How to make a spam musubi

This SPAM musubi recipe is a easy Hawaiian style snack that’s as simple as it is delicious. Good for snacking on the go!

How to make a spam musubi

What’s SPAM musubi?

In case you occur to’re looking for easy Hawaiian meals, SPAM musubi can’t be beat. At its simplest you may have merely three substances: SPAM, rice and nori (or seaweed).

Nonetheless the variations on SPAM musubi are numerous; you might marinate the SPAM, add a scrambled egg, make them chew sized, and even substitute rooster or beef for the meat.

And they also’re AMAZING dipped in my Standard Chinese language language Plum Sauce!

Nonetheless my favorite issue about SPAM musubi is which you may make a giant batch, individually wrap them and pop them inside the freezer. Then they make a good afternoon snack, seize and go lunch and even breakfast.

Searching for musubi in Hawaii 7-11

I had my first SPAM musubi at a consolation retailer on my method to dawn patrol, which is a daybreak surf session. I used to be a seventh grader who’d been dwelling in Hawaii for a 12 months, and this was my first time searching. I had a mixture of concern, pleasure, and willpower not to let the lovable highschool guys in our group suppose I used to be one thing nevertheless gutsy.

How to make a spam musubi

None of us had eaten breakfast, due to the early hour, so we stopped by a 7-11 to seize some quick protein. The checkout counter had a tall heated glass case, filled with rows and rows of fine plastic wrapped rectangles of rice and meat in a seaweed blanket.

An adventurous eater, I adopted the occasion of the group with out question and grabbed two SPAM musubi, for a full worth of $1.

Inside the van we dug hungrily into the steaming rice “sandwiches”, and I knew instantly that I had a new favorite snack.


In Hawaii I under no circumstances made my very personal musubi at residence, as a results of they’ve been in all places. You could possibly probably get them cheaply at any consolation retailer alongside the manapua, bentos and somen salads. We moreover made them at school (inside the science lecture rooms) and provided them as fundraisers. They’ve been even obtainable inside the college snack bar!

Nonetheless the 12 months of highschool I spent in Pennsylvannia, my sophomore 12 months, there was not a single musubi in sight, so I made a determination to start making my very personal. I acquired a low-cost musubi press (there are lots of musubi presses on Amazon) and began making a variety of SPAM musubi at a time, retaining the musubi inside the freezer for a quick microwave lunch or snack.

The first day I launched a SPAM musubi to college, my associates reacted comparatively strongly. “WHAT is THAT. ”

How to make a spam musubi

I outlined and offered them a model. “Meat from CAN? No method!” So I happily ate them myself, secretly glad that I didn’t have to share.

After a few weeks of bringing musubis to college usually, I might even see the feigned disgust change to intrigue, and sure ample, they began asking to attempt my “abroad meals”. My musubi quickly turned pretty the lunchroom commodity, and shortly I’ll commerce them for nearly one thing I wanted.


My go to methodology for SPAM musubi is a easy elementary one, with a straightforward marinade to give that additional pop of style. Some people say you need to use sushi rice, nevertheless in Hawaii we moreover used frequent rice, merely cooking it to be sticky. Merely use 1.5 components water to 1 half rice. As an example: 2 cups of uncooked rice with Three cups of water.

You may have the option to put together dinner your rice in a rice cooker or on the vary. I uncover it greatest to use a rice cooker, or the rice setting on the Immediate Pot.

How to make a spam musubi

As quickly as your rice and SPAM are cooked (positive, you’re really suppose to COOK the SPAM!), it’s time to mildew or press your musubi.

I like to lay out the strip of nori (seaweed) and put the musubi mildew on excessive of it. Then fill the mold 3/4 full with rice, that’s about two inches extreme with rice. Place your sliced SPAM on excessive and use the press to firmly press it down and compact the rice.

Then you might take away the press and wrap your nori strips throughout the musubi. My press is a prolonged one which makes two musubi, so I then scale back it in half with a knife. You may too get single musubi presses, and divided musubi presses.


Listed beneath are some selections for purchasing musubi offers on Amazon. In case you occur to buy one thing on Amazon using one among these hyperlinks, we get a small payment with out it costing you one thing additional. Thanks for supporting our family enterprise!


