How to wear colored eyeliner

October 31, 2016 by Lisa Cupido
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How to wear colored eyeliner

We have certain expectations of our makeup: we wear it to bring out the radiance in our complexions, draw attention to certain features, and, when it comes to eyeliner, to define our eyes and sometimes even give off an intriguing and fierce look. The last thing our makeup should do is age us, but if you’re making these five eyeliner mistakes, you aren’t doing your beautiful self justice.

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How to wear colored eyeliner

Lining only your lower waterline

As we age, our features tend to droop slightly. You can use your eyeliner pencil to create a line that lifts the eye upward, which is flattering and youthful, or you can make the mistake of lining only your lower waterline, which drags your face south and makes the eyes appear smaller. “Using eyeliner only on the bottom of the eye can age you — it makes your eyes seem small and bottom heavy,” says Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artist Rob Harmon. “You should wear eyeliner on the top to open your eyes but not too thick or that can age you as well.”

How to wear colored eyeliner

Applying eyeliner with a heavy hand

Often times a heavy-handed application makes you look older — which is great when you’re 17 and want to appear 29, but not so appealing as you age. Instead of lining the entire eye with a kohl pencil, start your line in the middle of your upper eyelid, working your way out and thickening it slightly as you go. If you want to line the bottom of your eyes, try applying eyeliner only to the outer part of your waterline.

How to wear colored eyeliner

Using the wrong eyeliner formula

Liquid eyeliner is meant to be used on your top lid. If you use it on the bottom of your eye you are almost assuredly creating a smudgy mess that looks too inky and harsh and will add years to your appearance. Save gels, creams, and liquid for your eyelid and lightly run a pencil eyeliner along your bottom lashes.

How to wear colored eyeliner

Not taking advantage of nude or champagne eyeliner

Black and brown eyeliners aren’t your only options — and they aren’t even your best options when it comes to lining your waterline. To really open up your eyes and make them pop, line your bottom lashes with a nude or champagne eyeliner and reserve darker colors for your upper lid.

How to wear colored eyeliner

Not priming your eyes first

No matter what your age, your eyelids will benefit from a primer before you apply eyeliner. If you don’t prime your eyes first and apply liquid or pencil liner directly on your upper or lower lids, you are pretty much asking for your makeup to smudge and create dreaded raccoon eyes and unflattering shadows on your lid. Primer is a necessary step that takes just one extra minute but makes a world of difference.

November 24, 2020

When it comes to making a statement with your eye makeup looks, it really doesn’t get much better than swiping on a colored eyeliner. Whether you opt for a traditional smokey eye or a more natural monochrome lid, nothing shows off your personality better than adding a colored liquid or pencil eyeliner into the mix. Lining your eyes in a vibrant hue is primed to be your new favorite look, allowing you to play with color without using eyeshadow. So, if you’re ready to show off your creativity with a more colorful makeup look, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’re sharing stylish ways to put down your brown and black eyeliner in favor of colored eyeliner looks.


Chances are there are loads of neutral eyeliner pencils and pens in your collection, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But it’s time to kick things up a notch. If you have the confidence to rock lipsticks and eye shadows in each and every color imaginable, consider doing the same when it comes to eyeliner. Here are three reasons why we’re obsessed with colored eyeliner at the moment.


Whether you want to dip your toe into the colorful eyeliner pool or pair multiple colors together for a two-toned look, the outcome is sure to be nothing less than stunning. Try the L’Oréal Paris Matte Signature Liquid Dip Eyeliner, Waterproof in Blue. Run it along your upper lash line or add just a flick to the outer wing of your traditional black-lined look.


If you don’t have the time to blend a multi-tonal smokey eye perfectly, no worries! You can still rock a statement eye. Just swipe on the colored eyeliner of your choice (we love the L’Oréal Paris Le Liner Signature Easy-Glide Mechanical Eyeliner, Waterproof in Violet Wool), and you’re ready to go.


When it comes to accentuating your eyes with colorful eyeliner, you don’t want it to compete with your lipstick. Sure, a bright, bold lip is awesome, but it’s usually best to pair colored eyeliner with something a little more neutral so that your eyes can be the shining star of your look. Try the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Ultra Matte Highly Pigmented Nude Lipstick.


Below, we’re sharing three of our favorite ways to pull off colored eyeliner. Give one—or all three—a shot for your next night out.


If you’re not ready to say goodbye to your beloved black liner but tempted to try a more colorful look, we have a feeling this two-toned, two-step look will quickly become one of your go-to’s. Follow along!


To begin, line your eyes as you normally would with the L’Oréal Paris Infallible The Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner, making sure to keep your line as smooth and straight as possible—remember to stay close to your lash line.


Directly above your black line, create another thin line, this time using a liquid eyeliner in a vibrant hue. Try the L’Oréal Paris Matte Signature Lip Dip Eyeliner, Waterproof in Burgundy.

Editor’s tip: Another option for playing with two shades is to line your upper lash line with your fun color ( cobalt blue is always beautiful) and stick with black liner on your waterline.


Colored eyeliner doesn’t have to be confined to your upper lash line. There’s no better time to take a makeup risk. So, go ahead and add some pizzazz to your lower lash line. Here’s how to get the look.


Dab a little bit of primer onto the area before reaching for your eyeliner to help prevent smudging.


With so many color options, it can be difficult to know which one will look the most flattering on you. The key is to pick an eyeliner shade that complements your eye color perfectly.

For those with green eyes…accentuate your gorgeous color with purple eyeliner on your lower lash line. Try the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof, Up to 24HR Pencil Eyeliner in Purple.

If you’re working with blue eyes…go for the gold and line your eyes using the L’Oréal Paris Le Liner Signature Easy-Glide Mechanical Eyeliner, Waterproof in Gold Velvet.

Whatever color you choose, smudge it along your lower lash line and voila!


When it comes to taking your eye makeup look to new heights, you can never go wrong with a stunning winged eyeliner look. While most would opt for black eyeliner, we like to up the ante with a more colorful option: blue eyeliner. Blue eye makeup is seriously on-trend, and this makeup look is sure to make a lasting impression. Follow the steps below to bring this bold look to life.


Apply a thin layer of primer to your eyes to create an even base for easy application. If you’re out of primer, feel free to use a dab of foundation or concealer to get the job done.


One of the easiest ways to manage precise winged eyeliner is to outline your wing. Start by using a colored liquid eyeliner to draw an angled line from the outermost corner of your eye and extend it upward.


Using the same eyeliner, draw a straight diagonal line from the highest point of your first line, down to the innermost corner of your eye to create a triangular shape.


It’s finally time to color your wing. Fill in the empty space with your blue eyeliner for a beautiful, vibrant finish.


Seal the deal with a few coats of mascara. Try the L’Oréal Paris Air Volume Mega Mascara, Lightweight Mega Volume Washable for dramatic lashes you’ll love.

Next up: We have another colorful eye makeup look on deck. Here’s How To Create a Rainbow Eyeshadow Look.

This summer, go ahead and color outside the lines! Well, at least when it comes to your makeup, that is. We’re talking about colored eyeliner. This eye makeup look will make eyes stand out this season. The good news is, no matter your preferences, there’s a color and a style that you can rock. From subtle blues to far from mellow yellows, here’s our guide to rocking a colored liner makeup look. Keep reading to find your perfect match!


All eyeliners aren’t the same. Different formulas can help you achieve different looks, so choose accordingly.

Liquid eyeliner: A liquid liner is perfect for creating bold lines of any size. For liquid novices, stick with one that has a felt tip. Simply treat it like a pen! Once you’ve got that down, a brush applicator can be used to create even the tiniest of markings. The L’Oréal Paris Infallible Paints Eyeliner in Electric Blue, Vivid Aqua, and Intrepid Teal glides on smoothly thanks to its precise felt tip and produces high impact color.

Gel eyeliner: A gel liner can be used to make both soft and harsh lines, depending on how you apply it. When you use a thin angled brush, the shape almost does the work for you.

Pencil eyeliner: Chances are you’re familiar with this kind of eyeliner. It’s ideal for blending color around your eyes. Sharpen to a fine point to create sharp lines or let it dull for a worn in style. The L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner in Purple, Cobalt Blue, and True Teal gives intense, long-lasting color.


It’s not just what eyeliner you choose—it’s about the style you decide to create, too. Here’s how to master some tried-and-true eyeliner shapes.

Winged eyeliner: Ensure your eyeliner is on point by creating a striking wing. Start by lining along your upper lash line and extend into a small point towards the end of your eyebrow. Thicken the point, connecting it back to the original line. For a precise flick, use a liquid liner with the skinniest of brushes. The tiny tip will allow you to get as close to perfect as possible.

Thin eyeliner: A thin line will act as a subtle way to spice up an otherwise boring makeup look. With a fresh pencil, press color directly onto your lash line, pushing against lashes, to get the thinnest line you can. If you go overboard or get messy, use a cotton swab dipped in the L’Oréal Paris Micellar Cleansing Water Complete Cleanser Waterproof – All Skin Types to erase your goofs.

Thick eyeliner: Give off a bolder stance by drawing a wider line. Start off thin and work your way to a thicker line, adding more until you’re happy with the size. Use a marker style liner with a thick tip to simply scrawl across your lids.

Lower eyeliner: Adding color only on your lower lash line can put a spin on any old style. Try taking a pencil and lining your waterline, bringing the color down into your lower lashes. The further you take the product past your lash line, the more daring your look will become.

Smudged eyeliner: Create a softer eye by smudging out your liner before finishing. This messy and undone look can lean more edgy or elegant depending on your color choice. Grab a gel liner and brush on your line, not paying too much attention to perfection. Quickly wipe off the brush before the liner starts to dry. Complete the look by using the brush to soften and smear the gel around your eyes.


Last but not least, it’s time to get colorful! Put down your basic black eyeliner for one of these alluring shades.

Blue: Opt for a cerulean or cobalt color to help make your eyes sparkle. These calming colors make for a great first foray into vibrant liner.

Green: A green liner pairs nicely with a more natural makeup look, giving off an earthy vibe. Emerald hues look especially nice on hazel and brown eyed beauties.

Purple: Make a statement with the most royal color. A hint of purple can take any makeup look to the next level. Shades of violet are famously flattering on green eyes.

Pink: Go totally girly and line your eyes in pink. Rather than keep pink to its traditional place on lips and cheeks, try it on your eyes while keeping the rest of your face totally neutral.

Yellow: For the boldest of the bold looking to test a new hue, yellow is your best bet. This eye-catching color can instantly give you the most interesting eyes in any room—especially if you wing it.

Now that you know how to rock the colored eyeliner trend this summer, read our article, 3 Long-Lasting Makeup Looks That Are Perfect for Summer Weather.

