How to style curly hair for volume

How to style curly hair for volume

Today’s tutorial is how to restyle curly hair fast – and you don’t have to wet your hair. It’s super fast, it works perfectly every time, and I’m going to share all of my curl secrets with you.

Waking up with great curls is rare and so many tutorials want you to start from scratch and wash your hair to refresh your curls.

This is my cheat dry styling routine that I use to get great volume in my curls on the second, third (or maybe even fourth!) day. In fact, I find if I follow these steps on the second day, my curls last and look good for much longer.

How to restyle curly hair fast and get mega volume – Video tutorial

How to restyle curly hair without washing it

How to style curly hair for volume

Step 1 – Dry shampoo

Yes, you know how much I love dry shampoo. I’m pretty much addicted to it here on Hair Romance – and for good reason. It’s my time-saving hair saviour that helps me to space out how often wash my hair.

But more than that, I love the volume and texture that dry shampoo gives my hair. I often even use it in clean hair because it gives that beautiful lift at the roots without feeling heavy in my hair. I usually get Batiste Tropical but the new Rose Gold scent is my current favourite.

If you’re not convinced with dry shampoo, it could be because you’re not getting the most out of it. Here’s my video on how to use dry shampoo.

How to style curly hair for volume

Step 2 – Fix those squashed curls

Use a curling wand to add a little more shape and definition across the top layer of your hair. You only need to do maybe 10 to 12 curls (it really depends on your hair), but it gives the whole style a lift and makes it look like you’ve completely redone your hair.

The trick is to find a small curling wand around about the same size as your curls. This way it matches, blends in naturally and looks just like the rest of your curls but with more definition.

For dry styling, I love the Batiste Heat and Shine Spray. It adds a beautiful gloss to my hair – and we know how hard it is to get curly hair to look shiny. This spray is magic in a bottle for curls. And on straight hair you get incredible mirror shine.

The Heat and Shine Spray adds a little bit of extra protection so that I can curl my hair without worrying about damage. As always let your hair cool completely before giving it a final shake out.

How to style curly hair for volume

Step 3 – Zigzag your part

Instead of having a straight part line in your hair, move your curls around to create a zigzag part. It gives the illusion of more volume on top of your head where your curls can often lay flat.

Step 4 – Tame your ends

If the ends of my curls are still looking a bit frizzy, or if my hair feels dry, I’ll add a couple of drops of hair oil.

If you have more static and flyaways, the Batiste Frizz Tamer Spray is light, but provides great hold.

How to style curly hair for volume

Step 5 – Pump up the volume

Now for some really big hair. The Batiste XXL Volume Spray is amazing. If you love dry shampoo for the volume, then you need to get the XXL as well. The new formula is made with keratin and Inca Inchi oil and is the best. I do a little spritz of this around the crown of my head and on the sides where my hair tends to lay flat. Give it a minute to work its magic and then shake out your hair for mega volume for days.

After I’ve styled my hair like this, I get another three days out of these curls – seriously, it works wonders.

This curling routine only takes around five to ten minutes all up. Plus it means that I don’t need to worry about the weather or how I’m going to dry my hair during the day – or how it’ll decide to dry for that matter.

For once I’m in control of my curls!

How to style curly hair for volume

Dry styling saves me so much time. Having these Batiste products in the cupboard is a real lifesaver for me. Unlike styling wet hair, I know I will get the exact result I want every time.

I don’t think I could ever get my hair big enough – so tell me, do you love big hair? And have you tried Batiste’s new XXL Volume Spray?

Curly hair is beautiful, but it does require a bit more work to style. Although they generally have more volume than straight hair, they do get squashed during sleep. Though there are quite a few guides on how to restyle your locks, most of them recommend washing, which takes significantly more time.

Styling without Washing

Here are some steps you can use to quickly prepare those curls without needing to get your hair wet. This is perfect for busy or lazy mornings; it will definitely need less work but you can still achieve a great look afterward. This dry styling technique for curly hair is also perfect for the second or third day after washing your hair.

How to style curly hair for volume

1. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is one of the best products out there, absorbing not just that excess oil, but also all that grease and dirt. All of these advantages without the need for getting your hair wet. You can save lots of time and it is also perfect during cooler days.

Beyond that, dry shampoo gives curly hair great volume and texture. So if you are looking for a way to restyle curly hair without spending time washing it, grab your favorite dry shampoo instead.