In case you occur to’d like to attempt your hand at making SPAM musubis, nevertheless don’t want to get a musubi mildew however, you need to use the SPAM can to press your musubi.

How to make a spam musubi

Merely open every ends of the can and use it as your mildew, pressing the rice down with the piece of SPAM you’re using. Be careful not to scale back your self on the sting of the can! You need to make the most of a spoon to press on excessive of the slice of SPAM to stay away from getting your fingers shut to these edges.

Have you ever ever ever had SPAM musubi? Have you ever ever ever had SPAM? Inform us inside the suggestions!

Be a a part of the Neighborhood

How to make a spam musubi

Spam musubi is a widespread cope with inside the American state of Hawaii, the place it has flip into a little little bit of a cultural icon. For mainlanders, Spam musubi may seem a bit mysterious, as a result of the star ingredient is Spam, a processed meat product which meets with derision in a number of components of the world. For Hawaiians, nonetheless, Spam musubi references the rich cultural historic previous of Hawaii, integrating the regional love for Spam and Hawaii’s Japanese influences in a single dish which will likely be found on every Hawaiian island, from consolation outlets to gourmand consuming locations.

Sooner than delving into the specifics of the Spam musubi, it would help to make clear the cult of Spam in Hawaii. Hawaii, after all, hosts an annual Spam competitors, and the Islanders take their Spam very considerably. Spam turned widespread in Hawaii in the midst of the Second World Battle, when an influx of troopers launched Hawaiians to the canned meat product, as current meat was comparatively scarce. Hawaiians acquired a model for Spam, pairing it with completely different regional specialties, and it labored its method into the hearts of many Hawaiians.

The Spam musubi is based on a Japanese dish which is usually often known as musubi or onigiri. Onigiri is made by compressing salted rice into a block, mounting a piece of raw fish on excessive, after which wrapping the assemblage in nori to make it into a neat packet. Onigiri is technically not sushi, as a results of the rice is not seasoned with vinegar, nevertheless it is a widespread offering in sushi consuming locations, and it is a fairly frequent meals in Hawaii, thanks to the huge Japanese inhabitants.

To make Spam musubi, cooks compress a block of rice after which add a piece of Spam which is normally fried or baked to ship out the flavour, sooner than wrapping the musubi in nori and serving it. Flavored Spam is also used, along with a fried egg, and customarily Japanese seasoning or teriyaki sauce is added to the mixture. Many Hawaiians use a musubi press, which is designed to compact the rice to the obligatory density.

This Hawaiian snack meals can really be found in all places. Some adventurous mainlanders attempt a piece of Spam musubi as soon as they go to Hawaii to get a model of native custom; they may moreover attempt an assortment of various dishes which embrace Spam. Spam musubi has moreover achieved gourmand standing, displaying up in some very trendy Hawaiian consuming locations as a cornerstone of Hawaiian delicacies.

Ever since she began contributing to the situation a variety of years up to now, Mary has embraced the thrilling drawback of being a wiseGEEK researcher and writer. Mary has a liberal arts diploma from Goddard College and spends her free time finding out, cooking, and exploring the great outside.

How to make a spam musubiMary McMahon

Ever since she began contributing to the situation a variety of years up to now, Mary has embraced the thrilling drawback of being a wiseGEEK researcher and writer. Mary has a liberal arts diploma from Goddard College and spends her free time finding out, cooking, and exploring the great outside.

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Dialogue Suggestions

@simrin– Usually spam musubi can be made with two layers of rice and a layer of spam inside the middle. It doesn’t have to be one layer of each, it’s going to rely upon selection.

I’ve under no circumstances tried the Japanese one, nevertheless I like Hawaiin spam musubi. It is among the easiest methods to have spam for my part and it’s like a small meal in a single as a results of it has a starch, protein and as well as nori which is good for you. It will not be the healthiest meals on earth, nevertheless it absolutely’s not unhealthy each, significantly when the spam is grilled and has little oil.

I’ve had spam musubi for a lot of meals after I used to be a scholar. I do know it’s meant to be a snack or appetizer nevertheless it absolutely manages hunger successfully whilst you’re in a rush. SteamLouis September 20, 2011

I’ve had Japanese onigiri a lot of cases after I used to be in Japan. Onigiri is no doubt one of many hottest snack meals there, it is provided in all places, in consolation and grocery outlets and as street meals.

