How to braid leather

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Make a leather belt, key chain or bracelet by following specific braiding techniques that create different designs. Use leather laces, which come in different widths and colors to make multicolored leather accessories with a five-lace “herringbone” design, a round rope-like leather bracelet or a leather bracelet that has no loose ends.

Wide Flat Braid

Create a wider braided leather bracelet or key chain by using more than just three laces. Connect the ends of four, six or eight laces with a crimp end, or by tying them together with an overhand knot. Arrange the laces in front of you in two equal groups. Take the outermost lace on one side and bring it over to the middle, next to the innermost lace of the other group. Keep going back and forth between groups, bringing the outermost lace over to the middle to complete the braid.

Round Braid

Make a rope-like braid using a simple homemade loom. Cut a 3-inch-wide circle out of cardboard and poke a hole through the middle. Cut eight, evenly spaced, 1/2-inch-long slits into the edge of the circle. Tie the ends of seven leather laces together with an overhand knot and stick the knot through the hole to hold it in place. Put each lace through a slit, with one slit left empty. Create the braid by taking the leather lace three slits away from the empty slit and putting it into the empty slit. Bring the lace three slits away from the new empty slit over and insert it into the empty slit. Keep repeating this process to finish the braid.

Endless Braid

Create a braided leather bracelet without tying the laces at the ends. Measure and cut a strip of leather 10 inches long and 1 inch wide. Cut slits down the length of the strip, evenly spaced, but begin and end the slits about 1 1/2 inches away from the ends of the strip. Braid the three laces by crossing each one once. The laces on either end of the strip will have a braid formation while the middle of the strip is loose. Bring the bottom of the strip through the middle of the strip, between the first and second lace, so the bottom of the strip is now facing down. Continue with three more crosses of the laces to form a braid and bring the bottom of the strip through the second and third laces on the right of the strip. Repeat until the whole strip has been braided.

Herring Bone Braid

Group five laces together and hold them together at the ends with a long, flat crimp end. Bring the third lace from the left under both the first and second laces, so it ends up on the far left and the first and second laces cross over to the middle. Bring the fourth lace from the left through the first and second laces and cross the first lace with the fifth lace from the left. Bring the lace in the middle, which is now on the far left, over laces four and five and under laces one and two. Continue with this process until your braid is finished.

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Introduction: Leather Mystery Braid

How to braid leather

How to braid leather

How to braid leather

I was fascinated by the mystery braid leather cuffs so decided to learn how to make one.


  • A piece of leather about 1 to 2 inches longer than your wrist. I used some veg tan shoulder.
  • A press stud or snap


  • A cutting board
  • A sharp knife
  • A metal rule or straight edge
  • A punch and setting tool for the snap


  • Leather dye / finish

Step 1: Cut a Strip of Leather

Cut a strip of leather to your desired width. I did mine at about 3/4 of an inch.

I always start with a long straight edge and create a clean edge on my leather to work from then carefully measure and cut the strip. If you have a strap cutter, that will make this even easier but if not, a knife and metal rule work just fine.

Step 2: Cut to Length and Round the Corners

You want to cut the strip to about an inch longer than you want it

Round over the ends either using a coin or metal disc to shape or an end punch if you have one.

Step 3: Cut 2 Parallel Lines

This is the step that needs the most care.

Leave about an inch at either end to set the snap / press stud and then mark out 2 parallel lines. If your strap is 3/4 of an inch, you will want to have your cuts at 1/4 of an inch in from each side.

Take your time, don’t try and cut through in a singe pass.

Step 4: Punch Holes for the Snap Fasteners (Press Studs)

Find the centre of the strap and offer up the stud to get the right positioning and then punch a suitable size hole. My press studs came with a setting kit that included the punch and setting tools.

To keep things even, once I punched the fist hole, I lined up the 2 ends of the strap and marked through the 1st hole to get the positioning for the second hole.

Step 5: Braid the Leather (including the Magic Step)

Now for the interesting bit, to braid the leather.

If you’ve ever braided hair the process is very similar. ( Whilst I have no hair, I do have a daughter so I have some albeit very limited practice 🙂 )

I thought it might help to dye the leather 3 different colours so you can see what’s happening. So I’ve dyed it with Turquiose, Tan and Orange. Actually, I quite like the effect it gave when braided.

