How to put feathers in your hair

How to put feathers in your hair

Posted By Noc Bay October 4th, 2011 Last Updated on: August 6th, 2018

This project uses the new popular hair clip as the way to fasten feathers in your hair. Small domesticated bird feathers can be used for the feathers. These are from farm grey goose.

  • 2 feathers that face the same direction
  • 8 Pony size 5/0 beads
  • 8 4mm metal beads
  • 2 Spaghetti beads (Ultra thin bone or horn hair pipe can also be used.)
  • 1 Ten inch length of 20 gage stainless steel wire
  • 1 Hair Clip

Thread the wire through the hole in the closed end of the hair clip to the half way point. Twist the wire about three turns, leaving a loose loop in contact with the hair clip. (Figure 1)

How to put feathers in your hair

Thread the beads on the wire ends according to your pattern. (Figure 2) Working on a towel spread on a table helps keep the beads from falling all over. When you have the beads on bend the wire so they don’t fall off when working with each feather.

How to put feathers in your hair

Trim the quill of each feather right at the base of the feather’s blade. (Figure 3) This is the spot that you plan to have the beads meet the feather.

How to put feathers in your hair

Cut the first wire so you have at least 2 inches of wire past the beads. (Figure 4) Using a pliers, test the length of the wire needed by forcing the wire up the quill until it is snug. (Figure 5) Pull out and measure the length of wire that went into the quill. Using that measurement, cut off the wire so that the distance from the beads to the end will fit into the quill tightly.

How to put feathers in your hair

How to put feathers in your hair

Put a strip of tacky glue on the wire length. (Figure 6) Force the wire into the quill and remove excess glue. (Figure 7)

How to put feathers in your hair

How to put feathers in your hair

Complete the same process with the other feather. Let everything dry. You can then snap open the hair clip and put your new decoration in your hair. (Figure 8)

How to put feathers in your hair

How to put feathers in your hair

A few weeks ago as I was digging through baskets of antique sewing supplies at a flea market, I came across a big bag of vintage feathers. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with them at the time so I put them away and nearly forgot about them. As my thoughts turned to planning my autumn wardrobe, I remembered that bag of feathers and pulled them out. It seems that over the summer I became quite addicted to wearing a flower in my hair. Rarely did I leave the house with one and it even came to be that I felt quite unfinished without one. I think that the feathers will become my must have accessory for autumn.

So far I’ve fashioned one headband and two haircombs using the feathers and some of the vintage buttons I collected in Baltimore. I’m saving some in hopes of finding a vintage hat, maybe a nice velvet one, to decorate.

How to put feathers in your hair


very clever and beautiful!

Did you make this beautiful things? It is wonderful. I love it. I am a brazilian jornalist and live in Brazil. Sometimes I see your blog: is very interesting! I have one to called Fábrica de Moda ( and I invite you to see someday. Sorry by my english! Kisses!

Love it, love it, love it.

August 19, 2008 Anonymous said.

you look amazing in these! great idea!

Have you considered selling them?

they are amazing!

Thanks everyone! I’m really excited about wearing them this fall.

gabsterr: Since these are a random vintage find, I don’t think I have enough supplies to make enough to sell. Hopefully I’ll luck out and run across some more and then I can.

So far feathers in the hair haven’t appealed to me much, until I saw this post. I’m not starting to lean towards liking them.

i really love the first headband pictured.

Oh I was hoping these were for the store (lol). They are super cool, I love that look on you.

wow! nice job.. i love them

Those feathers are amazing, what a score and so perfect for fall hair accessorizing!

i love wearing feathers in my hair. yours look beautiful 🙂

You are always so innovative! When I first heard the idea I thought it would be strange, but it looks very beautiful. Can’t wait to see what you wear with it during autumn.

If you find more feathers, please please please sell some on ebay. Or maybe just make a post about HOW you made them? They are so beautiful and better than anything I’ve seen available at the moment.

loving them feathers.

i love these, so creative!

