How to hide gynecomastia at the beach

Enlarged breasts or man boobs can be frustrating, and sometimes, an embarrassing issue for men. This is especially when it hampers your daily lifestyle – always worried about what to wear, and sometimes, you’re forced to avoid social situations like going to the beach or gym. In the end, it can have adverse effects on a man’s self-confidence.

How to hide gynecomastia at the beach

The good news is many treatment options are available to treat gynecomastia. The various treatments vary depending on individual issues. Some man boobs are caused by excess weight, and this can be remedied by a change of diet and exercise or liposuction. For men with excess breast tissue and fat, they will need to undergo surgery.

If you’re preparing for treatment or undergoing treatment, it doesn’t mean that your life has to stop. You can still enjoy time with family and friends at the beach or the pool with these fantastic dressing tips.

Wear a compression shirt or vest.

It’s natural for a man with gynecomastia to feel self-conscious about their body when going to the beach. But then, if you want your man boobs to be less noticeable, try wearing a compression shirt. They will hide your gynecomastia and still keep you cool at the beach.

Go for a compression shirt that can be worn under a swim shirt or swimwear. Find one that has a low v neckline and is sleeveless, so that it wouldn’t be noticeable under your swimsuit. You can find confident body wear designed for men with gynecomastia in various online stores.

If you’re planning to go into the water, make sure that your garment is made for getting wet. Most compression shirts can be worn in salt water, but some can get spoiled in chlorinated water found in pools.

Wear a rash guard or a swim shirt.

A rash guard is a tight-fitting top worn by surfers at the beach or by other water sports athletes. A swim shirt, on the other hand, is a less fitted version of a rash guard. They are both tight-fitting and comfortable, keeping your man boobs less noticeable while making you feel confident because they are trendy as well.

You can buy them at any store that sells sportswear or at any online store. If you find that the swim shirt alone doesn’t do the trick, you can consider wearing it over a compression shirt. Make sure your swimwear comes with cooling strips to prevent you from feeling too hot when out on the beach.

Wearing a slimming striped or patterned shirt

You could choose to wear a buttoned-up shirt with a compression shirt underneath, but with this, you wouldn’t be able to get into the water. To get that beach look, go for tropical patterns or colorful vertical stripes. Don’t go for white as it will make your condition more noticeable, and that’s what you’re trying to avoid.

Getting rid of your man boobs can be a challenging and lengthy process, but there are ways to disguise them in the meantime. Your outfits can have a significant effect on the appearance of your chest, and with these tips, you can be able to enjoy time at the beach and feel a bit less self-conscious.

Many men suffer from a medical condition known as gynecomastia, which refers to the enlargement of the breast tissue area. In severe cases, this condition results in severe pain and a loss of some functional mobility. In all cases, though, it leads to the appearance of feminine-looking breasts that most men find embarrassing.

The good news is that, in most cases, this condition – commonly referred to as “man boobs” – can be easily fixed with a few basic style tricks that help to hide your body’s natural contours. In short, it is possible to hide your man breasts, even if you suffer from moderate to severe gynecomastia.

Tip #1: Embrace compression technology

Just a few years ago, it was hard to find a good compression vest that would hide gynecomastia. Now, it’s easier than you might think. You no longer have to go to a specialty retailer to find a tight-fitting compression vest.

You don’t have to worry about painful tape. Instead, just head to the athletic department of any major fashion retailer – they’re going to have compression vests from a number of the top brands, like Under Armour or Nike.

Best of all, these form-fitting options give you a full range of motion. Remember – they are made for strenuous exercise, so they move very naturally. People won’t even know that you are trying to hide man boobs with a vest.

And if you buy a size smaller than you normally would, it might help minimize your man boobs even more.

How to hide gynecomastia at the beach

Tip #2: Choose thick fabrics and layer your clothing

This might sound obvious, but it’s a lot easier to hide gynecomastia if you’re wearing thicker fabrics than if you’re wearing thin or sheer fabrics. And, better yet, try layering these fabrics. This will make it even easier to hide man boobs.