How to style curly hair for volume

2. Fix Squashed Curls

Curls that look dull and squashed can be quickly fixed with the use of a curling wand. You can also get a nice shape and more definition this way. You would not need to do the whole head of hair, about 10 to 12 curls should also be enough, but it will already give your hairstyle a lift and will look redone.

The important thing is to find a small curling wand that has the same size as your own curls. Therefore, it will match and blend naturally with your hair, simply with a bit more definition. You may also use a spray to make your curls look a bit glossier. Moreover, these types of sprays also provide extra protection from damage while curling. Make sure to dry your hair completely afterward.

3. Create Zigzag Parts

Another simple trick is to change that straight part line of your hair. To add instant fluff and volume, opt for a zigzag part. It will give an illusion of voluminous curls especially at the top of your head, where the curls are normally lying flat.

4. Tame the Ends of Your Curls

At times, the ends will still look a bit frizzy. This happens especially when the hair is dry. To remedy this, you can add some drops of hair oil. If the ends of your curls have flyaways or static, use a tamer spray that will have a great hold to last the whole day.

5. Volumize With The Right Spray

If you still are unhappy with the volume, then opt for some volume spray. Use it on the top of the head and where the hair stays flat. Let it work on your hair then shake to achieve extra volume that will last for days.

This technique will keep your hair styled and full of volume for at least 3 more days, which is amazing given that the whole routine lasts only 15 minutes, maximum.

How to style curly hair for volume

Washing and Styling Curly Hair

However, if you prefer to wash your hair then make sure you use some of these products directly after to achieve wonderful and bouncy curls.

A leave-in conditioner will provide moisture and prevent it from frizzing. When it is well moisturized, it will lie flat, so keep doing it until nothing sticks out.

A curl activator will “wake up” those curls and in turn will help you achieve more volume. This product normally has the same properties as sea salt, which is why hair normally is curlier after swimming at sea. Scrunching hair and finger curling it will help you achieve more curls as well.

Another product you cannot live without is a light hold gel. This helps you achieve some definition, just make sure you flip your head upside down while applying in order to achieve volume.

See to it that when blow drying your hair, you use a diffuser always. This will create more curls and give you volume, so long as you blow dry with the diffuser pressing up against your head, not holding it far away. Do not dry it all the way because it will get frizzy.

The last step to preparing your hair before stepping out is to simply fluff them out. You can achieve some last minute volume this way.


This guide gives you 2 different ways to achieve beautiful curls or waves with or without washing it. After all, you can save a lot of time by not getting your hair wet every day, and still be able to achieve the look you want. So show off those gorgeous curls without spending hours on them.

For many curly-haired gals, there can be such a thing as too voluminous, and the desire to find a way to reduce volume in curly hair. There are a myriad of preferences when it comes to styling curly hair: Some like their curls big, whereas others might like when their curls are more low-key. For the latter, many women with curls find it quite challenging to reduce volume in curly hair since ringlets oftentimes do anything but lay flat. They might have their routine down to a science when it comes to volume, but minimizing volume can be a tough one!

So, how does one get her curly hair styled the way she wants it, with the desired volume? It may take a few techniques, but it can be done.

How to Reduce Volume in Curly Hair

1. Try not to concentrate the product at your roots.

How to style curly hair for volume

Instead of lifting the ends of your curls, place your diffuser at your roots to dry hair flat. This will help reduce volume in curly hair.

Volume in curly hair (and all other hair types) begins at the roots. When applying a styling product to your hair, focus more on the mid-shaft and ends of your curls. Alternatively, try a gel that provides a great hold like Dove Amplified Textures Shine & Moisture Finishing Gel. To style, simply smooth gel onto damp hair and mold your curls into the shape you prefer, then let dry.

Dove Amplified Textures Shine & Moisture Finishing Gel

2. Blowdry or diffuse hair downward.

How to style curly hair for volume

Don’t forget the cool setting on your diffuser!

If you plan on using a hairdryer, consider drying hair downward. Your usual blow-drying or diffusing routine for styling your wash and go hairstyle may involve placing the ends of your curls onto the attachment, and then drying upward. This works against being able to reduce volume in curly hair as this method helps add volume. Opt for drying your hair downward instead, but make sure you also focus on drying your roots down flat—this technique will help smooth your curls down since you’re drying your hair in the direction you want it to fall.

