How to decorate a christmas wreath

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Have you ever made a Christmas wreath? I always admire wreaths on other people’s doors but I’ve never found a workshop that I can afford, or get to, or that doesn’t clash with work or another Christmas activity. So this year I am taking matters into my own hands, and making a simple Christmas wreath myself!

How to decorate a christmas wreath

I am certainly no expert, but I have been learning how to arrange flowers, and that has given me the confidence to just have a go!

Materials for a Simple Christmas Wreath

How to decorate a christmas wreath

What you’ll need to make a simple lit wreath:

  • A wreath. Mine is left over from our wedding, nearly 10 years ago – thanks Dad for storing it in the loft for all this time! I think I got it from Hobbycraft, or Amazon, like this nice wicker one for £2.50 plus P and P.
  • Fairy lights. I used copper wire ones similar to these but IKEA have some as do Wikos etc. If your wreath is going outside, make sure you get lights that are OK for outdoor use.
  • Greenery. You can use holly, or whatever you fancy. I chose eucalyptus from our local florist as I love the smell. I used two lengths and they were a pound each.
  • Florist’s wire. I got these short sections rather than a roll, as I thought it would be easier to control. I cut them into three shorter strips to make it neater.
  • Ribbon. I already had some white ribbon, but you can choose whatever shade you like, of course.
  • Scissors or secateurs.

COST: Around ten pounds. Not bad!

Steps to Make a Simple Christmas Wreath

Step 1: Decide where you’ll be putting the wreath.

If you don’t have a hook already, stick a Command hook on the back of the door, upside down and leave to ‘set’ for a few hours at least.

How to decorate a christmas wreath

Step 2: Wrap your fairy lights around your wreath.

How to decorate a christmas wreath

I was tempted to leave the wreath like this as it looks pretty already. But I wanted to add the greenery to see how it would look. Make sure you have enough cable left so that the battery pack will be hidden on the inside of the door.

Step 3: Attach a length of ribbon.

How to decorate a christmas wreath

Leave it long enough to drape over the back of your door – you can always cut off the end if it’s too long. I added a bow to mine but then took it off again as I wanted it to be simple. Wrap the ribbon around the top of the wreath at the same point that you light cable trails up. I wrapped a strand of floristry wire around it too, to make sure it didn’t untie.

Step 4: Add your greenery.

How to decorate a christmas wreath

Starting at the bottom of the wreath, poke the end of your greenery in between the wicker strands of your wreath. Lay it so that it follows the curve of the wreath, and use floristry wire to attach the stems. If you put them just below where the leaves start, they’ll be hidden. I like the way eucalyptus has fronds that trail out to make it look more casual, but if you prefer something neater, just tuck them in, or use more floristry wire.

Step 5: Add more greenery!

How to decorate a christmas wreath

Continue adding more strands of greenery, working around the wreath in the same direction. When your final piece over laps the first one, it will cover any ends. Add in any shorter strands of greenery if you have any gaps. I don’t mind the wicker showing through, as I wanted a rustic look, but you can carry on and cover it completely if you prefer.

Step 6: Hang your simple Christmas wreath.

How to decorate a christmas wreath

Finally, position your wreath on the front of your door, and put the battery pack and ribbon over the top of the door. Make sure your ribbon is covering the cable, and then just wrap your ribbon a few times around the hook to secure. Don’t forget to turn the lights off if you go out, and at night!

Step 7: Stand back and admire your Christmas wreath!

How to decorate a christmas wreath

Take a photo and post it to Instagram – please tag me in it if you do, I’d love to see what you come up with! I’m @pinkscharming on Instagram, do come over and see what I get up to.

Ideas to Pimp Your Christmas Wreath

If you like a more fancy Christmas wreath you could add berries, faux snow spray, holly, baubles, other Christmas decorations, a strand or beads, or pine cones. The only limit is your imagination!

Will you be making my simple Christmas wreath? Let me know if you’ve ever attempted something like this. I had no idea if mine would work but I’m really pleased with it!

Christmas calls for certain decorations. One of the basic Christmas decorations is a wreath. Today we will show you how to make a bow for a wreath. You can create a beautiful and simple bow for a Christmas wreath in a few minutes at home with children.

