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What is the best poem of all time? This list includes the best poems of all time such as “The Raven,” “Daddy,” “O Captain! My Captain!,” and “I Hear America Singing.” Poetry has captivated readers for centuries, and the poems on this list include modern classics as well as older poems that have stood the test of time.

Written works have the ability to make us feel. They make us want to believe, be inspired, and live vicariously through the stories we read on the page. Whether short or long form, poetry is often illusory, and full of rich imagery or hidden meaning. It is these elements which provoke readers to dig deeper. The best poems, like those on this list, are read throughout the ages. They are passed from generation to generation and taught throughout school to young students.

Poets and their poetry have the ability to take readers places and into worlds never imagined. Poets can often be tortured souls or great thinkers that allow the reader a new view on the world. The greatest poems on this list provide the kind of emotional connection to the written word that few other poems can.

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How to write an emo poem

Sometimes you don’t need to write a lot to express a feeling. This category is for sad poems when just a few lines will do. Feelings are not complex. When we allow ourselves to feel them in a pure undiluted way, we often begin the process of releasing pent up sadness. When you want to tell the story and the reasons behind the feeling, that will often turn into a longer poem. Both of these styles of telling are equally valid. It is simply a matter of what needs to be expressed in the moment.

Short Sad Emotional Poems

The Mask

  • By Kleis Val
  • Published: April 2015

She smiles, I cry.
She is outgoing, I am shy.
She loves, I am alone.
She is amazing, I am unknown.

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This poem is absolutely beautiful. As I was reading it, I began to think it was about a girl comparing herself to another girl, but the last 2 lines make it really touch your heart. Reading.

How Could I Be So Lonely

  • By Cath Glasgow
  • Published: October 2009

How could I be so lost
In a place I know so well?
How could I be so broken
In a family so together?

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I really saw myself when reading this poem. I’m a freshman in high school, and things have changed drastically, much to my dismay. I guess everyone realized that there were so many other.

How to write an emo poem

Teens who consider themselves Emo’s or are labeled as Emo by their peers often turn to poems and song lyrics to express their painful feelings of alienation. The path to healing and peace always includes both recognition of the self and acceptance of the self. This may be the reason why poetry is so therapeutic to an “Emo”. Frequent visitors to FFP find that reading poems can be as therapeutic as writing poems. We hope the poems displayed here can help you find comfort and acceptance.

She And Me

  • By Rose O Fletch
  • Published: January 2009

She smiles, I cry.
She’s brave, I’m shy.
She loves, I’m alone.
She’s amazing, I’m unknown.

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I went through pretty much everything that I have read here so far. The mask, keep it up long enough and it eventually becomes part of you. I used to be a cutter, the only reason I stopped.

Trying To Live

  • By Yvette
  • Published: November 2008

I am a poet writing about my pain.
I am person recovering and trying to gain.
I am your daughter who is trying to learn.
I am your sister who is starting to turn.

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I am constantly made fun if and called emo because when I was 12 I tried to hang myself and I used to cut and have scars all up my arms. I was only depressed because my dad and I were close.

I Feel Invisible

  • By Amanda
  • Published: September 2008

tears in my eyes
my fears alive
dreams were lost
hopes were dry

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I am so alone and some people say that is good but it is actually my greatest fear. My parents and family don’t understand they wouldn’t begin to know the problems I hold in my hands. You.

Cuts For A Life

  • By Danni
  • Published: April 2009

From start to finish I wonder why
The cuts look good in this messed up lie
The blood that trickles down my arm
People all stare at the girl who self-harms.

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This poem really touched my heart. I’m 16 and I started cutting when I was 13. My daily life in school was unbearable. All the kids hated me, I hung out with the wrong people, and I started.

Battle Within Myself

  • By Kristin Lore
  • Published: July 2011

Have you ever sat up at night
And just let your barrier down?
Brick by brick.
I’ve sat in silence and cried

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I have never been in a situation where I would intentionally hurt myself, but I know people who would. I keep telling them you are loved, but they don’t listen! So my only hope for this short.

Burning Sensation

  • By Eboni Allisha Uneik Church
  • Published: February 2008

This emotion runs deep,
Deeper than words can speak.
A burning sensation held deep inside her heart.
She knew she had to feel it some day from the start.

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I have the same thing everyday when I try and talk to somebody they tell me to f**k off and sort them out myself but reading these are really making me think and helping. thank you
I also.