These are soooo amazing! I love ’em to death.i

August 20, 2008 Anonymous said.

wow. original idea with the contact sheet.

August 20, 2008 Anonymous said.

These are made brilliantly, i certainly loving the headband and that peachy haircomb. It’s a first seeing buttons added on and they work so well. Have fun with them!

I love all those!

fabulous darling!
i started to make something similar over the weekend. but it was a flop.
if youre ever inspired to do a tutorial ::wink wink::
or yes, please, make some for sale.

i love these! especially the headband. awesome.

Their wonderful, all the three! The headband is my favorite 🙂

What a clever idea! I so want to give it ago 🙂

August 20, 2008 Anonymous said.

Oh yea, PLEASE do a tutorial on how you made those. I love those hair pieces! I hope I will run across some vintage feathers when I get back to the Netherlands(the area in Germany where I am right now is a vintage – desert!)

The skin toned one is absolutely beautiful. I’d also love to see a tutorial on how you made them!

those are absolutely stunning and gorgeous. amazing job!

Wow, you are so clever! The photography is beautiful too. Can’t wait to see you rocking the feathers.

These pieces are so beautifull! How nicely made by you!

August 21, 2008 Anonymous said.

wow.. all of them are so pretty.. nice work!! it’s very inspiring!!

this is the most amazing collection of feather hair pieces I’ve seen. lovely.

These are impressive — it looks as if you’ve been making them your whole life, just perfect!

it is you who is also on etsy selling these beautiful feather hair bands?

i bought one of these headbands from a girl that makes them, and spent a lot. then i was in “michaels” crafts and hobby store and found them in the feather section. identical, all ya gotta do is attatch a clip or bobby pin to the big water droplet shaped patch of cloth with the feathers glued on it it. its like 3 dollars. go diy! ciao

This was so informative. Thank you! I’m glad I found your blog.

See Instructions for these Kinds of Feather Wrapping

. A little about Native American Featherwork

Native Americans have an infinite number of decorative uses for feathers. Featherwork often incorporates other materials such as leather, thread, and even animal hair. Decorated feathers are often tied to a lock of hair, placed upright on top of a cap, fastened to a headband or worn from the ears. In the 1600s, some New England Native men wound their long hair up around feathers “worn broad-wise, like a fan” (Mourt in Heath 1986). Both turkey and eagle feathers were attached to hair of New England Native Americans. Single feathers are embellished and then combined to make beautiful head, neck and clothing ornaments as well as fans and dance bustles. Feathers and bird skins are even used to make clothing. Very prominent and easily seen, feathers communicate particular messages to the onlooker. Certain kinds or ways of cutting feathers, or particular numbers of feathers may indicate a person’s tribe, clan, or status. Many feathers have important ceremonial and religious importance. Decorated feathers from particular birds are sometimes attached to sacred tobacco pipes or used in altar displays during ceremonies. Decorated feathers may be used as ‘smudge’ feathers, used to direct the purifying smoke of burning cedar, sage, tobacco and/or sweetgrass.

Animal hair from the deer, moose and other creatures are also used in Native American featherwork. Animal hairs are intricately tied, braided, and woven into decorations for the head and neck. In the 1600’s, Europeans describe Native American men wearing such ornaments made of red dyed animal hair . . . “made in the fashion of a cock’s comb died red, crossing their heads like a half moon” (Gookin 1970). This hair is described as beautiful, some long, coarse and stiff [porcupine guard hair or moose hair], and some shorter and very fine [deer] (van der Donck 1968). Europeans likened these woven hair bands or roaches to the paintings of halos worn by Catholic saints (van der Donck 1968). Contact period headbands of birchbark or leather also incorporated feathers and animal hair. Tufts of dyed deer or other hair were also wrapped into feathers or inserted into metal tinkling cones for neck or clothing decorations.