Step 6: Braid Step 1: Bottom Under the Right Hand Strip

Pass the bottom of the band under the right hand strip (Orange)

– This step is to remove the tangle that would build up because the ends are connected

Step 7: Braid Step 2 – Left to the Middle

The blue strand goes to the middle over the brown (tan) strand.

Step 8: Braid Step 3 – Right to the Middle

The orange strand goes to the middle over the blue strand

Step 9: Braid Step 4 – Left to the Middle

The brown strand goes to the middle over the orange strand

Step 10: Braid Step 5 – Bottom Under the Left Hand Strap

I put a weight onto the braids I’ve already done to keep them in place, then we need to take the next detangling step.

You want to push the bottom of the strap under the left hand strip It’s a bit tricky so I’ve tried to show lots of pictures showing where it goes.

Step 11: Braid Step 6: Right to the Middle

Bring the blue to the middle over the brown

Step 12: Braid Step 7: Left to the Middle

Move the Orange to the Middle over blue (Blue Orange Brown )

Step 13: Braid Step 8: Right to the Middle

Bring the Brown Over the Orange to the middle ( Blue Brown Orange)

Step 14: Step 6: Repeat

You should find that the “tail” is now untangled and you have your 1st braid set. For the “Mystery Braid” to work out, you have to make your braid out of a multiples of this sequence. You can repeat braid steps 1 to 8 as many times as you wish / will fit to get the braid as tight as you want it.

As I repeat, I cover my 1st braid set to help me keep track of where I’m up to.

Step 15: Step 6: Even Out the Weave

After 2 more sets, I’m happy with the number of braids I have but you can see they aren’t very even.

Your next task is to work up and down the braid loosening and tightening to get an even braid.

Once you are happy that it’s even rub the back of your braid over the corner of a table, this will help to flatten out the braid and make it look good.

Step 16: Step 7: Set the Snaps ( Press Studs)

To set your snaps, follow the instructions that came with your brand of snap.

Step 17: Finished! ( Optionals)

So that’s it done, you’ve completed your mystery braid.

My suggestions for to change things up would be

  • Try different types of leather
  • Try more than 3 strands ( there are youtube videos showing braids with more than 3 strands if you need help with that)
  • Experiment with different paints and dyes. I only dyed the leather to make it easier to show what was happening for this instructable but I love the effect
  • Use the braids for other ideas. Mystery Braids can be used for Zip pulls, Belts, Bag straps and more.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this instructable, I’ve created a really short you tube video to accompany it which you can find here:-

My YouTube Channel is here.

I’ve you’ve enjoyed it, please consider voting for this instructable in the Weaving Contest

Home » Arts & Entertainment » How to Braid Leather Cord Bracelet

How to braid leather

Braiding leather has been an ancient for of art that was created as a form of accessorizing then, The trend of adorning leather bracelets still survives in recent times, as it brings a classy and edgy look. You can see various rock band artists wearing them, or even fashion models these days.

Leather cord bracelets are unisex and look “boho” on everyone. It is simple to make and it will take no time in making a sophisticated corded leather bracelet. Follow this guide on how you can make a leather bracelet at home and learn how to braid a leather cord bracelet in these two different and neat ways:

  • Leather chords or strips in colors of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  1. Measure and cut the leather. You will take the measurements by wrapping it around your wrist and seeing how much will be needed. You will take the measurements by wrapping it around your wrist and seeing how much will be needed.

  1. Cut 3 chords with the scissors across the leather strip you have cut.How to braid leather
  1. Tie a knot at the end so that the three chords are secured together.
  1. Stick the end of the chords to the table with the help of the tape.

  1. Start braiding the braid, by wrapping the right chord over the left chord. The braid will be made similar to that of braids made on hair.How to braid leather
  1. Now cross the left strip over the center of the braid.
  1. Again, cross the far right strip over the center.
  1. Now take the far left strip over the center.

