How to freeze collard greens

How to freeze collard greensCollard greens are vegetables that belong to the cabbage class; they are tasty and have a relishing taste. They are used in several recipes and this gives them a wide range of use for preparing various dishes. In this post, I’ll show you how to freeze Collard Greens.

If you would like to preserve some of your greens for use for a later time which is about 10 to 12 months long, you can rinse and boil them for some minutes.

After cooling the collard greens, store them in a cooling safe plastic bag where you can keep them for up to 10 to 12 months. After then, you can enjoy using your collard greens as an ingredient for your meals for the next few months.

Part 1 (Boiling Greens to Retain the Taste and Texture)

1. Rinse the Collard Green with Cold Running Water

The first step is to wash and clean the two sides of the leaves, do this under cold running water and ensure you remove dirt and insects as you wash them. Use your fingers to remove all visible patches of dirt on the leaves. Once you are done washing the leaves, place them separately on a dry paper or cutting slab.

You can also place the collard greens inside a sieve to rinse them. However, ensure that both sides of the leaves are properly cleaned if you are using this process.

Did you know that..Boiling (also known as blanching) your collard greens helps you put a stop to the actions of enzymes which normally lead to change in coloration, change in texture, and spoiling of the leaves?

Even though boiling is actually not a compulsory step in preserving your collard greens, it is advised for people who want to keep their collard greens for a longer time than a year. If you only want to freeze your collard greens for a few weeks, you don’t have to bother about the boiling step too much.

2. Trim Off Excess Stems from the LeavesHow to freeze collard greens

With the aid of a knife, trim off the collard greens till only the leaves are left. At this stage, you can cut the greens into smaller chunks. It is not compulsory to cut them into fine pieces, cut them into two if you find it necessary.

It is easier to store the smaller pieces than the bigger ones and they are easier to use while cooking in the future as this will save you the stress of cutting when you want to use them.

3. Boil Some Water in a Large Pot

Fill up a pot with enough water and put the collard greens into it; make sure the water level is above that of the greens (the leaves are totally submerged in water). Increase the intensity of heat from the heating source and place the pot on it to enable the water to boil faster. Before you continue, let the water boil for a while.

The use of boiling water is very important in order to remove the raw outer surface layer of the leaves.

4. Leave the Collard Greens to Boil for About 3 Minutes

Put the washed collard greens into the pot and pour water into it, make sure the water covers the leaves. Use a toothed tong or wooden spoon to push down the leaves that are present at the surface in an attempt to submerge all the leaves.

To keep the temperature of the water hot, cover the pot with its lid and leave the leaves to boil for 3 minutes on fire. The process of boiling the collard green is otherwise known as blanching.

Part 2 (Packaging and Storing the Collards Green)

1. Cool the Boiled Leaves in a Bowl Containing Ice Water for 3 Minutes

Fill up a bowl with cold water and place ice cubes in the bowl. Use the toothed tong to transfer the greens from the pot into the bowl of ice. After transferring them, leave the collard greens in the bowl of cold water for about 3 minutes in order to stop the cooking action from taking place on the leaves.

If you have a lot of collard greens you want to store, you can cool your leaves in the cold water in batches

2. Drain out Excess Water from the Greens

Place the wet leaves in a sieve, hold it over a sink, and drain the water. Wait for a while to allow all the water to drip out, you can also shake the sieve to bring out the remaining droplets of water present in the leaves; once the collard greens are no longer dripping with water, put the sieve aside on the tabletop.

If there are still some droplets of water on the leaves when they go into the freezer, the extra water also freezes alongside the leaves.

Even though it is okay for the leaves to be a bit wet, you can dry them up with the aid of a paper towel.

3. Place the Leaves in a Freezer-safe Plastic Bag and Seal it

After draining out water from the leaves, put the collard greens aside in a big, freezer-safe plastic bag. Ensure that air is not trapped in the bag while packaging it. Leave a space of about 0.5 inches (1.3cm) at the top of the plastic bag; this will enable you to seal the bag more easily.

If you have many collard greens that you want to package, you can use more than one bag to store them.

4. Put the Collard Greens in the Freezer and Use those Within 10 to12 Months

Put a label on each of the plastic bags showing the date the collard greens were actually stored; this will help you keep a record of when you actually stored them, and hence you will know they will be due for use.

In order to preserve and retain the taste of the collard greens, try to consume them within a time frame of 10 to 12 months.


Did you know? Sometimes, you might not have to bring out your collard greens and reheat them when you want to use them but this actually depends on your recipe. If you want to heat your collard greens quickly, put them in a pot containing boiling water until they look soft enough for use in your recipe. Make sure the collard greens are properly drained before using them to cook. Check out your recipe ahead of time; this will enable you to know if the collard greens are to be thawed or not.

Hope you enjoy reading these articles and if you have any question about or any suggestions please leave your message below and I’ll be happy to write back to you.

How to freeze collard greens

Until this spring, we never had the need to preserve garden greens in this household. We easily ate the bit of greens coming out of our garden. We typically consume store-bought greens immediately or end up composting the green slime they turn into. (I am sure we are the only household that does not finish their greens….)

However, this year we harvested a bumper crop of greens from the spring garden and, around the same time, foraged nearly one hundred pounds of lambs quarters. My fingers are green as I type from plucking the leaves off about 42,000 lambs quarters stems. There were thousands of pounds we left in the field — you can see my mother lost in a sea of these wild greens.

After eating gallons of very green soup, we decided that such abundance would
require a mixed-strategy. There was no way we could eat it all.

We froze about half of our greens collection, part of which was frozen raw and part boiled. The best freezing solution for your greens will depend on your own kitchen management and how you plan to use the greens.

Freezing Raw Versus Boiled: Oxalic Acid Considerations

How to freeze collard greensFreezing greens raw is by far the quicker solution. The raw greens are easy to pop into a soup or stir fry later and will cook quickly. This strategy would be ideal if it were not for the oxalic acid in the greens themselves.

Oxalic acid is a mineral inhibitor found in leafy greens, in particular in spinach, collards, lambs quarters, and chard. Oxalic acid will also cause kidney stones, particularly in people prone to kidney stones. If you are using the greens as we do in our extremely green soup, you will want to take measures to reduce the oxalic acid content.

Boiling the greens and discarding the boiling water is by far the best strategy to reduce oxalic acid. (I detail the research on calcium and oxalic acid here.)

If I am freezing greens high in oxalic acid, I freeze them already boiled so that I can just pop them in a soup later. If the greens are just going to add a bit of flavor and texture to a dish, frozen raw greens win for their ease of freezing and convenience in defrosting.

Freezing Greens Raw

How to freeze collard greens

Freezing greens raw is extremely simple. If you fear that your store-bought greens are headed to
green mush and you are pressed for time, this is a great strategy. Simply do the following:

  1. Tear the greens into usable cooking sizes if they are large.
  2. Wash the leaves well and allow them to drain and dry.
  3. Drain the leaves overnight or towel-dry them if you need to turn the
    project around quickly.

With this method some of your leaves will stick together, but you will be able to pull out a handful pretty easily as you need them.

Freezing Greens Boiled

This is actually my preferred method for high oxalate greens because I end up with quart-sized baggies of cooked greens, enough to add great nutrition to soup, already boiled and ready to use.

How to freeze collard greens

  1. Put on a large pot of water to boil.
  2. Tear the greens into usable cooking sizes if they are large.
  3. Wash the leaves well.
  4. Add the leaves to boiling water. Allow them to boil for at least five minutes.
  5. Discard the boiling water through a strainer or colander.
  6. Run cool water over the leaves to cool them quickly. Swish them around under cold water for best results.
  7. Once the leaves are cool, grab a handful, squeeze out the water, and place the leaves in a quart-sized freezer bag.

With this method, your leaves will freeze in one quart-sized lump. Depending on how you use your greens, consider measuring quantities you typically use into each bag. For instance, fill each bag with two cups of cooked greens.

Of course, you could just make a giant batch of extra green soup and gobble it up. That was our first course of action with our foraging bounty.

How to freeze collard greens

Collard greens are a popular vegetable during the summer. These leafy greens can be used for making smoothies, casseroles, and soups, and stews. Collard greens are only available during the summer. If you want to save them to eat throughout the year, would freezing collard greens be possible?

So can you freeze collard greens? Yes, you can freeze collard greens. These leafy greens will need to be blanched first before freezing. Otherwise, you’ll end up with mushy vegetables. Collard greens that are blanched and properly stored will last for up to a year in the freezer.

Do Collard Greens Freeze Well?

If the collard greens are blanched, they tend to freezer very well. However, the vegetable will have a small change in texture and flavor.

After thawing, the collard greens will become softer and retain more moisture. This happens to all leafy greens.

Using frozen collard greens for salads or eating them fresh will not taste very good.

On the other hand, if you’re going to use them for cooking, you won’t notice any difference.


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Collard greens are packed with nutrition and great for your health. For that reason, it’s a good idea to have them stored in the freezer.

Before you can freeze collard greens, you’ll need to prep them first. This means the leafy greens need to be blanched first.

While you don’t need to blanch them, the greens will not last very long in the freezer. Also, their texture will be mushy and have a loss of flavor.

Below are the steps in detail to freezing collard greens:

1. Choosing the Freshest Greens

Always make sure the collard greens are the freshest. The leafy greens should have undamaged stems and no tears or blemishes on the leaves.

If you’ve grown them yourselves, harvest them on the day you’re preparing them for the freezer.

2. Wash

Wash them under cold running water for a minute or so. This will help remove any dirt, bugs, and grit from the leaves. The last thing you want to do is freeze bugs with the greens.

3. Cut the Leaves

Collard greens have very large leaves. You may want to cut them into smaller sizes to make it easier to freeze them.

4. Boil Water

Using a large pot, pour water about a quarter full. Heat the water until it starts to boil.

5. Prepare for Blanching

Grab another pot or use a container. Pour water halfway and add ice. Then place them close to the pot on the stove. This is needed to cool down the collard greens once it’s blanched.

6. Blanching

Once the water in the pot starts to boil, place the collard greens into the pot. Blanch the vegetables for about 3 minutes.

Blanching is an important process prior to freezing. Doing so will ensure the collard greens will retain their texture, taste, and nutrition while it’s in the freezer.

7. Ice Water

After about 3 minutes, using a tong, grab the leaves and transfer them to the ice bucket immediately. This will stop the cooking process.

Let the blanched collard greens sit for about 5-10 minutes.

8. Drain

After that, scoop the leafy greens and place them into a colander. Allow them to drain off water and dry for about 10 minutes.

You can use a paper towel to gently wipe any excess moisture from the leaves. The drier the leaves are the better they will freeze.

9. Storage Container

Put the collard greens into the freezer bag or an airtight container. Try not to put too much that the leaves will become cramped.

For an airtight container, check the seal in the lid for any damages. If there are none, secure the lid to the container tightly.

If you’re using a freezer bag, squeeze out as much air from the bag before sealing it.

10. Label and Freeze

Using a marker, write the date of freezing on the container or bag. Then place them into the freezer for storage.

How Long Can You Freeze Collard Greens?

It will depend on if the collard greens are blanched or not. Collard greens that are blanched will last for up to 12 months in the freezer. After that time, it will still be safe to eat them, but the quality of the leafy greens will deteriorate.

On the other hand, collard greens that are not blanched will last for about 1 to 2 months. For the best quality, you’ll want to use them within that time.

How Do You Defrost Collard Greens?

The great thing about collard greens is that they don’t need to be thawed. You can simply take them out from the freezer and place them directly into the recipe or cook them.

If you are not planning to use them right away, you can thaw them in the fridge. Place the frozen collard greens into a bowl and leave them overnight to thaw.

Can You Refreeze Collard Greens?

It’s not a good idea to refreeze collard greens. This vegetable has a very delicate texture, and freezing them more than once will cause them to be degraded in quality.

When you freeze and thaw them the second time, you may notice the collard greens will be mushy.

However, if you have a change in plan, you may be able to refreeze collard greens. Only if they have not completely thawed yet, you can refreeze them. There will be not a lot of change in texture or taste.

To avoid having to refreeze collard greens, try to portion them in small quantities. This way, you’ll only need to remove the amount you need from the freezer without having to worry about refreezing them.

Other Questions about Collard Greens

Can you freeze uncooked collard greens?

You can freeze uncooked collard greens, but it won’t last very long in the freezer. Blanching is the recommended method before freezing the vegetable. Doing so will help retain their flavor, texture, and nutrition.

Can you freeze collard greens juice?

Yes, you can freeze collard greens juice. Once you’ve made the juice, pour them into an airtight container and seal it tightly. Then place them into the freezer for storage. For the best result, try to consume the collard greens juice within 3 months.

Can you freeze collard greens soup?

Yes, you can freeze collard greens soup. With collard greens soup, you risk overcooking the vegetables when reheating. This will result in mushy, stringy, and overly grainy collard greens.

To prevent that problem, if you’re planning to freeze collard greens soup, try to undercook the vegetables before freezing them.

How long can I keep cooked collard greens in fridge?

How long can cooked collard greens last? Cooked collard greens last up to a week when you keep them in the fridge. No more than 3 to 4 days is preferable.

Can you freeze collard greens after cooking?

Can you freeze leftover cooked collard greens. Yes, you can freeze them if they have cooked are raw. This is how freezing greens boiled. Put them in the large pot of water and start boiling them.

Can you leave cooked collard greens out overnight?

Can cooked collards stay out overnight? While the odds are they would probably be fine, food safety experts recommend throwing them out after 6 hours. It’s entirely up to you if you want to risk it, but they have been shown to grow bacteria at room temp, and like you say collard greens are pretty cheap.

How do you reheat collard greens?

  1. Stovetop – Allow to reach room temp. Heat in a pot over medium low heat (stirring occasionally) until heated through.
  2. Slow cooker – Allow to reach room temp. Place collards in your slow cooker insert. Cover and heat on low heat for 1 to 1 1/2 hours, or high heat for 30 to 45 minutes.

Are wilted collard greens still good?

Wilted greens and lettuce are often just dried out, which can still occur even if the greens remain in constant refrigeration. Considering the high cost of food today, it pays to know how to revive your greens if you’ve kept them a little too long. Trust me, they’ll come back to life with these steps.

Do collard greens need to be refrigerated?

Short-term storage: Collard greens that are not put into a plastic bag, but are put into the refrigerator, will become wilted very quickly. … Then place the greens in an unsealed plastic bag. Put in fridge & the greens should keep crisp for several days.

How do you prepare collard greens for freezing?

Wash thoroughly and cut off woody stems. Water blanch collards 3 minutes and all other greens 2 minutes. Cool, drain and package, leaving 1/2-inch headspace. Seal and freeze.

Can you overcook collard greens?

I think it is nearly impossible to overcook collard greens. On the stove top this usually translates to anywhere between one and a half hours to four hours. In a slow-cooker -provided you have enough ‘pot liquor’ (cooking liquid) you can easily let them simmer away overnight.

Are collard greens better the next day?

Yes you can reheat collard greens. I’ve found that my collard greens taste much better the day after, which means they’re better tasting after being reheated. And yes you can cook your collard greens in advance…a day or two max.

How long can you soak collard greens?

Fill your kitchen sink with water and let the collards soak in it for about 10 minutes. Swish them up and down and side to side to try to loosen any lingering dirt. Then rinse them off individually to double check for any remaining sand. Remove the stem that runs down the center of the collard green leaf.

How long can fresh collard greens stay out?

While the odds are they would probably be fine, food safety experts recommend throwing them out after 6 hours. It’s entirely up to you if you want to risk it, but they have been shown to grow bacteria at room temp, and like you say collard greens are pretty cheap.

Can collard greens sit in water overnight?

I only soak my greens for 10 minutes in cold water. I know some people soak their greens as long as over night to remove any bitter flavor. However, through trial and error, I have found that the extra soaking time isn’t necessary. 10 minutes will do and your collards won’t be bitter.

Can you cook collard greens ahead of time?

The collard greens can be made a few hours ahead of time or up to a day in advance, which will really allow the flavors to deepen. Just keep in the refrigerator until ready to serve. Then reheat over low to medium-low heat until warm.

Do cooked greens freeze well?

Freezing Greens (Cooked) You can freeze greens raw or cooked.

How do you cut and cook collard greens?

Clean the collard greens in the sink or a large pan of water to remove any grit and then pat dry. Fold the collard green leaves in half lengthwise and use a Vegetable Knife to cut off their stems and thick ribs. Stack the halved leaves and slice to desired size.

How to freeze collard greens

Ah, summertime! What's not to love about this veritable playground of fresh, green, leafy produce? But even the most dedicated cooks can admit: It's hard to cook all of those summer greens as fast as they come rolling in from the field. If you're suffering from salad fatigue, or just can't eat another plate of sautéed spinach, we've got good news: Leafy greens are one of the easiest things to preserve. You can't preserve tender lettuce, but hardier greens like Swiss chard and kale lend themselves perfectly to freezing. Here's how to prepare hardy cooking greens so they'll keep for later use.

Eat sautéed spinach all year-round. Photo: Danny Kim

No matter where you got your greens—farmers' market, farm stand, CSA, grocery store, your garden—it's important to rinse them clean of any dirt or (eek!) bugs that may be clinging on the leaves. Use cold water so they don't wilt, and be sure to rinse them thoroughly. You can give them a rough chop if you'd like at this point, which will make them easier to work with later on.

Bring a large pot of water to a boil—no need to salt it as you would for pasta, or for actual cooking. You're just taking the raw edge off. Once the water's boiling, add the clean greens and use tongs or a spoon to submerge them completely underwater. The water temperature will drop, so be sure to keep it at a boil by covering the pot or turning up the heat. Let the greens swim around in the boiling water for about 30 seconds.

Using tongs or a wire spider strainer, transfer the greens to a large bowl or pot of ice water. This should be cold, cold, cold—plain tap water won't do. The near-freezing water will stop the greens from overcooking, and help them retain their vibrant green color. Let them swim around in the cold water, adding more ice as necessary, for two to three minutes.

Make this Collard Greens and Kale Pesto in January, thanks to frozen greens. Photo: Ted Cavanaugh

Drain the water and ice, and gather the greens in your hands. Squeeze out as much water as possible—really put some muscle into it. Excess water will freeze, coating the greens with ice crystals that will degrade the flavor and texture as they sit in the fridge. It will take a few rounds of squeezing, so consider it your arm workout for the day.

Once the greens are pliable but dry, pack them very tightly into baseball-sized spheres, as if you were packing wet snow into a snowball. They'll stick together thanks to the dampness, but try not to manhandle them too much.

Space the balls of kale, chard, etc., out evenly on a sheet pan, maintaining their shape but not allowing them to touch. Cover the pan tightly with a sheet of plastic wrap; this will keep them from collecting ice crystals. Place it in the freezer for one to two hours, until the greens have frozen partially. Doing this rather then dumping them all in a bag will ensure that they stay separate and don't form into one big lump. This is helpful when you remove them from the freezer at a later date; you can just take out as many or as few as you need.

Once the greens have frozen partially, transfer them to heavy plastic bag; remove as much air as possible when you seal it. Store in the freezer, and remove the balls as needed. The balls are perfectly sized, so you never have to thaw an entire package (and waste half of it) again.

4. Blanch greens: Use one gallon water per pound of prepared vegetables. Put the vegetable into vigorously boiling water. Push down with tongs. The water should return to boiling within 1 minute, if it doesn’t, you are using too much vegetable for the amount of boiling water. Start counting blanching time as soon as you place the vegetables into the boiling water. Cover with a tight fitting lid and keep heat high for the time given in the directions for the vegetable you are freezing. In this case, 3 minutes. (Below is a chart of times for various vegetables)

What & Why? Blanching (scalding vegetables in boiling water or steam for a short time) is a must for almost all vegetables to be frozen. It stops enzyme actions which can cause loss of flavor, color and texture.

Blanching cleanses the surface of dirt and organisms, brightens the color and helps retard loss of vitamins. It also wilts or softens vegetables and makes them easier to pack.

Blanching time is crucial and varies with the vegetable and size. Underblanching stimulates the activity of enzymes and is worse than no blanching. Overblanching causes loss of flavor, color, vitamins and minerals.

5. Shock greens: Shocking vegetables is the process of plunging them into ice water to immediately stop the cooking process. This preserves the color, nutrients and flavor.

Fill clean sink basin or large bowl with fresh water and a lot of ice. Using tongs or slotted spoon to remove boiling vegetables, immediately transfer to ice bath and gently stir and submerge allowing them to cool for about the same time as they cooked.

6. Drain: I like to gently squeeze the water out of the chard so that I’m not freezing a lot of ice crystals. Here, I laid multiple layers of paper towel on my counter top and placed squeezed bundles of greens to drain. I measured the piles based on serving sizes. I used about 1 handful per person to amount to a serving. I bagged the greens according to the servings I would typically use for a given meal or recipe.

7. Bag: A lot of people like the Foodsaver system, but I don’t have one yet. I used Ziploc freezer bags and squeezed out as much air as possible. Make sure to label and date your packages! Greens can be kept frozen for 8 to 12 months.

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How do I freeze collard greens? Pour the collard greens into a colander and drain completely. Package them in a freezer storage bag or container. If you use a freezer bag, remove as much air as possible from the bag by pressing down on it while sealing. Freeze the collard greens immediately.

can I freeze cooked greens?

How do you blanch greens? Blanching Green Vegetables Bring salted water to a rolling boil in a large pot. Place green vegetable in boiling water until tender. Once the vegetable becomes tender and the green color is solidified, shock in ice water.

do collards freeze well?

Yes, to freeze: (1) Wash greens thoroughly and cut off woody stems; (2) Blanch (plunge into boiling water) for three minutes and chill quickly in ice cold water; (3) Drain off excess moisture, package in airtight containers or freezer bags and freeze immediately.

How do you freeze fresh greens? Wash thoroughly and cut off woody stems. Water blanch collards 3 minutes and all other greens 2 minutes. Cool, drain and package, leaving 1/2-inch headspace. Seal and freeze.

how do you store cooked collard greens?


Can I freeze cooked spinach? Vacuum sealing systems work really well with spinach leaves. This frozen spinach works well in cooked dishes, but if you plan to use it as a stand-alone side dish, try a small batch before freezing a large portion without blanching. Another way to freeze spinach is to puree it with water and freeze in ice cube trays.

How long can you keep cooked greens in the freezer?

Properly stored, cooked green beans will last for 3 to 5 days in the refrigerator. To further extend the shelf life of cooked green beans, freeze them; freeze in covered airtight containers or heavy-duty freezer bags, or wrap tightly with heavy-duty aluminum foil or freezer wrap.

How do you blanch and freeze collard greens? greens requires a brief heat treatment, called blanching, in boiling water or steam , to destroy the enzymes before freezing. Blanching times for collards is 3 minutes and all other greens 2 minutes.. Begin counting the blanching time as soon as you place the greens in the boiling water.

Why do collard greens stink?

It is very important not to overcook collard greens. Like other cruciferous vegetables overcooked collard greens will begin to emit the unpleasant sulfur smell associated with overcooking. To help collard greens to cook more quickly, evenly slice the leaves into 1/2-inch slices and the stems into 1/4-inch pieces.

Can you freeze leafy greens?

How to freeze leafy greens. Spinach, kale, and chard all freeze beautifully. note: While frozen greens are fantastic for smoothies, don’t use them for your salads… you’ll be very disappointed! (Turns out, ice chunks aren’t as fun as croutons.)

How do you blanch?

Water Blanching Put the vegetable in a blanching basket and lower into vigorously boiling water. Place a lid on the blancher. The water should return to boiling within 1 minute, or you are using too much vegetable for the amount of boiling water. Start counting blanching time as soon as the water returns to a boil.

What can I do with lots of Swiss chard?

7 Things You Can Do with Swiss Chard Sautéd. A traditional take on greens is to braise or sauté them with garlic or other aromatics. Salad. Remove the stems and compost or save for another dish. Baked. Here’s a different take on swiss chard – bake the greens and stems under local pasture-raised pork chops! Creamed. Grain Salads. Frittata. Soup.

Do cooked collard greens need to be refrigerated?

Plants sometimes do start to smell, but if the collards were bought and refrigerated for only three days, they should be fine. Can I wash them 2 days before cooking? Yes, as long as you dry them before storing in the refrigerator. Cooked collard greens last up to a week when you keep them in the fridge.

How do you warm up collard greens?

The collard greens can be made a few hours ahead of time or up to a day in advance, which will really allow the flavors to deepen. Just keep in the refrigerator until ready to serve. Then reheat over low to medium-low heat until warm.

Can you leave cooked collard greens out overnight?

While the odds are they would probably be fine, food safety experts recommend throwing them out after 6 hours. It’s entirely up to you if you want to risk it, but they have been shown to grow bacteria at room temp, and like you say collard greens are pretty cheap.

How do you know when greens go bad?

To check if vegetables are spoiled, look for greens that are turning a yellowish color or appear slimy. If your vegetables are covered in mold, throw them out to avoid getting sick. You can also tell if your vegetables are spoiled by smelling them. If they smell foul or bitter, they’ve probably gone bad.

A variety of collard greens in your diet is a must. Pick your favourites from Spinach, kale, chard and other leafy greens and make sure you add plenty to your meals.

If you grow your own then you might find you have an overabundance when it comes to harvest time, so what do you do with the excess? Can you freeze collard greens?

The Quick Answer

Yes, you can freeze collard greens. Collard greens can be frozen for up to 12 months so there is no need for any to go to waste. You do need to blanch the veggies first and then pack them in airtight bags in the freezer.

How to Freeze Collard Greens

Collard greens are delicious and great for your health, so it is worth having some in the freezer, but there is a little prep work involved to freeze them fully. This means you do need to blanch them first.

If you don’t follow the blanching method, then the greens are unlikely to survive without becoming a mushy mess in the freezer. It isn’t as difficult and daunting as it sounds, so let’s look at how you can freeze collard greens.