Thus, choose thick cotton clothing rather than thin, sheer clothing. And layer some fleece or other bulky cotton or wool fabric on top.

How to hide gynecomastia at the beach

Tip #3: Wear dark or neutral colors

There are times when you have to wear white, but if you wear darker or neutral colors, it will be easier to create the appearance of a flat, masculine chest. It’s really just a matter of how the human eye perceives contrast.

For example, combine a dark polo with a dark pair of jeans. You don’t have to go for the full monochromatic look, but a dark blue polo with jeans is a good look for flattening your chest area.

How to hide gynecomastia at the beach

Tip #4: Go for vertical stripes

Again, this is Style 101. It’s why women wear bathing suits with vertical stripes and not horizontal stripes – it makes the body look longer and slimmer. You can use the same logic when picking out clothing.

The closer together the stripes are, the more exaggerated the effect. Thus, pinstripes are fantastic when you need to flatten the chest area.

As far as other patterns go, avoid horizontal stripes and avoid plaids with bold patterns. It’s better to opt for thin check patterns rather than big and wide check patterns. And whatever you do, avoid plain clothing. It’s better to have some pattern than no pattern at all.

How to hide gynecomastia at the beach

Tip #5: Choose clothing with pockets

Think about the most common types of shirts: there are ones with a plain front, and some with a single pocket. What you want to find are the ones with two front pockets. The logic here is pretty obvious – one pocket for each man boob. That added depth and thickness will do a good job of hiding them.

How to hide gynecomastia at the beach

Tip #6: Wear a base layer

You have many different choices when it comes to choosing the perfect base layer: you have the V-neck undershirt, the muscle tee undershirt and the round-necked undershirt.

Here, your best bet is a shirt that provides the most coverage. So choose an undershirt with sleeves and as much neckline coverage as possible.

In fact, what some men with moobs like to do is pair a very thin white compression tee shirt with a regular thickness white t-shirt. To anyone looking at you, it’s impossible to tell that you’re wearing a compression undergarment.

Brilliant, eh?

The only problem, of course, is when the weather gets a little warmer and it’s beach season. That’s when you’ll definitely want to choose an athletic compression shirt that wicks away moisture and prevents odor.

How to hide gynecomastia at the beach

Tip #7: Go for fitted, not baggy

Most people with man boobs assume that baggy clothing is the best way to hide man boobs. But here’s the thing: hiding man boobs is not the same thing as hiding fat. If you’re packing on some extra pounds around the waist, the default option is to go with a baggy outfit.

However, here is the problem with man boobs: you might be thin and slender and still have a lot of extra tissue in your chest area. So baggy clothing tends to accentuate the problem rather than hide it.

The solution is to go for a “fitted” solution. If you’re buying a dress shirt, for example, get one with a precise fit for your collar size and sleeve size.

How to hide gynecomastia at the beach


Hiding or covering up your man boobs that result from gynecomastia is easier than you might think, and it doesn’t require tape. You just need to pay attention to a few important style tricks.

And, thanks to the popularity of compression technology, you can find some off-the-shelf solutions that can help to immediately hide man breasts. Most department stores and sporting goods stores will have a wide selection of compression vests to hide moobs.

When you layer a regular t-shirt on top of a vest and then layer on a thick undershirt, sweater or sweatshirt on top of that, you might be surprised at how well your body contour is hidden.

And that’s going to make you more confident in the way you move and interact with others when you look for ways to hide gynecomastia.

How to hide gynecomastia at the beach

With Summer officially here, you will probably be spending most of your days at the pool to beat the heat or at the beach on a family vacation.

But nothing can put a damper on a fun day by the water like ruined electronics! Here are just a few summer beach hacks to help protect your phone at the beach or poolside.

    Backup Before You Go
    This is a must. This will keep all your data safe even if your phone is lost or stolen or water damaged. This will make recovering all of your photos, music and other precious memories easier.

Keep it Cool
If you have an Apple device, it will give you a warning that your phone or tablet may begin to overheat once it hits around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The best way to prevent this is to store the device out of direct sunlight in a shady spot, like under a beach umbrella.