It’s so good that Hawaiians have made their very personal mannequin of onigiri that’s nearer to their model. Aside from the spam, the one distinction I see between them is the way in which by which it is put collectively.

Musubi is a block of rice with a block of spam on excessive bind together with seaweed. Onigiri is put collectively a little in any other case as a results of the meat is positioned inside a ball of rice after which wrapped with a piece of seaweed. Onigiri moreover comes with a variety of fillings whereas, musubi is solely with spam.

The thought continues to be the equivalent though, every are tasty and healthful on-the-go snack! mitchell14 September 19, 2011

An excellent buddy of mine went to Hawaii for a whereas and really appreciated musubi. I really feel if I went to Hawaii, though, I’d be consuming points like native fruit and veggies. nevertheless I assume that’s considered a native delicacy too. afterall September 18, 2011

@vogueknit17- I’ve to agree with you to some extent. I don’t really eat meat now, nevertheless after I used to be a youngster we frequently had spam, as a result of it was pretty low-cost, and I under no circumstances was that into it. If my mom had acknowledged a spam musubi recipe, though, maybe it may have been fully completely different; I’d not rely upon it, though. vogueknit17 September 17, 2011

I really do not uncover spam appetizing, nevertheless I admit musubi makes it sound fully fully completely different and a lot further thrilling to me. It could be laborious for me, though, to really contemplate Spam or one thing completely different canned or Hormel meals as one thing apart from low-cost lunch meat.

How to make a spam musubi

Phrase from the creator:

    • Prep Time
    • 30 Minutes
    • Put together dinner Time
    • 15 Minutes
    • Yield
    • 4 Musubis

The conventional Hawaiian “Spam Musubi Sushi” has many different variants you might come all through. Some are sweeter whereas some saltier. Some use further rice or further spam. The following data unfolds the steps to put collectively a “straightforward” however gorgeous and delicious mannequin of the favored dish.

Explicit devices required:

How to Make Spam Musubi Sushi

  1. Very very first thing you want to do is put together dinner the rice upfront, and let it cool for a couple of minutes. Once you’ve bought it, it’s biggest to use transient grain sushi rice, nevertheless frequent rice additionally wants to be advantageous on this case. Whereas the rice is cooling, you possibly can start getting ready the spam. Take it out of the can (it helps to make a tiny hole in the back of the can for easy launch) and place it your chopping board. Slice to about 3cm (1.2 inch) thick slices, ought to make for 4 slices with the 340gr (12 OZ) bundle.
    How to make a spam musubi
  2. Place the spam sliced on a pan on extreme heat, and fry both facet for 2-Three minutes until crispy and brownish. No need to add oil, the spam itself will deal with that.
    How to make a spam musubiHow to make a spam musubi
  3. Now pour some soy sauce on the spam in accordance to model, one tablespoon per slice ought to be a good place to start. The additional soy sauce you add the salty it’s going to flip. Some variants of Spam Musubi use teriyaki sauce as a substitute of soy, or simply add sugar to the soy sooner than pouring. Fry for yet another minute from both facet, letting the soy condense and burn merely barely. You’ll uncover the spam turns a lot darker and crispier.
    How to make a spam musubiHow to make a spam musubi
  4. Cut back the nori sheet into 4 equal measurement strips. It helps to first scale back in half, placing one half on excessive of the alternative and chopping in half as soon as extra. How to make a spam musubi
  5. Let’s start making the first musubi. Take one strip of nori, and place with the robust side going by up. Take a fried slice of spam and place exactly in the midst of the strip. The spam ought to be fairly sticky and messy at this stage, so watch out. Place the mold throughout the spam slice, noticing it’s going by the suitable route (the best can solely be inserted from one side of the mold). Put as a lot rice as you want in your musubi, you need to use as a lot or little as you need.
    How to make a spam musubiHow to make a spam musubiHow to make a spam musubi
  6. Use the mold excessive to firmly press the rice in. Don’t be afraid to press laborious, or the musubi will break merely. Take away the best and gently take away the mold and wrap the remaining nori throughout the rice. The first end ought to join merely to the rice, nevertheless for the second you should use a little little bit of water to make it stick.
    How to make a spam musubiHow to make a spam musubiHow to make a spam musubi
  7. Voila, your first musubi is ready. Isn’t it gorgeous?
    How to make a spam musubi

Remaining concepts

That’s it, you’ve made it! For the sake of the net, please take a second to share your experience inside the suggestions half below. Did it find yourself as you anticipated? Increased? Ask any question you may have, any individual ought to have the choice to reply and it will even help completely different people with the equivalent question ultimately. And most importantly, have the benefit of making sushi!