Very emotional poems are becoming very popular with poets nowadays. Poems are a great way for emo kids to express them selfs and have they feel about day to day struggles with life.

Emo Poetry

They are very sensitive and taken to heart. Emo poetry covers a wide range of emotions one might feel such as suicide or trying to hurt your self, break ups; we all know how horrible and heartbreaking that is the devastation of losing love. It would possibley be hard for someone else without understanding of the exact type of anguish hurt and betrayl that someone else would write about to clearly agree and not feel as if it was completley crazy. Sometimes something classfied as emo poetry would write something way beyond anothers possible comprhension

More emo poem info

Emo poetry is dark, warped and twisted. It will deffinitley leave your mind wondering for a long time. But they very well could be anothers inspiration. Not everyone is happy all the time, so why pretend to be? Let your feelings out! Everything in life isn’t easy and that’s what these poems include. All of the hurt, all of your hidden intentions, all of the hate and rage and pain one has. It’s like your heart is bleeding onto the page filling it with everything you have been dieing to scream out loud. The emotions one feels are universal, maybe not to the depth of another but we all feel every emotion at least by a small percentage. Emotional poetry is a unique yet diversly way to write all your feelings down on one simply piece of paper. It is usually not something you would tell anyone. But something you must find a way to get out of you. The “emo poems” and the people who write them truley understand the meaning of deep depression.

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I am a poet writing about my pain.
I am person recovering and trying to gain.
I am your daughter who is trying to learn.
I am your sister who is starting to turn.
I am your friend acting like I am fine.
I am a wisher wishing you weren’t mine.
I am a girl who thinks about suicide.
I am a teenager who pushes her feelings aside.
I am a student who knows nothing.
I am the one asking you to care.
I am your best friend hoping you will be there.

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“The Emo” They Call Me

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My Mask Is Perfect

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  • alt=”Mega” width=”35″ height=”35″ />by Mega, Arkansas
  • 8 years ago

I am constantly made fun if and called emo because when I was 12 I tried to hang myself and I used to cut and have scars all up my arms. I was only depressed because my dad and I were close and then he got on drugs and now he calls me a freak and says that cutting is stupid and pointless. He even tries to make me take my jacket off in front of people knowing I have a lot of scars.

  • alt=”Cujo” width=”35″ height=”35″ />by Cujo
  • 8 years ago

I absolutely love your poem.. I have ALWAYS felt alone.. I get called “Emo” and “Beautiful Goth” every day.. I get completely made fun of all the time. I don’t live with my real parents because I was a mistake.. that’s what I have been told in recent years.. I have went through way more than a 14 year should go through. I hide who I am. I can’t be myself. Why me? Why do I have to go through this Hell? I want to talk to someone who is going through the same so I won’t get made fun of for telling how I feel..

  • alt=”Desirae” width=”35″ height=”35″ />by Desirae, Florida
  • 9 years ago

This poem is simply beautiful and in so many ways it describes me. I’m 15 and I’ve been cutting since I was 12.

  • alt=”Kiana Baker” width=”35″ height=”35″ />by Kiana Baker
  • 9 years ago

I absolutely love this poem. Threes no better words to explain how I feel.

  • alt=”Jasmine” width=”35″ height=”35″ />by Jasmine, Paoli Indiana
  • 9 years ago

I live a secret life where its all black no white
I live a secret life where the devil comes out at night.
I live a secret life where I scream in my slumber where no one hears me scream
I live a secret life where I’m in hell

  • alt=”Khaalidah” width=”35″ height=”35″ />by Khaalidah
  • 9 years ago

Living a secret life without being able to express myself and I’ve always felt on my own now I know that there’s others out there

  • alt=”Brittany” width=”35″ height=”35″ />by Brittany, California
  • 10 years ago

This poem really is amazing. I hurt like this sometimes when my best friend doesn’t understand. I turn to my sister because in the past she has turned to me, my mom doesn’t understand anything so instead she covers up her own pain by making fun of me. My teachers at least try to get it. They know that I am smart. So they help me. Thank you for sharing this poem. it was amazing.

  • alt=”Chelsea” width=”35″ height=”35″ />by Chelsea, San Marcos Texas
  • 10 years ago

This is a really good poem. Because I can relate to it right now in my life. And I’m trying to let others know I’m hurting. But it like they don’t even care. Even though I’m hurting more than I’ve hurt in my life right now.