You will need

  • Ribbon, approximately 0,5m (3.3 ft)
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread

How To Make A Bow For A Wreath:

  1. Start with a straight ribbon with the front facing up
    How to decorate a christmas wreath
  2. Create two loops as shown in the pictures
    How to decorate a christmas wreath
    How to decorate a christmas wreath

How to decorate a christmas wreath

  • Stitch the middle of the bow with needle and thread as shown in the pictures
    How to decorate a christmas wreath
    How to decorate a christmas wreath
    How to decorate a christmas wreath
  • Tighten the thread
    How to decorate a christmas wreath
    How to decorate a christmas wreath
  • Rip the thread around the center of the bow and fix the end of the thread
    How to decorate a christmas wreath
    How to decorate a christmas wreath
  • Trim the ends of the ribbon
    How to decorate a christmas wreath
  • Done
    How to decorate a christmas wreath
  • You can use it, for example, with Christmas wreathHow to decorate a christmas wreath

    by Save on Crafts July 13, 2018 5 min read

    Photos show two wreaths made by Kate Furr Oregon City, Oregon her blog is Life on the farm:

    Fresh wreath, swags, garlands and trees.


    Fresh greenery wreaths provide the senses with many delights. Not only do they look beautiful, but they perfume the air around them. Pine boughs, ivy, eucalyptus sprays, box hedge stems and ferns are just a few kinds of fresh greenery you can use to make wreaths. Best to work on a table when preparing your wreath form and later to hang it up to add the decorations and final touches. It is easier to see where you need to add leaves, flowers, ribbons etc., when you are face to face with your wreath.

    Fresh Greens 1

    . Make a base using two wire coat hangers. Wire the hangers together and cover with floral tape.

    2. Cut several 8″ to 10″ long branches of greenery (redwood, pine, douglas fir etc.)

    3. Using , secure the branches to the wreath base. Overlap the stems. Keep adding stems until the wreath base is fully covered.

    Spring Greetings: A radiant wreath welcomes guests from Florist’s Review 101 Silk and dried designs

    Golden preserved roses, elegant green preserved hydrangea and intriguing green caspia and yarrow lavishly decorate a fern enhanced base that is enlarged by the addition of honeysuckle vine secured int othe wreaths center. The added vine widens the wreath base and enables a larger canvas onto which the luxuriant materials can be artfully arranged. The oversized composition, which is rich with the textures of feathery fern fronds and a berried garland woven among the blossoms, can bedeck a wall or door, or even be laid atop a table, beginning in spring and continuing throughout the summer.

    Materials: preserved roses

    Asian honeysuckle vine

    grapevine wreath form or smilar wreath form.

    silk berry garland

    wood picks and pan melt glue.

    Floral Wreath

    It is an old Greek custom to hang a wreath of fresh flowers on your door to celebrate special occasions. The rings are made of grass, raffia, vines or any other material. The stems of the flowers are cut to three inches or so and wired onto the garland.

    1. Gather a bundle of long grass. If the grass is too dry to shape into a circle wet it down before shaping it and binding it with fishing line, twine or floral wire.

    Wet Foam Floral Wreath or Centerpiece

    1. You will need a , foliage, flowers and two yards of thin satin ribbon.

    2. Dip the base in water until the is damp but not fully saturated. The base will drip when you hang it if you over-soak it. (Soak it if you plan to use it as a centerpiece).

    3. Insert the foliage first. Keep the stems short and fill the entire wreath with a green background.

    All about Wreath Forms

    How to make wreath hangers

    Make a wreath hanger before you begin to decorate your wreath. It establishes the top, and you can hang your wreath in front of you while you decorate. You may choose not to use your hanger to attach the wreath to the wall. Styrofoam, wire and straw wreaths are light and flat enough to hang on a nail. If your wreath is heavily decorated on one side, however, you will need a hanger to keep it centered. Grapevine and Nito wreaths need the support of wire hangers. The vines are irregular and in most cases cannot be hung on a nail. To make a hanger for a grapevine wreath, look at the shape of the wreath to determine the top. Then, slip a around a few branches in the back, at the top of the wreath. Wrap it around a few times and twist the ends of the wire. Make sure the loop is secure.

    1. Twist a circle in a medium gauge wire.

    Basic Wreaths Designs and Instructions

    How to make a simple garland wreath

    Best to work on a table when preparing your wreath form and later to hang it up to add the decorations and final touches. It is easier to see where you need to add leaves, more flowers, ribbons etc., when you are face to face with your wreath.

    How to decorate a christmas wreath

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    Oh my word…we found the cutest “Merry Christmas” sign at Walmart for $4.97. Hello, bargain! We thought this would be so cute in a Christmas wreath, and boy, were we right! We also got these cute polka dot poinsettias at Walmart, so the moral of this story is that you can find cute accents for your wreaths at places that don’t break the bank! We are going to show you how to decorate a Christmas wreath that will make a bold and festive statement on your door this holiday season!