How to make a spam musubi

Want to make Hawaiian Spam Musubi at residence, nevertheless don’t have a musubi mildew? Scroll to get my full Hawaiian Spam Musubi Recipe with out mildew!
This Spam Musubi recipe with out mildew contains affiliate hyperlinks which suggests when you purchase one factor from one among my affiliate hyperlinks, I will earn a small payment that goes once more into sustaining this weblog.

What Is Spam Musubi?

A normal Hawaiian recipe, spam musubi is comfort meals at it’s most fascinating. It’s basicall spam sushi and it’s oh-so-tasty!

Made with pantry staples like canned meat and rice and cooked with a sweet and savory sauce, spam musubi goes to flip into a staple in your own home after making it for the first time.

Once you’ve bought under no circumstances heard about spam musubi sooner than you are not alone! It’s a typical Hawaiian dish that has a lot of Japanese aptitude.

A comfort meals inside the Islands, spam musubi it’s a staple at most homes. However, it’s not pretty widespread on the mainland.

The issue I like primarily essentially the most about it is how easy it is to make! You solely need a couple pantry staples to create this dish at residence. However, don’t let the reality that’s large easy fool you, as a results of it’s extraordinarily delicious!

That’s the form of dish that after making it for the first time you’ll see your self coming for it again and again. It’s barely sweet and savory and has these little smoky notes thanks to the utilization of Spam (positive, the canned meat!).

It’s moreover barely caramelized since we marinate the Spam slices in a sweet and salty sauce sooner than frying it. That’s considerably among the many best points you might make with spam.

Maintain scrolling for one among our favorite Hawaiian Spam recipes!

How to make a spam musubi

Spam Musubi FAQs

Fully! It’s based on Japanese musubi, nevertheless the teriyaki Spam gives it a conventional Hawaiian twist.

Spam Musubi tastes biggest at room temperature or barely warmth. In case your Spam Musubi has been refrigerated, heat it up inside the microwave for 10-20 seconds for biggest outcomes.

In case you occur to aren’t going to eat all the musubi inside the first few hours, wrap each musubi in plastic wrap and place it inside the fridge to maintain it current. When you’re ready to eat it, merely pop it inside the microwave for 10-20 seconds to soften up the rice.

How to Kind Spam Musubi

Spam Musubi Mildew

There are spam musubi molds obtainable in the marketplace to assist you give it its type. It’s principally a little plastic press that helps in pressing the rice and spam collectively. Uncover the perfect prices proper right here.

How to make a spam musubi

That’s the spam musubi maker that I usually use after I’m making it at residence. That method, each musubi has the equivalent type and the rice is packed tightly.

It moreover makes it large easy for teenagers to help make them.

How to Make Spam Musubi With out Mildew: Alternative 1

You may too do it by hand as a result of the rice is sticky. Use the spam slice as a data and create a rice patty of the equivalent type. That’s what I did in these photos since many people don’t private a spam musubi mildew.

Spam Musubi Recipe With out Mildew: Alternative 2

Or, you might scale back out every ends of the Spam can and use it as mildew. It’s very, essential to make sure there are usually not any sharp edges on the can. The first time I tried this, I ended up chopping my hand.

How to make a spam musubi

How to Make the Spam Musubi Sauce

Some Spam musubi recipes don’t use a sauce and I really feel that’s a horrible selection. The sauce offers a lot style!

The issue I like primarily essentially the most about this recipe is the quick sauce used to marinate and put together dinner the spam slices.

I make my Spam musubi sauce recipe with soy sauce, sake (or another sturdy liquor), rice vinegar, cornstarch and water. Mix all the substances collectively and marinate the spam slices in it for spherical 30 minutes sooner than cooking.

