How to make yogurt by machine

How to make yogurt by machine

What was your regular breakfast when you were growing up? Mine was a bowl of cereal — Cheerios, Chex, Corn Flakes, Crispix (no sugar cereals allowed, but I made up for that with a heaping spoon from the sugar bowl) — and a slice or two of my my mom’s homemade bread, toasted, with butter. I loved my cereal with thick whole milk, but if the only milk in the house was dry instant, you can bet I had it plain.

In my single teaching days I grabbed a quick breakfast of cereal and toast. I was hungry an hour later. When my husband and I got married I learned that he had an unusual breakfast: plain yogurt with dry oats on top. I had never been crazy about yogurt. Occasionally I’d buy the flavored kind in the store. But I gave my husband’s breakfast a try.

Nowadays my typical breakfast is an egg, oatmeal, and homemade whole wheat toast. But for a snack I enjoy a bowl of plain yogurt with cereal on top (or chocolate chips! ssh!). It’s actually the go-to breakfast for our children. Yogurt was one of the first foods we gave them, and now their standard breakfast is “nogurt and oats.” It’s super healthy, filling, and sugar-free.

Because of this, we go through a lot of yogurt a week — a gallon or more . So it makes a lot of sense for us to make our own yogurt. I know there are lots of ways to make yogurt without a yogurt maker – using a crock pot or heating pads are two ways I’ve read about. I like the yogurt maker option. It’s simple. It’s pretty hard to mess up. And since yogurt is pretty pricey, you can make up the cost of the yogurt makers pretty quickly. And I think I just said “pretty” three times. Make that four.

How to Make Yogurt with a Yogurt Make r

makes 4 quarts (adjust the recipe to make a smaller amount)

  • 1 gallon milk (we use 1/2 whole and 1/2 lowfat)
  • 1/2 cup plain yogurt

How to make yogurt by machine

1. If you are making a gallon of yogurt, you need a gallon of milk. Simple. So since we fill four 1-quart yogurt makers, we need four quarts of milk. Whole milk will make thicker yogurt. I use half whole milk and half 1% milk because it saves a little money (lowfat milk is cheaper). It still turns out pretty thick. Heat the milk in a large pot until it reaches 190°. You do not need to hang around; this will take a long time. A whole gallon of milk can take 20-30 minutes to heat up. If I’m doing something else, I set the timer so that I remember to keep checking it. A couple times I missed it and the pot boiled over. This was a huge mess; however, I still made it into yogurt, and it still turned out.

How to make yogurt by machine

2. When the milk is almost done heating up, fill a sink with ice. This is so that the next step will go faster.

How to make yogurt by machine

3. Set a large bowl in the sink – one that will hold all your milk and float in the water. I like our big silver bowl. The milk must cool down to 115°. When you do this in an icy sink, it only takes about 5 minutes. If you do not use an icy sink, it takes a long time. A VERY long time.

How to make yogurt by machine

4. Now you need the half cup of plain yogurt (figure 2 tbsp for each quart of yogurt you are making). Put it in a small bowl. Then take out 2 cups of the warm milk (or 1/2 cup per quart of yogurt) and whisk it together in the small bowl. What you are doing is mixing the warm milk with the starter. What is a starter? It is plain yogurt. That’s all. We use All Natural Plain Yogurt by Dannon. So I do buy yogurt every few weeks for my starter. But you can use the yogurt you make as starter. Just keep in mind what generation it is, because as you get to the third generation the yogurt you make starts getting runnier.

How to make yogurt by machine

5. Put the little mixture you just made back into the large bowl of milk and whisk it together.

How to make yogurt by machine

6. Now pour the milk into your yogurt containers. We like to reuse Dannon containers instead of using the containers that came with our yogurt makers. They are more compact for our refrigerator.

How to make yogurt by machine

7. Place the containers into the yogurt makers. We use Salton 1-quart makers that we got for $20 apiece on Amazon. I don’t believe they are selling those anymore. So I would suggest this two-quart yogurt maker , or something like it. To follow our recipe exactly you would need two of these. You could also get a yogurt maker that gives you a set of small glass jars — but do you really want to wash each of those every time you make yogurt? Set your timer for about 10 hours. We have found that 11 hours gives our yogurt the taste we like. You can play around with the time. Just make sure your plug the yogurt makers IN. I’ve been known to forget that.