  1. Continue doing these steps till you reach the end.How to braid leather
  1. Tie the end with a knot to secure the braid.
  1. Measure and cut the leather strip wrapping it around your wrist and seeing how much will be needed.How to braid leather
  1. In this strip, cut four separate strands now. A four-stranded leather bracelet is thicker than a three-stranded leather bracelet.
  1. Tie a knot at the end so that the four chords are secured together.
  1. Lay the four strands flat and openly so that you can tell them apart before you begin weaving. Label the strands mentally as A, B, C, and D.
  1. You will begin braiding the leather bracelet now. Take the last strand (strand D), and move it over the second and third strands (B and C). Your strand order will now be A, D, B, and C.
  1. Take strand B now and pass it over strand D, moving to the left. Your strand order will be A, B, D, C now.

How to braid leather

  1. Next, move strand A to the right so that is passes over strand B and D both. our strand order will be B, D, A, C now.
  1. Cross strand D on to the right so it passes over strand A. This will make the strand order B, A, D, C. Strand D and A will be in the center now and strand B will be on the far left side. Strand C will be on the far right.
  1. Take the strand B and A in your left hand now and the strands D and C in your right hand. Pull the two away to tighten the braid you have formed so far.

How to braid leather

  1. Pass strand C to the left over D and A.
  1. Now move strand A on the left to pass it over strand C.
  1. Take strand B to the right to pass over strand A and C.
  1. Take strand C over the right passing over B. Tighten the strands as you did in step 9.
  2. Repeat all the above steps to form the bracelet to the desired length.

How to braid leather

  1. Make a knot at the end of the bracelet!

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Introduction: Braided Leather Bracelet DIY

I will show you how to make a simple,yet beautiful braided bracelet from an old belt without using any special tools,just some you can find at home or almost any local store.Here is what it should look like when we are done.

Step 1:

So to get started here`s what you`ll need:
An old leather belt,a sharp knife and a short piece of rope.

Step 2:

First cut the belt as shown in the picture above.About 9 inches (23cm) in length and about 8/10 of an inch (2cm) in width.The bottom picture is showing what you should get.

Step 3:

Next cut the strip lengthwise twice about 1/2 an inch (1,2cm) from the top going all the way through,dividing the strip into 3 equal bands .

Step 4:

Now you are ready to start braiding.First separate the bands.Then Take the LEFT one and put it OVER the MIDDLE one.So the left one is now the middle one and middle one is the left one.Then take the RIGHT one and put it OVER the MIDDLE one.The bottom picture is showing what you should get.

Step 5:

Now just keep going: LEFT OVER MIDDLE, RIGHT OVER MIDDLE. until you reach the end.
When you reach the end tie a strong knot with a piece of rope.

Step 6:

Then tie a second knot about an inch (2,5cm) away from the first one.This is the first part of your closing mechanism.

Step 7:

At the other end cut a small triangular hole so that the second knot will fit through tightly.This is the second part of your closing mechanism.Almost there:)

Step 8:

Now just put the string and the second knot through the hole you`we just made and you are done!

How to braid leather

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When is a braid not a braid? When you use this technique. Referred to as mystery, magic, or trick braiding, it involves manipulating a single piece of leather with two slits into a braided strip.

Mystery braiding isn’t hard, but it can take a few tries to get it right. As you work, the leather twists and turns. Frankly, it looks as though you’re doing something wrong, but it will smooth out at the end.

What you need

How to do it

Part 1

Use a straightedge and a matte knife to cut leather to size: 1/2 inch longer than you want the bracelet to be, and 3/4 to 1 1/2 inches wide. Cut 2 slits in the leather, leaving 1 inch uncut at each end. In the following diagrams, the dotted line helps you keep track of the left strip, which is the one you always begin braiding with, and the arrows at the top show you which strip moves in a given step.

Slip the bottom of the piece through the right slit, and pull it through.

Braid left over center.

Braid right over center.

Braid left over center.

Slip the bottom through the left gap, and pull through.

Braid right over center.

Braid left over center.

Braid right over center.

Slip the bottom through the right gap, and pull through. Repeat, braiding (left, right, left) one more time, and slip the bottom through the left gap. Pull through, and straighten the braid. Make holes in the end with an awl, and thread cord or embroidery floss through to join the ends.

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This fun magic braid leather bracelet is made from a continuous piece of leather. How can you braid a continuous piece of leather? It’s magic!

How to braid leather

Have you ever seen a magic bracelet? It’s a single piece of leather that has been braided.