When cooked the sugar will caramelize and the cornstarch will help in thickening it, main to a delicious pan sauce!

Spam Musubi Recipe With out Mildew

Spam Musubi Substances:

  • 1 Cup sushi rice (or white sticky rice), cooked in accordance to bundle directions
  • ½ Tbsp rice vinegar
  • 1 Sheet nori seaweed
  • 5 Spam slices (1 can)
  • 2 Tbsp vegetable oil
  • 1 Tbsp sesame oil

Spam Musubi Sauce Substances

  • 1 Tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 Tbsp water
  • 1 Tbsp sugar
  • 1 Tbsp rice vinegar
  • 1 Tsp cornstarch
  • ½ Tbsp sake

How to make a spam musubi

How to Make Spam Musubi

1. In a small bowl combine all the spam musubi sauce substances. Add the spam musubi slices and toss to combine. Let it marinate for 30 minutes.

2. In a bowl combine the sushi rice with the rice vinegar. Toss to combine and let it leisure for 5 minutes.

3. Cut back the nori seaweed into 5 stripes and put apart.

4. Heat the vegetable oil and sesame oil in a large pan over medium heat. Add the spam musubi slices and fry for spherical 2 minutes per side.

5. Take away from heat.

6. Kind the Spam Musubi: Press spherical ⅕ cup rice into the spam musubi press. Take away from the press and excessive with the cooked Spam. Wrap with a nori seaweed stripe.

7. Repeat the with the rest and serve it.

Hawaiian Spam Musubi Recipe With out Mildew

How to make a spam musubi

One of many essential widespread Hawaiian snacks is Spam Musubi. It’s good for breakfast, lunch, and even a dinner appetizer. It’s the last phrase salty (and barely sweet) meal on the go!

How To Make Spam Musubi. So delicious and very easy to make! Seasoned rice and spam, with furikake and wrapped in nori. It’s so good!

How to make a spam musubi

I’ve been on an Asian meals kick. Yesterday, I made Korean kimbap and a large easy Bibimbap and tomorrow, I’m making japchae.

How to make a spam musubi

My daughter, Madeline, simply recently requested me to make spam musubi. Spam musubi is a widespread snack in Hawaii. It’s made up of a slice of grilled Spam on excessive of or sandwiched in between rice and wrapped together with nori. Low cost and portable, Spam musubi are typically found shut to cash registers in consolation outlets all through Hawaii.

How to make a spam musubi

As soon as we’ve been there, we went out of our method to attempt among the many biggest spam musubi we could uncover in Kauai. From that second on, my youngest, Madeline, was hooked and now she asks for it on a common foundation. Since being at residence in the midst of the quarantine, it’s been a drawback discovering Spam. I used to be very tempted to buy Spam from Amazon nevertheless after I appeared it up, there have been sellers making an attempt to promote a 12-pack for $70. Insane.

I lastly found some at Wegman’s.

How to make a spam musubi

What’s Spam?

Since posting this on Instagram, I acquired many questions from people who’ve under no circumstances tried it, asking what spam is. Rising up, my dad made many different recipes with Spam nevertheless I really didn’t know Spam was.

“Spam is a mannequin of canned cooked pork made by Hormel Meals Firm, based in Minnesota. It was first launched in 1937 and gained status worldwide after its use all through World Battle II. Spam’s elementary substances are pork with ham meat added, salt, water, modified potato starch (as a binder), sugar, and sodium nitrite (as a preservative).”

How to make a spam musubi

How To Make Spam Musubi

I really uncover Spam musubi to be very comforting and delicious. There’s one factor acquainted about it due to the rice and gim and, I grew up consuming spam. Recipes with spam, comparable to fried rice and customarily even in kimchi stew, we didn’t eat it usually nevertheless after we did, I really liked it.

The Spam Musubi Molds

You should purchase the mold from Amazon, proper right here. People moreover knowledgeable me you need to use the can that the spam is offered in nevertheless I actually really feel identical to the molds are a little further useful and less complicated to use. Plus, it comes with a excessive piece that you just use to press the rice collectively. Each method, I hope you make this and experience!