  1. Pick the Best
    Pick out the collard greens you want to freeze. Only pick out undamaged stems with no blemishes to ensure you can successfully freeze them.
  2. Wash
    Wash them well under cold running water to remove any dirt, grit and bugs that might be making their home in the leaves.
  3. Chop
    Chop or tear the leaves into manageable sizes. Small leaves should be fine to leave whole, but large leaves will need to be chopped.
  4. Boil Water
    Grab a large pot and boil some water on the cooker. You need enough water to ensure you can cover the greens you have. If you have a large number of collard greens, then you might need to blanch them in batches.
  5. Prepare for Blanching
    While the water is heating up, you need to grab some more equipment. A metal colander is perfect if you have one. If not, then you can use a plastic colander, but the method is slightly different. You also need to ensure you have a bowl of ice water next to the stove. You can either grab some water and pop ice cubes into it or pour a bowl of water and pop it into the fridge until it has cooled.
  6. Blanch
    When the water is boiling, you need to plunge the collard greens into the water. If you have a metal colander, you can put the leaves into it and plunge the whole colander into the water. If not, then pop the leaves in and get ready to pull them out again using tongs. Leave the collard greens in the water for three minutes. As soon as the three minutes is up, you need to take the collard greens out of the water and plunge them into the ice water.
  7. Drain
    Leave them there for three minutes and then take them out and drain them. Let the collard greens dry as much as possible.
  8. Bag Up
    When they are dry, pop the greens into freezer bags. If you prefer, you can make small portion size balls and then put them in freezer bags. Just be careful not to handle the greens too much.
  9. Seal
    Squeeze out as much air as possible from the bags. If you have a straw handy, you can seal the bags almost all the way and then put the straw in to suck out all the air. When you are finished, seal the bags tightly.
  10. Label and Freeze
    Label with the date and contents. Pop the bags into the freezer to freeze.

3 Tips for Freezing Collard Greens

Now you know how to freeze them, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing collard greens to have the best results:

  • Pack into Balls – To save space in your freezer, pack the collard greens into balls before freezing. The size of a tennis ball should work and provide a good portion of your favourite collard greens.
  • Airtight is Vital – Make sure you make your bags of collard greens as airtight as possible before popping them into the freezer. You can keep your greens in the freezer for a long time, and any air can cause the flavour of the greens to deteriorate.
  • Squeeze Excess Moisture – If you find your greens are retaining too much water, then you can give them a light squeeze as they are draining. These leafy greens tend to absorb moisture, so squeeing can help them freeze well.

How Long Can You Freeze Collard Greens?

If you blanch and then store your collard greens in the freezer, then they will keep well for a super long time! You can freeze them for up to twelve months before the veggies will start to deteriorate.

You Can Freeze Collard Greens for up to 12 Months

How Do You Defrost Collard Greens?

The best way to cook and heat your collard greens once they have been frozen is to not defrost them at all. Pop them into your recipe or cook them up using your favourite method right from frozen.

If you want to thaw the greens out before cooking, you can pop them into a bowl and put them into the fridge to thaw them out overnight.

This is likely to produce a bit of moisture, so don’t forget the bowl, or you could end up with the water leaking into your fridge.

Can You Refreeze Collard Greens?

No, you can’t refreeze collard greens. Their texture and structure will change a little in the freezer, and if you try and refreeze, you may find that the texture becomes too mushy to be edible.

Do Collard Greens Freeze Well?

Collard greens do freeze well, but they do change. They freeze well because they keep their goodness and can be kept for a really long time.

However, the texture of the green will have changed. The veg will be much softer and retain more water than if you cooked them freshly. This doesn’t stop them from being delicious, though, so there is no reason not to freeze up your excess collard greens.

Related FAQs

If you’ve still got questions about freezing collard greens or greens in general, then these may help:

Can You Freeze Uncooked Collard Greens?

You can freeze uncooked collard greens, but we would still strongly recommend blanching them beforehand. This does not cook collard greens but helps to secure nutrients, flavour, texture and colour.

Can You Freeze Kale (And Other Greens)?

Kale, like most greens, can be frozen in the same way as collard greens. You need to clean it, blanch it, and store it in an airtight container or bag before freezing.

How to freeze collard greens

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How to wear a slip dress

How to wear a slip dress

Ah, the slip dress: a ’90s trend come back to haunt me in 2019. I don’t actually have anything against the slip dress, but I’ve always had trouble figuring out ways to wear one that didn’t make me feel like I was a) walking around naked or b) wearing pajamas outside of the house. I wasn’t totally expecting the trend to come back in style, but it looks like it’s here to stay, so I went in search of slip dress outfit ideas I could actually, probably pull off in real life. Luckily, I found some. In fact, I found quite a lot of slip dress outfit inspiration out there. I no longer fear feeling naked or looking like I walked outside in a nightgown.

Turns out, it’s pretty easy to rock the slip dress trend. Pair your favorite slip dress with a plain white tee for those sweltering summer days or wear it over a turtleneck once the weather cools off (if it ever does). Slip dresses are surprisingly versatile, and you can definitely wear the same one in both summer and fall. Just add a leather jacket for chilly nights or a blazer for work meetings. However you style these slip dresses, you’re definitely going to look chic AF.

Because I, myself, needed some major inspiration, I went out and found 29 street style-approved slip dress outfit ideas perfect for the end of summer and transitioning into fall. The possibilities seem to be endless, but I’ll start with these for now. Gotta dip your toes in the water first, am I right?! So go forth and try something new this season.

If you still think slips should be hidden away under your dress, we’re about to turn your world upside-down. What may have originally been worn as a layering piece has found its way to top level exposure. The slip dress has been all over the runways and street style stars for a few seasons so we’re breaking down how to wear it IRL. The airy lingerie-inspired piece has been a very versatile addition to our closets. Scroll through for our style panel’s tips on how to wear the “It” piece for just about any occasion.

Challenge #176: How do you style a slip dress?

Krystin Tysire, 22
Vancouver | Girl in Betsey

Soon after trying the slip dress trend, I was hooked. In the summer, I would pair it with a simple tee but in cooler weather I’m adding a long sleeve layer for extra warmth.

Krystin is wearing: Slip dress, La Vie en Rose; Purse, Gucci; Shoes, AMIClubwear.

alt=”how to style a slip dress” />
Kayla Short, 29
Halifax | Short Presents

Don’t rule out your summer slip dress just yet because with a quick addition of tights and a turtleneck, you can take this delicate piece well into the heart of winter. Play around with layering it over skinny jeans and tucking it in for a completely different look.

Kayla is wearing: Dress, Garage; Shirt, Sirens; Shoes, Old Navy; Coat, Old Navy; Bag, Poppy + Peonies; Watch, Caravelle; Bag charm, Envy; Sunglasses, Givenchy at SmartBuy Glasses.

Neguine Boustantchi, 23
Toronto | Neguine Boustantchi

Normally I like to “undress” the slip dress with more casual accessories like sneakers or a cool bomber jacket. Here, I’m styling it in a more formal way with velvet and pearl sandals and an oversized white shirt for some unexpected drama.

Neguine is wearing: Dress, Zara; Shoes, Uterque; Shirt, Ralph Lauren; Bag, Chanel.

Liat Neuman, 39
Toronto | YomanChic

The slip dress has been in the spotlight for several seasons. Whether you are pairing it with a chunky sweater, a t-shirt or a bell-sleeved top, it’s an essential item that will easily transition from winter to spring. To avoid looking like I just stepped out of bed, I layered the dress with a ribbed turtleneck and red boots. Transform this look from day to night by adding statement jewels or stilettos.

Liat is wearing: Dress, H&M; Boots, Zara; Bag, Coach; Turtleneck, Club Monaco; Bracelet, Topaz Jewelry; Necklace, Cos.

Mikayla Kuehn, 20
Toronto |

I love the slip dress trend because there are so many ways it can be styled. The dress I’m wearing has sticks of bubble gum printed all over it for a funky twist. I’ve paired it with a plain white t-shirt, a black leather jacket, a pair of white knee-high socks, black ankle booties and a bright lip colour.

Mikayla is wearing: Dress, Zara; Socks, American Apparel; Boots, H&M; Jacket, Ardene.

Laura Mitbrodt, 31
Victoria | Laura Jane Atelier

I like to layer my slip dress with a thin t-shirt or turtleneck to make the dress more versatile, especially in the winter months. I like the idea of mixing prints and decided to pair my striped turtleneck with a leopard print coat to add a little extra detail and texture.

Laura is wearing: Coat, ASOS; Dress, Highline Collective; Turtleneck, Highline Collective.

Christina Cravero, 32
Toronto | The Style Mogul

A slip dress with a moto jacket are a perfect match and work well as a date night outfit. Transition to ankle booties and a turtleneck sweater when you want a more casual look.

Christina is wearing: Dress, Marciano; Jacket, Zara; Shoes, Le Chateau; Clutch, Philo Project.

A classic dress that rarely goes out of style is a great little slip dress. They’re super versatile and can really work all year long if styled properly. I’ve recently rediscovered mine in my closet, a simple black slip dress that I wore years ago here. I took it out for a spin recently and I’m hooked. So much so it inspired today’s post, how to wear a slip dress. From day, to night, to even making it work for the office (pending your office vibes of course!).

This classic dress is just great to throw into your suitcase too when you travel. You can wear it so many instances and it takes up little to no space.

  • How to wear a slip dress
  • How to wear a slip dress

What Is A Slip Dress?

Slip dresses are silky and slinky spaghetti strap dresses. Although they very much resemble an underslip or petticoat, these are actual dresses that are meant to be worn out and about. They’re often cut on a bias and have a slit. Slip dresses can range from mini dresses to maxis and everything in between. They’re sexy and slinky and feel very feminine. I think every closet should own one since they’re actually quite versatile! Choose classic black, or go for a fun print like leopard of snakeskin.

The slip dress trend also translates to slip skirts too. The hottest trend right now for fall is probably the slip midi skirt and they’re EVERYWHERE. So whether you choose a dress or skirt, this is definitely a fun piece to style in your closet this season.

shop slip dresses

How To Wear A Slip Dress

When styling a slip dress you want to be very aware of the style you’ve chosen to keep in your closet and where you’re headed. Do not be wearing some low cut, short, sexy as can be slip dress to the office by just putting a blazer over it. It won’t work. But if you have one that’s knee length, or midi, that’s a touch more conservative, it could potentially work.

You also want to be aware of what you’re wearing UNDER the slip dress. Due to the silky fabric, these pieces can sometimes not be super forgiving and show every little lump or panty line. I recommend wearing your favorite Spanx (I like these, they’re not super constricting. I call them my lazy Spanx). It’s just ideal to smooth yourself out a bit with such a silky fabric.

A Casual Look

There’s a few ways to dress down a simple slip dress. From adding a denim jacket, or throwing a sweater over it and treating it like a skirt. You can also add a little white tee or thin turtleneck under a slip dress and it becomes a very Parisian inspired look. This is a great way to also transition this from summer to fall.

How to wear a slip dress

Dressed Down For the Weekend

My favorite way to dress anything down is simply with a denim jacket and white sneakers. It’s practically fool proof. This would be a great outfit to wear for a Saturday day outing, or just on the weekend to grab lunch with a friend. It’s also a nice way to bring the slip dress out from a night time event, to day time.

get the look

To The Office Or A Meeting

Definitely work this in if and only if your slip dress is not too sexy, low cut or short. A great silky dress can be appropriate for the office when done right. So be cautious! But if you work in a fashion field or run your own business, go for it! Here’s how to do it.

How to wear a slip dress

Take It 9-5

So this may be something that will work on a case by case basis. And depending on your slip dress. But if you’re in a fairly fashion-forward business, throwing on a great long blazer and heel can be a fun way to take this piece to the office. I would just make sure your slip dress isn’t too body-hugging, sexy or short. Which honestly, mine fits the bill. It hits right over the knee, and is a tad loose. This blazer helps to pull it all together.

get the look

Out On The Town

When thinking about what to wear out on the town, a dress is always a great idea. A slip dress is sexy and feminine and can be worn nearly all year long. A slip dress in fall can work with booties and a jacket, or in the summer, a strappy sandal and summer clutch.

How to wear a slip dress

Cocktail Time!

The BEST way to wear a slip dress is obviously out on the town with friends. It’s sexy, it’s classic, and you can choose a jacket or show off those shoulders. It’s all up to you and the season. In the summer, opt for a strappy sandal. In the fall and winter, throw on a suede jacket and booties.

How to wear a slip dress

I’ve publicly proclaimed my love for slip dresses and have no plans on ever stopping myself from buying more. This sleepwear-as-outerwear look (or underwear-as-outerwear style, as some put it) is comfortable, effortless, and the best for looking timeless but not in a try hard way. Though I tend to keep slip dresses in my wardrobe year-round (I like to stare at them in the wintertime and dream of warmer days), the most optimal time to wear them is summer.

For days when the sun’s powerful rays scorch your skin, a slip dress can feel like you’re not wearing anything at all, which is glorious because going out naked is not an option. The slip dress is lightweight, silky, and can be quite flowy if you opt for the non-body hugging options. Slips are also appropriate for any type of setting, from your workplace (I have tips on how to pull off this look) to someone’s wedding (avoid wearing white). Check out five ways to style your favorite slip below and if you want more shopping options, your wish is my command.

How to wear a slip dress

A tried-and-true way to wear your slip dress, if you want more coverage, is to style a crewneck t-shirt underneath. This two-tone dress option is elevated yet wearable for everyday activities. Since the base is comprised of neutrals, you can up the style ante with an animal print bucket hat and gold jewelry that echoes your outfit’s color palette.

How to wear a slip dress

Summer is a time for embracing bright colors, so do it head to toe in this pastel green/yellow ensemble. A mini slip dress is great when you want to catch any breeze that comes your way on sweltering hot days. No need for a cardigan or any cover up—just accessorize with a cool bag, some pearl earrings, and sunglasses. This outfit also sends out both ladylike and effortlessly sexy vibes.

How to wear a slip dress

To get away with wearing a slip dress in more conservative settings (and not risk looking like you just rolled out of bed), style a button-down under or over your dress. If you find the fabric bunches together underneath, simply swap out for a blazer. Thankfully, this printed slip is dressy and grand enough to wear alone too. Pair with sneakers for casualness but a statement handbag for that fashun touch.

How to wear a slip dress

This is how you get away with wearing a slip dress to a wedding. The satin number is delicately appliquéd with floral lace from waist up and along the hemlines for that elegant and fancy finish. It’s your average slip dress that is all “grown up.” Save this piece for important occasions where you want to stun and feel comfortable. Style with equally feminine accessories like a pearl embellished bag and luxe white sandals.

How to wear a slip dress

If you don’t own that classic black slip dress (or need a new one), scoop up this lacy spaghetti strap number. To make your outfit more interesting, add in a pair of bold earrings and the season’s trendiest handbag. After your friends and family are done admiring you from the top, they’ll compliment you on your cow print shoes. They’re the perfect footwear to complete your nighttime look.

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How to wear a slip dress

Slip dresses are sexy, period. And that is the whole point of them. They are comfortable and gorgeous, both at the same time. Slip dresses are an ideal attire choice for the hot seasons as they you can beat the heat by wearing them and look absolutely smashing while doing so. Slip dresses are ideal for any kind of occasion and can be worn at formal and casual events both. You can even recycle your slip dresses by pairing them with different garments, looks and accessories. Believe it or not, a slip dress paired with the right accessories and garments can transform your look. In our article today, we will tell you how to wear slip dress in different ways.

How to wear a slip dress

Wear a Shirt Over Slip Dress

As mentioned, slip dresses are all about looking sexy. However, if you want to look a bit less sexy in a slip dress, wear a shirt or a cardigan over it. This is an ideal combination to wear at work or school or at any other place you do not want to look too sexy at. You can wear a sweater or cardigan with a slip dress if the weather is chilly.

Wear Less Makeup and Minimal Accessories

Minimal can be beautiful. Do not overdo your skip dress look at keep it minimal with little makeup and accessories. This will ensure that your look is not too over the top and just right for the hot weather that the slip dress is for. You can wear a nice peachy lip color with a light blush with small ear studs or bracelets and sunglasses. You can tie your hair in a bun for a chic look.

With a Front Open Kimono

Kimono and slip dress? Must sound like a funny combination? However, this combination is very cool and looks great as well. You can wear this combination at beach parties, casual hangouts, work and even school. The possibilities are endless. However, make sure that you wear a plain slip dress with a printed kimono or you can wear color blocking kimono and slip dress for a very stylish look.

Wear a Jacket

You can pair up your slip dress with a bomber jacket or a motorcycle jacket for a cool and edgy look. The slip dress, which is otherwise made to look very feminine, can be turned into a sporty garment by adding a stylish jacket to it. You can often spot Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner rocking this look.

With a Blazer or Long Coat

With a slip dress, the possibilities are plenty. You can add a formal look to your slip dress by adding a blazer or a long coat to it. You can wear formal heels with this combo and carry a neat hair bun along with the right accessories to make your look completely fit for a formal meeting or a day at the office.

How to wear a slip dress

So what are you waiting for? Go have fun experimenting with your slip dress looks. Here are another stylish ways to wear slip dress you should take a look at!

How to wear a slip dress


How to wear a slip dress

This year, I’m setting up new rules for myself when it comes to shopping. While my main goal is to build a closet of great basics, I love having fun with fashion too! One of my new rules for buying trendy items is if I can’t find at least 3 ways to style something, I can’t buy it.

With the seasons changing, I am finding new ways to style my warm weather pieces for winter. It doesn’t get unbearably cold here in LA so winter layering is very simple. One of my current favorite pieces to style is the slip dress.

This slinky style dress comes in a variety of lengths and patterns. I chose a printed style because it brings a fun vibe to my mostly solid wardrobe. Below I’m sharing 4 tips on how to wear a slip dress in winter.

How to wear a slip dress

4 Tips on How to Wear A Slip Dress in Winter

1. Add a Leather Jacket

I feel like this is my go-to tip for any layered looks. I love adding a moto jacket to more feminine cut pieces to give it an edgier vibe.

2. Add a turtleneck under

The great thing about the loose fit of a slip dress is that you can layer underneath it too! I chose a turtleneck for a sleek classic look. You can also pair it with a button up shirt or t-shirt underneath. If you chose a solid slip dress, you can add a printed top underneath for a chic look.

3. Add a chunky sweater

For a more casual look, throw a chunky sweater over your slip dress. This is the perfect cozy piece for winter. I love how a pullover sweater changes the whole look of the dress. You can also style it with a cardigan too!

4. Add a bottom layer

Since it isn’t freezing where I live, My bottom layer of choice is over the knee boots. If you live in cooler weather you can pair it with printed leggings and boots. I’ve seen it styled over jeans too! You can see more inspo on Pinterest HERE.

*Bonus Tip*: Don’t forget to add accessories! A hat, scarf or jewelry will really pull the look together.

How to wear a slip dress

Shop My look:

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Dress: Boohoo // Belt: cabi (similar HERE) // Hat: Vintage (similar HERE)

Turtle Neck: Boohoo // Boots: JustFab (Similar HERE)

Shop Slip Dresses under $45:

What is your favorite way to wear a slip dress in winter? Let’s chat! Leave a comment below.

I’ve mentioned earlier this year just how much I’ve been loving the understated slip dress trend. While this piece isn’t the most relevant for wearing at home right now, I picked it out a while back for this post with Banana Republic, and wanted to show 4 different pairing ideas and a few styling tips & tricks! Looks 2 through 4 each utilize a different tucking or belting tip , and at the bottom of this post are a few petite friendly try ons!

Sale Alert: Banana Republic is offering 50% off + extra 10% off sitewide, no code needed (ends 4/1)!

Look 1: minimalistic

A good slip dress gently skims the curves, and isn’t too fitted or baggy. This one doesn’t look like much on a hanger, but it grazes the figure nicely, and the shoulder straps are adjustable by tying in the back center. The upper back is elegant yet sexy with a slight V dip, and the fabric is very lightweight and fully lined. I always wear my adhesive nippies instead of a bra with tops and dresses like this!

How to wear a slip dress

Look 2: monochromatic with a sweater tucked into a belt

The use of a waist belt here creates a “shelf” for tucking in your top, allowing almost any dress to be styled as a skirt. This also works if you have a longer sweater or want to hide the belt – simply cover the belt with the sweater and tuck it in under the bottom of the belt.

I love the juxtaposition of fabrics and cuts here, with a fluffy sweater in a slouchier cut, styled against smooth satin in a figure grazing cut.

How to wear a slip dress

Look 3: belted blouson-style with a blazer

Another old styling trick I shared before (see picture 3 in this post) is to add a slim waist belt, then pull out some of the dress fabric in the torso area and let it fold over the belt. This creates a blouson effect at the waist area, and also temporarily “shortens” the hemline of the dress.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of this blazer color on me (it also comes in black and many more colors in Regular), however I am a fan of the wrinkle resistant, machine washable fabric and sleek collar-less cut. Fit wise, I thought this ran a little big.

How to wear a slip dress

Look 4: knotted under a top + boots

See my older post on how to knot a looser sweater or tee over a dress! I also used the fold-fabric-over-the-belt trick mentioned in pairing idea #3 to shorten the hemline of the dress, so that it doesn’t overlap with the top of the boots.

How to wear a slip dress

Here’s a couple other items I’ve tried on from Banana Republic over the past season!

How to wear a slip dress

Cap Toe Slingbacks

The online reviews are mixed, but after trying these on, these are just as expected and a classic, comfortable low pump in my opinion. These are similar to my old BR cap toe heels that sold out quickly in small sizes, except these have a wide slingback (in my opinion, this wider leather slingback strap feels more comfortable off the bat and doesn’t dig in like thinner elastic backings might) and with a low, more walking friendly block heel. FYI, these run a tad big and on the wide side. I’m usually between size 5 and 5.5, and these fit me in size 5.

Puff sleeve cropped top

Very cute, fitted top with dramatic but not overwhelming puff sleeves (hard to show in the picture, but the puffs have a light, airy feel to them). This top is double layered which helps with sheerness, and the back center is a fully elasticized panel which provides stretch and comfort (fit is pretty snug on me in the torso). The length is just long enough to tuck into my jeans here, but I think a top like this would be adorable tucked into a flowy skirt for summer.

How to wear a slip dress

Duster cardigan sweater

This is a very lightweight, basic cardigan but in a versatile color. The weight of this sweater is just a tad thicker than an older linen cardigan I have, so the lighter colors in this are probably a little sheer. Fit is true to size.

How to wear a slip dress

Scoop-neck belted jumpsuit

This try on was snapped last month … the sunglasses indoors are a result of Nori giving me an accidental black eye, lol! I thought this jumpsuit was TTS and draped nicely. The fabric has nice weight to it and torso is double lined, and there are functional side angled pockets. Due to the belt though, this one will take another extra minute in the bathroom compared to pull on / pull off jumpsuits!

Wearing a high slit long dress is something glamorous in the world of fashion. The high slit on the outfit looks sensuous and make heads turn. The high slit trend is no longer the realm of the red carpet. The fashionistas don this attire with full justice on the streets as well on a bright sunny day.

How to wear a slip dress

The idea behind a high slit in the garment is not just to flaunt the toned legs but to carry it in the utmost beautiful manner. But, every outfit calls for some caution and tips to be kept in mind. The dress-up game has its rules, and it’s important to abide by them.

High slit dresses are best as evening wear and keep the style quotient high. Daytime is best handled with modest slits at the side or back. Workwear should not flash any skin at all unless you are in the fashion industry! The high slit dress is versatile and makes you look taller and leaner.

19 Rules to wear High Slit Dress Right Way

1. Make sure the dress fits you perfectly and is taped down well.

How to wear a slip dress

2. Wear heels with high-slit outfits; it enhances the look more.

How to wear a slip dress

3. Choose the colors according to the time of the day. For daytime go for light pastel colors. And in the night if you plan to party then go for a ritzy material of the dress.

How to wear a slip dress

4. Too much skin on the show along with an exposed thigh could end up looking slutty. Try keeping the focus on the legs and be subtle about it.

How to wear a slip dress

5. Choose sexy underwear. A little glimpse of a lacy garter belt above a nude hose can be scintillating. You can also wear fishnets if you are wearing a black number. It can look glamorous if you carry it well.

How to wear a slip dress

6. Monochromes look best with high slits.

How to wear a slip dress

7. Wear panties that don’t see through the slit and cause any malfunction.

8. Don the high slit top with a pair of denim shorts and high heels boots.

How to wear a slip dress

9. You can wear light skin color stockings too if you want.

How to wear a slip dress

10. Maintain a good figure; the high slit looks more glamorous on a toned body.

How to wear a slip dress

11. Don’t overdo the slit that looks vulgar and not stylish.

How to wear a slip dress

12. Don’t wear too shiny material for the day time it gives the punch in the eye.

How to wear a slip dress

13. Don’t wear flat footwear it kills the essence of the high slit, especially in long maxi high slit dresses.

How to wear a slip dress

14. Don’t walk abruptly, it looks ill-mannered and eliminates the style quotient of the high slit.

15. Don’t wear see through material.

How to wear a slip dress

16. Avoid high-slit dresses or skirts on a windy day, to not get exposed.

17. Don’t wear too tight that it creates problems while walking, let it free flow a bit.

How to wear a slip dress

18. Avoid wearing high-slit dresses in winters.

How to wear a slip dress

19. Don’t wear it with hair on your legs, especially the long slit dresses.

How to wear a slip dress

High-slit dresses are popular among celebrities. But it is not easy to carry them off. Just one small fashion faux pas, and you might end up ruining your overall appearance. Make sure you don’t face any kind of wardrobe malfunction since a high slit does come with some risks. So keep it stunning and stay vigilant!

