How to mirror to a tv on android

Here are a few simple methods, with detailed explanation of each to follow:

1. Mini HDMI Cable
2. Chromecast

The first is the simplest, provided your phone has an HDMI port and you have an HDMI to MiniHDMI cable handy.
Take a look at this Motorola Droid X for an example of what this port looks like:

How to mirror to a tv on android

And this is the cable:

How to mirror to a tv on android

Simply plug the cable into your phone and your TV and open the Android system settings>display and check ‘HDMI Connection’ to enable the feature. This works well in landscape mode as it actually mirrors your android desktop onto the TV. The only draw back is that some applications (such as HBO Go) explicitly prohibit the use of HDMI out and you’ve got to be connected to the TV with a wire. Otherwise, anything you can see on the phone can be displayed via the HDMI cable connected to the TV!

The second method works similarly, but uses the Google Chromecast dongle to wirelessly transmit the signal from your phone to the TV. Just purchase a Google Chrome Cast Dongle, like this:

How to mirror to a tv on android

And plug the HDMI dongle into your TV.
Now on the android device go to the Google Play store and download the Chromecast app. Be sure you update the app immediately to be running the latest version. Once updated connect your phone to a local WiFi network and launch the Chromecast app. Be sure the Chrome cast dongle is plugged into the TV, has USB power, and the TV source is set to that HDMI port.

The TV will provide a setup code which you can enter into the Chromecast app, and then you are synched up.

Chromecast has further limitations beyond the HDMI cable, in that it will only display what you are viewing on the phone’s Chrome browser or in apps specially designed for Chromecast, such as Netflix. I’ve been able to use the browser’s ability to play AVI and MPG files to stream movies directly from my phone’s SD card to the TV. Keep a look out for more apps supporting Chromecast coming soon!

How to mirror to a tv on android

Casting and mirroring are very popular now. They serve as a tool to see the content of your small device on a bigger viewing display.

In this article, we will show you how to easily mirror your Android device’s display to your TV screen.

Tools required to Mirror Android to TV

1. Miracast screen sharing app

3. Screen mirroring app

Using Miracast

Miracast screen sharing app lets you mirror your Android 4.2 device or later to your TV with 1080p screen resolution wirelessly.

It’s versatile and has the capability to work with Android devices, as well as mirroring computers.

Miracast doesn’t require a Wi-Fi network to mirror your Android screen to a TV screen but instead sets up its own private streaming network through Wi-Fi Direct function on your Android.

However, Miracast app will only work for TVs that have a Miracast receiver.

You can use Google search to know the compatibility of your TV receiver.

Follow the guide below to mirror Android to a TV using Miracast:

1. Go to Google play store, Download and install the app on your phone

2. Connect both devices on the same WiFi network

3. Launch the application from your phone, and enable Miracast Display on your TV

4. On your phone click the “START” to start mirroring

Using Chromecast

Chromecast is the best solution for those who don’t have Miracast-capable devices.

With an update made to Chromecast HD device back in 2018, Chromecast Ultra offers 4K streaming and HDR support.

Chromecast is a competitor of Apple TV and is available for $35, or $69 if you want Chromecast Ultra, a 4K-compatible device. It lets you stream audio or video content from your devices to your TV.

Chromecast is a separate HDMI dongle that you can connect to your TV by using Google home app on your phone or tablet.

Using Chrome cast is very easy, just make sure that you have the Google Home app downloaded on your device.

Steps to mirroring your Android to a TV using Chromecast:

– Make sure your Chromecast and your Android smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network.

– Launch the Google Home app on your Android device.

– Tap the Menu button located in the top left corner of the app and then follow Cast Screen/Audio>Cast Screen/Audio.

– Select your Chromecast.

After these steps, you can let your phone rest and save battery while you enjoy a larger viewing display.

Using Screen Mirroring

This is one of the best screen mirroring apps and you can use it to share the content of your device to a larger screen like a TV.