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  • Photography by: Kina Wicks
  • Copy and Modeling by: Melanie Rud Chadwick
  • Makeup by: Margeurite Preston of Goldplaited Finishing Salon

A new year is the perfect time to glam up your makeup routine! The easiest way to do so? Colored eyeliner. Whether for a girl’s night out, Valentine’s dinner, or a fabulous fête, swap out your standard blacks and browns for these chic and festive options. Here’s how to rock gold, teal, and plum at your next soirée.

How to wear colored eyeliner

A touch of gilded color transforms a cat eye from basic to bombshell.

Step 1: Apply a neutral brown or beige shadow across your lid, from lashline to crease. Try Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow in 636 Cappuccino. “Be sure to choose a matte formula. You’re going to be adding sparkly liner and don’t want to go overboard with shimmer,” says Margeurite Preston, makeup artist at Goldplaited Finishing Salon in Chicago, who created the looks shown here.

Step 2: Create a graphic cat eye with black gel liner, like L’Oréal Paris Infallible Lacquer Liner 24H in Blackest Black or our personal favorite, It Cosmetics Liner Love. “Gel liners go on more smoothly than other formulas, so you get the straightest line possible,” Preston explains. Keep your eyes open and use an angled brush to place the product as close to the lashes as possible. Extend it slightly past the corner of your eye, then use a makeup wipe to clean up the edges.

Step 3: Following the shape of the black line, add a cream or gel gold liner right on top. We recommend the gold option in the Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case. The line should be the same thickness, or slightly thinner, than the black, adds Preston.


Nervous about wearing such a bold hue? Tight lining your bottom lashes has major impact, yet is still totally wearable.

Step 1: Line the lower water line (the inner rim of your lashes) in teal or turquoise. Preston suggests opting for a long-wear pencil for added staying power. Her pick: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Deep End. Use the color just on the bottom, where it will be more noticeable, she says.

Step 2: Lush lashes are the best complement to vibrant color, so load up on a volumizing mascara. We like the drugstore classic L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara in Blackest Black.

Step 3: “Highlight the inner corners of your eyes,” advises Preston. “The contrast of the lighter color makes the teal pop even more.” A shimmery champagne, like the Goldplaited White Gold Eye Shadow, flatters all skin tones and eye colors.


There’s nothing more dramatic than a smokey eye. Give it a modern twist by swapping standard black for rich plum.

Step 1: Dust on a mauve shadow from lashline to crease. This creates a nice base for the liner, but doesn’t detract from it. Try MAC Eye Shadow in Haux.

Step 2: For the most diffused color and easiest smudging, use shadow as liner, says Preston. Apply a plum option, like MAC Eye Shadow in Fig 1, across top lashes, with a straight-edge brush. Then smudge it in using the same brush, moving up and down to help spread out the color. “Add a tiny bit more shadow on the outer corners to really maximize the smokey effect,” says Preston. You may also use a shadow pencil, like the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Plum (It’s one of our absolute favorites!).

Step 3: Repeat the same process on the bottom, applying the shadow directly underneath the lower lashes. Don’t smudge as much here, as it can quickly look messy.

How to wear colored eyeliner

Colored eyeliners have made a huge comeback and the good news is, no matter your preferences, there’s a color and a style that you can rock. So, if you’re ready to show off your creativity, you’ve come to the right place.

If you have the confidence to rock lipsticks and eye shadows in different colors, why not do the same when it comes to eyeliner? Below, we’re sharing 3 ways to pull off colored eyeliner. Give your favorite look a shot for your next outing.

How to Pick the Right Colored Eyeliner for Your Eyes

Certain colors can intensify, brighten, define or even change the appearance of your natural eye color. All you need to do is pick the right eyeliner color for your eyes.

» Eyeliner for Brown Eyes
Choose “earthy” brown hues that match with your eye color for a subtle look, or just go for contrasting colors such as such as midnight blue, lavender, turquoise, aqua, cobalt, vivid purple, and mint green.

» Eyeliner for Blue Eyes
Colors with orange undertones, such as copper, bronze, peach and gold. Warm colors like champagne (which will lighten up blue eyes), caramel and warm brown also work well with blue eyes. For contrast, use emerald or navy blue color.

» Eyeliner for Dark Brown or Black Eyes
Create the illusion of larger eyes with strong colors such as violet, silver, yellow, electric blue and chocolate.

You know them , you love them: the smokey eye, the bold brow, the statement lip — all the easy-drama beauty looks we can’t quit come holiday party season. This year we’re weaving in a new knockout style that’s gently edgy, modern and basically made for your LVD (little velvet dress, obvi). Learn how to wear colored eyeliner from green celeb makeup guru, Katey Denno, and check out how she painted it on Cara Delevingne here…

We’re currently experiencing a time in fashion and beauty history when there are no rules – particularly when it comes to makeup. One day a bold furry brow is a must, the next it’s all about the contrasting lip and cheek color. Something called the ‘unicorn highlight’ is all the rage one day, and the next magazines are calling for nothing but naked, matte cheekbones.

This absence of ‘must-dos’ works in our favor, for sure, and I’d like to encourage you to try something that you’d previously thought wasn’t for you. And I’d like to suggest that maybe that thing that you’ve never tried but is going to become your new favorite is colored eyeliner. Use one with bits of shimmer, and you no longer need flashy jewelry around your face; your eyes are your dazzling, amped up, jewels.

Just like there’s no rule dictating that you must only wear black or brown liner, there’s also no hard fast rule for where exactly to place your liner. The options are endless, and truly depend on what you like best. Here’s how to wear colored eyeliner…


The easiest type of eyeliner that truly works for all eye shapes is the chunky, creamy eyeshadow stick.

It’s a misnomer to call it just a shadow, because it does double duty; smear it across your lids and blend it into shape with your finger, and you’ve got an eyeshadow thing happening. But use a dome-shaped brush or a lipstick brush to pick up product, and then swipe it along the top (and in between) your lashes… and it’s a whole different thing. Far more refined and deliberate than a sweep of shadow, but less fussy and precise than an actual tight line of liner. It can be as densely pigmented or as sheer as you want, if you apply it this way.

Fall/winter favorites: Ilia ‘Take On Me.’ Think: sheer, deep red wine mixed with metallic shimmer. It’s so good. Juice Beauty ‘Fog’ is a creamy charcoal grey that looks fantastic smudged around all eye colors – especially with a few coats of mascara to make it really pop!

how to – traditional PENCIL LINER

The traditional pencil liner, only not in black or brown, is another very easy to apply, good-for-all-eye-shapes option. Smudge – or draw a precise line – with a pencil liner along the top lashes, and a light smudge of color along the outer third of the bottom lash line. I tend to like the look of a slightly smudged liner (unless I’m going for the crisp, clean look of, say, a cat eye), and I love to smash the color into the lash line (in between lashes and along the top of them) before putting on mascara.

A real showstopper: Ilia’s ‘My Generation,’ a hybrid of muted violet and deep rich red that looks amazing on brown, green, and hazel eyes.

how to – dramatic Liquid liner

Some lids look best completely colored in with an exaggerated wing or with only the most whisper thin line with no tail at all. Liquid liner is by far the most difficult for most people to get the hang of, but once you do (full disclosure: I still struggle with it sometimes), you’ll feel like you run the world.

Holiday choices: Zuzu liquid liner in ‘Peacock,’ which is the coolest somewhat electric, deep green. It’s a bold statement, but one that deserves a try.

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How to wear colored eyeliner

From the runways of fashion week to celebrity red carpets, one beauty trend that never seems to go out of style is colored liner. But because it can be such a bold makeup look, it can also be a little intimidating to try. That’s why we turned to celebrity makeup artists Sage Maitri and Tamah Krinsky to get expert tips on how to wear colored eyeliner the right way.

Complement Your Features
Half the battle of wearing colored eyeliner is choosing a flattering color. Krinsky recommends finding a color that complements your eye color, skin tone and hair color. You can even pull inspiration from your wardrobe. If all else fails, swap out black liner for a navy one or instead of brown, use deep purple. For an easy way to wear it, Maitri suggests only lining your waterline for a subtle yet unexpected pop of color.

Blend With Your Regular Liner
Instead of one solid line of color that can take over your whole look, you can blend it in with brown or black. Start by alternating dashes of colored liner and the neutral shade, wiggling back and forth between lashes. Then, with your pinkie or Q-tip, lightly blend the two, starting on the outer corner with brown or black, and ending toward the inner corner of your eye with color.

Create a Wash of Color
Use your colored liner as eye shadow, especially if you have a bright but sheer shade. Using the back of your hand as a palette, create a dense patch of color. Then, with a fluffy brush, Maitri stays to work it into the product and buff out on the lid. Finish the look with multiple coats of mascara.

Start Small
When working with bolder colors than what you’re used to, Krinsky advises to smart small. Concentrate the liner on your actual lash line, blending with your finger or a small soft brush to soften the color for a subtle look. For a bolder statement, go with liquid liner, or keep your line precise using a pencil.

Keep It Balanced
When wearing a bold-colored liner, be sure to balance out the rest of your makeup look. Krinsky says to think of it as a star accessory to your entire look. She recommends keeping the rest of your face neutral and adding a bit of color to your cheeks so the liner doesn’t overwhelm the rest of your makeup.

I’m sure you’ve seen those pretty teal and purple eyeliners, but have you ever wondered how to wear them? This post will teach you cute techniques on how to try out this colorful trend for yourself.

How to wear colored eyeliner

  • A nice way to wear colored eyeliners and add more intensity at the same time, is by layering over black liner. Check out step-by-step pictures below so you get a visual idea.

1. Start by applying black eyeliner over your top lid.

 2. Layer colored eyeliner over the black line on your top lid.

 3. Apply mascara, and if you’d like apply colored liner to the bottom lid as well.

  • Another thing you can try, is using two different colored eyeliners. In the pictures below I opted for blue and gold liners.
  • If you want to add eyeshadow, try neutral colors so the main emphasis remains on the bright eyeliner. Nice eyeshadows which work well with most colors are gold, taupe, pearl and similar shades. Of course, if your going for a super bright look, pack on the color!
  • If you prefer black liner on your top lid, you can wear colored eyeliner on the bottom lid instead just like the picture below.

Regardless of how you choose to wear colored eyeliner, don’t forget to coat your lashes with mascara. To intensify the look, add false lashes. This pretty trend can be worn many ways as this post shows, and it’s a fun and easy way to add some color to your look.