Afterward, put the yogurt in your refrigerator for about four hours so it can cool and thicken. Then it’s ready to eat!

Looking for more healthy recipes? These are our favorites!

How to make yogurt by machine

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How to make yogurt by machine

The practice of bread machine version of homemade yogurt


disinfect. Put the pudding bottle in the pot and sterilize it with boiling water

How to make yogurt by machine

disinfect. Put the pudding bottle in the pot and sterilize it with boiling water


Put the pudding bottle out of the pan and let dry

How to make yogurt by machine

Put the pudding bottle out of the pan and let dry


How to make yogurt by machine

The small milk pan


Prepare 800 ml of pure milk, 50 grams of white sugar (appropriate increase or decrease according to your taste), a pack of powder

How to make yogurt by machine

Prepare 800 ml of pure milk,


Pour the milk into the milk pan, then pour the sugar and the powder of the bacteria, stir with a spatula until the sugar and the powder of the bacteria melt

How to make yogurt by machine

Pour the milk into the milk pan,


Pour the mixed milk into the pudding bottle and close the lid. 4 bottles each up and down, put into bread machine

How to make yogurt by machine

Pour the mixed milk into the pudding bottle and close the lid.


Start the bread machine yogurt program, the time shows 8 hours. The time can be increased or decreased according to the local temperature. When the temperature drops, the reverse

How to make yogurt by machine

Start the bread machine yogurt program,


At the end of 8 hours, the machine beeps, removes the yogurt, and puts it in the refrigerator to refrigerate, Bread machine version of homemade yogurt bread machine version of homemade yogurt. Finally, you get home cooking Finally, you get home cooking.


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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This is my healthy homemade yogurt. by using a yogurt-maker it would be so easy to prepare.


Milk is the basis of yogurt. Often we put all the attention on the milk enzymes and choose the first milk we find.
Personally, I would recommend to use a whole milk.

In order to avoid this boring passage I prefer to use UHT milk which is already sterile.

The type and the brand of milk that we are going to use, will affect the taste of our yogurt in a decisive way. Let me give you an example:
I recently discovered a uht whole milk sold at a very affordable price from my favourite discount market. It is a milk of German origin. This has given my yogurt a very nice taste slightly of cheese and a creamy and perfect consistency. I have elected this milk as my favorite milk to make yogurt.


As the milk, I recommend you to try different yogurt, even the sub-brands. I started with a yogurt I bought in my discount and it was fine. In order for our milk can be transformed into yogurt, we must provide the bacteria and keep at a constant temperature of around 35 degrees.

The temperature takes care of the yoghurt bacteria and provides the necessary starting yogurt, what we buy to begin our domestic production.
Unfortunately not all yogurts on the market have the bacteria and not always right on the label shows the name of the bacteria / enzymes. In fact there is more than one type of enzymes, some better than others.

The enzymes wu are looking for are the Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus . More information on this can be found on my dossier dedicated to yogurt and its beneficial qualities.

  1. Take a cup of yogurt and a liter of milk. Both must be at room temperature .
  2. Make sure the jars of yogurt are well washed and dried.
  3. In each jar put two teaspoons of yogurt.
  4. Pour milk into jars.
  5. Stir with a spoon to mix milk and yogurt. Just take a few turn, do not worry though there are small peaces of yogurt.
  6. We place the jars WITHOUT COVER, into the yogurt maker.
  7. We choose a quiet place where the yogurt can stand for 8 hours without being disturbed. I put on the floor under the desk or, if it is night, under the kitchen table. If you’ve read somewhere that yogurt should never be moved for any reason, trust me it’s not true. You can read more about this article on yogurt and vibration. Touch or move the yogurt, not affect the success of our yogurt. You can also remove the cover, check the consistency of the yogurt moving a jar and, if necessary, close and let it work for more time.
  8. After 8 hours, unplug it, remove the cover immediately, and, if the yogurt seems nice compact, put the jars in a quiet place to cool. After half an hour close the jars with their cover. When they are at room temperature, you can put it in the fridge. After a couple of hours your yogurt will become more firm and creamy.

From this moment and for the future, you will not use more yogurt purchased but one made ​​by you. The jar of homemade yogurt will be your starter as already said. Keep tightly closed in the refrigerator because you will need to redo the yogurt again, again, and again.