3. Use your cool setting on your blow dryer.

How to style curly hair for volume

Curls blossom in a bob.

After washing your hair, apply a leave-in conditioner that guards against heat, like Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Heat Defense Leave-In Conditioner, then blow-dry or diffuse your hair with medium to high heat. Once you’re done drying, give your curls a blast of cool air to close the hair cuticle as this can also help prevent frizz later on. The cool setting also helps set your style, so don’t forget to lock in your smoother, less voluminous style. Check out these other products that act as a keratin smoothing treatment.

Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Heat Defense Leave-In Conditioner

4. Skip the fluffing.

How to style curly hair for volume

Resist the urge to fluff your hair! Photo credit: Arianna Sharfman

We all love to give our hair a little fluff (or a zhuzsh) at the roots after styling. Take this fluffing of your roots (which we usually do with our hands or an afro pick) out of your styling routine. Instead, smooth hair down with your hands with a serum or styling oil like Emerge Glow Off Oil Serum.

Emerge Glow Off Oil Serum

5. Use a shampoo and conditioner that moisturizes.

Glossy, frizz-free hair can benefit from a keratin treatment for curly hair.

Frizz can be another reason why you’re probably having a hard time taming volume. If you’re one to skip styling products such as gels and hair wax after a hair wash, consider changing your shampoo and conditioner. Opt for a wash and care system that helps control frizz and fights against humidity like SheaMoisture Papaya & Neroli All Day Frizz Control Shampoo and Conditioner.

SheaMoisture Papaya & Neroli All Day Frizz Control Shampoo

SheaMoisture Papaya & Neroli All Day Frizz Control Conditioner

Try any of these top tips to reduce volume in curly for a new kind of style. These tips are perfect for calming your curls for a smoother, less voluminous look. Happy styling!

When most curly girls begin their hair journey, it seems their most coveted goal is to achieve perfect, frizz-free curls.

But these days we don’t just want super-defined kinks, curls, and waves… WE WANT VOLUME!

The question is, is there a way to rock big, bouncy hair without inviting major frizz?? We’ve got some awesome tricks and tips below.

The longer your curls are, the heavier they get. This stretches your hair, making your curl pattern appear looser and flatter. If your hair texture is on the finer side, this extra weight can also create a lot of separation between your natural clumps and sections, exposing a lot of your scalp and making the hair appear thin.

A good haircut can help encourage a lot of volume by taking off all that extra weight and creating natural lift. If you’re worried about losing length or finding the right shape for your hair type, communicate your concerns with your stylist . They’ll be able to give expert advice based on what you want and what’s best for your curls.

While air-drying is great for the health of your hair, it doesn’t always help with volume. Wet strands are seriously weighed down by moisture, which is why your roots appear flat even once your curls dry completely.

Diffusing your hair not only cuts down on drying time but helps to set your hair and keep it looking defined – while also adding volume. The trick here is all in the technique. Tilt your head sideways at a 45-degree angle so that your curls are lifted off your scalp. Hold that position while diffusing, angling the dryer up towards your scalp.

When focusing on drying your roots, push the diffuser against your hair and lift upwards. This will help to unstick any hair matted on your scalp and give your roots added volume as they dry.

Some products just don’t do your curls justice. Heavy creams and gels provide lots of definition, but they can also leave your strands heavy and stretched out, robbing you of volume. And sometimes it’s not just your stylers, but your shampoo and conditioners, too.

Unfortunately, many hair products are packed with harmful ingredients, like silicones, that cause build-up over time and weigh down your strands. This is especially true for products that are meant to give you a lot of hold, as they often contain adhesive-like ingredients that bind and clump your strands together. The trouble with these is that they leave behind build-up and residue, even after washing. Which brings us to our next tip.

Clarifying is like pressing the reset button on your hair. This type of deep cleaning gives both your strands and your scalp a fresh start, because it lifts any dirt and residual product from your hair. As a result, you’ll find that your curls feel lighter, they look more lifted, and your styling products work more effectively.

Root Clipping

This technique is great for anyone with thin hair and/or loose curls. First thing you gotta do is make sure you have the right clips on hand. Duckbill clips will be the easiest to use without frizzing up your hair. If you prefer to diffuse after styling, we recommend using plastic rather than metal clips to avoid getting them too hot during the drying process.