How to wear colored eyeliner

Colorful eyeliner is a cool addition to any makeup look, whether it is feathered or graphic. Another color liner trend we simply can’t live without as of late is rocking color on our waterline — and we tapped into Lancôme Beauty Advisor Olivia Thompson on exactly how to wear and maintain the look like a pro. Here are her top three tips that will make sporting this look a whole lot easier.

Go for Contrast

Thompson’s first tip is an important one: Make sure the color you’re picking for your waterline is really going to make a statement. “Applying a color that is contrasting to your eyes or eyeshadow color is key,” she says. “For example, if you have blue eyes, pair them with an orange or rust liner to really make them pop.”

Pick the Right Product

“One of my favorite waterline liners of all time are the Lancôme Drama Liqui-Pencils ,” Thompson notes as her second tip. These pencils are extremely long-wearing, creamy and pigmented, which will do an excellent job at really filling in the delicate waterline.

How to wear colored eyeliner

Layering is Key

Finally, Thompson’s last suggestion will really make or break your colored waterline look. “If you really want to lock down color on the waterline, always apply a creamy, waterproof formula pencil first and then tap over top with a similar colored shadow,” she says. This will lock the color in place and prevent it from smudging or moving, and you’ll have a dreamy colored liner finishin no time.

How to wear colored eyeliner

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Colorful makeup — particularly eyeliner — has become one of this year’s biggest beauty trends and it’s easy to see why. Incorporating this vibrant look into your makeup routine is rather easy — and the products to do so are extremely affordable.

Shop TODAY spoke with Bloomingdale’s Fashion Director, Marissa Galante Frank, and celebrity makeup artist Nydia Figueroa to fill us in on the bright trend that’s dominating the beauty scene. “People are looking for a mood booster, and using very bright, vibrant colors definitely make you feel good,” said Frank.

What colored eyeliners are trending right now?

“People are out to play!,” Figueroa told us. “They want to try something new [and] make their eyes pop. I’m seeing color in graphic liner — not just your regular wings, but cut-crease wings and inner-corner poppings of color.”

Without hesitation, both Figueroa and Frank mentioned blue-toned eyeliners. From navy to turquoise, shades of blue make a great eyeliner option year-round. “I’m also seeing this mother of pearl metallic silver-white thing happening, which I think is really fun as well,” Frank added.

Figueroa also called out eggplant, gold, auburn and rusty tones. “A lot of people are going to be wearing those bold, rich colors that are trending in fall,” she explained. “Pairing that with an auburn liner is absolutely stunning.”

How to incorporate colored eyeliner into your beauty routine

Whether you’re an eyeliner novice or expert, there are several ways to add a colored eyeliner into your beauty routine. If you’re a beginner, Frank suggests opting for metallic silver or white eyeliner. “It’s a neutral yet bold place to start,” she said. “As you get more comfortable, expand into the other metallic colors: blues, greens and purples.”

Figueroa also mentioned that eyeliner doesn’t always need to be displayed in a dramatic wing look. Try smudging your liner instead — it’s easier to execute and is just as trendy. “Nothing has to be perfect and polished all the time,” she said.

For a more experienced at-home artist, Figueroa suggests trying bold graphic liner and working with an eyeliner that comes as a cream or a liquid. “Liners aren’t always a pencil. With a brush, you can create and work on precision,” she said.

Best eyeliner hues for specific eye colors

Figueroa broke down which hues look best with each eye color. “It’s all about complementary colors on the color wheel,” she explained.

For those of us with brown eyes, purples and blues look great. “Nothing really clashes with brown eyes; you can really experiment with color,” she added. For blue eyes, try out fuchsia or orange graphic liner. For green eyes, think auburn and things with reddish undertones.

Now that you’re equipped with all of the know-how in colored eyeliner, it’s time to bring it into your beauty routine! Based on our expert makeup advice and shopper reviews, we found highly-recommend colorful eyeliners to add to your makeup bag.

How to wear colored eyeliner

Using eyeliner really isn’t all that difficult – if you’ve got the right kind of eyeliner and the right bag of tricks. Start with the right preparation for your eyeliner.

How to wear colored eyeliner

Eyeliner Preparation

1. Prime

Prepare your eyes with an eye primer. This will create a more even and smooth base for your eye makeup. Try: Make Up For Ever Eye Prime

How to wear colored eyeliner

2. Eyeshadow

Put on your eye shadow before your eyeliner. This will help the liner stay in place and prevent that smudging that makes your eyes look shadowed and messy.

Choosing an Eyeliner

1. Type

Choose an eyeliner with a thin, soft point. A very thin line will define your eyes without making you look too heavily made up. Pencil eyeliners are popular, but tend to smudge and smear. If a pencil is your go-to eyeliner, opt for one that is long-lasting or smudge-proof.

Another alternative is to look for gel-based liners that will glide on smoothly and resist smudging.

How to wear colored eyeliner

2. Colour

Use soft colours to give your eyes depth and enhance your natural eye colour. Deep plum, grey and dark brown will define your eyes beautifully, in addition to shades of blacks, blues and greens.

Drawing out your eyes

Step 1

Begin at the outer corner of your eye and move inward with a smooth, gliding motion. Do not go all the way to the inner corner, where the tear duct is located. Stop the line when your natural lashes stop, or just before.

Hint: Don’t extend the line beyond the outer corner. If you do, it can potentially draw attention to crow’s feet or make your eyes look droopy.

How to wear colored eyeliner

Step 2

If you feel the eyeliner is too strong, simply wipe gently across the line with the tip of your finger or cotton bud (Q-tip), or a clean eye shadow brush, to slightly smudge and soften the line.

How to wear colored eyeliner

Jen is using eyeliner in a subtle way to accentuates and highlight her eyes.

Step 3: Bottom lashes

Starting again from the outer corner, line your bottom eyelids only halfway to place just a little colour along the lash line. Bottom eyeliner tends to smear more, so a little colour goes a long way. Hint: Finishing touch – Once you’ve lined your eye along the top and bottom, brush or smudge a little bit of eyeshadow over the lines. This touch of powder will help the liner stay in place. Eyeliner Fun If you want to be more adventurous, you can create a cat-like eyeliner by applying eye shadow to the outer corner of the eyes rather than using eyeliner. This creates a modern look with a soft effect. Are you using eyliner? Do you have more tips to add?

Written by Kelly. For more information or bookings contact her through her website.

How to wear colored eyeliner

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My current favorite eyeliner is a pen-style, Physicians Formula Lash Booster. This super-thin-tip liner is almost “idiot-proof,” and it lasts well on my super-oily lids. I’m brunette, so I use the Ultra Black shade, and use the Sigma E30 pencil brush to draw a soft line over the liquid with a matte black-brown eyeshadow (like Anastasia Beverly Hills “Smoke”). This results in a defined but soft look.

Is it best to put the line on the eyelid as close as possible to the lashes? I’ve tried to do this and find it difficult to do without there being a gap.

Before I apply mascara (after applying liner and shadow) I use a small thin brush and apply black shadow at my lash line to fill in any liner gaps – adds fullness to my lashes. Hope this suggestion is helpful.

It used to be that colored eyeliner looks can only be seen on the runway. However, as self-expression and social media would have it you can wear it anywhere now. A number of different brands have even created their core collection out of colored eyeliners and who’s complaining? No one is because we are all for it.

Eyeliners are great because they can easily create a complete look even without a full face of makeup. Now, with the surge of colored eyeliners on the market it’s easier more than ever to create a statement look without having to do a beat face.

I understand with all the choices you are faced with, it can get a little overwhelming. So, if you are at a loss for which colored eyeliner to wear, check out the list below.

Colored Eyeliner Looks for Different Moods

1. Berry Brown Eyeliner

Let’s start with a subtle hint of berry brown shade. This beautiful Pillowtalk shade from Charlotte Tilbury beautifully adds a feminine depth to your eyes. It’s highly wearable and suits a number of occasions from office lunches to party out with friends.

2. Yellow Eyeliner

3. Blue Eyeliner

How to wear colored eyeliner

When it comes to colorful eyeliner looks, the blue eyeliner will always be present. Blue on the eyes has always made eye color pop no matter what color you have.

A nice, bright, warm blue will also be widely complementary to a lot of skin tones. Definitely one to get for starters.

4. Red Eyeliner

For a bolder look, red eyeliner is a good color to use. It screams femme fatale without the starkness of black but is sexy enough to make heads turn.

5. Purple Eyeliner

6. Orange Eyeliner

Even though we generally associate the orange color with the summer season, you can take an orange liner and use it all year long. Create more muted looks by using it lightly on the lids like a simple flick for fall and winter, or you can create bolder, graphic looks for summer and spring!

7. Electric Pink Eyeliner

Of course, we can’t leave out the pink eyeliner look from this list. It will be incomplete without it. Pair it with a black eyeliner for a beautiful contrasting effect or you can use a lighter contrast when paired with a brown eyeliner instead.

You can wear it alone too, pink eyeliners are versatile and really pretty.

8. Iridescent Lilac

9. Emerald Green Eyeliner

Personally speaking, when it comes to green eyeliners, nothing can be as vivid as emerald greens. This look is a good example of how striking and deep emerald green is – on any skin tone, at that.

10. Glow in the Dark

Why not glow in the dark? Take your eyeliner game to the next level with glow in the dark cosmetics like Paint Glow Colour Cosmetics. It might not be as noticeable in the day but it will definitely be the highlight of the night.

11. Multicolored Eyeliner

Create a monochromatic look by using different shades of the same color family or have a contrasting color story by using different colors that match and contrast with one another.

12. Gold Eyeliner
How to wear colored eyeliner

If using colorful eyeliners is a little daunting for you, you can always go for the classic gold eyeliners. It’s a universal color and it screams sophistication no matter how simple your look is.

You can even choose to smudge it out or go graphic and it will still look classy and put together. Definitely a color you should have in your kit if you are trying out colorful eyeliner looks.

13. Neon Green Eyeliner

Create a statement with a neon-colored eyeliner just like this look created by makeup artist Dana Vaughan. A simple winged eyeliner will always look more modern and fresh with a neon eyeliner, in this case, neon green.

14. Rose Gold Metallic Eyeliner

Let’s not forget probably one of the most used eyeliner finishes — aside from black, in this list, it’s in rose gold. The metallic eyeliner look is one that is easily pulled of, instantly creating shimmer and sparkle on the eye with the least amount of effort.

Check out this beautiful blue eyeliner look by Kathleen Lights:

Colored eyeliner looks are really fun to do and we hope this list inspired you to create more even in the middle of this pandemic. Creativity can be what takes us to brighter days so keep creating and keep it colorful.

What’s your favorite colored eyeliner look from this list? Share them with us in the comments section below.