Tip: If your device does end up over heating, try placing it inside your beach cooler with your icy drinks to allow it to cool down quickly.

Koozie and Cool
A great way to keep your devices out of direct sunlight if you plan on using it throughout the day is by wrapping it in a drink koozie. This stylish and cheap hack will keep your phone from getting overheated. I bet you probably have about 5 of these lying around the house, and many places give these away for free.

Invest in a Waterproof Case
There are plenty of waterproof cases for all types of smart phones available at local electronics stores. Some of them can get pricey, but so is the cost of replacing a water-damaged phone. This investment will definitely pay off in the end. Some great options are LifeProof and OtterBox cases. And if buying a fancy case is out of your budget, check out our low budget hack on #6.

Put it in a Plastic Bag
This hack is so easy you probably have the supplies already in your kitchen. Grab yourself a box of plastic snack baggies. Drop one of your electronics in there and seal it tight. Now you are still able to use the touch screen, but this will prevent you from getting water in your phone or sand on the screen.

Use a Peanut Butter Jar to Keep Dry
Another great way to keep your electronics, keeps, money and other valuables dry during your beach day is a cleaned out Peanut Butter jar. Most jars are big enough to fit typical smart phones and a set of keys. Just seal up the jar once you have placed your electronics inside and you are good to go!

Bonus: Keep the label on the jar and you could use this to trick thieves from stealing your electronics if you plan on leaving your spot on the beach.

Use a Hairdryer if it Gets Wet
While many people recommend using kitty litter or rice to dry out a soaked phone, it should be used as a last resort to draw out the last bit of moisture. If your phone does get wet, try using a hair dryer on medium heat to dry out your device.

Take Your Device Out of the Car
Many beach goers think their device will be safe and cool inside their car. But this can actually be one of the worst places. Your phone can overheat quicker in parked cars directly in sun-causing damage. Take it with you and try any one of our other beach hacks to keep it safe.

Watch Out for Other Devices
Don’t stack up your devices, especially in beach bags or out in the sun. The combined heat can result in all of the devices overheating faster and causing damage.

Recycle Your Sun Screen Bottle
If you plan on leaving your spot on the beach at any point in the day, it’s a good idea to have a hiding spot to conceal your phone and keys from thieves. Try using a used sun screen bottle by washing it out and cutting off the top, so your valuables can fit inside. Other alternative hiding spots could be snack containers like Pringles containers – but make sure to put them in a plastic bag first.

Save your Phone from Sand with a Cuticle Pusher
Pick up a cheap cuticle pusher. You can use it to scoop any sand that gets caught in your phone’s crevices or in your case.

Try a Towel with Pockets
There many towels that have pockets sewn in that will keep your phone safe and dry from water, sun and direct sunlight. And if you’re handy with a sewing machine and already have a towel, you can sew your own.

Use Tape to Get Off Sand
Going out after a long day at the beach and notice there is still sand on your clothes or your phone? Grab a roll of tape and wrap it around your hand, sticky side out. Pat down your screens or clothes to use the tape as a make shift lint roller and get out those pesky grains of sand.

Try a Non-Greasy Sun Screen Option
Unless you enjoy having a slippery and greasy phone, try a non-greasy, or sheer sunscreen to keep you from smearing and smudging when you go to use your device.

  • Buy a Portable Charger
    You don’t want to miss out on capturing family memories because your phone died at a day at the beach. There are numerous amounts of portable chargers out there for all price ranges, that will allow you to charge up before you head out on your beach adventure.
  • Hopefully by trying some of quick and easy beach hacks, it will save your phone from all the dangers that can be possible from a day by the waves.

    November 13, 2019

    In order to undergo breast surgery, incisions must be made. The consequences of these incisions are scars.

    And that is no matter how imperceptible they are.

    How to hide gynecomastia at the beachWomen generally have an easier time concealing these scars (at least from the public) because they are hidden by normal clothing and even many bathing suits. Unfortunately for men, hiding their scars can be harder since their chests are exposed when they are at the beach, pool, or gym.