  • alt=”Lauren” width=”35″ height=”35″ />by Lauren
  • 10 years ago

I’m stuck in a place were people don’t get me. they judge me for the cuts on my legs and arms. They call me wired, freaky, and Emo. I just want to live no more but day by day, I slowly die with every breathe I take. I hate having to cover my body when its hot out even with the hope of overheating then dying. I am what you call emo I guess because that’s my label now from people I barely even know.

  • alt=”kevin ryan” width=”35″ height=”35″ />by kevin ryan
  • 12 years ago

fine, I hope you feel better now, and that you are loving and being loved. The British poet John Clare wrote a poem
with the same title just before he died in a mental hospital in I think 1865
“I Am! Yet What I Am None Cares or Knows”
It is interesting to read two poems with the same title, one by a poet at the end of his life and one by a poet starting out on her life.
thank you and mind how you go x

  • alt=”Alyssa” width=”35″ height=”35″ />by Alyssa
  • 12 years ago

This is a really good poem, When I read it I realized that it explains me in so many ways. This is how I feel some days

Emo poetry is something that can be defined as emotionally provocative poetry. Emo poetry often talks about something that is difficult to discuss with most people. Some of these themes include suicidal thoughts, painful experiences, anger inspiring events, or any other kind of emotion. This doesn’t mean that all Emo poetry is suicidal, and it doesn’t mean that all Emo kids are suicidal. It is just another emotion that can be expressed through poetry.

The important thing about Emo poetry is that is serving a purpose for the writer. The art that is produced from Emo poetry is only a byproduct of the process of creating it: through this process, the writer is able to exorcise the feelings that torment him or her and produce the poem. The purpose is only to provide the writer with catharsis and relief. If the poem is good, then that is just an added benefit for readers, but the purpose of the poem is served in the process of creating it. Some quotes from Emo poetry are listed below.

This poem is untitled and the writer’s name is listed as Alone.

two shots of hate from a mouth as loud as a gun,
like an assasin . who does it for fun.

two deafening blows in a war that has just begun,
life gone away. i’m done.

two red roses sitting on my coffin, the wind blows, leaving only one
the world i know disappears. like the setting sun.

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The blues is known traditionally as a style of music played typically in 12 bars, featuring lyrics that highlight pain and suffering. The lyrics of blues songs are often as entertaining as they are tragic, and they tend to replicate poetry more than song lyrics, inspiring a sub-genre of poetry known as the blues poem. Blues poets remain true to the traditional lyrical content and structure of blues songs, while using poetic devices to make the blues lyric a natural for a poetic setting.

Step 1

Familiarize yourself with a traditional blues lyric. You’ll see that while sorrow and heartache are staples of blues content, many of the lyrics are humorous. Early blues music often highlighted the troubles in African-American culture. Today, you can apply the blues form to just about any tragic event.

Step 2

Choose your subject matter and write down some ideas. Literary devices such as irony, symbolism and metaphor are ideal for blues subject matter. Old blues musicians made use of these devices in many cases without even knowing the names of them. After you’ve found your subject, think of ways to present it using one or more of these devices.

Step 3

Write two lines of equal length that set up a problem or introduce a hard-luck story. Write a third line that expounds upon the first two lines. Here’s an example:

My baby walked out that door. My baby walked out that door. My baby walked out and now my broken door won’t open up no more.

This example uses the door as a metaphor for the narrator of the poem. The last line uses the word as a metaphor for the narrator’s heart.

Step 4

Continue to build verses based on the same old-school blues structure, with each verse introducing a larger problem. Don’t be afraid to make the lines funny. You can also bring in modern ideas. Here’s an example:

I had to walk back to Texas. I had to walk back to Texas. I had to get on my feet cuz my baby she took my Lexus.

How to write an emo poem

When people think of poetry, most often they think of a romantic, meaningful genre of writing within which people can express their deep wells of love, admiration, and longing. This is not that poetry. The creepy poetry on this list proves that poetry doesn’t have to be cute and that, like any creative form, it can be used in any number of ways. In this case, poetry is used to create dark, unnerving stories and scenarios, none of which are even remotely pleasant.

These poems aren’t all about monsters and death. That would be too easy. Sometimes what’s really creepy is saying stuff that sounds real, stuff that you may have thought about or wondered at some point in your life. They play with our minds and leave us stunned and confused. You may not love all of the poems, but you (probably) can’t deny that they stand out from the crowd.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll get chills, but I’m willing to bet that at least one of these poems will catch you for a minute.

