How to win an mma match

MMA is a tough sport, possibly the closest there is to Gladiator combat.

Once that cage door is locked shut, it is a case you will not leave unless you are the winner or loser. The latter might result in an injury, a knockout or being put to sleep.

When faced with this prospect the legs start to go like jelly, our hearts race and we suddenly feel light headed. This is fear messing with you.

After all, you have told everyone you know about this fight, many of your friends and family have purchased tickets, you might even be featured on a live stream over the internet, and then there is YouTube to think about!

This is pressure like never before!

Ok, but this can be fixed by having a strong enough game so that your first MMA fight goes as planned and this article is a roadmap to winning your first fight.

1. Be Fighting Fit, Not CrossFit

I see this a lot. Fighters go to gyms like CrossFit and others to get fit to fight. This is a major mistake. If you are training for general fitness, you are not training for your fight.

Most MMA gyms have all you need to get fit for your upcoming fight. Sure, we know that CrossFit people are super fit, but that is not fighting fit. This is because fitness is specific for the activity that you are training for.

Now that is not to say that cross training is not useful. Activities such as swimming, running and weight training all help, and yes CrossFit style training can also help.

But that is not the same as fighting. It will not matter how many pull-ups you can do if you just need the energy to do one more high-quality takedown to win the fight!

Make sure you spend more time in the gym training than you do outside it.

2. Play To Your Strengths

I have a friend who is a top class Judo player. He fought in an MMA fight and guess what he did? He played to his strengths.

The result was that he picked his opponent up and tackled him onto the mat and the opponent broke his outstretched arm as he went down.

If you want to watch that happen here is the fight (it is gruesome, it happens at the beginning of round two):

The moral of this story is that you should know what your strengths are, my friend used his grappling throughout and never turned this into a striking match.

If you are tall for your weight, your coach needs to build your game around using that to your advantage. Or you may have a brutal Thai kick or perhaps you were a top wrestler.

The point is, do not try and be too generic at this time. Stick to what you are good at. Now if you have only ever trained MMA and have no individual standout skill, use this to your advantage.

If the opponent is a better striker take him down, if he is a better grappler make sure you keep him standing.

3. Learn How To Cancel Out Skill

If you spend any time watching MMA, you will see a few positions that spell the end.

Taking the back is one of them, the mount can be too, side mount and of course leg locks and arm bars.

Unless you know how to escape these positions, then you might want to rethink your fight. There is so much that you cannot control in a fight, your technical know-how is something you can control in advance.

Learning how to escape a position will give you more confidence, and if things are going wrong you always have a chance!

4. Look After Your Health

Sounds simple enough but so many neglect their physical well-being. Just because you are fit, does not mean you are healthy.

Being healthy means that you are looking at your diet, watching the types of foods you eat and making sure you get the right nutrients into your body.

This is key! You will have to stop partying, stop drinking and get your body ready to be most explosive it has ever had to be.

5. Keep It Simple

I have seen a lot of fighters lose trying to look amazing!

It is your first fight, and you want to win. You can experiment later in your career, but the aim is to get the first W in the win column.

It takes seconds to lose a fight, so you need to concentrate on winning. So your first fight is not the time to start using that sweep you saw last week on the UFC.

Use the things you can do well!

When it comes to your first fight it is easy to become overwhelmed. Instead, focus on what you need to do to achieve your desired result; a win!

If you are prepared in advance, then you should be successful, and preparation is the key.

You will not be able to control a wide variety of aspects of the fight, but you can control the condition you enter the cage, both skill wise and physical conditioning.

Sure, everyone wants to say they fought in a cage and won, just make sure the odds are stacked in your favour and do all you can and you should succeed.

How to win an mma match

The UFC has been the ultimate proving ground for MMA athletes who dedicate themselves to rising to the top. Through the company’s storied history, there have been several iconic moments by which fighters have prevailed under the bright lights. What’s more, these ‘ways to win’ are largely the standard for any sanctioned MMA contest that is under the unified rules.

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Additionally, fighters are able to incorporate their individual strengths under these rules and add another ‘W’ in the win column. A fighter’s trajectory in the organization is often determined by the way by which they win. The UFC is a shark tank of top-tier athletes and the way to separate ones-self would be through a statement victory.