    Surgery for gynecomastia surgery is a male breast reduction procedure. Though this surgery is not nearly as readily discussed as female breast augmentation or breast reduction, it can be just as beneficial to the enhancement of a man’s confidence.

    Gynecomastia is the development and presence of an abnormal amount of glandular tissue and/or fat in the male breast. There are numerous causes for its development ranging from genetics, hormone imbalance and obesity to therapeutic and illicit drugs. Fortunately, there are a variety of procedures that can provide excellent results for its treatment.

    Where Will My Gynecomastia Surgery Incisions Be Located?

    The goal of gynecomastia surgery is to provide a flat, masculine appearing chest and doing so with as little scarring as possible. This can be accomplished using very small incisions for liposuction or with lengthier ones that are employed for the direct removal of excess tissue that may even include skin.

    Typically, the incisions for liposuction are around one-quarter to three-eighths an inch in length each. They can be situated along the lower part of the areola, near or along the breast crease or even in the armpit area. All these locations can help hide or camouflage the scar.

    When breast tissue has to be removed directly, the most common approach employed is along the lower half of the areola, a location that can help hide the ultimate scar. If excess skin needs to be removed, then the incisions need to be far more extensive and the eventuating scars will be much more evident and difficult to fully hide.

    How to hide gynecomastia at the beach

    How Can I Minimize the Scars That Do Develop?

    While the skill of the plastic surgeon can positively impact the probability of you ending up with an imperceptible or, at the very least, a reasonable scar, there are other modifiable factors that can affect the final result. Unfortunately, “bad” genetics is not one of them.

    Some of the more important of these factors are:

    • Avoid stress on the repair site for at least a specified minimum amount of time. Stresses across or along the incision line in the relatively early postoperative period can signal your body’s healing mechanism to produce and deposit more collagen in the area, resulting in a thicker, elevated scar. Therefore, it is often recommended that you minimize these types of activities for at least six to eight weeks.
    • Proper nutrition for healing. Without the proper nutrients that are essential for healing, there can be delays in healing and weaker scars that can ultimately lead to scar widening.
    • Avoid smoking. Smoking reduces blood supply and, therefore, oxygen reaching the affected tissues. This can lead to delayed and non-healing as well as infections – all bad for obtaining ideal scars.
    • Use a scar mitigating agent. Topical silicone gel and silicone sheeting have been shown to positively affect the appearance of the final scar, so its use is recommended.
    • Minimize sun exposure. Sun exposure can adversely affect healing and can also result in hyperpigmentation, making the scars more obvious. Being careful for around six to nine months is a reasonable period of time.
    • Closely adhere to your plastic surgeon’s recommendations. If you closely follow the instructions of your plastic surgeon, especially one well attuned to wound care and scar treatment, you are more likely to obtain the best possible results, considering all other factors remain equal.

    It is important to realize that it can take up to a year or even longer to see what the final result will be. By maximizing your odds for proper healing, you can help minimize the detectability of the scars.

    Have More Questions?

    If you are seeking surgery for your gynecomastia, you are welcome to contact Dr. Turkeltaub at the Arizona Center for Breast Surgery by calling (480) 451-3000 or by filling out our online contact form.

    Drinking in public? For shame! Unless it’s a tailgate. Or a barbecue. Or you had a really long day and just want a beer. Here are three ways to hide your booze when you aren’t supposed to be drinking.

    In Public: The Soda Can Sleeve

    If you feel like drinking in public but don’t to give yourself away, it’s pretty easy to hide your booze in any non-alcoholic container. You could put vodka in a water bottle, or whiskey in your Starbucks Iced Tea cup. Or, if you’re drinking something colored, just throw it in one of those awesome insulated Klean Kanteen bottles (seriously, they’re amazing). I once drank beer at a college open mic night out of a travel coffee mug. Literally anything will do.