Screen mirroring apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free.

However, screen mirroring is possible with this application, if your TV supports Miracast Display receiver.

How to mirror Android phone to TV using screen mirroring app.

1. Go to Google Play on your mobile device and download the screen mirroring app .

2. Connect both devices under the same WiFi network. Launch the application from your phone.

3. Enable the Miracast Display on your TV.

4. Tap the “START” button on your phone to start screen mirroring Android to TV and select the name of the TV and then it will automatically mirror the screen of your phone.

5. Go to YouTube or any other media display app on your phone and open the movie or video in a full-screen view, then Click “CAST” to begin mirroring.

6. Tap the back key and confirm the exit by tapping “yes”.

Using HDMI Cable

If at all your TV does not support WiFi or you don’t have a Chromecast dongle, you can still stream your Android device’s screen to your TV using HDMI cable .

As long as your phone has a micro USB port which is the case for all Android smartphones, look out for ‘micro USB to HDMI cable’.

Once you have the HDMI cable, plug in the HDMI ends to your TV’s HDMI port and the other end to your phone’s USB connection port.

Switch on your TV and select the HDMI output using either your TV remote or output button on your TV. And then your phone’s display will appear on the TV.


The above content summarizes currently the most popular way to mirror Android to TV. Also, you can choose to try some third-party screen mirroring apps to mirror your phone screen to PC and connect your PC to TV, such as ApowerMirror.

Though all of them have the same capabilities, they vary when it comes to compatibility with certain devices. By carefully analyzing them, Screen Mirroring is the most flexible app among them.

Joe Fedewa
How to mirror to a tv on androidJoe Fedewa

Joe Fedewa is a Staff Writer at How-To Geek. He has close to a decade of experience covering consumer technology and previously worked as a News Editor at XDA Developers. Joe loves all things technology and is also an avid DIYer at heart. He has written thousands of articles, hundreds of tutorials, and dozens of reviews. Read more.

How to mirror to a tv on android

Joe Fedewa

Gathering people around your phone to show off a picture or video can be a pain, but thanks to Android and Chromecast, it doesn’t have to be. We’ll show you how to wirelessly mirror your Android phone or tablet’s screen to a TV.

Before we get started, it should be mentioned that mirroring your screen might not be the best method to share content on a TV. Many video and photo apps allow you to “cast” to a Chromecast-enabled device. This will be a much nicer experience than mirroring your screen.

For all of those other situations, mirroring your screen is a handy trick to know. There are a few things that you’ll need:

  • An Android phone or tablet running Android 5.0 or later.
  • An Android TV or Chromecast-enabled device.

We’ll start with the easiest method, which isn’t available on all devices. On your Android phone or tablet, swipe down from the top of the screen once and then a second time to expand the Quick Settings toggles.

Find the toggle labeled “Screen Cast” and tap it.

How to mirror to a tv on android

This will bring up a list of devices that you can mirror your screen to. Select the one that you want.

How to mirror to a tv on android

A message will explain that all of the information visible on your screen will be available to the service. Tap “Start Now” if you agree.

How to mirror to a tv on android

You will now see your screen on the receiving device.

If you don’t have the “Screen Cast” toggle in the Quick Settings, you will need to mirror your screen with the Google Home app. Open the app on your Android phone or tablet and select the device that you want to mirror your screen to.

How to mirror to a tv on android

At the bottom of the app, tap “Cast My Screen.”

How to mirror to a tv on android

You’ll see a message explaining what mirroring does. Tap “Cast Screen” to proceed.

How to mirror to a tv on android

Lastly, another message will explain that all of the information visible on your screen will be available to the service. Tap “Start Now” if you agree.

How to mirror to a tv on android

You will now see your screen on the receiving device.

To stop casting your screen, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap “Disconnect” on the cast notification.

How to mirror to a tv on android

That’s all there is to it. Screen mirroring is handy for those times when you want to show something on your phone, but it doesn’t work with traditional Google Cast features.