Beware doses : If the first time we used a whole jar, now you need just a half (one teaspoon per jar), because our Yogurt is richer in enzymes than the one purchased.

A simple advise to make our yogurt even better: Remove the superficial layer from the starter that is less rich in enzymes and then proceed as above.

How to make yogurt by machine

The quality of yogurt depends on what kind of milk you use. In the pasteurized milk processing line, we always use fresh milk from the cow. However, you also can use milk powder to make yoghurt.

How does milk powder make yogurt?

What about the ratio of milk powder and water?

Table of Contents

The importance of the variety of milk powder

Different milk powders can produce yogurt with different taste. You can get the yoghurt with rich taste from full-fat milk powder, while yogurt made from skimmed milk powder has a fresh taste.

It should be noted that sweet milk powder contains a lot of white sugar, which dilutes the protein content. Thus, you need to add water to make the protein content reach the level of pure milk. The specific ratio can be determined according to the protein content.

If you choose the milk powder with high protein and fat content, the yogurt you make will be smooth and delicate. In other words, the quality of milk or milk powder can determine the taste of yogurt. Fermented yogurt should be maintained at about 40 degrees, and fermented for 8-12 hours. You also can use the heat preservation function of cooker, and then add 1 g of yogurt starter.

The ratio of milk powder and water

Usually, the milk powder and water are in accordance with 1: 5 or 1: 7, that is to say, 100 grams of milk powder is mixed into milk with 500 grams-700 grams of water. If you like thick yogurt, the ratio of yogurt to water is 1: 5. If you like the yoghurt with light taste, the ratio is 1: 7. Before making yogurt, you need to sterilize the yogurt making machine. You can use high temperature disinfection, such as heating it in a pot.

The special advantage of yoghurt

The owners who often drink yogurt must know that yogurt contains a lot of live probiotics, which can increase the intestinal beneficial flora balance.

Can the milk powder for infant be used to make yoghurt?

Infant milk powder has a lower protein content than ordinary milk powder, but its lactose content is much higher. If you add water as normal milk powder, you cannot make qualified yogurt. Because the lactose content is very high, the yogurt produced by it will be more acidic. So, it is not advisable to treat infant milk powder as the raw material.

The conclusion of this article

In summary, the yogurt made from whole milk powder has a rich taste. The ratios of water and milk powder should be proper, and it also can be make according to your need. Before making yogurt, you need to sterilize the yogurt maker. After cooling, add bacteria to ferment. It is not recommended to ferment with infant milk powder.

Pasteurized milk processing line is widely applied to produce medium or big size yogurt processing industries, and you can contact us to know more about this line if you are interested in it!

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Can I use sweetened plain yogurt as a starter culture to make my own yogurt? I am in China and they do not sell unsweetened yogurt in the stores.

Ice cream maker is definitely a great product that will enable you to make your own desired recipe for the frozen yogurt recipe. Having this type of machine allow you to make your own recipe or even refer to other’s recipe in order to make your own homemade frozen yogurt.

What is Frozen Yogurt?

How to make yogurt by machine

Frozen yogurt is more like just an ice cream. A frozen dairy dessert is made with real yogurt instead of using cream and milk. You could also make your own, if you want, through the ice cream maker found in the YOYOUR Makers. By just sticking some of the plain full-fat yogurt through the ice cream maker, after 20 minutes you will find yourself with the slushy soft serve.

In order to make a frozen yogurt, you need to scoop like ice cream and add sugar. The more sugar you will add, the softer the yogurt will be. This is because the sugar molecules get in the way of the growing crystals, which keep the frozen desert creamy and smooth.

Best-Frozen Yogurt Recipes for Ice Cream Maker

  • Fresh Peach Frozen Yogurt – you just need three ripe peaches that is peeled and cut into chunks, ½ cup of sugar, 2 cups of plain whole milk yogurt, and juice of ½ lemons. Then, you can start the process by putting the sugar, peaches and lemon juice together in blender or food processor.

After, transferring the peach mixture to the large bowl, you need to stir it in the yogurt. Make sure to chill the base in the refrigerator for an hour and then, freeze it in the ice cream maker depending on the directions provided.

  • Ice cream Pies – you can make an ice cream pie with the use of any favor of ice cream, sorbet or frozen yogurt. You can begin it by the cooled crust that can be placed in the freezer while mixing your filling. You can now fill the crust. Spoon the frozen mixture from the ice cream maker to the chilled crust.