    But sometimes, these aren’t enough. Sometimes, the authorities are actively looking for people hiding their alcohol in obvious coffee cups (say, at a public park, or the beach). In these situations, it helps to go the extra mile : cut up a Coke can and put it around your beer, like a sleeve. No one’s going to look too closely at coke can. Well, hopefully. (They also make products designed for this , but why buy something you can make yourself?)

    Soda Can Sleeve Hides Your Beer When Drinking in Public

    If you’re in an area that allows you to bring drinks but doesn’t allow alcohol you can have your…

    Hide Your Beer Bottle From the Man With This Clever Water Bottle

    Are you tired of being told when and where you can and cannot drink? Taking advantage of the fact…

    On a Boat: The Listerine Bottle

    Dude, screw alcohol prices on cruises. Want to bring your own on board? Empty out those mouthwash bottles (your breath was fine anyway), pour in some vodka, and add a little food coloring to make it look like the real deal. You can even slip the seal back on to make it look brand new. If you want to go really overboard (no pun intended), you can heat up plastic water bottles to keep the bottle cap seals intact.

    At a Concert: The Upside-Down Potato Chip Bag

    This one is one of my own creation, and can actually be used for non-alcoholic beverages too. Lots of outdoor concert venues let you bring in coolers with snacks, but won’t allow alcohol. Some won’t even allow you to bring water. So how do you get out of paying $7 for a cheap Bud Light or bottled water? Hide them in your cooler!

    My preferred method is to take an empty potato chip bag, throw your beverages of choice inside, and staple it back up. It helps if you open the bag from the bottom (you know, if you have the foresight to do so). Then, stick it in your cooler with the rest of your snacks, and—provided they don’t look too closely—you’ll be home free once you get through security. I’ve never had them give my cooler more than a cursory glance. You could give your cooler a hidden storage compartment , but honestly, the potato chip trick is probably overkill as it is. Photo by Espensorvik .

    DIY Hidden Storage Cooler Sneaks Booze Into Your Event

    You enjoy going to outdoor concerts, sporting events, and other festivals but the no outside…

    Of course, these are far from the only options, and every situation requires it’s own fine-tuned booze hiding method. Share your own below if you’ve got ’em. And good luck with that hangover the next day.

    Hangover Cures: Myth, Legend, and Fact

    Hangovers rank right up there with drunk dialing your angry ex as one of the least pleasant…

    Lifehacker: After Hours is a new blog about the NSFW side of life hacking. Follow us on Twitter here .

    Should You Treat Your Gynecomastia?

    Some people don’t mind. This is the case with all cosmetic criticisms we have about our bodies. But just as one person doesn’t mind, it means the world to someone else to not be self-conscious about that one thing they have. For many people, that thing is gynecomastia. Thankfully, with male breast reduction gynecomastia can be treated, the only question is: should you?

    What is Gynecomastia?

    Gynecomastia is defined as a benign enlargement of male breast tissue and is also the most common breast condition in men. At some point in their lives, somewhere between 40-50% of men will experience gynecomastia and at least 30% of them will have it for good unless it is treated. For many men, the issue begins in puberty where it is highly common to experience gynecomastia. The reason for this is that gynecomastia is caused by hormonal imbalances that result in a higher estrogen and lower testosterone count.

    While this is normal in puberty—as hormones are shifting as the body undergoes many quick changes, it is supposed to go away within a few months to two years at most. As you can imagine, for some men the issue doesn’t disappear despite the fact that hormonal levels have evened out into a proper, normal balance.

    Gynecomastia, like many conditions, can range from the mild to the severe. Some men may have a slightly enlarged breast area that is not particularly distinguishable in any manner. Considering how common gynecomastia is, what people consider a “normal” chest for men can vary. And so when gynecomastia is present in mild forms, it is not often thought of as anything unusual.

    However, when the condition is bordering on or is severe, it can be a very difficult thing to live with. As much as we pretend to be unfazed by the opinions of others, it is a very normal, natural thing to be concerned with looking our best.

    At Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery, we know better than that. A big part of feeling your best is looking your best—not to others, but to yourself before all others.