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The simple way to enhance your eyes

How to wear colored eyeliner

Eyeliner is a basic part of an eye-makeup design because it shapes and defines the eyes and makes the eyelashes look thicker. If you’re wearing only mascara and not eyeshadow, or if you want an extremely soft look, eyeliner isn’t necessary. If you do decide to wear eyeliner when you’re wearing mascara and no eyeshadow, be sure to line the eyes with only a very soft, well-blended eyeshadow color. As with most aspects of makeup, eyeliner presents a host of options. There are eye pencils (both traditional and chunky), liquid liners, gel eyeliners, cake eyeliners, and powder eyeliners. When it comes to colors, what used to be a simple choice of black or brown has morphed into a range of hues that can be overwhelming. The tried-and-true colors, however, are black, brown, and gray.

Pencil vs. Powder Pencil eyeliners are a quick, convenient option, but they do have problems; they tend to smear and unless you are using a twist-up pencil they are tricky to keep sharpened. Another option for applying a line is to use a tiny eyeliner brush with an appropriate color of traditional eyeshadow powder. You can use a dark-toned, matte eyeshadow color (almost any medium to deep eyeshadow color can work) and a tiny brush. Apply the eyeshadow by wetting the brush and using it as “liquid” liner. The application is more controlled, but once it dries you have the soft look and the staying power of a powder without the hard edge that liquid eyeliners can create. A tiny, thin eyeliner brush allows absolute control over the thickness of the line around the eye. Another benefit to using powder and a brush is that you can use the powder as an eyeshadow just by selecting a different brush size.

Applying Eyeliner Assuming you have a steady hand (if not, try this sitting down so you can steady your arm by placing your elbow on a table), position the brush, pencil, or applicator so it is as close to the lash-line along the eyelid as possible. Then draw a line from the inner to outer corner using one fluid stroke, following the curvature of the eyelid. Do not extend the line past the outer corner of the eye or hug the tear-duct area of the eye.

To start, keep the line as thin as possible, and if a thicker line is desired, repeat the process either across the entire lash-line or simply on the outer third of the lid along the lashes. Making the line along the eyelid a solid, even one, starting thin at the front third of the lid and becoming slightly thicker at the back third of the lid can be an attractive classic look.

You can line all the way across the eyelid if you like, from the inside corner to the outer edge, or you can stop the line where the lashes stop and start. Along the lower lashes, line only the outer two-thirds of the eye. Be sure the lower liner is a less-intense color than the upper liner. Also make sure that the two lines meet at the back corner of the eye.

As a general rule, avoid lining all the way across the lower eyelashes. Leaving some space on the inside corner of the eye where the lashes end near the tear ducts gives a softer, less severe look. Plus, wrapping a complete circle of eyeliner around the eye tends to create an eyeglasses look and can make the eyeliner a stronger statement than the eye itself.

Makeup artists sometimes recommend that women over 40 not line the inner corner of the eye either on top or on the bottom. Instead, highlighting this area with a light shade of matte eyeshadow can be a very attractive alternative.

How thickly can you line the eye? As a general rule, for a classic look, the thickness and intensity of the eyeliner is determined by the size of the lid–the larger the eyelid area, the thicker and softer the eyeliner should be. The smaller the eyelid area, the thinner and more intense the liner should be. If your lid doesn’t show at all, forget lining altogether.[pagebreak]

Which color should I use? For a classic eyeliner application, choose shades of dark brown, gray, or black for the upper lid and a softer shade of those–tan, taupe, chestnut, soft brown, soft gray, or soft black–along the lower lashes. Eyeliner is meant to give depth to the lashes and make them appear thicker. If the liner is a bright color or a true pastel, attention will be focused past the lashes to the colored line, as opposed to the more subtle flow of color from dark lashes to dark liner.

Checking For Mistakes After using powder eyeshadow as eyeliner, check for drippies under the eye and on the cheek. Drippies are those little powder flakes that fly off the brush and land on the cheek. Knocking off the excess from the brush every time helps prevent drippies, but there will always be flakes that end up where they don’t belong. The best way to go after drippies is to use your sponge and simply wipe them away. If you do this, your next step is to touch up your foundation if that has gotten smeared. Always double-check the intensity of your eyeliner application and blend away any thickness or color that is more dramatic than you intended. It is not possible to blend or correct mistakes with liquid liners.

If you choose to wear pencil eyeliner, check for smears under the eye as the day goes by. This is annoying, but letting it go without blending away the smears can make any well-applied eye-makeup design look like a mess.

How to wear colored eyeliner

Eyeliner tips for blue eyes will help you enhance and show off one of your best features. Eyeliner can be a subtle or dramatic way to draw attention to your eyes, but it will always make your eye color stand out even more. Blue eyes are gorgeous on their own, but these eyeliner tips will make them stand out even more.

1 Purple Eyeliner

Purple eyeliner is a great way to draw attention to blue eyes. Since purple is a mixture of blue and red, its undertones draw attention to your blue eyes. It’s best to choose deeper, darker purple eyeliners for enhancing blue eyes. First apply a soft pink or brown eye shadow, then add purple eyeliner and black mascara.

2 Water Line

This eyeliner tip for blue eyes may take some practice since the water line is so close to your eye, but it’s a great way to add some drama. Gently pull your lower eyelid away from your eye, and very carefully add black liner onto the water line. Usually a gel liner or an eye shadow works best to complete this look.

How to wear colored eyeliner7 Steps to Weight Loss and Better Health .

How to wear colored eyelinerHow to Stick to Your New Years Resolution of Losing Weight .

3 Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner, or cat eyeliner, is one of the best eyeliner tips for blue eyes! Winged liner draws other’s attention to your eyes and makes them the focal point of your face. You can complete this look by using any shade of eyeliner. You can make a subtle winged eyeliner effect by drawing a thin line, or add some drama by making the eyeliner thicker and bolder.

4 Brown Eyeliner

Browns and bronzes are complementary colors to blue, causing your blue eyes to really stand out. Complementary colors cause each other to be their brightest and most true shade when they are placed next to each other. So choose dark brown or bronze eyeliner to line your lids when you’re wanting to bring attention to your blue eyes.

5 Highlight

Highlight your eyes by adding some hints of white eye shadow or eyeliner to make your blue eyes pop. Add white eyeliner to your water line, or apply it just to the inner corner of your eyes to draw attention to your blue eyes. Since white reflects more light than other colors, it draws our eyes to it, making the eyes the focal point of the face. This eyeliner tip for blue eyes will definitely make your eyes pop!

6 Liquid Eyeliner

Since liquid eyeliner goes on as a liquid and dries to a solid, opaque finish, it is bolder and more attention grabbing. The important thing to remember is applying liquid eyeliner takes practice, so don’t give up on applying straight and even lines…it is possible! Once you perfect your liquid liner skills, try using it to apply a winged eyeliner look.

7 Glittery Gold Liner

This eyeliner tip for blue eyes is a fun and dramatic eyeliner look. Gold accentuates blue eyes since it has orange and brown undertones that are complementary to blue. Add glitter and you have an eye-catching, show-stopping eyeliner look!

8 Experiment

There are few eyeliner colors listed here that you should try, but they’re not your only options. Different shades of blue eyes work best with different colors. So take some time, try different purples, browns, grays, and silvers! Not only will this be fun, but eventually you’ll find the one that fits you best.

9 Avoid Blues and Blacks

For the most part using blue eyeliner will make your eyes look dull and not help them to stand out at all. If you’re adamant on using blues, go for the darker shades so that there’s still some contrast to help your eyes pop. Black eyeliner won’t help to complement your eyes either and will likely make them look smaller.

10 White Eyeliner

Who doesn’t want their eyes to look bigger?! The best way to do this is to get white eyeliner and apply it to your inner lash lines. Make sure not to put too much or you’ll look silly! The white will brighten up your eyes making them look bigger and you more awake.

11 Thin Application

Make sure not to lay it on thick! Too much eyeliner can look heavy on your eyes and make them look smaller. Blue eyes are light and delicate, so try to avoid making them look heavier by applying too much eyeliner.

Experimenting with eyeliner is fun and an easy way to change up your regular makeup look while enhancing the color of your eyes. These eyeliner tips for blue eyes are easy to achieve, and you can apply a different look every day! What are your favorite makeup tips for blue eyes? What is the best eyeliner, in your opinion?

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How to wear colored eyeliner

Wavebreakmedia Ltd/Wavebreak Media/Getty Images

As women age and transition out of the workforce, they’ll also likely abandon some makeup must-haves. No one wants to draw attention to herself if she perceives anything to be less than perfect. Ironically, a bare face can actually age a woman. And no one wants that. Just a touch of eyeliner in soft, new, unexpected colors can add sparkle without making a woman look like a silent film star.

A Change in Attitude

Many women would never leave their homes without makeup, especially during their working and active social years. But as women age, there’s a common misconception that the need for makeup diminishes. On the contrary, wearing makeup in your later years not only boosts your physical appearance, it buoys your emotional and mental well-being as well. It’s all in the attitude.

The Face of Time

Colors and formulations that a woman wore in her younger years likely won’t enhance her features in the same way when she’s 60-plus. Whether you’re a “fashionista” who wants to add a bit of color to your face or a “natural woman” who rarely wears makeup, eyeliner is a quick, easy way to enhance your eyes. Age is just a number. Don’t let a bare face drag you down and age you prematurely.

Conditions of Aging Skin

As women age, the skin texture, thickness and tone change. The skin becomes thinner and sometimes crepe-like, and some experience blotchiness and hyperpigmentation (also known as age spots and irregular discolorations), along with moles, wrinkles and skin laxity. Because of these conditions, eyeliner — as well as other makeup applied with a light touch — brightens the face and brings that spark of youth back to older skin.

A Light Touch

Women of a certain age should not use black eyeliner. Black is harsh against the skin — whether it’s fair, olive or dark. It ages the wearer and makes the eyes appear smaller than they actually are. Using softer colors — such as moss green, soft brown or lavender — does wonders to enhance any eye color. These shades brighten the eyes and provide definition. And women of any age can benefit from that.

Can we all take a moment to appreciate the way Euphoria has singlehandedly given us an excuse to get experimental and creative with makeup again?

The show has paved the way for bright makeup trends the last couple of years with all of the glitter, color, rhinestones, and graphic eyeliner looks seen on the show. Now, with the return of season two, the show has managed to inspire many of us to embrace glitz and glamour again during a time when many of our makeup routines have become obsolete due to years of working from home and mask-wearing.

However, if you’re a beginner to makeup or someone who gravitates for neutral tones, then wearing a glitter cut crease or a rhinestone winged eyeliner may feel a little too out of your comfort zone — let alone daunting to recreate. An easy way to get in on bright makeup trends, though, is by wearing colorful eyeliner. Rest assured you don’t need to create a crazy, graphic shape to get the full effect, either. Sometimes a subtle pop of color is all you need to take your makeup from simple to sensational.