Of all birds of prey, Native Americans give eagles the greatest honor. There are many species of eagles recognized by Native Americans, including some types of vultures, considered to be the fourth eagle by some Native Nations. Other birds of prey, including the many types of hawks, also carry important meanings. For example, some Native Americans associate owl feathers with death or prophesy, but to other Natives, if an owl feather is combined with a hawk feather, it represents life.

Early historic records of Northeastern North America mention a little black bird resembling a hawk that was instilled with great courage despite its small size. ‘They are so strangely courageous and hardy, that nothing flyeth in the Air that they will not bind with’ (citing Josselyn in Lindholdt 1988). In the 1600’s New England travelers reported seeing this little black hawk worn upon the heads of Native Americans. The little bird had the same Narragansett name as the word for their political leader, ‘Sachim’, because of the bird’s ‘princelike’ courage over greater birds . This hawk was valued at an amount sufficient to ransom a ‘Sagamour’, a Native American leader (Wood 1865).

Although birds of prey are revered by Native Americans, game and song birds are also appreciated for their own particular qualities. Game birds, like the turkey, goose and duck, are very prevalent in Native American featherwork. In the Northeast, in addition to arrow fletching, upright turkey-tail headdress, single wing- and tail feather decorations, ceremonial fans and other items, turkey feathers are also woven together into capes. Noted in the 1600’s, Native Americans of the Northeast sometimes wore a covering made of turkey feathers during the winter months. Records describe these mantles, capes, or coats “knit together very oddly, with small strings” (de Rasieres 1967). Perhaps plaited together, the turkey feathers overlapped like that the back of the bird. Woven by women for their children, “they make likewise some Coates of the Feathers of Turkies, which they weave together with twine of their owne makinge, very prittily: these garments they weare like mantles knit over their shoulders, and put under their arme” (Morton 1964).

Song bird and other exotic bird feathers are prized by Native American for certain characteristics. The feathers of blue jays, cardinals, and some other brightly colored birds are used for their medicine by spiritual leaders. Medicinal teas are made by steeping or boiling particular feathers in water. In the 1600’s, a humming bird was worn as an ear pendant by a Northeastern Native American leader (Wood 1865). Native Americans in the Northeast also accepted peacock feathers and ostrich plumes in trade, and wore them in traditional Native styles.

Native Americans in New England left no part to waste when an animal was killed. What could not be consumed of an animal, bird or other beast was utilized as a means to embellish items produced by Native Americans in southern New England. The feathers of birds and hair of animals was no exception in the vast array of materials used in their material culture. Birds are well documented as decorative elements in the arts of Native Americans of southern New England. It is no surprise that the feathers of birds and entire small birds were highly esteemed for adornment and symbols of status.

Loose Ends: A Blog Presented by Shipwreck Beads

How to put feathers in your hair

27 Monday Feb 2012


How to put feathers in your hair

I’m going to teach you how to put feather extensions in your own hair. It’s so easy and so much less expensive than getting it done in a salon. All you need is a piece of string, silicone-lined crimp beads, some feathers and a pair of flat-nosed pliers.

How to put feathers in your hair

It’s also helpful if you have a comb and some hair clips to keep your hair out the way. I took some pictures while I put a few feathers in my own hair to share with you. Here we go!

How to put feathers in your hair

Take your string and fold it in half. Thread your crimp bead onto the string and set aside. You should have a large loop at one end.

How to put feathers in your hair

Decide where you want your feather and pin back your top layer of hair. You don’t want to put the extension right on the surface of your head because then you would see the crimp. Next separate a small section of hair to anchor your feather to.

How to put feathers in your hair

Now thread your hair through the loop in your string. Slide the crimp down the string and pull your hair through the bead. Position the bead near (but not right at the root) your scalp then slip the end of the feather into the crimp. Flatten the bead with your pliers.