    The Obesity Epidemic and Gynecomastia

    It should come as no surprise that as America struggles more with its weight, the image of perfection is pedestalized even further. People think cosmetic surgery is about vanity—but it’s not. We have had many clients come in for procedures such as Smart Lipo—a Greenberg Cosmetic specialty, and after having had that fat reduction surgery, they were emboldened by their new look. It gave them the confidence to start exercising regularly—and in public, and eating better. That one change was the rumble that started an avalanche.

    What’s the point? The point is that sometimes just getting rid of that thing that bothers you can be enough to snowball into a much better lifestyle and mental health. In the case of gynecomastia, consider how many men are extremely self-conscious about this condition. Being highly dissatisfied with your body can impact your relationships as well as your daily wellbeing.

    Many men with gynecomastia are highly self-conscious about their chests and will shy away from all situations that require them to take their shirts off or will go out of their way to wear layers to hide their gynecomastia even when it is hot outside. Gynecomastia is often mistaken simply for excess weight, while it is true that losing weight may reduce the severity of extra weight on your chest, the part that is influenced by gynecomastia will remain the same.

    The reason being is that with gynecomastia, it is actual breast tissue which is causing the extra size to each pectoral. This is often why one breast is larger than the other in many cases as distribution is not even. Breast tissue cannot be reduced through exercise, which is why this operation is necessary if this is an issue that bothers you. As exercise will eventually make the problem stick out as you develop more underlying muscle on your chest which will just enlarge the breast are further.

    Gynecomastia Surgery Boca Raton

    Boca Raton is sunny and warm year-round, going to the beach is a way of life and something many South Floridians take advantage of. As a result, we have many clients that come in seeking treatment or consultation regarding their gynecomastia because they are sick and tired of being afraid of taking their shirts off at the beach or at the pool. In the humid and perpetually warm climate of Florida, it is not feasible to wear layers for much of the year—but this is exactly what people who are ashamed of their gynecomastia attempt to do to hide it.

    Face the world bare-chested and with confidence, contact Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery today for a free consultation. For more information on the requirements of the surgery, check out our procedure page.

    How to hide gynecomastia at the beach

    San Diego dawn patrol welcomes surfers, exercise groups, and car thieves alike. Photo: Flickr

    Editor’s Note: We’ve put together a thorough list of hide-a-key options for surfers to keep your cars safe. Check it out here.

    It was around 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning when I was asked to help a frantic surfer whose car had just been stolen. Wet, cold, and helpless, this guy was living a surfer’s worst nightmare.

    He assured me that he’s never had a problem leaving his keys on top of his tire, and he was confused how his truck could have possibly disappeared into thin air. Despite this seemly obvious hiding spot, it’s actually one of the most common places surfers leave their keys. It’s one of the most dangerous too. Like most people, this guy never thought grand theft auto could happen to him—especially in a parking lot full of trustworthy surfers. Suffice to say, car theft is extremely common at the beach.

    Here are five ways to safekeep your keys so you can enjoy your session without thinking twice:

    1. Bring it with you.

    The best thing you can do to avoid this horrible situation is keeping your car key with you at all times. I suggest tying it to a shoelace around your neck and tucking it in your wetsuit. You can also fasten the key to the the string in the pockets of your wetsuit or board shorts. If you have an electronic key, just go to a locksmith and get a door-only spare. The only risk is the key falling out of your suit, so make sure it’s tied properly.

    2. Give it to a friend.

    If you have someone with you at the beach, simply leave your valuables with them. Unless that person is secretly plotting to steal your car and everything inside, this is the definitely the second safest method while you’re in the water.

    3. Hide it under a rock or in your towel.

    Never leave your key on your tire, under your car, or in your trunk. Many thieves target surfers because we’re the chillest, right? It’s true. We’re freaking awesome. We’re so freaking chill that we’re comfortable leaving our keys in plain site. That is, until you learn the hard way. Jokes aside, if you absolutely need to hide it somewhere, stash it under a rock in a remote location on the beach. If you feel more comfortable leaving it in your towel on the beach, really keep an eye on it during your session.