    How to decorate a christmas wreath

    Here is what you will need to make this Christmas Wreath:

    • 24 inch Flocked Christmas Wreath (Walmart)
    • Merry Christmas Sign (Walmart)
    • Polka Dot Poinsettias (Walmart)
    • Red, Green, & White Berries (Hobby Lobby)
    • Red Glitter Sprays (Hobby Lobby)
    • Red Hydrangeas (Walmart or Hobby Lobby)
    • Various Ornaments (Walmart)
    • Optional: Extra Peppermint Ornaments & Accents (Hobby Lobby)
    • Wired 2 & 1/2 Inch Ribbon of Choice (Walmart or Hobby Lobby)
    • Wire Cutters
    • Florist Wire
    • Glue Gun
    • Glue Sticks
    • Bowdabra Bow Maker

    How To Decorate a Christmas Wreath Video…

    If you would like to know more about wreath making, join our Design With The Pros Wreath Club.

    And…don’t forget to join us on Facebook Live for our other wreath making tutorials! We always love connecting and engaging with our viewers!

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    In this two part series, get step-by-step directions and secret tips from design pros for how to decorate a wreath for Christmas.

    How to decorate a christmas wreath

    There is a home decor store where I live, called Total Bliss, that is one of my favorite places to shop and to get decorating inspiration. I shop there all year long, but at Christmas – on my, it becomes a wonderland!

    I recently had the absolute pleasure of spending time there while the store was being decorated for Christmas. Let me tell you – each and every lady who works there is extremely talented and you better believe that I soaked up every tidbit and tip that I could. I took a copious amount of photos and notes so that I could share with each of you.

    I recently shared the Designer’s Step-By-Step Directions for How To Decorate A Christmas Tree, but today I want to share all of the tips, secrets and how-to’s for how to make a Christmas wreath.

    How to decorate a christmas wreath

    The owner of Total Bliss, Nancy, was kind enough to make several different styles of Christmas wreaths and share all of her secrets with me. And of course, I have to spill the beans!

    How to decorate a christmas wreath

    We’ll start with basic tips that you can use no matter what size or style of wreath you make.


    Did you know that when the size of a wreath is quoted on the tag, it is the measurement from outer-most tip to outer-most tip when the wreath is fluffed out as much as it can possibly be? In other words, that 24″ wreath actually measures 24″ across, outside tip to outside tip. You’ll see why that’s a handy thing to know below.

    How to decorate a christmas wreath


    Yes, when it comes to wreaths, size matters. Generally speaking, you should use a 28″ – 30″ wide wreath on a 36″ wide door and a 24″ wide wreath on a 30″ wide door. If you’re using a swag instead of a wreath, keep in mind that two swags work best on a set of double doors, but I’ll admit that I personally love the look of two matching wreaths.

    How to decorate a christmas wreath


    Before selecting a wreath, you should first decide what you’re going to do with it. Going to add lots of decorations? Then go for a less expensive wreath that you don’t mind covering up. It’s sort of a waste of money to spend a fortune on a wreath only to cover it with decorations.

    How to decorate a christmas wreath

    If you love the look of an expensive wreath, such as the really full ones with mixed greenery, then the only adornment that it needs is a beautiful bow. Let that gorgeous, expensive wreath shine.

    How to decorate a christmas wreath


    Other than the obvious fact that a faux wreath is much longer lasting than one with live greenery, one of nicest thing about using a faux wreath is that it does a lot of the decorating work for you. Those bendable branches are perfect for wrapping around branches and picks. Use cable ties, instead of floral wire, to attach things to the wreath that can’t be held with one of the bendable branches. They’re easier to work with and are more secure.

    If you must use an adhesive, then hot glue is the best. But – if you can avoid using any adhesive at all, the wreath is easy to take apart and redecorate next year!

    Give an inexpensive, store-bought wreath a custom look with our favorite wreath decorating ideas. Whether you choose a real pine wreath or one with faux greenery, these DIY Christmas wreaths are sure to add holiday cheer to your home.

    Wreaths are a holiday season staple. Like a cherry on top of a sundae, no Christmas decor display is complete without a wreath. To get a look you love, consider decorating an affordable store-bought evergreen wreath. Christmas wreath decorating ideas don’t have to be complicated, and our five homemade evergreen wreaths are proof. Whether you’re just looking for inspiration or you want to recreate one of these wreaths exactly, take a look at our projects below, then click on the how-tos for further instructions for each DIY Christmas wreath. But first, pump up the holiday tunes, pour yourself some cider, and get in the holiday crafting spirit!