How to create a viber group on android

How to create a viber group on android

Viber integrates with your phone’s contacts to automatically add them to your Viber contacts. This article will teach you different ways to add a Viber and a non-Viber account.

It’s easy to determine if someone from your contacts has already a Viber account. Open your Viber app and check your contact list. The Viber logo will be seen on the right side of the person’s name if it’s registered to Viber. You can send them messages and media files using the application. For those contacts who don’t have a Viber yet, you can invite them. But for your new contacts, you can add them straight to your Viber app.

How to Add Contacts on Viber

Follow the steps below to add contacts to your Viber account:
1. On your Home screen, open your Viber app.How to create a viber group on android
2. Tap the More button on the bottom part.How to create a viber group on android
3. Look for the Add Contact tab. Tap it to continue.How to create a viber group on android
4. On the upper area or your screen, type in the contact number of the person you wish to add.How to create a viber group on android
5. Tap the Done button when you’re done putting the phone number. Make sure you entered the correct digits.How to create a viber group on android
6. If your contact doesn’t have a Viber yet, you are prompted with the below message. You can tap the Invite button to send a request to the person. This action will invite your contact to join Viber. Let’s skip that for now and tap the Cancel button to proceed.How to create a viber group on android
7. Edit the name of your contact.How to create a viber group on android
8. After typing in your contact’s name, tap the Save button.How to create a viber group on android

When adding a new contact who is already a Viber user, you’ll be skipping the sixth and seventh steps. The app will retrieve the data regarding the phone number you entered and automatically uses the contact’s name as registered on your phone. All you have to do is tap the Save button to save the contacts to Viber.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the added contact be included in my phone’s contact as well?
A: Yes, if you synced your contacts to your Viber app. Most of the users do this. Once synced, whatever you add or delete in your Viber account will apply to your phone’s contact list. On the other hand, contacts added in your phone will also be in your Viber.

Q: Are there other ways to add a new contact?
A: The above tutorial teaches you how to add a contact thru your More screen. Aside from that, you can also do it in your Contacts screen. But if you want a quick and smart way, you can use the QR scanner feature. This method is only applicable if you’re with the person you want to add who’s also an active Viber user. To do that tap the QR Scanner option instead of entering the phone number. Make sure to allow the app to access your camera because Viber will use it as the scanner. Also, ask your friend to show his QR code to begin scanning. Place his QR code on the box in the middle of your screen. Then, follow the given instructions to save the contact.

Q: Will these methods also apply to an Android user?
A: Though this article uses an iOS device, you can also use this on your Android smartphone. There’s only a very minimal difference like the use of + button for IOS and a person icon with a plus button for Android. Also, an Android user will tap a checkmark to save the contact while iOS uses the Save button. However, all in all, the steps should be similar.

Adding a new contact on Viber is intuitive and easy. The app also notifies you when one of the contacts of your phone registers with the app so you can add them on Viber.

You just learned how to add contacts on Viber. If you have questions about any of the steps above, let us know in the comments section.

Viber provides the possibility to invite other people to join one of your conversations thus creating a group conversation. There’s no limit to the number of groups you can create on Viber and each of them can have up 200 participants. Besides the option to send text messages, group conversations give you access to other features of the Viber app too such as sharing photos, videos and doodles.

How to create a viber group on android

How to Create a Group Conversation

Creating a Group in Viber is really easy and can be achieved in a couple of steps:

Open Viber and tap on the Add People button:

The Select Contacts screen shall open, tap to select the participants you want to add to the group. Once selected their profile pictures will be displayed at the top of your screen. Tap on Done to create the group:
How to create a viber group on android

How to Customise The Group Name, Icon and Background

You can easily change the name of a group into something which is more personal (default name: Group). Swipe your finger across the group conversation screen to access the group settings. Tap on Group Name and edit your settings.
How to create a viber group on android

Tap on Group Icon, you can either choose a photo from your gallery or take a picture using the camera of your device. Finally tap on Background and select a background for your group conversation:
How to create a viber group on android

It should be noted that these settings can be individually edited for each of your groups

How to Add or Delete Participants

As the group admin, you perform the following actions:

-Nominate other group admins
-Add or remove participants.

Open the group settings, tap and hold on a participant to edit his status:

How to Leave or Delete Groups

It should be noted that groups can be deleted by any user. A will group continues to exist until all the participants leave. You can leave a group by deleting its corresponding conversation:
How to create a viber group on android

How to create a viber group on android

We recently introduced you to our new feature, Viber Communities – a group chat where up to a whopping 1 billion members are able to exchange messages and engage with one another.

Well, we’re happy to let you know we’re rolling the feature out so that anyone on Viber can create their very own Community!

Creating an online Community will enable you to interact with an unlimited number of members, enjoy more admin controls than ever before and play around with new conversation features.

So, whatever your interest is, you can now open a Community to an unlimited amount of members! So, how do you actually do it? We’re here to give you all the tips you need so you can become a pro Community superadmin.

Create Your Own Viber Community

In order to open your Community, follow the next simple steps: open the chats list screen and tap on the add new button to choose the “New Community” option. Select contacts you’d like to promote to an admin status (more on that later) to add to your Community and choose a name for your Community.

Then pick out an icon and write a short description to let your members know what your Community is all about. Once you’re ready to go, tap “Done”.

How to create a viber group on android

Next Steps: Become the Superadmin You Were Born to Be

Each Community has three types of participants. As the creator of the Community, you are the superadmin and get the ultimate control over the chat. The Community admins you chose when you first opened your Community serve as the its moderators and your members take part in the Community’s active conversation.

As a superadmin you get to:

  • Promote members to admin or superadmin status
  • Add or remove Community members
  • Pin messages in order to start a group discussion or raise awareness to a certain topic
  • Delete one or all messages written by specific members
  • Publish public links to invite new members
  • Decide whether all members of the Community can share its link
  • Control admins’ and members’ writing privileges
  • Customize the community’s image, description and name

We weren’t kidding when we said you’ve got the power!

While superadmins have the ultimate say on everything to do with the Community they’ve created, admins help them manage the Community and its members.

  • Add or remove Community members
  • Pin messages in order to start a group discussion or raise awareness to a certain topic
  • Delete one or all messages written by specific members

If someone is a Community participant but isn’t a superadmin or admin, they have the no-less important role of being the Community’s members. While they don’t have any control privileges, they are able to do the following things:

  • Send and reply to any type of message with text, a GIF, stickers, video message, etc.
  • Mention other users within a message by typing “@“ in the chat and choosing the chat member they wish to mention
  • Mute notifications

How to create a viber group on android

More Than Meets the Eye: Community’s Enhanced Features

Communities has more enhanced group chat features than any regular Viber group chat! As part of Viber’s ongoing commitment to security and privacy, Communities protect your privacy by ensuring that your number remains hidden from other members in the group.

Furthermore, not only can a Community have an unlimited amount of members, but it enables new members to gain access to the group’s shared history so that they are completely in the loop.

Members are able to like and reply to each other’s messages as well as mention other users within the group. This means that if a bunch of messages have been sent while a Community member was away from their phone or if the Community chat was muted, a user who was mentioned in the chat will receive a notification.

When you write in the group you Viber username will appear next to your messages, but unless other members happen to be your contacts on Viber they will not be able to write personal messages to you or call you.

You’re Good to Go: Invite Friends to Your Community

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on how to get started with your very own Community, start inviting new members to join and choose your admins.

How to create a viber group on android

If you are a green hand of Viber, you need to know how to add contacts to Viber on Android at first then you can start a conversation on this application successfully. And this article could be a full and helpful guide for you- totally 5 ways to add contacts to Viber will be introduced here. Hence, you can select the method you like to complete the adding process.

In this tutorial, you will be able to learn:

Invite Your Android Contacts to Viber

The first method to add the contacts on your Android phone to Viber is to invite them from the Android contacts list directly. If you select this means, you can complete the whole process in your Contacts App easily. Now let’s see how to perform the inviting process together:

Step 1. Open the Contacts App on your Android phone and then tap on All Contacts to display all the contacts in the address book.

Step 2. Then you can find out the name of your wanted contact from the list and click on Invite to Viber. After that, your invitation will be sent to the selected contact via SMS.

How to create a viber group on android

Once the contact accepts your request, he/she will be added to your Viber contacts list and you can chat with them on the application without any hassle.

Add Contacts by Searching His/Her Phone Number

If you just want to add one or several people to your Viber account and also know their phone numbers, you can search these numbers in the App and add them directly. By using this way, you can find and add the wanted contacts accurately and effectively. Thus, when you just want to add several Android contacts to Viber, you can try this means.

Step 1. At first, you need to find and write down the wanted phone numbers on a paper.

Step 2. Next, you should open the Contacts option on Viber and choose Add contact.

Step 3. After that, you will be asked to enter the contact’s phone number in full international format. Here you should ensure that the phone number is correctly.

Step 4. Finally, you can tap on Done to complete the adding process.

How to create a viber group on android

Scan the Contact’s QR Code to Add Him/Her

Actually, the adding process can be much easier when you and the contact that you want to add to Viber meet face to face. Under the circumstances, one of you can generate a QR code of the Viber account to let the other one to scan the code. But here where does the QR code come from? It is very easy! Only two clicks can you get the QR code.

Step 1. Ask your friend to open his/her Viber and tap on More option. Then in this section, he/she can tap on the QR code icon to generate a code.

Step 2. Then you can open your QR code scanner to scan your friend’s QR code and add him/her to your Viber contacts list.

How to create a viber group on android

When it is done, a new contact will be added successfully.

Add Contacts from the Conversation

Here is another situation: you have a conversation with an Android contact on Viber but you have not added him/her to the Viber contacts list yet. Then do you need to go to the address book to invite him/her to your Viber account or search his/her phone number in Viber? Definitely not! You can perform the adding process via the conversation directly.

Step 1. Now you can enter the conversation and tap on the head portrait of the contact to open his/her info screen.

Step 2. On this page, you need to click the Save button on the upper right corner and then enter the name of the contact.

Step 3. Next, you can simply click on the Save button again to add the new contact to your list.

How to create a viber group on android

Save the Shared Contacts Directly

For some reasons, your friends or colleagues may like to introduce someone to you and send the contact’s information to you. In this case, you can save the shared contact and add him/her to your contacts list directly. This would be the most convenient and effective way to add a Viber contact. When your friends or co-workers share a Viber contact to you, you can:

Step 1. Tap on the Save Contact button in the window when you receive the contact information.

Step 2. Then you will enter the contact management interface on which you can edit the contact’s phone number and name. After the edit, you can click on Done to finish the adding process.

How to create a viber group on android

You can also see:

How to Create a Viber Group on Android?

Sometimes you may need to discuss one thing with several people at the same time and it must be troublesome to talk to them one by one, right? So in this case, you can establish a group in Viber and add these contacts to the group then all the group members can have a discussion without any limitation. But how to achieve this goal? Just follow the steps below:

Step 1. Open the Viber App on your phone and then tap on the "+" icon at the bottom right corner on the interface.

Step 2. Then you should select New Group option in the window and your contacts list will be opened.

Step 3. Now you can choose the contacts that you want to add to the group and click on the check icon when you complete the selection.

Similar to other free chat and texting applications such as Facebook , Zalo , Skype , Viber also has the function of creating a group chat (Group Chat) to chat, chat with friends. And in the article below, we will guide you how to do it with Viber computers.

LINK download Viber on your computer

Instructions to create a group chat on Viber computer

Step 1: Open Viber on your computer, on the main interface, click the Conversation menu , select New Conversation (or use the shortcut Ctrl + N ) to create a new conversation.

How to create a viber group on android

Step 2: In the Select Contacts section , select at least 3 accounts to start the group chat.

How to create a viber group on android

Step 3: When the group member is selected, name the group with up to 250 characters. Then, click the Start button to start creating group chats.

How to create a viber group on android

Step 4: Now you can freely chat with friends, exchange teamwork conveniently. At the same time, you can send files, send animations, send screenshots . When you want to change the group name just click on the group name, change it to the desired name, then click the Save button to save.

How to create a viber group on android

Step 5: To leave the group, select Conversation> Leave and Delete menu or right-click on the group, select Leave and Delete to leave the group.

How to create a viber group on android

Video tutorial to create group chats on Viber computer

With just a few simple steps, you can quickly create group chats, to exchange common tasks more conveniently than ever.

Groups is one of the most popular features of Viber, but sometimes the notifications can get annoying. You can mute or turn off notifications on Viber for Android for a specific group, by doing as follows:

1. Open Viber on your Android device (make sure you have the latest version)
2. Open the Group you’d like to mute the notifications
3. Go the Settings, by tapping the Gear icon on the top menu
4. Mark the Mute Group option and you’ll no longer receive notifications for the new messages on that specific group

While you can easily turn off/turn on notifications for each group separately, there is no way to disable receiving notifications for a specific single conversation. But you can completely disable receiving notifications for new messages on Viber for Android, by doing as follows:

1. Go to Settings >> Apps and the find and open Viber. Now make sure to disable the “Show notifications” option
2. Now open Viber application, go to the app’s settings and then the Notifications settings
3. Unmark these options: “Show message preview”, “New Message Popup” and “Light screen for messages”
4. Mark the “Use system sounds”, tap the “Notification sound” and set it to Silent.
5. Done! You’ll no longer receive notifications on Viber for Android including message preview, message notification’s sound and popup message

Thanks to the advent of smartphones, we no longer have to worry about going over our message limit, or sending the same message to different people. Nowadays there is a large selection of different messaging apps to choose from, which allow you to send as many messages to as many people as you like, including group messages, all for free. Not only that, but you can freely send videos, pictures, and even share your location with others for no cost.

Depending on where you live, the most popular messaging app could be WhatsApp or Kik, Telegram or Voxer. Another extremely popular app is Viber, which has over 100 million active monthly users from a total of 280 million registered users. The messaging tool, which was launched in 2010, is available for both iOS and Android and allows you to have both video and audio chats.

Of course, as with all messaging apps, you need to make sure that what you share is safe and secure, so we’ve put together a few simple steps to ensure your data can’t be accessed.

6 steps to make your Viber more secure

1. Change your online status

This may seem like a rather simple step, but there’s no need for your contacts to know every time you open the app to read an old message. In order to hide your online status in Viber, go to the settings section, select “Privacy” and untick “Share ‘Online’ Status”.

2. Make Viber profile photo hidden from unknown users

Having a profile photo on Viber helps your contacts recognize you quickly and easily, but you can just as easily keep it hidden from unknown users. All you need to do is open “Privacy”, choose “Profile photo” and select “Nobody”.

3. Change the seen option for contacts

If you don’t want your contacts to know when you have seen or read their messages, you can change the option by going to the settings, then “Privacy”, and take the tick off the “Share ‘Using App’ status” line.

4. Use a password to block Viber

If you are unfortunate enough for your smartphone to land itself in the hands of another person, you can ensure they aren’t able to read your private messages by using a password to block access. The app itself doesn’t come with any locking device, but you can easily download a password app that you can use with Viber for free.

5. Don’t save Viber photos in your gallery

All photos that are sent or received via the app are stored automatically in a new folder in your phone’s gallery. So even if you’ve blocked the app, someone can still access your photos. Simply delete the photos immediately (you can still view them within the app) or follow these quick and easy steps:

  • Download a file manager app i.e ASTRO, ES File Manager or Cabinet Beta
  • Navigate to “viber\media\Viber Images” directory in your phone.
  • Create a new file “.nomedia” (without quotes) and save it.
6. Hide Using App status

Any games or actions you carry out within the app is viewable by others, so to prevent them seeing what you are doing just go to the settings, then “Privacy”, and take the tick off the “Share ‘Using App’ status” line. Easy as that.

So, now that you have completed these simple steps, you can ensure that whatever you send to your family and friends can remain confidential, and so is all of your activity while using the messaging tool.

Panda Security

Panda Security specializes in the development of endpoint security products and is part of the WatchGuard portfolio of IT security solutions. Initially focused on the development of antivirus software, the company has since expanded its line of business to advanced cyber-security services with technology for preventing cyber-crime.

How to create a viber group on android

Communities and group chats are a great way to bring people together and make connections based on the things we have in common, from family groups, to big communities of people who are all interested in the same thing.

When it comes to choosing the right type of chat to open for your group, you need to consider some important questions:

Size really does matter

How to create a viber group on android

Group chats are usually smaller and are perfect for private connections. A group chat on Viber is best for chatting with up to 250 members – usually family or close friends. Members are invited to join, or can join by a direct link.

Communities are much larger, public-facing groups, usually made up of people who don’t know each other. A community can have unlimited members, and admins can allow all members to invite their friends to join.

Inclusiveness is the name of the game

How to create a viber group on android

If someone joins a group chat in the middle of a conversation, they will miss all the earlier conversation, and it can take some time to catch up. Not really a great way to welcome a new member!

In a community, the entire chat history is available to everyone, no matter when they joined the community. New members can read back through earlier messages, or focus on the current chat and jump right in. The choice is theirs.

Your privacy matters whatever the chat

How to create a viber group on android

Group chats work best when everyone knows each other, and feels safe with the other members of the chat. The phone numbers of everyone in the chat are visible, so anyone can message or call another group member privately.

Communities are different. As anyone can easily join a community, phone numbers of members of the community are hidden. This is important to us at Viber – a way to ensure that communities are a safe space for members to meet new people and bond over their shared passions – all without exposing their private phone number.

Everyone in a community (admins included) can choose whether to let other community members message them in a Hidden-number chat. Even if you have enabled incoming chats from people you don’t know, you still have the choice to accept or decline a message from a new person.

You have the power

In group chats, admins can remove or members or add other members.

Communities come with special powers for admins to oversee the conversation. Admins can add and remove members, invite admins who can write in the community’s chat, remove people from the community, ban people from joining or rejoining the community, and appoint other admins or superadmins to help manage the community.

It’s time to take a snooze

How to create a viber group on android

In group chats, members receive a notification every time there is a new message. If there is a busy chat taking place, members receive smart notifications (several notifications in one) so that their phones don’t beep too much!

In communities, members can take a break from the community by “snoozing” it for 30 days. Snoozing gives the member a break from the community, but they are still a member. When the 30 days are up, the community will unsnooze, and the community will reappear at the top of the chat list the next time there is a new message.

When it comes to chatting in a big group of people, communities create great connections for more people.

Start making those connections and create your community today. Remember, your community can be based on anything at all, from candle lovers to Kendall lovers.

How to be quirky

“Quirky.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed 26 Oct. 2021.

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More Definitions for quirky

Kids Definition of quirky

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How to be quirkyHow Strong Is Your Vocabulary?

How to be quirky

So if you’re looking for a fun + unique way to introduce yourself in Facebook Groups, on social media or even your email welcome sequence, give this fun activity a try!

Introducing The Movie Trailer Intro™️…

The idea of The Movie Trailer Intro is to think about your life and business as if it were a movie and then create the trailer for that movie.

Its purpose? It’s a fun way to introduce yourself AND it also helps to give you an overview of what you + your biz stand for and love.

(And if you’ve got the Content Her Way Planner + Workbook, you’ll know that The Movie Trailer Intro ties a neat little bow around the prep-work section and puts it in a fun form that you can actually use 💃🏻)

Ready to get started? Here’s the deets:

Name: The Movie Trailer Intro™️

You’ll need: An internet connection (for research), your fave writing tools or Google Docs/Pages/Word/Notion, some good tunes + your beverage of choice.

Time required: 10-15 minutes

Step 1: Have a read through my Movie Trailer Intro below for some inspiration:

“In the midst of suburban Australia, a young woman called Brogan devoted herself to one task… the business of content and creativity.

“Through the perilous rollercoaster of entrepreneurship, while collecting an assortment of friends along the way, can she convince fellow business owners that content and creativity doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, fun-sucking chore and help them hone the art of creating content their way?

“Starring Brogan Micallef (as herself), Jane Austen (in the form of countless novels scattered about), the local library (ALL THE BOOKS), her trusty Apple products, a dash of sci-fi and the wonder that’s the internet, Content Her Way is a timeless content-creating classic (no trends or fancy, time-wasting bandwagons here).”

Sometimes, I’ll also include the people who’d star in my movie (aka supportive biz friends and mentors):

“Who would star in your life’s movie?!”I also have to mention my trusty sidekicks and @modern_planner. Plus special guest appearances from @nicolewalters (epic business training and encouragement) and @melissa.cassera (making sure we keep it caffeinated + full of fun).”

Step 2: Watch a bunch of movie trailers on YouTube for some inspiration.

Listen to what’s said in the voiceover and/or the text that comes up on screen. What elements are similar across all trailers? What aspects do you love?

Pro tip: Limit yourself to 3-5 movie trailers. Otherwise, you’ll fall down the never-ending rabbit hole of all the latest blockbusters. Not to mention those childhood faves you’ve long forgotten about!

Step 3: Sharpen your pencil, grab your pen + warm up those typing fingers! It’s time to create your own.

You can follow my template (as used above):

“In the midst of ______________ [location/landscape/space], a ______________ [describe yourself] devoted herself to one task… ______________ [your main business purpose/mission].

“Through the ______________ [struggles you’re facing/space you work in], while ______________ [collecting an assortment of friends along the way/figuring out how the heck to beat the technology gremlins], can she convince ______________ [your target audience] that ______________ [your area of expertise] doesn’t have to be ______________ [your client’s problems/struggles] and help them ______________ [your solution to your client’s problems/struggles]?

“Starring ______________ [your name] (as her/himself), ______________, ______________, ______________, ______________ [things that you love + need to do run your business] and the wonder that’s the internet, ______________ [the name of your movie] is a ______________ [timeless classic/genre-breaking masterpiece/family-friendly rom com/Greek tragedy].”

OR pay attention to the format of the trailers you just watched and create your own template.

Please remember to have fun with this activity.

Your Movie Trailer Intro doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t even have to share it publicly if you don’t want to.

Think of it as a way to clarify and solidify your purpose into your brain. All whilst having a little fun.

How to be quirky

How to be quirky

“You see that quirky girl over there?”
“Yeah, her name is definitely Hailey.”

How to be quirky

How to be quirky

I step into class and realize that im already that late and QuIrKY student. I try to explain do the teacher that my alarm didnt to off until he turned around, when I noticed the teacher was CAMERON DALAS!

A\n Omfg! Thanks for reading my first wattle stor-

How to be quirky

Basic White Girl: lol I eat like soo much I have a food addictionnn and I luvv netflix lol im so quirky.

Actual Quirky Person: Everytime I go inside of a store I just run to the cleaning aisle, pour bleach over my body. Curse out my teacher on the phone while I backflip out of the exit door and roll over like a dog in the dirt. It's so normal, everyone does it. I'm not quirky.

How to be quirky

It’s a tale as old as time: Cynical career woman Katherine meets hunky fireman Richard, who promptly sweeps her off her feet, both figuratively and literally. Drama ensues — perhaps Richard has a jealous ex, or a jealous mother, or a jealous orthodontist (you know how it is) — but, in the end, true love prevails. But we all know who the real hero of the story is: Katherine’s flamboyant co-worker Jim, who offers sage nuggets of wisdom in between sassy quips about how stripes make Katherine look fat. Why be a Richard or a Katherine when you can be a Jim? Follow this guide and you’ll be an adorkable relationship guru in no time.

5. Don’t have a life of your own.

As the quirky best friend, it is important that you have the perfect solution to any relationship conundrum. But, and it is a big but, you are NOT to have any such relationship conundrums yourself. You can mention a significant other once or twice, but they must always remain off-screen (unless they happen to also be a relative of the protagonist, in which case they can get one or two appearances). All other personal matters must fall by the wayside; you exist merely to serve Kimberly in her never-ending quest for true love. Your parents are getting divorced? Shut up about it. You lost your job? Nobody cares. What matters is that Kourtney accidentally smudged the number that JASON wrote down on her NAPKIN and now she’s worried that she’ll never see him again. You can get by on a week without groceries, but you know what Khloe can’t do without? An expensive bottle of break-up champagne. Which brings me to point number 4…

4. Be an enabler.

A reasonable person might come up with any of a number of solutions to Kendall’s burgeoning boy problems. But you’re not a reasonable person, you’re a rom-com best friend! That means there’s only one solution. Kylie has to decide between two handsome hunks? Maybe a mimosa will help. Kris got dumped for Brandon’s ex? How about some tequila to drown her sorrows. Kynleigh scored a date with the sexy delivery man? That calls for a champagne celebration!

When it’s not enabling Kynsleyeigh’s rampant alcoholism, it’s supporting all of her other bad decisions. The first rule of improv extends to being the quirky best friend, too. YES Kielbasa should quit her job to impress Mark. Of course she should crash Jeffrey’s wedding to say “I object!” Sure, some people might say it’s unfair to everyone else at the airport to delay Garth’s flight, but anything is justifiable in the name of LOVE.

3. Love or hate love.

That is, unless you hate love. As a quirky rom-com best friend, you have two choices with regard to your feelings on the L word (no, not that one; direct your opinions on the TV show to [email protected]): Either be super optimistic or super cynical; there is no in between. The optimist waxes poetic about how Kryolan should never give up on love because there is SOMEONE out there for her (and the someone just so happens to be her delicious male model neighbor Bradley). The cynic, on the other hand, gets to play it coy. “I don’t know why you’re putting so much effort into Robert,” they might tell Kindle. “A dog can do everything a man can do while looking a whole lot cuter.” Of course, the only point of you being this cynical is so that you can have a heel-face turn at the end, cracking just the slightest smile when Kia Soul and Anthony have their romantic final kiss under the falling snow.

2. Prepare those one-liners.

As fun as it is, being the quirky rom-com best friend is hard work. You have to come prepared with your one-liners. Alternating between sarcastic wit and genuine wisdom, you should have something to say in just about any situation. Can’t think of any? Here are a couple of painfully unfunny wisecracks for just about any situation: “Oh snap, you did not just say that!” “You look like my Aunt Judy after two bottles of Bacardi and one unfortunate encounter with a leaf-blower.” “You want me to skip the Cher concert for this? Talk to me when you’ve had a number-one single on a Billboard chart in six consecutive decades.”

