How to wrap a gift in a bag

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Using gift bags, tissue paper and ribbons can make gift giving fun and colorful. Putting tissue paper into a gift bag can be a frustrating experience, resulting in torn or wrinkled paper and a messy looking gift. This article addresses methods that can help to reduce tearing, wrinkling and frustration.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

  • You will need several colors of tissue paper that complement the color of the gift bag. Colored tissue paper makes a gift more festive!
  • Make sure your gift bag is appropriate for the occasion.
  • If you are going to curl ribbon to add as a decoration, you will need scissors to curl ribbon or pre-curled ribbon.
  • When you give the paper volume by opening it completely, it will make the gift bag look full.
  • Do this carefully. Tissue paper is thin and prone to wrinkling and tearing.
  • It is best to do this on a flat surface such as a table or the floor.
  • Alternate colors of tissue paper to give your gift some flare.
  • You can place the different colored tissue paper in one sheet at a time, each sheet perpendicular to the last to give the look of alternating colors coming out of the top of the bag.
  • After you’ve placed all the lining sheets into the bag, you can arrange the parts of paper coming out of the top of the bag to make sure they look right.
  • Be careful as you do this to prevent wrinkling or tearing the tissue paper you just put into the bag.
  • Make sure your gift bag is the appropriate size for the gift.
  • Place these in the bag neatly so you don’t give the appearance of rushed wrapping.
  • Inspect the wrapped package. The tissue paper should not look wrinkled, torn, or placed in the bag haphazardly.
  • No part of the gift should be visible or distort the shape of the gift bag.
  • Ribbons and bows can be added to the handle of the bag to add a creative twist.
  • You can also add a gift tag with your name and the recipient’s on it for easy identification. This can come in quite handy at showers and holiday events with many gifts.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

  • You will need several sheets of white paper to wrap around the gift first, then colored tissue to line the gift bag.
  • You will need several colors of tissue paper that complement the color of the gift bag. Colored tissue paper makes a gift more festive!
  • Make sure your gift bag is appropriate for the occasion.
  • If you are going to curl ribbon to add as a decoration, you will need scissors to curl ribbon. Alternatively, you can use pre-curled ribbon or a pre-made bow.
  • You do not need to tape the packet of tissue paper closed.
  • If the gift is fragile, you should use multiple layers of white tissue paper or even newspaper to cushion the gift.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

  • Use more or less paper depending on the size of the gift and gift bag.
  • If the gift is small, use half sheets of paper.
  • Make sure the gift is centered on the tissue paper a layers.
  • If the gift is a long shape, place it on a diagonal.
  • Lightly scrunch the paper right above the gift.
  • Leave the rest of the paper as wrinkle free as possible.
  • Do this step gently to avoid tearing the paper.
  • Gently arrange the tissue paper about the top of the bag to your liking.
  • Don’t overwork the paper. It will start to look wrinkled and used.
  • Lay out a sheet of tissue paper and smooth it.
  • Place your thumb and forefinger in the center of the tissue paper and lift it.
  • Give a flick of your wrist and use your other hand to straighten out the tissue paper.
  • Place it in the bag on top of the gift. Use alternating colors to add variety.
  • Alternatively you can place the card on the outside of the bag by taping it in place.
  • Place your gift tab on the front of the bag or on the handle.
  • These items can really personalize a gift and make it very festive.
  • Don’t over-do the embellishments on the gift as it will take away from the effects on your gift bag and tissue paper.

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How to wrap a gift in a bag

About This Article

To put tissue paper in a gift bag, start by opening each sheet of paper fully and using a few sheets to line the inside of the the bag, so that the tops are sticking out a bit. Next, put your gift into the bag so it’s surrounded by tissue. Then, loosely bunch 2 more sheets of tissue and tuck it into the top of the bag so it covers the gift. Finally, add a bow on the bag or tie the handles together with a piece of ribbon. For tips how wrap your gift with tissue paper before putting it in a bag, read on!

How to wrap a gift in a bag

Sometimes the perfect gift for a bridal shower is one that seems impossible to wrap. Something like a table lamp, hat tree or ironing board that is large and of a difficult shape will not fit into a traditional bridal shower gift bag. Attempting to wrap large gifts with wrapping paper may seem like a waste and will be difficult to do well if the gift is not in a box. Wrapping large gifts requires some creativity and a willingness to use alternative materials and methods.