To use them, all you gotta do is wash and condition your hair as you normally would. Once you’re finished, while your hair is still wet, you can start clipping your roots. Start by grabbing a small section of curls at the roots, lift it upwards and clip close to the scalp. Try focusing on the sections around your crown and surrounding your face. Once you’ve finished placing all the clips, allow your curls to dry and set before removing the clips.

This might just be the most fun way to get your curls as big as they can get! It’s also best to do this only when your hair is already completely dry to avoid creating frizz instead of volume.

The shake method is pretty easy. Just spread your fingers apart and slide your fingertips into your roots and along your scalp, and give them a little shake. This will help to lift your hair off of your scalp and separate curls for that extra oomph.

Fluffing is great for those with tighter curls or thicker strands who normally don’t struggle with achieving volume but may still want the hair even BIGGER. All you need is a wide-tooth comb or a pick.

Now here’s the funny part, ever heard of backcombing? It’s a technique used on straight hair to achieve volume by using a fine-tooth comb to brush the hair upwards towards the roots. Surprisingly, the exact opposite technique is what works for curly girls.

To fluff out your curls, slip the wide-tooth comb into your roots and gently pull outwards (you’re not trying to comb all the way through). This technique not only lifts your hair off the scalp but creates maximum volume by combing out the roots. Think of how big your hair gets when you brush it out, now imagine that without all the frizz that goes with it.

Check out this video from @curlswithcoral to see her style with the Kinky-Coily All-In-One and use both the shake and fluff method to achieve crazyyy volume! 😍

We hope these tips and tricks help you achieve the volume you’ve always dreamed of. Have you got some awesome techniques of your own? Comment and share below! 👇🏽

How to style curly hair for volume

Knowing how to style and take care of curly hair is a key part of natural hair care. Depending on your curl type, you might have to adjust your method for defining your curls. For example, if you have a tighter curl pattern, you might try out twist-outs, braid-outs, or no-heat hair curling tools. The wash and go method is perfect for tighter patterned hair as well. However, if you have type 2 curls or wavy hair, we have a must-try hair method for you: scrunching.

Scrunching is the best way to get defined curls on curly and wavy hair and it’s easy to do. This method is perfect for frizz-free, defined curls on looser curl patterns. There’s also more than one way to scrunch hair. For more on how to scrunch curly hair and what hair types scrunching is best for, read on.

What Is Scrunching?

So let’s start with what exactly scrunching is. Scrunching is a hairstyling method where you cup and squeeze your hair in your hands or a towel to help shape your curls. The method is non-damaging to your hair and allows for volumized, defined, and frizz-free curls. Scrunching your hair can be an easy way to add extra definition to your curls without heat or too much product. You can define your curls and waves without heat damage or spending hours on your hair.

Should You Scrunch Curly Hair?

If you have type 1 or 2 hair, the answer is yes, you should scrunch your hair! The method is easy to do and doesn’t damage your hair. If you have thin or fine hair, scrunching your hair is a great way to add volume and definition. Fully convinced and ready to try it out? Read on for our tips on how to scrunch hair and start dreaming up all the scrunch hairstyles you can do.

What Is The Best Way To Scrunch Your Curls?

Scrunching your hair is a few steps, but we promise it’s easy and you can work it into your regular hair care routine. The best way to scrunch hair is whatever way works for you. You can scrunch your hair and let it air dry or use your favorite diffuser and blow dryer for quicker results. However, there are a few things to know and products to have on hand when it comes to scrunching your hair. We’ve broken the different methods down into a few simple steps.

Get Your Hair Wet

Whether it’s freshly washed or refreshed with your go-to mister bottle and water, your hair should at least be damp to get started. The best time to scrunch your hair is after washing. Keeping your hair damp will help shape and define curls, as well as help keep frizz at bay. You’ll want to avoid styling dry waves and curls as this can promote frizz. Just like you wouldn’t brush curly hair dry, you should also style it dry. Dry hair also won’t be as easy to shape and manipulate, so scrunching freshly washed hair is your best bet.

For type 2 hair, you want lightweight natural hair products that won’t weigh your hair down. Grab your Cactus Rosewater Sulfate Free Shampoo and Cactus Rosewater Lightweight Conditioner for a gentle cleanse and added volume. If you’re not sure what kinds of products to use, be sure to check out our guide on how to wash curly hair.