1. "I Felt a Funeral, in my Brain" by Emily Dickinson

Just read until the end. That’s where the creepiness really sinks in.

"I felt a Funeral, in my Brain,

And Mourners to and fro

Kept treading – treading – till it seemed

That Sense was breaking through –

And when they all were seated,

A Service, like a Drum –

Kept beating – beating – till I thought

My mind was going numb –

And then I heard them lift a Box

And creak across my Soul

With those same Boots of Lead, again,

Then Space – began to toll,

As all the Heavens were a Bell,

And Being, but an Ear,

And I, and Silence, some strange Race,

Wrecked, solitary, here –

And then a Plank in Reason, broke,

And I dropped down, and down –

And hit a World, at every plunge,

And Finished knowing – then –"

2. "Outcast" by Claude McKay

Detailing the horrors of being black in a deeply racist world. Still, painfully real today.

"For the dim regions whence my fathers cameMy spirit, bondaged by the body, longs.Words felt, but never heard, my lips would frame;My soul would sing forgotten jungle songs.

I would go back to darkness and to peace,But the great western world holds me in fee,And I may never hope for full releaseWhile to its alien gods I bend my knee.

Something in me is lost, forever lost,Some vital thing has gone out of my heart,And I must walk the way of life a ghostAmong the sons of earth, a thing apart;For I was born, far from my native clime,Under the white man’s menace, out of time."

3. "Mad Girl’s Love Song" by Sylvia Plath

A poem grounded in the horrors of mental illness, by an iconic writer. Take your time reading this one.

"I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead;I lift my lids and all is born again.(I think I made you up inside my head.)

The stars go waltzing out in blue and red,And arbitrary blackness gallops in:I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.

I dreamed that you bewitched me into bedAnd sung me moon-struck, kissed me quite insane.(I think I made you up inside my head.)

God topples from the sky, hell’s fires fade:Exit seraphim and Satan’s men:I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.

I fancied you’d return the way you said,But I grow old and I forget your name.(I think I made you up inside my head.)

I should have loved a thunderbird instead;At least when spring comes they roar back again.I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.(I think I made you up inside my head.)”

4. "Her Strong Enchantments Failing" by A.E. Houseman

This is another one that gets you in the very last line. Don’t skip ahead, or you’ll ruin it.

"Her strong enchantments failing,Her towers of fear in wreck,Her limbecks dried of poisonsAnd the knife at her neck,

5. "Dead Man’s Hate" by Robert Ervin Howard

This one is creepy because of a monster. No reading between the lines required here.

"They hanged John Farrel in the dawn amid the marketplace;At dusk came Adam Brand to him and spat upon his face."Ho neighbors all," spake Adam Brand, "see ye John Farrel’s fate!"Tis proven here a hempen noose is stronger than man’s hate!

For heard ye not John Farrel’s vow to be avenged upon meCome life or death? See how he hangs high on the gallows tree!"Yet never a word the people spoke, in fear and wild surprise-For the grisly corpse raised up its head and stared with sightless eyes,

And with strange motions, slow and stiff, pointed at Adam BrandAnd clambered down the gibbet tree, the noose within its hand.With gaping mouth stood Adam Brand like a statue carved of stone,Till the dead man laid a clammy hand hard on his shoulder bone.

Then Adam shrieked like a soul in hell; the red blood left his faceAnd he reeled away in a drunken run through the screaming market place;And close behind, the dead man came with a face like a mummy’s mask,And the dead joints cracked and the stiff legs creaked with their unwonted task.

Men fled before the flying twain or shrank with bated breath,And they saw on the face of Adam Brand the seal set there by death.He reeled on buckling legs that failed, yet on and on he fled;So through the shuddering market-place, the dying fled the dead.

At the riverside fell Adam Brand with a scream that rent the skies;Across him fell John Farrel’s corpse, nor ever the twain did rise.There was no wound on Adam Brand but his brow was cold and damp,For the fear of death had blown out his life as a witch blows out a lamp.

His lips were writhed in a horrid grin like a fiend’s on Satan’s coals,And the men that looked on his face that day, his stare still haunts their souls.Such was the fate of Adam Brand, a strange, unearthly fate;For stronger than death or hempen noose are the fires of a dead man’s hate."

Image: Getty Images (1); Priscilla Westra/Unsplash; Volcan Olmez/Unsplash; Simon Wijers/Unsplash