You think it over

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        – find information from the Oregon DMV on vehicle registration renewals, drivers license online services and title information. – Information you need to report the sale or transfer of your vehicle. – This website discusses the environmental and public hazards of junk cars left on property and not properly disposed of. – This humorous, albeit somewhat older, article plays fun at what the community in Ogden, Iowa did years ago to address the problem of junk cars. – Princeton University alumni Sean Friar is a composer who uses junk car parts to make music. This fascinating piece presents an unusual, yet effective, way that a person uses old car parts. – This Lending Tree article discusses what needs to be done to sell a car privately instead of trading it in at the dealer. – Here is a sample Bill of Sale that can be used when selling the junk car to an online junk car buyer.


      Can you have a gun in your car in Oregon, if you don’t have a Concealed Handgun License (CHL)? Yes, but there are requirements for transporting a firearm in the interior passenger compartment of a vehicle in Oregon.

      How to sell your car in oregon

      Oregon Law On Guns In Cars

      Blackletter Oregon law on firearms in vehicles is codified in ORS 166.250. The statute is titled “Unlawful Possession of Firearms” and it covers much more than just firearms in vehicles. But, in relevant part, it reads:

      [a] person commits the crime of unlawful possession of a firearm if the person knowingly… [p]ossesses a handgun that is concealed and readily accessible to the person within any vehicle.”

      An exception is made for people who have a concealed handgun license under ORS 166.291.

      Driving And Keeping A Gun In The Car With An Oregon CHL

      Certainly the best and easiest thing to do if you plan on driving in Oregon with a firearm in the car is to get an Oregon Concealed Handgun License (CHL). This allows you to carry a loaded handgun or other firearm in your vehicle and to keep it concealed so as to not attract unwanted attention or alarm. But what if you are ineligible for an Oregon CHL due to a prior criminal conviction or lack of residence in Oregon?

      Transporting A Firearm In A Vehicle In Oregon Without A CHL

      The easiest thing to do if you want to transport a loaded handgun in Oregon in the interior passenger compartment of a vehicle if you don’t have an Oregon CHL, is to buy a SnapSafe handgun box or something similar. Oregon law specifically requires that you keep your firearm in a locked box. Technically, you could store the firearm in your glove box or a center console, provided that either storage compartment is keyed and the key was removed from the storage container. However, any officer pulling you over for speeding or an equipment violation is probably going to get very nervous and alarmed if you pop open a glove box or center console to get your vehicle registration and proof of insurance, and there is a firearm present. It’d be best practice to keep the firearm separate from vehicle paperwork.

      Not only are the SnapSnafe boxes good for transporting firearms in vehicles, but they can also be used for safely storing firearms at home, or for transporting unloaded handguns during air travel (provided that you otherwise comply with all the FAA and TSA rules.

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      Wondering how to sign your OR title or how to transfer your OR title? We’re not exaggerating when we say that we’re the easiest way to sell a car. Follow the easy steps to with pictures to show you exactly How to Sign Your Title in Oregon.

      You need the certificate of title. If it’s lost or damaged, apply for a duplicate title.

      Step 1. Check for a Clear Title

      If the owner has a car loan, the title will have a lien. The owner needs to pay it off and have the lien holder sign the release of interest on the title.

      Step 2. Complete the Title Reassignment Section

      The owner needs to sign the title over to the buyer or transferee.

      • Date of transfer
      • Buyer printed name
      • Buyer address
      • Odometer disclosure
      • Seller printed name and signature

      The buyer’s printed name appears again along with the signature.

      Step3. Complete and Submit Additional Documents

      Other paperwork you need includes:

      • Bill of Sale (Form 735-501)
      • Statement of Lien Satisfaction (Form 735-524), if applicable
      • Inheritance Affidavit (Form 735-516), if applicable (Letter of Testamentary if estate is probated)

      Step 4. Apply for a New Certificate of Title

      Submit the Application for Title and Registration (Form 735-226) to the DMV office.

      Step 5. Pay Transfer Fees.

      • Title transfer fees – $98 to $187
      • Late fees if more than 30 days after the sale
      • $25 if 31 to 60 days late
      • $50 if 61 days or more


      To transfer a certificate of title in Oregon, you need to

      • Complete the title reassignment on the back of the certificate
      • Apply for a new title

      You may need other forms, depending on your circumstances.

      When you buy or sell a used car with PrivateAuto, you get electronic state-specific documents you can sign straight from the platform.