Detangle and Apply Products

Next, you’re going to want to add in a few curly hair products to moisturize, hold, and define your curls. You’ll need a leave-in conditioner and a volumizing mousse. You can detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush and a leave-in conditioner like Pracaxi Nectar Wash N’ Go Leave-In. Once your hair is detangled, you can smooth and comb your Pracaxi Nectar Style & Hold Foam into your hair. The right products are key to getting the best results no matter how you plan on drying your hair.

Start Scrunching

Now the fun part! Starting with the ends of your hair, gently squeeze a handful of your hair in your palm, working upwards toward the root. Scrunch your hair up in your hand in sections. Repeat this step until you’ve scrunched all of your hair around your head and up to the roots. Let it air dry and occasionally scrunch a few parts again for more definition as it dries. You can also scrunch your hair with a microfiber towel to avoid frizz and excess moisture. It also helps dry your hair in preparation for blow drying.

You can scrunch your hair with a blow-dryer with a diffuser attachment if you don’t want to air dry your hair. After following the same steps, blow-dry your hair on low heat when it’s at least 70 percent dry to avoid any heat damage, and be sure to use a heat protectant spray. Diffuse your hair upside down to add even more volume. Add extra hold with a lightweight hairspray like the Monoi Ora Flexible Volume Spray. It’s that easy to scrunch hair.

Now that you’ve mastered the art of scrunching your hair, it’s time to try out some scrunch hairstyles and some low maintenance hairstyles to complement your new look.

Find the inspiration and education you need to create all the latest hairstyles for curly hair.

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  • Medium
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  • Fine
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  • Braid
  • Bun and Knot
  • Curls
  • Half Up
  • Mens
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  • Straight
  • Up Do
  • Volume
  • Waves


  • Argan
  • Avocado
  • Caffeine
  • Charcoal
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Coconut
  • Cranberry
  • Ginger
  • Grapefruit
  • Green Apple
  • Green Tea
  • Hair Ingredients
  • Honey
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Jojoba
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Pomegranate
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Shea Butter
  • Skin Ingredients
  • SPF
  • Vanilla
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E

Ingredient Type

  • Fruit Extracts
  • Herbal Extracts
  • Oils and Butters
  • Other Popular Ingredients
  • Vitamins and Antioxidants

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How to style curly hair for volume

When you have curly hair people automatically think you must have a lot of volume, but it’s not always the case. If you have fine curly hair or long curly hair, getting volume at the roots can be quite tricky.

Part of my Q&A reader series, this post is all about going big and how to maintain height in your hair. It’s inspired by Andrea’s question:

“I have curly hair that has no volume at the roots I tried Deva clips but still no volume, have you any tips on how to get the curl to the root?”

Yes, I do have quite a few tips and hopefully one of them, or at least one of them, will work for you, Andrea. Check out the video and keep reading below.

1. Change your part

Often our hair automatically has a place where it likes to part and it’s where you tend to wear it regularly.

But if you change this to the other side of your head, you instantly get a root volume boost. Your hair will have ‘learnt’ to grow flatter where your part normally sits, so switching your part means you’re asking hair that normally lies flat to stand up. The result: volume.

If you don’t like wearing your hair to the other side, that’s okay, just try moving your part a little bit – maybe make it a little bit deeper or closer to the centre and you’ll see some immediate volume there.

2. Clip up the volume

If you haven’t heard of Deva clips before, it’s based on a Curly Girl Method using Deva Curl Clips, which they’ve specialised for this technique.

I just use regular pin curl clips, which do the same thing – the clips hold up your curls at the roots while you let your hair dry naturally. Alternatively, you can use a diffuser to speed up the process.

This method really works for me, but I’ve found that you have to experiment and trial the clips in different parts of your hair and clip up different amounts of hair to see what really works for you.

How to style curly hair for volume

3. Diffuse your hair upside down

My hair is generally very flat at the roots when I let it air-dry, but by using a diffuser and holding my head upside down, I am able to dry volume into my hair. By that I mean I have more volume at the root of my hair because it’s hanging directly out from my head rather than laying flat as I dry it.

If you don’t like to use a lot of heat in your hair, you can let it air-dry naturally, then blast it with a little heat and then use a cool shot just to set it. Even just a little bit of heat to the roots will help lift them, but the cool air shot reduces the hair’s ‘flexibility’ and makes it stay in position a bit better.