How to put feathers in your hair

The bead and feather should be securely attached to your hair. You can wash them, dry them and heat-styling your hair should not damage them at all. (I’ve tested them out and they are color fast. I haven’t had any problems with the colors bleeding or fading.)

How to put feathers in your hair

Feel free to add more than one (I have FOUR!) The feathers can stay in your hair about 4 weeks, until the hair grows out too much. To remove, you simply crimp the bead in the opposite direction. Because the crimp beads are silicon-lined they shouldn’t damage your hair.

How to put feathers in your hair

Then, style your hair normally! I like to hide mine so just a little color peeks out. You can’t see them all the time. It’s so easy to do that you can change them up as often as you like. I think this would be a fun activity for a girls birthday party, just buy a pack of the crimps and some feathers and you have enough for whole group of girls! I even put one in for my daughter. We even have synthetic hair extensions in several different colors if you are feeling really adventurous.

How to put feathers in your hair

1. Full Metal Waist Belts
Great until you have to sit down and the edges start cutting into your hipbones. And then, of course, there is the whole shape issue — one little bend and it is completely ruined. The slinky of fashion, if you will.

How to put feathers in your hair

2. Primary-Colored Jeans
A lot of people bought them, but how many people did you ever actually see wearing them? Like, more than once? Admit it, they sit in your closet and taunt you. You can’t bring yourself to throw them away, but you will never, ever wear them again.

How to put feathers in your hair

3. Sneaker Wedges
So cool, until your mom bought a pair too.

How to put feathers in your hair

4. Google Glasses
It’s a Bluetooth glued to a pair of drugstore reading glasses. Can’t we all just agree to stop trying to make fashion tech happen? It’s not happening.

How to put feathers in your hair

5. Harem Pants
A saggy crotch and hip pleats. How was this ever a thing?

How to put feathers in your hair

6. Liquid Leggings
Tight, shiny, and cheap — a trash trifecta!

How to put feathers in your hair

7. American Apparel T-Shirts
It’s hard to justify spending $35 on a V-neck T-shirt when you are squabbling with your friends over who had more wine than whom at dinner. “I only had a sip. Why should I have to pay $7 for that? Becky had three glasses!” (That drunk mooch! Where is Becky, anyway? How does she always manage to disappear right before the bill comes? Is that her $20 on the table? That barely covers her entree! Aaaaaaaah!)

How to put feathers in your hair

8. Patterned Tights
Then you caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and realized you were just three Hacky Sacks and a B.A. in English lit away from being a Renaissance fair juggler.

How to put feathers in your hair

9. Designer Parody T-Shirts
That thing where you hear a joke once and it’s totally funny, and then you hear it three more times and you just want to stab the person who came up with it in the first place. That x1000. On a T-shirt.

How to put feathers in your hair

10. Ombré Hair
You know, that trend where you paid your colorist extra not to dye your roots.

How to put feathers in your hair

11. Feather Earrings
Dayglow meets boho. How did this trend not go the distance?

How to put feathers in your hair

12. Feather Hair Extensions
Chic until you realized that the feathers in question were being plucked from a dead rooster’s butt.

How to put feathers in your hair

13. Suspenders
The menswear trend that even dudes shunned long ago.

How to put feathers in your hair

14. Mullet Skirts
The name alone should have been enough to deter people from the very beginning.

How to put feathers in your hair

15. High-Heeled Timbs
If you ever find yourself feeling nostalgic for these, just make your way to the size 13 wall at your local DSW.

How to put feathers in your hair

16. Peplum Tops
That thing where everyone started wearing toddler dresses as tops.

How to put feathers in your hair

17. Kale Sweatshirts
Even on Beyoncé, it’s still just salad.

How to put feathers in your hair

18. Belly Button Charms
Because belly button rings weren’t bad enough already.

How to put feathers in your hair

19. Tiny Foot Tattoos
These were huge, until people realized they made even the chicest, most expensive pair of heels look cheaper than a pack of Costco tube socks.