It looks cool. And it’s mind boggling.

How do you braid one single piece?

It’s a simple trick that produces a really cool effect.

How to braid leather


How to braid leather

This really needs to be made out of actual leather, not the Cricut faux leather because that is too thin.

The cut file has two sizes, a longer one for larger wrists, and a shorter one for smaller wrists.

As you can see in the cut file, it’s a single piece of leather with two long slits.

This gives you the three pieces that you need to braid.

How to make a magic braid bracelet

How to braid leather

Add your hitch fastener to the squared end of the bracelet.

The hole in rounded end is for the hitch to go through to fasten to the bracelet.

You want the hitch to be on the right side of the leather.

Once you have it nice and secure your are ready to start braiding.

How to braid leather

How to do the magic braid

To get started you want to hold the bracelet up and down.

Take the bottom of the bracelet and flip the bottom of the bracelet and flip it through the right slit, front to back. Pull it back down to the bottom.

How to braid leather

Then, starting with the right strip, braid.

The rhythm is 1, 2, 3, flip.

  1. Right over left.
  2. Left over right.
  3. Right over left.
  4. Flip the bottom through the left slit, front to back.

How to braid leather

  1. Left over right
  2. Right over left.
  3. Left over right.
  4. Flip the bottom through the right slit, front to back.

Repeat from the start of the braid.

Once you do the final flip, simply even the braid out across the length of the bracelet.

And that’s it. See? Simple!

If you are more of a visual learner I have made the tutorial video below.

For more DIY jewelry check out my other jewelry posts.

For more projects check out my other Cricut posts.

Magic Braid Bracelet

How to braid leather

This fun magic braid leather bracelet is made from a continuous piece of leather. How can you braid a continuous piece of leather? It’s magic!


  • Cricut Leather
  • Hitch Fastener


  • Cricut Maker
  • Cricut Deep-Point Blade
  • Magic Braid Bracelet Cut File


  1. Cut the bracelet out of Cricut Leather.
  2. Add the fastener to the squared end.
  3. Flip the bottom of the bracelet through the right slit.
  4. Start braiding. The rhythm is 1, 2, 3, flip.
  5. Right over left.
  6. Left over right.
  7. Right over left.
  8. Flip the bottom through the left slit, front to back.
  9. Continue braiding.
  10. Left over right
  11. Right over left.
  12. Left over right.
  13. Flip the bottom through the right slit, front to back.
  14. Repeat from step 5.
  15. Once you are finished simply even out the braid and you are ready to wear it.

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Magic Braided Leather Tutorial

Seriously this tutorial is magic. I’ve been wanting to share it with you for about a year now, but it’s taken me so long to sit down & figure out the best way to explain myself. See, I discovered how to do this while mindlessly watching an episode of House.

My mother-in-law has a rad purse from the ’70s or so; it’s leather with a very cool handle. Parts of the handle are braided & parts are smooth. I thought it was just insanely cool how the handle was braided with closed ends!! What the . . . So I figured it out. Turns out it’s not as hard as you might think!

How to braid leather

I’ll be sharing this today on KSL’s Studio 5! I’ll link to the video later today for further clarification. So click the link below to read the tutorial!

• M A G I C • B R A I D E D • L E A T H E R •

How to braid leather

(of course the pattern pieces above aren’t the same, I was just too lazy to take a supplies pic that was practically the same as this one. hope you’ll forgive me.)

• S U P P L I E S •

  • hammer
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • tape
  • button-stud/snap & setter
  • 1-2 oz leather/felt

How to braid leather

Print and cut out pattern pieces. Tape onto leather. Carefully cut two inside slits with an X-acto knife & ruler. Punch holes then cut out perimeter of the pattern.

How to braid leather

Tape your leather to a sturdy surface, like a desk or slab of wood. Start a tight braid with the farthest right strand & count each time you cross a strand.How to braid leatherHow to braid leatherHow to braid leatherHow to braid leatherHow to braid leather

Ignoring the bottom part as you go, count up to 6. Once you get to six, start untangling.

How to braid leather

Look at the bottom part, the strand that’s on top should go through the hole. Follow the strand with the end of the bracelet.