4. Volume powders

Volume powders are a magic trick for instant volume at the roots. They do contain some ingredients which aren’t in sync with the Curly Girl Method, but that’s why I don’t follow the CG Method to the letter.

These powders really solve the problem of flat hair and they’re fast too, so that you could have great hair and get out the door quickly.

5. Back combing

If you don’t want to try volume powders, go old school. Get a fine comb and back comb at the roots of your hair. If you’re gentle, this won’t really damage your hair and it will give you that volume lift exactly where you need it.

Work around the back of your hair or wherever you want more volume, but avoid your part line and hairline, and only back comb the underneath layers. Then, once you’ve finished back combing, you can lay your finished curls over the top.

I hope these tips help you get some more volume in your curly hair. Make sure you’re following my YouTube channel and subscribe so you’ll be the first to see my videos.

I’d love to know how you’d get volume in your curly hair, let me know in the comments below.

How to style curly hair for volume

There comes a point in every woman’s life when she considers getting bangs—trust us, we’ve been there. Whether you slayed bangs in elementary school and you’re feeling a bit nostalgic, or your favorite celebrity walked the red carpet with a fringe that you can’t get enough of, bang inspiration is everywhere. Unfortunately, not all bangs are universally loved. Somehow over the last few decades, curly bangs got a bad reputation next to styles like curtain bangs and textured bangs.

We at are here to defend curly bangs honor because we’re sure once you know how to style curly bangs—you won’t be able to get enough. Intrigued? Keep reading for nine fun and easy ways to style curly bangs.

If you’re looking to upgrade your everyday wash-and-go style, consider asking your stylist to cut bangs. Beyond working as just a method about how to get rid of split ends, bangs are a great way to add flair to any curly ‘do and they look great on just about everyone.

Pro tip: Ask your stylist to cut your bangs while your hair is dry. If you experience a lot of shrinkage, cutting your bangs while they are wet may give you a false sense of the final length.

Curly Pineapple Bangs

To the uninitiated, a pineapple updo may just appear to be a regular ponytail. Curly girls in the know, however, know the distinguishing factor between a run-of-the-mill ponytail and a pineapple updo are curly bangs. Unlike a regular ponytail or poof, your curly bangs have to hang over your forehead for your updo to be considered a pineapple.

To begin, use a hair pick to comb your hair at the roots to create volume all over your head. Once you’ve achieved your desired volume, apply a generous amount of the medium hold styling pomade all over your edges. Don’t forget to apply the pomade to the edges on the nape as the back of your hair will be visible once your hair is up. Brush the pomade through your hair until your edges lie flat. Next, gather all of your curls at the crown of your head near your hairline and secure with an elastic. Allow your curls to hang forward over your forehead and fluff for a final touch.

Faux Curly Curtain Bangs

If you’re not ready for full-on bangs, allow some short layers to create the illusion of fringe. Next time you throw your hair up in a bun or ponytail, pull a few sections of hair from near your hairline and allow them to frame your face.

Voluminous Curly Bangs

These glamorous bangs are perfect for your next big occasion. Be sure to save this style for a special night, because we’re sure you’ll be all anyone can talk about.

Three-Strand Twist Out Bangs

If you like for your curly bangs to be super defined, this three-strand twist out is just for you. To craft a three-strand , begin by labeling the three strands of hair one, two, and three.

Cross the third strand over strands one and two. Then, cross the second strand over strands one and three. Lastly, pass the first strand over strands two and three. Continue repeating the steps until you’ve reached the end of the section. Twirl the ends of each three-strand twist to ensure it doesn’t come loose.

Continue creating three-strand twists until you’ve twisted your entire head. Allow your twists to air dry, or you can speed the process along with a blow dryer or hooded dryer. Be sure to separate the twists themselves and the strands to ensure maximum volume.

Curly Curtain Bangs

We love curly bangs, but having to push them out of your eyes continually can be a major pain. Take the hassle out of curly bangs, but embracing the curtain bang trend. The on-trend bangs will beautifully frame your face and keep your attention on your beautiful eyes—not take attention away from them.

Brushed Out Curly Bangs

When you ask a curly girl how she wants her curls to look the first word you’ll usually hear out of her mouth is “defined.” However, defines curls aren’t the only way to slay a curly hair style. Push your wash day back just one more day and wear these brushed out curly bangs. This style is perfect for the morning after you hit the town in glamorous big barrel curls.

Interested in personalized advice about how to style your bangs? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.