How to tell a guy teacher you are having your period

Tips on How to Tell a Guy You’re On Your Period Without F.

16 Fun Ways to Tell a Guy You’re on Your Period

Explaining to guys what a period is can be tricky as they can be really freaked out by the words blood, from the vagina. Chances are that they probably have a wrong preconceived idea of what exactly a period is which leaves you in a bad place in trying to explain it. Here are some way to tell a guy that you’re on your period.

Tips on How to Tell a Guy You’re On Your Period Without Feeling Embarrassed

Think carefully before you tell him.

It is best to consider how long you have been dating your boyfriend because periods are personal and it could be something you may not want to share with someone you haven’t known for very long. Some boys are not mature, especially if they are in high school. Plus it might make him uncomfortable or he may not know how to react to it.

If you have been dating him for a while then you could bring it up in a casual conversation. Try not to make a big deal about it either because it really isn’t a big deal at all.

Consider the times you told him awkward or personal stuff in the past. How did he react? If he reacted in a negative way then you may want to postpone telling him for a while.

Why do you want to tell him?

Think of reasons you want to tell him. Do your periods prevent you from being in a happy mood when you’re around him? Do they stop you from going out on dates and participating in other general activities with him? You can be straight forward with him and tell him or keep it to yourself, it’s entirely fine.

Use correct terms.

Don’t use indirect terms such as “Aunt Flo” or you “monthly guest” or “visitor” when you have to face how to tell a guy you’re on your period. He may have no idea of what you are talking about, especially if he is quite young or immature. Being indirect about your period could create a misunderstanding and make things awkward for you.

Use clear language and direct references to your period and make sure he knows it’s a personal issue you’re choosing to share with him. You could start off by explaining to him how you get moodier on your periods and make you a bit more sensitive.

Don’t take it to heart.

Boys can be intimidated by periods, partly because they don’t understand it so don’t worry if he starts freaking out or shies away from the topic if you do decide to bring it up.

If you do choose to discuss your period with him and he responds saying something like ‘erm, okay’ and doesn’t really say anything else, he may just be shy or clueless so don’t worry about it. If he responds negatively, laughs or tells other people, do not get upset because he is the immature one and not you. Your period is an indication of good health so never think it’s gross or weird.