Apologies if you have made it this far only to realize that you don’t fit the bill. Reality is, the single best way to secure a spot in the quirky rom-com best friend hall of fame is to be a gay man or, in the words of Murray from “Clueless,” “a disco-dancing, Oscar Wilde-reading, Streisand ticket-holding, friend of Dorothy.” Why do you think there’s such harsh rules against you having a partner of your own? And how else are you going to get away with giving Kylieighleighleigh a totally tubular makeover in a montage set to Dolly Parton’s greatest hits? With the inclusion of Dan Levy’s character in “Happiest Season,” we now know that this trope isn’t exclusive to movies about straight romances. No word on if lesbians are allowed anywhere near Kristin and Josh’s sordid love affair, though.

— Reigning Editor-at-Large Hunter T. Baldwin is, in fact, the quirky rom-com best friend. Send requests for sassy quips and nuggets of wisdom to [email protected] at your own risk.

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How to be quirky is a community driven website for people who have ideas or concepts of products they would like to invent and are looking for help finalizing their product and getting it to market.

Many other traditional product development companies, like Davison, requires you to submit your idea to their team and pay them to develop a prototype for you. Once this prototype is developed, you can choose to take it and go through the rest of the marketing process yourself, or pay the company to do it for you.

Quirky takes a new and innovative approach to the product development process, a process which technically will cost you none of your own money.

How It Works

Become a member of the community for free and then submit your idea. The website says that the best ideas will be well researched, easy to understand, and able to build with available technology. It also must be a physical, consumer product.

For 30 days after you submit your idea, the community can vote on it and collaborate with you, adding to the idea. If you get 200 votes or your idea is picked by their staff, it will then go to Expert Reviews.

Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for ” ” is 2.27 out of 5 based on 15 reviews.

Quirky is AMAZING!! I was a tad skeptical at first I must admit. Especially after reading reviews. But honestly, I have had the best experience!! Under new management, you really get the feeling Quirky cares about your dreams and ambitions. I even got to chat with the president over email a few weeks ago. Talk about customer obsession-Quirky has it!

Every time I had a question about the invention process, customer support was there every step of the way. It’s apparent quirky is here to stay! Seriously-give it a shot!

Quirky had a 30% off sale three weeks ago, the same day I purchased a “spacebar”. it’s been sitting waiting for pickup since I purchased it — it hasn’t been shipped!

I’ve tried calling (with an automated message which says to email) and I’ve tried emailing EVERY email I can find online. At one point I reached out to a wink employee without any help! These guys were so promising but now they’re straight up shady.

I wouldn’t recommend purchasing from them.

I have had many winning ideas to only see them in production years later. One of which was developed by Philips Electronics. It was 4 years after I first conceived the product that I saw an infomercial on it. Since then, I had thought about organizing an inventor’s help company that would do just want Quirky proposes to do, which is not require anything from someone that submits ideas of worth, of which they would receive a royalty percentage upon successful development, marketing and sales. When I first heard and read about Quirky, I was excited to find out more.

But, the more and more I found out, the more that they appear just like all of the others. The reviews I have read, brings much disappointment from the perspective that a company professes to help its patrons and front the development and marketing costs involved. Bottom line, if it was my outfit, I would not take on anything that wasn’t a winning product. It is what they should do, and not get anyone’s hopes up by making shallow promises. They are not registered with the Better Business Bureau, and maybe for good reason. Requiring $10 K to move an idea forward is what should be advertised on the front-end, not on the back-end. In my opinion, this company needs to overhaul its front-end pitch! At least then I will have a little more respect for them.

What makes some people so spectacularly innovative, producing triumph after triumph, often in fields in which they have no specialized training? Melissa Schilling’s penetrating and original analysis of the commonalities of creative genius, QUIRKY: The Remarkable Story of the Traits, Foibles, and Genius of Breakthrough Innovators Who Changed the World, delves deeply into the lives of eight creative geniuses to identify the traits and experiences that led them to become breakthrough innovators.

Schilling, one of the world’s leading experts on innovation, invites us into the lives of eight prominent serial innovators—Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Elon Musk, Dean Kamen, Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, and Steve Jobs—to identify the traits and experiences that drove them to make spectacular breakthroughs, over and over again. She demonstrates that while all innovators possess incredible intellect, intellect alone does not create a serial innovator. There are other very strong commonalities that make them quirky and lead to their innovativeness. For example, nearly all of the innovators exhibited very high levels of social detachment that enabled them to break with norms, an almost maniacal faith in their ability to overcome obstacles, a passionate idealism that pushed them to work with intensity even in the face of criticism or failure, and more. While these individual traits would be unlikely to work in isolation—being unconventional without having high levels of confidence, effort, and goal directedness might, for example, result in rebellious behavior that does not lead to meaningful innovation—together they can fuel both the ability and drive to pursue what others deem impossible.

In QUIRKY, Schilling uses her extensive knowledge in innovation management and strategic thinking to unearth the similarities between the breakthrough innovators of the millennium—and those still to come. Further, QUIRKY reveals the science behind the convergence of traits that increases the likelihood of success, and shows us how to nurture and facilitate breakthrough innovation in ourselves, our teams, and our children.

-Erik Brynjolfsson, Professor at MIT and Coauthor of The Second Machine Age and Machine | Platform | Crowd

Freek Vermeulen, London Business School, and author of Business Exposed, and Breaking Bad Habits.

Rita McGrath, Columbia University and author, The End of Competitive Advantage, Discovery Driven Growth, and more.

Henry Chesbrough, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and author, Open Innovation

Daniel Levinthal, Professor at Wharton, University of Pennsylvania

Ron Adner, Professor at Tuck, Dartmouth University, and author of The Wide Lens: What Successful Innovators See that Others Miss

David Brin, author of The Postman, Existence, Chasing Shadows, The Transparent Society, and more.

How to be quirky

With our free chancing engine, admissions timeline, and personalized recommendations, our free guidance platform gives you a clear idea of what you need to be doing right now and in the future.

Love the kitchen?

If you’re passionate about cooking, you can turn that love into something more than just a hobby. Transforming your passion for cooking into after-school pursuits can add to your extracurricular profile — which colleges love. And it doesn’t end there! Many occupations aside from the obvious cooking-focused ones like chef, caterer, and so on involve a great degree of cooking, such as hospitality manager, food scientist or chemist, and agriculturalist.

If you hope to incorporate cooking into your profession — or just love to be in the kitchen — here are some off-the-beaten-path ideas that can turn your passion into an extracurricular that will peak admissions committees’ interest.


Depending on your cooking experience, you may want to start out by taking a class to hone your skills in the kitchen. Many top cooking schools, such as the Culinary Institute of America and the Institute of Culinary Education , offer short (sometimes one-session) classes year-round. Some offer special classes for younger students. If you’re looking for something more local, check out the continuing education catalogs at local colleges, or look online.

Volunteering with Cooking

Cooking can be a great community service project. You might work in a soup kitchen, food pantry, or homeless shelter. As we discuss in Can I Volunteer if I’m Under 18? , there are sometimes age restrictions on these types of activities, so be sure to inquire beforehand. Nursing homes may also give you the chance to volunteer in the kitchen, but once again, be sure to look into the age requirements.

You could also work with a youth group or other volunteer group to prepare food for shelters. Many nonprofits that serve people in need depend on donations from volunteers, and preparing sandwiches and other meals can be a great help. If you’re already part of a group looking for community service projects, suggest preparing food for the hungry. Or you can start a group specifically dedicated to this purpose.


How to be quirky

CBD for Comfort

CBD for well-being

CBD for bath & body


Autoimmune Disease


  • diabetes
  • obesity

Gut Disorders

  • digestive aid

Skin Disease

  • acne
  • dermatitis
  • psoriasis


  • nerve pain
  • multiple sclerosis
  • seizures
  • epilepsy


  • anxiety disorders
  • depression
  • stress
  • insomnia
  • PTSD


  • high blood pressure
  • stroke

General Wellness

  • anti-oxidant
  • muscle recovery
  • muscle relaxant

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound found in the resinous flower of cannabis, a plant with a dynamic and extensive history as a natural medicine going back millennia. Today the therapeutic properties of CBD continue to be tested and confirmed by scientists and doctors around the world in an effort to capture alternative methods of medical treatment. Research has revealed CBD to be a safe, non-addictive substance that has shown significant therapeutic attributes in combating minor, as well as severe ailments without the stigmatic “high” associated with THC. CBD is one of more than a hundred “Phyto cannabinoids,” which are unique to cannabis and endow the plant with its robust therapeutic profile.

How does this “Quirky” compound work?
CBD interacts with the human body in a variety of ways. One of the main ways they impact us is by mimicking and augmenting the effects of the compounds in our bodies called “endogenous cannabinoids” – so named because of their similarity to the compounds found in the cannabis plant. These “endocannabinoids” are part of a relatively recently discovered regulatory system called the “endocannabinoid system”. This discovery has significantly advanced our understanding of health and disease, as well as possible alternative treatment methods. It has major implications for nearly every area of medical science and helps to explain how and why CBD is such a versatile compound.

The endocannabinoid system plays a crucial role in regulating a broad range of physiological processes that affect our everyday experience – our mood, our energy level, our intestinal fortitude, immune activity, blood pressure, bone density, glucose metabolism, how we experience pain, stress, hunger, and more. So, the pertinent question that remains is this: What happens if the endocannabinoid system doesn’t function properly? And ultimately, what are the consequences of a chronically deficient or overactive endocannabinoid system?

The hard truth: DISEASE.

Technological advancement along with trailblazing science has shown that the endocannabinoid system is dysregulated in nearly all pathological conditions. Consequently, it stands to reason that modulating endocannabinoid system activity may have therapeutic potential in almost all diseases affecting humans.

How to view your old instagram stories

How to view your old instagram stories

Instagram has introduced a concept of Instagram Story sometimes back/ The Instagram Stories comprises of Images, and Video clips from your Camera Roll. Usually, Stories depict your personal attachment with moments and images and hence you may not always want to share the stories with everyone on your list. In that case you can hide the Stories from specific users of your Instagram contact list.

You can do it either from the Account Settings, or after you have uploaded a story.

1. Open your Instagram app. If you want to change the Setting from Account, go to your Profile. TO see your Story tap on your profile picture. Now, to change the settings of your Instagram Stories, click on the Settings (gear icon) at the top right corner of the screen. Now tap on Story Settings.

How to view your old instagram stories

2. Now tap on the option Hide Story from located on the top of the list. You will see 0 people beside the option, if the Story is open for all.

How to view your old instagram stories

3. As you tap on the option, a list of your Instagram contacts appear. Select the names from whom you want to hide the Instagram Story.

How to view your old instagram stories

4. If you have already created a Story, then open the Story. Now swipe from bottom to top to open the options associated with the Story.

How to view your old instagram stories

5. Now again tap on the Gear icon to open the Settings.

How to view your old instagram stories

6. You will again come across the option “Hide Story from” and select names.

How to view your old instagram stories

Instagram Stories have been around since August 2016. That means that for more than three years, millions of active Instagram Stories users have been able to document their day in small glimpses on their profiles. And while these "small glimpses" only last for 24 hours before they disappear to your followers forever, they don’t disappear for you. In fact, starting in 2017, the app made it so that you can see all of your old Instagram Stories in your Archive, letting you keep your favorite memories with you at all times.

In honor of the apps’s 10 year anniversary, the Instagram Stories archive has been enhanced with a very graphically pleasing new feature that’s here to stay: an interactive Instagram Stories map and calendar. If you want to find your old Instagram stories, you can now see them organized by when they were shared and where they took place. This new feature is private, so it’s just for your own nostalgic enjoyment — meaning, all of your followers are not going to have sudden access to the date and location of all of your Stories.

Your Archive is the mysterious place where all of your old Instagram Stories and "Archived Posts" go to live, and it’s pretty simple to access. To get to your Instagram Archive, go to your profile on your mobile app. Then, access the Menu by tapping the three horizontal lines in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. In the list of options that come up, you should see your Archive listed underneath Settings. Tap it. This should bring you to a screen filled with all of the Stories you thought were once lost to the Great Beyond. You’ll see options to view by screenshot chronologically, toggle by calendar, or see on a map. You can also update your Story controls to save or disable Story archiving, to allow other people to re-share your Stories, and to allow people to share your Stories as messages.

If you’re a firm believer that Stories are better off fleeting, you can stop your Instagram from saving Stories on your Archive by going to the settings of your Archive. You can access this by tapping the three dots at the top right corner of your Archive screen and hitting Settings. This’ll give you the option of switching the Save to Archive feature on and off.

One of the cool things about your Archive is that while you’re the only person who can see your Stories, you can share those memories onto your Story again. All you have to do is tap on the Story you want to share, and click on the Share icon at the bottom right of the screen. Your old Story will show up in the screen that prompts you to post a new Story, but it will be labeled with the word "Memories" along with the date from when the Story is from. You can delete the date at the bottom if you’d like just by tapping it and dragging it into the trash icon. With or without the date, you can post your old Story right back up.

Especially when it might feel like you’ve only ever been to your living room couch, this retrospective will serve as a nice reminder that yes, you did once leave the house, and you will again.

Harry Guinness
How to view your old instagram storiesHarry Guinness

Harry Guinness is a photography expert and writer with nearly a decade of experience. His work has been published in newspapers like The New York Times and on a variety of other websites, from Lifehacker to Popular Science and Medium’s OneZero. Read more.

How to view your old instagram stories

Stories have been one of the biggest social network features of the last few years. Snapchat rolled them out first, but now every social network from WhatsApp to Instagram has stories. There’s also been a shift away from disappearing messages. People no longer seem to really want the photos they take to vanish into the ether. To that end, Instagram has recently added a Stories Archive. Now when you create an Instagram Story, it’s automatically saved to the Archive.

To access the Instagram Archive, go to your profile and tap the “Archive” icon in the top right.

How to view your old instagram stories

This shows you an archive of all your Stories.

How to view your old instagram stories

If you want to see the posts you’ve archived instead, tap “Archive” and then tap the “Posts” option. You can swap back using the same method.

How to view your old instagram storiesHow to view your old instagram stories

If you don’t want Instagram to automatically save posts to the Archive, tap the three dots in the top right corner, tap the “Settings” option, and then turn off the “Save to Archive” toggle.

How to view your old instagram storiesHow to view your old instagram stories

If you want to post a Story from your Archive on your profile so everyone can see it all the time, tap the three little dots in the top right corner and then choose the “Create Highlight” option.

How to view your old instagram stories

Select the Story you want to use as a Highlight, and then tap the “Next” option. You can give your Highlight a title or edit the circular preview that appears on your profile. Tap “Add” when you’re ready.

How to view your old instagram storiesHow to view your old instagram stories

Now when anyone visits your profile, they’ll be able to see that Story just by tapping it. You can also add a new Highlight by tapping the plus icon on your profile.

How to view your old instagram stories

Instagram Stories are really popular so it’s nice to see some useful features like Archive get added. Now you can use Stories to capture important moments without fearing they’ll just vanish in 24 hours time.

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How to view your old instagram stories Harry Guinness
Harry Guinness is a photography expert and writer with nearly a decade of experience. His work has been published in newspapers like The New York Times and on a variety of other websites, from Lifehacker to Popular Science and Medium’s OneZero.
Read Full Bio »

Using the website, you can check stories, highlights, publications, avatars and streams and download them from Instagram. Reading and downloading is only possible with public profiles, not private ones.

In the search line enter the name of the Instagram user whose stories you want to view and then download to your device (computer, tablet, mobile). Then click the Download button.

Learn more about viewing and downloading Instagram stories onto: computer, mobile phone, tablet, Android or iPhone/iPad.

Подробнее о скачивании истории Инстаграм на: компьютере, мобильном или планшете на Android или iPhone/iPad.

What can I watch and download using this viewer?

You can save stories, highlights, publications, avatars and live streams from any public Instagram profiles.

What devices does this service work on? works like any website in an updated browser on computers, tablets and smartphones (Android or iPhone).

Can I download a story from someone else’s account anonymously?

Ye, as long as the requested person’s account is not private, you can download stories from it.

How much does it cost to use this service?

Using our app is completely free of charge for users of this site. No registration needed.

Can I reuse the downloaded stories from Instagram?

We recommend downloading stories only for informational purposes. We do not recommend reusing other people’s stories, since the rights to downloaded materials belong to their authors.

What file format are stories downloaded in?

Video stories are downloaded in MP4 format, and photo stories are downloaded in JPEG.

How do I view my downloaded stories?

Video stories can be online viewed anonymously on our website, also you are able to download stories and watch them on any up-to-date video player or directly in the browser (just drag the downloaded video to the browser). Photo stories can be viewed in image viewing programs or, like videos, in a web browser.

Want to download posts or stories from Instagram? Not a problem now. Easy to use, 100% secure and anonymous.

Browse anonymously

Watch insta stories, posts, followers, reels anonymously without account and install applications.

Search everything

Need to find a profile, or just look at hashtags? Use our search through the whole Instagram and view anonymously.

Analyze it

Use our statistics or Instagram data to analyze Instagram profiles, likes, comments or followers.

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INSTAGRAM holds loads of data on you – including details of stuff you did years ago.

You can check up on this info whenever you like, examining old profile bios you had, or long-discarded usernames.

How to view your old instagram stories

Facebook has been desperate to improve how transparent it is with your info.

And because Facebook owns Instagram, both apps let you quickly see a deep-dive into your online habits.

On Instagram, there's loads of info you can check out.

For instance, you can see when you joined Instagram, including the exact time.

How to view your old instagram stories

Instagram will tell you about any account privacy or password changes you've made, as well as past email addresses and phone numbers.

If you've used other usernames or full names, you can see those.

And all of your old "bio texts" and bio links will also be visible.

There's a Connections section that shows your current follow requests, any accounts following you and accounts you follow, and hashtags you follow too.

And it'll show any accounts you've blocked, or ones that you hide stories from.

Instagram keeps a detailed record of all logins and logouts on your account, as well as your search history.

So unless you've deleted it, you can see what you were looking for back in 2012.

There's also a timeline of Stories you've interacted with, including polls, emoji sliders, questions, music questions, countdowns and quizzes.

And at the very bottom, you can look at "ads interests", which reveals what Instagram thinks you like – and therefore shows you ads around.

How to view your old instagram stories

Instagram – the key facts

How to view your old instagram stories

Here’s what you need to know.

  • Instagram is a social network for sharing photos and videos
  • It was created back in October 2010 as an iPhone-exclusive app
  • A separate version for Android devices was released 18 months later
  • The app rose to popularity thanks to its filters system, which lets you quickly edit your photos with cool effects
  • When it first launched, users could only post square 1:1 ratio images, but that rule was changed in 2015
  • In 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for $1billion in cash and stock
  • In 2018, some analysts believe the app is worth closer to $100billion
  • In October 2015, Instagram confirmed that more than 40billion photos had been uploaded to the app
  • And in 2018, Instagram revealed that more than a billion people were using the app every month

How to access Instagram data

Find your info is easy.

First, tap on your Profile and then go to the Menu.

Next tap on Settings and then choose Security.

Halfway down the page is a section called Access Data – tap that.

You'll be able to see all of the info Instagram holds on you, split into different sections.

These sections are Account Info, Profile Info, Connections, Account Activity, Stories Activity and Ads.

Below the Access Data tab is another option to Download Data.

This lets you export all of Instagram's records on you as downloadable files.

Most read in Tech

How to view your old instagram stories


How to view your old instagram stories


How to view your old instagram stories


How to view your old instagram stories


How to view your old instagram stories


How to view your old instagram stories


Scammers are using Google Alerts to send out links to malware.

Video chat app Zoom will offer free and paying users end-to-end encryption.

And, Windows 10 users are being told to update their PC to escape an 'Eternal Darkness' flaw.

We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online Tech & Science team? Email us at [email protected]

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How to view your old instagram stories


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How to view your old instagram stories


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How to view your old instagram stories

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How to view your old instagram stories

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How to view your old instagram stories

A wide range of Instagram functionality allows you to transform any picture into a high-quality photo. After painstaking work on the processing of the photo, it is very disappointing if your photo is accidentally deleted.

Also, there are those who monitor the photos of other users and may notice that the post has been deleted. How to find someone’s deleted Instagram posts? How to restore your Instagram posts? You can find answers to these questions in this article.

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Pictures

Before we start considering how to view someone’s old Instagram photos, let’s figure out how you can restore your photos. It sometimes happens that a profile is hacked, as a result of which your posts are deleted. Sometimes someone accidentally deletes your post or you do it yourself. Such situations should not be a cause for panic, as there are ways to solve such a problem. Here are some options that can help you in case of photo deletion:

  1. Archive Instagram functionality.
  2. Using Google Photo service.
  3. Using third-party recovery tools.
  4. Search for images in the device memory.

These are the main ways for getting your deleted Instagram pictures back. Further, you will learn more about each method.

Instagram Archive Feature

If you have activated the archive function provided by the Instagram developers, you can do it in a few clicks. But if you haven’t done so yet, here’s a quick guide on how to archive photos and messages.

  1. Click on the strip of a three-line icon in the right corner of the screen.
  2. Select the archive section.
  3. See what is displayed in your archive.
  4. Select the option to save posts and stories.

Google Photos Services

If your gadget has a Google Photos service, you can use it to restore a photo. This service is available not only for Android users but also for Apple owners. This service automatically backs up images. To restore these copies, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the service.
  2. Check out the gallery of backups. Pay attention to the files that are in the trash.
  3. Backups from Instagram can be either in the trash or simply in the gallery of the service.

Look for Photos in Gallery

Latest Android and almost all Apple gadgets provide the opportunity to find recently posted photos in your gallery without difficulty. Every time you post a photo, it is saved in the memory of your device as a copy. Therefore, all you have to do is find the appropriate folder on your phone and find the photo you need.

Using Data Recovery Apps

There are many data recovery apps available for both Android and Apple users. So there are no problems to recover deleted Instagram photos iPhone. Select the appropriate application and restore the data you need with it.

Please note that it is better to search for general apps that will allow you to get back all deleted photos, not just the ones you posted on the Instagram platform. Moreover, such tools can allow recovering videos, not just photos.

How to See Someone’s Deleted Instagram Photos?

How to view your old instagram stories

Now let’s look at the question as to how to see deleted Instagram posts of the other users. Instagram does not provide for the function of viewing or restoring posts of other users. This is quite logical since the site takes care of the safety of its users’ data.

After you have familiarized yourself with the algorithm for recovering your data, it becomes obvious that gaining access to other people’s data is an unreal task. Since to restore your data, you will need to make a lot of effort.

However, as with your data, there are options that you can use to view other users’ deleted records. Unfortunately, there is no such range of options as with your profile, but solutions can always be found. Here is the simple analogy. When you need help with content creation, you may ask for third-party help from writers from professional writing services reviews . When you need to see someone’s Instagram deleted photos or posts, you may need the help of third-party specialists as well.

By the way, journalists who hunt for publications of famous people often resort to this method. We are talking about the use of apps that fall into the “spy” category.

Use Specialized Applications

The most popular tools that can solve this problem is a kind of “hacker” apps. They allow you to view deleted posts of Instagram users. The algorithm for using such applications or sites looks like this:

  • Download the app. For example, mSpy is one of the best solutions for this purpose, and with it, you may find out even more than just deleted photos.
  • You need to enter the nickname of the user you need.
  • The tool will show you the relevant profiles according to your request.
  • Select the user you want.

That way, you can see both the user’s photo and video that have been deleted. Some tool allows you to view user stories that have already disappeared from the tool.

Some apps may not provide access to such information if the user profile is private. You will often need to register or purchase a paid version of a product to gain access to advanced features.

Remember that such tools have nothing to do with Instagram developers and such apps may disappear from the market due to their functions. For this reason, there will not be any links to apps here, since their presence needs to be monitored in real-time.

If you are monitoring someone’s profile on an ongoing basis for any reason, then you should use other methods. For instance, you can take screenshots of the necessary posts or ask your friends for joint photos in advance. If you work as a journalist, then this method is worth taking into account, since it may not always be possible to find a good “spy” tool at the right moment for you.

Click Here To Know More About Instagram Spy Apps

The Bottom Line

With the help of the above tips, you can restore both your publications and monitor the posts of other users. Now you do not have to worry about the fact that you accidentally deleted the publication or your friend deleted a photo with you.

You can start the next step by typing the Instagram username in the field on the website.

Finally, you will see the currently shared stories of the username you entered.

You can finish the download process successfully by clicking on the download link at the bottom of the page.

💡 How can I download highlights from Instagram?

To be able to download Instagram highlights, the relevant Instagram account must be public.

For the next step, type the username in the field on the website and click on Download! link.

In the next step, a list of the albums created by the highlights of the username you wanted to download from will be created. Once you pick an album on the list, you will be able to see highlighted stories from that album. Finish the download process simply by clicking the link below the story.

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How to air dry parsley

How to air dry parsley

Can you use dried parsley flakes as a substitute for fresh parsley? Most chefs and culinary experts agree that it is best not to substitute dried parsley for fresh parsley as the flavor of this common kitchen herb changes quite significantly when it is dried.

Fortunately, most large grocery stores sell fresh parsley year-round, and you can also grow your own parsley microgreens at home, even in winter (for more information, check out the article How to Grow Parsley Microgreens Indoors).

However, in case of an emergency, you can of course resort to dried parsley provided that you use the appropriate “fresh to dried parsley” conversion ratio. To substitute dried parsley flakes for chopped fresh parsley, use the following conversion ratio as a general guideline:

2 teaspoons finely chopped fresh parsley equal 1 teaspoon of dried parsley

As mentioned earlier, it is best not to substitute dried parsley for its fresh counterpart if you are able to source some fresh parsley sprigs. In case fresh parsley is simply not available and you are hesitant to use parsley flakes as a substitute, consider using fresh chervil, celery microgreens or cilantro as a substitute. All of these herbs are related to parsley and can be succesfully used as a substitute for fresh parsley in many recipes.