    4. Get a key security lock.

    Making an investment is well worth keeping your stuff safe. For $48, this handy little Hitchsafe Tow Hitch Vault is a go-to. I’d really like to see someone get past this thing. It’s also super easy to use. All you have to do is put your keys in, set your combination, and secure it to your car.

    5. Leave it in a diaper.

    Yes, a diaper. It sounds disgusting, which is why it works. If you don’t want to dish out the cash for nifty lock, just bury your keys in a good ol’ baby diaper. That’s the last thing anyone would expect to be hidden inside, let alone touch it. There could be baby poo in it. And every knows baby poo is just the worst. The only thing you have to worry about is someone throwing it away. In that case, leave it under your towel and/or far away from a trashcan.

    If you have any other successful key-hiding methods, we’d love to hear about them. Stay safe out there!

    Addition: We’ve put together a thorough list of hide-a-key options for surfers to keep your cars safe. Check it out here.


    GYNECOMASTIA – gyn·e·co·mas·ti·a /ˌɡīnəkōˈmastēə/

    Gynecomastia is a condition which causes the enlargement of breasts in boys and men. It is also referred to as “female like breasts”, “male breasts”, or “manboobs” which affects up to 60 percent of the male population in their lifetime worldwide. This condition can be a cause of embarrassment, of bullying in schools, in the locker room, and in the boardroom.

    How to hide gynecomastia at the beach

    Gynecomastia can be caused by many things including:

    • Poor weight control
    • Use of Anabolic steroids which can block testosterone production and shift the balance of testosterone to estrogen . This phenomenon will then stimulate the growth of breast tissue. This is commonly seen in body builders who will often feel the need to perform more chest exercises as their condition worsens as breast tissue grows.
    • Genetics – Klinefelter Syndrome
    • Hormone Imbalances
    • Hormone Changes exacerbated by the use of steroids in poultry, as well as, the large use of genetically modified soy used in our food. The plant compounds, phytoestrogens/isoflavones resemble estrogen and are disruptors to our bodies.
    • Drug Use which causes Hormone Changes – The drugs, such as cannabis can affect the pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands, and the reproductive system.
    • If you are being bullied due to the appearance of your chest
    • If you feel self conscious and don’t go shirtless at the beach or while in the pool
    • If you feel that you have puffy areolas or nipples that protrude
    • If you feel you walk around with your shoulders hunched over and/or often wear a backpack to conceal your breasts
    • If you feel you need to wear an undershirt under your polo shirts or dress shirts in order to hide your breasts

    The best way to determine if you are a candidate is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gregory Albert MD, who is an American Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience treating mild to severe gynecomastia via male breast reduction procedures which can be performed under local or general anesthesia depending upon the individual and their health history. During the consultation you will be able to view our male specific before and after book to see Dr. Albert’s extensive experience treating Gynecomastia patients. After the initial consultation you will be scheduled to come in for a preoperative appointment to plan for your gynecomastia reduction surgery in our surgical suites.

    Dr. Albert has extensive experience treating gynecomastia and has been refining his techniques in male breast reduction surgery over the past 20 years and having done surgery. Dr. Albert surgically treats the gynecomastia by using a combination of special liposuction techniques and by reducing the glandular fatty breast tissue through minimal incisions. Every patient is unique as is every surgery. If a more extensive gynecomastia reduction surgery is necessary, Dr. Albert may remove excess skin, but will still maintain minimal incisions due to the skins ability to contract. The main consideration for Dr. Albert’s technique is that a patient can feel comfortable going shirtless after the gynecomastia surgery is complete.

    Dr. Albert has found that many patients with gynecomastia have a weak rib cage or are uneven to the extent of having a pectus deformity which does not allow the patient to have the support for a masculine chest. The optimal result may include the addition of volume to recreate contours of the pectoralis muscle. Therefore a patient may benefit from having fat transferred to the chest or from precise placement of pectoral implants for a more contoured and masculine chest.

    It is important to choose an American Board Certified Plastic Surgeon such as Dr. Gregory Albert who also has extensive experience treating pediatric to adult patients and professional athletes to weekend warriors.