If you need help getting started, we tapped professional makeup artists for their best makeup tips on incorporating colorful eyeliner into your routine without it feeling too overwhelming — as well as looks you can recreate at home.

Prime the Eyes

Before applying any color to your makeup, Ariana Frazier, a professional makeup artist, says priming your eyes is a must. “Priming or putting a base on the eyelid helps those colors to really pop,” she says.

Sara Wren, the Milk Makeup director of artistry, agrees and says it’s also helpful to prevent any creasing or smudging that might occur as your wear your liner throughout the day.

Choose an Eyeliner Color that Makes Your Eyes Pop

A pro tip from Jasmine Ferreira, the Lancôme director of makeup artistry education, is to choose a color that compliments your eyes. It’s all about creating contrast.

“For blue eyes, opt for gold, orange, and plum hues,” says Ferreira. “Green eyes should opt for purple, pink, and blues, and hazel eyes should opt for green and golds.” Typically all colors compliment brown eyes.

Stick to Your Go-To Eyeliner Application

We know it’s easy to feel like because you’re using a colorful eyeliner, you have to do something different or creative with it. However, Ferreria recommends starting small when adding pops of color and using your eyeliner as your normally would. “Use a colored eyeliner instead of a darker eyeliner to create traditional shapes like a classic cat eye, or apply it on the waterline or tightline.”

VIDEO: 6 Life-Changing Tips for Applying Eyeliner on Hooded Lids

Opt for an Eyeliner Pencil Over Liquid

“For beginners using colored eyeliners, opt for a pencil, like Lancôme’s Drama Liqui-Pencil ($22, over a liquid liner because they are generally easier to control,” says Ferreira.

Wren also recommends sticking to eye products that are buildable in pigmentation, like the Milk Makeup Color Chalks ($18, “Sometimes too bright or too opaque of a product can be intimidating, but using something softer like a bright eyeshadow allows you to customize your look,” she says.

Choose an Eyeliner with a Different Finish

If your instincts are to avoid bright, neon hues, opt for an eyeliner with a metallic, shimmer, or sparkly finish, says Hector Espinal, Fenty Beauty global makeup artist. “A great way for beginners to incorporate colorful eyeliner into their makeup look is to start with a subtle shade or play with a different finish, like a shimmer, if you’re still really easing into those brighter shades,” he says. “I love using Fenty Beauty Flypencil Longwear Pencil Eyeliner ($23, for looks like this because there is such a wide range of shades and finishes.”

He recommends trying a shade like Chromewrecker, a light grey matte, or Bad Bride, a white with silver glitter because they offer a nice pop without being a drastic change from typical darker shades.

Make the Eyeliner the Focal Point

“Keep your colored liner the focal point, and the rest of your look simple,” says Ferreira. This will also help balance out your look, so it doesn’t feel overwhelming if you aren’t going for an all-over bright look.

Colorful Eyeliner Ideas to Try:

Swap out your black eyeliner for another color and create a winged eyeliner shape for a simple eye look that’s bound to turn heads.

Grabbing inspo directly from the show itself, try creating an accent cut crease using a bright eyeliner. Simply, follow the natural crease of your eyelid to get the look.

Lucy Hale shows us that using colorful eyeliner doesn’t have to be extravagant to make a statement.

If you are willing to play with some graphic shapes, something like zig-zags on your eyelids is playful and fun.

Keep things super subtle by adding tiny stripes of bright colored eyeliner on the inner and outer corner of your eyes to brighten up your go-to eyeliner look.

Another way to try colorful eyeliner is to apply it on your bottom water line and smudge it out for a smoky effect.

How to wear colored eyeliner

I can’t tell you how many people come to me unsure about wearing colorful eyeliner. They don’t know if they can pull it off, they aren’t sure what shade to wear, they don’t know what eyeshadow to wear with it—the list goes on. When colorful eyeliner is too bright or bold, it can be difficult to pull off and can distract from the rest of your look. Subtle color eyeliner is actually really easy to make work, especially when you’re working with shades that compliment your eye color.

I’m really excited to add three new shades to the Jones Road Best Pencil collection: Violet, Ivy, and Onyx. They’re the same formula you know and love (precise, blendable, crisp), now in subtle hues that will make your eyes pop. Here’s what you need to know:

How to wear colored eyeliner

The Best Pencil in Violet

This is a purple-infused shade with a touch of black. If you have blue eyes, this is the shade for you. Try it with The Best Eyeshadow in Chic.

How to wear colored eyeliner

The Best Pencil in Ivy

Ivy is a slightly iridescent green with a touch of black. I love using this on people with green or brown eyes. It’s super versatile and pairs well with The Best Eyeshadow in Cream.

How to wear colored eyeliner

The Best Pencil in Onyx

Onyx is a great shade if you just want to dip your toe into the world of colorful liner. This shade is a soft black with silver pearl shimmer, kind of like The Best Pencil in Black meets The Best Pencil in Silver. It works on every eye color, making it super versatile. Try it with The Best Eyeshadow in Antique Rose or any cool-toned shade.

Blue, purple, green, and some colored eyeliners work well with brown eyes. Learn more some of best liner colors you can wear. Find out what are the colors to choose to make brown eyes pop or complement them well for both the people with dark and light ones.

Do you know you can take your makeup game to another level by just getting the perfect color for your eye color?

It may sound like a small detail but believe us, the eyeliner color makes all the difference when it comes to how bright and awakes your eyes look.

The best one for you should do more than outline their shape and help you nail that smoky or cat eye. It should also help bring out the color/ colors in your iris.

They may be the most common eye color in the world, but brown ones have a lot of stories to tell, and a lot of popping to do, if you line them right. Read on for the best liner colors from the neutral palette as well as the best color eyeliners you should be added to your makeup kit.

Best eyeliner for brown eyes

There are two traps most people will fall into when choosing eyeliner. Either they just go with black on the assumption that it will work for every look they desire and also suits everyone, or get excited at the variety and pick wonderful colors that do not work with their eye color, skin tone and hair color. Both routes will lead to a fail town where your eyes end up looking smaller, and probably dull.

That is why you need to know exactly what color will work for your eye color.

According to, “If you are blessed with deep brown ones, eyeliner in any hue would make you look perfect”. This means you can pull off most colors including blue. Let us see something a little more on dark and navy blue eyeliner before we mention other shades of blue.

Dark and navy

Navy or dark blue is one of the best eyeliners for this eye color. Whether pencil, gel, liquid or cake, they will work well and make you look stunning. It will dark enough to be intense but soft enough for the day and those barely there make up looks.

Allure says midnight blue is also great for picking up the light flecks in your eyes. Still, we have it on good authority too that you should ditch the black eyeliner on brown eyes and make navy blue your staple. “Midnight blues will read softer on warm brown eyes,” says

Other shades of blue

You can also explore other shades of blue, keeping it subtle for day looks and go heavy metal bold for night looks. Cobalt blue is a unique way for you to do blue eyeliner brown eyes. You can explore other shades of blue if you are not a shrinking violet.


This eyeliner is always a winner with this eye color. It is suitable for brown skin or darker complexions and will be perfect to go with brown hair very well. It will also will also go well with olive skin tones with brown colored eyes. says “Browns and plums compliment brown eyes,” so please add plum to the list color you can use. In fact, you can break out this liner pencil because it will make them pop. thinks “You can’t go wrong with earthy browns,” Explore various shades but be careful not to drown your eye color by wearing the same shade of eyeliner. Let it be a shade or two darker for the best look.

Darker shade can be perfect for the intense lined looks most people create with black or navy and actually may look better with this eye color and light skin tones than black.

Try black

Though we have implied a few paragraphs earlier it can be too harsh for this eye color, it still remains a classic color which if used right can be quite flattering. You may want to go light on the intensity when using it. It can actually suit a person with big dark brown eyes and dark skin best.


White eyeliner may not specifically flatter just brown eyed girls, but it makes them look more open and bigger which is something anyone regardless of eye color would appreciate. Champagne liner does the same thing and will be perfect if you think white comes off a too stark against your skin tone.


It’s definitely okay to rock purple eyeliner on brown eyes especially rich deep purple. says eggplant or aubergine is a great bold liner choice.

Other colors like violet and lilac can also work for the daring. They can make a fun look but may not be very suitable for women over 40 or 50. At Wikihow, the general consensus is that “a shade of dark purple, or even royal purple,” will make this color stand out. A metallic purple will add glamour and pop to brown colored eyes at night.


If you did not know, greens are also good colors too. Wikihow’s suggestion that “a deep emerald eyeliner will really make your brown eyes stand out.” is a useful tip to remember if you are looking at green liner colors to go with brown colored eyes. Jewel shades of green are perfect so add jade and garnet to your list of best colors you can wear

Olive green according to Wisegeek will also make these eye color look amazing. Specifically “a muted olive green can help make them appear more open.”

Colored eyeliner for Brown Eyes

Colored eyeliner can be a big risk to many people. The potential for it looking, tacky, becoming an epic fail is just too high. But get it right and it is the freshest takeover. The trick to get it right is to go with the best possible color for your eye color. According to, “olive greens are especially flattering”

Another elegant color choices are shades of purple and blue. According to allwomenstalk, amazingly lined eyes you always dreamed is what await you if you just “switch out your brown or black eyeliner for a deep plum eyeliner.”

According to, “brown eyes look best with richer, more saturated colors like purple, lavender, pink, turquoise, blue, gold, and copper”.

Finally, silver and gold liner will work as the white lines do, to open up your eyes.

If you have dark brown and light brown eyes

Because not eyes this color were created equal, here’s something on the best liner colors for your exact shade of brown.

1. Dark brown

If you have them, are easy to pick eyeliner for as many colors complement them very well. Black, browns, bronze, green, gold, silver, will all make your eyes stand out. Purple could easily the best color to go for. It really has a nice effect on the deep brown. You can pull off jet black without it looking too harsh because your eyes are dark.

You should also avoid wearing eyeliner in a brown that matches your eye color as it may come off as dull. Go for colored ones if you notice these colors are playing too matchy with your eyes.

2. Light brown one

You have more shades of brown liners to choose from. A chocolate brown liner will look amazing with your eye color. Those in plum, eggplant, and green will also make your eyes pop. Avoid black as it may overwhelm your eyes.

Which is the best eyeliner for hazel eyes? Do gold, dark green, navy blue, black, purple, white or brown flatter them? Find out what color eyeliner to wear for them to pop. Get ideas and tips on eyeliners to use.

Why are they are unique?