Gift-Wrap Materials

Wrap the gift loosely in many sheets of tissue paper. Although tissue paper is prone to tearing, it is much easier to manipulate than heavy wrapping paper when wrapping delicate parts such as a lampshade. In addition, tissue paper is inexpensive, so you can go through a whole package without spending much.

Wrap the large gift in white tulle. Although you will be able to see through the tulle, it is a familiar bridal material and will fit in well at a bridal shower. Using many layers of tulle or wrapping the gift loosely in tissue paper and then in tulle will help make the present a surprise. Tulle is an ideal gift-wrap material because it is inexpensive and is very strong.

Put the gift in a large bag. Although gift bags may not be large enough, there are many other types of bags that will work as gift-wrapping material. Colored plastic shopping bags or simple white trash bags can conceal the gift and serve as a canvas for further embellishments. Another option is to purchase or sew a large fabric bag to hold the gift.

Add Embellishments

Tie an elegant ribbon around the gift. Even if the gift-wrap material is not luxurious, a beautiful ribbon will divert attention away from the wrapping. Velvet ribbon, shimmer ribbon or ribbon in the bride’s colors could be used as the focal point of the gift.

Include something special in the ribbon. A creative idea for a kitchen-related gift is to put a kitchen utensil in the bow. For example, wrap ribbon around and through a pair of salad tongs to make a bow-shaped decoration.

Incorporate fresh or silk flowers into the gift wrapping. Use one large flower, such as a hydrangea, as a focal point, or just attach a row of daisies to the ribbon.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

This technique on how to make a gift bag using wrapping paper by Charmed by Ashley on YouTube is unique and shows many different ways on how to wrap Christmas gifts. However, this gift bag is meant for lighter objects such as clothing, slippers, and outdoor accessories. Plus it’s a great way to use the wrapping paper instead of buying boxes for gifts. It’s a good way to not throw things in a bag and make it more customizable. This gives me an idea of how to make wrapping paper creative and fun. Also, this isn’t too fancy, but it’s a clever idea that’s straight to the point. I love all kinds of DIY crafts if it saves so much money. I think they’re cuter than store-bought gift bags.


  • ribbons
  • scissors
  • gift wrap paper
  • hole puncher
  • tape


First, take the wrapping paper and wrap the gift as if you are wrapping a box.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

Image by Charmed by Ashley via YouTube

Next, hole punch the top part of the gift wrapping bag and add ribbons to close off the top of the gift. Continue to watch Charmed by Ashley on YouTube for full instructions and details.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

Image by Charmed by Ashley via YouTube

Overall, I love this gift bag because it’s a great way to use gift wrapping paper in a different way instead of wasting money on gift bags. Also, the video has step by step instructions that’s similar to wrapping a regular gift that’s in a box. I can see why this type of bag works for smaller items because the wrapping paper is not as durable. It’s a great money-saving trick that is captivating. I have a lot of wrapping paper accumulated over the years, so it would be nice to try to get rid of them.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

Before you purchase gift
wrap; take a look around your home for some free and easy
inspiration. If you’re looking for retailers with amazing baby gift wrap, we have those too! Remember, these ideas will work for baby boys or baby girls!

How to wrap a gift in a bag

How to wrap a gift in a bag

How to wrap a gift in a bag

How to wrap a gift in a bag

How to wrap a gift in a bag

How to wrap a gift in a bag

How to wrap a gift in a bag

How to wrap a gift in a bag

Are you looking for some easy ideas you can try at home? Check out this gift wrapping site: Get ideas for baby showers and find more relevant links.

Do a little brainstorming to come up with new ideas:

  • Do you know the theme of the baby shower?
  • Do the new parents have any hobbies or special interests?
  • Do you know if baby is a girl, or a boy?
  • Is the shower planned around Christmas or any other holiday?
  • Is this mommy’s first pregnancy?

TIP: Holiday and season based themes are very popular for baby showers. Retailers are
full of seasonal colors and accessories that can be used for crafting
and decorating, so take a peek around, as you are coming up with your baby shower gift wrap ideas!

Really simple and unique ways to wrap a baby gift

If you already have a cute gift bag or gift box on hand, just add an embellishment or two.

Trim gift bag or box, with a strand of festive garland , sequence, or even boa feathers.

Instead of tissue paper ; use fabric flowers or other re-useable gift confetti.