    Traditional with a Twist

    Add interest to a classic evergreen wreath by filling the boughs with various winter greens. Eucalyptus and cedar leaves pair well with the evergreen base, while berries add a pop of color to the mix. Add in the different elements in a clockwise formation so the finished product looks polished. This modern evergreen wreath looks great with any style of exterior or interior. Get the evergreen wreath how-to here.

    Shining Star

    Make a metallic holiday wreath that complements the Christmas tree in your living room. Fill in the evergreen base with long pine needles for a fuller look, then add twinkle lights and metallic ornaments in shades of gold, silver, and copper. For the finishing touch, attach a sparkling star to the center. See how we made this ornament-studded Christmas wreath.

    Winter Greens

    If you like to decorate your home in frosty blues and deep plum colors in the winter, then this wreath decorating idea is for you. Ditching the traditional color combo of red and green, this wreath is an ode to the true hues of winter. We traded bright berries for olive branches and finished the layers of leaves with pearlescent faux berries. Sprigs of lavender add a touch of purple. This indigo look will last you well past the holidays and through the remainder of winter. Learn how to make this holiday wreath here.

    Timeless Beauty

    Red and green is a classic holiday color combination for a reason. You can’t help but feel warm from the inside out when you see a great traditional holiday wreath. To fill a store-bought evergreen wreath with Christmas cheer, add magnolia leaves, berries, and jingle bells. Natural elements contribute seasonal scents and textures, but consider incorporating faux greenery so you can reuse this homemade wreath for years to come. Make this magnolia wreath with our how-to instructions.

    Black Tie Affair

    We’re dreaming of a white Christmas, so maybe this wreath will encourage snow to fall early this winter. Collect as many white decorations as you can, or use spray-paint to transform natural elements, such as pinecones. Inspired by the look of light snowfall on an evergreen tree, this DIY wreath features twigs, pearly accents, and a black-and-white buffalo plaid bow. Get the full instructions for this farmhouse wreath.

    Saturday, December 19, 2020

    How to Decorate a Christmas Wreath

    Christmas wreaths make wonderful decorative pieces during the holidays. You can purchase a plain wreath from your local department or home goods store and decorate it to fit your personal style. Start by choosing a theme, then select decorations like ribbons, pinecones, candy, and twinkle lights. Arrange your decorations then simply attach them with hot glue or floral wire, and voilà!

    [ Edit ] Steps

    [ Edit ] Design Ideas

    1. Use green and red ribbon to keep things simple. What better way to decorate a Christmas wreath than with Christmas colors? Select at least 3 different kinds of ribbon so you have a variety of colors, prints, and sizes. Use the ribbon to make bows in different sizes and hot-glue them to your wreath. Or, wrap the ribbon around the wreath and make a single, large bow the focal point. [1]

    How to decorate a christmas wreath

    Attach ornaments to add color and shine to your wreath. Get ball-shaped ornaments in a variety of colors and sizes to really make your wreath stand out. Space them out evenly and attach them to the wreath with hot glue. [2]

    • Space out groups of 3-5 ornaments for an aesthetically-pleasing design.
  • String twinkle lights around the wreath for a magical touch. Twinkle lights are a cost-effective way to make your wreath sparkle. Pick up a short strand and wind them around the wreath so the lights are evenly spaced out. Hang the wreath in your window for a beautiful, festive decoration. [3]

    • You can purchase a strand of twinkle for around $10 from your local crafts store.
  • Spray on fake snow for a festive addition. Pick up a can of spray-on snow and use it to dust the edges of the wreath. Concentrate more on areas where snow would naturally gather, like the top of the inner edge. Then add faux miniature trees and pinecones to complete your Christmas scene. [4]

    How to decorate a christmas wreath

    Decorate your wreath with flowers for a feminine feel. Silk flowers are perfect for this project since they won’t wilt and you can store the wreath and use it each year. Pick out a variety of blooms from your local craft store. Make sure they are proportionate to the size of the wreath. Cut off the stems and use floral wire to attach the flowers to the wreath. [5]

    • Put groups of 3 blooms together at the top left and bottom right portions of the wreath and fill in the negative space with small ornaments or ribbon bows.
  • Add a monogram for a trendy option. Monograms are super popular right now, and you can easily incorporate one into your holiday décor. Select a large letter from a craft store in a style you like. Paint the letter if you want to change the color, then attach it to the wreath with hot glue.