The mix of colors in hazel make them very interesting to look at. As Wikipedia defines them, “Hazel eyes are due to a combination of Rayleigh scattering and a moderate amount of melanin in the iris’ anterior border layer. They often appear to shift in color from a brown to a green. Although it mostly consists of brown and green, the dominant color in the eye can either be brown/gold or green

How they look like

If you are the proud owner of a pair though, you may not always appreciate the multiple colors as you try to get eyeliner and indeed eye makeup colors? What colors will flatter all the hues they have? You may find yourself wondering.

In a little bit, you will have the best options at your fingertips. Might we mention we cover both basic neutral colors and the trendy and fun colored eyeliner? Come with!

Best eyeliner for hazel eyes

The best eyeliner color for your hazel eyes will depend on exactly what you are hoping to achieve for the variety of colors they have. Are you looking to bring out the dominant color? Are you looking to highlight the flecks of other colors? Do you want the hazel to stand out and your eyes to shine?

Accentuating the green

You may, for example, bring out the green, you should consider using a purple eyeliner or a dark green. Plum is an example of color eyeliner that will accentuate the green in hazel eyes.

Those closer to brown

If they are closer to brown than green, a navy will do a great job highlighting them. You can explore other shades of blue eyeliner and your eyes will stand out still albeit looking closer to a light brown than hazel. Blue will also bring out the blue hue for the few people with that color mixed in the hazel. Majority of hazel eye beauties have either hazel green or hazel brown eyes with the color mentioned before or after the hazel giving the clue as to the more prominent color in their iris.

Gold will be amazing on them

There are colors that will make any eyes that fit the hazel description look amazing. Gold could easily be the best color to give a try. It comes highly recommended by in case you cannot just take our word for it. “A warm metallic gold will accentuate the yellow flecks around the inner part of the iris, making them shimmer, and your eyes look even brighter.” Go ahead and break out the gold eyeliner and get to lining them and they will look amazing.

Try dark green

Dark green also makes the list of pretty colors to use. vouch for it on an article on how to wear green eyeliner no less. “Dark green eyeliner works magic for hazel and green eyes.”

Try brown

According to Wikihow brown should also be on your shopping list. “Using a dark brown eyeliner will help your eyes look darker and downplay the green.” We also love brown because it accentuates the eye without the harshness of black.

Try black too

Not to write black completely off, because we cannot. Black eyeliner is classic and will also highlight the shape and color of your eyes. Also, nothing compares to a bold dramatic black eyeliner cat eye!

Try a complimentary color

One of the most useful eyeliner tips we have come across is this one from, “Choose colors that are on the opposite side of the color wheel, like eggplant, to add contrast.”

What about white and silver?

White and champagne eyeliner is great for opening up hazel eyes when applied on the waterline. Stay away from silver as it does not flatter green which they have very much.

If hazel green

Hazel green is basically green eyes, with the brown being just flecks here and there or a ring around the pupil. If yours appear greener than the mix of colors typical of hazel, you also qualify.

Subtle neutral colors you can wear as an eyeliner for hazel green eyes include black, charcoal gray and chocolate brown. If you want a little more variety, try red based ones like burgundy and plum. You can opt for darker almost black versions of the same if you are not fully onboard the color eyeliner train. One of the best color for if they have some green in them has to be purple. Where green or sort of green eyes meet with purple eyeliner, there is magic! You just have to try it!

In a nutshell, think colors that could be perfect eyeliners for those that are green in color when looking for best eyeliners green hazel eyes.

Other colors that will highlight the uniqueness of your eyes are dark green, gold, and bronze.

If hazel brown

You may have noticed that your eyes are just really heavy on the brown than any other color. This could mean you have hazel brown or brown ones with hazel specs. You may have the most eyeliner colors to choose from of all people with these eye color. This is because brown eyes will come out bright with more colors, except the same shade of brown. That will make them look very dull.

Always think of going for a color darker than your eyes. In your case, there are plenty of colors going on even if the most prominent is brown.

To highlight the brown, go for dark brown, black and navy. Navy blue eyeliner is softer than black on light eyes which your hazel brown still technically are. It will also make them shine by highlighting the gold flecks in your iris. To pick out the specks of green within, you can go for a deep forest or olive green eyeliner.

Other shades of rich green will also give you a good result as long as they are on the richer deeper side. Instyle is all for gold as a good choice to give a try. “Gilded eyeliner will boost the green tones in hazel eyes. For a radiant look, add a touch of gold liner to the center and inner corner to really make them sparkle,”

The reason why we think it is perfect if you have hazel brown is the bit about accentuating the green in them. This will definitely make your eyes sparkle.


This gallery at allure has great tips on the best makeup colors for this eye color. Purple makes it to the list. “Purple always provides a gorgeous contrast to hazel, and it’s great for creating smoky eyes.” says a quoted expert on

We love purple because it does great things for green eyes and having hazel eyes, you do have some green in your iris to think about. We also love the variety of shades available to explore. From almost black purple to violets lavenders and lilacs. You also have the option of metallic purple that can look oh so glamorous.

Are you always wearing black eyeliner? While black eyeliner is marvelously beautiful, the fashion market today offer a wide host of other colors that can complement your makeup and bring out the fashionista in you, brown, white, green, pink, purple and too many other options to experiment with, but you must know the essential tips to get it correct otherwise the look may turn from gorgeous to gross.
Here are the basic tips to put colored eyeliner correctly.

1- Pick The Right Color.

Now that you are going to try new eyeliner colors, it is important to pick a color that compliment your facial features and especially your eyes as well as the rest of your makeup, don’t make the mistake of picking your favorite color that may not suit the shape or color of your eyes. For beginners here’s a guideline, deep purple goes well with green eyes, purple and deep rose compliment nicely hazel eyes, olive green bring out the best of brown eyes and deep blow suits well blue eyes.

2- Keep The Rest Of The Look Simple.

When you try colored eyeliner, it is recommended to keep the rest of the look simple, your eyes with the colored eyeliner will be the attention grabber in your look, overly done lips will throw that look away, so keep your lips looking relatively simple.

3- Balance The Look.

As the market for colored eyeliner continuously expands, so does the market for eye shadow, to balance the look, use dark brown or black eyeliner on the top and a splash of colored eyeliner on the bottom, and if you are using colored eyeliner then use bronze, gold or silver shades of eye shadow rather than stronger colors.

4- Stay With The Safe Colors.

When it comes to picking your colored eyeliner, stay with the safe colors like dark blue, purple and green, other colors like yellow, orange and red should be avoided unless you are attending a bizarre costume party, keep it in your mind that dark colors continue to be preferred when it comes to eyeliners.

5- Use Eye shadow First.

If you will use eye shadow which you should to emphasize the look, then apply it first before the eyeliner, eye shadow will make both eyeliner and eye shadow last longer than they usually do.

6- Complete With Mascara.

Complete the perfect look with mascara on the top and bottom lashes, resist the temptation to use colored mascara when you are already using colored eyeliner, traditional brown or black mascara will do the job.

Ok, so which eyeliner color is best for your eyes?

As a makeup artist, I am often asked this question. So today, I’m going to help you find out which eyeliner to wear to rock your eye color!

Let me first say that I don’t believe in any strict rules for what you can and can’t wear. I believe that the most important thing is that you feel confident in whatever makeup choices you make.

However, there are definitely certain shades of eyeliner that will enhance your individual eye color more than others. Today I’m going to share those choices with you. I hope these makeup tips will help you find the best eyeliner color for your eyes.

To get started, let’s think about the basics of color theory , and how that might relate to choosing eye liner colors. Below is a picture of the traditional artists’ color wheel, which is a representation of how colors appear in relation to each other.

How to wear colored eyeliner

Colors that lie directly near each other on the color wheel (orange and red for example) are called analogous. When used together, analogous colors create a combination of colors that are visually harmonious.

Complementary colors are those which lie opposite each other on the color wheel (yellow and purple for example).

Pairing complementary colors together create the most striking color combinations. This is because of the dramatic visual contrast of the colors when placed next to each other.

Think of how dramatic red and green look together, orange and blue, and so forth. Advertisers often use complementary colors for their products to get your attention.

If you are thinking, this is great art theory and all, but where are the makeup tips, then stick with me here…

Because here is the the secret.

Makeup artists use color theory to work with your skin and eye colors to bring more attention to your features and enhance them.

To apply color theory when choosing an eyeliner, first establish where your eye color would lie on the color wheel. As our eyes have many different colors within them, choose the most dominant color in your eye to begin with.

Then find the opposite, complementary color on the color wheel, and choose this as your eyeliner color.

Wearing a complementary eyeliner color will bring out the color of your eyes more than other shades because of the striking visual contrast.

The Best Eyeliner Color for Green Eyes

Here is a picture of a model with green eyes wearing three different eyeliner colors:

In the first photo, the model is wearing black eyeliner. Black eyeliner is dramatic because of its intensity, but it really does nothing to enhance eye color.

In the second photo I have added green eyeliner to the model instead. There is nothing wrong with this choice, its just a softer look. Wearing eyeliner near the same color as your eyes just blends in more.

To really enhance green eyes, we need to use the complementary color of red. And since true red is not a very popular eyeliner color, we choose an eyeliner from the same red-violet color family instead.

The third photo shows a wine colored eyeliner on the model. And because of its warm, red-violet undertone, the eyeliner provides the most contrast to her eyes.

This enhances her eye color more than the first two choices. Therefore, the best eyeliner color for green eyes is red-violet.

The Best Eyeliner Color for Blue Eyes

Here is the same dynamic when working with blue eyes:

The first two photos are shown with the model wearing black eyeliner and then blue eyeliner. The third is of the model wearing a warm brown eyeliner.

As the complementary color for blue would be orange, choosing a brown eyeliner with a warm orange-brown undertone will bring out her blue eyes the most.

So, the best eyeliner color for blue eyes is warm brown.

The Best Eyeliner Color for Brown Eyes

To enhance brown eyes, we need to choose the closest color to brown on the color wheel, which would be gold. To contrast gold, I chose a violet eyeliner as the third color below, comparing with black and brown eyeliners again:

As you can see, the violet eyeliner draws the most attention to the model’s eye color. Because of this, the best eyeliner color for brown eyes is violet.

The Best Eyeliner Color for Hazel Eyes

I saved hazel eyes for last, because there are so many different shades of hazel eyes. Some people have hazel green eyes, some hazel gold eyes and so forth.

For hazel eyes, pick one of the colors in your eyes that is either the most dominant, or one that you would like to enhance. Then, you can use the tips above to bring out that color.

So, for example, if you have hazel green eyes, then you would use a red-violet eyeliner to bring out the green. But if you want to enhance the gold in your eyes, then you would would choose a violet or blue eyeliner.