Stuff a diaper with lullaby CD’s, rattles, small toys or little socks and leggings.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

How to wrap a gift in a bag

Baby Shower Gift Wrapping Ideas
Using Your Own Talents

If you do any stamping or other crafts, you can incorporate that into your baby shower gift wrap ideas. Stamp plain paper with your own creative style. Use scrap book paper to add your own personal touch.

Use your home printer to create pieces of personalized wrap. For example:

  • Decorate the paper with baby’s due date, or last name.
  • Print out a letter, famous quotes, or a poem.

Just be thoughtful; and the creative juices will flow.

  • use newspaper
  • paint a brown paper bag
  • unused wallpaper
  • an old map
  • piece old gift bags together
  • Add a pretty ribbon or other decorations, and you have some very cool, re-purposed gift wrap.

A gift with-in a gift. Use a baby blanket or other linens to wrap your gift. Secure your package with clothes pins instead of tape, and you have gift wrap with no waste.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

Homemade Flowers are always a nice touch. You can use paper, tissue, ribbon, or fabric scraps to craft your own.

Fresh Flowers are a sweet idea too. Keep the flowers in the refrigerator, prune flowers and attach them to your gift package.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

How to wrap a gift in a bag

  • You can go to your local hardware store and purchase a brand new, gallon paint can. Depending where you live; a new can will cost $2.00-$3.00
  • Decorate the outside of the paint can and fill it with gift straw or tissue paper.Add your gift and gently tap the paint lid onto the can.

You can even use a paint chip card for your gift tag.

Make a gift package out of a tote, caddy, pail, hamper, containers, and more. Fill and arrange the container with baby blankets, and other baby supplies. Add a rattle and adorable bow, to complete the look. The new baby will get his gifts, and mom and dad will have storage for all those gifts!

While picking up a growing beauty can seem pretty effortless – a unique presentation is a simple way to add some meaning and personalized style.

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How creative and beautiful…I had my grandchildren over and we did this…I had them to stamp and color paper …then wrap it around some roses….and of course I had them make their own cards….thank you so much for sharing…

I’ve wondered how I can wrap burlap fabric around my flower pot. Thanks for sharing these easy tips.

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This was a great post. I have a greenhouse now and will be starting a bunch of seedlings this fall for spring. This gave me some great ideas for extra starter plants to give away.


[…] Plants are beautiful just by themselves, so if your green gift is too big for any of our other bags, at least wrap a ribbon around it! Or try some of these fabulous potted plant and flower gift options we found on a fellow blogger’s site SL by Stephanie Lynn. […]

Scrambling to wrap a gift but don’t have a bag or a box? No problem! You can learn how to make a gift bag out of wrapping paper in four simple steps. You probably even have the materials you need lying around the house. Let’s get started!

How to wrap a gift in a bag

What you’ll need:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Hole puncher (optional)
  • Ribbon (optional)

Step 1: Measure the width of your gift. Once you know how much paper you need, fold the wrapping paper in half. Seal with tape and fold the bottom end up.

Step 2: Open the bottom end so the inside of the paper is revealed. Fold the left and right edges in, then fold the top and bottom in as well. Use tape to seal all of the folds.

Step 3: Flip the bag and open. Place your gift in and fold the top over.

Step 4: Punch holes and insert your ribbon to seal.

Gift Bag Wrapping Tips

To make sure that the gift bag you create holds up, keep these things in mind.

  • Medium weight wrapping paper is ideal because it’s sturdy, but not difficult to fold.
  • Your bag should be twice as tall as it is wide.
  • These gift bags are not recommended for items that are extremely tall and/or heavy.
  • You can always add a piece of cardboard to the bottom of the bag to make it more sturdy.
  • If something feels flimsy, add more tape!

Gift Bag Decorating Ideas

Now that you’ve learned how to make a gift bag out of wrapping paper, it’s time to decorate it! You can use fun ribbon, washi tape, letters, gift tags, candy, stickers and even a pretty photo.

How to wrap a gift in a bagGift-giving is a thoughtful, heart-warming tradition that should never feel too complicated. With this simple gift wrapping idea, you’ll want to buy gifts for everyone! Check out our personalized gifts for that extra special touch – whether it be a special birthday, anniversary or just because you want to show your love, there are options for any occasion.

Maybe you want to save money on wrapping paper this year, or perhaps you just like to give gifts that look charming and rustic and old-fashioned. Whatever the case, this brown paper gift wrap idea is stunning, and you won’t have to spend a dime!

I always have paper bags on hand because we craft with them often in my daycare, so I often use them to wrap some of our Christmas gifts each year.