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How to air dry parsley

Do spices and herbs mostly lie dormant in your spice cabinet? Break the cycle of bland, boring meals and embark on a culinary advernture with The Spice Lover’s Guide to Herbs and Spices! In this acclaimed book, the spice expert Tony Hill profiles more than 125 herbs and spices, ranging from the familiar to the exotic. He also provides more than 75 recipes to tempt your taste buds, plus instructions on how to prepare some of his most famous signature herb and spice blends, including barbecue rubs, curry blends, chili powders, mulling spices and chai mixes. Available from Amazon.

How to air dry parsley

If you grow your own parsley at home, you can often be looking at a glut over the growing season. Drying parsley for use over the winter is a great way to preserve those fresh flavors for year-round use.

We've rounded up three easy methods for you to try, suitable for both flat or curly-leaf parsley.

What You’ll Need

Tools and Supplies

  • Garden twine or string
  • Dehydrator
  • Scissors
  • Baking tray
  • Storage jars


  • Fresh parsley (homegrown or store-bought)


How to Dry Parsley in the Oven

How to air dry parsley

Oliver Strewe / Getty Images

Using your oven to dry parsley is one of the quickest methods, and it also retains maximum flavor. You will need to keep a close eye on the parsley as it dries, so set aside a few hours and make sure to check how the parsley looks at regular intervals.

Place Parsley Leaves on a Baking Tray

Pick each washed and completely dried parsley leaf away from the stem and lay them out flat on a baking tray. Be sure to leave space between the leaves.

Even-sized leaves will dry at a similar rate, so if you have any leaves that are larger than average, chop them into smaller pieces, roughly the same size as the other leaves.

Turn Your Oven on Low Heat

Use the lowest heat setting possible. Place the tray of parsley leaves onto the middle shelf.

Most parsley leaves will take between 30 minutes and 2 hours to dry completely. Check the leaves every 10 minutes and adjust the time accordingly.

Test Leaves and Check if They’re Dry

To check if the leaves are completely dry, take one out of the oven and allow to cool. Crumble it between your fingers. If it feels crunchy and easily breaks into smaller pieces, then the leaves are ready.

You can dry the parsley stems if you want to use them too, but as they’re tougher than the stems and contain more water, they’ll take longer to dry. If you do want to dry them, remove the leaves after they’re dry and continue drying the stems.

Store Leaves for Later Use

Once the parsley leaves are dry, remove them from the oven and allow to cool. Crumble them into smaller pieces with your fingers, or cut them into pieces with scissors. Other options include using a pestle and mortar, or a food processor.

Glass jars work well for storage. Keep your dried parsley in a cool and dark place when you're not using it.

How to Dry Parsley in a Food Dehydrator

How to air dry parsley

Ekaterina79 / Getty Images

If you have a food dehydrator, this is a great way to dry your parsley for storage while also preserving its vibrant color and intense flavor. This method does take quite a long time, but you can dry parsley at the same time as other herbs or foods.

Preheat Your Dehydrator

Set your dehydrator to around 95F. If your dehydrator doesn't list specific temperatures then choose the lowest setting.

Place Parsley Leaves on a Dehydrator Tray

Lay out your washed and dried parsley leaves on a dehydrator tray. Place the tray in the dehydrator and set a timer.

Depending on your dehydrator, it may take eight or more hours for the parsley leaves to fully dry.

Test if the Leaves Are Dry

To check if your leaves are ready, take one out of the dehydrator, allow to cool, and do the crumble test as described above. If all your leaves are the same size, they should all be dry at the same time.

If you're also drying the parsley stems, they will need more time to dry than the leaves. Remove the leaves and place the stems back in your dehydrator to continue drying. Repeat the crumble test to check when the stalks are dry.

Store Your Parsley

Once your parsley leaves are cool, you can prepare them for storage. You may decide to crumble them into small pieces with your fingers, or chop them up with scissors.

If you're preparing a lot of parsley, then quicker options include using a pestle and mortar, or a food processor.

Glass jars work best for storage. The best spot is somewhere cool and dry.

How to Air Dry Parsley

How to air dry parsley

Mizina / Getty Images

Air-drying parsley doesn’t use any electricity or gas, and although it takes longer than other methods, the end result will be fairly similar.

Tie Your Parsley Into Small Bundles

Gather your stalks of washed parsley into a small bundle and tie them together with some garden twine or string. Make sure you tie them together tightly, as the stalks will start to shrink as they dry out.

If you have a lot of parsley to dry, split it into separate bundles, with a diameter of no more than half an inch per bundle.

Hang Bundles Up to Dry

Hang your bundles of parsley in a cool, dry, and dark spot. Check the bundles every few days to see if they’ve dried out. To test, see if a leaf will crumble easily between your fingers.

In areas with high humidity, air drying can take a long time. In that case, oven drying or using a dehydrator may be a better choice.

Put Dry Parsley Into Jars

Once your parsley leaves are dry, you can put them in jars for storage. Crumbling them into small pieces is an easy method, but if you have a lot of parsley then using a food processor or pestle and mortar will be a faster option.

Keep your dried parsley somewhere cool and dry, preferably out of direct sunlight.

How to air dry parsley

There are several methods used to dry parsley for storing. The most popular options are air drying or sun drying. For fast results, an oven may be used when you want to dry parsley for cooking. If the herb is to be used for its medicinal purposes, the heat of the oven can destroy many of its benefits, however.

No matter what method you choose, start with freshly picked herbs before drying. Flat leaf parsley is typically preferred because curly parsley tends to lose all flavor in the drying process; freezing is usually better for this type. Fresh picked herbs should be gently rinsed and patted dry before the drying process begins.

Air drying is one of the easiest and most foolproof ways to dry parsley as long as you have a hot, dry room available. In most instances, an attic, garage, or garden shed are good options because there is typically less moisture in these rooms. If you run a dehumidifier in your house, you can dry parsley inside. For this method, create bunches of freshly picked, clean parsley and tie them together with a string. Hang them in a warm, dry room and keep them there until the leaves and stems are dry and brittle to the touch. Depending on the temperature and humidity of the room, this can take anywhere from a few days to a week.

It is also possible to dry parsley in the sun. Place a cooling rack over a baking sheet and spread the parsley out in a single layer over the rack. Put the parsley outside on a dry, sunny morning when you are not expecting any rain for the next several days. Leave the parsley outside to dry, turning it over once a day. To protect the herb from dew accumulation at night, take the parsley inside at sunset and place it back outside the next day. Depending on the weather, this method will typically take two to five days.

If you are in a hurry or expecting very wet weather for the foreseeable future, you can dry parsley in the oven. Simply spread the herbs in a single layer on a baking sheet and put them in a 180° Fahrenheit (82° Celsius) oven for two to four hours. You may want to adjust this temperature depending on whether your oven runs hot or cold.

During this process, check on the parsley every half hour to ensure it is not burning. Once the leaves and stems are dry, crumbly, and before they turn black, remove the parsley and allow it to cool. While this method is fine for cooking with parsley, the high heat of the oven can destroy the medicinal properties of this herb. In this case, sun or air drying is preferred.

Food preservation, especially preserving fresh herbs can sometimes be tricky, but drying parsley is so easy. If you use parsley a lot in your cooking, you need to learn how to dry parsley!

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Learning to dry parsley will help you have home-grown parsley to use for your cooking all year round! It is also great to get some surplus built up (I just throw it in a mason jar) to put in your food storage. We dried our parsley like this last summer and just barely ran out, so it is time to refill the parsley jar in my spice rack again. It’s so easy!

How to Dry Parsley

How to air dry parsley

Preserve fresh garden herbs

  • After you pick your fresh parsley, wash it, let it air dry (you can speed up the drying by blotting lightly it with a paper towel if you like), and then place it in a paper bag.

How to air dry parsley

  • Fold over the top of the paper bag, lay it on its side, and then just let the parsley dry for 10-14 days. (I don’t recommend just drying it on the counter without the bag. The paper bag will keep dust from settling on it.)

When it is ready, it will look something like this:

How to air dry parsley

  • Once the parsley has completely dried out, remove the stems and break the parsley up into little bits.

How to air dry parsley

  • Once I have dried and prepared the parsley, I just refill the spice jars on my spice jar (love that thing-it’s so handy having almost all of my spices right there next to the stove and it comes with FIVE YEARS of free spice refills, which comes in handy for the spices that you don’t grow in your own garden!).
  • Place the dried parsley in the spice jar and seal it with the lid (if you have a lot, a mason jar works great, too!).

How to air dry parsley

Now wasn’t that easy? We grew more parsley this year than last, so I think we will have a little more surplus for food storage.

How to air dry parsley

Pssstt…We have also used this tip for drying fennel seed (which is a MUST in my yummy marinara) and cilantro. Having homegrown dried herbs on hand is such a great addition to whatever you cook. Just remember that dried herbs have a bit less flavor than fresh herbs, so you need to use a bit more!

How to air dry parsley

Drying herbs like parsley mean you can enjoy the flavor all year round. But also you can make up your own herb mixes. Which is great for convenience and cost effectiveness. Parsley is the perfect windowsill herb and will grow without full sunlight all day, the dappled shade of your kitchen window is just fine!

1. Using a Microwave To Dry Parsley

  1. Wait until mid morning to pick your parsley, this stops the sun draining the essential oils from the leaves, but avoids morning moisture.
  2. Trim the stalks and keep mostly leaves and the thinner stalks. Save the fresh stalks for a bouquet garni if you like.
  3. Take two pieces of paper towel and sandwich the leaves and smaller stalks.
  4. Set the microwave to high and place the paper and parsley sandwich on a plate, let it run for one minute.
  5. Check on the parsley and see if it is brittle to the touch. The leaves may need a little longer.
  6. Only give them 10-15 second blasts. Any longer and they will go too dry. This is the biggest problem with using the fast microwave drying method.
  7. Once dry and cool enough to handle, remove the parsley from the paper and finely chop.
  8. Pour into an airtight glass jar. Store in a cool dark cupboard.

2. How To Preserve Parsley By Air Drying

  1. Mid morning you will cut the parsley stems, keeping them nice and long. Remember that parsley is a biennial so regular harvesting is essential to healthy growth!
  2. Use an elastic band to tie a handful of stems together. The key here is to keep the bunch loose. Air needs to circulate to avoid rotting and dampness to build up. I am not giving an exact number of stems as our parsley stalks vary so much with how full they are.
  3. Use a paperclip inside of the rubber band to make a hook. This just makes it easier to attach to a suitable hanger. Even a clothes hanger will be perfect.
  4. Choose a location that is not dark, but that doesn’t receive hours of direct sunlight as this will fade the color of the parsley before it has dried. You also want air movement to keep the damp away.
  5. After around 2-3 weeks check on your bunch of drying parsley and test the leaves. If they are still pliable and not brittle, leave for a few more weeks.
  6. When the leaves are dry the parsley is ready to come down.
  7. There is flavor in the stalks, but people tend to find them too woody once dried. So you can use them for a sachet d’epices but they are not really suitable for adding to a dish. Cut them away and finely chop the leaves.
  8. Store in an airtight container in a cool dark cupboard or store room.

Parsley packs a real punch in terms of nutrients and health benefits, even when dried. So use liberally in many dishes!

3. How To Use An Oven To Dry Parsley

How to air dry parsley

Blanch the Parsley before oven drying

  1. Cut your parsley in the middle of the morning, before the afternoon heat has had a chance to burn off the aroma but after the morning dew has evaporated.
  2. Remove the thicker stalks before chopping the leaves and thinner stems.
  3. Put into boiling water and then almost immediately remove (perhaps around 5-10 seconds in water) Then plunge into iced water to stop the parsley leaves from cooking.
  4. Line an oven proof dish with baking paper. Laying your chopped parsley out on the paper evenly to dry.
  5. Set the oven to the lowest temperature and leave the oven door slightly ajar when the tray of parsley goes in. This way the moisture will leave the oven and not cause the parsley to steam cook.
  6. Depending on how thinly you chopped the parsley and how well watered it is, this should take around 2-3 hours. You can use an aga or an oven for this process.
  7. Check that the parsley leaves are dry by seeing how brittle they are. If they are almost crumbly to the touch, then they are done. If not keep them in the oven a little longer.
  8. When they are dried the parsley leaves will need a slightly stronger chop to a fine texture.
  9. Store in an airtight container and keep in a dark, cool cupboard for up to 2 years.

4. Pros & Cons To Using A Dehydrator To Dry Parsley

  1. A big pro is that a dehydrator uses warm air to gently dry out your herbs, parsley retains it’s flavor and aroma much better in this way.
  2. Another pro in favor of the dehydrator is the convenience. Simply set it to the recommended timings and heat for herbs and parsley and it will work its magic.
  3. The biggest con against using a dehydrator is the initial outlay and if you are not intending on using for various projects it can be a solid investment.
  4. Another con is if you don’t lay the parsley out evenly and make sure to remove woody stalks first, it can really impede the drying process. Dehydrators can be effective if you use them correctly though.
  5. For us we love the smell of herbs drying in the oven or dehydrator so this is a real bonus for drying parsley, it sort of freshens the whole house.
  6. Dried herbs can be immediately crushed in a mortar and pestle and stored in air tight containers. A short timescale from harvest to storage. For a full guide on drying herbs in a dehydrator we have put together a free guide available here.

Using The Sun To Dry Herbs

  1. Cut the stems early in the morning, shaking off any wildlife that may have found a home amongst the leaves.
  2. Use a wooden chopping block or any other food safe wooden board, we also have a muslin cloth screen which is ideal for this, but it is an investment, well worth making only if you are going to be drying various herbs and flowers through the year.
  3. Set it out in a sunny spot and lay the parsley stems out in full sunshine to dry.
  4. Turn them through the day and make sure to follow the sun, otherwise it may give an uneven dry and you will have to carry on to a second day.
  5. We find that this method has taken several days of in at night and out in the morning. It is very inconsistent and to be honest we avoid it now preferring to air dry, or dry in the oven.

What Next?

We love to grow our own herbs and use them all year. You can grow parsley indoors on a windowsill successfully. You may have a much larger crop growing seasonally outside, so this is a perfect way to use up any excess during the Summer months, whilst leaving enough for the Winter months to act as a fresh garnish.

Once you can dry your own herbs effectively you will save money and be able to create some unique herb blends and mixes for your family.

Drying herbs can be a simple way to maximize their usefulness — herbs have a stronger flavor dried than fresh, and they keep for much longer. Parsley is a relatively robust herb that can stand up to drying by air, by dehydrator or even in the microwave.

Preparing the Parsley

Pick the fresh parsley early in the morning, if you grow your own. The leaves are most flavorful before the sun heats the plant too much.

Wash the stalks gently in cool water. Shake them and then carefully towel them as dry as possible. This speeds up the dehydration process.

Remove any damaged or discolored leaves.

Air Drying

This simple, low-tech system requires no special equipment but takes considerably longer than the other methods.

Tie the parsley into small bunches. The smaller the bunches, the more air can circulate around the leaves and the shorter the drying time.

Hang the parsley bunches upside down in a dry area. According to the National Center for Home Food Preservation, drying herbs outdoors can leach some of their color and flavor, so hang them indoors if possible.

Check the leaves for dryness after several days by crumbling them between your fingers. When the leaves crumble easily, the parsley is finished drying.

Drying in a Dehydrator

If you have a food dehydrator, you can use it to dry parsley and other herbs. Check the instructions for your model for specific drying times and safety guidelines.

Heat the dehydrator to the setting the instructions recommend for drying herbs. This is probably the lowest setting, around 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Arrange the parsley in single layers on one or more of the dehydrator trays. Place the trays inside the dehydrator per your model’s instructions.

Dry the parsley in the dehydrator until the leaves crumble easily between your fingers. Depending on the model, this may require anywhere from 2 hours to 24.

Drying in the Microwave

For smaller quantities of parsley or if you don’t have a dehydrator, a microwave can do the trick just as well and in a fraction of the time.

Test-dry a stalk or two of parsley to determine the right drying time, as microwaves vary. Place one or two stalks on a plate, and microwave them for 20 seconds. Remove them from the microwave and allow them to cool. Check the leaves by crumbling them between your fingers. If they don’t crumble easily, return them to the microwave for another 10 seconds, and repeat the process until the leaves are fully dry.

Spread the rest of the parsley on the plate in a single layer, and return the plate to the microwave. Cook the parsley for the total length of time the test stalks needed to dry. Remove the plate from the microwave.

Allow the leaves to cool, then check them for dryness. Return them to the microwave for additional cooking in 10-second increments if necessary.

Storing the Parsley

For the longest-lasting, most flavorful parsley, store the dried stalks and leaves whole in a dark-colored jar. Keep the jar in a cool storage area, and use the parsley within six to 12 months. Crumble leaves immediately before use for the freshest taste.

These days I am preserving herbs, fruits, vegetables, and nuts and store them for long use. I’m learning a lot about air fryer cooking, how to toast/roast herbs, nuts in the air fryer, and how to use them to make different dishes, spices, and many more. It’s a whole new world, but it’s becoming easier, helpful. Drying your own herbs is a great way to preserve it. These dehydrated herbs also make great spice blends. It is one of my more frequently reached for herbs when cooking in the winter.

Video Recipe:

Before you, dehydrate/roast/toast anything in the air fryer, make sure you wash all of your foods thoroughly. Pat them dry afterward before placing them in the Air Fryer. Drying herbs of all kinds seem to be the best method of storage I have tried. They take up relatively little space and are easy to use once dry.

Why you should roast/dehydrate Parsley in the Air Fryer?

Getting store-bought dried Parsley may seem convenient but they come at a cost to our health and budget. Here’s why I love dehydrating Parsley in the Air Fryer:

How to air dry parsley

I love herbs! Don’t you? What starts as a couple small plants quickly turns into a wonderful smelling herb jungle! I’ve talked a lot about preserving herbs on the blog. I’ve showed you how to dry herbs indoors, how to dry oregano in 1 hour, how to dry mint and how to dry basil in the oven, but today I’m talking parsley! This is the quick microwave method but here’s how to dry parsley in the oven if you prefer that.

We grow both curly leaf and Italian flat-leaf parsley in our garden bed. Besides smelling great, it’s often used as a garnish or to add flavor to pasta, soups, salad and fish dishes. It also makes a delicous tea (recipe coming soon!). Although I love fresh parsley, I’m usually left with too much parsley from the garden.

I use parsley often in recipes year-round, so whatever parsley I don’t use fresh, I dry to keep in my cabinet for recipes and the occassional cup of parsley tea. This dried parsley easily lasts me until the next gardening season where we begin this cycle all over again!

Because I’m all about saving time in the kitchen, I wanted to share with you a super fast way to dry parsley in the microwave- it seriously only takes a minute.

How to air dry parsley

How to Dry Parsley in the Microwave

Pick parsley from the garden. I usually just shake my parsley to remove dirt and debris as it’s not very dirty. If yours is dirty though, you’ll want to run it under water and allow to dry completely before moving on to the next step. I recommend letting it sit on a towel overnight to dry.

How to air dry parsley

If your parsley is on the tall side, chop off the stems so it’s mostly just leaves. This will allow it to fit on a plate.

How to air dry parsley

Place paper towel down on plate, laying out parsley in a single layer so they try not to overlap. Add another piece of paper towel on top to cover the parsley.

How to air dry parsley


Put your parsley in the microwave and microwave for 1 minute. After 1 minute, check your parsley and see if it’s dried. Most likely it will need more time. If so, do increments of 10 seconds. Microwave for 10 seconds, check. Not done? Do another 10 seconds. My parsley usually takes 1:30-1:50. Repeat until all parsley is dried, changing your paper towel as needed.

How to air dry parsley

Remove parsley from the microwave. Over a bowl, gently rub the stems so the leaves fall off.

How to air dry parsley

Once the bowl is filled with parsley stems, use your fingers (or a spoon) to crush into dried parsley. I often use my mortar and pestle for this. Store dried parsley in glass spice jar.

How to air dry parsley

I hope this method helps you on how to dry parsley quickly next time you have alot of parsley, but not alot of time!

How to Store Dried Herbs

Keep dried herbs in a glass jar in your kitchen cabinet. You want to store them in a cool, dry, dark space. Ideally, you don’t want to store herbs above your stove as when cooking steam can travel up into the cabinets, causing moisture to get into your jars of herbs.

How Long Does Dried Parsley Last?

Dried Parsley when properly stored will easily last for 2 years in your kitchen cabinet. Even after 2 years, it’ll still be usable, it just won’t as strong in flavor.

A tip to see if the herb is still good is to put some in your hand and rub it with your fingers. If it still has a strong smell, then it’s still good to use. If it has a weak smell (but still smells like the herb) you can still use it, but you might need to double the amount the recipe calls for.

How to perform fetal kick counts

Fetal movement counting, often called kick counting, is a way a mother can help monitor the movements of her unborn baby by counting the number of kicks in a certain time period.

By 20 weeks gestation, most women are able to feel their baby’s movements. But, movements vary in frequency, strength, and patterns depending on the maturity of the fetus. Generally, most fetuses have circadian (biologically timed) activity rhythms and tend to be more active in the evening hours, beginning as early as the second trimester. Hiccups are quite common, and a fetus may be more active about an hour after the mother eats due to the increase in blood glucose (sugar) in the mother’s blood.

Fetal movement is one indicator of fetal health. Contrary to a common myth, it is not normal for a fetus to stop moving with the onset of labor. Each woman should find the usual pattern and number of movements for her individual pregnancy. As fetuses have sleep cycles, fetal kick counts may be done at any time of day. A change in the normal pattern or number of fetal movements may indicate the fetus is under stress.

How is fetal movement counting done?

Consult your doctor about the importance of fetal movement counting for your individual pregnancy.

Set aside the same time each day to do the counting. After a meal is often a good time.

There are several accepted ways to do kick counts and several different cutoffs as to how many kicks are normal in a certain time frame. Write down the number of times you feel the baby kick or move in one hour. After several days, you may find the baby usually moves about the same number of times per hour–this becomes your baseline number.

If your baby is not moving as much as usual, or takes longer to move in the usual length of time, or has stopped moving, call your doctor right away. Other testing can be done to check the condition of the baby.

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mamanatural.comHow the Fetal Kick Count Is Done. Take a piece of paper and write down the time you start paying attention, put a check mark on the paper every time you feel movement (kick, twist, punch, turn). Do not count hiccups. When you have felt ten movements, write that time down as well. It should take between 30 minutes and two hours.

Table of Contents

What to do if you have kick counts?

Try to stay calm about kick counts, though, as it’s easy to be consumed by the number of punches and flutters. If doing kick counts is making you overly anxious, talk to your doctor about it, and about what makes sense for you.

What is a daily kick count session?

Daily kick count sessions are easy to do: pick a time when you can relax and be quiet without distractions. Preferably, it’s also a time of day when you’ve noticed the baby tends to be a little more active. (By now you will have learned when it’s more likely to be play time in there.)

When do kick counts start?

“We start asking moms to do kick counts around 28 weeks,” says Katrina Sawatsky, a physician at the Northeast Calgary Women’s Clinic. “By 28 weeks, moms can differentiate kicks from [their own] gas or indigestion, and the baby is big enough that you will feel movement more often.

How many kicks do you have in a day?

You will want to feel at least 10 kicks or movements in two hours. More active babies may even kick or move 10 times in less time than two hours. The test is over when you have felt 10 kicks. Do your kick counts every day to get to know your baby’s usual kick patterns.

How do you do a kick count?

There are many different ways to do a kick count. Here is one method to do the Kick Count (Download the graph HERE): Count fetal movements once a day, preferably at the same time every day and within 1 to 2 hours after a meal. Early evening after dinner is a good time because the fetus is usually more active then.

What is a fetal kick count?

Counting Fetal Movements – The Fetal Kick Count. A fetal kick count, counting the fetal movements, is among the most important observation to ensure the baby’s health. Every pregnant woman should learn how to count her fetus’ movements. The fetal kick count is done usually after 24 weeks of the pregnancy to monitor the fetal health.

What is a kick count in pregnancy?

Kick counts. In the last trimester of your pregnancy, your doctor may ask you to keep track of the baby’s movement every day. This is often called a “kick count.” Counting your baby’s kicks can help you learn your baby’s movement patterns and recognize if there is a change. A change could be a sign of a problem.

When should I schedule my baby kick count?

Try to schedule the kick count during your baby’s most active time of day, but also a time when you will be able to record movements over three or four hours, if needed. You will need to record movements starting from about the same time each day.

(click on your language to download a PDF about Count the Kicks)

What is Count the Kicks ?

Count the Kicks is a stillbirth prevention public health campaign that encourages expectant parents to track their baby’s movements daily during the third trimester of pregnancy and contact their healthcare provider right away if there is a change in what’s normal for their baby.

Why is it important to count baby kicks?

Counting your baby’s kicks (and jabs, pokes and rolls!) is important because a change in movement in the third trimester is often the earliest sign of distress in a baby. When moms know what is normal for their baby, then they are more alert to potential red flags. We frequently hear from moms whose babies were saved because they noticed a change in their baby’s movement pattern and alerted their healthcare provider.

Is stillbirth really still a concern in the U.S?

Unfortunately, yes. Across the U.S., approximately 24,000 babies are lost to stillbirth every year. Statistically, that means 1 out of every 169 pregnancies ends in stillbirth. For African American moms, that number is even more alarming – 1 in 96! Count the Kicks is committed to preventing stillbirth and eliminating disparities. In Iowa, where the campaign started, the stillbirth rate has dropped nearly 32 percent in 10 years! If this success is replicated in all 50 states, more than 7,500 babies will be saved every year!