UFC: Ways to win

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Let’s take a look at the different ways to secure a win in the world’s largest MMA promotion.

Knockout (KO)

The UFC operates on a ‘show and win money ‘payment structure in which a fighter must both make the walk and also come out with victories. Failure to check the latter box would lead to only half of the assigned money. Perhaps the most emphatic way to earn a win would be to simply secure the knockout blow on your opponents to steal their consciousness temporarily.

How to win an mma match

Although easier said than done, a KO is the easiest way for a fighter to be pushed towards lucrative opportunities by the promotion. What’s more, they are looked at as fan-friendly fighters who are endeared by the MMA world.

Certain standout KO’s include Edson Barboza’s spinning heel kick finish over Terry Etim at UFC 142. Not to mention the perennially iconic Knockout of Michael Bisping by Dan Henderson at UFC 100.

Technical Knockout (TKO)

A Technical Knockout differs from a KO because usually the referee intervenes and waves off the fight. A TKO occurs when a fighter cannot intelligently defend themselves from their opponent and official intervention is required. Usually, the fighter at the receiving end is simply dazed but is still conscious and responsive to a certain extent.

How to win an mma match

TKO’s are far more prevalent in MMA because fighters often times can stay within the fight. Chiefly, it becomes the referee’s responsibility to make a judgment call and gauge the situation. Furthermore, this includes the intervention by a doctor who may rule that a fighter cannot safely continue.


A submission win would see the fighter execute high-level grappling techniques to make their opponent submit. The submission can either come through a verbal confirmation or a physical tapping motion. The referee must be cogent of the situation unfolding before him and must understand grappling and Jiu-jitsu.

How to win an mma match

Moreover, the art of securing a submission comes through various technical movements that take years to master. Some notable submissions include RNC’s (Rear Naked Choke), Guillotine, Americana, Arm-triangle, Von Flue choke, D’Arce choke, and Ezekiel choke, to name a few.

Decision Victory

A win by a decision on the judge’s scorecards is perhaps the most common way to win in a high-level fight. Moreover, a fighter must optimally use the “10-point must’ scoring system to win rounds in their favor. A decision win came either by unanimously across all the three scorecards or come via split decision.

How to win an mma match

No Contest

A No-Contest is a rather rare occurrence in MMA and comes into play when a fighter refuses to follow the unified rules. A series of flagrant fouls such as (illegal groin strikes, shot to the back of the head, kicking a downed opponent) can lead to the fight being a no-contest. Certain referees and commissions handle the situation differently, and some could call for a disqualification (DQ).

How to win an mma match

Additionally, if a fighter fails a USADA sanctioned drug test, the result of the fight would become to a No-Contest.

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A forfeit is perhaps the rarest path to victory for a fighter. It occurs when a fighter chooses to no longer continue in the scheduled bout that is underway. Upon conveying the same to the referee, the opposing fighter will walk away with a win because of his opponent failing to meet the bell.

Watch This Story

How to win an mma match

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Chiefly, such an instance occurred earlier when newcomer Max Rohskopf stepped away from his UFC debut fight.

Fighters in MMA seldom chose to forfeit and to their own detriment at times, go out on their shield.

How to win an mma match

MMA betting guide at the bookie, when this is a very popular sport. In today’s entertainment betting market, there is no denying that MMA betting is a martial arts sport that has a huge growth rate. How to bet and win when betting on MMA will be shared by W88 mobile in the following article.

What is MMA bets?

MMA betting is known as betting on the odds in MMA tournaments – short for Mixed Martial Arts, provided by the reputable W88 bookie today. An MMA match, from the house side will often offer the odds for the following common outcomes in turn:

  • Winner in a match.
  • How to win: win by knockout, technical knockout, opponent surrenders or is eliminated; or based on the award of the award by the referee’s score; or the match ends in a draw.
  • Over and under number in a match.
  • Does this match go through all the innings?
  • In what specific rounds must the opponents win?

A typical MMA match will consist of 3 rounds, which must be met with conditions such as each round not exceeding 5 minutes and having a 1-minute break between rounds.