Alternatively, there are ways to mirror your Android handset’s display to an Amazon Fire TV or Roku set-top box.

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How to mirror to a tv on android Joe Fedewa
Joe Fedewa is a Staff Writer at How-To Geek. He has close to a decade of experience covering consumer technology and previously worked as a News Editor at XDA Developers. Joe loves all things technology and is also an avid DIYer at heart. He has written thousands of articles, hundreds of tutorials, and dozens of reviews.
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How to mirror to a tv on android SOURCE: ASURION

Over the years, smartphone technology has developed into more extensive and more powerful devices. They usually have a display with an OLED panel at least 6-inches wide, stereo speakers, and so forth. Despite this, the comfort of watching content on the big screen on your TV while you are relaxing on the couch will be unmatched. Always.

The new generation of smartphones comes with a beautiful feature that allows you to mirror on-device content on the TV. Using Screen Mirroring, we will show you how to connect your phone to your TV.

Screen Mirroring: What does that mean?

In most smartphones, you can use screen mirroring (casting) to wirelessly cast the content from the phone to another device, usually a TV or external monitor. The Big screen helps display photos, play games, and watching movies.

A smart TV has screen mirroring built-in, but older TVs require a media stick or a media player to work with screen mirroring. Screen mirroring is available on many media streaming devices, including the Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, and Roku.

To cast your smartphone to a Smart TV, you must first ensure that your phone and TV are connected to the same WiFi network. You should also have a streaming device that allows you to mirror your screen on your smart TV or Chromecast built-in.

How to: Mirror an Android Phone to a Smart TV

Most smartphones have the option of screen mirroring, but the terminology and steps for activating it may differ by manufacturer. This is how you can wirelessly connect your Android phone screen to a smart TV –

  1. From the top of the screen, swipe down twice to access the Quick Settings panel and select Cast.
  2. You can access the Screen Cast option by clicking Edit and then locating the toggle.
  3. To access the Quick Settings, hold and drag the cast button.
  4. You can check if your Smart TV appears on the list by clicking the Screencast button.
  5. To mirror your Android phone, tap on your TV’s name.

In the Quick Settings panel, tap on the Cast toggle to turn off Android screencasting. This feature is available on Android devices running 5.0 and later.

Check your device’s settings if it has the option to connect Android to TV wirelessly. It might be labeled differently.

Xiaomi devices, for instance, have two options within the device settings that offer screen mirroring – Cast and Wireless display. The majority of Xiaomi users can cast their screens using a Wireless display. It can be found in Settings > Connection & Sharing > Wireless Display.

How to : Mirror an Android Screen Wirelessly Using the Google Home App

With the Google Home app, you can connect your Android screen to your Smart TV. If you own a Chromecast or have an Android TV with Chromecast built-in, you will be able to use this method.

  1. Install the Google Home app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Install Google Chromecast if you haven’t already. You will automatically see your TV’s Chromecast built-in if it has one.
  3. You can cast your screen by tapping on the device and then selecting “Cast my screen.”
  4. Tap on the Cast screen > Start now.
  5. Repeat the steps and select “Stop mirroring” if you want to stop your Android from appearing on your Smart TV.

How to : Mirror an iPhone to a Smart TV

Screen mirroring is also supported on iPhones and iPads, but you need an Apple TV or AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV. To connect your iOS mobile to your TV wirelessly, here’s what you need to do.

Modern households are smart home hubs with several interconnected devices. For instance, our smart TV is also connected to our smart speaker, our phone, our smart camera, and so on. Here, the connection between a smart TV and your smartphone is of utmost importance. It allows you to screen share, view videos, and do a lot more on a larger display.

How to mirror to a tv on android

There are multiple ways in which you can connect your smartphone to the TV. For instance, there’s mirroring support on your smartphone that connects to your TV. However, there might be instances where your TV doesn’t support Miracast technology. Then you can make use of a wireless display adapter. In this article, we discuss the ways to connect your smartphone to a TV.