How do I count my baby’s kicks?

  • Download the free app or use a paper kick counting chart (available in English or Spanish).
  • Starting at 28 weeks count your baby’s movements every day, preferably at the same time.
  • Pick your time based on when your baby is usually active.
  • To get started, sit with your feet up or lie on your side. Count each of your baby’s movements (kicks, rolls, pokes or jabs – but not hiccups, as those are involuntary) as one kick and tap the foot on our app until you reach ten movements. The app is timing how long it takes your baby to get to ten movements.
  • Most of the time it will take less than a half hour, but each baby is unique.
  • Save your kick counting sessions in the app to see your baby’s movement history. After a few days you will begin to see what’s normal for your baby (how long it takes your baby to get to ten movements).
  • Knowing what is a normal movement pattern for your baby is key. If “normal” changes, call your provider – this could be a sign of potential problems.
  • Your kick counting history can be useful for visits with your provider.
  • The app will record the amount of time it took to get 10 movements, or you can log your times into a Count the Kicks chart.
  • Keep counting every day!

What are the other benefits of Count The Kicks ?

Counting baby kicks helps you to bond with your baby. Taking time to Count the Kicks provides a special time for you to focus on your baby’s movements and personality. It is also a good time for your partner and older children to share in this experience with you and bond with the baby.

My baby is always active. Why should I take time to Count the Kicks ?

Active babies can also experience distress, sometimes quickly and without other warning signs. Tracking your baby’s movement every day takes the guesswork out of knowing if your normally active baby has slowed down. You have real data to show your healthcare provider if you have a concern.

Why do I need to Count the Kicks ? I’m past the first trimester, I should be out the danger zone.

According to the CDC, one out of every 169 pregnancies ends in stillbirth, and one in 96 expectant African American women will lose her baby to stillbirth. Of mothers who have lost a baby to stillbirth in the third trimester, 50% reported perceived gradual decline in fetal movement several days prior to the death of their baby. This indicates that many cases of stillbirth are not sudden. There may be time to save your baby if you are aware of the warning signs.

Why do I need to Count the Kicks when I can hear his or her heartbeat with a Doppler device?

A change of the baby’s heartbeat is one of the last things to occur when a baby is in distress, whereas decreased movement is an early sign. Daily monitoring allows you to detect a change in your baby’s movements. A significant change in your baby’s movement may indicate potential problems before actual changes in the heart rate are detected. By the time the heart slows, it may be too late. The time between decreased movement and decreased heart rate may be the only time you have to save your baby.

At what point in my pregnancy do I start Count the Kicks ?

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends you begin counting kicks in your 28th week, or at 26 weeks if you are high risk or pregnant with multiples.

What is considered normal?

Every baby is different. Keeping track of your daily kick counting sessions will help you know what is “normal” for your baby. Notify your healthcare provider immediately if there have been significant changes in your baby’s movement pattern.

How do I use the Count the Kicks app?

When should I contact my healthcare provider?

Call your provider if your baby has a change in movement patterns (it starts to take longer to get to ten kicks).

Do not wait if there are significant changes in your baby’s movements, or no movement at all.

When in doubt, contact your provider.

Do not worry about “bothering” them. It is their job to take care of you and your baby.

Do babies kick less near the end of pregnancy?

NO! Toward the end of pregnancy your baby may move differently. You may feel less sharp kicking and more rolling. However, if you are monitoring the baby’s movements at the same time each day, it should take about the same amount of time to feel 10 movements. Call your healthcare provider right away if you notice a significant change in your baby’s movement patterns.

What should I do if I cannot feel my baby move?

Call your healthcare provider right away! Trust your intuition. Trust the data. Don’t wait.

How to perform fetal kick counts

How to perform fetal kick counts

Keeping count of your baby’s movements is an important way for you as an expectant mother to help assess your little one’s well-being, especially in the third trimester.

Feeling your baby kick is not only a wonderful pregnancy perk, but also can be a valuable source of information about your baby’s overall state; in general, an active baby is a healthy one. This simple, noninvasive test can help you feel reassured every day that baby is doing well and can also be an early clue of something that may need your healthcare provider’s attention.

What is a Kick Count?

A kick count is the measurement of how long it takes to feel 10 fetal movements while the mother is at rest and focused on counting. Usually you will feel this amount of activity within 15 minutes. However, if 10 kicks are not present in one hour, there may be a cause for concern. A decrease in fetal movement could indicate a problem, such compromised blood flow or low oxygen levels that requires prompt medical attention.

Changes During the Third Trimester

How to perform fetal kick counts

Babies move frequently in the womb beginning at about eight weeks gestation. Mothers typically do not feel these movements until about 20 weeks, though some women may experience those first flutters a little earlier or later. Even though you may feel your baby kicking during the second trimester, these movements are considered to be too random to be a reliable gauge of baby’s health. By the time the last trimester has begun at week 28, uterine space is running out and baby has grown strong enough for the mother to feel all but the tiniest fetal activity. Your baby moves around to help themselves relax or get comfortable, to stretch out their limbs and in response to things like light, sound and even being poked or pushed from outside the womb. According to WebMD, the average baby has about 30 movements per hour during the third trimester. By this time, baby has also established a more stable sleep/wake pattern.

How to Perform an Accurate Kick Count

Since healthcare practitioners vary in their protocols for kick counts to be done one, two or three times daily, follow your provider’s instructions. Choose a time when you have noticed baby being active in the past. Babies tend to be quietest in the afternoons, so mornings and evenings are usually the best times to count. Sit or lie down where you can easily see a clock and note the time when you begin. Even though it is called a “kick” count, all swishes, rolls and pokes should be counted. You should be alert for 10 distinct movements and any type of stirring meets the requirement. The exception to this rule is fetal hiccups; since they are an involuntary reflex, hiccups do not accurately reflect your baby’s condition. According to the American Pregnancy Association, it can be helpful to use a notebook to record both the times you start the count and when the baby has reached 10 kicks. This record can help you learn your baby’s patterns and also help you detect a significant change in activity, if one should occur.

When to Call the Doctor

If you have been actively counting for an hour and not felt 10 kicks, lie down if you are not already doing so. Have a sweet drink or a snack, as sugar will usually stimulate a baby to move. If another hour passes and you still have not felt 10 kicks, or if you note a sudden decrease in fetal activity, a call to your healthcare provider is in order. Your practitioner may tell you to try counting for another hour or they may want you to be seen in the office. Whatever your provider’s instructions, be sure to follow them exactly, and never be afraid to call your provider with any questions.

Related Content: The Importance of Chronobiology in Pregnancy

The principles of chronobiology can help you attain the best nutrition possible for both yourself and baby, by providing the body essential nutrients at the particular times of the day that guarantee optimal absorption.

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Feeling your baby move can be one of the most exciting parts of a pregnancy. Its nice to have some confirmation that there is actually a tiny human in there!

But did you know that counting your baby’s kicks can help make sure they are healthy and possibly even prevent a tragedy?

There is strong evidence that counting fetal movements can reduce perinatal mortality in pregnancy.

Doing kick counts actually saved our baby girl’s life. If I hadn’t done them I wouldn’t have suspected that there was something terribly wrong and I wouldn’t have gone into the hospital.

When do moms start feeling fetal movements?

According to the American Pregnancy Organization you should start to feel some fetal movement between 18-25 weeks into pregnancy. For first-time moms, it may occur closer to 25 weeks, and for second or third-time moms, it may occur closer to 18 weeks or even a little earlier.

Why are fetal kick counts important?

How to perform fetal kick counts

Our daughter was not moving as much while doing fetal kick counts during my first pregnancy. Intervention at that time was life saving.

Doctors only see moms every two to four weeks. According to Dr. Diep Nguyen, a Los Angeles OB/GYN “fetal movement is the best indicator of pregnancy health and is the best yardstick in between those times. If the baby is not growing well, it probably will slow down its activity way before it will stop moving all together.”

My own OB/GYN has expressed the same information to me. Especially ever since my placental abruption during my first pregnancy at 33 weeks.

Now that I am due in January with our baby boy, there is a part of me that is afraid that some sort of catastrophe could happen again. But I am doing daily kick counts and I am reassured that our baby boy is kicking quite frequently. If for some reason he slows down or stops I know to go right to the hospital to have things checked out.

When will I feel the most movement?

Moms generally find that the baby is most active between the hours of 9pm and 1am due to declining blood sugar levels. You my also feel more fetal movement after meals or eating sugary foods.

I have always felt that it is easier to feel the baby move when I lay down and pay closer attention. It is also a nice time for baby bonding and just getting some well-deserved mommy rest. When I am busy and moving around a lot it is harder to pay attention to what is going on inside my uterus.

How should kick counts been done?

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that you time how long it takes you to feel 10 kicks, flutters, swishes, or rolls. Ideally, you want to feel at least 10 movements within 2 hours. You will likely feel 10 movements in less time than that.

How to do kick counts:

1. Lay on your left side.

2. Count how many minutes it takes for you to feel 10 fetal movements (once you get to ten you can stop counting).

3. Do this once a day around the same time. I do it right before bedtime when my daughter is already asleep so I am not interrupted.

Charting fetal kick counts

How to perform fetal kick counts

There are dozens of kick count apps to choose from, but this is the one I use.

You can use a calendar chart to document how many minutes it takes for you to feel 10 fetal movements. If your baby does not move at least 10 times in 2 hours or there is a sudden decrease in movement, you should contact your doctor right away.

There are dozens of fetal kick count apps available to make this even easier.

Having an app makes it so much easier. You can just set the time that you want to start doing kick counts and then tap on the phone each time you feel a kick. When you get to 10 kicks, the app tells you that you are done and records the total amount of time it took. The app also records the history of all your kick counting sessions so it is easy to review and see if there have been any decreases in activity.

Kick counting is an easy way to monitor baby’s well being in the womb.

Timely intervention after a mother complained of decreased fetal movements and the baby was found to be compromised on further evaluation has helped save many babies. I know from first hand experience that doing fetal kick counts can help divert a catastrophic event. It is always better to be safe then sorry!

Will need to start counting baby kick soon. OB told me if the baby is very active, there's not need for a kick count. But once it starts to slow down I'll need do start counting.

My baby is very active. But I'm trying to decide how do I know what counting as kick? Does roll or small movement counts as kick or does it actually has to be kick to count as kick?

When you do kick counts, does it matter what time of day I do? Or should I try to count kick same time everyday?

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How to perform fetal kick counts

Count the Kicks is an evidence-based stillbirth prevention and awareness program that teaches expectant parents the method for, and importance of, tracking fetal movement daily during the third trimester of pregnancy.

The Florida Department of Health is excited to share with expectant parents and providers this evidence-based program designed to prevent stillbirths.

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How to perform fetal kick counts

Why Count?

Counting kicks, jabs, pokes and rolls is a free, noninvasive way to check on your baby’s well-being. It’s also a great way to bond with your baby during pregnancy. A change in movement, whether a decrease or rapid increase, is sometimes the earliest or only indication that your baby should be checked by your health care provider. It’s also important to pay attention to the strength of your baby’s movements and notify your provider if your baby’s movements become weaker.

Counting your baby’s movements every day in the third trimester is easy to do. Just follow these simple steps:

How to perform fetal kick counts

(Scroll Over to Expand)

Helpful Tips When Counting Kicks
  • Pick a time when your baby is usually active. Research shows that babies are often the most active at night.
  • To get started, sit with your feet up or lie on your side. Count each of your baby’s movements (kicks, jabs, pokes and rolls) as one kick and tap the foot on the app until you reach 10 movements.
  • Every pregnancy and every baby are different. For example, Sarah may be able to record 10 movements for her baby in 10 minutes, but Megan’s baby may take 30 minutes to record 10 movements. If Sarah finds that it is taking her baby an hour to record 10 movements, she knows that is a change in her baby’s normal movement pattern, so she should contact her health care provider right away. The most important thing is to count your baby’s kicks every day so you will know what is normal for YOUR baby.
  • Babies don’t run out of room or slow down at the end of pregnancy. Babies should move up to and even during labor.
Watch: How to Count Kicks
Download the Free App 

Every kick counts, especially with the FREE Count the Kicks app!

Count the Kicks  is a safe and simple way to help monitor the well-being of your baby. Use this app every day during your third trimester of pregnancy to track your baby’s movement patterns.

The app is available in 12 languages: Amharic, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Haitian-Creole, Hindi, Marshallese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili and Vietnamese.

Be sure to alert your provider immediately if you notice a change in the strength of your baby’s movements or how long it takes your baby to get to 10 movements. Don’t wait!

Disclaimer: The following is not medical advice and is for informational purposes only. Always consult with your own pregnancy care provider about your own prenatal care.

Baby Kick Counts: Are They Playing Soccer in There?

One of the most exciting milestones of pregnancy is feeling your baby move for the first time. This usually happens somewhere between 18 and 20 weeks gestation, according to the journal BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth.

As your pregnancy progresses, your doctor might suggest you start kick counts. This practice of tracking your baby’s movement is meant to create awareness of the baby’s active and quiet times while allowing you to watch for changes in their activity levels.

All expecting parents in their third trimester can benefit from paying attention to their baby’s kicks and wiggles. (Intentionally counting kicks isn’t recommended before 28 weeks of gestation, since movements can vary quite a bit before you reach your third trimester). This guide will explain how to count kicks, including when to do it and how often. We’ll also dive into the benefits of the practice and when it might indicate it is time to call your doctor.

How to Count Fetal Kicks

There are different suggestions on how often pregnant people should do baby kick counts. For example, Michigan Medicine suggests performing kick counts daily during pregnancy at the same time each day while the World Health Organization doesn’t feel it is necessary to follow a daily routine unless you’ve been specifically directed by your doctor to do so.

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology advocates talking with your provider first to find a frequency for tracking kick counts that works well for you. Making time for this habit daily might work well for busy parents with young kids or demanding jobs who struggle to remain mindful of fetal movements. This might also be something your doctor recommends if you’re considered high risk.

If you’re not sure where to start with kick counting, here are some suggestions:

The Count to Ten Method

Some doctors encourage the use of the “count to ten” method. The expectant parent is instructed to count fetal kicks at the same time each day, looking for ten movements within 2 to 3 hours. Then, if the baby doesn’t move at least ten times in that timeframe, they’re told to reach out to their provider.

Learn Your Baby’s Patterns

The important part of kick counts is becoming more aware of when your baby is usually more and less active. Each baby has their own patterns, according to BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. Knowing these patterns is the first step toward being aware when something changes.

Whether or not you’re doing scheduled kick counts, it is a good idea to take note of when your baby is usually active and when they seem to be asleep. This is important since research has associated expecting mother’s perception of decreased movement with an increased chance of stillbirth and other adverse outcomes.

Get Baby Moving

Although not an official kick count method, one easy way to make sure your baby is moving is, if you haven’t noticed movement in a while (easy to do when you’re a busy mom-to-be!), simply take a moment to be still or quiet and observe. If your baby still isn’t moving, try switching positioning, or eating a snack to see if that gets them moving.

Benefits of Fetal Kick Counts

Kick counts can help predict fetal health, according to the Journal of Caring Science. Pair this habit with regular prenatal care to take an active role in monitoring your baby’s wellbeing.

Baby kick counts aren’t guaranteed to prevent negative pregnancy outcomes, but they can increase awareness of changes, which may allow for successful intervention if something does change. The practice also supports bonding with your baby and may help decrease mom’s anxiety.

Bonding with Your Baby

Kick counts are a great way to slow down, rest, and connect with your baby. As a mom with younger kids, my days can easily be non-stop. During my last pregnancy, taking a few minutes with my baby to count kicks was the excuse I needed to rest a little each day.

And now that I’m expecting my fourth, I’m looking forward to this ritual as a way to connect with this baby and prepare myself emotionally for adding one more child to our family.

Providing the Reassurance You Need

If you find yourself worried about your baby from time to time, what you’re experiencing is normal! Tracking fetal movements is a good way to reassure yourself when you’re afraid something could go wrong.

This practice has actually been associated with fewer unnecessary visits to the doctor because it provides reassurance to expecting moms Sometimes all you need to lower stress during pregnancy is a few minutes to notice your baby is active and giving good, strong kicks. When in doubt, however, always call your provider—and never worry about bothering them, because your baby’s safety is always a priority.

How to appeal a denial for an application of benefits

If we recently denied your Social Security benefits or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you may request an appeal. Generally, you have 60 days after you receive the notice of our decision to ask for any type of appeal. There are four levels of appeal:

  • Reconsideration.
  • Hearing by an administrative law judge.
  • Review by the Appeals Council.
  • Federal Court review (please see the bottom of page for information on the Federal Court Review Process).

You can request an appeal online for a reconsideration, a hearing by an administrative law judge, and a review by the Appeals Council, even if you live outside of the United States. When we made the first determination on your claim, we sent you a letter explaining our determination. This letter contains guidance on what level of appeal you should select.

Request a Reconsideration Online for a Medical Determination

If we recently denied your disability claim for medical reasons, you can request an appeal online.

A reconsideration is a complete review of your claim by someone who did not take part in the first determination. We will look at all the evidence submitted used in the original determination, plus any new evidence.

Request a Reconsideration Online for a Non-Medical Determination

If you received a non-medical determination letter from us that you disagree with or we denied your application for a reason that is not disability related, you can request a non-medical appeal online. Non-medical reasons may include a denial due to income, resources, overpayments, or living arrangements.

Check the Status of Your Reconsideration

Whether you filed your appeal online, by mail, or in an office, you can check the status of your disability and SSI Reconsideration using your personal my Social Security account. A my Social Security account is an easy, convenient, and secure way to do business with us. If you don’t have one, you can create one today.

Request a Hearing Online

If you disagree with the determination we made at the reconsideration level, you may ask for a hearing. An administrative law judge who had no part in the original determination or the reconsideration of your case conducts the hearing. You may request a hearing online.

When we schedule your hearing, we consider what’s convenient and close for you. We usually schedule hearings within 75 miles of your home. In certain situations, your hearing may be held via video at one of our many available hearing sites, in person at one of our hearing offices, or from your preferred location.

After you submit your request for a hearing, you’ll receive a confirmation package that explains the hearing process. In that package, you’ll have the choice to opt-out of having your hearing by video. Video hearings have the same look and feel as in-person hearings. If you’re comfortable with having your hearing either in-person or via video, you don’t need to send in that form. We’ll find the first available day and time for your hearing, at a location that’s convenient to you. We’re committed to providing you quality customer service and the flexibility we offer with scheduling your hearing is just another way we’re able to meet your needs.

Check the Status of Your Hearing

Whether you filed your request for a hearing online, by mail, or in an office, you can check the status of your disability and SSI hearing using your personal my Social Security account. A my Social Security account is an easy, convenient, and secure way to do business with us. If you don’t have one, you can create one today.

Request an Appeals Council review of a decision or dismissal made by an administrative law judge

The Appeals Council looks at all requests for review, but it may deny a request if it finds the hearing decision is in accordance with social security law and regulations. If the Appeals Council decides to review your case, it will either decide your case itself or return it to an administrative law judge for further review. If you disagree with the hearing decision, you may request a review by Social Security’s Appeals Council online.

If you disagree with the Appeals Council’s decision, or if the Appeals Council decides not to review your case, you can file a civil suit in a federal district court. This is the last level of the appeals process. Currently, filing a Federal Court review is not available online. To learn more about this process, visit Federal Court Review Process.

How to appeal a denial for an application of benefits

Nothing stings worse than being denied unemployment benefits. Well, maybe losing that high-paying job in the first place ranks higher, but this is not an economic climate for moping.

If you are turned down for unemployment benefits, here are three potential courses of action:

1. Appeal the Decision.

When you applied for unemployment in the first place, your state unemployment agency made a determination of your eligibility.

Common reasons for denial include:

  • Voluntarily quitting your job,
  • Being fired from your last job for misconduct, or
  • Not earning enough money while you were employed.

You may disagree with the agency’s decision and reasoning with respect to your termination or salary, and that is why you must request a hearing.

2. Request and Attend a Hearing.

After receiving your unemployment denial letter, you may request a hearing with your state’s Department of Labor, typically within 30 days of the letter’s mailing date. (Check the agency’s website in your state for the specific deadline.)

Preparing for the hearing means taking the following steps:

  • Gathering paperwork. You need to collect and organize all of your pay stubs, job evaluations, employee guidelines and warning letters.
  • Line up witnesses. You may need someone to testify on your behalf from any of your past jobs.
  • Think about your arguments. Condense your frustrations and complaints into a handful of strong, salient points to present at the hearing.
  • Consult an attorney. Speaking at least once with an experienced unemployment attorney can give you a good idea about your arguments and whether you need representation.

On the day of your hearing, arrive early, be well-dressed, be polite, and refer to the judge as “Your Honor.”

3. I Lost My Appeal. What Now?

While you can always appeal your appeal, unemployment insurance shouldn’t be your sole focus.

Here are some tips for minimizing your costs until you find your next full-time job:

How to appeal a denial for an application of benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are awarded by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to individuals who are unable to work due to a disabling condition. On the other hand, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is awarded to blind or disabled individuals who have not earned enough work credits to be eligible for SSDI and meet certain income and resource criteria.

It is an applicant’s responsibility to prove their eligibility for disability compensation from the SSA, and this process is often quite confusing and drawn out and can often take over a year to complete. For this reason, it is beneficial to contact a disability lawyer to help you speed up the appeals process after being denied Social Security disability benefits.

What Causes Delays in the SSD Appeals Process?

There is a lot of paperwork that goes into filing for disability benefits, including employment and medical records. One wrong step in the filing process could result in a denial of benefits, potentially delaying your application for months.

The longest delay typically lies in waiting for a hearing with an administrative law judge (ALJ). A hearing with an ALJ will be necessary if you are denied benefits again after filing an initial appeal. Waiting for this hearing could delay your claim for Social Security benefits for up to two years in some instances, depending on your county and region.

How to Speed up the Social Security Disability Appellate Process

If your SSD claim is denied, you have 60 days to appeal the decision in writing. There are several ways to avoid waiting for a hearing with an administrative law judge. The first is to seek an On-The-Record (OTR) decision, which is a ruling that can be made by an administrative law judge before having a formal hearing. OTR decisions require extensive medical information to prove your disability. If your Social Security disability claim receives approval at this stage, that would conclude the appeals process.

Other options are available for specific medical conditions or extreme financial need. For instance, if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness or one of the serious illnesses listed in the SSA’s compassionate allowances list, you may be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits much sooner. Furthermore, proving that you are in financial “dire need” circumstances will also help speed up the approval process after a denial.

Don’t Wait to Contact an Attorney

The process of obtaining Social Security disability benefits can be long and complicated, especially in the event of one or more denials. Don’t risk delaying your claim by making a mistake in the appeal process. Instead, let an experienced disability attorney help you speed up the appeals process after being denied Social Security disability benefits.

Whether you have applied for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income benefits, there is the chance that the Social Security Administration (SSA) will deny your claim for benefits. Fortunately, there is a simple process that you can follow in order to appeal, or ask for another review, of the denial of your application for Social Security benefits.

Three Step Process for Appealing a Denial of Benefits

There is a three-step process that you must follow in order to request an appeal of the denial of benefits.

  1. First, you must complete an Appeal Request form, which asks the SSA to review your case again.
  2. Second, you need to complete an Appeal Disability Report, which gives the SSA more information about your medical condition.
  3. Third and finally, you should complete an Authorization to Disclose Information to SSA form, which gives your medical providers permission to give information to the SSA about your medical condition.

You can appeal the denial of your benefits by calling the SSA at 1-800-772-1213, or by visiting your local SSA office, and advising SSA that you want to appeal the denial of your claim for benefits.

After Your Appeal Forms are Received

Once the SSA receives the forms listed above, they will forward your application to the office that makes decisions about people’s disability claims. They will review your forms and request any new medical records from your doctors, and then make a decision about your claim. You also have the right to request an in-person appointment for the review of your claim. Once a decision has been made on your case, you will receive that decision in writing.

Four Different Levels of Appeal

There are four different levels of appeals from the denial of a disability claim. You have the right to have an attorney represent you at each level, or you can represent yourself in at least three of the four levels of appeals. When you have applied for disability benefits and the SSA denies your application, you begin with the first level of appeal, or reconsideration. This sends your case to the State Disability Determination Office, which reconsiders your case. If SSA still denies your claim after reconsideration, the next level of appeal requires a hearing before an administrative law judge. It can take several months before this hearing is scheduled, and you can meet in person with the judge if you choose. Once the judge makes a decision, he or she will send you a decision in writing.

If the administrative law judge still denies your claim for disability benefits, you can then ask that your case be sent for an appeals council review. You cannot complete this stage of the appeals process online, but must do so by contacting your local SSA office. Once you request this type of appeal, SSA will send your case to the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review, which, again, may take several months to review your case. The final stage of appeal involves filing a lawsuit against SSA in the federal district court system, and you are well-advised to seek the assistance of an attorney at this level of appeal.

Speak to an Experienced Social Security Disability Attorney Today

This article is intended to be helpful and informative. But even common legal matters can become complex and stressful. A qualified social security disability lawyer can address your particular legal needs, explain the law, and represent you in court. Take the first step now and contact a local social security disability attorney to discuss your specific legal situation.

You’ve gathered all your medical records and filled out all the forms that were required. But after carefully preparing your application and sending it in on time, you were still denied. What do you do now?

The truth is, more than half the people who apply for benefits are denied the first time they apply. You have the right to an appeal within 60 days, so use it. Don’t assume that a denial is the end of everything, or worse, re-apply without legal help from a disability lawyer.

How to appeal a denial for an application of benefits

The Process Of Appeals

Many people assume that a denial is the end of their application and either give up entirely or re-apply. Both are incorrect, and you will lose valuable time and your appeal rights in both scenarios.