How to make a spam musubi

I do know this appears prefer it’s blasting out of left topic. No, spam musubi is not a cake or a dessert of any selection – in actuality, it’s a slice of canned pork, pan fried and caramelized in its private fat and laid on excessive of a rectangular fashioned rice block, wrapped in seaweed! It’s additional salty, additional tasty and simply concerning the correct snack – within the occasion you possibly can cope with the reality that you just’re consuming meat from a can, that is! In case you occur to’re a Coco Cake Land reader, you might know that my family is form of obsessive about all points Hawaii. We like it there; I actually really feel at residence there. Maybe it’s as a results of I’ve naturally darker pores and pores and skin, I’m Asian, I’ve a few tattoos, and I’m a pretty chill particular person? I moreover adore swimming and sunshine, plus snorkelling happens to be one among my favourite points ever to do… I moreover love the mixture of Asian cultures you uncover in Hawaii, and all the large cute hapa (half Asian!) youngsters. Nonetheless you already know who could be the most important Hawaii fan of all of them? My dad, Gerry! Half of his wardrobe is Hawaiian shirts, his e-mail signature is even a conventional “Aloha”! My dad couldn’t make it to my cousin’s marriage ceremony ceremony in Hawaii last month due to some nicely being factors. So for Father’s Day, I knew what I wanted to do for my dad: ship Hawaii to him, and make him spam musubi! (and haupia chocolate cream pie, nevertheless I’ll save that recipe for a future publish!)

How to make a spam musubi

After attempting to discover recipes on-line, plus armed with my tastebuds – having freshly been to Hawaii last month (and I ate my share of spam musubi from Shirokiya – the Japanese division retailer in Honolulu!) – I used to be assured I’ll give you a first price semblance of this straightforward lunchbox meals. At first I used to be wishing I had bought a form of plastic spam musubi molds on-line, nevertheless I ended up merely using the Spam can, and I didn’t even have to scale back the underside out! Spam – the distinctive “nostril to tail!” (haha)… So proper right here you go: how to make spam musubi!

Spam Musubi


  • 1 can of Spam
  • ½ cup teriyaki sauce
  • 2 teaspoons brown sugar
  • 2 cups uncooked transient grain white rice (sushi rice)
  • Three tablespoons seasoned rice vinegar
  • 2 sheets of toasted nori

Make It!

Phrase: I used a nonstick mini rolling pin to pack down my rice. You need to make the most of any kitchen instrument that may assist you do this, or clear fingers dipped in water!

  • Make your sushi rice – I used a Tiger mannequin rice cooker, and I used a ratio of 1 cup of uncooked white rice to 1¼ cups of water.
  • Whereas your rice cooks, scale back strips of nori with clear scissors. I scale back my strips about two inches giant.
  • As quickly as your rice is accomplished, add the seasoned vinegar; mix to combine with a rice paddle.
  • Open up your can of Spam. Attempt not to be horrified by the sight and scent of pale packed meat glistening in its private gelatin. Ha! Slice the Spam into eight equal slices.
  • In a medium bowl, mix the teriyaki sauce and brown sugar until combined. Marinate the Spam slices inside the mixture for a couple of minutes.
  • In a medium frying pan set on medium extreme heat, fry up your Spam slices until caramelized and browned, spherical 2 minutes per side.
  • Switch to a clear countertop or desk workspace.
  • Spoon 1/Three cup of rice into your empty Spam can. Pack the rice down in a truthful layer. Flip the can the opposite approach up and whack it flat down in your workspace countertop. If the rice is packed down successfully, it will plop out in a good rectangular rice puck!
  • Place a slice of browned Spam on excessive of the rice.
  • Wrap the Spam and rice with a strip of nori! Use a little little bit of water to adhere the nori edges collectively.
  • You in all probability did it!! Eat the first spam musubi (you may have to examine it!). Then proceed the tactic with the remaining substances; serve warmth.

How to make a spam musubi

Put together dinner and season your sushi rice, fry up your Spam slices, scale back your Nori – you are ready!

How to make a spam musubi

Pack your rice down into the empty Spam container.

How to make a spam musubi

Whack the can onto your workspace and are available out the rice block.

How to make a spam musubi

Place your salty delicious slice of fried Spam on excessive! Good match!