You need to freeze it for about an hour until the top become firm. After freezing in the ice cream maker, you can place it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

  • Homemade Frozen Yogurt – here you just need 1-quart container that contains full-fat plain yogurt, ¼-teaspoon kosher salt and 1 cup of sugar. You need to whisk sugar, yogurt and salt together using in the mixing bowl until the sugar is already dissolved.

Chill it or refrigerate it until the yogurt registers for at least 45 degree F on the instant-read thermometer. After that, you can now churn the yogurt in the ice cream maker.

There are several frozen yogurt recipes that you can try using the ice cream maker. For as long as you have the ingredients and the type of yogurt you need, everything is juts easy and convenient. So what are you waiting for, try any of the frozen yogurt recipes using an ice cream maker?

Homemade Frozen Yogurt can be made with any yogurt you prefer. Some of you might wonder if you can freeze greek yogurt, and the answer is yes! Greek yogurt will freeze just fine.

How do frozen yogurt machines work?

Coils are cooled using different coolants to produce lower temperatures inside the machine. The liquid yogurt mix is cooled inside the machine to a temperature that turns it into a semi-solid dessert.

Is frozen yogurt better than ice cream?

Generally, ice cream has more fat, while frozen yogurt can have more added sugar. Look for reduced sugar or no-sugar-added varieties. If you’re limiting your fat intake, frozen yogurt will be a better choice for you. You could also opt for lower fat or nonfat frozen yogurt for an even lighter treat.

What is the difference between frozen yogurt and yogurt?

Frozen yogurt is a popular dessert made with yogurt. It has a creamy texture and sweet, tangy taste. Frozen yogurt is quite similar to ice cream, but the main difference is that it’s made with milk instead of cream. Yogurt cultures: These are “good” bacteria like Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus.

How do you thaw frozen yogurt?

To thaw the frozen yogurt, take it out of the freezer and leave the container in the fridge overnight. This allows the yogurt to thaw at a steady temperature. Leaving it outside might spoil the yogurt. Allow it to sit the fridge and do not put it back in the freezer after it has thawed.

Why is frozen yogurt so expensive?

Real frozen yogurt is expensive to make. It requires full fat milk, yogurt culture, and real fruit to prepare, as well as natural thickeners depending on the freezing point for what has been added. For example, chocolate frozen yogurt is much harder to freeze than other flavors.

What is frozen yogurt mix?

Most frozen yogurt mixes require milk, but these frozen yogurt mixes already have milk powder in them, so all you need is water. This mix has been sweetened with natural fruit sugar (pure crystalline fructose), and enriched with live active cultures.

What is a commercial yogurt?

Commercial yogurt Probiotic yogurt (labeled as “live yogurt” or “active yogurt”) is yogurt pasteurized to kill bacteria, with Lactobacillus added in measured units before packaging. Yogurt probiotic drink is a drinkable yogurt pasteurized to kill bacteria, with Lactobacillus added before packaging.

How do you know when ice cream is done churning?

Test the mixture often by coating the back of a spoon with the sauce. Run your finger across the custard, and if the line is thick enough that it stays put without dripping or running, it’s done—remove it from the heat. A little ice cream is good, so a lot of ice cream is great.

How long does the Cuisinart freezer bowl take to freeze?

You can take it out any time for immediate use. In general, freezing time is between 6 hours and 22 hours. To determine whether the bowl is completely frozen, shake it. If you do not hear liquid moving, the cooling liquid is frozen.

How long does ice cream maker need to freeze?

Canister Ice Cream Makers These come with a liquid-coolant-lined bowl that must be frozen before making ice cream; freezing the bowl can take anywhere from 4 to 12 hours.

What is the healthiest frozen yogurt flavor?

The Healthiest Froyo Orders at Pinkberry, Baskin Robbins, and More

  • Pinkberry’s Strawberry Classic.
  • Pinkberry’s Watermelon Yogurt.
  • Baskin-Robbins’ Fat-Free Vanilla Frozen Yogurt.
  • Cherry On Top Original Tart Yogurt with Strawberries and Blackberries.
  • Red Mango Original with Raspberries and Blueberries.

What is the healthiest frozen yogurt?

casei and bifidus regularis, so a winner when it comes to gut health. Only 100 calories and zero fat per serving, with 15% calcium, and 10% vitamin B12, riboflavin and phosphorous. Stonyfield Farms brand is a first-rate nutritious choice. Check out these amazing uses for yogurt that aren’t eating it!