There are four steps to the appeals process in Texas, and they have to be done in order.

  • Request for Reconsideration—this involves turning in your same paperwork to another SSA representative for review. You can also include additional information that was omitted from your original application. About one out of six people who request reconsideration are approved at this stage.
  • The Disability Hearing—you’ll go in front of an administrative law judge who will hear your case and decide if you are qualified for disability. Expert witnesses, such as a medical expert to discuss your condition and a vocational expert that can advise on what kind of work you may be qualified to perform. However, you are allowed to bring witnesses as well as present any new evidence that has come to light since your application or last denial.
  • ·The Appeals Council—if the judge denies your request, you can bring your case to the next level. This council consists of administrative law judges that were not involved with your case previously. These judges won’t consider any new evidence, however, they will make sure that the previous judge followed proper laws and procedure in deciding your case.

These judges can either agree with the original judge’s findings or overturn the decision and award your disability benefits. They can also send the case back to the prior administrative law judge with comments about any mistakes made in the case.

  • Federal Court Review—this is where you’ll file a lawsuit if you disagree with the decisions of the previous courts.

Why You Need A Disability Attorney

Just applying for disability is complicated and confusing. Going through the process of appeals is even more complicated as well as challenging. Finding an attorney who understands the process and knows what to do will make the process much easier, and increase your chances of winning on appeal.

Call Us For Help With Your Disability Appeal

If you didn’t have legal help with your disability application, don’t leave things to chance. The process can take many months, and in some cases, years. Don’t give up. Let us help you with your appeal and increase your chances of winning.

We’re experienced in handling all types of disability claims and have helped more than 4,000 Houstonians get the disability benefits they need. Call The Herren Law Firm today at 713-682-8194 (or use our online contact form) to schedule your free consultation. There’s no obligation, and we’ll take your case on a contingency fee basis, with no up-front charges.

If the SSA denies your disability claim and you don’t agree with their decision, you have the right to file an appeal. The tricky part is how to write an effective appeal letter that will convince them to give your case a second chance.

The SSA’s decision notice usually contains the reason why your claim got denied and the sources they used to evaluate your claim. It will also include instructions on how to make an appeal as well as a guide on what level of appeal you should choose.

The appeals process has four levels:

  • reconsideration
  • hearing by an administrative law judge
  • review by the appeals council
  • federal court review

Your appeal request will depend on the level of appeal you are going for. But most of the time, a disability appeal letter is submitted to request for reconsideration.

Also enclosed in the decision notice are appeal forms which you can also download online. You need to complete and submit these forms to the SSA if you want to file an appeal. Please note that there is only a small portion on the form where you can write your appeal statement. But you can always add the phrase “see attached page” and write your appeal letter in a separate sheet of paper.

If you can convince them to reconsider your claim, then there might not be a need for you to go through all four levels of the appeals process. But, of course, this depends on how convincing your appeal is.

Here’s a quick guide to writing an effective disability appeal letter.

Before Writing the Letter

1. Understand Why Your Claim Was Denied

As mentioned, the reasons why the SSA denied your claim will be detailed in their decision notice. As such, you need to carefully read their decision and understand why you were not approved for disability benefits. It will help you come up with a convincing argument for your case.

The SSA usually denies a disability claim due to either medical or non-medical reasons. But it can also be because of both. The notice will usually explain this in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.

2. Determine Which Impairments the SSA Evaluated

If you have several impairments, the SSA may not be able to evaluate them all. The notice will also list the impairments the SSA has evaluated. If there are impairments that they missed out on, you need to point it out in your appeal letter.

3. Examine the Sources Used to Evaluate Your Claim

The SSA will also list down their sources for evaluating your claim. If you disagree with them or have better sources, you can also include them in your letter.

Writing the Disability Appeal Letter

1. Indicate Your Name and Claim Number at the Top

Yes, the SSA appeal form will already bear your name and other details. But it’s not uncommon for the attached letter to get separated from the forms. Writing your name and claim number in the upper part of the letter will help the SSA staff determine which letter goes with which form.

2. Point Out Any Mistakes or Oversights

If you see any mistakes or any information the SSA has missed, you need to point it out in your letter. Be specific and if possible, state the paragraph and line on the notice where the error can be found.

3. Supply Missing Medical Information

If your claim was denied due to medical reasons, you need to include medical information that the SSA has missed (if any). Just make sure you have proper evidence to back it up.

Medicare is a medical insurance program administered nationally by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, a part of the U.S federal government working under the Social Security Administration. The program is divided into part A to D, and one has to be a permanent U.S citizen for at least five years to be eligible for either. For part A and B, the criteria are that you have to be aged 65 years and above and qualify for Social Security support. You can also enter the program if you are below 65 years but be permanently disabled and have been receiving disability benefits for at least two years or be suffering from the end-stage renal disease.

Part C, also known as Medicare advantage is procured from private insurers, but to qualify, one has to be already enlisted in part A or B. Part D also available from private insurers caters for prescriptions drugs and is also available to people subscribed to part A or B.

How to appeal a denial for an application of benefits

Steps and Procedures for Appealing a Denied Application

Determine if an Appeal is Appropriate

  • It denies your request for a health care service, supply, or drug that you feel you should be able to access.
  • A change of the amount you should pay for health care services; prescription drugs, supplies or items is denied, OR,
  • A request for payment of a health care service, item, supply or prescription medication that you already have is rejected.

Evaluate your Medical Summary Notice

Appealing starts by evaluating the Medical Summary Notice (MSN) sent to your mail every three months. It indicates all the services and supplies that providers billed to Medicare in a quarter. From the MSN, you can determine the amount paid by Medicare and what is denied. It is usually an initial determination made by the company that handles bills for Medicare.

Appealing the Decision

  • Filling out a Redetermination Request Form and sending it to the contractor handling your case indicated on the MSN
  • Adhere to the instructions for appealing as shown on the MSN. You may need to consult your doctor or healthcare provider on information that may be helpful to your case.
  • Making a written request to the organization that handles the claims of Medicare (the information can be seen on the MSN at the Appeals Information section. The petition has to explain as to why you do not agree with the initial determination and the specifics for which you require to be predetermined.

Your name, address, phone number and Medicare number have to be provided on a signed form. All the documents submitted for the appeal request have to have the Medicare number indicated on them. Additional information or supporting evidence can be provided after the initial redetermination request has been filed.

How to appeal a denial for an application of benefits

What to Expect After Filing an Appeal?

UnitedHealthcare reviews all submitted appeals before elapsing of 60 calendar days from the date of receiving the MSN. It takes roughly 30 days to process claims. However, if additional information is submitted after the initial appeal, it can take an extra 14 days. One can file for an expedited decision in situations that are time sensitive. The expedited process is used when the standard timeframe for making decisions might seriously jeopardize your health. Such decisions are made within a maximum of 72 hours.

Elliot Marks

Author & Social Security Advisor

Elliot Marks has spent over 10 years providing clear and concise information to help Americans navigate the complex nuances of social security and many other government services in the United States. Elliot has a passion for helping those in need of these services to be able to find timely access to news and information that is relevant and helpful to their daily lives.

Have you been denied Social Security disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits recently? If so, your frustration and disappointment is understandable and common. According to the latest annual report on Social Security Disability benefits, about 70 percent of applicants are denied during their initial application. The appeal process can be lengthy and arduous, but it’s worth the financial security in the absence of employment. here’s everything you need to know about the appeal process for Social Security Disability benefits.

How to appeal a denial for an application of benefits

An Overview of Eligibility

  • The Social Security Administration (SSA) must deem you totally disabled as per its own definition.
  • This disability can be mental or physical, although physical disabilities are easier to prove and are less often rejected.
  • You cannot perform your previous job due to your current disability.
  • You cannot perform any job due to the effects of your disability.
  • Your claim must be supported by independent professional medical opinions.
  • You must demonstrate financial difficulty, which often means living below the poverty line.

Even though most applicants do meet the eligibility requirements for Social Security disability benefits, they can be overlooked and therefore denied.

Step 1: Request For Reconsideration

If you’ve been denied by the SSA, you will receive a letter informing you of the decision. This can take place within a month to six months of submitting your application. Your letter will contain directions on how to appeal. It may also include the form you’ll need to use, known as the “Request for Reconsideration” form.

If you’d rather fill the form out online, You can do so. Then, you can submit it or print it out. You have 60 days to submit your appeal. The appeal will be reviewed by a different SSA official.

Step 2: Administrative Law Judge Hearing

If your request for reconsideration is denied, the next step is requesting a hearing before an administrative Law Judge. Again, you must make this request within 60 days of your reconsideration denial notice.

An Administrative Law Judge is an attorney who works for the SSA. His main job is to conduct these hearings and make a decision about appeals.

  • Any medical documents that support the extent of your disability.
  • Any witnesses who can testify that you cannot work.
  • Any documentation of financial hardship, such as tax records and rent receipts.
  • A legal representative.

About 50 percent of cases reviewed by an ALJ are overturned. You may have to wait several months for your hearing.

Step 3: Appeal To The Council

If the ALJ denies your claim too, you can request that your case be reviewed by a council of Administrative Law Judges. In this step, you cannot introduce any new information to your case. You may only be able to note if there were any significant changes to your disability status from the time when you first appealed.

The ALJ council’s job is to check if the initial ALJ conducted your hearing fairly. They examine whether all of your documentation was considered and whether your representative was allowed to conduct a cross examination.

The process of a council review can take more than a year from the time you request it.

Step 4: Federal Court Lawsuit

Although most cases don’t get to this level of the appeal process, you can file a lawsuit against the Social Security Administration with the Federal Court. Since the SSA is governed by federal law, this court can make the ultimate decision about your appeal.

This process can get expensive and takes up to several years to conclude.

How to appeal a denial for an application of benefits

Benefits of Legal Representation

At any point during the appeal, you can seek legal representation for your Social Security disability case. Your lawyer can specialize in disability law, but it is not a legal requirement.

A lawyer is most beneficial at the ALJ hearing stage. this is where you and your witnesses can advocate for your needs as a disabled individual. Since the appeal is face-to-face and direct, your lawyer can present the case in a more compelling way.

If you’ve been denied your rightful claims, start your appeal process by filling out the “Request For Consideration” form today.

Elliot Marks

Author & Social Security Advisor

Elliot Marks has spent over 10 years providing clear and concise information to help Americans navigate the complex nuances of social security and many other government services in the United States. Elliot has a passion for helping those in need of these services to be able to find timely access to news and information that is relevant and helpful to their daily lives.

How to get a sylveon quick in pokémon x and y

The Pokemon Espeon is one of the many capturable monsters in Pokemon Go. See requirements on how to evolve a Eevee into a Espeon here. Espeon is from the second generation region of Johto and was made available in the February 16, 2017 update.

#196 Espeon Info

How to get a sylveon quick in pokémon x and y


Now that the Johto Pokemon have been spotted in the while, Eevee can now evolve into Espeon. When you evolve Eevee, the evolution you get is random, but there is a one time trick you can do to ensure an evolution into Espeon. Just name the Eevee you want to evolve into "Sakura" before you evolve.

  • Evolves into: None
  • Evolves from: Eevee
  • Hatches from: None

Other than the name trick, getting yourself an Espeon takes a little more than other eeveelutions. Thanks to research conducted by Pokemon Go Hub, in order to get Espeon you'll have to follow the following steps:

  • The Eevee must have 10 KMs walked and 2 Candy collected as your Buddy
  • The Eevee must be set as your current Buddy during evolution
  • Evolving such Eevee at night will yield Umbreon
  • Evolving such Eevee during day will yield Espeon

Combat Moves

To attack with combat moves, tap the screen when in battle and the pokemon will unleash their attacks as fast as they are able. Repeated attacks will build up the bars on their special meter. When any or all bars are filled, hold down on the screen for a moment to unleash a special move.

Sylveon (Japanese: ニンフィア Nymphia) is a Fairy-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VI.

It evolves from Eevee when leveled up knowing a Fairy-type move and having either at least two levels of Affection (in Generations VI and VII) or high friendship (in Generation VIII). It is one of Eevee’s final forms, the others being Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, and Glaceon.



Sylveon is a quadrupedal, mammalian Pokémon covered with pale cream-colored fur with pink feet, ears, and tail. It has light blue eyes, long ears with blue interiors and thicker fur, a tiny nose, and two stray tufts of fur on top of its head. There are two bows on its body: one at the base of its left ear and one at its neck. Each bow is pale cream with a pink center and trails a pair of ribbon-like feelers. The feelers are pale cream with light blue tips. Before the tip of each feeler is a pink and then a dark blue stripe. It has slender legs with small, three-toed paws and a fluffy, slightly curved tail.

Sylveon’s ribbon-like feelers emit a soothing aura that erases any sense of hostility, enabling it to stop fights. When hunting, it swirls its feelers as a distraction while the aura weakens feelings of hostility in its prey, then pounces on the victim. It will also wrap its feelers around its Trainer’s arm as they walk together, which allows it to read their feelings. As soon as a fight breaks out, Sylveon bravely charges at Dragon-type Pokémon much bigger than itself; in Galar, there is even a fairy tale about a Sylveon that managed to defeat a Dragon Pokémon.

In the anime

Main series

How to get a sylveon quick in pokémon x and y

Major appearances

Serena’s Sylveon

Serena’s Eevee evolved into a Sylveon in Party Dancecapades! during a Tag Battle alongside Ash’s Pikachu, where they faced off against Miette’s Slurpuff and James’s Inkay.


Sylveon debuted in Eevee & Friends, where it showed Pikachu and his friends around its home, and introduced them to Eevee and its fellow Eeveelutions.

Sylveon made its main series debut in Kindergarten Chaos!, under the ownership of Penelope. It was used in a battle against Ash’s Froakie and defeated it with Attract. Later on, it was captured by Team Rocket, but later rescued.

A Sylveon appeared in A Fashionable Battle! and Fairy-Type Trickery!, under the ownership of Valerie. It was used in a Gym battle against Ash, but it was defeated by Fletchinder.

A wild Sylveon appeared in Turning Heads and Training Hard!, where it was summoned to help Ilima’s Eevee perform Extreme Evoboost. It reappeared in the Poké Problem segment of the next episode, where it saw Ilima and Eevee off.

Minor appearances

A Performer’s Sylveon appeared in A Showcase Debut!, where it participated in the Coumarine Showcase Rookie Class.

A Sylveon appeared in a fantasy in Tag Team Battle Inspiration!, where Serena imagined what her Eevee could evolve into.

A Sylveon appeared as an image in A Performance Pop Quiz!.

A Sylveon appeared in a fantasy in On Land, In the Sea, and to the Future!.

Pokédex entries


A Sylveon briefly appeared in GOTCHA!, under the ownership of Valerie.

In the manga

How to get a sylveon quick in pokémon x and y

Pokémon Adventures

X & Y chapter

Y owns a Sylveon nicknamed Veevee. She evolved during a battle against Team Flare in PS553.

Pokédex entries

In the TCG

Other appearances

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U

How to get a sylveon quick in pokémon x and y

Sylveon appears as a trophy in both versions of the game.

Trophy information

Sylveon is one of Eevee’s various final evolutions. It has a lot of great attacks to use in battle, but it actually seems to be a peace-loving sort of Pokémon. Case in point, it can completely stop the flow of battle by moving its ribbonlike feelers in a way that charms its opponents into not wanting to fight anymore.

How to get a sylveon quick in pokémon x and y

Sylveon is a Fairy-type Pokémon.

It evolves from Eevee when leveled up while holding a Pretty Ribbon.


Pokédex entry



Sylveon is a quadruped, mammalian Pokémon covered primarily in pale cream-colored fur with pinkish feet, ears, and tail. There are two bows on its body, one on its left ear and one around its neck, from which two feelers adorn it. The bows are pale cream with pinkish centers, while the feelers are pale cream with pinkish and blue tips. It has short, slender legs and small paws with three visible toes on each foot. Its eyes are blue with white pupils and no visible sclera. When its mouth is open, two pointed teeth can be seen on its upper jaw. Its furry pinkish tail is slightly curved in a crescent shape.

Special abilities

It sends a soothing aura from these feelers to calm fights, and will also use them to “hold hands” with its Trainer.

Behavior and Habitat

Sylveon is usually found in urban areas under the care of humans. It is rarely found in the wild.

Game locations

Held items

Base stats

  • Minimum stats are calculated with 0 EVs, IVs of 0, and a hindering nature, if applicable.
  • Maximum stats are calculated with 252 EVs, IVs of 31, and a helpful nature, if applicable.

Type effectiveness


By leveling up

  • A level of “Start” indicates a move that will be known by a Sylveon obtained at level 1
  • Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used by Sylveon
  • Italic indicates a move that gets STAB only when used by an evolution of Sylveon

Via a prior evolution

  • Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used by Sylveon
  • Italic indicates a move that gets STAB only when used by an evolution of Sylveon


  • Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used by Sylveon
  • Italic indicates a move that gets STAB only when used by an evolution of Sylveon

By tutoring

  • Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used by Sylveon
  • Italic indicates a move that gets STAB only when used by an evolution of Sylveon

By breeding

  • Moves marked with an asterisk (*) must be chain bred onto Sylveon
  • Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used by Sylveon
  • Italic indicates a move that gets STAB only when used by an evolution of Sylveon



Front Back
How to get a sylveon quick in pokémon x and y How to get a sylveon quick in pokémon x and y How to get a sylveon quick in pokémon x and y
Front shiny Back shiny
How to get a sylveon quick in pokémon x and y How to get a sylveon quick in pokémon x and y How to get a sylveon quick in pokémon x and y

Shiny Prior to 1.2

Front Back
How to get a sylveon quick in pokémon x and y How to get a sylveon quick in pokémon x and y


Design origin

According to Motofumi Fujiwara, a key person at Game Freak, Eevee was based on a vague childhood experience he had, He described seeing an “indefinable creature” and that Eevee was based on a drawing of all that he could remember of it.

Each one of Eevee’s evolutions are based on the same design but are made to resemble their type.

Name origin

Sylveon comes from sylph (a mythological spirit of the air) or sylvan (referring to woodlands or forests, where fairies are often depicted), and eon (an immeasurably long period of time, presumably in reference to the concept of evolution). Eon is also a suffix shared by all Eeveelutions and was Eevee’s prototype English name.

Pokemon X and Y’s only evolution that comes from a previously released Pokemon is Sylveon, the newest Eeveelution. But with Eevee already having a ton of different evolutions that take advantage of nearly every element of the Pokemon games (different stones, different times of day, different moods), the actual means of turning Eevee into Sylveon were unknown. Many speculated it would involve Moon Stones, or leveling up an Eevee with a different Fairy-type Pokemon, or something else, but after spending a few dozen hours in the game we have the solution–as well as a video that shows exactly how to do it.

First, you’ll need to teach your Eevee a fairy-type move, but that’s not enough! You also need to make it very, very happy. The solution lies in the new Pokemon-Amie system, which allows you to play and pet your Pokemon. In order to evolve to Sylveon, you’re going to need to have all three sections in Amie–Affection, Fullness, and Enjoyment–up to max. Filling up Enjoyment is as easy as playing a bunch of minigames, and that will give you enough snacks to make sure your Pokemon’s Fullness is max.

Once you’ve maxed out all three of these teach your Eevee a fairy move, level up, and–bam! You’re the proud owner of a shiny new (well, not actually shiny, most likely) Sylveon! Take note to make sure your Fullness is maxed going into battle, since it can go down over time (or between battles), but as long as you follow these instructions you’ll have a Sylveon after about an hour or two’s work!

How to get a sylveon quick in pokémon x and y

Sylveon is one of the top Eevee evolutions by our estimations – it would be in S-tier if we were making a tier list based on how cool the elemental foxes look, and not many people would disagree with us. Our personal favourite, Jolteon, is a much more controversial pick, but Sylveon’s adorable design and strong Fairy typing immediately secured its place in fans’ hearts when it was released in Pokémon X and Y.

Despite having first graced the screens of a generation’s 3DS consoles back in 2013, fans are only now seeing signs of the release of Sylveon in Pokémon GO. Developer Niantic recently confirmed that Sylveon will release with the Luminous Legends Y event, which celebrates the sixth generation of main series games.

As well as shaking up the Pokémon GO egg pool, introducing shiny Galarian Zigzagoon (which is an excellent, if eye-watering, red and blue colour), and adding the next raid boss to Pokémon GO, Yveltal, the event will see Sylveon’s first appearance in the mobile game.

Whether you’re a big fan of the Fairy-type fox, or just want to catch ‘em all, here’s how you can go about doing just that:

Pokémon GO Sylveon release date

Sylveon will release in Pokémon GO at 10:00 local time on May 25, during the second half of the Luminous Legends Y event.

How to get a sylveon quick in pokémon x and y

How to evolve Eevee into Sylveon in Pokémon GO

You have to set Eevee as your buddy and 70 earn hearts together in order to evolve Eevee into Sylveon in Pokémon GO. Earning 70 hearts should only take a couple of days – it’s the same number you need to get to hit Great Buddies, so use that as your marker. It’s worth noting that hearts earned before Sylveon went live don’t count, unfortunately, so you’ll have to earn 70 after 10:00 on May 25.

This goes live at 10:00 local time on May 25, but some players have found that they need to restart the app before the Sylveon evolution works. Make sure that you can see the silhouette of Sylveon on the evolve button before clicking, or you may end up with one of the other eeveelutions!

In the main series games, you have to evolve Eevee into Sylveon by showing it plenty of love in Pokémon Amie or raising your friendship, so it makes sense that getting Sylveon in Pokémon GO would involve the buddy system.

Pokémon GO Sylveon naming trick

To evolve Eevee into Sylveon in Pokémon GO, name it Kira. As always with the Eeveelutions, there’s a one-time naming trick you can use to guarantee which Pokémon your Eevee will evolve into.

The silhouette of Sylveon should appear on the “evolve” button, and you won’t have to complete the buddy-based tasks. We recommend saving this evolution for a shiny or an Eevee with really good IVs.

Sylveon, the Intertwining Pokémon, is making its Pokémon GO debut during the upcoming Luminous Legends Y event! You’ll be able to evolve your own Eevee into Sylveon by earning hearts when it’s your buddy.

— Pokémon GO (@PokemonGoApp) May 11, 2021

Pokémon GO Sylveon best moveset

Speaking of good IVs, Sylveon can hold its own in PvP, especially against those pesky Dragon-types. As one of the best Pokémon in Pokémon GO, Togekiss is generally a better option, but Sylveon is still a strong pick and is at least bulkier than other Fairy types like Gardevoir.

Most importantly, according to datamines, Sylveon learns Charm, the hard-hitting Fairy-type fast move that you shouldn’t leave home without.

For charged moves, you’ll want to set up with Dazzling Gleam if you’re taking on a gym or raid boss, but Moonblast is probably the better option in GO Battle League. Of course, you could also splash the stardust and get a second charge move slot so you’re Sylveon will be ready for anything – but then in PvP you’d probably want to use an Elite TM to get Last Resort in that slot anyway.

With fewer weaknesses than Togekiss or Gardevoir, Sylveon is perfect for tackling Dragon, Fighting, and Dark-type Pokémon. Just remember to switch out if you see a Poison or Steel-type take to the field.

Pokémon GO Sylveon best IVs

Finally, if you’re wanting perfect IVs on Sylveon, aim for 0/15/12 at level 18.5 in Great League, and 0/13/15 at level 31 in Ultra League. Sylveon reaches a maximum of 3069 CP, so a perfect 15/15/15 wouldn’t do too badly in Master League, either.

That’s everything you need to know about Sylveon’s introduction to Pokémon GO.

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This page shows you how to find and catch Sylveon in Pokemon Sun and Moon, a Fairy type Pokemon that was introduced in Generation 6. Sylveon is one of the harder to find Pokemon in Sun and Moon, so follow our tips to better your chances of adding it to your Pokedex!

How to get a sylveon quick in pokémon x and y

Sylveon is the Fairy type eeveelution that was introduced in Generation 6. In order to get this special Pokemon, you'll first have to find a catch an Eevee. You can find one on either Route 4 or Route 6, but the Pokemon has a 5% encounter rate and 45 catch rate.

Catching Eevee shouldn't be too hard, but you should keep in mind the typical catching strategies. Get Eevee's health as low as possible, preferably using False Swipe that will allow you to attack but never inflict damage past 1HP. Inflicting status conditions like Paralysis and Sleep are always helpful, but avoid using Poison or you run the risk of depleting all its health.

How to get a sylveon quick in pokémon x and y How to get a sylveon quick in pokémon x and y

Once you've got Eevee caught inside a Poke Ball, you're ready to evolve it into Sylveon!

Pokemon Refresh is used to get Eevee to evolve into Sylveon. Enter the special feature and start giving attention to your Eevee. Pet the cute little thing and let the hearts fly! Feed it beans as well. You'll need to get the affection level to two hearts for Eevee to evolve. You may need to battle with Eevee for a bit before you can make this happen.

How to get a sylveon quick in pokémon x and y How to get a sylveon quick in pokémon x and y

Once the Eevee's affection is at two hearts, battle and level up to get it to evolve into Sylveon.

How to get a sylveon quick in pokémon x and y

How to get a sylveon quick in pokémon x and y
Sylveon has finally been added to Pokémon Go, marking the latest of Eevee’s evolutions in the popular mobile game.

Originally introduced in Pokémon X and Y, Sylveon is a fairy-type Pokémon adorned with pink ribbons and bows that arrives to sit alongside Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon, and Glaceon.

To get it, and let’s be honest, we all want it, you’ll need to use the naming trick, which we’ll walk you through next.

The easiest way to access the evolution of Eevee that your heart desires is to give it a specific nickname before it evolves, and Sylveon is no different.

¡Sylveon, el Pokémon entrelazado, ha llegado a Pokémon GO! 26 de mayo de 2021

Entonces, toma un Eevee y los 25 dulces que necesitarás para evolucionar, luego ponle el apodo de «Kira». Una vez que hagas esto, deberías ver una silueta debajo del botón estándar «evolucionar». Tócalo y tendrás un Sylveon.