A great way to test out new eyeliner looks is by using the Marie Claire Virtual Hairstyle and Makeup Makeover tool. I highly recommend this program because you can upload your own picture to the site. Then you can try out different makeup looks without having to purchase any cosmetics first.

This is just the the beginning of an exploration into color theory and how it applies to choosing your makeup colors. I hope these tips give you a starting point, and will help you find the best eyeliner color for your eyes.

To learn some more great eyeliner tips, make sure to read Three Tricks to Keep Eyeliner from Smearing .

Do you have any makeup questions I can help you with? Please visit my GetGlam page, or ask at my Facebook page . And if you liked these makeup tips, I would love it if you would share it with your friends below!

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How to wear colored eyeliner

The first thing that most people notice in anyone is the face, and on the face, it’s the eyes that catch the most attention every time. That’s why there is such a market for beauty products that enhance your eyes, ranging from eyeliners, to mascaras, to eyeshadows and concealers.

All of these are designed and produced with one goal in mind: to beautify your eyes even more. Eyeliners can alleviate, accentuate, and enhance any eye shape or color. They can even make your eyelashes appear thicker, taking your overall makeup look to new levels.

Although black and brown are the most commonly used colors, eyeliners are not one-size-fits-all. Just as whether you prefer liquid eyeliner vs pencil is a personal choice, so is the best eyeliner color for you. If your eyes look that big and beautiful with a regular black eyeliner, just imagine how much better they will look with an eyeliner that complements your natural eye color and skin tone! At Honest®, we carry both a liquid eyeliner and pencil eyeliner so you can choose based on your personal preference. Keeping reading for how to choose eyeliner colors and our best tips for applying them.

Complimentary Eyeliner for Common Eye Colors

Eye color is very unique to the individual and may even appear to change color depending on the environment and circumstance. However, the most common colors are tackled below.

Brown Eyes

Nearly 55-79% of the total world population has brown eyes. It’s the most common eye color and comes with many variations, like dark brown, light brown, amber, honey brown, russet, chocolate, and nut brown. Brown eyes are versatile and look great with most eye makeup colors.

For a natural look with your brown eyes, opt for brown eyeliner. Brown eyeliner will give a soft dimension to your eyes while still making them appear rich and intense. However, if you want a sharp and sleek look, black eyeliner is always an excellent choice.

To make your brown eyes appear brighter, go for colored eyeliner in contrasting shades. For instance, think shades of midnight blue and teal, shades of olive and emerald green, shades of vivid purple and soft purple for a regal look, and even grey and charcoal to bring out any gold flecks in your brown peepers.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eye color stems from a mix of greens and browns. Since this eye color is dual-toned, different eyeliner shades will bring out different colors in your eyes. You can pair almost anything with hazel eyes, whether it be browns, golds, greens, or purples, much like brown eyes.

Green eyeliner or purple eyeliner in shades like rich purple or plum help accentuate the green tones in hazel eyes. On the other hand, brown eyeliner in any shade, including metallic copper or bronze, will accentuate brown and gold flecks in hazel eyes.

Green Eyes

The shade of your green eyes may reflect things from your makeup, clothes, and even your mood. Green eyes pop best when paired with complementary color eyeliners that offer some contrast.

Since green is opposite to red on the color wheel, one complementary color range is all the different shades of red. This includes maroon, as well as brown-hued red shades like burgundy and mahogany.

For a soft, everyday look, opt for red-based brown shades to line your eyes, and for a night out, try a bold red and maroon. However, be sure to fill the waterline in with black eyeliner before applying the red or maroon. This can help you avoid a sick and tired look. Purple shades like violet and amethyst are also great to pair with green eyes and accentuate an earthy vibe.

Blue Eyes

The key to making blue eyes pop is pairing them with complementary colors in rich and warm shades. Warm, metallic shades like bronze and copper can highlight the golden flecks in blue eyes if applied properly.

Similarly, colors with orange undertones help make the color blue appear more vibrant in contrast. These colors include copper, gold, and shades of orange.

To make your blue eyes really stand out, try applying any of these complementary colors to the inner corner of your eyes to increase impact.Then line the rest of your lash line with a regular black eyeliner or any of the previously mentioned shades, depending on the rest of your makeup look and wardrobe.

Eye color is fascinating, and it’s impossible to define every nuance of a particular hue. When choosing the perfect eyeliner for yourself, a general rule of thumb is to consider both your natural eye color and makeup preferences.

For a day-to-day, subtle eye makeup look, the best option is using shades of brown, as they pair well with most eye hues. For more vibrant and intense makeup looks, contrasting colors can be determined using the color wheel. It’s also important to consider the shape in which you apply your eyeliner.

Ultimately, your own personal preferences should trump any current popular beauty trends. Your eyes will never look as beautiful as when you actually enjoy life and are comfortable in your own skin. That includes your face!

We aim to provide you with the most honest and credible information possible. This article was reviewed for accuracy by The Honest Team and was written based on trusted sources that are linked at the bottom of the article.

Welcome to the prettiest place on the internet

Guest blog from Sam of Spring, Summer, Sam.

I’ve never been the type to shy away from color. In the sea of black, white, and grey clothing that blankets L.A. I like to stand out by wearing something a little loud, a little different.

Colored eyeliner is one of my favorite ways to show off my personality and shake up my everyday makeup routine. When I get tired of my usual weekday brown and champagne neutrals, I like to add pops of color to my eyes in a way that is wearable yet still garners attention.

If you like experimenting with different colors, like me, you may have already tried out some of these easy eye looks. But if you’re someone who is just starting to try new things and are looking for some fun looks to start with, check out these three easy tutorials.

Right now, my favorite colored eyeshadows to use are the L’Oreal Infallible Eye Crayons. They are creamy, pigmented, and stay in place all day! I think to use them as eyeliner sometimes, too, as you’ll see in one of the looks below.

This first look is one of the simplest ways to introduce colored eyeliner into your regimen. The pop of color on the lower waterline is subtle but eye-catching (pun intended)!

I start by tightlining my lower waterline with the Essence eyeliner pencil in Merry Berry, and then applied the L’Oreal Infallible Eye Crayon in Always Purple along my lower lash line. Don’t forget to tightline the upper lash line with a black eyeliner to add intensity and balance the top and bottom lids. Feel free to tightline the top with a different colored eyeliner instead if you’re feeling creative!

This is a fun take on the classic winged eyeliner. I just applied the L’Oreal Eye Crayon in Resilient Green just above my black eyeliner using a flat eyeliner brush, and brought it out to the wing. I made sure my black line was as thin as possible so that the green eyeshadow really stood out.

This is one of the more daring looks but still one of my favorites. Start by tightlining the upper waterline with a black eyeliner pencil. Then, apply colored eyeliner to the upper lash line and wing it out. Apply more colored eyeliner along the lower lash line and then connect the two ends.

Which one of these looks is your favorite?
Follow Sam’s blog SpringSummerSam and visit her on Instagram and Twitter.

If you can’t go a day without wearing eyeliner, you’re not the only one.

But how many times do you switch up the color? If you’re guilty of wearing the same old black or brown color (in the same way), it’s about time you change it up. Not that there’s anything wrong with your classic standby, it’s just there are so many other options out there. And who doesn’t like options?

Think you can’t rock white eyeliner like Karlie Kloss or an electric blue shade like Lily Collins? Think again. Celeb makeup artist Emily Oliver has three super-simple ways to try the trend at home.

This product has a very 1960s mod-era feel, so it can be intimidating to try in real life. But if you know where to place the product, like Karlie Kloss, the crisp shade can have an eye-opening effect. “I love white eyeliner along the bottom waterline because it opens the eyes up and adds a pop of brightness that looks fantastic in photos,” noted the celeb makeup artist.

Pro tip: If you add white liner to the inside of your bottom waterline, double apply your mascara and be sure to curl your lashes! “Your eyes will pop extra and you’ll look like a total bombshell in photos,” she emphasized.

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This one’s an easy tip because it’s the one product that will instantly accentuate your eyes and add a little something unexpected to your everyday style. “I love using electric blue eyeliner starting at the middle of the eyelid and working outward into a thicker cat eye, as seen on Lilly Collins,” noted the pro. “Not only does this create a more almond-shaped eye, it also draws attention up and out, highlighting the high points of your face,” she said.

Pro tip: When using blue eyeliner, make sure to start slow and gradually add thickness to the line until you create your desired look. “I try to keep it thinner toward the inside of the eye, and draw it up and out with more thickness toward the outside edge of the eye. Then I add a little thin wing at the end,” she summed up.

Red liner can be risky, but if you do it right, it’s a beauty risk worth taking. Just remember that this particular shade can be a statement in and of itself, so keep the rest of your look subtle. “The reason this look works so well on Solange Knowles is because it has focus, yet it’s soft,” said the pro. “Notice how the edges blend out softly, yet right under the lash line and toward the inner corners there’s more of a focus and concentration of product.”

Pro tip: If your eyes are closer set, apply the product thicker, starting in the middle of the bottom lash line, working inward and blending outward. For eyes further apart, concentrate on using more pigment toward the inner corners of the eye.

Only one question remains: What color will you try first?

The last time you wore eyeliner, how much consideration did you put into what color or texture you’d wear?

Whether it was today, yesterday, or a week ago, chances are there was some level of consideration on choosing what to wear … (or what not to wear). That consideration might have been none at all; maybe you just chose the eyeliner stick that was closest to you and called it a morning.

Then again, maybe you spend the time deciding what you should wear, collaborating with your outfit, accessories, or the particular eyeshadow you want to wear that day.

Do you always wear the same color? Were you trying a new outfit and wanted to opt for something new? What is it about a particular type of eyeliner that called to you?

We’re getting so deep about eyeliner here because, for many, it’s an intense decision. Not only in where to place it but in what color or what type of liner you’ll wear each day. Take a look at these best tips — including best practices — on how you should wear your eyeliner based on eye shape and color, and determine the best fit for you once and for all.

Don’t worry, you can change that choice as much or as little as you want. After all, that’s what makeup is all about — experimenting, having fun, and allowing yourself to look and feel your best!

What’s Your Eye Color?

We know you know, so there’s no pressure here. But make a note of what color of eyes you have. For some, this is a no-brainer. Maybe your eyes are brown or black — they’re neutral and can be adapted to match any number of outfits.

But then it gets tricky. The color may not always remain the same for blue, green, golden, or hazel eyes. Sure, different colors look fabulous on you, but they also change the hue of your eyes. It allows them to pick up flecks of different colors and reflect them onto the world. Ultimately, this affects the color of your eye and how it appears to everyone else.