The major known official MMA tournaments are largely organized by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Therefore, one can also use UFC betting, and UFC / MMA to talk about this MMA betting.

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Learn UFC betting types before betting on W88 MMA

The types of bets available to bet on each match in UFC/MMA may not be as numerous as in NFL or NBA sports, but there are still plenty of options that provide betting value. Let’s find out with W88au how to bet on MMA in the following bet types:

How to win an mma match

Bet on a boxer’s ability to win

This is often referred to as the W88 Win bet because this bet in MMA involves you picking one fighter to win against the other fighter.

Between the two boxers there will be differences in skills/talents and different styles. So the fighters who get the big favorites will have higher odds as they are less likely to lose.


If lightweight boxer Conor McGregor were to fight “Cowboy” Donald Cerrone, the odds of winning the fight would look like this:

  • McGregor -310
  • Cerrone +240

If you bet $100 on McGregor that will bring you $132.26. On the other hand, if you bet the same amount on Cerrone and he wins, you will get $340.

MMA bets by match results

When choosing MMA bets through match results, you have selected the correct winning method of the fighter. The most popular choices for this betting option are “knockout”, “submission” and “decision”.

Odds will vary depending on variables like individual fighting style, recent match history, weight class, and match-specific details like arm span length or reach.


To better understand this betting method, you can take the example of the middleweight match between Israel Adesanya and Yoel Romero.

Adesanya odds

  • Knockout: +150
  • Submission: +250
  • Decision: +110

Romero odds

  • Knockout: +180
  • Submission: +300
  • Decision: +250

When you bet 100$ on Adesanya, if he wins will bring you 250$. But if you think Romero will win against Adesanya and you bet $100 on this bet and Romero wins, you will get 400$.

Over and under betting (total of innings)

Each round will have a maximum of 5 minutes, the reputable W88 house will take into account the time ranging from 0:00 to 2 minutes 30 to determine the middle of each round.

Past this time is the second half of each round. The time of half a half is to determine the over and under to 0.5 innings.

For example, in a match that takes place in 2 rounds and 2 minutes, then ends, then the under 2.5 rounds will win.

Conversely, in a match that takes place in 2 rounds and over 2 minutes and 30 seconds of the 3rd round, the bet over 2.5 rounds will win the bet.

MMA tournament betting experience

Understanding the odds

This is the most basic step. Understanding the odds is the key to success as a true bettor.

There are three main types of odds commonly used by bookies around the world, it depends on the dealer’s location but you can choose the type of odds you like.

The three common types of odds are: American Odd; European Odds / Decimal Odds; UK Odds (Frequency Odds).

Understanding boxers

At the prestigious W88 bookie, we have a UFC General Martial Arts section with in-depth UFC/MMA analysis for your reference.

Spending time watching video clips online is also a way for you to better understand the fighters who are competing.


MMA betting can be very profitable for recreational bettors on the W88 house. Hopefully the MMA betting guide from the W88 bookie has helped you have an additional choice when participating in betting.

The rise of the UFC started in 2001, when Dana White took over the organization and turned it into the global phenomenon it is today. Whether you like him or not, the controversial Dana White certainly deserves credit for making the UFC what it is and for popularising MMA around the world.

When UFC started in 1993, the slogan of the company was “There are no rules!”. Back in the day, everything was allowed. Decades later, some rules, like round length, cage size, what equipment is allowed, and what moves are illegal were introduced.

Although the UFC’s fights are known for their brutality and a very liberal ruleset, some rules still exist and I have decided to analyze the UFC rules in today’s article.

I am going to present to you the basic structure of UFC fights and the basic UFC rules pertaining to the fight itself and the fighters’ behavior in the cage.

UFC Rules

The current rules of UFC fights were established by the New Jersey Athletic Control Board (NJACB) under the title “Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts”. They were established as a general guideline for MMA but became so popular that many other states (including Nevada, Louisiana, and California) decided to adopt them, along with the UFC. [1]

In the passages that follow, I’ll be going over these rules.

How Many Rounds Are There in a UFC Fight?