How to make a spam musubi

Nori strip wrapping time! Place your nori on excessive; it will stick correct to the Spam.

How to make a spam musubi

Fold the Nori over the musubi and seal the edges with a little little little bit of water.

How to make a spam musubi

Oy yoy yoy! Delicious salty stack of fine snacky-ness!

How to make a spam musubi

How many Spam musubi are you in a position to eat? I admit, biting into a piece of Spam makes you feel like a salt vampire has vaporized every last molecule of water in your physique. It is some salty stuff. Nonetheless biting into a spam musubi, freshly made and nonetheless scorching – crispy tender pork with a contact of caramelized sweetness on excessive of tender packed rice and lightweight as air crunchy nori – pretty darn tasty! I would like to attempt it subsequent with skinny slices of yellow oshinko pickle and omelette style egg, too!

After I used to be trying spherical for recipes, I bought right here all through these good posts, too:

TOTORO Spam Musubi from Steph at I Am A Meals Weblog! OMG with a slice of Spam on excessive.

Cynthia of Two Crimson Bowls and her Spam Musubi recipe!

Once you’ve bought time to kill on a kawaii insaneo hyperlink labyrinth, I like to advocate going down this bento area rabbit hole: Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi

Let me know within the occasion you make these crazy points! Maintain tuned for my publish on haupia chocolate cream pie! Snug Monday, cake pals! xo Lyndsay

How do you heat Spam musubi?

Profit from the spam musubi immediately at room temperature. You may have the option to retailer them in an airtight container or wrap them with plastic wrap and place them inside the fridge. To serve refrigerated musubi, warmth them inside the microwave for 20 seconds or so, to get the perfect texture.

How do you eat Spam musubi?

SPAM is eaten in some methods, nevertheless in Hawaii it is best liked sliced into gadgets, pan fried or deep fried and served with a mattress of steamed rice. The Fantastic SPAM Musubi!

Is Spam musubi good the next day?

In case you occur to aren’t consuming all the spam musubi in a single sitting, wrap them in plastic to eat later inside the day. In case you occur to need to retailer it longer, maintain them in fridge, then reheat in microwave for 30 seconds or until warmth.

Can Spam musubi be ignored?

After months of bargaining, the Properly being Division simply recently launched revised draft pointers allowing native favorites like Spam musubi to be saved at room temperature for as long as Four hours. After that, the meals must be discarded.

Can cooked spam be ignored?

Spam is a processed meat, created from leftover pork shoulder. Particularly, Spam, is already cooked, and has a lot of preservatives. Any cooked meat should not be ignored better than a couple of hours – for concern of micro organism. Spam with it’s preservatives might get you a little further time.

Why is spam giant in Hawaii?

In accordance to the SPAM website online, the island’s love affair with Spam began in World Battle II, when GIs have been served the salty luncheon meat as a results of it didn’t require refrigeration and had a prolonged shelf life. The Hormel Firm, which manufactures Spam, provided 15 million cans to Allied troops every week.

Can I freeze Spam musubi?

You may have the option to eat the musubi immediately, or wrap tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate or freeze to eat later. To heat from frozen, maintain wrapped and microwave for 30-45 seconds.

Are you in a position to eat Spam raw?

No product is produced or labeled as Spam until it canned, sealed, and cooked. It is completely cooked whereas inside the sealed can, so it is fully safe to eat straight out of the can, as lots of of 1000’s of troopers did in World Battle II out of necessity.

How unhealthy is spam for you?

Though Spam is useful, easy to use and has a prolonged shelf-life, it’s moreover very extreme in fat, power and sodium and low in vital nutritional vitamins, comparable to protein, dietary nutritional vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, it’s extraordinarily processed and contains preservatives like sodium nitrite which can set off a variety of adversarial nicely being outcomes.

What does SPAM stand for?

The distinctive variety of Spam continues to be obtainable at current, acknowledged as a result of the ‘spiced hammiest’ of all of them. All through WWII and previous, the meat colloquially turned acknowledged inside the UK as an acronym that stood for Explicit Processed American Meat.

How do you pack Spam musubi for lunch?

You do a half layer of rice, sprinkle furikake (non-obligatory), then the Spam, further furikake, then a excessive layer of rice. Then wrap the whole factor in nori. These are merely full Spam Musubi scale back into halves or quarters (usually seen as a a part of a bento). Minis may be made with a mini musubi mildew.