Does this help you choose an eyeliner color? No, not necessarily. You can still wear the color you’ll wear. But it’s worth noting.

After all, the color of liner you may use can also help change the color that your eyes reflect. Or, just knowing what the liner can do can allow you to choose based on how you want your eyes to look that day.

So, if your eyes shift, pay attention to how they shift and what colors make them pop in ways that you like best.

Best Eyeliner Shades for Brown Eyes

If you have brown eyes, these colors will best flatter when wearing eyeliner. Brown eyes are dark all on their own, so dark colors pair nicely against their earthy hues. Consider brown liner or black to make your eyes pop more dramatically.

Meanwhile, a midnight blue will give a similar popping factor but with a less dramatic flare.

If you aren’t ready for a full-on eyeliner look with any color, consider dotting the inner Vs. for an elegant look that still pops, just with a little more subtle nature.

In any color, you can line the entirety of your under lid or experiment with the shape of your eye and have some fun with it. Try a wing, an upper lid line, or any combination of the above.

But those aren’t the only colors you can use, either. A metallic gold or rose color will help the inner flecks of your brown eyes to shine through.

If you want to get bolder with your liner, try a deep purple. Bold and beautiful, purple is notorious for making brown eyes look and feel gorgeous. This is a fun way to try a new color and look your best while doing it.

Consider experimenting with these colors and seeing what options you like best. This is a great way to make your eyes pop and have them look beautiful every time you add eyeliner to your daily makeup routine.

How and Where to Apply Your Eyeliner

There is no wrong or right way to apply your eyeliner . The only “wrong” way is the way that you don’t like. Check out various tutorials to find the shape and method you enjoy best before moving forward with your next eyeliner application.

You can also pay attention to the shape of your eye and create a line based on what will best flatter the shape of your particular eyes, their setting, and your skin tone. Again, there is no wrong way to go about this, but some options may bring out your best features better than others.

Consider your eyeliner style while you’re at it. There are liquid liners, sticks that smudge onto your eyelids or within the inner corners of your eyes. Then there are dry sticks that must be moistened before they’ll adhere to your skin.

Opt for the method that works best for you and consider them working into your daily (or glammed up) makeup routine.

Eyeliner for Hazel Eyes

If you have hazel eyes, you’ll opt for an entirely different base of colors. Hazel eyes are beautiful in their own light, in that they pop and reflect so many colors. In addition, they can have multiple flecks of color all at once.

Get those flecks to pop even further by lining your lids with a dark emerald green liner. Deep blues can have a similar effect. Switch it up based on what you’re wearing and what colors you want reflecting in your eyes that day.

Gold is another excellent choice for hazel eyes, as it even further brings out the inner gold. Layer gold along the green for an even better way to make your eyes pop.

Copper or bronze can have a similar effect on the eyes. Pair this color with darker tones, or use them all on their own for a dramatically elegant look.

While you’re at it, don’t forget the browns. A light brown can do wonders for hazel eyes, especially when you’re wearing earthy tones. Don’t overlook just how much impact this simple step can have on your daily makeup routine.

How and Where to Apply Your Eyeliner

Hazel eyes have their pick of the litter on where eyeliner can sit, especially for lighter tones. Play around with it and create a look that you enjoy most. You should also consider the impact you can get from dabbing a metallic shade on the corners of your eyes to enhance your eyes’ glow further.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the shape of your eyes, too. Pay attention to what color placement does for your overall features and play it up as best suits your desired outcome.

Eyeliner for Blue Eyes

Now, it’s time to break into some color — some eye color, that is. Blue eyes are some of the most colorful options available. Those born lucky come with varying shades of blue eyes, ranging from the lightest, brightest of hues to deep and mysterious blues that we can only dream about.

Take a look at these best eyeliner options for you and your baby blues.

In order to make your eyes as blue as possible, use a dark navy blue liner. We’re talking blue pop overload! In a good type of way, that is. This is a great way to take your eyes to the next level and go all-in on naturally given blueness.

Consider the Bronze Medal (shimmer) from 11th Hour: Cream Eyeshadow & Liner Stick to take your eye game to the next level. Cover the interior of your lids with a light brown for days you want to remain subtle and flawless with your eyeliner look.

  • Harley S.

    I have nyx teal eyeliner and I was wondering if you ladies can give me some tips/tutorials on how to wear it?

    Shauna S.

    I wear mine on my bottom lash line.

    Kaitlyn S.

    You can use it on the top eyelids and even use it like a cat eye.

    Zandra R.

    I would do like natural eyeshadow colors, mascara and the teal on the waterline. I’ve done that once and I LOVED how it looked.

    Mary pat B.

    How to wear colored eyeliner

    Harley S.
    Atiyah Y.

    I usually wear colored liner as a pop of color with a neutral eye. If I wear it on the bottom, my eyes have a little bit of shadow in my crease & winged liner. I also have colored liquid liners that I wear on top.

    Kayla H.

    I wear my teal eyeliner on my bottom lash line, it makes my eyes pop more (:

    Harley S.

    How to wear colored eyeliner

    Kaitlyn S.

    That can work. your eyes look really green I like it =] you could also try black eye liner on top and the teal on the water line.

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    Since wearing face masks on a daily basis became the new normal, we’ve been reconsidering our makeup routines. (Sorry lipsticks, but you won’t be seeing the light of day for a while.) Last month, we asked a celebrity makeup artist how to enhance our eyes since they’re essentially the only part of our face visible while using a mask. Her tips included swiping on two shades of mascara, elongating the brows, and using a lightweight under-eye concealer. Now we’re taking things up a notch with something fun for spring: colored eyeliner. Our team members tried out different styles using their favorite shades, and these five were the most doable, not to mention totally cute.

    Norah Murphy, Influencer Marketing Associate

    How to wear colored eyeliner

    This simple cat-eye look uses two shades: blue on top and green on the bottom. The key is to select liners that are very similar in color so that they blend seamlessly. Apply the darker shade on top and the lighter one on the bottom to really open up the eyes. Oh, and bonus points will be awarded for matching your outfit with your eye makeup.

    How to wear colored eyeliner

    When dailyВ commutes to the officeВ were a thing, the best part of my morning routine was easily putting on my makeup. Beyond the transformational aspect, for me, applyingВ itВ is also downright therapeutic. But, as working from home become the new norm, myВ makeup collection understandably started to collect dust. Until very recently, it’s been almost a year since I picked up a blending brush and thoroughly dove into my eye shadow palettes. I used to relish experimenting with different colors and glittery textures, but admittedly my skills have become a little rusty. To ease into the full swing of vibrant eye shadow looks I decided to turn to something a little more beginner-friendly.В

    Colorful eyeliner has all of the fun of eye shadow,В yet significantlyВ easierВ to put together than blending five different types of shadows. I found that I couldВ let my imagination run wild and create spontaneous, playful looks without closely following a tutorial. Basically, a colorful eyeliner is a foolproof way to do something creative with fewer tools. I turnedВ to Instagram for some inspiration to jumpstart my own creativity and dream up a few different looks. Below, I’m outlining the five go-to liner looks I’ve been loving to wear lately. They range from experimental to more subdued and wearable, but nonetheless, all areВ 100% fun.В

    I’m doing a step-by-step tutorial on exactly how to do eyeliner over 50 in a way that works for mature faces. I’ve found a very simple process that does a beautiful job of addressing the texture on my eyelids while giving me that impact that I’m looking for.

    Tools and materials:

    • Eyeliner pencil
    • Pencil sharpener
    • Angled brush
    • Flat brush
    • Puff
    • Winged liner brush

    How to wear colored eyeliner

    My eyelids are very crinkly and the texture is uneven. In other words, the skin is not taut, particularly on my moveable lid. So I have to figure out a way to get a dark line to emphasize my eyes without it having to look perfect because I just can’t get perfection.

    What I have found is that sticking within some parameters is important. When I am lining my eye, I start right where the lashes start; I don’t bring it all the way down to the corner of my eye.

    Then, I bring it all the way out to almost the end of my lashes, but I stop two or three lashes before the end.

    How to wear colored eyeliner

    1. Apply eyeshadow to the lash line

    I started off by doing a very soft, neutral eyeshadow look, and to apply the eyeliner, I work with the same eyeshadow palette that I’ve used.

    I’m going to take a flat brush, and I’m going to dip it into the darkest color that I used on my eyes. I get a little bit right on the tip of that flat brush, then I’m going to place that along the outside half of my eyelashes right at the base.

    That’s going to help to define that lash line area before I put my liner on.

    How to wear colored eyeliner

    2. Apply eyeliner

    The next thing I’m going to do is take my sharpened pencil, and I use a little puff to pull my eyelid taut so that I can get that liner on in a straighter line than without using it. So, I’m just going to very carefully hold that puff and bring the liner along the lash line.

    I find it easier to take short little strokes because I want to make sure that I don’t get too much on my lash line or that I get in an area that I don’t want it to be in.

    How to wear colored eyeliner

    3. Draw a wing

    This next step is totally optional and that is to wing the liner a little bit out to give a lift. What I’m going to do is hold my eyelid up so that the skin is a little bit tauter, and I’m going to bring the first line of the winged liner straight down.

    We want to do it straight down because when I let go of that skin, that line will angle out all on its own. So the first line that I want to make is straight down.

    How to wear colored eyeliner

    The next line that I’m going to do it at an angle, kind of creating a triangle towards the end of my eyelashes, and I’m going to do the same thing, I’m going to hold my eye up, and I’m just going to angle that in a little bit.

    How to wear colored eyeliner

    4. Blend with a brush

    The second line I drew isn’t straight, and it’s not completely clean, but that’s what happens when the skin is a little bit more textured. That’s where the winged liner brush is going to come in and be super handy.

    I’m going to take it and start running it along that line, and that’s going to smoke and smudge out the line. I’ll still have the definition along my lash line, but I don’t have to worry about the line being perfect. I like to start right at the inside and just start smudging that line out.

    Once I get to the winged area, I’m going to pull my eye up again very gently, and I’m just going to smudge and pull that wing down into my line. You can also turn your brush and pull that wing up a little bit as well.

    How to wear colored eyeliner

    5. Tight line

    Now I’m going to take my pencil and tight line with it. Tight lining is applying eyeliner underneath the upper lashes. So I just take that pencil and run it right at the base of those lashes back and forth until I get that area nice and dark and filled in.

    How to wear colored eyeliner

    Eyeliner over 50 tutorial

    I applied a touch of mascara, and my left eye (in the picture) is with mascara and the eyeliner, whereas the right eye is just with mascara. You can really see what a difference the eyeliner makes in adding impact and definition to the eye.

    Let me know what you think of this tutorial in the comments below.