How to put feathers in your hair

20. Gold Buckle Ballet Flats
I guess it doesn’t really matter how much something costs when your parents pay your credit card bill.

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How to put feathers in your hair

Feather Hair Extensions! They are all the rage this season! For the past two weeks my daughter was having a fit for some of these colorful ways to jazz up your hair. So last Saturday we headed out to our local salon…but me being a cosmetologist in the hair replacement business for many years and wearing extensions myself, I watched with an eagle eye to figure this whole thing out.

With a little research, on where to get the supplies and getting a feel for how they work…(wow is it simple) I am going to teach you how it is done. Salons are making a killing on this and there really is nothing to it! Here’s how it is done!

DIY Feather Extensions


  • Silicone Beads for Extensions and Hook Kit
  • For the feathers: I went to Hobby Lobby and they had a huge variety of different types of feathers (I bought Fancy Feathers Brand in Goose Stiff Biots, Chinchilla Saddle Hackle, Furnace Saddle Hackle and some colorful dyed Saddle Hackle).


How to put feathers in your hair

Now for the fun part! Figure out where you are going to place your feather. Do not get too close to the ear though, so you can’t put your hair behind it. Most little girls are wearing them close to the front of the hair and more colorful feathers. Most women are wearing them under the hair on the sides, very subtly in white, brown, black, red & stripes, so when the hair moves they show.

To place the bead, pick a section of hair, clip the other hair away from the area you are working on, at the base of the hair at the scalp grab a section of hair the size of a small pea.

How to put feathers in your hair

Take your bead and slide it on the end of your needle. Take the hair section and wrap it around the end of the needle and catch in small hook on end, hold tight, slide the bead up, again hold hair section tight and pull the hair through the bead. Not all the hair will go through because the of the silicone inside the bead. That is ok, just make sure you do have a good amount of hair in the bead or the weight of the extension will pull the hair out and can cause permanent hair loss.

How to put feathers in your hair

So the feathers need to be anchored in tight with a good amount of hair. This technique may take a little practice. If you think this is too much for you, go and buy the extension hook (tiny latch hook) and try it. It has a broader wider hook to catch the hair and hang onto it.

How to put feathers in your hair

Once you have the hair through the bead just slip the hard end root of the feather under the bead next to or on top of the hair. Position the bead on the hair shaft, close to the scalp…for kids about 1/2 to 1 inch from the scalp, for adults about 1/4in or more from the scalp, getting too close to the scalp can cause pain when sleeping. Also if your hair is fine put the feather in a thicker area, not too close to the hairline. This can also cause breakage.

How to put feathers in your hair

Next take a pair of needle nose pliers and crush the bead flat so it will lay flat against the head, squeeze as tight as you can. And that’s it!!

Now to remove: DO NOT PULL THE BEAD OUT OF YOUR HAIR!! You will lose hair or have really bad breakage! Just take the pliers and clamp the bead and squeeze the two ends that are flat so they open and slide the bead out of the hair. So easy and cute and you can put them in and out by yourself! They can last up to 3 months. You can even curl, straighten and blow dry them! Soo cool and easy!

Check out more of my Hair Tips & Tricks

How to put feathers in your hair

How to put feathers in your hair

How to put feathers in your hair


Want to try the newest trend of 2011? Follow these quick and easy steps to doing your own feather hair extensions.

How to put feathers in your hair

As soon as I saw a coworker sporting summer’s newest trend I was instantly obsessed with the look.

How to put feathers in your hair(Brooke Whitten | Grand Central Magazine)

There are salons that can give you the look, but most charge $20 a strand, which isn’t practical for a college student or anyone on a budget. But don’t worry, there is another option: do it yourself feather extensions.

Sounds intimidating I know, but I promise it’s not that bad. I bought 10 strands of feathers online from for only $20.