Wrapping a gift in a grown paper bag is a great way to give a gift a charming, old-time Christmas look and an excellent way to save money. I mean, the price of store bought gift wrap can be ridiculous, and you just end up throwing it in the garbage.

Because a gift wrapped in brown paper can look a little boring, I like to add pinecones and ribbon and greenery from the garden, or sprigs of artificial flowers, to make them really beautiful.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

If you don’t have paper bags, you can use the brown paper filler that Amazon uses to stuff their boxes with when you order stuff.

Goodness knows, I accumulate a lot of that in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

I LOVE that brown paper. We use it for paper mache, group art projects, protecting the table when we’re crafting etc.

Ok… back to wrapping our presents.

To wrap a gift in a brown paper bag, I use:

  • brown paper bag or craft paper
  • wide fabric ribbon or raffia
  • pinecones
  • sprigs from our spruce tree
  • assorted greenery from the garden: boxwood, holly, euonymus, etc.
  • small artificial flowers
  • glue gun
  • tape
  • sprigs of spruce, boxwood, holly, euonymus etc.

Wrapping the gifts:

How to wrap a gift in a bag

Cut your paper bag open and trim the bottom off so you’re dealing with a flat piece of brown paper. If your paper bag is really wrinkly, you can iron the creases out with an iron set on low heat.

Wrap your gift as you would with normal wrapping paper, and then wrap your ribbon around the gift, criss-crossing at the top, and secure the ends underneath the package with tape or a glue gun.

Arrange a pinecone or two and some sprigs of greenery and blossoms on top of your gift, and play around with them until you come up with an arrangement you like.

Then, glue it all in place with a glue gun.

Add a handmade gift tag and you have an inexpensive wrap job that looks great!

How to wrap a gift in a bag

Bet you never thought a package in brown paper wrapping could look this pretty!

How to wrap a gift in a bag

Gift wrapping is an underrated skill. When I was a kid, I certainly had not mastered the art of neatly encasing an item in decorative paper, despite my perfectionist tendencies. Every box I wrapped was burdened with crumpled corners, ragged edges, and way too much tape. My pile of presents consisted of lopsided pouches that looked as if they’d once led lives as nicely wrapped gifts before being forever disfigured by a disgruntled postal worker. I confess: I was wrapping impaired. Luckily, it appears I’m not the only one:

My gift wrapping is so bad, it has been formally recognized as outsider art.

— Barry Crimmins (@crimmins) December 14, 2017

My very crafty mother eventually took charge of wrapping the presents I gave away during the holidays (did I mention she paid for them, too?). But as an adult, I finally felt shame in taking credit for Mom’s work. That’s when I started using gift bags, God’s gift to those not blessed with the ability to estimate how much two-dimensional material is needed to cover a three-dimensional object.

Was it easier? Absolutely. Did it save me time? YES — I estimate that Santa could lay off half of the North Pole’s elves if he took gift wrapping out of the equation. But my joyful discovery of this shortcut was short lived. Aside from the elves’ right to earn a living (especially in the absence of elf unions), I realized that gift bags are just plain tacky. My newfound, albeit unpopular, opinion is that wrapping gifts is an integral part of holiday prep. You better not pout; I’m telling you why:

Wrapping paper makes gifts look exponentially prettier.

Though the recipient of your lovely gift may not have strong opinions about gift wrapping, I’m willing to bet that they subconsciously find a wrapped present more appealing than a bagged one that looks like it’s forcefully expelling its tissue paper contents. Yes, the contents of a present itself are important, but presentation matters.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

Wrapping builds anticipation.

Remember the nearly unbearable mystery of a wrapped present? Paper and bows are literal veils of surprise that making the reveal way more exciting, and that fact remains way beyond your childhood years. If you can create such a magical illusion with some affordable materials and a little elbow grease, isn’t that well worth it the trouble?

Unwrapping is the real gift.

Now, let’s get to the important part: the unboxing. It’s a completely anticlimactic thing when you’re simply reaching into a bag and brushing aside its tissue innards to pull out a gift. No, tearing the gift wrap off of a present is fantastically satisfying for reasons science cannot explain, and it can honestly even be a little cathartic — everyone deserves that amid the stress of the holiday season.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

Gift wrap makes kids happy.

If your recipient is a kid, you should know it’s just wrong to give them a gift bag. Gift bags can only be appropriately used in one context: exchanged between adults as a sad, unspoken agreement to accept the death of holiday magic, mystery, and beauty.