Despite the rules, the UFC doesn’t have a fixed round system, meaning that matches can vary in maximum length, depending on the type of the match. For example, championship or “main event” UFC fights last longer than regular fights. But the maximum number of rounds is still substantially smaller than in other combat sports, like boxing.

The “big ones” – championship and “main event” fights – can last for a maximum of five rounds, while other fights can last for a maximum of three rounds. Some non-main-event fights, but only in certain divisions, also have a special, “sudden death” fourth round in case of a draw to determine the winner, but that is not a widely spread rule.

The rounds last can last up to five minutes and there is a one-minute break between rounds.

How Big Is UFC Cage?

The ring, i.e. the fighting arena of UFC fights is called “The Octagon”. Unlike other combat sports and martial arts, which have a square- or circle-shaped arena, the UFC’s arena is octagonally shaped. It was initially developed by the SEG company but is today owned by Zuffa.

“The Octagon” has a diameter of 9.1 meters (30 feet) and is surrounded by a chained fence that is 1.8 meters (6 feet) high. Like other fighting arenas, “The Octagon” sits on an elevated platform that is 1.2 meters (4 feet) high. [2]

The arena has two entry gates. The top of the fence, like each of the sides, has foam padding. The mat is replaced after each fight for health reasons.

These numbers refer to a standard UFC cage, but there are also some smaller variations for non-main-event matches, where the diameter is just 7.6 meters (25 feet).

What Equipment Do UFC Fighters Wear?

Initially, the UFC was very open about the attire for its fighters. This resulted in fighters wearing attires specific to their favorite martial art. But that changed after a while and although the fighters still have certain liberties, it is only within a predetermined ruleset.

All fighters must wear approved shorts, without shoes and no tops; tops are only required for female fighters.

The necessary equipment includes padded gloves (they are open-fingered and must have at least 1 inch of padding around the knuckles), a mouthguard to protect the jaw and teeth, and protective cups instead of the more used jockstraps (for males only).

To ensure the regularity of a fight, the attire is thoroughly evaluated by a state authority before the match.

How Can a UFC Fight End? (What Are the Different Outcomes)

Although I have discussed both the points and the possible outcomes of a UFC fight, I’ll revise them here in relation to the general rules. All UFC bouts use the 10-point system, where three judges each award up to 10 points to a fighter per round. The winner is decided after adding the points together.

A match can end in several different ways. They are:

  1. Submission – the fighter taps the mat three-timer or (verbally) submits in some other way. The submission must be clear and precise, as it is final.
  2. Knockout – when a fighter cannot continue due to loss of consciousness.
  3. Technical knockout – the fighter is not unconscious, but the referee has evaluated that the damage is so severe that it would be dangerous for him to continue the fight. A technical knockout can be due to a decision by either the referee, the doctor, or the corner.
  4. Judge’s decision – if the match was not decided by 1-3, the judges make the decision.
  5. Disqualification – the fighter made an intentional and severe breach of the rules and he is, thus, disqualified from further fighting.
  6. Forfeit – a fighter intentionally stops the fight before it ends without a clear and valid reason (p.e. an injury).
  7. No contest – a fighter is rendered unable to fight before there is a sufficient number of rounds for the judges to make a decision.

Illegal Moves in a UFC Fight

There is a total of 35 fouls in MMA, as listed by the notoriously strict Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC). Three of them are fouls against the grounded opponent, while the rest can be described as regular fouls. Since I have already discussed all of these in a separate article, I refer you to the list of all the illegal movies in the UFC for more information.

Match Conduct Rules

In addition to the basic rules listed and described above, there are several other rules pertaining to match conduct that are worth mentioning.

The referee can issue a verbal warning for several reasons, one of them being when a fighter grabs the cage. The referee will proceed to remove the fighter’s grab, but if it fails or the fighter again grabs the cage, the referee may charge him with a foul.

A verbal warning can also be issued if the fighters reach a stalemate on the ground. The match is then paused and the fighters are ordered to stand up; this rule is called the stand-up rule in Nevada.

The referee can pause a match for other reasons as well. The match is then continued when the fighters are in their prior positions.

In this final passage, I am going to talk about the ever so popular “trash talking”, i.e. verbal abuse. It happens in all sports, not just MMA (for example, some NBA players have been notorious “trash talkers” during their careers), but due to the aggressive nature of this discipline, it might be more present than in some other sports.