Smartphone To TV Connection Via Wireless Screen Sharing

Pairing your smartphone with your smart TV opens doors for a wider display to look at pictures, play games, and even watch videos. It’s especially handy when there are many people at home and you want to display the media on a bigger display. Here, wireless screen sharing is quite handy. But this depends on the type of TV and the phone you have.

Pairing Android Smartphone To Smart TV

Here are the steps to wireless pair your Android smartphone that supports Miracast technology:

Step 1: Open the Settings tab on your smart TV to find the Screen Sharing option

Step 2: On your phone, open the Settings tab > Wireless display > Screen sharing. You should be able to find the screen sharing option when you search it in the Settings app

Step 3: Both devices will automatically begin searching. Now, you need to select the TV name on your phone to pair them together

Step 4: If there’s a password, you need to enter it now and begin screen sharing on your TV.

Pairing iPhone With Apple TV

If you have an iPhone and wish to wireless share with your Apple TV, here are the steps to do so:

Step 1: Open the Settings on your iPhone > General > AirPlay & Handoff

Step 2: Here, select AirPlay and TVs

Step 3: Now, open the Settings tab on your Apple TV (ensure both your iPhone and Apple TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network)

Step 4: You will be able to see your Apple TV on the iPhone AirPlay tab. Select it to begin screen sharing from your iPhone to Apple TV.

Smartphone To TV Connection Via Streaming Devices

Streaming devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick can be used as a device to mirror your smartphone onto the smart TV. This is especially handy when your TV doesn’t support Miracast technology.

Pairing Android Phone Via Amazon Fire TV Stick

Step 1: Firstly, setup the Amazon Fire TV stick on your TV

Step 2: Next, you’ll find multiple options like apps, sleep, mirroring, and settings when you long-press the Home button on the Amazon Fire TV stick

Step 3: Here, select Mirroring > then choose the smartphone that you wish to mirror

Step 4: On your Android smartphone, select the cast/screen mirror feature to link with the Amazon Fire TV Stick via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Step 5: Once selected, your Android phone will be connected to your TV via the Amazon Fire TV stick, letting you mirror your phone easily.

Pairing Android Phone Via Chromecast

Similarly, you can screen share/mirror your Android phone to your TV via Chromecast with simple steps. Once the Chromecast is setup on your TV, you simply need to follow the instructions to link your phone to the TV. Also, ensure both the TV and the smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

These are some of the ways to pair your smartphone to the TV to screen share and mirror media wirelessly. When you have streaming devices like the Amazon Fire TV stick or a Chromecast, you also get to explore a lot of apps. These devices further help in making your TV a smart one. One can even check out wired options via an HDMI cable and so on.

It only takes a few taps to mirror your Android phone’s display to a nearby television, no matter if you’re streaming a movie, taking part in a video call or playing your favorite game.

How to mirror to a tv on android

Mirror your Android phone or tablet to your TV’s screen in just a few steps.

Sharing photos from a recent summer trip or joining your local gym’s workout class via Zoom can be an annoying task on an Android phone’s small screen. Instead of asking friends and family members to huddle around your phone, you can magically cast or mirror your screen to a nearby TV with just a few taps. You’ll need the proper hardware to get the job done, and save you from potential neck strain.

In addition to a comfortable viewing experience, casting your screen comes in handy if you want to play a few rounds of Among Us or show everyone the latest TikTok trend you just can’t get enough of.

The best part? You just might already have everything you need. If not, well, it’s not horribly expensive to get set up. Here’s how you can start mirroring or casting your Android phone or tablet’s screen to your TV.

How to mirror to a tv on android

Google’s Chromecast with Google TV, or an older Chromecast device is all you need to mirror your Android device.

What you need to mirror your Android phone to your TV

To start, you’ll need an Android phone or tablet running Android 5.0 or later. That version of Android was released in 2014, so odds are your phone or tablet is running a newer version of Android. You can check by opening the Settings app and going to About phone and looking for Android version.