How to make yogurt by machine

Making your own food is a great way to know what exactly is in the food and know if it’s healthy or not. One such food that a lot of people enjoy and can make at home, even if they are not experienced, is yogurt. The problem you may start to encounter is not knowing how to make your own yogurt. If you’re one of those people, don’t worry as this article will walk you through how you can make it at home by using a yogurt maker.

The first thing you need to know is that most yogurt makers will not heat the milk for you. While some models will heat up the milk, it is not as common as what you would think. To this end, you may need to heat the milk up from a separate source, which can include anything from the microwave to heating the milk on the stove. For the makers that do heat the milk, you will need to follow the directions on how this feature works.

Put milk in the maker and heat it up to the proper temperature. Then the machine will monitor the temperature of the milk and alert when you need to add in your starter. This in turn will be the time that you need to add in the starter batch of plain yogurt and whole milk to your maker. Typically, you will need two tablespoons of yogurt starter batch for every four cups of warmed up milk.

Depending on the maker, it will either take and stir in the starter batch for you or you have to stir in the starter batch. This will be the point that you either have your machine set and ready to be turned on or you will have to put in the extra effort to take the yogurt starter base you made and place it into the individual containers. After it is in the individual containers, you’ll then set the timer on your yogurt maker.

When setting the timer on your machine, you need to make sure you have it set right or you could end up getting under cooked or over cooked yogurt. The typical time recommendation in most of the cases is going to be for twelve hours, but sometimes fourteen to sixteen hours will work as well. However, a key point to realize is that it can be very bitter if you do not time it right. You’ll be making a plain yogurt here (without sugar) so it can be very bitter tasting if you do not add in any type of sugar or sweetener before you eat it.

Video: How to Make Delicious, Unprocessed Yogurt at Home

You may want to add in fruit and other stuff like flaxseed into the yogurt. When adding in fruit, it is typically added into the yogurt after the starter batch is made. This is going to allow the yogurt to get the fruit involved with it, but also have it stirred in evenly and not just lumped into a single piece of fruit at the bottom of the yogurt cup.

After the time period has completed for the cooking, you need to make sure to have the yogurt taken out within an hour or so. If it sits too long, it tends to get even bitter which will make it very difficult to taste the yogurt. After a short cooling period, though, you need to put the yogurt into the storage container you have for it.

Using a yogurt maker is a great way to make homemade unprocessed yogurt. This is when people need to make sure they know about the way a yogurt maker works. By knowing how it works and the different steps needed, it’ll make it easier for people to make yogurt at home and save money by not having to buy them at the store.

Making yogurt at home is relatively easy, but it’s even easier with a yogurt maker. But how does a yogurt maker do to make yogurt? Essentially it works like a slow cooker and cooks milk at a low temperature once it has been appropriately prepared.

Unfortunately, a yogurt maker only does part of the work required. The prep work is not insignificant but not necessarily a deal-breaker. It involves monitoring heating milk to a precise temperature, cooling it to a specific temperature, and then adding a yogurt culture or yogurt you buy from your local supermarket. This is when the yogurt maker takes over and cooks the milk for a set time.

Continue reading to learn the details of each step and more about how a yogurt maker works.

How Does A Yogurt Maker Work?

How to make yogurt with a yogurt maker

  • Heat the required amount for your yogurt maker to 180 degrees or until it begins to simmer
  • Place the pot with the milk in an ice bath and cool to 100 degrees
  • Stir in yogurt culture or a large spoonful of store-bought yogurt into one cup of the 100-degree milk
  • Pour the cup of milk with culture or yogurt mixed into the rest of the milk and mix
  • Add the prepared milk to your yogurt maker and follow its instructions for how to cook the milk into yogurt

How to make yogurt by machine

Best Rated Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Is it worth it to buy a yogurt maker?

If you eat yogurt daily, weekly, or even monthly, it would be a good investment. However, you can have yogurt on hand regularly for much less money, but you can tweak your yogurt recipe to your exact desire.

Do you need a yogurt maker to make yogurt?

No. People use methods to make yogurt in an oven, a slow cooker, and even a thermos. None of these methods are as easy and convenient as using a proper yogurt maker, though. So if you plan to regularly make yogurt, it is definitely worth purchasing a quality yogurt maker.