Early UFC payed no attention to “trash talking” during fights; it was allowed and considered to be a part of the folklore. On the other hand, modern UFC allows verbal antics before the match as it elevates the excitement and build-up for the match, but prohibits any form of verbal abuse during the fight itself.

Have More Questions?

If you have more questions about the UFC, check out our beginner’s guide to the UFC where you will probably find the answer!

If you’re looking for the best UFC odds, it can get overwhelming to have so many sportsbook options available to you for any given fight night. There can be up to 12 fights on a single card, and several different options per fight. Understanding UFC odds will help you make smart betting decisions and ultimately give you an edge when it comes to betting on UFC fights.

We will take a look at the odds, a brief guide to UFC betting, and where the best fight odds are located.

Understanding UFC Betting Odds

The first and most important step to becoming a UFC bettor is to understand how the odds work, and how to calculate UFC betting odds. 

With UFC 264 totally wrapped up, Dana White has now announced the full card for the next UFC Fight Night, which is due to take place on July 17th. The UFC Fight Night odds were last updated on  September 6, 2021:

1st Fighter 2nd Fighter
Alexander Volkanovski -175 +145 Brian Ortega
Curtis Blaydes +320 +240 Jairzinho Rozenstruik
Robbie Lawler -115 -105 Nick Diaz

So many beginner sports bettors ignore calculations and add games to their bet slips, without doing much research or analysis into the odds and betting options. There are a few different formats of UFC betting odds, and we will briefly outline each one, even though American odds are the most popular in the United States.

American UFC Betting Odds

UFC odds are typically presented in American odds in the United States and Canada, though decimal and fractional odds are more predominant in Europe. American odds are usually represented by a positive or negative amount, like -210 or +1500 to denote the probability of winning a fight. The higher the number, the less likely that fighter will win, and the lower the negative number, the more likely that fighter is to win.

In terms of UFC betting, the positive number represents how much you would win on a $100 bet on the fight’s underdog, and the negative number would represent how much you’d have to bet to win $100 if you chose the favored fighter.

When it comes to calculating the probability of winning a fight – there really isn’t a rule for American odds, so it’s easier to convert your odds to decimal.

  • For positive odds (underdog UFC odds) let’s say +300: 1 + (odds / 100) = 1+(300/100) = 4.0
  • For negative odds (favored fighter’s odds) -300: 1 – (100 / 300) = 1.333

Now that you have your decimal odds, we can help you calculate your winnings and implied probability.

How to win an mma match

Decimal UFC Betting Odds

As we mentioned, decimal UFC odds are way more common in Europe – and sometimes even in the United States, some sports bettors do prefer them because they’ve been around longer.

Decimal odds are your odds multiplied by your stake, then subtract your stake.

9.0 odds would be calculated as (9.0 * $10) – $10 = $80 in winnings

1.25 would be (1.25 * $10) = $10 = $2.50

To calculate your implied probability of winning, you essentially divide 1/decimal odds which is 1/ 9.0. This will give you an implied probability of 11.11%. Implied probability is an important part of your UFC betting strategy and will help you improve your chances of winning in the long term.

Fractional Betting Odds

How did you do in math as a child? If you were a math whiz in school, you’re well on your way to understanding fractional UFC betting odds. If you see a fractionated number, like 10/1, this means someone has a ten to one chance of winning the match. This way, you can calculate their probability of winning the fight from the fractional odds.

The formula looks like this: B/(A+B) = %

For example, if the MMA betting odds are set for a match and a fighter has 9/1 odds to win, there is a 10% chance they will win the match. 1/(9+1) = .10 (10%)

Or, if a fighter has 1/ 4 odds to win the match, that can be calculated like so – 4/(4+1) = 0.80 (80%) This fighter is usually favored to win.

So, how much will you win on fractional UFC betting odds? It’s pretty simple actually. For every value on the right side of the fraction you wager, you will win the left.

So 9/1 odds – for each $1 wagered, you will win $9.

1/ 4 odds – for each $4 wagered you win $1.