    • Position the letter in the center of the bottom of the wreath, then add coordinating decorations, like ribbons or ornaments, around it.
  • Attach pinecones for a more traditional look. Pinecones have an inviting smell and can make for a great contrast to the bright colors of candy canes and ornament balls. Go out and purchase a pack of scented pinecones from your local crafts store. Then, spray the back of the pinecones with glue and press them against the wreath for 15-20 seconds to let the glue harden. [6]

    • If you’re having trouble gluing the pinecones to the wreath, wrap ribbons around the wreath first and glue the pinecones to the ribbons.
  • Decorate your wreath with candy for a whimsical option. You can use candy-shaped ornaments or real candy, like candy canes. This makes a great option if you have children and can also tie into your decorating scheme if you use candy on your Christmas tree or have other candy-shaped decorations. [7]

    [ Edit ] Crafting Your Wreath

    1. Pick a theme to make your wreath cohesive. Deciding on a theme before you start decorating can help you achieve a balanced, beautiful look. Think about the rest of your home décor so you can create a wreath that will fit right in with the rest of your holiday decorations. [8]

    How to decorate a christmas wreath

    • Theme ideas include candy, winter sports, country Christmas, holiday baking, and fishing. You could even design your wreath around a single color like red or gold. The possibilities are endless!
  • Select a wreath. You can pick up a real wreath or a faux wreath or even make your own. Or, you can even make a wreath out of non-traditional items, like ball ornaments or cookie cutters! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and choose something that really reflects your personality. [9]

    How to decorate a christmas wreath

    • If you go with a real or faux wreath, fluff up the greenery and trim any overly long pieces before you start decorating.
  • Choose a variety of different decorations. You don’t have to stick with a single item, even if your wreath is themed. Pick a few different items that you like and think go well together. For instance, you could use a monogram letter, a ribbon bow, and a few flowers to make a gorgeous, balanced wreath.

    How to decorate a christmas wreath

    Lay out your design before attaching anything. Gather all of your materials and play around with the design. Aim for a balance between decorations and negative space—you don’t want the wreath to look too cluttered!

    • Asymmetry and grouping odd numbers of items together can help you create a wreath that’s visually striking.
  • Secure each item to the wreath. Once you have everything exactly where you want it, start attaching the individual pieces. In most cases, you can hot-glue the items directly to the wreath. If that doesn’t work, try using floral wire to attach the items. [10]

    • The initial step before you begin with decorating the wreath is to gather all the required materials, like scissors, glue, hooks, pencil, paper, wires, strings, and decorative stuff.
    • Go for some small ornaments of your choice like crystal balls, stars, bows, etc, to add life to your plain Christmas wreath. They are easily available in the market and at low prices. You just have to glue them to the desired places.
    • You can personalize your wreath by writing some messages or quotes on the wreath. You can also pen some slogans or interesting facts about Christmas. These messages attract people greatly and make them realize your emotions and spirits towards the festival.
    • Nutcrackers are good for those who are in love with the nutcracker ballet. Tiny nutcracker ornaments are available in different varieties. Glue them to the wreath for an eye-catching and stunning Christmas wreath.
    • Santa adornments are also very popular amongst people while decorating the Christmas wreath to elevate the passion of the festival. You can choose from assorted Santa ornaments, such as small Santa Claus miniatures, reindeers, etc.
    • Ribbons are must while decorating Christmas wreaths. They are available in exotic varieties of sizes and colors. You can create a bow out of these beautiful ribbons. They must be 1½ inches in thickness to make the same. You can add some shimmer in the ribbon sprinkling some sparkle on them. These bows and ribbons are great for Christmas wreaths to be hanged on windows.
    • Alternatively, you can opt for gingerbread ornaments. Bake your desired ornament ensuring that there is a hole at the top of it. After it is baked, you can pass the ribbon through the hole to tie it up from the wreath.
    • You can use fruits to decorate the wreath. Always try to take light colored fruits if you have a darker background. Position the stems of the fruits upwards or slightly sideways. If you are adding a medium bow in your wreath, then do not add fruits in the wreath. After you have perfectly placed the fruits on the wreath, there will be some space left which you can fill with some bunches of red berries. This addition brings life to the wreath decoration.
    • If you are planning a centerpiece Christmas wreath, then all you need is a wicker basket, firs, and floral foam.