How to braid leatherHow to braid leather

Once you’ve followed through that end, your ends should look like this. Take the right strand & smooth it out. the end will want to go in between the right & middle strands. Once you’ve untangled that, start your second set of 6. You might need to untangle as you go as you run out of room. The bracelet pattern uses two sets of braids.

How to braid leather

Once you’re done braiding, your bracelet will look a little lumpy. Don’t worry. Just give it some time & it’ll break in nicely.

How to braid leather

Here are the photos animated so you get a better idea of how it goes.

How to braid leather

Once you’re finished braiding, you’ll attach snaps or button-studs.

How to braid leather

Wear on your wrist for a couple of days to break it in. Be sure to get it wet if you’d like for the braids to lie flat. ENJOY!!

• O P T I O N A L •

Use this technique for purse handles!

Click the button below to download the printer-friendly version of this tutorial & for the pattern pieces. I’d love to see how you make this tutorial yours! Email me pics or link to your pics in the comments.

This tutorial is free for personal use and should not be distributed/republished without my consent. Altering the file NOT ALLOWED. If you would like to use this tutorial for commercial purposes, please email me. Thanks!

Don’t be totally confused. It looks tricky, but it’s really quite simple! Check out the video tutorial below for additional clarification:

Introduction: DIY Magic Braided Bracelet

How to braid leather

How to braid leather

How to braid leather

Few months ago I saw a friend wearing a braided leather bracelet, nothing unusual right? But I noticed that the both ends were intact. but how was it braided? I had to figure it out. I almost forgot about it but it hit me again while making the pyramid leather pouch. I searched the internet, found out that there are many ways to do the magic braid and chose the one I found easier.

It requires only one material (leather) and 2 tools (ruler & x-acto knife, pencil is optional!). Go make one, it won’t take much time 🙂

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this bracelet you’ll need:

  1. Thin leather,
  2. X-acto knife,
  3. ruler and pencil (or anything to mark).

Step 2: Getting Started

Firstly, measure your bracelet size (lengthwise) and add 2.5 cm extra.

Keep the width of the bracelet between 2-3 cm.

Use a ruler and a pencil (or anything to mark) to draw the outline of the bracelet on the leather.

Draw 2 lines to create 3 strands on the leather, make sure that the strands are equal in width.

Step 3: Cutting the Lines & Sides

Use an x-acto knife to cut the strips but not all the through the ends.

Keep 1.5 cm intact on both sides of the leather.

You can keep the sides square or cut round corners like I did,

And don’t forget to punch holes on both sides for attaching closure.

Step 4: Braiding (Part-1)

The magic braid mainly includes 2 steps.

I’m hoping that we all know how to do basic braiding.

Lets start from the right side and count each time we braid a strand,

  • Braid the right strand over middle -1,
  • Left over middle -2,
  • Right over middle -3, now stop.

Notice the gap on the right side (3rd picture of this step), just below the 3rd braid.

Now, hold the other end and take it through the gap.

This might look like a mess and all-tangled but don’t worry, see what happens in the next step.

Step 5: Braiding (Part-2)

Now, lets start braiding again.

  • Left over middle – 4,
  • Right over middle – 5,
  • And Left over middle – 6, stop braiding.

Again, notice the gap on the left side, below the 6th braid. Take the other end through the gap and the strand are tangle free!

N.B.: If you start to braid from the right side, after crossing the 3rd strand pass the other end through the gap on the right side. similarly, if you start braiding from the left side, after crossing the 6th strand pass the other end through the gap on the left side.

Continue this process until you reach the other end.

You can keep the braid loose or tight as you want.

After you’re done braiding keep something heavy over the braided leather strip for half an hour to give the braid a fresh look.

Step 6: Attaching Closure

Cut a very thin strip of leather for the closure. This strip should be long enough to tie a knot on the bracelet.

Insert the thin leather strip through the holes punched on both sides of the bracelet,

After inserting the thin strip into the holes tie 2 knots on both ends of the thin strip,

Now, simply tie a knot on the thin strip for the closure. Done!

Ahh, this was fun, I made 4 magic braided bracelets in 16 minutes!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and do share pictures if you make one 🙂

How to braid leather

How to braid leather

How to braid leather

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  • How to braid leather

How to braid leather

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