Top Online Sportsbooks for UFC Betting

Now that you have a good grasp of the odds, we can introduce you to a few of our favorite online sportsbooks that we enjoy using for our MMA betting!

How to win an mma match

Online sportsbooks are a convenient way to bet on UFC fights online and can provide great perks, depending on where you sign up. Sportsbooks haven’t had the best reputation over the past decade or so, as many think they’re sketchy or untrustworthy, but we would only recommend sportsbooks we use ourselves. The sportsbooks we recommend are tried and true, and always have the best odds.

Finding the Best Bookmaker for the UFC

There are some excellent opportunities for UFC bettors, especially for U.S. players that have a broad range of options available to them. From some of the best bookmakers in the world, bettors will be able to find the right markets for them and find that those markets are backed up by some of the best promotions and bonuses running throughout the year. 

If you want to find the best UFC fight night bonus or want a great loyalty program, we can help you find a sportsbook that meets your needs. Our online sportsbook reviews outline important criteria we personally look for when choosing an online sportsbook.

Sportsbooks that are secure, with a variety of deposit options and payout methods that boast great bonus options are all key criteria we focus on when reviewing a UFC betting site. Also, if you’re planning to do all of your bettings from a mobile phone you could consider a sportsbook with a mobile app for ease of use.

How to win an mma match

At long last, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder will complete their trilogy Saturday at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Fury’s WBC heavyweight title is on the line when the main event begins around 11:30 p.m. ET. Below, we look at the Fury vs. Wilder 3 odds and lines; check back for all of USA TODAY’s boxing picks and predictions.

The third installment of the trilogy was first scheduled for last summer but pushed back with Wilder still recovering from an injury. It was rescheduled for December but was again postponed with COVID-19 protocols limiting the capacity of the crowd.

The two heavyweights first met in Dec. 2018, with it resulting in a split decision at Staples Center in Los Angeles. The rematch occurred in Feb. 2020 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, with Fury winning via TKO. Neither combatant has fought since.

Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder odds

How to win an mma match

Feb 22, 2020; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury box during their WBC heavyweight title bout at MGM Grand Garden Arena. Fury won via seventh round TKO. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Odds via Tipico Sportsbook; access USA TODAY Sports’ betting odds for a full list. Lines last updated Thursday at 3 p.m. ET.

  • Fury -340 (bet $340 to win $100) | Wilder +220 (bet $100 to win $220)
  • Total rounds: 7.5 (Over: -127 | Under: -107)
  • Will the fight go the distance? Yes: +185 | No: -270

New to sports betting?

The -340 money line odds represent an implied win probability of 77.27% for Fury. Those odds can also be expressed as a fraction of 5/17 and a decimal of 1.29. A $100 bet would return a profit of just $29.41 with victory. Wilder is being given an implied win probability of 31.25% for the upset.

The odds also suggest the fight will go longer than 7.5 rounds but will not go the distance.

Fury vs. Wilder: Tale of the tape

How to win an mma match

Feb 22, 2020; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Tyson Fury celebrates after defeating Deontay Wilder in their WBC heavyweight title bout at MGM Grand Garden Arena. Fury won via seventh round TKO. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Tyson Fury (30-0-1, 21 KO)

Stance: Orthodox

Height: 6-foot-9

Reach: 85 inches

How to win an mma match

Feb 21, 2020; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Deontay Wilder weighs in for his world heavyweight championship boxing match against Tyson Fury (not pictured) at MGM Grand Garden Arena. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Deontay Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KO)

Stance: Orthodox

Height: 6-foot-7

Reach: 83 inches

When is Fury vs. Wilder 3?

How to win an mma match

US boxer Deontay Wilder (L) and British boxer Tyson Fury get into an altercation during their press conference February 19, 2020 at the MGM Grand Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada. – The boxers will fight for the World Boxing Council (WBC) Heavyweight Championship Title on February 22, 2020 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. (Photo by John Gurzinski / AFP) (Photo by JOHN GURZINSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

The main card starts at 9 p.m. ET, with the main event expected to start around 11:30 p.m. ET.

Where is Fury vs. Wilder 3?