Sounds pricey at first but compared to salon prices you get a lot more bang for your buck. I highly recommend this brand not only because of the wide range of color and texture, but also because of the amazing quality of the product.

Plus, they include most of the tools needed to install them.

Now that you’ve got your feathers, it’s time to get to work. You’ll need:

How to put feathers in your hair(Brooke Whitten | Grand Central Michigan)

(If you order from the above link, the fishing line and beads are included!)

1) Decide where you want to put your feathers. This is a personal preference depending on what kind of look you are going for.

For a more subtle look, put them in the bottom layers of your hair. For a bolder look, go toward

How to put feathers in your hair(Brooke Whitten | Grand Central Michigan)

the top layers of the hair.

2) Now that you know where to put the feathers, take a very small section of hair in the desired layer. You will then take your fishing line, loop it up and thread it through the bead.

4) Then take that small section of hair, pull it through the loop of fishing line and pull the hair through the bead. Make sure to take the bead all the way to the root of your hair.

5) Insert feathers into the bead. You can put between 1-3 strands of feathers into one bead. Anymore than three won’t fit.

How to put feathers in your hair(Brooke Whitten | Grand Central Magazine)

6) Take the pliers, I recommend needle-nose pliers, and clamp down on the bead.

And that’s it! You now have feather hair extensions that can last you weeks, and even months depending on how well you care for them.

They can be washed, blow-dried, straightened and even curled. I wouldn’t recommend using excessive heat on them, but every once in awhile is no problem.

The best part about doing it yourself is that you have the option of removing them whenever you want.

How to put feathers in your hair(Brooke Whitten | Grand Central Magazine)

To remove the feathers, all you have to do is take your pliers and clamp the extension bead in the opposite direction and it will slide right off.

For a decade or more we have been selling real feather hair extensions and feathers for hair to nearly all corners of the world.

How to put feathers in your hair

We offer superior quality real hair feathers kits uk, in a variety of colours including tye-dye, naturals, loose hair feathers and bonded hair feathers.

At Awesome Feathers, we offer wholesale hair feathers for hair with worldwide shipping to almost all countries in the world.

We have a wide range of coloured feathers for hair near me available, including pink, purple. blue, red, green, yellow, orange, tye dye and natural hair feathers. uk and usa australia.

Bold Colourful Hair Feathers

If you are looking for a bold colourful look why not try the tye dye real hair feathers amazon? Since each feather extension kit is dyed with two or three colours, this is a great way to giving your feathers in hair a very bright colourful look.

For those looking for rooster feathers for your hair a less bold, and more stylish look, why not try our feathers for hair naturals? These are a mix of browns, cream, ginger, duns, black and white striped.

How long do hair feathers near me last? These rooster feathers for hair, With care they can last up to 6 months or longer.

How to put feathers in your hair

Where to buy real hair feathers kits? You may ask. or feather hair extensions how to put them in?

Firstly ours are 100% natural A-grade metz or whitings feathers in hair, At Awesome Feathers Hair you would be buying the best natural real feather extensions available anywhere.

Please be aware some sellers only sell synthetic feathers hair, These are mostly from Asia, China in particular. As a result, these cheap imitations do not look as good or behave in the same way as naturals.

Applying Feather Extensions

How do you put the feather extensions kits in? hair feathers kit’s are crimped in with a bead and pliers available in the tools section, why not take a look at the installation instructions on the site?

How to put feathers in your hair

Above all with natural hair feathers uk usa and australia you can wash, curl, straightened, and finally, in addition, blow dry your feathers hair just like your own hair.

Therefore, if you are looking to change your look, check out the loose or bulk feathers hair sections?

So if looking for feathers for your hair, feathers hair clips, feathers hair accessories this is the place for you, for all feathered hairstyles., feathers in hair trend. we have all colours of real hair feathers for sale.

Finally, if you own or manage a salon and are looking for hair feathers ebay for salons and something extra to sell to your clients, check out the bulk and special offers section.

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