Can Rice sit out in a single day?

After cooking rice, you should not let it sit out for better than an hour. That micro organism can survive even after the rice is cooked, and the longer rice is ignored at room temperature, the upper the probabilities the micro organism will multiply and doubtless product toxins.

Would you like to refrigerate spam?

Spam does not have to be refrigerated till you may have already opened the can. An identical with any canned food- canned and jarred meals are shelf stable- which means they will hold good to eat with out refrigeration- in your shelf in your pantry. Inside the case of glass jarred meals, you might retailer the leftovers inside the jar.

Can onigiri be made the evening time sooner than?

That being said, you might make them the evening time sooner than, nevertheless you need to take some measures. There are a few points you’re able to do to have moist (nevertheless not moist) rice balls.

How to make a spam musubi

How to make a spam musubi


Musubi is a widespread Hawaiian snack found in every single place within the Hawaiian islands, at useful outlets and gasoline stations.

Its origin is Japanese omusubi, which is steamed white rice formed into rice balls and wrapped with nori or seaweed.

There are quite a few variations of musubi, nevertheless the popular ones are Spam musubi.

It’s an all-American invention, with steamed white rice in a block, topped with a slice of Spam after which wrapped with a small piece of nori seaweed.

How to make a spam musubi

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Musubi Recipe

My son loves musubis and he requested a selfmade recipe. It’s very easy to make these quick snacks at residence.

All you need are the subsequent substances:

  • Steamed white rice.
  • Spam. I would like to use low-sodium Spam.
  • Japanese toasted seaweed or nori.
  • Teriyaki sauce.

How to make a spam musubi

Moreover, you want a musubi mildew or maker, which you will get from Amazon or from Japanese meals outlets. It’s decrease than $10.

How to make a spam musubi

How to Make Spam Musubi?

It’s very easy to assemble this glorious Hawaiian snack after you may have the instrument.

First, pan fry the ham. On a flat flooring, line a sheet of plastic wrap, then add a nori seaweed and place the Musubi mildew inside the center of the seaweed.

Moist every fingers with water, put together the rice into the musubi maker and press it tight using the presser. Take away the mold from the rice.

Brush some teriyaki sauce on excessive of the rice and place a piece of spam on excessive of the rice.

Pull both facet of the seaweed up and seal tight. The spam musubi is now ready to eat.

How to make a spam musubi

Put together dinner’s Concepts

To make the perfect musubi that doesn’t adjust to apart, please adjust to the subsequent ideas:

  • Use current steamed rice as a results of it’s sticky. Do not use in a single day or leftover rice inside the fridge. The rice grains will seemingly be too dry.
  • Consider to moist your fingers with water sooner than assembling.
  • To spice up the flavors of the rice, add 2 tablespoons of Japanese rice vinegar into the water. When you dip your fingers into the vinegared water, the flavour will change to the rice.
  • Hawaiian musubis are wrapped with plastic wrap. This makes it less complicated to profit from the snack and forestall the rice from falling apart. You could possibly do the equivalent.

How to make a spam musubi

Steadily Requested Questions

Can I Add Egg to Musubi?

Certain, you might add fried egg to musubi. Merely make sure that your fried egg or omelette is fashioned into a rectangle type.

How to Make Spam Musubi Sauce?

The perfect sauce to make is teriyaki sauce. It requires below Three substances: soy sauce, mirin and sugar.

Please take a have a look at my recipe for teriyaki sauce. The sauce will likely be made upfront and maintain inside the fridge.

Use a pastry brush to brush the sauce on the rice whereas assembling.

How Many Power Per Serving?

This recipe is solely 102 power per serving.

What to Serve with this Recipe?

Serve this snack with healthful side dishes. For a Hawaiian-style dinner at residence, I like to advocate the subsequent recipes.

How to make a spam musubi

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How to make a spam musubi

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How to make a spam musubi

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How to make a spam musubi

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How to make a spam musubi

Hawaiian spam musubi is the perfect! Substances are steamed white rice, musubi sauce, Spam and toasted seaweed. Musubi is easy to make at residence and splendid as a snack.