How long can you leave the yogurt in a yogurt maker?

24 hours is the longest you should leave the yogurt in a yogurt maker. 4 to 8 hours is required, and longer times make better and thicker yogurt.

Is making yogurt cheaper than buying it?

It’s significantly cheaper to make yogurt at home than to purchase ready-made yogurt at the grocery store. This is because yogurt manufacturers have to make a profit and pay for packaging, marketing, shipping, etc.

All that’s needed to make yogurt at home is some milk and yogurt starter. You don’t even need an actual yogurt maker, although most people will find it far more manageable than some of the other methods.

Is homemade yogurt healthier than store-bought?

Usually, homemade is healthier. It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to add sugar, food coloring, artificial sweetener, and thickeners to yogurt to make it more appealing. However, the healthiest yogurt is made of only full-fat grass-fed raw milk and live probiotic cultures. Of course, making your homemade yogurt less healthy is possible, but that is all within your control.

What happens if you incubate yogurt too long?

If left heated for too long, yogurt will begin to curdle.

How do you make homemade yogurt thicker?

  • Use a strainer to remove liquid from the yogurt
  • Use whole milk to get the thickest possible yogurt
  • Add dehydrated milk powder to thicken the yogurt
  • Heat the milk longer to reduce the moisture content
  • Add gelatin to thicken the yogurt

Does homemade yogurt have more probiotics?

Homemade yogurt will accrue more probiotics the longer it ferments. So ultimately, you’re in control of whether your homemade yogurt has a high amount of probiotics.

How do you know if homemade yogurt is bad?

If your yogurt has a strong sour smell or you see signs of mold, it is definitely unsafe. Yogurt will generally have a slightly sour smell and taste, though.

How do you make homemade yogurt without a machine?

There are various methods to make yogurt at home:

How to make yogurt in an oven

The oven method involves preheating your oven with a pizza stone or other object to help hold heat. You can’t leave your oven on because the heat would be higher than required for making yogurt. Some people turn on the oven light to help add a little extra warmth to help.

How to make yogurt in an instant pot

An instant pot is actually an excellent tool for making yogurt – if it has a yogurt setting. It’s still doable if it doesn’t, but it requires a little more effort.

How to make yogurt in a slow cooker (aka crockpot)

A slow cooker can’t manage a low enough constant temperature to make yogurt, but it can get the process going, and you can then wrap it with a blanket to keep the temperature high enough to finish the process.

How do I make flavored yogurt?

Once your yogurt has been made, you can add whatever you like to flavor the yogurt. For example, frozen fruit is a great way to add flavor to your yogurt. Often it’s good to add a little sugar or other sweeteners to help liven the taste of the yogurt.

What are the health benefits of yogurt?

The benefits of yogurt include animal protein, vitamin B-2, vitamin B-12, vitamin D, potassium, magnesium, and of course, calcium. Additionally, yogurt is loaded with probiotics. Probiotics are gaining general acceptance for their health benefits.

What are the problems with yogurt in your diet?

Too much yogurt can cause weight gain, higher cholesterol, and heart disease due to the sugars and saturated fats. Store-bought yogurts range from little to no added sugar all the way to nearly on par with ice cream. Making yogurt at home allows you to precisely control how much sugar if any, you put in your yogurt.

Is yogurt good for weight loss?

It can be, but you have to be careful how much sugar is added to the yogurt you eat. You also need to ensure that the yogurt is low in fat. Fat-free yogurt with no sugar added can be as low as 120 calories per cup. In addition, yogurt is high in very filling protein. Fat-free, no sugar added yogurt can be a great addition to a diet designed to keep you full with minimal calories.

Can yogurt help you lose belly fat?

According to , the answer appears to be yes. Researches at the University of Tennessee found that when putting obese people on a diet high in calcium, those that got their calcium from sources like yogurt lost more belly fat than those that got their calcium from pills.

Are yogurt parfaits healthy?

They can be healthy. It depends on what has been added to the parfait and the yogurt itself. The yogurt should be fat-free, and there should be no sugar added for the healthiest yogurt. Additional ingredients like chocolate chips, crushed cookies, or syrups obviously aren’t beneficial to add. Fresh fruit and granola are healthy additions that taste great and are filling. Granola is an excellent source of fiber that helps with digestion and reduces the risk of heart disease.