In addition to an Android phone or tablet, you’ll also need a Google Chromecast streaming device, like the recently released Chromecast with Google TV , a TV with Chromecast built in or a smart display like the Google Nest Hub . If you don’t know whether your TV has Chromecast support, the best way to check is to see if it shows up as an available casting device when you follow either method below.

Screen mirroring is built into the Home app.

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Cast your screen using the Google Home app

The most reliable and consistent way to mirror your Android phone’s screen is to use the Google Home app. If you’ve already set up any of Google’s smart speakers, Nest Wifi or Chromecast devices, you likely already have it installed. If not, you can download it from the Play store.

Open the Home app and select the Chromecast device you want to use. At the bottom of the screen will be a button labeled Cast my Screen; tap it. You’ll have to accept the prompt reminding you that whatever is on your phone’s screen will be visible on your TV to anyone in the room with you. You may also see a second prompt warning you if your device isn’t optimized for mirroring. I haven’t had any issues casting my screen when I’ve run into the warning. To stop casting your screen, tap on the button labeled Stop mirroring in the Home app.

How to mirror to a tv on android

There’s a shortcut: the quick settings panel.

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani/CNET

There’s an easier way, but it depends on your phone

Using the Home app isn’t a lot of work, but there’s an even easier way: Use the Casting shortcut in the quick settings panel. Access the quick settings panel by swiping down from the top of your Android phone or tablet’s display. There should be an option labeled Screen cast — if you can’t find it, you may have to tap on the pencil icon to edit what is and isn’t available in your quick settings panel.

Once you find the Screen cast button, select it and then pick the device you want to mirror your display on from the list. It can take a few seconds for your phone to connect to the Chromecast-enabled device, but once it does, your screen will show up on your TV. Stop casting by repeating the same steps we just outlined.

How to mirror to a tv on android

Want to show off your photos? Mirror your screen.

But here’s the rub: Not every phone includes a cast button option in the quick settings panel. It’s not clear why, but if your phone doesn’t have the shortcut option, don’t give up. You can still mirror your phone using the Home app.

Remember, whenever you’re mirroring your screen, anything and everything that shows up on your phone or tablet’s display will also show up on the TV. Meaning, any alerts and notifications, along with their contents, will be broadcast for all to see. I suggest turning on Do Not Disturb to keep the disruptions at a minimum. Also, since there will potentially be a lag between your phone and TV when casting, stick to playing slower games and avoid more intensive titles such as Fortnite .

If you’re looking for ways to get more out of your Chromecast, check out these tips . Google Assistant has a trick you’ll want to keep in mind the next time you have a song stuck in your head . Android 11 has added plenty of new features worth checking out , but Android 12 is right around the corner — here’s how you can install it , as well as some of our favorite features so far .

How to mirror to a tv on android

Every now and then, we may need to screen mirror our mobile devices like a phone or a tablet to a larger screen device for a better visual experience or just for presentation. This article introduces the top 3 ways to mirror Android tablet to TV. Check them out below.

Top 3 Ways to Mirror Android Tablet to TV

Built-in mirroring feature

When it comes to screen mirroring Android tablet to TV, the built-in screen mirroring feature is the first and handy way for you to use. Currently, most Android tablets have a built-in screen mirroring feature for you to cast and display your tablet’s screen to any other screens available. Let’s take a Samsung tab as an example. To learn how to mirror Android tablet to TV, follow the simple steps below.

  • On your TV, press the Input button and choose the Screen Mirroring option. How to mirror to a tv on android
  • On your tablet, open the Notification Panel and then tap Smart View. Wait for it to recognize your TV. If you are using a tablet of other brands, you can also find this feature by going to settings. How to mirror to a tv on android
  • Once recognized, tap the name of your TV, then the mirroring will begin.