However, it should be noted that this method only works once for each Eeveelution.

For help getting the other seven Eevee evolutions using the naming trick, as well as tips for getting more than one, check out our guide.

The end of an era?

Pokémon Go has been running for almost five years, so where does it go now?

Well, game developer Niantic recently hinted at the future of mega-popular mobile games, suggesting that “some cool things are in the works.”

In an exclusive interview with LaComparacion, Kjell Bronder, Senior Product Manager for Augmented Reality (AR) at Niantic, outlined the company’s ambition to achieve the multiplayer potential of Pokémon Go first established by his gang: launch announcement in 2016. .

«Si miras el tráiler original de Pokémon Go», dijo Bronder, «verás que hay muchas cosas que todavía queremos hacer». Esto coincide con el lanzamiento de la nueva plataforma de desarrollo de Niantic, Niantic Lightship, que tiene como objetivo llevar al mercado una gran cantidad de nuevas capacidades de RA, lo que sugiere que Pokémon Go puede estar listo para una actualización importante muy pronto.

How to get a sylveon quick in pokémon x and y

Below are all the moves that Sylveon can learn in Generation 6, which consists of:

  • Pokémon X
  • Pokémon Y
  • Pokémon Omega Ruby
  • Pokémon Alpha Sapphire
  • In other generations
  • 6

Moves learnt by level up

Sylveon learns the following moves in Pokémon X & Y at the levels specified.

Egg moves

Sylveon learns the following moves via breeding in Pokémon X & Y. Details and compatible parents can be found on the Sylveon egg moves page.

Pre-evolution moves

These moves can only be learned in Pokémon X & Y by a previous evolution of Sylveon. Check the respective Pokédex for the exact details.

Moves learnt by HM

Sylveon is compatible with these Hidden Machines in Pokémon X & Y:

Moves learnt by TM

Sylveon is compatible with these Technical Machines in Pokémon X & Y:

Moves learnt by level up

Sylveon learns the following moves in Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire at the levels specified.

Egg moves

Sylveon learns the following moves via breeding in Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. Details and compatible parents can be found on the Sylveon egg moves page.

Move Tutor moves

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How to pack a suit into a suitcase

Whether you’re traveling for business or simply want to look sharp during your upcoming vacation, knowing how to properly pack a suit is a must. Unfortunately, you can’t treat your suit like just any item of clothing; otherwise, you’ll arrive at your destination with wrinkles and creases galore. The good news is that there are some tips and tricks you can follow to avoid those dreaded creases when traveling with a suit. Bringing wine with you? Check out our guide on how to pack wine in your suitcase.

Table of Contents

Should You Wear It on the Plane?

This might sound a little unconventional, but before you start packing your suit away, have you thought about actually wearing it on the plane? This may be the best way to get it from point A to point B without wrinkles, especially if you have a short flight and will need to wear the suit shortly after your arrival anyway.

Of course, this option isn’t practical in every situation, but it’s something to consider. Wearing your suit on the plane will also save you room in your luggage, which could in-turn cut down on baggage fees.

See About Hanging It in a Garment Bag

If wearing your suit on the plane isn’t an option, consider checking your airline’s policies for carry-ons and garment bags. Many airlines actually have dedicated “closet” spaces where suits, dresses, and other dry-cleaned clothing can be hung up. If this is something your airline offers, take advantage of it! You’ll be able to hang your suit in its own dry-cleaning bag or garment bag without having to worry about wrinkles. Plus, you won’t have to check your suit, so there will be no worries about it being lost.

If You Have to Pack a Suit in a Suitcase…

  1. Packing Your Suit Jacket
  2. Packing Your Dress Pants
  3. What About Ties and Dress Shirts?
  4. A Few Extra Trips for Traveling With a Suit

It’s not ideal, but if you have no other options, you may need to pack your suit in a suitcase. If this applies to you, there are some tips worth following to keep your suit looking fresh and clean. Start by making sure you have a quality suitcase (ideally something hard-sided) in which to pack your precious suit. Ideally, you’ll also want to pack your suit in a carry-on suitcase rather than checking it. This way, you won’t want to worry about the possibility of your suit being lost since you’ll be able to keep it with you during your flight.

Packing Your Suit Jacket

Folding your suit jacket properly is key to avoiding creases and wrinkles, even when packed into a suitcase. Start by holding your suit jacket up with your hands inside the shoulders and the jacket’s liner facing you. From there, fold the jacket in half from one shoulder to the other. Carefully turn one of the shoulders inside out over the other; this should leave the jacket liner facing out.

Packing Dress Pants

When packing dress pants for your suit, begin by holding them upside down from the bottom hem. Lay them down along where they naturally crease (this will be different from pair to pair) before folding them in half two more times. You can store your folded pants inside the folds of your suit jacket for added protection and space-saving storage.

What About Ties and Dress Shirts?

When packing dress suits, it’s a good idea to fold them while they’re completely buttoned up (just as you would find them at the department store). You can also roll them instead of folding them, which is a great way to not only prevent wrinkles, but save space in your suitcase as well. Always roll ties and belts rather than folding to prevent creasing.

A Few Extra Tips for Traveling With a Suit

Following these tips should ensure minimal wrinkling and creasing of your suit while it’s packed away. For added protection, it’s always a good idea to store your entire suit inside a dry-cleaning bag or garment bag once it’s folded. When you’re folding up your suit and pants, you may also want to try laying a t-shirt or towel underneath the fold points; this will help to prevent hard crease lines.

If you find that you still have some minor wrinkling after unpacking your suit at your destination, don’t fret. Most hotels will have an iron and ironing board that you can use to remove light creases and wrinkles. You might also consider traveling with a small laundry steamer for this purpose or a bottle of wrinkle-release spray.

Another option to consider is unfolding and hanging your suit up in the hotel bathroom while you run a hot shower. The steam from the shower should be enough to release light wrinkles and creases.

Arriving in Style

Packing an entire suit in a suitcase may not be ideal, but as you can see, there are many ways to go about preventing wrinkles and getting rid of creases if they arise. In a worst-case scenario, many hotels even offer laundering services or you can find a local dry cleaner once you arrive at your destination. So long as you follow these tips and tricks, however, you should be able to pull your suit out of your suitcase and have it look just as fresh and pressed as it did before you packed it. From there, you can show up in style to your next event!

How to pack a suit into a suitcase

When it comes to airline flights, it just makes sense to pack everything into a carry-on bag and avoid checked luggage completely. Going through baggage claim can add an hour or more to your day and many airlines are now charging $25 or more for each checked bag. Casual clothes are simple to pack, but when it comes to packing a suit in a carry-on, you will need some clever packing tips to arrive unwrinkled and fresh-looking.

Choose the Right Suit

Choosing the correct suit can make the difference between success and failure when packing a carry-on bag. The style really doesn’t matter, but the fabric is crucial. Some fabrics naturally wrinkle more easily than others, while others are naturally more forgiving and allow wrinkles to fall out easily. Men should choose a wool or wool-blend suit, while women can choose from any number of natural or artificial fabrics, depending on the style of their suit. Avoid cottons and linen, as they will wrinkle very easily and need pressing frequently. In general, choose a fabric with more substance and heft to avoid creases, including knits and silk blends.

Pre-Pack the Bag

Heavy items will crush the suit and ruin all of your careful preparations. Pack the bag with your heavy items such as shoes and electronics, leaving a space on top in which to nestle the suit. Always put the shoes toward the bottom of the bag to avoid them shifting around during transport.

Roll It Up

The key to getting a suit through an entire flight without being wrinkled is to roll it rather than fold it. Lay the suit jacket on a large table or bed and fold in half from collar to hem. Allow the arms to fall naturally as they lie. Place a rolled T-shirt against the top of the suit jacket collar and roll the jacket around it, from top to bottom. Smooth the fabric as you roll to prevent creases. Roll the slacks or skirt in the same manner. Place the two suit pieces side by side in the carry-on bag and add more rolled-up softer clothes around them to hold the suit in place.

After You Arrive

There is always a chance of a stray crease or two, no matter how carefully you roll the fabric, so address your suit as soon as you reach your hotel room. Unpack and unroll the suit and hang the jacket and slacks or skirt on separate hangers. Hang the suit pieces in the bathroom and run a steamy shower for 20 minutes. By the time the steam clears up in your bathroom, the wrinkles will have fallen out of the suit, leaving it looking freshly pressed.


About the Author

Working in sunny Florida, Anne Baley has been writing professionally since 2009. Her home and lifestyle articles have been seen on Coldwell Banker and Gardening Know How. Baley has published a series of books teaching how to live a frugal life with style and panache.

How to pack a suit into a suitcase

Skip the Garment Bag

Some airlines have in-flight hooks for hanging garment bags, but there’s no reason to let your suit take up your personal space. Instead, use a weekender bag or rolling carry-on. When possible, don’t check a bag with a suit; not only will you treat the bag—and therefore the suit—more gently than the luggage handlers will, but you won’t have to wait at the baggage carousel upon arrival.

When you pack a suit, the menswear experts at Brooks Brothers say you should fold your jacket and dress pants into each other by turning the jacket inside out, folding it down, and folding the pants around it.

First, turn the suit jacket inside-out without pulling the sleeves through, so it looks like this:

How to pack a suit into a suitcase

Leave the collar and arms flat inside the jacket. Then fold it in half horizontally and lay it on top of your dress pants, which should be laid out flat along their front and back pleats, like this:

How to pack a suit into a suitcase

Save ironing time by placing a sweater or T-shirt inside the horizontal fold of the jacket to prevent hard crease lines. Finally, fold the pants into thirds by pulling the bottoms and then the waist over the jacket to form a bundle:

How to pack a suit into a suitcase

If you have a plastic dry-cleaning cover lying around, you can use that to wrap your pants before the final fold. Or, you can place it around the final bundle to prevent other damage.

How to Pack Dress Shirts and Ties in Your Carry-On

How to pack a suit into a suitcase

Place lighter items like dress shirts and ties on top of the suit. Dress shirts can be buttoned and folded as they would have been when you purchased them from the store, or in half vertically (with the sleeves tucked inside) and then rolled from the bottom up. Ties and belts should be rolled up to prevent creasing.

When you arrive, use the hotel iron to steam out any wrinkles and hang the suit up immediately. If the hotel room doesn’t have an iron or ironing board, you can probably request one from the front desk. As a last resort, hanging the garments in the bathroom while you take a hot shower might help release some of the wrinkles.

The head butler at Raffles Singapore shares her technique—and secret weapon—for packing business attire

When packing precious garments, tissue paper is your secret weapon. “You’re always trying to minimize creases,” said Grace Kiong, head butler at Singapore’s storied 132-year-old Raffles Hotel, which reopened this month after a two-year renovation. It’s where the Singapore Sling was first slung, and where butlers have been unpacking and packing guests’ luggage since the days of corsets and morning coats. The Raffles staff includes some 20 butlers, who, beyond folding guests’ unmentionables, provide in-room check-in, run errands (when you anxiously require two backup phone chargers) and memorize guest preferences for everything from vegan snacks to pillow firmness. Ms. Kiong, 34, began her training at Raffles 15 years ago, and is deadly serious about negotiating a suit into a confined space without wrinkles. The keys, she says, are planning, patience and strategic padding.

1. Place the pants in the bottom of the bag first, before any other clothes. Position the waistband toward the wheels. Drape the legs out over the suitcase’s other end. The edge of the suitcase should hit where the knees of the pants are. Do not fold the pants.

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How To Pack It: The Dress Shirt

When you’re packing for travel – whether that’s a weeklong vacation, a weekend getaway, or a quick overnighter – it’s important to make the most of the space you have in your suitcase, carry on, or duffle bag.

And in addition to optimizing space, you also want to do your best to keep your clothing – especially those nice pieces – safe and as wrinkle-free as possible.

Traveling as much as I do every year, I’ve pretty much dialed in a method and routine. And we’re kicking off a brand new How To Pack It series to share those tips with you.

First up: how to fold and pack a dress shirt. Flip through the photos above for the step-by-step play-by-play.

How to pack a suit into a suitcase

Step 5 of 10. Halfway done! Use the slideshow for the full monte.

And here are a few common questions answered…

Is it possible to pack a dress shirt so it doesn’t wrinkle?

Unfortunately, no. It doesn’t matter what method you use – folding as illustrated above, another way, or rolling – the hard truth is that when you’re stuffing a piece of clothing in a small space against a bunch of other stuff, it’s going to wrinkle. Your only option is to use the iron at the hotel or to invest in a travel steamer.

How long does this method take?

About one minute.

Is it worth the effort?

Absolutely. I used to lamely fold my dress shirts and waste a ton of space in my luggage as a result. This folding method is extremely compact and saves a ton of space. Plus, it’s extremely symmetrical – the resulting small square is very easy to situate in a suitcase, carry-on, or duffle bag.

Chime in: share your dress shirt folding and packing tips below!

Ever wonder how to pack a suit in a carry-on (or “carry on” without the hyphen, whatevs)?

Whether you’re presenting at an important meeting, got invited to a destination wedding or you just don’t like to be caught without a tux, the trick is to make sure your suit still looks like, well, a suit when you take it out again.

Got the gist? We’ll take it step-by-step down below.

There are a number of ways to pack a suit into a carry on, but they all adhere to these basic principles that help keep wrinkles to a minimum:

Packing a suit to reduce wrinkles

1. Wear what you can

If you’re only carrying one suit, consider wearing the jacket.

2. Choose the right suit

Leave the linen behind, those sheep know how to do biznass.

3. Keep it simple

The fewer (gentle) folds you make the fewer opportunities for hard wrinkles to set.

4. Leave it loose

The tighter your suit’s packed, the longer wrinkles will last. At the same time, make sure it doesn’t shift or ball up in transit.

5. Hang it out

Pack your suit last and take it out to hang as soon as you reach your destination. A separate bag or Shirt Protector makes this dead simple.

Let’s get started below.

How to pack a suit into a suitcase

Minaal Carry-on 2.0

Get things done on the move. The Carry-on 2.0’s minimalist aesthetic, shock-proof laptop compartment, and compliance with both US and European airline carry-on limits keep you streamlined and agile — wherever you roam.

How to pack a suit into a suitcase

Bags can say a lot about the travelers who drag, roll and carry them around.

Inexperienced trekkers may wrestle stubborn trunks or oversized suitcases packed to the brim, dragging them from the parking garage to the check-in counter. More experienced globetrotters zip around with sleek, rolling bags designed to fit neatly in overhead compartments. And we’ve all seen the thrifty traveler who’s packed their belongings in Duct-taped duffel bags that are older than aviation itself.

It’s easy to make snap judgments about travelers from their baggage alone, but it’s not until their luggage is unzipped, unsnapped or the Duct Tape is unwound until we see just how travel savvy they may be. Yes, the proof is in the packing.

While the optimal bag and packing methods differ based on itineraries, budgets and more, there are some near-universal guidelines you can follow to make life convenient in the airport and the hotel room when you’re living out of a suitcase.

1. Pack peace of mind.

No matter how meticulous you are in selecting and sorting just the right wardrobe, you can’t help but listen to that tiny voice in the back of your head: What if your immaculately packed bag is lost, damaged or even delayed? Your first step to packing like a savvy traveler is to select a travel insurance plan from Allianz Global Assistance that offers a Baggage Delay benefit, which can reimburse you for essential items in the event that you’re separated from a minimum amount of time. Also look for a Lost / Damaged Bag benefit, which can reimburse you for repairs and replacements, with the specifics spelled out in your individual travel insurance plan.

You might be surprised just how confidently you stride down the concourse knowing your bases are covered with travel insurance, even if you are toting your kids’ Paw Patrol and Minnie Mouse bags (because their arms started hurting at the airport entrance). 1, 2 Before you keep on reading our packing tips, take a minute to find a travel insurance plan now.

2. It’s in the Bag

It’s time to retire the black suitcase with the broken zipper and frayed edges. Modern luggage designs include divided sections, compression straps, 360-degree wheels and even digital tracking tags. 3

If you’re packing a carry-on, make sure it complies with airline carry-on rules, because airlines are tightening enforcement. (And if you’re feeling extra adventurous — or just want to skip or reduce any applicable baggage fees — try packing everything you need in your carry-on.)

3. Consider Compression Bags

Several companies make plastic travel compression bags that help remove air from bulky clothing by rolling (no vacuum cleaner required). Travelers’ reviews are mixed. 4 Some say they’re the best way to pack a suitcase, because you can pack much more and use the bags to hold dirty clothes on the way back. You can even wash clothes in the bag if you add water and soap and then shake and massage it. Other reviewers warn that compression bags wrinkle thin fabrics, and they can make it easy to pack too much and end up with an overweight bag.

4. Practice the 1-2-3-4-5-6 Rule

Here’s one of the simplest and best suitcase-packing tips we’ve heard. 4 For a week-long trip, pack:

  • 1 hat
  • 2 pairs of shoes
  • 3 pairs of pants or skirts
  • 4 shirts
  • 5 pairs of socks
  • 6 sets of underwear

This list can be modified to suit your needs and the nature of your trip. For example, a business trip requires a different wardrobe than a cruise. And maybe you’re a two-shirts-a-day person, just because. But it’s a good place to start if you’re not sure how much clothing to pack.

5. Check Your Tags

Fabric matters when you’re packing for a trip. Seek out material that resists wrinkling and stains, stays fresh-smelling after several wears and dries quickly. If you’re a sweater, for example, include some moisture-wicking attire. When Tortuga Backpacks asked experts for their best travel packing tips, several mentioned fabric choices: lightweight merino wool for outerwear, quick-dry synthetics for underwear and SmartWool socks.

6. Choose a Travel Palette

To reduce the amount of clothing you pack, stick to a strict color palette: a base of neutrals, like black and gray, and then one accent color, like red or violet. You’ll be able to put together a week’s worth of different outfits from a few basic pieces. Pack shoes that complement every outfit.

7. Perform a Reality Check

Bringing roller blades on cruise chips. Or packing bulky winter gear (including snowshoes) when your itinerary only allows you 45 min to explore the Great Outdoors. We’ve heard it all. And we come to the same conclusion: your travel routine will mirror your home routine, so pack accordingly. This doesn’t mean to nix the bathing suit if you’re anticipating some therapeutic soaking in the hotel hot tub, but it does mean to think twice before slipping items in your bag you don’t use every day.

8. Roll, Baby, Roll

Rolling your clothes is one of the best-known suitcase-packing tips, and for good reason. Rolling clothes conserves space, reduces wrinkling and makes it easier to find clothes in your suitcase. But do you really know how to roll? To turn T-shirts into tidy cotton burritos, try the military roll technique. Travel blogger Michael Tieso goes a step further and puts rubber bands around his clothes. 5

9. Replace the Material with the Digital

Books are bulky, but bytes don’t weigh a thing. If you’re bringing a phone or other mobile device, consider downloading maps, translation apps, travel guides and reading material for your trip. One exception is travel documents. While it’s a good idea to store digital copies of your passport and itinerary on your phone, you should pack a few printed versions as well.

10. Assemble Activity Kits

We’re not talking about Mad Libs and invisible-ink puzzle books (although those are fun). The best way to pack a suitcase and keep it organized while traveling is to use smaller bags to separate clothes by use: one kit for swimming, for instance, and another for exercising.

11. None the Worse for Wear

If you’ve tried all these tips and you still can’t get the zipper on your bag to close, try this: take out your bulkiest clothing — whether it’s a blazer or a raincoat — and wear it onboard your plane, weather permitting. (A wool coat might not be a great idea if you’re departing from Miami.) And don’t forget to fill up those extra pockets, too.

12. Take Your Full Suitcase for a Test Drive

Think you’ve gotten your suitcase as light as possible? Carry your suitcase by the handle for a while. Roll it up and down the street. Try lugging it up and down stairs. This exercise will show you what it feels like to actually travel with your bag. If you find yourself exhausted or frustrated, you need to lighten the load.

Packing may seem simple, but it is a science with rules that travelers often learn the hard way over thousands of miles on the road. Doing it strategically can be the difference between a harried vacation with countless detours to local drugstores and a streamlined one with everything you need at your fingertips. Here’s our shortcut to packing the right way: how to find the best suitcase, minimize your load, pack what you need on a beach trip or a business trip and cut down on wrinkles.

6 Packing Tips

Follow these basic tips to pack efficiently and effectively for any trip.

1. The bigger your suitcase, the more you will put into it: The simplest way to avoid bringing too many things is to buy a hard-sided suitcase, no more than 22 inches tall (so it can work as a carry-on) with a structured shell so you can’t squeeze in any extras.

2. Do the clothing countdown: If you need a mantra to help streamline your wardrobe, use the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 rule for a weeklong trip: Limit yourself to no more than five sets of socks and underwear, four tops, three bottoms, two pairs of shoes and one hat. The list should be adjusted to suit your needs. Throw in a swimsuit and exercise gear or a suit jacket and dress if you’ll need them.

3. Lay out what you think you’ll need, then edit ruthlessly: “Think twice about everything you want to put in your bag,” said Ben Nickel-D’Andrea, who writes about flying first-class with his husband, Jon Nickel-D’Andrea, at , part of the BoardingArea blogger network. The jet-setting couple once flew to Morocco for nine days with only carry-on bags and backpacks. “Fully get rid of the ‘just in case I need it’ category,” he said. “If and when you need it, you can buy it.”

4. Think Tetris: The best way to fit everything into one bag: Fill every inch of space. For example, footwear should be stuffed with socks. Then lay your shoes together heel to toe at the bottom of your suitcase in a plastic shopping bag to protect clothes from dirt.How exactly you arrange everything in your suitcase is a matter of personal preference.Here are some popular strategies:

  • Roll your clothes. This helps to maximize space and minimize wrinkles.
  • Use packing cubes. These smaller bags help you keep your clothes compact and your outfits ordered.
  • Try the . Carefully , with underwear and T-shirts at the center, and large tailored items like blazers and dresses as the outer layer.

5. Keep liquids in easy reach: “Toiletries should always be placed on top of your suitcase in a clear bag since you never know when T.S.A. might be interested in looking,” said Matthew Klint, a frequent flier and the award expert at .

6. Never unpack your toiletries: “I recommend keeping a separate toiletry kit for traveling,” said Marie Kondo, author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.” Keeping a set of bathroom products already packed also ensures that you don’t forget a toothbrush or contact lens case that you might use the morning of takeoff, she said. “Keep these items in a small pouch or box in the corner of a cabinet or drawer for easy access when packing for a trip.” To streamline what you need, consider all-in-one options like BB creams, which combine foundation, moisturizer and sunblock. To prevent leakage, double up that plastic bag.

For more on packing strategies, read ” ”

The Best Toiletry Bag

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Wallaby Small

This bag’s large hook and simple, effective interior organization make it particularly easy to pack, hang and access a week’s worth of toiletries.

Moew Wirecutter toiletry bag picks. Right Arrow Icon

Right Arrow Icon

More Packing Tips

What Not to Pack

How to Pack a Carry-On Bag to Avoid Checking a Bag

Apps Soothe the Packing-Averse Traveler

How to Pick a Suitcase

Buying a new suitcase? This will make your choice simple.

You don’t need a pile of suitcases to be ready for all types of trips. Luggage essentials can be three key pieces: a carry-on bag, a check-in suitcase and a duffel bag.

This trio, said Anne McAlpin — a travel expert, frequent globetrotter and author of the packing advice book “Pack It Up” — covers the bases for trips ranging from jaunt through multiple cities to a cruise to a nature-themed journey like a safari. “It’s unnecessary and expensive to have a big collection of luggage because most travelers tend to use the same pieces again and again,” she said.

Here’s how to choose within those categories:

How to Pick Your Carry-On and Check-In Luggage

Though most carry-ons and suitcases have boxy proportions and hard or soft shells, they can vary widely. That makes picking the best one more complicated than choosing a duffel bag. There are three basic variables to help guide your decision:

1. Two vs. four wheels: Which is the best way to wheel? Two-wheeled bags require you to drag them behind you in a straight line, and pulling heavy ones can be real chore. Four-wheeled bags, also known as spinners, rotate 360 degrees and are easier to maneuver; they can even be wheeled when they’re upright. But their design means that the wheels are more susceptible to damage.

2. Frequent travelers vs. occasional travelers: Travelers who are on the road several times a month need sturdy luggage that won’t fail even several years down the line. The more durable a bag, the pricier it will be — think $500 and up for a carry-on and $700 and higher for a check-in. But Lyle Saltzman, the director of merchandising for Luggage Factory, a Lambertville, New Jersey company selling more than 60 brands of luggage, said high-end bags come with generous warranties. “Many premium brands have a lifetime warranty policy that protects your investment, so if the bag gets damaged, they will repair or replace it for no charge,” he said.

Since occasional travelers don’t rely on their luggage nearly as often as road warriors, they can get by with a midrange bag, which will last them several years, and may have a limited warranty.

3. Soft- vs. hard-shell suitcase: There are benefits to both hard- and soft-side suitcases; ultimately the decision should be based on personal preference. Hard bags are aesthetically sleeker, said Dan Bettinger, an owner of Altman Luggage, a New York company that sells more than 100 brands of luggage. Hard bags also offer stronger protection than soft to the items inside and are less susceptible to wear and tear. As we mentioned earlier, a hard-shelled suitcase will also strictly limit how much you can stuff into your bag — a benefit if you tend to pack too much. And since the new models are made with lightweight polycarbonate, they don’t scratch easily and aren’t heavy. In fact, some models weigh less than soft suitcases, but be wary of a bag that’s too light: its frame may be flimsy.

The upside to soft bags: They tend to be light and have external pockets, which some travelers use to keep items like books or jackets handy. Many soft bags also have some give, a bonus if you like to cram as much as possible into a bag.