How to win an mma match

December 29, 2016; Las Vegas, NV, USA; General view as spectators gather outside before weigh ins for UFC 207 at T-Mobile Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

How to watch Fury vs. Wilder 3

Stream Fury- Wilder 3 on ESPN+. To subscribe to ESPN+ and watch this, sign up here.

Visit Boxing Junkie for more fight news and analysis.

Catch up on everything you may have missed in Las Vegas on Saturday night after a wild event

It may not have produced the ending many were expecting, but it’s safe to say that UFC 264 delivered on action. Dustin Poirier walks away victorious after scoring a first-round TKO over Conor McGregor in the main event from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, but not in the way he probably expected.

At the end of the opening round, Poirier landed a punch that forced McGregor to take a backward step, but in doing so, McGregor’s ankle rolled up and split. He was unable to get up off the canvas as the horn sounded for the end of the round and referee Herb Dean waved off the fight.

Can’t get enough boxing and MMA? Get the latest in the world of combat sports from two of the best in the business. Subscribe to Morning Kombat with Luke Thomas and Brian Campbell for the best analysis and in-depth news, including instant analysis of UFC 264 live from Las Vegas at the conclusion of the event.

The animosity between the two did not stop there, however, as they continued to hurl insults at each other in the post-fight press conference. Whenever McGregor is healed up, it’s safe to say he’s going to want to get a fourth crack at “The Diamond”.

Elsewhere on the card, Gilbert Burns affirmed his spot in the welterweight rankings with a unanimous decision win over Stephen Thompson in the co-main event. Burns, who was stopped in his bid to win the 170-pound title by champion Kamaru Usman in February, is unlikely to get the next crack at the belt, but did what was needed to keep his place in line. Plus, heavyweight Tai Tuivasa scored a thudding knockout of former NFL defensive Greg Hardy in a featured bout that lasted just over a minute. Tuivasa pulled out his trademark celebration after the win by chugging a beer out of a shoe.

CBS Sports was with you all week long from Las Vegas with the latest news, updates and highlights from Fight Week. Relive all the action from Saturday and the week that was below.

From watching fights I can tell that there are multiple judges that submit a scorecard, and the fighter who is the winner on the most scorecards is the winner of the match. But I’m not sure what criteria the judges use for determining which fighter wins a fight. They obviously care about punches, kicks, and takedowns, but do they care more about their frequency or about the amount of damage a fighter causes?

Watching UFC 225’s main card fight between Whittaker and Romero, the commentators mentioned a few times that they were surprised no judge awarded Romero a 10 – 8. Normally the round winner gets a 10 and the loser a 9 on a judge’s score card. Is there a minimum to the points the loser of a round gets?

So how does a judge decide which fighter should win a round? And how do they decide by how many points they should win a round?

How to win an mma match

1 Answer 1

From rules and regulation:


14. Judging

A. All bouts will be evaluated and scored by 3 judges who shall evaluate the contest from different location around the ring/fighting area. The referee may not be one of the 3 judges.

B. The 10-Point Must System will be the standard system of scoring a bout. Under the 10-Point Must Scoring System, 10 points must be awarded to the winner of the round and 9 points or less must be awarded to the loser, except for a rare even round, which is scored (10-10).

C. Judges shall evaluate mixed martial arts techniques, such as effective striking, effective grappling, control of the ring/fighting area, effective aggressiveness and defense.

D. Evaluations shall be made in the order in which the techniques appear in (c) above, giving the most weight in scoring to effective striking, effective grappling, control of the fighting area and effective aggressiveness and defense.


J. The following objective scoring criteria shall be utilized by the judges when scoring a round:

i. a round is to be scored as a 10-10 round when both contestants appear to be fighting evenly and neither contestant shows clear dominance in a round;

ii.a round is to be scored as a 10-9 round when a contestant wins by a close margin, landing the greater number of effective legal strikes, grappling and other maneuvers;

iii. a round is to be scored as a 10-8 round when a contestant overwhelmingly dominates by striking or grappling in a round.

iv. a round is to be scored as a 10-7 round when a contestant totally dominates by striking or grappling in a round.

So, a judge decides winner of the round by using objective criteria mentioned in J (and See K also). And it seems 7 is the minimum point that loser of a round may get (see J. iv).

How to win an mma match

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