Another great mirroring tool that can help you connect and mirror your Android tablet TV is ApowerMirror. With this, you can stream videos, watch movies, play games on your tablet and view them on a TV, and present files to everyone clearly. To connect Android tablet to TV and do screen mirroring, check out the steps below.

    Download and install ApowerMirror on your TV and your tablet. Launch it once installed.


LetsView is also a good tool for you to cast Android tablet to TV. This amazing screen mirroring tool is absolutely free to use without any lag or delay. With great features, it also offers high-quality video resolution even casting on a bigger screen like your TV. Moreover, it is very simple and easy to set up as well as to use. Just follow the guidance below to cast your Android tablet to your smart TV.

    Get the app and have it installed on your Android tablet and TV.


It is now easy to connect and cast Android tablet to TV with the top 3 methods mentioned above. With them, you can display your tablet screen on your TV without any hassle. If you are looking for the easiest and handy way, use the built-in screen mirroring feature of your Android tablet. If you want a free tool that offers amazing features and different connection ways, try ApowerMirror or LetsView.

Mirroring your Android device’s display on your TV can be useful when you’re giving a demonstration, presentation, showing off photos from a recent trip, or showing how to play a game and use an app. With the screen mirroring feature, you can achieve the goal. Here is how to mirror Android to smart TV.

  • Method 1: Mirror Android to Smart TV (For Most Samsung Devices)
  • Method 2: Mirror Android to Smart TV (For Some Other Samsung Models)
  • Tips: Mirror Android Screen to PC

Method 1. Mirror Android to Smart TV (For Most Samsung Devices)

The Screen Mirroring feature is compatible with the following devices. If your device is included, you will need to use this method to make your Samsung screen mirrored.

Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S III , Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy Camera, Samsung 8” Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1”, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1″ 2014 Edition

Step 1 Press the Source button on the remote.

Step 2 Navigate and select “Screen Mirroring”.

How to mirror to a tv on android

Your smart TV will display a screen which prompts you that it is waiting for a device to be connected. This screen will be displayed till your phone is connected. If you do not connect your device within 2 minutes, scan will time out.

Step 3 On your Samsung phone, run the “Settings” app. Then slide the slider and select “Screen Mirroring” under “Connect and share”. Tap the TV you would like to connect to. Once connected, your mobile device screen will be shown on the TV.

How to mirror to a tv on android

Method 2. Mirror Android to Smart TV (For Some Other Samsung Models)

Step 1 Turn on the smart TV and place your Samsung close to the TV.

Step 2 On your phone, pull down the notification panel and tap “Quick Connect”.

Step 3 If this is the first time to use Quick Connect, you may be prompted to update or enable it.Then select “Scan for nearby devices” and pair your TV you wish to connect to.

How to mirror to a tv on android

1. If you are going to make a non-Samsung device mirroring on a Samsung smart TV, you will need to download a third party app onto your phone. Then you can connect the two with the help of that app. Which app to choose will depend on the model and manufacturer of your non-Samsung phone. Unfortunately, if your device is not developed by Samsung, it will not be supported. You can contact the app developer or manufacturer for help.

2. If you fail to mirror your device with method 1, you will need to try to use the Quick Connect feature to mirror your device.

Tips: Mirror Android Screen to PC

The other way to make your Android screen more visible and clear is to mirror it to PC, which would be more convenient as your laptop is much potable than a Smart TV.

Step 2 Download and Install Android Data Recovery
Firstly, please download and install the Android Data Recovery program on the computer you want to mirror your device screen to.

Step 2 Plug Device into PC
Please launch it and then connect your Android to computer via the USB cable that is matched. And do not forget to enable the USB debugging so that the program can detect your device successfully.

How to mirror to a tv on android

Step 3 Mirror Android Screen
After that, Your Android screen would be mirrored to your computer automatically and you can see exactly what you do on your Android phone with a large PC screen.

How to mirror to a tv on android

Now, please enjoy the contents that has been mirrored on the large screen. If you have any question, please drop us a comment below.

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